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Frequently Asked Questions

    how do you know if an amc movie theatre gold tickets are real?
    how do you find out if an amc movie theater gold ticket real?
    is there a way where u can find out if it's real on the ticket or on the back of the ticket or what?
    how would you know if it's real?
    some1 please help me on this because some amc theater took it and some don't.

    • ANSWER:
      The cashiers know because if you flip the gold ticket over and scratch a seemingly empty space near the bottom right corner (?), a little amc should pop up. But I wouldn't scratch that off at home, because that could void the ticket...

      I would say to just give it to the cashier and see if he or she takes it or not. Some cashiers are strict about this, while some don't check.

    How much do workers at an amc movie theater get paid?
    I work in a retail store at the mall and i get paid .75 per hour. I need another better paying job though and i was wondering how much would i get paid if i worked at an AMC movie theater? I live in NJ btw.

    • ANSWER:
      Think minimum wage. Unless you are manager or projectionist.

    How long will it take for a call from AMC movie theater for job..?
    Hi, i recently applied for a job at an AMC movie Theater, and id like to know how long does it take for them to respond to my resume. I applied on Sunday September 28 ,and im very anxious to get working. I'm 14 years old if that has anything to do with it. Any suggestions to ease my nerves will be highly appreciated. :-)

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not familiar with the AMC hiring process. But -- when I applied at Regal about a year and a half ago -- they asked if I could close and I said yes. Right after I said that, they hired me on the spot.

      You should go to the same theater in person and ask them if they could take your application into consideration (ask the hiring manager). Then tell them your priorities.

      It's almost the Christmas season. They, usually, start hiring around the end of October or around the beginning of November (job-wise).

      Good luck! :)

    im applying to amc movie theatre but for some reason the application continues to say null for each line and i?
    im applying to amc movie theatre but for some reason the application continues to say null for each line and its hard to understand and feel out my appplication any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      somethings probably just wrong with the application. i'd suggest that you just save it and wait til tomorrow to finish.
      and its fill, not

    where can I get amc movie theater coupons?
    I need some free coupons for amc movie theater where can I find them?

    • ANSWER:

    How long should i wait before i call about my job application?
    So I applied to 2 places. AMC movie theaters and pump it up. I applied online at AMC movie theaters last Friday and I applied at pump it up online today. How long should I wait to call them back about the job application.

    • ANSWER:

    How long should i wait before i call about my job application?
    So I applied to 2 places. AMC movie theaters and pump it up. I applied online at AMC movie theaters last Friday and I applied at pump it up online today. How long should I wait to call them back about the job application.

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on what position you're applying to. If you're applying for a front line/customer service/part time type job, calling to check on the status of your application isn't likely to affect what the hiring manager thinks of you (if anything, it might annoy him/her, but probably not), so I would just skip it.

      If you're applying for a managerial/full-time position, a standard amount of time to wait would be about two weeks.

      Hope this helps!

    What should I saying when calling a place I recently applied at?
    I applied at AMC movie theaters and Pizza Hut last week and was wondering what I should say when calling them back for a follow-up?

    This is my first time calling them since applying, and I did apply online.

    Also, when do you think the best time to call is?

    • ANSWER:
      i wouldn't suggest calling them, they will call you if they are interested, but it might not hurt to call to check if the got the applications a couple of days after applying

    How old do you have to be to go to AMC movie theatres with your friends without parents?
    I really want to go to AMC movie theatres without my parents, but my frienzies, but I'm not sure how old you have to be to go to those movies by yourself. Can someone please help me???

    • ANSWER:
      Technically you have to follow the movie rating. If the movie is PG-13 you have to be at least 13 to get in on your own.

      But, it can also depend on how old you look, how many people are with you, how busy it is at that certain time, and how much the staff care.

    Are 14 years old allowed to work in movie theaters in New York City?
    I want a summer job, and am thinking about working in the AMC movie theater, but I'm not sure if I am old enough to work.

    • ANSWER:
      Ok. I'm 13 gonna be 14 . In NYC u have 2 be like ova 18 2 work unless Its in the summer. Bec ur 8th grade yr. Like the last week of school or in feb I think u get ur workin papers. And I'm not sure I'd Amc u can work but ur best bet in is like a camp or summer youth or foot locker or some thing of that nature. Im just saying.

    is it safe to put your social security number when applying for a job online?
    is it safe to put your social security on online applications to places such as AMC movie theaters, where they only let you apply online and must put your social security number.

    • ANSWER:
      And, make sure this is a real company with a real site. Download McAfee SiteAdvisor, check with and the Better Business Bureau for the state they are located in before you fill in that first word.

    how long does a movie stay in theatres?
    I plan going to see the avengers again tomorrow and the avengers has been in theatres for over a month and has almost profited ,000,000,000. I figure if a movie grosses that kind of money it would stay in theatres for awhile. Also I live in Hammond, Louisiana and I plan on going to the AMC movie theatre.

    • ANSWER:
      7-8 Weeks

    What to do with the reference section in my job application?
    I do not have any job experience.
    I don't have any references besides my high school teachers.
    Now that we are out for the summer, I have no contact with them.
    I'm applying for a position at AMC movie theater as like a cashier or something like that.
    Could I just list my school's number for my teachers in the reference section?
    No one is going to answer the phone though. So it may be a bad idea.
    I don't know what to do! I really don't want to leave it blank.

    • ANSWER:
      Surely you must know some adult that can verify your integrity, perhaps an uncle or aunt or friend. If you would use your head I'll bet you can come up with somebody. First I think you would want to re-educate yourself and gain a bunch more knowledge of life. If young people would put themselves deep into any problem and think their way out that would increase ones value one hundred percent. Learn to think for yourself and quit depending on others to do them. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO GET AHEAD IN LIFE SO YOU HAD BETTER BEGIN NOW!

    are amc movie theaters open on sundays?
    Are amc movie theaters open on sunday? It would be nice to know the hours if they are, thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. Check the internet or your local news paper for showtimes.

    How do you open a movie theater?
    AMC is selling the movie theater in the town that I live in. I cannot express in words how interested I am in purchasing this property. I am in talks with AMC about going through with it. Anyway, assuming I get the property, how do I go about getting the movies, movie posters, and supplies to the theater? I am aware that I would need a film broker, but who? I would really appreciate answers from current theater owners/managers. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Today number of independent theatre owners is growing.

      This is because when done properly, theater business can be a lucrative source of income. Aside from the money you’ll be earning, you also get to enjoy catering to your own niche crowd that shares the same interest in the type of films you love.

      Cinema malls are grouped according to the type of movie they feature.

      Movie theaters that run mainstream films from big film companies and distributors coinciding with the release date are deemed as first-run theaters.

      Second run theaters on the other hand, as the name implies, feature movies that have already been shown in first run theaters. Ticket prices for theaters that fall under this category are much cheaper.

      Then there the Art House theater otherwise known as the repertory theater. This category typically features alternative art films, independent films, or second run classic films.

      If you are interested in opening your own movie theater, the first thing you should do is understand the nature of this type of business. There are several resources that can provide you with valuable startup information.

      Some suggested reading materials are as follows: (1) Encyclopedia of Exhibition authored by the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO). This group also maintains a website where pertinent and useful information about the industry is delineated. Examples of such are box office statistics, equipment suppliers, index of concessionaires, theater employment and more can be found. (2) The Movie Business Book by Jason Squire tackles a wide variety of topics and can be used as a reference handbook.

      Don’t worry about competing with the big players. Your selling point will come from your facility to cater to a niche crowd. Getting the rights to show first run movies can be a bit of a challenge, not to mention pricey! What sets independent theater owners apart is the specialty films they feature. You can choose to show films from a variety of genres or show art films, independent films etc. The key is to choose the type of movies that you are interested in and familiar with. But at the same time, you also need to meet the preference of your target market. These two steps should go hand in hand.

      As an independent theater owner, you can afford to be different and not conform to how the big players run their movie theaters. For example, you may replace the typical row seats found in theaters and use tables and chairs instead. This will give your patrons a cozier environment to enjoy the cinema.

      As a way to entice moviegoers, you can provide discounts to big groups of people. This is usually is the case when they gather for a corporate event or for a party. In ticket pricing, you may offer discount rates during off-peak hours and/or days. (Trivia: It is said that Tuesday is the slowest day of the week as far the movie business is concerned.) You can also offer discounts to students and senior citizens. Still another option is presenting your customers with movie passes that allows unlimited entrance.

    on a school day in california whats the latest they could keep me if i start working?
    Im 16 years old full time student ..and i want to apply at a amc movie theater but i want to find out whats the latest they could keep me on school days i want to make sure it wont mess me up in school before i make this commitment . any tips if i do apply and get hired?
    Is it a good job whats the pay rate.. ?

    • ANSWER:
      According to the California child labor law, it appears that you cannot work past 10 PM on a school night.

    Are online job applications a waste of time?
    I have invested a lot of my time into this. I have applied for Best Buy, Sports Authority, AMC Movie Theaters, Toys R US, Taco Bell, Sears, Auto Zone, Home Depot, Macy's, Pizza Hut, Petco, Jersey Mike's, Starbucks, Boston Market, TGI Friday's, and I believe that's it or there's more lol. But not once have I got a phone call or got an email. I mean who looks at the online applications when you sent them.

    • ANSWER:
      Not really

    Are online job Applications a waste of time?
    I have invested a lot of my time into this. I have applied for Best Buy, Sports Authority, AMC Movie Theaters, Toys R US, Taco Bell, Sears, Auto Zone, Home Depot, Macy's, Pizza Hut, Petco, Jersey Mike's, Starbucks, Boston Market, TGI Friday's, and I believe that's it or there's more lol. But not once have I got a phone call or got an email.

    • ANSWER:
      I would never wait upon them. I would call them instead.

      My next door neighbor was looking for work for 2 years and probably had about 30 people say they would call her back. And they NEVER did...which is really pretty sorry.

      I would call every one of the ones you just mentioned. Tell them your situation and tell them you never heard anything. What is it you are looking for?

    How would I go about redeeming an AMC movie gift card?
    I have an AMC movie theater gift card, can I redeem it online? It doesn't seem like I can. Would I be able to get tickets over the phone with it? Or do I need to go to the theater to get the tickets?

    Online it gives the option between all the usual credit cards and a gift card... i tried gift card but it didnt work because its not a gift card...

    • ANSWER:
      We were told that we had to use ours exclusively at the box office.

    Besides getting Coke codes by buying the pop bottles. How else can I get Coke codes for points?
    I heard one example was: AMC Movie theatre beverage cups is this true? Where else?

    • ANSWER:
      I watched an employee at the race track help himself to caps galore, i collect them so i asked him about it, he said he would collect 100+ each weekend.

    Can I Use My Movie Giftcard Somewhere Else?
    I have this AMC movie gift card and the only AMC movie theater is a half hour away. I was looking online and it looked like Emagine Theater might be able to accept it (Emagine is wayyyy closer). Do you think they'll accept my card?

    • ANSWER:
      The easiest way to find out would be to phone them, or if you can just drop by and ask. otherwise, for the most part, if im not mistaken, most gift cards only work in the places that are bought for them, so just ask.

    can i exchange a movie theater gift card?
    I got a gift card to amc movie theater. But the only amc theater closest to me is in New Briton CT and i live in Enfield. I want to exchange the amc one for a rave movie theater gift card!? Can i do this!?

    • ANSWER:
      Not unless they are the same company. There is no cash value for those cards and if the two corporations aren't related they will not 'swap.'

    Can i pickup tickets i bought on fandango at the movie therewith my moms credit card alone?
    As in the question, i bought tickets to the hunger games at the local amc movie theater and since i don't have a credit card i used my moms and now I'm paranoid because it says you need to show your credit card u used for the purchase and i used my moms so I'm wondering if they will accept that if i show up without her :/

    • ANSWER:
      I doubt very much if they will accept it as its not yours and it has all the details on to check if they wanted to.....

      Be careful!

    In Tallahassee Florida the AMC MovieTheater is playing a NewScaryMovie called Mama how much do the ticket cost?
    How much does the New Scary Movie "Mama" cost inside.of the.Tallahassee AMC Movie Theater?

    • ANSWER:
      The ticket prices varies, depending on which showing of "Mama" that you attend.

      For the 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. showing the adult/senior ticket prices are .50, while the ticket price is .00 for child.

      For the 4:15 p.m., 5:15 p.m., 7:00 p.m. , 8:00 p.m., 9:45 p.m., 10:30 p.m. showing the adult/senior ticket prices are .00, while the ticket price is .50 for child

    What brand of pickles do movie theatres sell?
    Movie theatres such as AMC Theatre and Cinemark sell these great pickles. Does anyone know where they buy them so I could purchase them for consumption at home?

    • ANSWER:
      Where the hell are you from? They don't have pickles at any movie theater around where I am!

    How to get to AMC River East 21 Movie Theater from Millenium Station?
    It's my first time walking Chicago alone and I'm meeting some friends at the movie theater. The address, by the way, is 322 East Illinois Street Chicago, IL 60611. I don't have a car so I'm walking and using the "L" or other possible forms of public transportation. What is the best way to get to the AMC River East 21 from Millennium Station on foot using the "L" or the bus or whatever? Can you please also tell me the lines, stops, and street names?

    • ANSWER:
      It's about 7 blocks.

      If you walk, head north on Michigan over the river to Illinois, walk down the stairs head east:

      You can also take a bus but first you have to walk west 2 blocks to State then board the northbound CTA #29 bus. It will take you to the theater....25:

    What times do movies show in AMC movie theatres?
    Any idea what times movies show in AMC movie theatres?

    • ANSWER:
      Check out the website.

    People who work at the Box Office at a AMC theater?
    I just got hired at the amc movie theater where I live around and I have training today, and the next two day for the box office. This is my first job and I just wanted to know any tips about working in the box office. Also not sounding crazy but woulf we have somewhere to put our stuff like sweaters and purses and what not? So any advice is helpful and thanks if you can help(:

    • ANSWER:
      with box office there's a few tips:
      -make sure you card people for R rated films
      -make sure you explain the Stubs program
      -be pleasant:)

      they do have "Secret Shoppers" and you will get written up, maybe even fired if you don't card or explain stubs. secret shoppers com around often too, we've had three in the past month and a half and two of them were on right after the other the next day. people who explained the stubs program well were even given a bonus:)

    How long to receive notices of job?
    Okay i've apply to AMC movie theaters, and McDonald's. Im 15 1/2 and i really want to have a job. How long will I have to wait for a responds??? Anyone know?? Thanks to anyone that answers. =D

    • ANSWER:
      It definitely wouldn't hurt to call and ask if they've reviewed your applications. Might give them a heads up to look and call you in for an interview. A lot of places like people with no work experience b/c they can train them just how they want. Good luck!

    How can I find information on owning a Movie Theatre?
    I want to get a franchise of owning a movie theatre. Such as Century theatres, amc, and etc. My goal is to own a Century theatres. I want to find out how to start it up and all the details. Advise? Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Century Theatres is now part of Cinemark.
      Corporate Office:
      Cinemark USA, Inc.
      3900 Dallas Parkway, Suite 500
      Plano, TX 75093-7865 Telephone: 1-800-246-3627
      web email:
      Corporate Web Site:

    I have a Job Interview at AMC movie theaters.. Does anyone have any tips for me?
    So yeah. Im 16 and got a call back from AMC movies. I just wanted to know some tips. For instance what kind of questions to expect? How should i go dressed? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      They will ask you how would handle an irate customer? They will ask you about your experiences with irate people & what you did to solve the problem. What do you think is great customer service?

      You should wear clean slacks [no jeans], no tennis shoes, wear black dress shoes. A nice sweater ...Sunday dress =) Don't look away from your interviewer...don't let your eyes wander while talking or while questions are being asked. Have eye contact at all times. Smile =D. Keep your hands folded and don't fiddle with your fingers. Don't slouch. Be enthusiastic about the interview.... talk to the interviewer as if you've known them for awhile but don't talk too much.

    Where are the nearest movie theaters to Japantown?
    Hello! Going to visit San Francisco this August. We're staying at the Hotel Kabuki in Japantown. I know there's an Independent Sundance Films theater at the center itself, but I wanted to know if there were any other movie theaters near Japantown. Like an AMC or Edwards Cinema? Is there be one in the Westfield Mall at Union Square?

    • ANSWER:
      The nearest AMC is at O'Farrell and Van Ness Avenue just a 5-8 minute ride on the 38 Geary bus.

      And yes the Westfield Mall [about 10-15 minutes by 38 geary and a 5 minute walk] has a movie theatre and just a block away at 4th and Mission is the Metreon with IMAX.

      Or if you are willing to do art Films go to the Castro Theatre at Castro and Market.

    How much would it cost to build a movie theater on your own property for your home?
    Sometime in the near future I'm planning on building a private movie theater.
    It will only have one room, but it'll be about 100+ seats, with a huge screen.
    It would have it's own seperate building on my property.
    I guess it's like have one room from Cinemark, Regal, or AMC all to yourself.
    Any idea how much that would cost on your own property in LA?

    • ANSWER:
      You're looking around 5k to start with. Here's my estimated breakdown.

      * Seats: 5,000 (If you're going for a high quality brand like Bass)
      * Electronics: 0,000
      * Carpet wall materials: 0,000
      * Construction/Contractor Cost = 0,000 (Given your location. I'm probably still coming in low.)

    How much would it cost to build a movie theater on your own property for your home?
    Sometime in the near future I'm planning on building a private movie theater.
    It will only have one room, but it'll be about 100+ seats, with a huge screen.
    It would have it's own seperate building on my property.
    I guess it's like have one room from Cinemark, Regal, or AMC all to yourself.
    Any idea how much that would cost on your own property in LA?

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on many factors. I would say you could do it for k to k and get something pretty good.

    What are some of the top 10 movie theaters in new york city?
    I have only been to like two movie theaters in brooklyn, im not a well experienced new yorker..

    the one i go to is pretty amazing,its a bit dirty and the staff isn't really helpful at times and the snacks cost allot.

    • ANSWER:
      On the following link you will find a review of the best movie theaters in NYC:

      I particularly like the AMC Empire 25 on 42nd street, the AMC Loews on Lincoln Square and the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas on 1886 Broadway.

    Can you go to AMC theaters to apply for a job?
    I'm 16yrs old, and I want a job at the AMC movie theater. Me and my friend are going up there to apply. I was wondering do they interview right there? Do you have to dress up? Or would it be okay to wear a polo, jeans and gymshoes? Can you tell them the job you dont want (like a cashier)?

    • ANSWER:
      You do the application through their website, actually...then they'll call you for an interview if they are interested. The site is at:

      If you get called for an interview, do dress up. Basically a 'business casual' sort of dress. You will not get an interview on the spot in person, so there's no advantage or point in going to get a paper application (if they even have them anymore, probably not) instead of applying online. The manager will call and schedule an interview time for you to come in. AMC Theaters does 'group interviews' for the most part. 6 or 8 people at a time. You usually go into a room, watch some videos...fill out whatever paperwork. They ask various questions, and you find out if you're hired or not. They have a very quick they aren't too picky about who they hire in that sense.

      On the website, you can specify the specific job title that you do want. What type of job? Ushers have a very *nasty* job...I was one of them. Garbage everywhere, sweeping up buttered popcorn from a sticky floor. Gum on the seats, nasty stuff like condoms on the floor, occasionally places where people have thrown up on the seat. It's disgusting. I started off as an usher directly, in 1999. It has been a while...I later found out that you apparently have to train for all job duties at some point (cashier, concessions, etc.) Try to go for ticket's pretty much the best job they have there other than projection (which you need a lot of experience for).

    Are there any malls with movie theaters IN OR NEAR ATLANTA?
    Are there any malls with movie theaters in or near Atlanta, Georgia? I know about the AMC North Dekalb 16 mall, but I don't really like the stores there, so any other malls with movie theaters or anything like that?

    • ANSWER:
      Phipps Plaza, Stonecrest Mall, Cumberland Mall (AMC is a short walk),Atlantic Station, Mall of Georgia, Northlake Mall (Movie Tavern is a short walk), Discover Mills

    How do I clean a movie theater popcorn popper?
    I work at an AMC theater and one of my duties sometimes is cleaning the popcorn popper. Unfortunately I'm a little unsure about how to do it and if I ask for help again my coworkers probably won't be too happy. Can someone give me step-by-step instructions? I know there's know way to know if the popper you use and the one I use are the same, but I doubt the differences will be too major, so if I encounter them, I can work around them.

    • ANSWER:

    What time should you arrive at the movie theaters for midnight showing of HP: Half Blood Prince?
    I bought the tickets to the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince midnight showing, but when is the recommended time we should arrive at the movie theater? I'm predicting there are going to be a horde of people waiting in line really early and I want to get good seats in the theater. It's at a local mall; it's not that big but the movies tend to get pretty busy. What time should I arrive to avoid getting bad seats?

    • ANSWER:
      Hey as an employee at AMC i know what a mess Harry Potter is going to be. If its anything like Dark Knight, all the seats will sell out. Usually you will get the die hards that come in at 6 in the evening but the lines probably wont really start forming until after 9.

    How much is the movies in AMC theatre at Young and Dundas in Toronto on Tuesdays?
    Does the AMC theatre there have like a discount every Tuesdays like they do in Cineplex? If they do, how much?

    • ANSWER:
      The AMC website doesn't show any discounts for Tuesday. To be doubly sure, call, sometimes discounts don't show up on websites.

    How much should an Assistant Manager at a movie theater be paid?
    I was just hired as an Assistant Manager at a small town (yet franchised-Marquee Cinemas) movie theater in southern West Virginia. I was wondering, when I start work next week, what hourly pay should I ask for? If any of you are assistant managers at a movie theater, your advice would be especially appreciated! Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      A little bit late to be negotiating over salary - you should have established the salary prior to accepting the job (or at least asked what the position pays). Figure to an hour (average salary for a manager at AMC is .50 to .00)

    How does one go about in applying for a job at the movie theaters?
    The reason why I am asking the question is because I know that most applications now are being done online. However, I've discovered that most movie theaters don't have websites so I'm not really sure how one goes about in applying for a job there. thanks a bunch for your help!

    • ANSWER:
      AMC can now apply online.

      Harkins Theatres, they have their application that you can print off and turn it in.

      Just go in and ask if they're hiring or accepting applications and how to apply. Try the discount/dollar theatres too.

    If you don't have a driver's license, will a Student ID work?
    I just recently got a job at an AMC movie theater and the lady told me to bring my driver's license. If I don't have a driver's license, can I take my student ID?

    • ANSWER:

    What is the best movie theatre in central New Jersey?
    I am looking for the best movie theatre in central New Jersey. One that is clean and has really comfortable seating. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      I live in Jersey! The best one I go to is the AMC theaters in Clifton Commons, in Clifton NJ.

    how many minutes before a movie starts can i go inside the movie theater?
    say my movie starts at 12:15 but i i wanna be inside the movie theater at like 11:30 can i get in or will they tell me no i can't? at an amc theater thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Showings are generally spaced by about 30 minutes in an averaged-sized theater - then the employees have to clean, so usually about 20 minutes.

      For a slow day, way sooner. I was once in a theater an hour and a half before it started. Not sure why I did that.

    What is the largest and most popular movie theatre in Orange County?
    If an actor were to make appearance for a movie at a movie theatre in Orange County, which would it be?

    • ANSWER:
      The largest theaters would probably be at the Irvine Spectrum. Other possibilities are the AMC at Downtown Disney or at the Block at Orange.

      But you aren't going to see any actors making appearances there. They only come out for premieres. The last time they had one in OC was for High School Musical 3 (AMC Downtown Disney) and Pirates of the Caribbean 2 (inside Disneyland).

    What is the best movie theater to work at?
    I'm 16 and haven't had a job before, and I think working at a movie theater might be a pretty decent job to start at. What's the best company to work for, or do you have any other good ideas for a first job?

    • ANSWER:
      I've heard pretty good things about AMC, they work you hard but reward you well. Don't work for Regency they have no union so can fire you on the spot and work you hard.

    How many shifts are there when working for a movie theater?
    Ontario Mills AMC theater. To be specific. If not, I would just like a overall opinion.

    • ANSWER:
      3 shifts on weekends usually 2 on week days

      Opening (10am-5pm)
      Closing (5pm-12am)

      Opening (10am-5pm)
      Midshift (3pm-11pm)
      Closing (5or6pm-2:00am)

    What time should i get to The Avengers Midnight Premiere?
    I'm going to the AMC Empire 25 Movie theater, i bought tickets already for the midnight showing, so I'm thinking of showing up at 10:30 to 11:00PM is that good, and what else do i need the bring?

    • ANSWER:

    What should I say on a follow up application?
    well I applied at AMC movie theaters and im doing it again. I was wondering what I would say, and if I should call them to see if they got my application or is willing to hire me. What is the right thing to do???

    Thanks to all that answers! =D

    • ANSWER:
      AMC got almost 5 applications for every open job. They did not call back most of the applicants. That is discouraging because you want to know. So you need to keep applying at other jobs and never look back.
      When you call AMC, say that you don't want to accept another job if you are still in the running for an AMC job. Would they please tell you if all the jobs have been filled.
      But you can't count on them to tell you the complete truth. They are worried that , if they offend you, you won't attend that theater any more..

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