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    Cool things to do for people around the age of 18-25 in Columbus Ohio?
    Im moving to columbus ohio in a month with 3 of my friends I have been to Columbus enough times but not enough to know every hot spot, help me out please!

    • ANSWER:
      ~ Gallery Hop in the Short North / North Market ~ Every first Saturday , thousands of people attend the new art exhibits at the dozens of galleries and non-traditional exhibit spaces in downtown Columbus. Gallery Hop officially starts at 4PM and runs to 10PM with restaurants and bars staying open considerably later.

      ~ Shopping + Dinning ~ Polaris Fashion Place, Easton Town Center (outdoor/indor), German Village (Book Loft)

      ~ Movies ~ The Rave (Polaris), AMC (Easton), Stoneridge, Drexel Theatre (only shows independent, artistic, or foreign films)

      ~ Concerts ~ Locations: Lifestyles Communities Pavilion, Newport Music Hall, The Basement

      ~ Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, tour The Wilds (One of the largest and most innovative wildlife conservation centers in the world and it is nearly 10,000 acres right here in Ohio its open-range!)

      ~ Sports ~ If you like baseball: Huntington Park, hockey: Nationwide Arena; soccer: Crew Stadium, Football: Ohio State University Stadium.

      ~ The Arena District ~ night-life

      ~ Columbus Metro Parks / Trails or Old Man's Cave not too far...

      ~ Ohio State Fair July 28th - August 8th. Fair rides, food, concerts etc.

      ~ Amusment / Theme / Water Parks ~ Zoombezi Bay, Cedar Point (2ish hour drive to Sandusky), Kings Island (1ish hour drive to Mason), Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom (3 hours!).

      ~ COSI... (science museum)

      ~ Wexner Center (art)

      ~ OSU campus has things going on often

      ~Great resturaunts are easy enough to find.

      Then all the normal things.... ^^

    Any new imax theaters being built in cleveland with real movies like dark knight?

    • ANSWER:
      The only IMAX in Cleveland is the Great Lakes Science Center Omnimax.
      601 Erieside Ave.
      44114 Cleveland OH

      Now they are playing:
      * Fighter Pilot: Operation Red Flag
      * Roving Mars
      * Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs

      They are playing The Dark Knight in Ohio in Columbus and in Springdale, but not in Cleveland.

      AMC Easton Town Center 30 with IMAX
      275 Easton Town Ctr
      43219 Columbus OH

      Springdale 18: Cinema De Lux
      12064 Springfield Pike
      45246 Springdale OH

    Is there anything fun to do at OSU [Ohio State University]?
    My brother has freshman orientation and I know I will probably be bored. Is there anything fun to do at OSU [Ohio State University]? Also, is there any stores that I can shop at for clothes and shoes that is close by? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      The Lennox Town Center is within walking distance. There is an AMC movie theater, Old Navy, Bath and Body Works, Target, Barnes & Nobel, World Market, Famous Footwear and some restaraunts. Plenty of stuff to do. If you don't want to walk, you can take the COTA bus over -- #84. It drops you right by the Target.

      You can also walk down to the Gateway area on South Campus (just go up 12th until you reach High St.). There are a bunch of stores/bars/resturants here as well as a movie theater.

    Answer PLEASE. (I'm sure you see that a lot)?
    AMC Easton Town Center 30 with IMAX

    It's in columbus ohio. here is its adress
    275 Easton Town Center
    Columbus, OH 43219

    Please google map it and look on street veiw. My question is, is it a good movie theater? Have you ever been there? I'm going there tomorrow to see The Dark Knight. I just need to know if I will have any problems. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know if there is any way to know that. If we google it we're just going to get a picture... maybe post an ad on your local craigslist and see if they have had problems...What kind of problems are you anticipating?

    how much is a movie ticket a amc theatre in columbus ohio?

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on where exactly you are going. At Easton - its .50 before 6pm. M-Thurs and before 4 Fri-Sun. Then After 6 M-Thurs and after 4 Fri-Sun its .50 - hope that helps!

    Walgreen's Assessment Test?
    I have completed so many walgreens applications. The next step is to go the ANY walgreens store and take the assessment test. When ever I go to a walgreens store they are very rude and wont let me take the test. I really want a job and I love shopping at walgreens, but now that I am seeing how rude almost every one of their employees are why would I want to be one of them. Also when I sign up for the walgreens it give me specific walgreens that need someone, or that are hiring but when I get to the place they are rude and lie . Should I just pick a different place to work ? I'm 16 with no work experience and its getting really frustrating not having a job, my mom cant buy me things I need. How am I ever suppose to have work experience if that why im not getting a job ?

    Also are there any other places I should try? I live in Columbus,Ohio

    • ANSWER:
      my best advice is to not go to an employee and ask but to ask an employee can you talk to the manager .

      well talking to the manager express how much you would love to work there and ask them directly could you take the test .

      if this still doesn't work don't worry there are hundreds of other great jobs =)

      clothing stores -old navy etc
      movie theaters -amc etc
      grocery store -target etc
      fast food- burger king etc
      rest.-apple bees/red lobster
      toy stores-toys r us etc

      just stay confident and keep applying

      the great thing about applying to a lot of jobs is one call can change everything !

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