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    we want to move from AZ to FL... What is the best city?
    we would like a city with low crime, good schools for our children 9 and 4, jobs and just nice!!

    • ANSWER:
      Valrico and Brandon are nice cities with lots of things to do. There's a mall, plenty of restaurants, AMC theater with a shopping center next to it. Valrico is not far from all of that, either. As far as crime goes, this ain't the 40's and 50's where you can keep all your doors unlocked. Be smart and you'll be safe. I live in Seffner which is like a suburb of Brandon. I'm just 10 to 15 minutes away from the mall, the movies, etc. Good luck to you and your family.

      Edit: Tampa is also close by to these cities and Orlando, home of Disney World, Universal Studios, Sea World, etc. is just an hour away, maybe a little more. And wherever you move, check out Treasure Island beach. It's beautiful and hardly crowded, even on a "crowded" day. And there are plenty of hotels on that beach along with Sloppy Joe's, my girlfriend and I's favorite place to go. It's on the beach and very affordable. The both of us can have a great lunch or dinner outside for under 30 bucks, we've been there many times and the food is always great.

    I'm looking to build and operate a movie theater in the towns surrounding tampa, fl.?
    I'm not sure exactly where to start. Any information would be helpful. Please get in touch with me as soon as possible

    • ANSWER:
      Due to the extreme high cost of taking a family to a movie theater as compared to the extreme low cost of renting or buying a DVD, many movie theaters in the Tampa Bay Area have closed. In order to remain in business the AMC in Brandon has begun letting movie goes bring their own food and drinks into the theater. You'll have to work very hard to make a dollar in that business in this area.

      You might want to check with each County's Small Business Information Center and find out where there have been theaters before that have gone out of business. I pasted a link to Tampa's Hillsborough County SBIC below. Good Luck!

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