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    Going to Tallahassee, Fl on January 3, 2008?
    I'am going to Tallahassee on the 3rd of January, I was wondering are there any movies or malls located near by Graves Rd that where I will be staying at?

    • ANSWER:
      The most popular theater is the AMC 20 located in the Tallahassee Mall (2415 N Monroe St). If you put that into Google maps, it says driving distance from graves road is 5 minutes.

      There's also a discount theater (2nd run movies) called Movies 8 at 2810 Sharer Rd - also 5 minutes from graves road. Right next to Movies 8 is "Pockets" - a very large pool hall with miniature bowling and karaoke.

amc movies tallahassee mall tallahassee fl