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    tv, movie, book etc. character are you?

    if u pic something american than do an arabic one too =)

    • ANSWER:
      ok ii have been told that i am exactly like mona zaki in film "abo ali" kareem 3bd el azi, and i guess i have to agree to that,loooooooooool she is just sooooo crazy and soooo stressed all the time, and her high pitched voice>>yup that's me alll the way looooool

      in an american movie, i am kathrine heigel in 27 dresses 😀 i love that character and i can totally relate to her

      cartoon : i have always liked belle, and i have felt she is the closest charcter to me, always reading and daydreaming and wishing for her own fairy tale 😀

      I love that question btw :DD

    what is ahmed ezz real name?
    ahmed ezz is the egyptian actor

    • ANSWER:
      i'm not sure who u're talking about so you can check in the movies for the real ahmed you're looking for

      His name is Ahmed EzzEdine
      his movies
      Rahina, Al (2006) .... Mostafa
      ... aka The Hostage (International: English title: informal title)
      Mallaki Iskandariya (2005) .... Adham, the lawyer
      ... aka Private Alexandria (International: English title)
      Bahethat an al horeya, Al (2005) .... Omar
      Sana oula nasb (2004) .... Ahmed
      ... aka First Year Con (International: English title)
      Hob el banat (2004) .... Omar
      ... aka Girl's Love
      "Malak rohi" (2003) TV Series .... Mahmoud
      Mothakerat morahkah (2001) .... Ra'oof
      ... aka Mozakerat morahkah (Egypt: Arabic title: alternative transliteration)

      Ahmed El Sakka (Arabic: أحمد سعيد صلاح الدين السقا) (born on March 1, 1973) is an Egyptian actor. Early in his acting career he appeared in popular series like Nesf Rabeea El-Akhar. The role that introduced him to a large audience was a co-starring role with actor Mohamed Henedi in Sa'eedi fil gamaa el amrekeia (Arabic for "A Country Man in the American University") (1998).

      Harmonica (1996).
      Saeedi Fi El Gamaa El Amrekiia (1998).
      Hammam Fi Amesterdam (1999).
      Short we Fanellah we Cap (2000).
      Ayyam El Sadat (2001).
      Africano (2002) with Mona Zaki.
      Mafia (2003) with Mona Zaki.
      Tito (2004) with Hanan Tork.
      Harb Atalia (2005) with Nelly Kareem .
      An El Eshq Wel Hawa (2006) with Mona Zaki.
      Taymour we Shafika (2007) with Mona Zaki.
      El Gezeira (2007)

      [edit] Television
      Nesf Rabeea El Akhar with Yehia El-Fakharany.
      Gawaz Ala Waraa Solofan with Mona Zaki (Sahra).
      Tarwed El Sharessa with Athar El Hakim


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