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    Where can I watch recent Arabic movies online?
    Hi, I'd like to watch arabic movies like 1000 mabrouk and teer enta but I can't find them online on youtube.
    Can someone tell me where can I watch them? Please no spam websites.

    • ANSWER:
      I go to, and it's fine, but usually the new movies, like 1000 mabrok, are cam recorded and that does not make you enjoy the movie.

      btw the movies are not English subtitled.

    where can i watch egyptian arabic movies online with english subtitles?
    just learning arabic through movies i think its the easiest and best way :) answer now now now i wana watch i m bored --__--

    • ANSWER:
      there is no such a site that show arabic movies with english subtitles , but if want to learn arabic you should go search on youtube or wiki or just make friends with arabic on facebook

    where can i watch egyptian arabic movies online with english subtitles?
    just learning arabic through movies i think its the easiest and best way :)

    • ANSWER:
      unfortunately their is no website have English subs for Arabic movie, but their is some movies which have won some awards (so they are good movies) and they have English subtitles .. here some of them :

      Microphone :
      Tow girls from Egypt:
      Salah Aldin: (classic)
      Boltia El-ayma:
      Shams el Zanaty : (classic)
      Lyly : (this movie is banned from the Egyptian tv)

      finish those and send ask for more :)

    How to write an English song while your mother tongue is Arabic ?
    i find it so hard to write a song , i want to be a singer but in english not in arabic , what tips can you give me ? p.s : i play the guitar

    • ANSWER:
      In order to graduate to song writing, you need to have a better knowledge of the English language in general. I listened to your video on Youtube and you have great potential, but there is definitely room for improvement. It’s never easy learning something new, especially learning another language. Yes, it’s a challenging process, but with some advice and guidance you can be successful.
      So here's my advice on some great ways to improve your English:

      Learning another language, like English, requires a great deal of time, effort, and dedication. The more time you can devote to learning, the quicker you will be able to grasp new concepts. If you can spare at least an hour a day, you will definitely see results by the end of a month…and within six months, you will be amazed!

      The best method is to begin with the basics: numbers, the alphabet, days of the week, and the basic vocabulary. Keep a notebook and write down what you learn, with the definition in your native language, so you’ll have a reference guide to help refresh your memory. Use the same or different notebook to keep a “vocab list” of words you would like/need to learn.

      Invest in a good hand-sized or pocket-sized dictionary. Carry it with you at all times. When you hear or see a word you do not understand, look it up. You will want to start with a bilingual dictionary for cross-reference. Further along, you will need a dictionary only in English in order to learn the meaning of the word and its context. Don’t use online translators for translating more than one word at a time, they are unreliable.

      Surround yourself with materials in English. The fun part is that you get to choose materials that you like. Working with topics that hold your interest is motivating and makes learning enjoyable:

      ~Literature: Books, Magazines, or Newspapers- you can start by reading material you've already read in your own language. If it is literature you already know, it will be easier for you to understand and to make the vocabulary connection in English. Another option is to read English children’s literature- illustrations help with comprehension of what you are reading.

      ~Media: TV, Movies, and News- it is a great help to use subtitles. If you are watching media in your native language, use English subtitles. If you watch media in English, use subtitles of your native language. Using English children’s media is a good option here also because of the simplified language and structure of the narratives.

      ~Music: Songs and Karaoke- listening to music can be the funnest way to learn English. Find the lyrics to a song and read them along with the singer. Once you feel comfortable enough, use the same lyrics to sing the song Karaoke-style. Singing helps you learn new words, memorize them and to feel comfortable with pronouncing them.

      There are many resources available to help in your goal of learning English. Classroom-based lessons are one of the best ways to learn. The many options include: one-on-one tutoring, short-term intensive courses, and long-term group classes. Online courses are available- with or without live assistance. offers some informative tutorials. Language learning software is another option- you will need to research programs for ones with the best reviews and highest success rates.

      *Learn at your own pace…you will see results sooner than you think.
      *Get motivated...make it fun, enjoyable, and interesting.
      *Be proud of yourself...for taking the initiative of learning a new language.
      *Socialize with those who speak English in person or online.
      *Practice, practice, practice…then practice some more.
      *Practice in front of a mirror or use a recorder to help with pronunciation.
      *Don’t be afraid to make mistakes…it is part of any learning process.
      *Test yourself occasionally to see your progress (online tests available).


    What is the best way to learn Arabic?
    Should I get a tutor, or should i use an online course? I want to become fluent in the language. If it helps, I can already read Arabic, i just dont know what the words mean.

    • ANSWER:
      There's a lot of great learning tools online fx.:

      So i suggest taking all her beginner lessons, look at the grammar lessons, the prepositions, etc. Build vocabulary. Speak it make sentences, listen to it by pod cast, audio lessons, music, television and movies.

      I can also recommend this handbook, providing tips and basic knowledge:

      Good luck with it! :)

    In which movie does a wizard extend his finger to an extraordinary length?
    I have this hilarious memory, and I think it may be a Sinbad movie, but I can't figure out where this came from. I believe it to be a wizard inside a room, perhaps looking out a window. Whenever he strokes his finger, it gets dramatically longer. (As sexual as it sounds, I'm being serious!) Anyone know what I'm talking about?

    • ANSWER:
      Captain SIndbad (1963)
      starring Guy Williams (of "Zorro" and "Lost in Space" TV series), Heidi Bruhl, Pedro Armendariz, Abraham Sofaer, Walter Barnes, Bernie Hamilton
      IMDb review:
      Sindbad, with the questionable help of a quite inept, aged magician, must defeat an evil tyrant to save the kingdom and get the princess he loves back from the tyrant. The way to defeat the bad guy is destroying his disembodied heart, which is locked in a high tower guarded by a huge hand.

      Here's one site where copies are available:
      Wow! I actually found the movie trailer (as run on TCM) on YouTube:
      I saw this in the theater when I was about 12 years old, and my younger sister and I thought it was a wonderful movie! I even had the comic book for a very long time before finally selling it to a fellow collector~rather reluctantly. When I saw the movie again a few months ago, I was delighted with it once more. It's colorful, imaginative, and enjoyable. I love the old-fashioned effects and was astonished how clearly I remembered them: the loooong arm of the wizard, the princess transformed into a bird, the men traveling through the creepy swamp, the tower where the villain's heart (shaped like a glowing heart) is kept in a box, and all the other fantasy images. Long before "The Exorcist", they did the head-spinning bit!

      NOTE: The "Sindbad" isn't a legal issue. The original name in the stories is "Sindbad"; somewhere along the way, the first "d" was dropped.
      From Wikipedia:
      Sinbad the Sailor (also spelled Sindbad; Persian Sendbād; Arabic as Sindibād al-Baḥri) is a story-cycle of ancient Middle Eastern origin.

    What caused such violent reactions/protests by muslims to latest movie about mohammed?
    i mean there are millions of videos on youtube/other websites making fun of mohammed / islam / muslims & made everyday

    how is this movie different from millions of others already there ?

    • ANSWER:
      I am a Muslim convert myself, and to answer your question, in the eyes of Muslims, we believe that Muhammad, peace be upon him, was a great man. In our eyes it is exactly the same as if someone made a movie about Jesus committing beasiality or the same reaction as you would get from Catholics if you made a movie about the pope molesting children. It's, in a sense, attacking our beliefs, and by attacking a Muslims beliefs, its as though you have attacked them. In our eyes, we love the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him just as much as the Christians love Jesus or the Jews love Moses. Its an insult and many Muslims feel it is their obligation to "Defend" the honour of our Holy Prophet.

      I see this and cry because someone (i.e. Mr. Nakoula [the creator of the movie]) knew what kind of reaction would come from very strict Muslim nations like Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, and Iran. He wanted to provoke this outcome so he could then say, "See? They're all violent and barbaric."

      And I know there are many videos poking fun at Islam, but its the fact that someone translated the movie into Arabic and posted it on Youtube which actually wasn't supposed to happen. Then Pastor Terry Jones from the Dove Outreach Program (the one that burned the Qur'ans) said he'd show it at his church, that's basically what started this. These Muslims see this as a "joint attack" against their beliefs and way of life, so they think that they can start protesting, but like usual, something turns violent and everyone follows it.

    How do you maintain fluency in a foreign language when you're not using it?
    It's hard to keep up a language you don't use everyday and that you don't study anymore; in my case French, Spanish and Arabic. So what tools (websites, books, newspapers, podcasts, etc.) do you use to keep your tongue nimble and brain sharp?

    Any tips are greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I use anything I can find. I go to youtube and look up videos in French, for example; on the Internet, I open Wikipedia in English, do a search on any topic, and then I click on the French or other language and read it in that language; reading out loud helps with your pronunciation.
      Most DVDs have Language options and that is a plus. I use it after I already saw the movie, either dubbed or subtilted or both or whatever option the DVD has.

    How can I make German more fun?
    I speak a few languages and they are usually fun to speak so I have a good time with them. Italian just flows, Arabic has weird an interesting twists, Chinese is fun because of the tones and working with calligraphy but after 4 years of living in Germany, German still feels like a rule laced language that isn't good for much more than shoving data from one place to another. How can I learn to have as much fun with it as I do with my other languages?
    I've been to classes. I have a C1 level now.

    • ANSWER:
      You could watch some movies in German or some German comedy program. I give you some links. Have fun.

      I don't like this guy, but maybe you do:

    I just reverted to Islam and need help praying?
    I just reverted back to Islam a few weeks ago, but I am having a hard time praying. I have memorized the Arabic for Al-fatihah, but only the first part. I am deeply concerned as o how to pray properly until I have learned the rest. What do you think I should do?

    • ANSWER:
      Assalam o Alaikum dear sister in faith and humanity,
      i hope u are fine and in good healths.

      i wish to share the following beneficial links in order that u may read and act according to the knowledge gained. insha'Allah


      Salaah :

      total 5 times :
      1- fajr - 2 sunnah & 2 farad
      2- Zuhr - 4 fard
      3- asr - 4 fard
      4- magrib- 3 fard
      5- isha- 4 fard+ witr
      (fard- obligatory, sunnah and witr- not obligatory)
      Surah - chapter of Quran.
      (this is more better)
      Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer

      For learning salah arabic

      NOTE : the above vids may contain only the "Obligatory parts" of Salah
      in the below link u may find some addtional/optional recitaions or supplications

      pls click the first links, it tells what should a muslim do when he/she cannot pray salah (not learned yet) have to recite some 'recitaions' at the time of salah

      A new Muslim finding it difficult to recite al-Faatihah

    Making a horror movie trailer for Media work, any good scary music to put on to it?
    I have tried absolutely everywhere to get Michael Suby - Vampire Diaries Them (Outro) for my video because its perfect but i literally cannot find it anywhere, so i was wondering if there were any scary score musics to go onto my trailer. I dont want it to be seriously well know but still be horror.
    Any suggesstion would be a help at this point. Im fresh out of ideas.

    • ANSWER: (mix) (original song)

      Siekiera (in. eng Axe) - album Nowa Aleksandra, along with Maanam's "Sie ściemnia" is most original example of Polish rock 80's sound (Maanam in Arabic means I am). Full of mystery, strange mood, weird mixture of popular post-punk/gothic rock with space rock and eastern mysticism.
      Mantra like vocals probably inspired by XIX Polish rhyme prophieces about end of the world.

      instrumental (incredible song)

      In Polish

    How can I improve my English?
    Hey, I am an arabic girl, new member in this website and all I want is to improve my english.
    So, what do you think is the best way to do that?
    I need your help please!

    • ANSWER:
      Well the best way to learn a language is to be surrounded by it and need to speak it yourself too. If you came to America or England, you would learn very quickly. Or you could buy English children's books and try to read them out loud. Watch English speaking movies on and listen to how they speak. If you hear and read it enough, you'll become a pro. Your English is alraedy pretty good though.

    Where can I live stream Arabic movies?
    I am trying to learn the Arabic language and think that watching movies I grew up with like Disney films (lady and the tramp, lion king, little mermaid ect) would help me. Does anyone know of any sites that I can use? I tried let me watch this but am not finding anything or I don't know where to look. Can anyone make any recommendations?

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch through YouTube, but you will not find any movie, cartoon, etc..with English subtitles―whether you are watching through YouTube or any other website. You might find, but that is totally rare.

      Here is a full episode of Fairly Odd Parents in Arabic:

      If you need help or more information about anything, let me know.

    How and why did the Islamic religion start?
    What are there biggest beliefs that make it different from other religions?Where did the symbol(crescent moon and star)come from?(How it started)

    ANY of these answers would be great!THANK YOU!

    • ANSWER:
      watch this movie

      it is the last religion for all mankind.Quran mentions about how other religions were corrupted and warn us for we dont change the religion
      it is the holy spirit that will be with us till the last day

      25:11. Blessed is He Who sent down the Furqan upon His servant that he may be a warner to the nations;

      6:74. And when Ibrahim said to his sire, Azar: Do you take idols for gods? Surely I see you and your people in manifest error.

      75. And thus did We show Ibrahim the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and that he might be of those who are sure.

      76. So when the night over-shadowed him, he saw a star; said he: Is this my Lord? So when it set, he said: I do not love the setting ones.

      77. Then when he saw the moon rising, he said: Is this my Lord? So when it set, he said: If my Lord had not guided me I should certainly be of the erring people.

      78. Then when he saw the sun rising, he said: Is this my Lord? Is this the greatest? So when it set, he said: O my people! surely I am clear of what you set up (with Allah).

      79. Surely I have turned myself, being upright, wholly to Him Who originated the heavens and the earth, and I am not of the polytheists.

      star and moon have no relation with Islam.Islam rejects is Turkish flag.Ottomans used

      islam is the religion of arabic it means "total submission to God".the other religion's names are man made. in real, the name of christianity is "total submission to God" it is same for all other religions which came from God(From Adam to Muhammad (pbut))

      -believe in ONLY one God(Allah)Jesus didnt speak english !!He was using Allah too.
      -believe in Angels
      -believe in All books (but the others except Quran were corrupted but we believe Bible was given to Jesus and Torah to Moses...)
      -believe all prophets(Jesus is prophet)*
      -believe in day of judgement
      -believe in destiny and everything good and bad comes from Allah(by his permission)

      *Quran 5:116. And when Allah will say: O Isa son of Marium! did you say to men, Take me and my mother for two gods besides Allah he will say: Glory be to Thee, it did not befit me that I should say what I had no right to (say); if I had said it, Thou wouldst indeed have known it; Thou knowest what is in my mind, and I do not know what is in Thy mind, surely Thou art the great Knower of the unseen things.

      where in the bible did Jesus(pbuh) say that he is God

      John 5:30 “I can do nothing on My own initiative. As I hear, I judge; and My judgment is just, because I do not seek My own will, but the will of Him who sent Me.

      Mark 10:18 Jesus Christ says “Why do you call Me good? No one is good except God alone"

      How many SONS does God have?only JESUS?
      Genesis 6:2
      that the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves, whomever they chose.
      Genesis 6:4
      The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men, and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.
      Exodus 4:22
      “Then you shall say to Pharaoh, ‘Thus says the LORD, “Israel is My son, My firstborn.
      Jeremiah 31:9
      “With weeping they will come,
      And by supplication I will lead them;
      I will make them walk by streams of waters,
      On a straight path in which they will not stumble;
      For I am a father to Israel,
      And Ephraim is My firstborn.”
      Psalms 2:7
      “I will surely tell of the decree of the LORD:
      He said to Me, ‘You are My Son,
      Today I have begotten You.
      Romans 8:14
      For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God

      Doesn't God know the seasons?Can God be hungry?
      Mark 11 : 12 On the next day, when they had left Bethany, He became hungry. 13 Seeing at a distance a fig tree in leaf, He went to see if perhaps He would find anything on it; and when He came to it, He found nothing but leaves, for it was not the season for figs

      Can God learn by experiences?
      Hebrews 5 :7 In the days of His flesh, He offered up both prayers and supplications with loud crying and tears to the One able to save Him from death, and He was heard because of His piety. 8 Although He was a Son, He learned obedience from the things which He suffered. 9 And having been made perfect, He became to all those who obey Him the source of eternal salvation, 10 being designated by God as a high priest according to the order of Melchizedek.

      Can God be tempted?..............?
      Hebrews 4:16 For we have not an high priest(Jesus) which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin.

      James 1:13 Let no man say when he is tempted, I am tempted of God: for God cannot be tempted with evil, neither tempteth he any man:

      Does Jesus know when the last day is ?
      Mark 13:32 “But of that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.

    What are some tips on dancing the bollywood and latin dance genre?
    yeah does any1 have any tips to help me?

    • ANSWER:
      Check Out These Videos Of Bollywood Dancing

      Check Out These Tips Of Bollywood Dancing

      The success of Andrew Lloyd Webber's west end musical Bombay Dreams is proof that Bollywood is here to stay. Bollywood films are undoubtedly the ultimate musical experience, with glamorous costumes and actors/actresses performing elaborate dance sequences. Dancing ability a vital component to landing a role, so if you fancy yourself as the next Shah Rukh Khan, or Aishwarya Rai, then your first stop is Bollywood dance classes. Dawinder Bansal talks to dance teacher Vandana Alimchandani to find out how to get your groove on, Bollywood style!

      Also people from outside the Asian community were interested in learning Indian dancing! So four years ago me and my business partner Anjali Wadhwani decided to set up Bollywood Grooves to teach dancing across London.

      What is Bollywood dancing?
      Bollywood dancing is a commercial name for modern Indian dancing. It's a combination of classical Indian dance (which is the base), folk dancing such as Bhangra and sometimes has a Latino and Arabic influence. It's fun and very expressive and there's a lot of deep meaning behind music in the films. You can actually express what the music means, through the graceful movements of the body.

      Why is dancing so crucial to Bollywood films?
      People in India have been brought up on musicals and if the music in a film isn't very good, sometimes the movie doesn't sell. Specific producers, such as Yash Chopra, Karan Johar generally produce movies with phenomenal and very emotional songs; hence the dancing comes into play.

      Choreographers are now starting to take the industry by storm because Farah Khan – a famous choreographer recently directed her first movie called Main Hoon Na. This goes to show that people want to see elaborate and funky dance sequences, they don't want pure acting, hence dancing is a crucial.

      How would you describe a good dancer?
      Someone who:

      Has a really good sense of rhythm
      Can project emotion by using their eyes, hand gestures, fingers, and footwork
      Has good balance and moves with confidence
      Feels and understands the music.
      Appears to control the music, almost like the music is trying to keep up with them
      Displays grace and elegance in movement, which is essential in Indian dancing.

      How are your courses designed?
      We have a range of classes and courses for people at all levels, ranging from absolute beginners to more experienced dancers.
      Weekly classes – students learn a different routine each week and it's predominantly a Bhangra Style workout with Bollywood choreography
      Courses – run for a month concentrating on technique, energy, emotion, posture, grace, hand movements and expression. Students are also taught choreographed routines from the latest Bollywood movies

      Who are your classes open to? Do you have to be Indian to lean this type of dance?
      Our classes are open to everyone from any age. In our classes you'll find a huge array of people who are non-Asians/Indian, who want to know what Bollywood is all about. We've had Italians, British and Brazilian people. Some of my best dancers are Brazilian!

      What can people expect?
      I always use different types of music in my classes – a combination of Bollywood film songs to R'n'B and remixes of Hindi/Bhangra songs. I like to formulate my own routines, so the dance sequences aren't always directly from the movies.

      I listen to the words and music, and think about how it should be expressed through movement. I explain the meaning behind the music as I'm going along, so by the end of the class the students manage to pick up a bit of Hindi too! Bollywood dancing is all about being flexible, and being ready for anything!

      Is it easy to pick it up?
      If it's something that's new to you, then it's difficult to pick it up straight away. You have to be prepared to put the effort in, work hard and be patient with it and keep practising. It's not instantaneous and it does take time.

      Do you have to start dance classes when you're quite young if you want to go into it professionally?
      Well, not necessarily. I didn't start doing a lot of dancing until I was about 14 years old and there are professional dancers who started much later than that. For example, Farah Khan only started when she was 18 and now she's a choreographer.

      A final few tips�
      Watch a lot of moves, and look at the dance sequences
      Understand the music to which you're dancing to – it will make you feel more in tune with the song
      Practise, persevere and be patient.

      Bollywood Grooves plans to extend beyond London and run regular classes across the UK. To find out more, visit their website.



    Any good cheap ways to learn french quick and easily?
    I took french 1 during my first year of high school (I'm a sophomore now) and I would really like to finish learning french, but my new school doesn't offer it. I got the Berlitz French program and I didn't like it. I can't spend too much and I was hoping I could get a good idea from people who have learned french as a second language and could help me out. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Do you know the basics of French already? The verb conjugations, pronouns, etc?

      If so, I would recommend you just Googling "free online French lesson." You'd be surprised what you can find free on the internet. I took an online Arabic course that had audio and everything. It was really cool and helpful.

      Also check out youtube for clips of french movies and songs. Watch French movies (you can rent foreign movies in most public libraries for free) and get instructional books from there as well.

      Learning a language doesn't need to be expensive.

      Good luck!

    Did you listened songs from other languages which you do not know?
    For a past few months i'm listening and watching movies and songs from a particular other language which i do not know meaning for even a single word.. My Playlist has been modified fully to that particular language movies songs..

    • ANSWER:
      I often listen to Russian and Arabic songs. I watch many south Indian movies too. I am learning Russian so I can understand few Russian words but Telugu, Tamil, Arabic are totally out of the world for me :p

      My favorite Russian song
      My favorite Arabic song
      My favorite Telugu song
      My favorite Tamil song

    in need of a perfect lullaby sung by a lady?
    I like the sound of soothing female voices. I prefer it to be chanting or religious or a lullaby. Im not looking for anything with a mere hint of aggression, rather something to sleep by. I love when women sing in arabic softly, any suggestions as to who I can check out? chants, lullaby's, poetry, anything by a womans voice?

    • ANSWER:
      Well my personal favorites are two Japanese songs from my favorite movies

      The Promise To The World from Howl's Moving Castle
      it has a classical sense to it and the singing is amazing

      A Lost Child from My Neighbor Totoro
      a little less classical, but the same tone of singing

      Im in search of good lullaby type songs myself actually x)

      If you want the songs, Just google search Youtube Audio to Mp3 and use one of the first ones. Quick and virus free 😀

    have you ever watched disney movies in other languages?
    specially the old movies like sleeping beauty, beauty and the beast, hercules?.. etc.
    what is your favourite dubbed language? I specially like listening the disney songs and villians from youtube in other languages. tell me your favourite

    • ANSWER:
      I like to watch them in the language of the culture they were based on with English subtitles, like Aladdin in Arabic and Hercules in Greek. Also 'Part of your world' from The Little Mermaid in French and Danish is pretty cool.

    Can you help me find some Arabic music الموسيقى العربية?
    If the genre exists, it's more along the lines of arabic folk music- like the kind that you'd hear on the streets of Morocco perhaps. The closest thing that I can think to compare it to would be Yallah performed in Marrakech by Robert Plant and Jimmy Page. Almost belly-dancer-ish? I don't know, i'm just having trouble finding anything that isn't contemporary :/ It would be much appreciated! Thank you =)

    • ANSWER:
      yeah, i need some of that too, but a good place to look is on youtube, just google hindi or arabic movies or music, im sure you'll find some people on youtube though

    What is some intense/creepy arabic music?
    In any movie or show about the middle east they have that creepy intense arabic/islamic music. Could someone give me some artists or songs that sound like that and maybe a download link? Thanks g's!

    • ANSWER:

    So, im a makeup guru on youtube and im wondering what video to do nxt.?
    so any common questions that can be answered in a video, reviews, or a makeup tutorial? should i do neutral or colors? i dont know what i should do nxt, help!
    my youtube account is xAngelFluffx. i knnow my video quality stinks, im switching to a new camera starting with my next video so hopefully quality will be better. but yea. thanx for answering everyone =D its appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Gives us a link to your channel so we can see what you've already done.

      Some more videos you can make are:

      Makeup for monolids.
      Basic smokey eye.
      Celebrity inspired looks.
      Flowered inspired looks.
      Clubbing/night out makeup (make this different looking than the smokey eye)
      Theatrical makeup from movies.
      Arabic/Indian makeup.
      How to contour your face.
      Daily face routine.
      Candy inspired make up.
      Fish inspired makeup.

      I hope this helps you, and good luck with your channel :)

    Can someone tell me what does Vele Ya Vele mean?
    ....and what it is about and what is the name of the movie it came from?
    No it's called Vele Ya Vele by some egyptian group called Mezdeke and it's from some movie.
    @ Medic Oh ok, maybe they changed it to V for the letters for Americans or english speakers. Even on I tunes it has it as Vele Ya Vele. Thanks for the information. Would happen to know what movie it came from? I am dying to find out.

    • ANSWER:
      The letter V is not present in the Arabic alphabet, I guess you mean Wele ya wele. Wele means my damn or my curse, Wele ya wele would mean I am doomed or something like that.

      Edit: I am so sorry, but I have no idea about the movie. I listened to the song on youtube, it is generally a folklore song of upper Egypt.

    help a brother with prayers before fasting starts?
    I'm new to islam. I have no one to help me with Islam, as I live really far from a mosque and dont know many Muslims. So I am trying to learn from books and the internet.
    I'm struggling with prayers, as I cant make much sense of them. In zuhr prayer, there are 4,2 rakats?
    So on which rakats do i do attahiyatu lilahi...?
    Is it on the fourth rakat and the sixth?

    • ANSWER:
      Assalam o Alaikum dear brother in faith and humanity,
      Heartiest Congratulations on your reversion to the true faith i.e. islam!
      i hope u are fine and in good healths.

      i wish to share the following beneficial links in order that u may read and act according to the knowledge gained. insha'Allah

      How to perform ablution or Wudoo:

      Salaah : is offered total 5 times :
      1- fajr - 2 sunnah & 2 farad
      2- Zuhr - 4 fard
      3- asr - 4 fard
      4- magrib- 3 fard
      5- isha- 4 fard+ witr
      (fard- obligatory, sunnah and witr- not obligatory)
      Surah - chapter of Quran.
      (this is better)
      Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer

      For learning salah arabic

      NOTE : the above vids may contain only the "Obligatory parts" of Salah
      in the below link u may find some addtional/optional recitaions or supplications

      pls click the first links, it tells what should a muslim do when he/she cannot pray salah (not learned yet) have to recite some 'recitations' at the time of salah

      A new Muslim finding it difficult to recite al-Faatihah

      @your question concerning attahiyat:
      Its made after every 2 raka'ts in sitting position.

      p.s. do use all the material shared above and below, and give me feedback in case I didn't help in any manner.

    Anyone know the name of a spanish song, with indian/arabic background music?
    My best guess at the hook is "wanna be my chumba chelo" I overheard it at a nearby wedding reception. There was At least one male singer, maybe 2, and 1 female singer. Im guessing its a fairly recent song but I could be wrong!

    • ANSWER:
      haha this is chammak challo from the movie ra. one. (im guessing from the hook tht u said)
      theres one line in the song tht says "wanna be my chammak challo"
      heres a link to the song and u can c if this is wht u were looking for:


    How do you study foreign languages?
    I'm thinking to study Korean. I pretty much know the basics, but I don't live in Korea, so I'm wondering what I can do to still improve and practice it. Any ideas?
    Oh yeah, and no, I'm not willing to move there, so any other suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm studying Arabic and I'm Chinese-born and raised in the US so I'm also trying to make my Chinese more fluent. And my mother's a language teacher so I've got a few tips.

      1. I usually review vocabulary and grammar right before I go to sleep and right after I wake up (like, looking at a textbook while I eat breakfast or brush my teeth). It really works (for any subject).

      2. Repetition. Keep looking at the book :/.

      3. Listening to things in that language. For example, I listen to Arabic and Chinese music and I watch Chinese television shows and as much Arab ones as I can. Even though I don't understand the Arabic songs at all (except for the ocassional word), it gets me used to the language.

      Korean television shows, movies, and music are extremely popular among Asians (in the US and in Asia) so finding ones to download are not hard at all (forums, blogs, Youtube, etc. have people who upload entire television series, movies, and albums for others' viewing pleasures). They're not hard to find either if you want to purchase them (go to yesasia). I watch and listen to Korean things so I'd be happy to point you to places or shows/artists if you would like.

      Even if you're viewing them with subtitles, it's still good practice because you get used to the different tones and pronunciations. It also a huge ego-booster when you recognize or understand what they're saying :D.

      There are also tons of Korean shows that teach English, so maybe they'll be useful? Lol.
      I know there are a few Chinese television shows that teach Chinese that's geared towards English-speakers. There should be Korean equivalents as well.

      4. Labelling. I label things I've learned in Arabic (bookself, bathroom, table, etc.). I first start off with the romanization and then once I get that down, I move on to actual Arabic script.

      5. Make new Korean-speaking friends :). And speak to them of course! Plus, it also gets you a little closer to the culture. Aaand who can say no to more friends?

      6. Children's books. Find children's books with really basic Korean and read them. It's definitely far better to enjoy reading something. It also gets you more exposed to the culture. Children's books are definitely really interesting to analyze. And it gets you in touch with your inner child ^_^!

      7. If you've achieved a certain level, try to find good translations of your favorite books. For me, I've found a really great translation of Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings in Chinese. It's a great way to learn and getting through an entire chapter feels like a huge accomplishment. Plus, it makes understanding a little bit easier because you'll know the story already. Helps with getting used to the grammar, etc.

      8. I respond to my mother and close friends in Arabic even though they don't understand a word.

      9. Take advantage of every opportunity. If you go to Korean restaurants for instance (run by Korean-speaking Koreans of course), don't be afraid to speak Korean to them (unless they look mean). It usually amuse and impress them.

      10. I assume you're not taking classes. I would suggest that you take classes. It's much easier learning a language with the help of a teacher, lol. Try to visit South Korea too. It's a really great place for eating, shopping, and karaoking. And you'll definitely find more people there willing to help you with your Korean. Asians are usually pretty open and friendly to Westerners (assuming that you are one of course) trying to learn Asian languages/culture.

    What Is the arabic music in THE MUMMY called?!locations/

    I really want that soundtrack!

    • ANSWER:
      These songs were in the movie...

      Al Nahla Al 'Ali (The Tall Palm Tree)" - The Musicians of the Nile

      'Al Bahr Al Gharam Wasah (Love Is As Vast As A River) - The Musicians of the Nile

      "Revive La Ilusion" - Septeto Habanero

    I am studying Modern Standard Arabic (MSA, Al Fusha) and i need a good site to watch videos in MSA?
    whenever i learn a language i like to listen to that language alot. i feel it helps the learning process.

    • ANSWER:
      Hello Daniel,
      I am an Arabic person, unfortunately most of the new Arabic movies are not in the Standard Arabic, because as what you already know, people do not use the Standard Arabic usually, we just use it when we are reading books or writing the homework.
      The only place you can see people are using the standard Arabic is in the Historical Arabic Movies and series, on NEWS channels, Koran reading and explication sessions, and Kids cartoons.

      therefore I recommend these links:
      1- "Al Jazeera NEWS channel live streaming 24/7"
      2- "search for "كرتون" and trust me this is the best way to find videos in MSA"
      5- "It is a historical Arabic movie, and it is talking about Islam"

      I am so happy to hear that you are interested in Arabic and I wish you the best of the best luck in this long trip of studying the MSA. contact me anytime you want :)

    Can you help me find out the Japanese cartoon movie " Belle and Sebastian" in arabic language?
    please help me find a website where i can watch and download "Belle and Sebastian" in the Arabic language. I appreciate your help and thank you in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      I found these links

      hope that's what are you looking for.

    Can you suggest any good websites Egyptians like to go to? ?
    Assalaam alaikum!

    I'm looking for some good websites that Egyptians like to go and talk about whatever is relevant and going on with them. Whatever places online any of you like to go to maybe, or just popular or not so popular places Egyptians like to congregate online.

    Do you know of any good blogs about life in Egypt? Or websites that talk about things hot and relevant to Egyptians?

    Any sites you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and take care!

    • ANSWER:
      Very easy! Here are the top 50 website Egyptians like to go to arranged in order:


      2. Yahoo!

      3. Facebook
      A social utility that connects people, to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and videos.

      4. Windows Live (
      Search engine

      5. YouTube:
      YouTube is a way to get your videos to the people who matter to you. Upload, tag and share your videos worldwide!

      6. RapidShare:
      Users can upload up to 100 meg files for sharing. Provides downloads of 100 megs per hour on the free service. Premium service also available.

      7. Google:
      Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and
      Site info for

      8. Microsoft Network (MSN):

      9. Inc.
      Largest Arab Online Community with the most famous email service as well as bilingual Arabic and English online community services.


      11. PerfSpot:
      Social and business networking.


      13. يللاكوره:
      موقع رياضى يغطي الشرق الأوسط رياضيا

      14. masrawy.comموقع مصراوى دوت كوم
      محتوى متنوع من الأخبار و الخدمات، من بريد و ترجمة و استضافة و ألعاب، و منتديات متنوعة.

      15. 4shared:
      A simple and easy-to-use service offering free online files storage and sharing accessible worldwide.

      16. برامج نت - أكبر موقع عربي للبرامج

      17. فى الجول:
      أخبار كرة القدم المصريةو العربية والعالمية

      18. Microsoft Corporation
      Main site for product information, support, and news.

      19. ماي ايجي
      حمل اجمل و احدث الافلام العربية و الاجنبية احلي الالعاب و البرامج و الاغاني و المزيد من الخدمات

      Free, automated weblog publishing tool that sends updates to a site via FTP.

      21. كووورة
      الموقع العربي الأول لكرة القدم يضم بطولات عربية عالمية مع متابعة و تحليل لكافة احداث كرة القدم

      22. اصحاب كول
      NewFilms_Stranges_FunPictuers_programes_islam_Jokes_news_mp3_movies_clips_islamic_and more

      23. الأهرام اليومى
      صحيفة يومية مصرية تصدر عن مؤسسة الأهرام



      26. 6rbtop
      RealAudio files of popular Arab songs , plus a streaming broadcast.

      27. The Saatchi Gallery
      Presenting work by largely unseen young artists or by established international artists whose work has been rarely exhibited in the UK. London.

      28. The largest Arabic musical community is an online Music community



      31. الجمهورية أونلاين
      إصدار إنترنت من صحيفة الجمهورية

      32. المصري اليوم
      إصدار إنترنت من الصحيفة اليومية المستقلة

      33. Hi5
      One of the world's largest social networks

      34. Jeeran
      Online community for free hosting, blogging, file storage, and instant messaging.

      35. Nogomi
      Largest Arabic Multimedia Site, With All New Album & Video Clip.

      36. MediaFire
      MediaFire is the simplest way for businesses, professionals, and individuals to host files and share them with others.

      37. Wikipedia
      An online collaborative encyclopedia.

      38. شبكة مزيكا اليوم
      اغانى افلام عربى افلام اجنبى افلام هندى العاب كمبيوتر العاب فلام برامج كمبيوتر تحميل مجانى ومباشر

      39. برامج
      موقع عربي للبرامج والدروس واخبار التقنية يقدم الكثير من البرامج في جميع المجالات وباخر التحديثات لها ولحماية اقوى للكمبيوتر

      40. Tagged is one of the top social networking sites in the world.

      41. موقع طرب
      موقع طرب , اغانى طرب

      42. EL-AHLY.COM
      النادى الأهلى المصرى

      43. اهلى ايجبت
      الموقع الرسمي لنادي الاهلي المصري لكرة القدم




      47. Metacafe
      Promises to serve the world's best videos. Offers incentives for user generated content.

      News, results, fixtures, cups, history, staff, video, contacts, radio, Live Chat and a forum.

      49. موقع أخبارك للأخبار المصرية
      الموقع يضم أخبار مصرية من جميع المصادر الموثوقة, ويوجد به منتدي لمناقشة الأخبار واخر الاحداث.


      51. Clicksor
      An advertising network offers content targeted advertising service on CPC/PPC basis.

    Is there any historical American film about Egypt-Israel 1973 war?
    Any non-Arabic movies about this war would be enough. ty

    • ANSWER:
      As far as American, No. But try Youtube, or some of the other video websites and search 1973 Egypt-Israeli War. The Military channel had an episode on the Yom Kippur War called 20th Century Battle Fields the Yom Kippur War.

      The below listed are Non-Arabic Films and might be what you are looking for.
      Here is one that I found on Amazon. Never seen it but might be what you are looking for. Also don't always go by what people comment on as it for you to decide truth from fiction or lies.

      Here is another film I found.

    Is there somewhere where I can find "Prophet Mohammad cartoon movie" in italian or arabic? ?
    Or at least with italian or arabic subs? As on youtube i can only find it in english.

    • ANSWER:
      I have searched but I have only found the English Language version also. :((

      However, I have found a website the sells the DVD, and it has Arabic audio language as well as arabic subtitles.

    Is there a book titiled Floona? Is Floona based on a true story?
    I know there's a book called "The Swiss Family Robinson" and the family gets shipwrecked and goes to live on an island for a while. I'm talking about the Arabic cartoon Floona. I'm putting this in Ramadan because I figure there's a lot of Arabs here who may have watched Floona as kids and know what I'm talking about.

    • ANSWER:
      YouTube - Floona 7
      Floona 7 Hello, you either have ...
      21 min -

      Rated 4.8 out of 5.0
      YouTube - Floona 15
      Floona 15 Hello, you either have JavaScript turned off or an old version of Adobe's Flash Player. Get the latest Flash player. ... - 74k - Cached - Similar pages - Filter Forums - View Profile: floona
      floona floona is offline. Junior Member. Last Activity: 10-03-2007 06:56 PM ... floona is not a member of any public groups ... - 17k - Cached - Similar pages - Filter
      floona's User Profile
      floona's User Profile at eNotes. ... Favorites. floona has not yet added any favorite books, authors, movies, or musicians. ... - 10k - Cached - Similar pages - Filter
      Come on! Floona on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
      Flickr is almost certainly the best online photo management and sharing application in the world. Show off your favorite photos to the world, securely and ... - 131k - Cached - Similar pages - Filter
      Come on! Floona on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
      Floona. To take full advantage of Flickr, you should use a JavaScript-enabled ..... Click this icon to see all public photos and videos tagged with floona ... - 133k - Cached - Similar pages - Filter
      ^^مسلسلات كرتونية كثيرة^^روابط شغالة^^غير محجوب^^ - Twacha ...
      Feb 16, 2008 ... · ... - 87k - Cached - Similar pages - Filter
      Muxlim Tv - Floona 2
      Floona 2. You need to upgrade your Flash Player. Currently 3.0/5 ... Floona Arabic Episode 1 Nice ... 2 hours ago; 21:47; 0 Views; 0 Comments ... - 31k - Cached - Similar pages - Filter
      Muxlim Tv - Floona
      Floona. You need to upgrade your Flash Player. Currently 3.0/5. (3.00 / 1 vote) ... Video Info. juniper - 2 hours ago; Floona Arabic Episode 1 Nice Show. ... - 30k - Cached - Similar pages - Filter
      More results from »
      Floona's Trayodashan Gambit by ~Joelglaine on deviantART
      Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Digital art, skin art, themes, wallpaper art, traditional art, photography, poetry / prose. Art prints. - 39k - Cached - Similar pages - Filter

    I converted to islam but i need help praying please helpp?
    Im always confused about the the praying part I know its 5 times a day but what times do you do it I need to know the time please. And do I recite the al fatiha in every prayer? And what else do I recite and how many times? I need help im so confused

    • ANSWER:
      Assalam o Alaikum (peace be unto you)
      i hope u are fine and in good healths.

      i wish to share the following beneficial links in order that u may read and act according to the knowledge gained. insha'Allah

      How to do Wudoo:

      Salaah :

      total 5 times :
      1- fajr - 2 sunnah & 2 farad
      2- Zuhr - 4 fard
      3- asr - 4 fard
      4- magrib- 3 fard
      5- isha- 4 fard+ witr
      (fard- obligatory, sunnah and witr- not obligatory)
      Surah - chapter of Quran.
      (this is more better)

      Step By Step Guide To Salah

      Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer

      For learning salah arabic

      NOTE : the above vids may contain only the "Obligatory parts" of Salah
      in the below link u may find some addtional/optional recitations or supplications

      pls click the first links, it tells what should a muslim do when he/she cannot pray salah (not learned yet) have to recite some 'recitaions' at the time of salah

      A new Muslim finding it difficult to recite al-Faatihah

    where can i watch nour gumus in arabic ?

    and i want to watch the 4th 5th 6th and 7th but when i go to youtube we have 2 download the videos and my computer dosnt let me !!!!
    and i want to watch the 4th 5th 6th and 7th but when i go to youtube we have 2 download the videos and my computer dosnt let me !!!!

    • ANSWER:
      I think that you should go to youtube.It has movies', videos' and a lot of cool stuff. Trust me that's the best solution. =]]]

    where can i watch turkish films with english subtitles?
    I really want to watch Ezel and Aski Memnu but i cant find any website to watch it on with English subtitles or if there isnt then french subtitles would be alright too
    can anybody help me please??????????

    • ANSWER:
      Youtube will do, sometimes...
      Aski Memnu--

      its not easy to find turkish film with subtitles,streaming online.its better to download it by torrent and then find arabic or english subtitles.
      there are not so many films which are translated into other i advice find films by name,not find general turkish movie website.
      here i found a turkish movie with arabic and english subtitles for trailer of movie in youtube.if you like it,download by torrent applications such as bittorent,utorrent,flashget etc.
      link for Babam Ve Oglum
      torrent link:…
      arabic or english subtitle link:…

    How to look up a movie?
    Can anyone tell me please where I can find the movie "Valley of the Wolves" in Arabic translation. Don't care if its a torrent.
    Would appreciate a good answer Thank You
    Best answer gets 10 points.

    • ANSWER:
      Valley of the Wolves = وادي الذئاب

      On youtube :

      TV show:
      Here are some links:

      You can find more links by Googling the Arabic translation.

      Enjoy :)

    The movie where its somewhere in the middle east and some tourist take the bus and get shot from a hill from?
    what looked to be terrorist it might of also been in arabic or the native language there not quite sure

    • ANSWER:

    Can someone suggest some Arab media for me?
    I recently started learning to speak Arabic and I have to just say that I'm enjoying it so much. So many of the people I meet are so kind and willing to help and I think the language itself is beautiful. Anyway, to help me learn and understand, I was wondering if someone could give me some suggestions of some good Arabian music, movies, books or any other type of media that I can read, watch or listen to. I love poetry and like all different kinds of music. Thanks a lot :-)

    • ANSWER:
      Nancy Ajram (todays most famous singer in the arab world, and was featured on Oprah) one of her most famous songs
      another good song for her,

      Oum Kalthoum ( The most famous singer in the arab world, songs are old but great to listen to. every arab speaking person knows her, she is known as the legend of arabic music.)

      Soad Hosny (arabic singer and actress, known as the the Cinderella of the middle east) her most memorable performance was in her movie "Kalli Balk Min Zozo"

      same video but with english subtitles

    What do you think of Disney movies in Arabic?

    Cheesy or what?
    @BoycottEverything - as much as I sympathise with the Palestinian cause, watching disney stuff on Youtube is fine because its free and you are not giving a penny to the zionists.

    • ANSWER:
      cheesy as the Simpsons in arabic

    Can someone please translate this short video clip from arabic to english?
    it is a video about some news to do with AMR DIAB.
    I want to know what they are saying.
    thanks in advance
    sorry here is the link:

    • ANSWER:
      Here it is:
      Amr Diab is preparing to record a number of religious hymns to be played on radio channels in Ramadan, Muslims’ holy months. It is to be noted that these religious hymns are composed by him and the lyrics are written by a number of different writers. Next October, Amr Diab will be heading to America to meet Shakira. The meeting will be held to discuss their anticipated duo together in which Shakira is going to sing in the Arabic language, in addition to English.
      During his visit to America, Amr will shoot the commercial for the fizzy drink of which he is the representative in the middle –east.
      In the early 2008, Amr Diab will return to the big screen after many years of absence to star in a mega production Egyptian movie. It is worth mentioning that the last film to feature Amr was “dehk, Le’b, Gad w Hob” “ Matters of fun, joy, seriousness and love” , also starring Omar Sharif and Youssra.
      Amr had a busy agenda this summer. He performed in a live concert on 24th of August. His audience was about 50 thousand people. He also shot a video clip in America that featured a super model from America. He is going to shoot more songs from his latest Album of which he is extremely proud.

    what are some good arabian/egyptian sounding music cds?
    like slow "ayyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh moosoobie babaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" type stuff. every time i here music like that in movies and stuff i like it.

    • ANSWER:
      Dalida is an Italian Egyptian (of Italian descent but family has lived many years in Egypt) and this is her song in Arabic "Salma ya Salama":

      She originally sings it in French but I like the Arabic version better. I liked a cover one woman in Egypt made during a concert but I can't find it! :(

      You might like these:

    Can anybody who are Japanese natives to team up fixing my Japanese subs and English trans, please?
    I've need lots of help on my videos that I'm subtitling with both Japanese and English subtitles that I got inspired by a youtube user who is 99meemo99 who upload these Arabic video dub clips of the Disney movies, cartoons and the anime shows with Arabic and English subtitles that he subbed them and then I want to do it to the Japanese one's, but the problem is that I'm not fluent in Japanese and I see nobody never done that cool helpful thing and that's how I started it and I just only see the opening and ending songs has it and it's like not helpful enough.

    I have been wanting to have someone who can help me with it who can speak Japanese fluently, but one sad story that I did got one, she is half Japanese and half Dutch, she can speak Japanese fluently, because her mom taught her Japanese and her dad never taught her Dutch, because he was raised in Canada and he just speaks Japanese only a little bit and oh, about the sad story I just only met her once and she became my new friend, we have went to McDonalds to eat and then after that I asked her what was the song lyrics mean and she translated them for me and it was fun to have her do that and that helps me to memorise the meanings, but I forget a couple I think and then I asked her if she can come to my house to help me fix my Japanese subtitles and fix the English translations or some of them I can't translate them, but she said she is too busy studying to be a nurse and then after a year I still didn't see her for the second time and then she went to live in Toronto while her family moved to another small city and I was not going to see her, again it was a shame that she's busy a lot, I hate it so much why is she busy like this and I was been thinking that why won't she become a translator and then she said that she wants to help people, but I did heard that she felt bad for not seeing me for the second time, she's the same age as me and I was upset for not seeing my new half Japanese friend anymore that I still never met her for the second time and now my dream is lost/gone for not having her to come to my house to help me with the Japanese subtitles and the English translations on Movie Maker and I met her 2 years ago and then she moved away last year and it was sad that I can't get a lot of help from her and she doesn't have a computer, phone or any text messaging, because her family is poor and it was crazy why would they don't have it and I hate that too so much!

    I also last year tried to make a video message that I upload on youtube on my 2nd youtube channel for the Japanese viewers if they will send me messages to help me fix my Japanese subtitles and the English translations, but it doesn't work and I don't understand why and I tried to contact with those Japanese youtube users who have comment me, before and then they never send me back anything for help and what's with them and why would they never say anything about my unfixed Japanese subtitles and the English translations?!

    I've also want to have anybody who is Japanese to team up for helping me fixing all my subtitles and I just want lots of help everyday like having a few Japanese friends I want to have for help just like the Ham Ham Paradise fansite that they are teaming up English subtitling the Trotting Hamtaro episodes and I want to have that kind of help too so much.

    I want all of my 113 videos I believe to have all their Japanese subtitles and the English translations to be all fixed to finish by this summer break and it was very important for me and I want to have more videos ready somewhere earlier this year in my 4th youtube channel to upload them.

    Would anybody who's Japanese can become my Japanese+English subtitle helper, please and send me an e-mail, I appreciate it?

    I did tried to go to that Yahoo Japan website to answer a question there, but it shows me to sign in, but how ridiculous, I just did, already signed in and why?!

    When I put the yahoo questions of my Japanese and English subtitles just keep checking back to my questions on my yahoo activity or you'll just see me posting them everyday.

    • ANSWER:
      That's a lot of work, nobody gonna help you for free.

    Website that plays the Arabic movie Katkout with English subtitles?
    I want to see the movie Katkout, but my Arabic isnt good enough to know whats being said through out an entire movie. Is there a website I can watch it on that has the movie Subtitled in English? Here is a scene from Youtube just to make sure you know which movie I'm talking about.

    • ANSWER:
      ilooked up for u and thats what ididnt ding any site have the movie with english subtitle the only way is to buy it and its gona cost u like 15 us dollars but u can folloe this steps to download program to add english subtitles to ur arabic movie good luck
      I first found this guide:…

      But this seems a bit easier:
      But you have to download this also to hardsub: and tell it where it is

      The programs are free (except for one that's in the tutorial), but once you've created the subtitle file, it's pretty easy to use divxland, so then the entire process will be free

    What is the names of these song and music?
    I need to know the name of Eminem song played at minute 52:30 of this link please:

    And please please the name of the music piece played at the background of this advertisement:

    • ANSWER:
      Haha, I didn't know they played rap music in Arabic movies :p

      Anyway the first one isn't by Eminem it's By Coolio

      I'm not too sure about the second one, sorry.

    Can I hold flashcards during salaat?
    I am a new convert to Islam, Alhamdulillah. I need to learn to do salaat on time and properly. I made flashcards to help me learn, but I don't want to delay my prayers because they are very important. Would it be bad for me to hold my flashcards during salaat for reference?

    • ANSWER:
      Assalam o Alaikum dear sister in faith and humanity,
      Heartiest Congratulations on your reversion to the true faith i.e. islam!
      i hope u are fine and in good healths.

      i wish to share the following beneficial links in order that u may read and act according to the knowledge gained. insha'Allah

      How to perform ablution or Wudoo:

      Salaah : is offered total 5 times :
      1- fajr - 2 sunnah & 2 farad
      2- Zuhr - 4 fard
      3- asr - 4 fard
      4- magrib- 3 fard
      5- isha- 4 fard+ witr
      (fard- obligatory, sunnah and witr- not obligatory)
      Surah - chapter of Quran.
      (this is better)
      Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer

      Step By Step Guide To Salah

      For learning salah arabic

      Learn Arabic Alphabet

      NOTE : the above vids may contain only the "Obligatory parts" of Salah
      in the below link u may find some addtional/optional recitaions or supplications

      pls click the first links, it tells what should a muslim do when he/she cannot pray salah (not learned yet) have to recite some 'recitations' at the time of salah

      A new Muslim finding it difficult to recite al-Faatihah

    What is this kind of arabic music called?
    It's that music that is in like every american movie about the middle east and is kind of like an acoustic chant it sounds similar to the Qur'an being recited its kinda of like this

    • ANSWER:
      well i think it's called Mawwal (موال) but i'm not sure.

    I just watched the 2009 movie called 'Amreeka' about a Palestinian woman who moves to america with her son..?
    There was one song at the end of the movie, that played along with the credits. It was Arabic and it was gorgeous. Does anyone know what it was?

    • ANSWER:
      Akhasmak ah by Nancy Ajram ?

      Jaouaz Essafar by Marcel Khalifé ?

    Im a new muslim, Any sites or websites to teach me how to pray?
    Hell my muslim brothers and sisters
    Is there any site or website that can teach me how to pray, i just converted this week and want to start praying asap

    Thank you it'll help me so much
    Hello *

    • ANSWER:
      How to perform ablution or Wudoo:

      Salaah : is offered total 5 times :
      1- fajr - 2 sunnah & 2 farad
      2- Zuhr - 4 fard
      3- asr - 4 fard
      4- magrib- 3 fard
      5- isha- 4 fard+ witr
      (fard- obligatory, sunnah and witr- not obligatory)
      Surah - chapter of Quran.…
      (this is better)
      Step-by-Step Guide to Prayer…

      For learning salah arabic…

      NOTE : the above vids may contain only the "Obligatory parts" of Salah
      in the below link u may find some addtional/optional recitaions or supplications

      A new Muslim finding it difficult to recite al-Faatihah

      Do not hesitate to contact me :)
      (like if u issues related to salah or practicing Islam opr doubts etc)
      u can mail me ur email address ..cuz i cant share it in public :)

    Do you think that your life made any difference to the world?

    • ANSWER:
      Sure, anyone is making a difference, but small difference is he/she is normal person, big difference if he/she is not normal person,

      I mean for example, any person living on the earth are affecting the earth with good and bad things, difference here maybe good difference or bad difference,

      Prophet Mohamed or Jesus for example made a HUGE difference to the world, I love them , and wish one day I will see them :(

      As you are asking abt my life, emmm, I'm trying to be a good person, I'm trying to change myself to a better person, I'm trying to help others, but sometimes I can't (bcoz they don't want my help like people u know OR sometimes I'm in a bad mood that I can't help them OR sometimes I'm not close enough so they will not accept my help)

      You know something lily, many times I wish I will be killed defending the justice and the good things in this life, and I wish that all the world will see me on TV for example b4 I die, and maybe that can change something to better, lol, I think I'm watching movies alot,

      Did you see the great movie "Crash" or "Babel" , What I really like in those two movies are how much all our lives are linked together even if don't feel that, and how much we can not give attention so someone who will affect our life,

      There was a very nice Arabic promo I tried to search for on youtube but I couldn't find it, It's about a young man abt 26 or something that he will go to pay some money for a place which gives the money to poor people, and then after a while they show you that there is a very poor old man who came to take some money from that place and while he is getting out he saw some construction in the street and he found the sign saying "Slow down Construction Area" he found it on the ground , so he take it and put it right on its place, and he walked,
      Then the young man, he was driving his car so fast and he is not taking care of the road, and suddenly he looked and found the Sign and he push on the brakes and he was just few inches from a big loader,
      I hope you get what i want to say,

      God bless you all,

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