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    Are there any short film contests available in Toronto or online?
    I'm looking for any short film contests I can enter online or in Toronto. It doesn't matter if the final deadline for this year has passed, I can enter next year as well.
    So far I've only been able to find The Indie Short Film Competition.
    I don't need many details, just a link to the website would help.

    • ANSWER:
      The Worldwide Short Film Festival is taking place as we speak in Toronto (it's in Toronto every year) and I highly recommend submitting. Even if your film isn't accepted in the festival competition, it'll be available in the festival "marketplace" where industry delegates browse all the submissions and choose films they may want to distribute or purchase.

      Also, if you're a student, many programs include one or two student films, so they won't dismiss you if you're a bit experienced. Just keep in mind that the longer your short is, the more spectacular it has to be for them to justify the time length.

      The National Film Board of Canada also has an annual online short competition:

      I recommend calling or visiting the NFB (it's in Toronto) to get info about submitting.

      And, in Toronto, a smaller film festival:

      The Cabbagetown Short Film & Video Festival

      Finally, if you want to find more competitive festivals to submit to, try this directory:

      It has a lot of great international options.

      As to online contests, not festivals, Filmaka usually has something running open to different nationalities:

      I think your best bet, though, is to submit to competitive festivals. Even if you don't win, being included in a festival is great exposure.

      good luck!

    What kind of video camera should i get for short films??
    I am a beginner and wanna start filming short films except i need a video camera. I dont really know much terminology and need some serious help. I want a camera in which you can film on and then upload it all on your computer and make it on a dvd or something. I have a windows XP so i would need something compatible with that. I only have around 0-0 to spend on the camera so i need something cheap yet it is a good camera (good sound, video, lighting, etc.) So can anyone help me with what camera i should get?

    • ANSWER:
      A miniDV camera is your best bet. They are cheaper than DVD or hard drive camcorders, but have the best video quality. Without knowing more information, I can't give you a specific model, but here are some things to consider. Look for one that has high optical zoom, 20-25x is good. Don't worry about digital zoom. As far as brand, I have had great experience with Canon, but most any brand should fine. To capture the video to your computer, you will need a firewire cable and a firewire port on your computer. Many camcorders do not come with a firewire cable, so you may have to buy one. If you don't have a firewire port, you can buy an adapter card that will fit into a PCI slot on your motherboard.

    What is the best hardware for high quality video capture?
    I have a short film that has transferred from a Panasonic DV format to High Grade VHS. I want to be able to transfer this to my PC in order to edit it at the highest quality available (VHS I guess). Anyone got any tips on what hardware to use?

    • ANSWER:
      If you transferred your footage from the DV tape, to a VHS, and then back to your PC, from what others have told me, you run the risk of losing some quality in your footage. Like the person before me told you, your best bet is to get a Mac. Then again, I've done some work on a PC and a PC has produced the same quality as a Mac. It's whatever you're comfortable working with, but many people will tell you to go with the Mac.

    How can I borrow military uniform and equipment?
    I am doing a short film and I want to know if there is a way to 'borrow' rather buying military clothing and equipment. I don't want to spend a lot of money.

    • ANSWER:
      You won't be able to borrow it. Your best bet is to down size your project and find an Army surplus store. You will have to purchase items. Unless, you can find anyone who is retired military that is willing to let you borrow some of their gear...if they still have it.

    Where can I watch the gay short film called Caught?
    I was wondering where I could watch a gay short film called caught?I have tried Youtube and I can't find it on there.I really don't know who stars in it but it looks like a really wonderful movie.Thank you!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      maybee go on LOGO , since it is a gay channel i bet they have it there, and you can watch it all online. & if not they have quite an amazing selection of movies, try it! (:

    Could someone explain to me the fear of elevators, please?
    I'm doing research for a short film and I'd like to know anything and everything about it, really. Or if you know someone with the phobia themselves. Thank you for any answers.

    • ANSWER:
      Claustrophobia would be the main problem I would think - fear of small enclosed places.

      Panic attacks are another possible cause. Also being enclosed without your consent - BUT then you have to consent to step into an elevator in the first place.

      Actually my son and I were stuck in the elevator in our apartment building last weekend. Only for 20 minutes. But it had something to do with the doors not closing properly so the elevator never left the ground floor. I had to use the telephone to call the security and they called the elevator company.

      I was not scared, but my 6 year old son was. If it happens again, he may develop a phobia about elevators. I'll bet that is how they start. So far I cannot find a name for this particular phobia. But I did find a very nice article from the NY Times dated July last year.

    Where can I buy cheap picture frames of all sizes in bulk?
    I need probably around 100 frames, different sizes and shapes would be great, I don't need the glass just the frame. It can be wood or metal, whatever. I need this for a short film I'm producing at my college and we're trying to keep this as low budget as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    • ANSWER:
      Try The best bet is to buy metal frames. They are very reasonably priced. They will make any size you need. If you buy multiples they will discount their all ready wholesale price. You can buy just the frames if you want.

    Where can I buy cheap picture frames of all sizes in bulk?
    I need probably around 100 frames, different sizes and shapes would be great, I don't need the glass just the frame. It can be wood or metal, whatever. I need this for a short film I'm producing at my college and we're trying to keep this as low budget as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    • ANSWER:
      Try The best bet is to buy metal frames. They are very reasonably priced. They will make any size you need. If you buy multiples they will discount their all ready wholesale price. You can buy just the frames if you want.

    Are there exclusive rights to a movie trailers?
    Im having a short film i made play at a local Theater which friends and family will attend, and i was wanting to add movie trailers to the beginning, are there any copy right laws against this? The trailers im using can all be found on TV or youtube.

    • ANSWER:
      Trailers are still protected as part of the film. While you probably won't get in trouble for showing them, its where you get them from that can be the legal issue. Best bet is to let the theater show their trailer reel before your movie plays.

    Who will win the Academy Award 4 Animated Feature Film?
    The nominees are...

    "Kung Fu Panda"

    I'd place my bet on the Walt Disney pick, & I don't mean "Bolt." After all, "Wall-E" ain't just nominated for Anim8d Feature Film. But talk about mere Disney domination if they also win for Short Film ("Presto").

    So which film did you like? The 81st Oscars take place February 22 on ABC.

    • ANSWER:
      Wall-E, as it is the more stunning film

    What are the copyright laws for wanting to adapt a short story into a film?
    My friend and I want to adapt an Edgar Allen Poe short story into a film but we're not sure if we have to buy the rights for it. We hear that if the original source came out over 75 years ago then nothing is needed. Are we getting that confused with something else?

    • ANSWER:
      The 75 years thing is regarding "Public Domain", but with regards to something like EA Poe, I would bet that someone owns the rights to his work (probably an institution or descendants) and it is not in the public domain, which means you would need to have their permission before you could proceed.

    How do I get a job as a 'casting director' in Sydney?
    Iā€™m not from Australia, and I know that you start from the bottom (intern) and work your way up (casting director).
    I have a degree in film, made 9 short films, and was wondering if any of you know some good international casting agencies in Sydney I can apply to for a job?

    What can my next move be?

    THank you...

    • ANSWER:
      Ok Dixiegirl obviously has just started out in performance in Australia, cause it's not like that.

      The AFO (Aus. Film Office) would not be able to help you find work, but more likely assist local film makers to produce their indie films. They are more of a funding and support organisation, not an agency. As for looking for 'new talent' in Sydney, every agent will already be attending local plays and NIDA (the country's preeminent theatre/film college) to find new talent. I doubt you'd do anything more than reinvent the wheel, and without contacts you couldn't sign people on anyway. Aussie actors *aren't* hot in the USA - unless they've had a good 10-20 years of work in Australia first, and also have to compete with American (and everyone else) actors over there. You can't just waltz in and start working as an agent as Dixie makes it sound.

      Sydney is *the* place for big name film production companies, NIDA graduates and Hollywood stars, plus more of an established theatre scene than anywhere else in Australia. You think you can just be a casting director, there's going to be a lot of hard work to get there.

      I recommend continuing making short films, and use your growing contacts to find a local film production admin job. It would be extremely competitive (actually I believe you'd have a better chance in a different city, like Melbourne) in Sydney. I seriously doubt casting agencies in Sydney would have any positions open (I worked for a long time in arts journalism and one of my jobs was to find arts jobs to post on our site; I think I might have seen about two or three ads for admin positions in agencies over a period of five or six years), but if you want to find out I recommend checking out the ads on,, or other sites like that. Word-of-mouth would be your best bet for finding out about open positions.

      You said you're not an Aussie; if you are here already all that may apply. If you're not, then you have a very small chance of getting anywhere, even with experience and a degree.

      Although this is mainly for theatre, this article about coming from overseas to work in Australia could help:

      There's more stuff there also for looking for jobs.

    what camera can i use to edit on final cut pro?
    im filming a short (1hr) film this summer, but know nothing about cameras. My estimated budget will be around ,500, so i'll be buying/renting a camera. What camera can i use that i can film and edit on final cut pro? 16mm is ideal, but i dont know if i can edit it on that program, (which is for the mac) the cheaper the better, by the way.

    • ANSWER:
      if you use 16mm you will have to get it digitized and dumped on to a mini dv tape or how ever you have your set up tape deck wise. best bet get a high end mini dv camera. and cut out the middle man of digitizing your film.

    How do independent filmmakers ever get anything done?
    I've written a short film for a contest and was reminded that I would be needing permits to shoot, well, anywhere. I don't know if I've read these articles wrong, but they say that in order to shoot in a public place I would need an insurance policy rider of ,000,000. Now I'm not grad student, but that seems a little difficult to obtain.
    I have also been told that the possibility of ever getting permission from anyone to shoot on private property is extremely slim and that most people would only offer their land to seasoned professionals.

    How is that independent filmmakers ever get off the ground?

    I am 18 and have not started film college yet, so I understand that not only is my knowledge of all this severely limited at the moment, but that it is very rare that I will be taken seriously, even when attempting to film a simple short film in a few locations.

    Thank you for your answers.
    Not to sound rude but I can only get so much out of answers with only 3 letters. šŸ˜›
    I'm guessing DSD is Direct Streaming Digital?

    • ANSWER:
      You can shoot for free without insurance if you can establish a rapport with the property owner and you are not asking to take over the property for an extended period of time or make extensive changes. Many filmmakers rely upon connections to property owners through family and friends. Your cast and crew can also help with connections. As far as permits, you need them when shooting in a public place. They are enforced by police. If someone turns you in or a passing officer sees you, then you may get shut down. Guerrilla filmmakers rely upon small crews and shoot quickly.

      The best bet is to make a list of locations available to you and write your script to fit those locations. If you write a story that takes place at an airport during a hurricane then good luck with that. Kevin Smith used the convenience store that he worked at to make Clerks. Plan your movie around the resources that you have.

    How to SELL a story idea for a film? Who do I go to if I want to sell my Idea/script?
    I am currently studying screenwriting and I would LOVE to become a professional screenwriter. I have MANY ideas and I would love to pitch my ideas to production companies and film-makers. How do I go about doing this. I already know how to pitch but where do I go and who do I contact? How can I set up a meeting? I have one idea that I would LOVE to sell to paramount or Fox Searchlight studios. ANy help would be great, Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Nobody is buying pitches these days. That ship has sailed. Unless you've got a track record of success, you're not going to be selling a pitch in the room. These days, they bring you in to pitch on the concept they want made and you're not going to get asked to that table unless you've got an agent, fewer of whom are looking at new writers.

      Check out the Scoggin's report and you can see just how dead the spec market is in Hollywood right now.

      That being said, every production company, studio and mini major has a web page. Some have active submission programs where they'll look at your short film. But the best bet right now is the independent market which still exists if not in a somewhat reduced form. The best place to meet these people and to form relationships is at film festivals. Go to their films, stay for the Q&A sessions and try to meet up with them at the bar. Bars are very effective places to meet film contacts at film festivals. Everybody gets thirsty.

      We all want the big score but you really do build a career and it takes years. I had to call Final Draft for some tech support the other day. The guy who helped me out wrote, "Sorority Boys." It can be a tough industry.

      I'm a produced screenwriter with feature film and TV credits.

    Is the film industry hard to get into?
    Is it true most people get into the movie industry by connections? Like friends and family? So should i go to an expensive film school? What should I do? I love movies its my passion. I have 6 years video editing experience. I've made short films. I just wanna know. How hard is it to get into that industry.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, It is really really hard to get into, esspecially as it is booming at the moment.
      Most actors started young, so getting an agent asap would be your best bet. I really wanted to become an actor but I decided that getting a decent one was too expensive.
      I think (bearing in mind today's culture) starting off with making YouTube videos is a nice and safe place to start, just get a camera man and do some stuff... Or even just publish your old short films!
      Also with your editing experince you would have already beaten some of the lesser YouTubers!!
      I know that it seems a little bit low, esspecially bearing in mind your experince. But everyone starts somewhere!!


    What are short films for? where can you buy them? where can you see them?
    I don't get it. I'm not talking about dvds guys but their is this video I want to see that is categorized as a short film (under IMDB) so there is no dvd or cassete tape for it. How do people see these videos then? how do the actors and directors get paid for the short films if there is no dvds or cassetes for it? Why not just make a whole movie or commercial why a short film?

    • ANSWER:
      short films have a whole industry of their own. occasionally they get released but usually they are just done as part of a directors or producers portfolio. You can do a lot with a short film that you cant do with a feature film, because there's a shorter amount of time to develop the character and create a conflict and resolution.

      The best bet you have of getting to see a short film listed on imdb is by downloading it.

      Sorry :)

    im making a short film about the effects of drugs? please help? what kind of things can happen on a trip?
    its for my film studies project,
    ive never actually taken drugs,
    and this short film is going to show everything from the stoners point of view, such as the hallucinations etc.

    what kind of things happen when you take LSD/shrooms?

    • ANSWER:
      The most important thing that any would-be writer should take on-board is "Write what you know about". So surely it is the same for film-makers.

      So if you've never taken drugs, then you shouldn't really be making a film about them. People who take drugs have their own unique experiences. I'm not advising you to take drugs, but I think you should make a film about something you have first-hand experience of. It will be more believable.

      But to answer your question: the main memory I have of my few encounters with LSD and mushrooms is the many many bouts of uncontrollable laughter.

      Hallucinations: things can appear to look a little different to you such as colours, and perhaps a room's dimensions, but I don't know of anybody who has experienced 'proper' hallucinations (apart from people who are well-known for being habitual liars). I think propagandists come out with this nonsense to scare people away from what are essentially totally harmless substances.

      Jim Mullett's comments are pure fantasy and have been proved so by many independent scientists (the sort that our governments tend to gag.) I bet he has never taken LSD or magic mushrooms in his life. Instead he choses to pass-on governmental propaganda. LSD can only severley affect a person's mental state if that person is already mentally unstable. People don't take acid and then jump out of a window; it is a complete myth. Pure propaganda.

      Paranoia? Yes, but not in the sense that he talks. Nobody on acid thinks the man at the bar is a Secret Service agent about to pull a gun out. But you might think that the man at the bar is looking at you. And you might think he knows that you're stoned. And you might think he's telling the bar manager. And you might feel uncomfortable when he looks over. But then you'll probably fall on the floor laughing!

    I need help with ideas for a short film storyline.?
    I'm making a low budget short film, and i would like some help with ideas for a storyline please! My main idea is a kid who believes he is a superhero, but i also need a storyline idea too! Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Comedy is your best bet cant help with ideas that is your job

    Can someone help me with a question concerning HD camcorders for filmmaking?
    Am wrapping up my screenplay for my first feature length horror movie. I need to invest in a good HD camcorder that will give me a reasonable "film look" and one that will capture the face pased shots of a car chase and at least three fight scenes. If there are any directors, producers, or cinematographers
    out there with some suggestions, i'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      An action movie shot with a commercial camcorder would end up looking like a two hour Youtube video. In short - unwatchable. If you want to make a movie people will want to see than you will have to learn the art of film-making.

      Your best bet is to join a local independent film society and volunteer your time on other peoples short films, features, music videos, etc. The people you meet will then assist you in making your film. I STRONGLY recommend that you start by making short films first.

      After a while you will have enough experience to know that 'film looks' and capturing faces in car chases has nothing to do with the camera, but everything to do with lighting, lenses and car mounts. If your script is reasonably competent you can always find a shooter with their own equipment looking for experience. Spend the money on food, gas and costumes for your cast and crew. You will need at LEAST .000 even with an unpaid crew.

    Will a tape from a high quality camera still look good if imported to the computer with a lower quality one?
    I filmed a movie with a pretty good quality camera, movies usually look nice from it when family members use it. My computer won't recognize it though, so I'm going to try putting it on my computer using an old camera that is lower quality. Will it matter since it's already filmed, or will it reduce the quality during import since the camera is lower quality?

    • ANSWER:
      You are a little short on details here.

      But I'm going to bet the problem is not the camera.

      You mentioned "Tape" so you likely have a MiniDv or digital 8 camera. Both are Digital video format, or "DV".

      The ONLY way to capture DV is via a firewire cable and firewire port on your computer.
      If the camera has a USB port, it is ONLY to download still photos from a memory card and can not be used to download video.

      USB-Firewire adapters will not work.
      USB-Firewire cables will not work.

      The only other way to capture video is to use the analog out (TV-out or S-Video) and play it to a capture devise like one of the Dazzle models. This is usually more expensive than getting the proper cable and firewire expansion card, but may be needed if your computer can not take an expansion card.

      There are no additional drivers needed, but if you have win7 you will need to purchase and editing program, or download the free Windows Movie Maker.

      As an aside, and to answer your question...Tapes recorded on one camera may or may not play on another, even if they are the same brand of camera. With digital video, the data remains the same regardless of what plays it. If you can play and see the correct video, it will be the same regardless of the camera used to capture it.

    I failed math 3 times can I still get into NYU's Tisch school of the arts?
    Math is the only subject i'm having a hard time with. Next year i'll be a senior with all the classes I need to graduate thanks to the Computer classes since they're worth a math credit. I want to major in Film, and i'm preparing my portfolio with a short film, and extra curriculars. Hopefully the SAT can help me as well if I can score high.

    • ANSWER:
      High SATs will benefit you as will high grades in your other classes. Extra curriculars too!

      NYUs Tisch Film program has the highest acceptance rate of many film programs in the nation (30%). Don't apply to CAS and plan to transfer, not your best bet.

      HOWEVER -
      Of all the film students there, maybe 1 or 2 are actually worth something. NYU teaches you how to make films like *everybody else* and will probably just squash any creativity you have. If you want to make it in film, learn the techniques and move on with your career. - Courtesy of an NYU Film Student

      Columbia in Chicago has a huge film program to consider.
      University of Miami also recieved millions of dollars recently to enhance theirs.
      USC and UCLA are also top film schools.

    Is it illegal to film police officers in South Carolina?
    Let's say you see something happening out in public, can you legally film the police doing their work (or lack thereof) with a cell phone/video camera? If they ask you to put away that camera, are you legally obligated to?

    • ANSWER:
      The short answer to your question is no. I've shot video and stills of police officers in SC and never had problem. Since it's mostly a rural state, you'll run into more small town cops. With them it usually goes one of two ways. They will either tell you everything, or tell you nothing.

      During the hysteria following 9/11, some police thought that photography had somehow become regulated by the Patriot Act or their own policies. This was simply not the case.
      In the United States there are no laws that prevent you from taking video and or photographs of the police, or police situations. With that said, there are times when this could be a problem. If you were just a third party at a scene and had nothing to do with what was happening you would be fine. However if you were a party to nature of the call then you could be asked to put the camera down. For example you were a driver or passenger in a traffic stop. The camera could be construed as a weapon and the officer would likely make you turn it off and put it down.
      If you are out in public and you see police activity you have every right to videotape or photograph it. This is protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. Laws to prevent audio taping without consent would be not apply as long as you were clearly visible and were not going to any secret or extreme means to get sound. Some states have enacted wiretapping laws that law enforcement have tried use to prevent video being taken at scenes. I've heard of charges filed against videographers based on these laws but I've yet to actually see one of these cases get to court much less a conviction.
      Most photographers that are arrested in these scenarios are usually being stupid and crossing police lines or willfully harassing the police. If you are out of the way most police officers could not care less and some are even glad to have you.
      When police are in public they have no right of privacy just like everyone else and they also have the right to remain silent should a camera be rolling. I've seldom run into this problem other than requests not to show officers faces who might be working undercover and not shooting dead bodies. I don't shoot bodies anyway, and I always try to comply on the face requests although I'm under no obligation to do so. Sometimes crimes scenes may be expanded to get you further away from a scene or there may be genuine safety issues, if that happens or you're directed to leave because of a safety issue, you should comply and you may be subject to arrest if you do not. However, you can not be excluded from any area that the general public is being allowed in.
      If you are a third party to an incident and are confronted with this situation you best bet is to not cut off the camera and move your finger away from the trigger so you don't accidentally cut it off. Should you be arrested the tape would be your best evidence.

      Charleston Hwy Shooting, Orangeburg SC

      Charleston Hwy Shooting, Orangeburg SC

      Here's some I took at a shooting. I'm on public property, the highway right of way so as long as I'm out of traffic there's no problem.

      Good luck and hope this helps.

    As a beginning screenwriter, should I focus on short films, or feature length films?
    I just started writing my first screenplay. I don't expect it to sell, it'sainly kind of an exercise. But should write shorts more than movies?

    • ANSWER:
      If you plan to be a SCREEN WRITER.. the at the very LEAST you should learn how to use PUNCTUATION.. you can't be a WRITER when you can't WRITE. AND.. you BEST BET is to ENTER WRITING CONTESTS.. all of the magazines for Writers have them and, until you can WIN WRITING CONTESTS you are not ready to write MOVIES... you need to LEARN YOUR CRAFT FIRST.. and YOU DON'T KNOW IT YET.

    How do I find find a university in london that I can get a Bachelor of Science Media Arts and Animation?
    specificly want to become a games concept artist, designer and writer but have a good understanding of graphics. I cant seem to find a university or college over the net that will allow me to learn, give financial support and career information and development. I have to either go to america or pay stupid amounts of money of which both are not an option. What else would benefit my success in the industry 'cause I also want to learn Japanese as this culture of gaming is where my passion lies and hope to one day maybe work for companies like Square Enix, Konami or Capcom. In short where do I begin, what do I pay, what help can I get during and after ( financially, accademically and personally )and how long will it take? Any further information would be appreciated. thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Media Arts and animation differ slightly different, where Media Arts leans more to Mass Communication, whereas Animation students are based specifically in the film and games industry.

      Look up the artists that are currently working for Konami etc, and find out which schools they went to. Two extremely good schools that give animation courses are Central St. Martin's, and Royal College of Art. An Animation course in your selected university would be a better bet for you to be a Concept Artist (CA), rather than in Media Arts (personal opinion).

      But if you truly want to be in the centre of gaming culture in Japan; you should look up scholarships or internships that allow you to fly to Japan. Most foreigners that go to study in Japan usually take a Japanese language course for a year - to pass the national exam, before taking a Bachelor's degree there.

      After finishing with your course, it would be wise to talk to your professors, for they may have contacts in the industry that can help you with your career.

      Hope this information helps. Good luck!

    Where can i find a dress similar to the one worn by Molly Ringwald in the film Betsy's Wedding?
    The dress has a shorter skirt at the front and a ruched or sweeping style the picture of the front of the dvd case does not do it justice as it shows her with the long train of the skirt gathered in front.

    • ANSWER:
      If you will remember, she made the wedding dress out of another conventional wedding gown. Personally, I thought the gown was ugly but then there is no accounting for taste. My suggestion is that you start as she did with a conventional gown and then rip it, the way she did. I'll bet you could find a wedding gown your size at the Salvation Army or Good Will. You might as well start with a used dress, bridal gowns are so expensive and marriages last so little time until I hate to see people spending so much money for just one day.

    How to get my bleached hair back to the way it used to be?
    I dye my hair all the time. I'm a natural brunette but want to stay blonde. My hair used to be so soft, silky and overall healthy and now it's so short and got short bits all in it, feels like barbie doll hair and falls out every time I brush it. I use special conditioners and hair condition but nothing seems to work, I love the color I just hate everything else. How do I get it back to the way it used to be but still staying blonde?

    • ANSWER:
      Frequent hair styling, coloring, bleaching, or perming can damage hair's protective outer layer, known as the cuticle. The result is what we call "split ends." Thankfully, there are hair products to help mend the damage. Look for conditioners that contain protein. They actually penetrate the hair shaft and repair split ends. The fix only lasts until the next shampoo, so you'll need to use it regularly.

      Thin, lifeless hair is one of the most common hair complaints, yet few women know the best remedy. Heavy conditioners just leave hair limp. A better bet is to use products with silicone, such as dimethicone or cyclomethicone. These coat the strands with a thin film, creating fuller hair that doesn't look greasy. The silicone stays put even after you rinse.

      Don't believe that myth about 100 brush strokes a day. Too much brushing will snap off hairs. Some hair loss is normal -- most people lose an average of 50 to 100 hairs every day. These are hairs that have stopped growing and have reached the resting stage. To minimize additional hair loss, use a brush with ball-tipped bristles and avoid brushing while the hair is wet.

      For better hair days, the best thing you can do is -- nothing. All the tugging, combing, brushing, drying, and chemically treating of hair damages the shafts. Even vigorous towel-drying can damage hair. If you have damaged hair, take a break from styling. As the damaged hair grows out, the new growth will be healthy.

    What would be a good camera for photography class?
    It's a high school class and I need a camera for it. I would like it to be pretty good quality because I will use it for everyday photographing and probably the next year's class as well, and it should be somewhat affordable because I already have to pay 0 to just take the class. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be digital or film. It just says "Students need to have a manually adjustable 35mm camera."

    • ANSWER:
      'manually adjustable 35mm camera' means a film SLR or rangefinder. I would recommend purchasing a SLR made by either nikon or pentax. There are plenty of other good slrs out there on the used market, but nikon and pentax still use the same lens mounting system on their new digital cameras as they did on their old manual film cameras, so you can use (for the most part) new lenses on old cameras, and old lenses on new cameras if you so choose.

      Your first place you should look is craigslist. There are generally a good number of fully manual film slrs available there for as little as 75 bucks. However, also consider buying your camera and lens from a reputable shop such as your local independent camera shop, or an online shop like The advantage to buying from a shop is that even though you pay a bit more, you know the camera has been checked over to make sure it works, and most good shops have a return policy.

      Cameras to look for:

      Pentax K1000, Pentax ME
      Nikon FA, FM2n, FM3a, F3
      There are other good cameras from those manufacturers, that is just a short, off the top of the head list.

      If you can't find anything pentax or nikon, there are other manufacturers. My favorite of the others is, by far, Olympus. Look for the OM-2. Lots of people swear by the Canon AE-1, but I don't like it very much. There are also Minoltas and Ricohs, but they aren't as good IMHO. There is also the Leica R system, but it will probably be out of your price range. If it isn't made by one of the companies I have listed above, DON'T buy it. That rules out promaster, vivitar, cosina, and a few others.

      What qualities should a good student camera have?

      Preferably, it should only operate in fully manual mode. This isn't a requirement, but it is a good thing to have, to prevent you from getting lazy and cheating.

      It should have a working and accurate internal light meter that you can see when you look through the viewfinder.

      It should NOT, I repeat, NOT have a zoom lens. Zoom lenses are bad for beginning photographers. They get beginning photographers in the habit of just shooting from where they stand instead of moving around, more carefully composing their images, and getting close to their subjects. DON"T buy a zoom lens. Your best bet is to get a camera that comes with a 50mm prime (prime means non-zoom) lens that goes to at least f2, if not f1,8, 1.7, or 1.4.

      It should be in good working order, and be smooth to operate. Nothing should take force to operate on a camera.

      You should make sure that the camera you buy doesn't take now outlawed mercury batteries.

      Good luck!

    What song can I use for my project?
    Okay I have a project that I was given. I'm supposed to make a short film about an endangered animal and I chose the black panther. Problem is I can't figure out a song to mesh with it. I was thinking about "have faith in me" by a day to remember because I can't find anything. Does anyone have an suggestions? Ps no Sara McLauchlin songs or how ever you spell her name.

    • ANSWER:
      "Imagine," covered by A Perfect Circle. "Momma Sed," by Puscifer. "Down in a Hole," by Alice in Chains is my best bet it seems perfect.

    any sexy ideas I could do for my boyfriend?
    We've been together for three years and planning on marriage in a short while. basically he's my fiance. As far as sex goes, we have not. But there is lots of touching. I was just wanting to do something sexy for him. Something that will make me seem sexier. Just something he'd like really..
    any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know if you live in apartments with a swimming pool, if not, find some near you where you can get into the pool area late at night. Go for a late night swim with him, and get naked. If you're comfortable with doing it, strip naked before you even get in the pool. Leave your swimsuit beside your towel and walk around to the far side of the pool completely naked. Sit on the side of the pool, dangling your legs in the water, like you're totally ok with being naked outdoors and in public.

      He'll be shocked and staring at you, so tell him that if he takes a picture, it'll last longer than staring will. Let him snap a couple of pics of you with his cell phone.

      If walking around outside the pool naked isn't gonna work for you, get one of those disposable cameras that are waterproof. They cost a few bucks more than a regular cheap little disposable camera, but not too much. strip in the pool and let him take some underwater nude pics of you. You take some of him. Make sure your faces aren't showing in these pics, because you have to take the camera someplace and have the film developed. Your best bet is a camera store, they're less likely to fuss about a camera full of pussy and dick pics than walmart or your drugstore would.

      If the public nudity thing doesn't work for you at all, try naked workouts. playing the exercise games on the wii while naked is lots of fun, or just do a workout or yoga dvd while naked, let him watch, encourage him to get naked and join you.

    Can you get hired in America and become a movie director?
    My dream job is to be a movie director, i've already started working towards it making short films and clips. My mum said I can go to university/college in America and stay with my uncle (I'm 16) and study media. Would i be able to get a job in America and live and work out there? or would i be able to start out in the UK and move to America with experience?
    Thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      To work as a movie director - and be able to get an employment visa to do it - first you have to be internationally renowned. You cannot go to film school in the US, then get an employment visa - not qualified. You have to get a specialty employment visa which is difficult to obtain - an O visa. This is the type of visa for the likes of Daniel Radcliffe, Elton John, etc.

      If you are UK citizen, your best bet is to make it in UK film industry. If you are good enough, you'll get a project in the US and get a visa to do the project. Otherwise, it's UCLA film school, make connections, but once you complete/terminate studies, you have to return to your country of citizenship. That's an express condition for getting a student visa - it's a non-immigration visa and you are forbidden to work.

    Does anyone know where I can find the Short Story Showcase films?
    This was a series of educational films made in the mid to late 60s based on short literary works. One of them was Shirley Jackson's the Lottery and I think another was called the Bet. I found the Lottery on You Tube but cannot find any of the others. Does anyone know what I am talking about and where I might find them?

    • ANSWER:
      Short Story Showcase films will be found below.

    Does the media encourage us to believe that violence against men is acceptable?
    Consider this:

    The average American child watches over 40,000 people (fictionally) killed on TV prior to high school graduation - before the age of consent. Of those killed on entertainment programs, about 97% are men.

    In short the overwhelming majority of violence on TV is perpetrated against men.

    What do you think the public reaction would be to films where these percentages were reversed? Would they even get past the censors?

    Does the media encourage us to believe that violence against men is acceptable?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. It clearly would not be acceptable if the sexes were reversed. It's almost comical seeing feminists asking "Why make it a gender issue" when they pushed for VAWA despite men being the primary victims of violence from both sexes...

      ETA: re: Elf - "If you polled a group of women about what they watch on TV, I'll bet you get reality shows, soap operas, and sitcoms ranking above those violent crime shows."
      And all of those involve violence - against men. Soaps 'justify' it, "reality shows" condone it and sitcoms make it comedic - thus all groups include it. But let's not forget "Jerry Springer, Oprah, Trisha, etc." where women frequently beat on men - who cannot resist, and the audience applaude it.

    What do you make of the cinema shooting in Denver,Colorado - USA?
    Man can't even watch a Batman film without fear of a shooting.

    But America don't make things easy with their LACK gun law! Allowing you to purchase firearms like Smarties!

    Very sad those 14 + people died not cool.

    Just wanna go out have a little fun with no troubles!

    Real nutcases out there!

    The police better give this guy a SERIOUS sentence.

    Things like this is why people become vigilantes!

    • ANSWER:
      its really sad and terrible and will affect the psyche of so many moviegoers and possibly harm theaters and now they will probably put metal detectors in movies or search your purse so no more sneaking food in the movies now.

      That he shot children and babies --wow what a xxxx

      someone in the theater said that there was a guy in the 2nd row who went to the exit door a short while later the shooter entered through that same door. they are saying just one guy but he must have had an accomplice.

      I heard some saying this was planned by govt or TPTB due to some bill being worked on now on taking away guns or something. If so, maybe that is why the guy targeted kids with so many adults in make it easier to say hey this could happen to you to pass this bill. Some are saying that the guy was a patsy even but who knows. It seems a little odd he was still there in the parking lot and did not try to shoot himself.

      Now they are saying it was 12 people. I hope if he had a helper he is found and they both fry. Shooting a baby at point rank with the little girls family there--omg

      he was shooting people trying to flee form exits and where can you really hide in a movie theater..they were like sitting minutes excited to see the movie they love the next dead..omg this is so sad and makes you so angry.

      I think this affects us even more as everyone has been to the movies and this could have happened anywhere to anyone. I pray their families last moments with their loved ones were not bad and their last words were ones that give comfort to the ones left behind to grieve. that so many were kids or teens or young people--they were supposed to outlive their parents making the grieve so unexpected and harder to bear.

      Maybe one could see a crime of passion but to just shoot random people. Who does that?

      Their poor families. I knew it was going to happen one day.

      But if they did ban weapons the criminals would still get them and the law abiders would not be able to defend themselves.

      I am not sure what the solution is but I bet this guy was on some kind of antidepressants or psychiatric drug as nearly all the shooters are. I know form being on 14 antidepressants I was intensely and almost bizarrely suiicdal on these for 15 years every day never dreaming it wa scausd by the drug now they label it but for many years the drug compnaies of drugs like prozac hide the truth while many reports came in of suicidesa and homicides too..they alter the mind and in my opinion it would prevent these tradgies maybe even more than guns control if we stopped the sale of these drugs and went to more natural means of help.

      within a wee of stopping these drugs (the half life of the rug) all suicidal ideation left for the next 8 years until I had a bunch of life probelsm and got suicdal again without the drugs but this time the ideation was not so intnse and hard to resit as when on those drugs.

      I bet the guy was on something like that as so many shooters are.

      It is terrible that in this stressful world one cant go to relax at the movies and get away form problems for a while as now we have to worry a cpy cat killer might come always has felt so safe at the movies--till now.

    Why are people against carnivores killing animals to eat it?
    I notice that on snake feeder and other carnivore feeder videos on Youtube, people say it is cruel, mean, or sick. Isn't that how snakes get their food? Why are people against it. I BET YOU that some of those people eat meat. I am not against snake feeder videos nor that I am for them. I think they are okay to film.
    Also, why do people think it is illegal to do things that the pet owners do in snake feeder videos? Does it really matter what the snake gets for food?

    • ANSWER:
      Nothing short of ignorance and I am sure most of those people eat meat as you stated.

      Most people try to argue animal cruelty in videos like that, but again, ignorance. It is not against the law in any way shape or form to feed your "pets" live food. Where laws can come in is perhaps how the animal was obtained, for example taking animals from the wild, or if the animals are abused BEFORE they are given as food.

      Personally I never fed live. Did not want to bother with keeping mice and I did not want my snake to be injured by live food.

      Like I said, just ignorance when it comes to nature.

    How can I get discovered by an agent?
    I really want to act and I know I have the talent to land a role. I live in Texas so its not so easy. But I know there's other shows filming nearby. Please give me suggestions. Where can I find an real agent ?

    • ANSWER:
      Almost all of the great agents work in or around the Hollywood area. Your best bet is to get an awesome head shot (look on line for dos and don'ts) and gather a resume of all you're work and send it to them. That's the quickest way, but not the most reliable. The best and really only way is to move to the L.A. area and start getting on an agent's short list. You can still be an extra or get small speaking roles if you go to cattle calls in Texas. Good luck!

    I need help remembering a name to some cgi collection movie?
    I need help finding the name of an old 3d cgi animated collection film that were composed of mini segments like one involving a bird and a fish falling in love and the bird is afraid of being in the water but ends up going for it and they live together forever and they had another involving about a bunch of unicycle riders. I loved the movie but my mom accidentally sold it, I would love it if someone can help me remember the name of the film! Please help me someone!!! :(

    • ANSWER:
      Ah yes, those. I know them as Short Circutz as YTV played them inbetween shows
      Here is the one with the fish & bird:
      The shorts for Short Circutz were taken from 3 video collects (as per wiki anyway). "The Mind's Eye", "Beyond the Mind's Eye" and "Imaginarium"

      Since you saw the fish & bird one (in titled "Stanley and Stella in: Breaking the Ice" or "Love Found") you probably had "Mind's Eye". Other shorts on this one include:
      Civilization rising:

      Youtube however says there are a few more:
      Post modern:
      The temple:
      Leaving the bonds of earth:

      And I bet the unicycle one looked something like this: (although, the music doesn't seem right in this one and it may be included in one of the ones i already linked...i haven't watched them all)

    Who is the male british dwarf / midget actor who recently was the face for a gambling site / betting site?
    His face was all over bus stops a couple of weeks ago. He's got his hair shaved really short, makes him look bald. They are currently filming on a construction site in Elephant & Castle?

    • ANSWER:
      Is it the one who was in that film with the baby and Val Kilmer? Oh, what was it called......? God, this is annoying.....Hang ON. Warwick Davis out of Willow (Thank the lord for iMdb!!)

    What is the better lens setup for my D80?
    I am just getting into photography and I have decided to buy a Nikon d80. I will be focusing on most types of photography including sports/action, landscapes and general portraits as well as a little macro.

    I am having trouble deciding on the best and most value for money lens setup.

    I have been looking at the Nikon 18-200mm VR lens which would be and all round lens that I would probably use solely.

    Or would it be better to buy two different lenses: the 70-300 VR and another lens for short distances eg a 18-55 or 18-135.

    I am unsure which setup would be more effective and give me the most value for money.

    Are the zoom lenses quick enough for sports shots?

    My budget would probably lie somewhere between 0-1000 usd.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      As a first time user your best bet is the 18mm-200mm lens. That gets you the 35mm equivilent of a 27mm wide angle lens and a 300 mm telephoto lens and of course everything in between. The long end is ideal for sports the short end for landscapes.

      Nikon has an 18-70 and the 70-300 you mention. This is also a good combination and gets you again that wide angle on the short side and a whopping 450mm zoom. The longer zoom of course is ideal for sports photographjy.

      However, if you go with this combination you're looking at carrying two lenses and changing lenses all the time as you switch subjects. Back in my film days I did that all the time and I never thought about it. But then in those days changnig lenses was not an issue.

      Today it's different. Every time you remove a lens you potentially expose your sensor to dust necessitating eventually to have the sensor cleaned. So constantly changing lenses is no longer a trivial thing to do. Instead it's become a potential risk.

      I got around this with my Nikon SLR by having a single lens that covers 90% of my needs and that happens to be the 18-200. I travel with that one and I do most of my images with it too. I don't do sports but I do shoot wildlife so I later got a longer telephoto for that. I do a lot of macro so I have the 105mm macro as well. Those two lenses usually stay home when I'm travelling overseas so that saves me weight.

      Back at home I either do wildlife or macro or general stuff. So at the start of a shoot I'll put on the lens in a place where there's no wind or dust like in the house or in the car and I'll use that lens all day. This minimizes getting dust into the camera.

      Anyway, since you're on a limited budget my suggestion is the 18-200. Later as you get a little better off you can always add a 200-400 for those really distant shots but in the meantime at least you have something that covers most of what you need. In fact with that lens you can take a picture of the stadium and an individual player without ever changing lenses.

      One other tip ... Tamron has an 18-250 lens for a Nikon and it's cheaper than the Nikon 18-200 version. But there's a catch too, it doesn't have an image stabilizor. So if you don't mind that catch you can save yourself some money. I personally don't like Tamron lenses, I feel Nikon ones produce better images, but I've known many people who insist that there is no difference. So this is an option for you too.

      And to answer your other question, are zoom lenses quick enough for sports shots - yes and no. Yes they are in terms of set up and physical use. You can zoom them incredibly fast to get to your subject and the autofocus is incredibly quick too though the 70-300 could be a bit quicker in my opinion.

      At the same time zoom lenses have a smaller minimum aperture, usually around f3.5 or smaller. If you typically work in poor lighting conditions or routinely work with very high shutter speeds, this may not be fast enough for you. It may be desirable to get a dedicated single focal length telephoto in that case that's f2.8 or faster. But if you do that first of all it will cost you twice what you paid for the camera and it will be very heavy requiring a tripod to use. Fast lenses come at a hell of a price. And of course you're back to changing lenses a lot.

      For my money I prefer my 18-200. It may not be the fastest but it's certainly captured a lot of images for me, each of them outstanding and it saves me constantly changing lenses for general photography.

      I hope this helps a little.

    How to get people to subscribe to you on youtube?
    Ahaha well my friend and i made a bet against eachother to see who could get the most subscribers on youtube, and i'm loosing!
    so i was wondering if anyone had any tips to help me get more subscribers that her? ahah
    thank you so much!

    • ANSWER:
      YouTube is less about social networking and more about entertainment. If you want people to subscribe to you, then you need to post quality video, that people find entertaining. There are certainly ways to market your videos, but unless they're good, people wont subscribe to see more of your videos. They'll view the one, and will forget about you, if that first one isn't good.

      You can try subscribing to others, and joining groups on YouTube, but most people will not subscribe to you, just because you subscribed to them, nor will they subscribe to you, just because they met you on a group, but its worth at least trying, because a few may. Most wont, but a few may.

      Bottom-line though, you need to post something interesting and entertaining. If you're not really good at video editing or directing plot-driven short-films, then try creating a video-log, or vlog. Those have become pretty popular, and you can use the camera build into most new computers, or even your cell phone video camera. If you lead an interesting life, then people may tune-in each day, to hear about it. People subscribe to vlogs, because, like a blog, they are updated routinely, and you have to subscribe, to stay up to date, with the latest edition. Just make sure you have decent lighting, and good sound quality. Vlogs, typically, aren't edited, so they're easy to produce. Often you can create them in just one take. I do recommend you make a few notes of possible topics you want discuss, otherwise you'll find yourself staring blankly into the camera, and you may forget what it is you want to talk about. Its also good to know how to wrap-up a video. Videos are typically easy o start, but kinda trail-off at the end, unless you know how you want to finish. Sometimes its good to have a signature sign-off.

      Spamming your profile here and elsewhere may get you a few people, but its also going to really annoy most people. If you turn into one of those people who advertises, but offers absolutely no content, then you'll only make people upset.

      You can try starting a YouTube group. If you create a popular group, people may begin subscribing to your profile, as well as your popular group. The great thing about YouTube groups, is you can post other people's content. For example, I created a pets group and began by posting a few of my pet videos, then some other people's pets videos. That drew-in members, and before long, many people were posting their pets videos, and that drew-in even more members. Sometimes, just creating a popular group, with popular content, is enough to get subscribers. It requires very little effort on your part to create content, you just have to create a place for others to post their content. It can be a group based on any topic. I created a pets one, but I've seen video game groups, college humor groups, skateboarding groups, political groups, baby groups, and anime groups. I've even seen groups for certain bands, and then they post that bands music videos or live concert clips. In other words, that person created little to no actual content, they just posted official content, but they put it all in one easy to find location, so people joined, if they were a fan of that band.

      But, quite spamming, because you'll only upset people. If you actually have decent content, then that's great, but spamming gets annoying and you may actually loose subscribers doing that.

      Best of luck. :-)

    What is an appropriate birthday present for my boyfriend of three months?
    He likes Harry Potter, Doctor Who, musicals, film-making, politics, and Lady Gaga. He's going to be a high school senior in September. I thought I found the perfect gift for him, but it turns out he already has it... šŸ˜› Anyway, so I'm not sure what would be suitable considering it's been a pretty short period of time. Plus, I'm totally out of ideas because he already has a lot of Harry Potter and Doctor Who stuff! I feel like I'm stuck between too cheap (books) and too expensive (Broadway tickets).

    • ANSWER:
      You might want to check out Amazon or a similar site for Harry Potter or Doctor Who memorabilia at a discount. If all else fails, you can always take him out for a nice dinner and a movie. Also, there is always a mall gift-card (which he could use for DVD's, clothing or whatever). What about a basket with his favorite things inside (chocolates, pretzels, movie tickets, etc.). Making gift-baskets is fun, and very personalized.

      I live in Central Florida, and everyone is going NUTS because the new Harry Potter attraction just opened at Universal Studios (it's supposed to be amazing... people waited in line overnight to get on the Dark Ride opening day). I'll bet your boyfriend is planning his trip already!

      Tell him happy b-day!

    How to film with Black Airsoft Guns?
    Me and some friends are wanting to make a movie (short n sweet) and we don't know how we're gonna have guns in it if having a black airsoft gun is illegal, I read somewhere that film makers can have black airsoft guns but we're not even 18 and not proper film makers anyway...If there is a way around this law or some way I can apply for something or other then please let me know...Thanks, a reply soon would be good!

    • ANSWER:
      Several problems,
      Firstly as you are under 18 it will be illegal for you to purchase ANY Airsoft weapon, realistic or not.
      Secondly Under the terms of the Violent Crimes reduction Act (VCRA) it is illegal to sell, import or manufacture a Realistic Imitation Firearm (RIF) without an exemption. This includes buying a Two tone (non-RIF) and painting it black.

      Further more it is illegal to sell a RIF to anyone who does not have such an exemption. For film makers the exemption is proof that you are a bona fide production company, usually this is a letter on company note paper that states the company address and registration number.

      Your best bet would be to contact a local skirmish site and see if you can 'hire' any one to 'consult' on your film who has their own weapons.

      Another option would be to use some of the realistic Paintball gun's such as the Tiberius Arms T8/T9 BT4 Delta / Delta Elite (MP5-esque but remove the hopper) or the BT TM7 (MP7 looking) which are not covered by the VCRA (strange but true, because the calibre is significantly different they don't count as Realistic in the terms of the VCRA)

    How to find a spanish film with subtitle even if it's a short film?
    i haven't found any on web,,,does someone know any website?

    • ANSWER:
      YouTube is your best bet

    what our the law with bare bum sence in sort film?
    Am making a 20 some mint sort film. The acter is who was going to do the bare bum scene is just 16 years old he has no pomplem doing the sence. The the long the sence goes is 7 or 10 sec he just walks out bets over to pick up and put on his boxer shorts I do not want to beack any lawa by filming it.

    • ANSWER:
      It's called non-frontal nudity. You might need a license to even film a 'movie' depending on what areas you film.

      (proper English) What is the law with a bare buttocks scene in a short film?

      I am making a twenty-something minute short film. The actor who was going to do the bare buttocks scene is just 16 years-old and he has no problem doing the scene. The length of the scene is 7 or 10 seconds. He just walks out, bends over to pick up and put on his boxer shorts. I do not want to break any laws by filming it.

    If I write a script for a film who do i send it to to get it made if its good enough?
    I've written plays that I think would make good films.

    • ANSWER:
      The first thing I notice is that you say you've written plays. Plays are written in a different format than screenplays are. You're going to have to modify your formatting so that it meets the necessary format requirements.

      You can check out format here:

      You can get formatting software from here:

      And then it's just a matter of cut-and-paste.

      Or, if you really want to be a screenwriter, bite the bullet and purchase a copy of Movie Magic Screenwriter; it's the industry standard formatting software. There's also Final Draft ... I've used both, but I like MMS better.

      Once you've got your screenplays in the proper format, make sure that they're between 90 and 120 pages long. Each page of a screenplay is equal to 1 minute of screen time.

      Once you've finished your screenplay(s), you'll need to protect them and find someone to sell it for you - an agent or a manager.

      You register your work through the Writers Guild of America West:

      And you get an agent or a manager by picking up a copy of the Hollywood Representation Directory and compiling a list of every agent or manager that represents writers in the genre you write in. Then you send them all query letters (you don't send your screenplays). Interview the ones that respond, and pick the one that you believe will work the best for you and be the best fit. Remember that the agent or manager you pick works for YOU, not the other way around. This person will then shop your work for you.


      - You don't need a 'big star,' nor do you EVER send an unsolicited manuscript to anyone. EVER.

      - An 'expression of interest' is completely useless. A letter of intent isn't. You don't need either as a writer.

      - Writers don't worry about budget unless they've been old to write to a specific budget for the director or producer.

      - Intellectual property is a book or a character, not an idea.

      - ideas can be stolen freely. Screenplays that have been properly registered can, too ... but they're worth money in arbitration. Ideas aren't worth anything.

      - The "Rules" for writing an exciting screenplay are very simple: write an exciting screenplay. Being able to tell someone in 2 minutes (which is way too short for a synopsis and far too long for a tagline) what your story about means you've written a story that's too simplistic.

      - Who you send the screenplay to isn't a 'Catch-22' at all; you send it to whoever asks for it. You DO NOT send an unsolicited screenplay out EVER.

      - Screenplay competitions are a sucker's bet. The only person who ever wins one is the guy who holds it because hundreds of writers will send in money in the hopes of getting their work noticed. No one pays any attention to competitions except for other amateur writers.

      - Writers don't do shorts. They write. If you want to be a writer ... WRITE. If you want to be a director, DIRECT.

      There's (apparently) plenty of bad advice out there. Remember that Hollywood is an industry, and that everyone is out to make a buck and keep it. They'll never read your work unless an agent or a manager presents it to them, and they'll never buy your work unless they think it's marketable.

    What is the name of this old movie, 2-3 wealthy men gave this poor guy a million dollars and made a bet?
    The rule is he can't spend this money for a period of time. After this time passes, then he can keep this million. I watched this when I was 6, please let me know. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      The Million Pound Bank Note

      Film adaptations
      A 1916 Hungarian silent film The One Million Pound Note, directed by Alexander Korda.
      The 1954 film The Million Pound Note was based on this short story with Gregory Peck starring as Henry Adams.
      The 1994 comedy A Million to Juan starring Paul Rodriguez.

    How would I find work as an Actor in Australia?
    I am 16, live in Australia, I wanna get into Acting, were would I start looking to get some roles?

    • ANSWER:
      Acting in Australia is hard as we do not have as much of a film and television scene as America.

      Your best bet is to get an agent. you can look up agents in the phone book or online. If you look online then you can also see the prices. A good agent will have a package deal where you go through their acting classes and also they will take your headshots and some pictures. Put yourself down for acting roles as well as extra work.

      Also another way is approach universities in your area that has a film and TV school. These guys make short films and need actors. So even though you will act for free this is the way you get your show real up (2 min of snippits of your acting work). so you can be taken seriously and be marketable and get paid gigs.

      Also look into geering your subjects next year for acting at uni. A few uni's have acting as a degree and one good one is QUT in brisbane, they have a really good program and set you up with a show reel and most actors that come out of there get paid work.

      Another way is if you like theatre, most towns have small theatre houses, we have 'the little theatre' here and you can audition or help out behind the scenes and get some experience from that.

      Another way to find out about free/paid acting gigs (the reality of it is that most gigs for at least 5 yrs until you get your experience up, will be done for free) is to join the groups on facebook, there is brisbane actors network and gold coast actors network (that i know of) and i am sure that there might be one near you, so that way you can learn the audition process.

      Another way is to do film and TV degree at uni. Acting as a full time job is virtually impossible here in australia and if you study film and TV you can do another role for steady income and work on acting and when you start gettng regular jobs then stop the other work

      i hope this heped some

    If I shoot a short on my Canon hv30 (and the short is good), can I submit it to Sundance and other festivals?
    I would love to know what would be the best adaptor, lens etc. to make my Canon hv30 shoot it's best in order for me to submit quality shorts to festivals. Thanks :)
    My boyfriend and I are writing the script and acting in it. We will get cast and crew to help us shoot it.

    • ANSWER:
      You may want to ask this in the camcorder section here. There are not too many videographers here. Fewer yet with degrees in film/video.

      Just as a start:

      After you write your script, make a storyboard and block all your scenes, you should know what focal lengths you will need to shoot it.

      You didn't tell us what part of the short you are involved. Writer, director, DP, sound, lighting or in post production in the editing booth?

      As I am sure you know the skills necessary to produce any film or video are rather intense.

      Give us some guidelines and some one may be able to help you, although your best bet would be to ask in the camcorder venue.

      Your HV30 has two auxiliary lenses available; the WD-H43 0.7x Wide-Conversion Lens and TL-H43 1.7x Tele-Conversion Lens. Since they are both made by Canon, they should perform well enough for your purposes.

      Depending upon the sophistication of your principle photography, this feature may make you think of using a different camera ... "Audio: 4 ch synchronous recording not possible"

    How can i make myself look good if i'm wanting to publish my first novel?
    I heard that if you want to sell a book, you're going to have to send them your experiences. I'm really interested in publishing a fiction novel i'm working on, and i'm merely 16 years old. What kinds of things should i get myself into in order to make myself look good if i'm wanting to get my book published?

    • ANSWER:
      I must start by saying you are rather young - BUT, sometimes young authors do manage to get published.

      In general, a writer needs to have some experience of life before being able to write authentically. If your only experience is gained from TV, films, or fiction, then your writing will be regurgitated. It will be secondhand knowledge and believe me IT WILL SHOW.

      However, there are no rules and regulations, and there are ALWAYS exceptions, but be aware that serious publishing houses might not look at a manuscript if you're TOO young. The market is flooded with good, experienced, writers struggling to get their work accepted. I'm afraid you'll be pitting yourself against some good authors.

      Okay let's start. As a new author you will need to live by the maxim to be not "As Good As" your favourite published authors. You have to be better!

      The problem is, publishing houses will always go for the safe bet. They're in it to make money, not make you famous. They have a limited number of books they will publish each year. If yours isn't outstanding, I'm afraid you'll not get in, they'll reach for one of their stable of established authors.

      To achieve this, you must first of all make sure your manuscript is as good as it can possibly be.

      Be absolutely certain you've tied all loose ends and make sure you've followed industry standards for presentation, if you wish, there are guidelines in my blog (see my profile).

      Edit out ALL unnecessary pronouns and adverbs - nothing screams amateur more than overblown descriptions. Most new writers feel they need to give full descriptions of everything in the book. DON'T. Sometimes what's left out says more than what's in....

      When you've cut, cut, and cut; when you've polished it until it glistens, write a short query letter to your chosen publisher. Explain any experience you may have, the genre of the work, the word-count, and present a VERY short synopsis of about 100 words (see book blurbs for examples). Only present a full synopsis IF the publishing house asks you to submit the first three chapters.

      In terms of an agent - it's almost as difficult to gain acceptance with a reputable agent as a publishing house. You must go through the same process. You'll find lists of reputable agents and publishers in several trade oriented books such as Writers and Artist's Yearbook.

      In terms of emails, it's okay to contact them via email, but NEVER add an attachment, the computer filters will dump it thinking it virus. If the publisher requests email attachment, then they'll clear your name for it first.

      If you can take time out to write a few short stories or articles and get them accepted in some minor magazine, it will add to your credentials. Join a writers circle such as to see what other professionals think of your work - it's free and helpful.

      Good luck with your project. I wish you well.

      Anthony James Barnett - author

    Please help me find a high quality digital camera for professional wide lens photos?
    I work for a hotel and need to take some really good quality pictures for our brochure and website. I borrowed a camera before from someone with a wide camera lens which was perfect for the job but need my own so I can take pictures when required on short notice.

    I can't afford to spend a huge amount on the camera (upto Ā£300). Can anyone recommend the best quality wide lens camera for this money?? Would be perfect if I could also buy a tripod for it in the future.

    • ANSWER:
      for that price your SOL.

      If your going digital you would need to use a digital SLR. A point and shoot camera with a wide angle lens will have lots of lens distortion. Now granted you can remove that distortion with photoshop CS3, but then that software cost about 1000 dollars maybe 500 pounds so I doubt you would want to start down that road.

      In the DSLR route you have a slight problem. since most DSLRs don't use full frame 35mm sensors, a 18mm isn't like and 18 its actually like a 27mm... and it has some lens distortion. If you wanted a full frame sensor you would have to get a high end Canon and that would blow way past your budget.

      I think with a limited budget and a desire to go for wide angle your best bet is to get a film based SLR used and a good wide angle lens. You can get either of those items used for a very good price and then when you get the film developed just have the negatives scanned.

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