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    why do pacman followers and others question the purchasing options of MAYWEATHERS PPV BUYERS.?
    If they want to see their boxer fight the minnie mouse club and order ppv for that it's their business. Ya'll just haters....

    • ANSWER:
      Pacman fanatics are so insecure they will do everything to besmirch the image of legends just to raise him up there where he hardly belongs! They think that Pacman is that popular but that doesn't reflect in his PPV numbers. His latest movie was another flop in Pinas! How's that for popularity and show of support and love for a kababayan. Things simply just don't add up. Am not a hater. Am just an open-eyed boxing disciple who does not discriminate whether a good boxer is a Pinoy or not as long as he is really good. Boxing after all is a universal sport.

    What pinoy movie did you really enjoy watching?

    • ANSWER:
      The PIDO DIDA series, starring the late Rene Requiestas and Kris Aquino

    where can i watch latest filipino movies?
    I need more sites to watch filipino movies...I miss the Philippines

    • ANSWER:
      You can download some Pinoy movies via uTorrent. Get their torrents here:

      Hope it helps!

    Please recommend latest Top 5 pinoy horror movies?
    Please recommend latest Top 5 pinoy horror movies

    • ANSWER:
      for me i think this is my top 5 horror movie's now...
      1. Sukob
      2. Ouija
      3. Feng Shui
      4. White Lady
      5. Shake, Rattle and Roll 2K5

    Old Pinoy Movies - who were the top female stars in your generation?
    Are you old enough to recognize any of these names?
    *Gloria Romero *Charito Solis *Nida Blanca

    Or maybe you belong to this era - *Amalia Fuentes *Susan Roces or the time of *Nora Aunor *Vilma Santos

    Still nothing? What about *Stella Suarez *Divina Valencia *Elizabeth Oropesa?

    • ANSWER:
      The first three you mentioned I've never known in their younger days. I remember Gloria playing mother or mature woman roles in drama. Nida was a comedienne and appeared as Dolphy's wife in the TV sitcom John en Masha (I think she was a child actress too). Charito Solis was better known as a dramatic actress, but flashed her breasts in "Igorota", and later appeared in some bomba films (though she didn't show much skin).

      I didn't watch Amalia and Susan. Nora Aunor was known as a singer of the masses, but later made her mark as a fine actress as well. Her rival Vilma Santos took the opposite route (acting to singing) but was a big flop with "Sweet Sixteen" and was never heard singing again outside of her shower.

      The original bomba stars were Stella Suarez and Divina Valencia, but I only got to watch reruns of their movies later. Then the term "bold" came into being with Merle Fernandez ("Uhaw") and Rosanna Ortiz ("Saging ni Pacing", not sure), followed later by Gloria Diaz and Elizabeth Oropesa, both of whom started the wet look in "Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop sa Balat ng Lupa". Then there were Yvonne Salcedo, Chanda Romero, among others.

      My favorite female stars were Hilda Koronel and Charo Santos.

      Welcome to YAP, Princess, I'm sure you're as sweet and as nice as your name. I hope you will enjoy your stay here, it's a nice place, really, where you can learn a lot. You'll find out, just stick around.

    Is the Storyline of "The Immortals" what really happened?
    Im sorry but we never study greek mythology. is the story really what happened or is this just like percy jackson and the lightning thief wherein they used characters to make up a story.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Pinoy Chefs,

      no, this movie has nothing to do with Greek mythology. They just took some random stories and invented about 90% of the rest (and did a very poor job of it, imo - must be one of the worst movies I'll ever seen).

      So, in Greek mythology we do have Theseus, who was raised by a single mother. However, she was a princess, and in no way humiliated because people knew that Poseidon had gotten her pregnant. So the whole 'poor peasant' thing is already nonsense.

      Also, the whole plot about the bow and Hyperion is invented from scratch - Hyperion is a titan, not a man, and has nothing to do with anybody and never hurt a fly.

      It is also ridiculous to think that Zeus would kill his own kind - gods are immortal, anyway. It is not possible to kill a god in Greek mythology. Also, gods helped out heroes all the time, so it was a stupid reason for Zeus to intervene as well.

      It is true that Theseus fought with the Minotaur, but in earlier versions of the story he was actually a man/bull, born as a punishment to his parents, who had offended Poseidon (his mum had slept with a bull). Later Greek authors seem to think the Minotaur was the general of an enemy army, so that scene is not as absurd as the rest of the movie.

      It is also true that the gods won against the Titans and emprisoned them in Tartarus, but I doubt they put them in a cage with stick between their teeth. If you're interested, Tartarus is not meant to be a punishment but rather a place of oblivion - the Titans are an older generation of gods which has been forgotten by humanity, and you can see this happen in every Indo-European religion (compare the fate of Tuatha de Danann in Irish mythology).

      Something else which completely irked me in this movie is the complete ridicule of buildings and art. Half the architecture was clearly inspired by Soviet Russia, the gate was a leftover from the Lord of the Rings, the statues etc were mostly classical (which means 1000 years after 'Theseus')...and those ridiculous cliffs...I mean, Greece is a wonderful country, couldn't they film it there?

      If you want to explore ancient Greece in movies, there are only three movies which are not complete nonsense: the first 'Jason and the Argonauts' (sort of a B movie, but entertaining), a version of the Odyssey and Oliver Stone's Alexander. Please have a look at those to understand what Greek culture is about :)

    Any information about Overseas Pinoy Television?

    • ANSWER:
      there are two company that is in pinoy tv business. the TFC under ABS CBN. and Pinoy TV under GMA Network.

      Under ABS CBN, they do have 4 channel bundle, the ANC which is more on worldwide news, kapamilya channel, airs past tv sitcoms, drama of ABSCBN Manila, the Cinema One which airs philippine movie and the TFC which airs the latest programs of ABS CBN but in delayed telecast. I'm not sure about the bundle that GMA Network offers.

    Do you agree that Pinoys do not use condom?
    As the HIV/AIDS epidemic is declining in other parts of the world as said in the recent news report, it is the opposite of what is literally happening in the Philippines of the rise of HIV/AIDS cases. 2 out of 10 has HIV in the Philippines. As a friend of mine discussed the situation, it is not that Pinoys do not know how to use condom, it is that Filipino guys in the Philippines are NOT familiar or at home using it to their partners unlike the Europeans or the Americans who have condoms in their wallet every time they go out or have a vacation anywhere in the world. Pinoys do not have the inclination to carry one. If push comes to shove they have to travel to a drugstore or a grocery to look for one. I remember one movie called "American werewolf in Paris" wherein the guy met a French woman and when he invite the woman in a downtown cafe, bringing out the guy wallet all the condom burst out in his wallet. The woman was upset, that she said "what is this? Are you trying to lure me to bed?" And the guy said " this is a chewing gum the latest craze in America". As the woman is trying to open one, the guy grab the condom and swallow it. And the woman look at him and said "ok give me a big bubble". It is so funny. I guess the only time a Filipino guy will use a condom is when he is soliciting sex or taking out prostitute in a street or picking up girls in a bar. But when it comes to strictly boy and girl relationship, often times guys do not use condoms for obvious reason. We do not feel the pleasure. It is like taking a shower with a raincoat on. This is why HIV cases are very high in the Philippines? And the rise also of sex between male to male relationship. The Philippines is becoming like the UK, there are more homosexual than normal guys. The WHO(World Health Organization) in the Philippines are giving free condoms in every barangay in the Philippines but often just use as a play thing or balloons by small children. Some even said because it is a curse or spell because Filipinos are so bad they deserve what they get. What do you think? Thank you.
    Whether the reporting of 2 out of 10 is exaggeration or not is not really the point here. What I am trying to stress is that we Filipinos are still not convince the effect of HIV/AIDS in the country. Iyon bang kasabihan lagi ang pagsisisi ay laging nasa huli. Some are just joking about it, Filipinos are really not that serious about this. I am not really surprised about it this are typical Filipino mentality. The usual theme "they cross the bridge when they get there". Since wala pa naman sakit hapi-hapi muna tayo, bring out the beer, the girls and the boys. The typical story of Sodom and Gamorrah. I do not know why I ask this to Filipinos. Because I am a Filipino? The news are already alarming concerning donated blood that are infected with HIV/AIDS cases in the Philippines. Is this news just to scare us? Are you not asking yourself if the next beautiful Filipina girl sitting next to you might be infected with HIV or not basta maganda pasok lang ng pasok the usual mentality of Filipin

    • ANSWER:
      The majority of the Filipinos are Catholic and the church forbids the use of it.
      However, some do, while others don't.

    what to do for a movie night ages 18 to 20 opinions and suggestions welcome!!!?
    well tomorrow or later on today some of my friends are coming over 7-10 and I have a few questions:

    1. what kind of movies to watch
    2. what kind of food chinese, popcorn,etc. what kind ideas please
    3. do I have enough people for a movie night
    4. how can I keep things alive
    5. would it be childish to play twister or truth or dare wii etc ideas?!
    6. what to do to keep people from becoming bored... break the ice?

    I really need some help first movie night since I been in college and I dont have much money so think frugal...

    thanks in advance!!!

    • ANSWER:
      1. what kind of movies to watch
      Horror movies, 'because it's effect during night and when the room is light off. Also you can make prank jokes to scare people when it's dark.

      2. what kind of food chinese, popcorn,etc. what kind ideas please
      Pop corn, chips, dry food. So they can eat it without looking, and anything that can pick using hand then shoot in mouth.

      3. do I have enough people for a movie night
      Yes, 7-10 is a good number. The more the merrier. Though the mood of each other should be mutual.

      4. how can I keep things alive
      The mood of the people influences others, so better be energetic and make the room interesting. Party music while the movie is not being played will help.

      5. would it be childish to play twister or truth or dare wii etc ideas?!
      Nope, the game will be boring if you think it's childish or corny. Be the one who have conviction the game is fun, be the host. Encourage them.
      In Philippines, we have so called Pinoy Henyo, it's about guessing the word, here are mechanics:
      • A group will consist of 2 members.
      • Groups are composed of 2 members: the one who will guess the word/phrase and the other is the one who will respond to the guesser.
      • The guesser will be blindfolded furthermore the group must sit three meters away from each other to avoid cheating
      • They will be given strictly 2 minutes only to guess the word/ Phrase. The timer will start automatically after the word/phrase is seen.
      • If it so, the one who will respond must only say: YES, NO, and MAYBE. There will be no other words to answer or else 5 seconds will be added to their time.
      • When the group finally guesses the word, the timer will be stopped and the recorder will note the group’s time. If they have deductions, it would be added to their end time. the computed end time would be the final result of their end time.
      • People/groups caught coaching or cheating will be automatically disqualified.
      • Tie Breaker: for the groups who have the same end time, they will be guessing another word. The group with the shortest time of guessing will proceed to the final round.
      • The group with shortest time will win.

      6. what to do to keep people from becoming bored... break the ice?
      Ice breaker jokes or trivia, humorous yet educational, that's it.

      You don't have to spent much money, all you need to do is having a creative mind, positive outlook that this gathering will be memorable and be resourceful. Good luck!

    what should i do next?
    last year I joined a club which teaches you folk dances and I was the lead dancer and one dance which is the tinikling (Phlippine folk dance) dances with a partner.

    our teacher gave us our partners and next thing I know when he holds my hand for the dance my heart pounds faster and faster and after 2 performances with him he quit the club because his grades were failing.

    later on the rumor spread that i like him and worst he heard it and i was so happy when he courted me but it didn't last long. now his my classmate, and im the president of the class and when i have the hard time to keep them quiet his my savior, he helps me to keep down the noise and now his my best friend.
    but its hard coz I realize that I still have feelings for him what do you think I should do next?

    • ANSWER:
      i suggest that you just stay close to him and be best of friends. sometimes, in situations such as yours, it is easy to get the guy back, if you always stay close to him as in be best of friends. always doing things makes you bond, get the chance to know each other better and be comfortable with each other. have you tried watching pinoy movies such as one of bea alonzo and john lloyd cruz's movies or even 'kung ako na lang sana' movie of sharon cuneta and aga muhlach?if so, you will get the picture of how deep your friendship can develop or blossom into love. it truly happens. it happened to me too. but it did not last long though because i did not work it out with my best friend. anyway, what i am trying to say is that while that best friend strategy can work for you, the question is that is he the right one for you and is he worth all the effort and trouble?
      good luck dear.

    what does the word "downe" mean in the lesbian/gay community?

    • ANSWER:
      Personally, I had never heard the term before, but when I did an Internet search (which I'm wondering why you didn't do yourself), I came up with this:

      downe/queer/bi/tg/questioning/bakla/mahu/bading/bayote/curious Filipinos to be able to chika lang (talk story) about the latest news from Hawai`i and the Philippines, local politics, history, school, homophobia, racism, immigration, practice your language skills (Ilocano, Bisaya, Tagalog, English, gay, pidgin, etc), coming out (ladlad), the local scene, economic problems, and other social issues with other queer Filipinos as well as just talk about music, clothes, movies, share pictures (yes we have a pretty big photo section), moving stories (hey we're Filipinos, we know all about drama), history, and of course tsimis (gossip). **This group is for pinoys, by pinoys, of pinoys. But if you're not and just want to hang out, its cool but remember this is a group primarily for pinoys to get to know other pinoys and a space to be Filipino and out. **Also, this group is primarily for Filipinos in Hawai`i, but if you're not from Hawai`i and want to join, hey sure, tuloy kayo, why not. **And this group is libre or free!

    What is the dating scene like in the Philippines?
    I'm just curious as to what the general dating scene is like in the PI. Here in the U.S., it's common for young people to go out with many different people before settling down (not talking necessarily about being PROMISCUOUS although there are those like that and of course, the U.S. is known for having a much more liberally minded society in terms of sex).

    I guess I should refine my question even further-among college educated, middle class pinoys, what is the dating scene like? I mean, do most people only date 1 person and then that's the person they marry? I know my question might sound very silly, but I am curious b/c I am really trying to understand the cultural gap btw myself and my parents, who only dated each other for 8 yrs before getting married and never had any bf or gf prior to seeing each other. Is that still the norm over there?

    Salamat po
    I know there's a bit of a difference. Come on, now. Dating is not the same across the globe. Maybe in more urban areas. Cultural mores and values still differ, though. I still see, even on Yahoo Answers, people asking about how to "court a filipina"....wth is that? lol So I know there has got to be some difference.

    • ANSWER: the philppines i was already almost 18 when my mom allowed me to go on dates altho i'd been sneaking out long before that. here in the states, i noticed that kids go on dates (mostly movies) at a much younger age - as early as 13-14 yo.

      the early onset of dating doesn't always translate to early marriage. i have observed that americans tend to marry in their late 20s; this is esp. true among those who have decided to pursue a college education.

      in the philippines, the trend nowadays (more so for city girls) is also for late marriages. the more successful a girl is the more likely she would postpone getting tied up to a husband and kids. i suppose if one is "married" to her career first, the need for the wedding band becomes secondary. it's not for the lack of social opportunities to date it's more a matter of personal choice. "been there, done that"

    Why do you think Koreans are getting popular now a days?
    With the recent Gangnam style dance move and remember the wonder girls that made a spectacular MTV with the song "nobody", first time I saw it I though it was made in Hollywood. I later found out it was all Koreans. What is the secret of their popularity? I know you will tell me, actually it is not a secret. Koreans are also populating in the Philippines with their different Korean gourmet. One thing I notice about Koreans they have originality, like the Gangnam style dance move, we can do that also but the song and the euphoria is exclusively Koreans. I can hardly understand the song itself, and obviously not in English language. We Filipinos are only after finish product to imitate and copy like the ABS-CBN different tv host singing of the song of BSB "i want it that way". I also notice that most Filipinos who enter singing contest do not have musical instrument like those in the US like Philip Philip who sing with his own guitar. They only sing with their own voice and music taken from the US billboard charts. I hardly see Filipinos with musical instrument with guitar or piano or flute or any equipment on stage. Just their powerful voice they think they can mesmerize the audience compared to US musicians, they performed with their equipment and they sing their own composition, you hardly see Americans singing popular hit songs. Just a microphone on their hand. This is the brand of the Filipinos. Koreans are getting popular even if they sing in their own language. That is what amaze me. While we Filipinos are singing in English most of the time. One Korean actor even penetrated Hollywood, who is that guy? Rain? The film "ninja assassin". While we cannot even penetrated the window of Hollywood. Our film are all about love, horror and comedy. But most of all love(cheap movies) of present croft of star cinema actors/actresses. We even have one Korean tv host/comedian in the Philippines which is Ryan Bang. But back in Korea, we do not have a Filipino in any Korean tv station. How come?

    • ANSWER:
      Lol, ok I always thought that you were as old as me, but reading through your long question I am beginning to think that you are way younger than me or that your memory is failing you.

      First off (and this is going to be long -- like your Q&As) among all the Asian cultures, only the Chinese, the Indians and the Philippines have the longest histories of what we can call their homegrown entertainment industry (movies, music, etc.) that has come to be recognized worldwide. No one has come even close, yes even the Japanese are not in their league, much less the Koreans.

      Among these 3 only the Chinese is probably the most ethnic, the Indians have been influenced by the Brits and the Philippines, of course by Hollywood.

      The golden age of Philippine cinema is way behind us and it was a generation ago, it will probably not be resurrected until the locals at least embraced the real Filipino artists, the last great director being Lino Brocka and his contemporaries, well of course there are a new batch of young film makers and they have been making noise by winning international film awards, but without any local support, the local industry will continue to churn out their usual dramas and comedies which are the only ones making money.

      Now, the golden age of Philippine music was back in the 70s with the first OPMs, which even many Asian and particularly Southeast Asian countries look up to. Why? Because even if they do not understand Tagalog they at least could enjoy it better than their own music. Case in point Freddie Aguilar (and yes with his acoustic guitar) is still probably the best known Filipino singer. "Anak" (and that is including the Tagalog version) is still being listened to the world over for how many decades now and is still probably the most well-known of all Asian songs.

      Now with the age of youtube we are seeing the likes of Charice and Arnel Pineda who are both well still more popular than any Korean singer. But by the same token because of this new medium, singers from S Korean are now having that much needed exposure worldwide.

      Plus add the fact that the Korean are now the new Chinese, moving to every land, opening up every kind of business and the most important ingredient (the secret you may be alluding to) that has eluded many other cultures in the region, they are now learning English. (Which was yes, our only advantage back in the day compared to many if not all Asian people).

      Add that Korean businesses in their homeland are exploding so put that all together and you can probably summarized why they could be considered gaining in roads even in the music industry.

      Gangnam style? Original? Taking the techonology they have out, I can compare them to 1980/90s Pinoy corny entertainers. Put the Yoyoy Villames, the Andres Es, the Micheal Vs. of that era and put in their new technology and you get gangnam style, so no Gangnam is 30 years behind.
      Those dance moves that they do, we were already doing back in high school and only to be funny mind you.

      And isn't it true that Donita Rose was an MTV host in Singapore way back in what the 90s. And now 20-30 years later there are still new Filipino entertainers in there.

      And through the years, there are also a ton of Filipino actors/artists who have broken into Hollywood, Westend and Broadway... I don't even know where to start.

      But as I've said the best years of the Philippines may be way behind them... and with the Koreans getting richer and now studying English they can only get better.

      Gangnam style? It may be popular now,but really are you going to spend your hard-earned money to buy his CD or watch his concert? Ok, don't answer that...

    Can anyone point me to links relating to the Jazz musician Pete Aristorenas life story / biography?
    Can anyone point me to links relating to the Jazz musician Pete Aristorenas life story / biography? can't be found in google,wikipedia,

    • ANSWER:
      All I can find is that he was a bandleader in the late 1940s. You may have to check a book about Pinoy Jazz, such as "Pinoy Jazz Traditions" by Richie C. Quirino, or the movie it inspired. There's no guarantee of finding him in there, your chances are just better.

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Latest Pinoy Movies List

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    Anyone know websites to watch filipino movies?
    hi am just wondering if there is any sites i can watch the latest filipino movies n if u know any with english subtitles. Please list as many possible sites u can think of and its will be a real bonus if u can watch it in high quality. Everyone who answers maraming salamat!: )

    • ANSWER:
      you can watch at VEOH.
      here's the site

      just type what you wanna watchon search tab and it will give you more options.

      and there's also this site which I use to watch shows, teleseryes and movies:
      it's called pinoy channel
      here's the link:

latest pinoy movies list