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    What are some different versions of Cinderella?
    In video versions! Do not say A cinderella story or another cinderella story (<---- did not like) I've seen: Cinderella i, ii, iii by disney Cinderella by good time A slipper and a rose the cinderella story (I think that's what its called) Cinderella Tagalog (a person on youtube is uploading them in english but isn't done yet) Cinderella by Grimm's fairy tales Please provide links to where I can watch the video you provide. I love cinderella movies!

    • ANSWER:
      Okies i'll leave out the ones you've seen.

      Cinderella - 1914

      Cinderella (Laugh-O-Gram) - 1922

      Poor Cinderella (Betty Boop) - 1934

      Cinderella Meets Fella - 1938 and 1995

      The Glass Slipper - 1955

      Cinderfella - 1960

      Hey Cinderella! - 1970

      The Tender Tale of Cinderella Penguin - 1981

      Cinderella - 1994

      You can also watch the ones you have seen on

      Hope this helps :)

      (had to put 2 links below... wont fit in here.)

    Where can i buy a short dress online?
    I have a contemporary dance recital and i need a dress, im doing the song Put It Together from the Cinderella 2 movie so i would need a dress that looks like cinderella's, that i can buy online amd i can dance in? Thanks

    • ANSWER:

    Where can i watch movies online for free?
    I want to watch movies like Another Cinderella Story and Twitches and i cant find them anywhere in GOOD quality can anyone help me?

    • ANSWER:
      If you want to watch movies onlie for free go to OVGuide. They have tons to go through.

    Where can I can a free, online way to watch Another Cinderella Story?
    I am trying to find this movie called 'Another Cinderella Story.' This movie has Selena Gomez in it. Every time I look somewhere, I have to download, pay, or the links aren't there anymore. I don't want a trailer, either. So please, if you find a place, that works, free, and you don't have to download, thank you. I would LOVE to watch this movie.

    • ANSWER: here this site is the best place to watch movies online I hope you will like it :) enjoy

    Where can i watch 'Another cinderella story' 2008 full movie online?
    i want to watch another cinderella story online for free without having to download it, filling out surveys or signing up to anything. anyone know any sites ?

    • ANSWER:
      check it here

    Where can I find a homecoming dress that looks like Cinderella could wear it?
    I'm watching the movie A Cinderella Story, and i absolutely LOVE her dress, and i want a dress sort of liek it but in a homecoming-type style. Any ideas where i can find one online or any dresses anyone has in mind?

    • ANSWER:
      There are a ton of great dresses over at:

      They have all different styles, colors and lengths. Might help you get an idea of what you are looking for.

      I am not sure how formal you want to go, so I am sorry I do not have any real picks.

    where can i find a cinderella story mask?
    Ohkay, so i want to be like a sweet masqurade-ball-type girl for halloween. like i have a big sweet poofy dress, now all i need is those sweet little masks. like in the movie cinderella story, that mask the girl sam wears at the dance?
    i want one like that. any ideas of where i can find them, online or names of stores?

    • ANSWER:
      walmart where they have fabrics and stuff. i got one by there. its kinda by decorating and stuff. like in the back of the store.. i guess it depends which walmart you're at.
      i hope i helped :]

    a cinderella story movie can i download it free and how please?
    the movie with chad michael murray can i download it? and how?

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch or download The A Cinderella story movie online for free at:

    What fights were portrayed in the film Cinderella man? And what were the dates of those fights?
    I'm writing an essay on the film and got the film through netflix and accidently returned the movie and cant find the dates online.

    • ANSWER:
      1910 and it was a very poor man; who became a legend when he was much older

    Where can u watch Another Cinderella Story and Forgetting Sarah Marshall online?
    i would like to finish those two movies but i can't download them here so please can someone just send me a link or something where i can watch those movies online

    • ANSWER:
      to watch another cinderella story

    Whats a good japanese scary movie to watch, that has english subtitles?
    Can you give me the site where to watch it, and no mega videos please! Also please dont give me movies from my soju, cause ive already watch those, I want real japanese w/ english subs nd good quality. Please we just want to watch online, no download or anything.

    • ANSWER:
      One missed call
      Ju on (The grudge)
      Lizard Baby
      Prayer Beads
      Kill Devil
      Nightmare Detective
      Suicide circle
      Suicide Circle 2: Noriko's Dinner Table
      Apartment 1303
      Ghost Train
      One missed call
      Ichi the killer

    What are some good girly/romance films for a 13 year old?
    I have seen Hannah Montana:The Movie, Twilight, Picture This, Another Cinderella Story + Bratz:The Movie.

    I want to watch something similar online, so if you have any links that would be great, but if not what are some good romantic girl flicks? :) xx

    • ANSWER:
      ella enchanted
      princess diaries
      the prince and me
      ever after
      ice princess
      mean girls
      legally blone
      bridget jones's diary
      raise your voice
      the lizzy mcguire movie
      the devil wears prade
      bride wars
      27 dresses
      how to loose a guy in 10 days
      shes all that
      sugar and spice
      the sleepover club
      taking 5
      what a girl wants
      she's the man
      its a boy girl thing
      sydney white
      hope this helps :)

      i am pretty sure most of these can eb found on

    Where can I watch the Korean Cinderella horror movie?
    I want to watch it online for free no viruses or anything. thanks soo much.

    • ANSWER:
      ohh!!!!i m korean 2!!!!! i heard about the korean cinderella horror movie was too scared 2 watch since i m 2 young well 10 isnt young but korean ghosts and scary ppl look really scary more than american dont think u can watch that online but u can rent it near a video store tho...but check it might have it but it's an american site so i dont think it'll have it but never know what u'll find!!!
      it'll mean alot if u chose me as best answer!!
      been there, done that

    where can i watch another cinderella story online?
    where can i watch another cinderella story (with selena gomez) online for free WITHOUT downloading OR paying? don't say youtube because i tried that

    and don't say buy it

    • ANSWER:
      My favorite site for finding movies (and tv shows) to watch online is OVGuide ... they are the fastest and easiest site to use. All you gotta do is go to their homepage, search for the title of whatever you want to watch and then they tell you all the best places to watch it online for Free. You pick the site you want to watch it on, and then they link you directly to the video - its amazing.

      Here is a direct link to Another cinderella Story:

    What are the original stories behind fairy tales, bedtime stories and nursery rhymes?
    I really find the stories behind the Disney versions and classic rhymes and children's books interesting, even if most of them are pretty dark! For example, I was told that at the end of the "real" story of The Little Mermaid, the mermaid gains a soul but turns into foam.

    What stories do you know? If you have links to online sources that feature them, please use as a source! Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      "Pop Goes the Weasel" dates back to the Black Plague, because the pustules would pop...yeah, that's actually a really gross song.

      In "The Hunchback of Notre Dame," pretty much nothing is the same as in the Disney movie. Quasimodo is obsessed with Claude Frollo, because he's like a father to him. He has no desire to go out into the real world. And at the end, Claude Frollo and Esmeralda both die.

      Also, it's not true that The Little Mermaid turns into foam. That was what the Sea-witch told her would happen, but she actually turned into an air-fairy. There also was no three-day deadline - she had as long as she wanted, but she had to marry the prince, not kiss him. (

      Snow White is actually pretty similar, but first the queen tries to suffocate her by lacing her too tight into a corset, and then she tries to kill her with a poisoned comb, before finally resorting to an apple.

      With Cinderella, of course there's not talking mice, but in order to go the ball Cinderella has to pick pans of lentils out of ashes, but birds do help her. A bird brings her a dress, and there was no midnight deadline. (

      In Aladdin, he does get trapped in the cave because a sorcerer double-crosses him, but he rubs a magic ring to get out. When he gets home, he rubs the lamp and a much more powerful djinni appears. He wishes himself riches and marries a princess. Nowhere does the djinni wish for freedom. The sorcerer comes back and convinces Aladdin's wife to trade 'new lamps for old'.

      Hope this helps!

    Looking for any movies that would best show the landscape of New Jersey?
    Movies that were filmed in New Jersey or Pennsylvania and gave a glimpse of the cites etc of those areas.

    • ANSWER:
      Soooo many movies are filmed in New Jersey... here are a few that I found online that were filmed there..

      The Wrestler
      Be Kind Rewind
      The Wedding Singer
      War of the Worlds
      Cinderella Man
      Eddie and the Cruisers
      Cone Heads
      Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle
      Garden State
      Annie (1982)

    Where can i watch another Cinderella story for free online with no downloading?
    They don't have it on and there is no longer

    • ANSWER:
      try to watch free movies, even movies that are still in theaters, no registering, and no downloading!

    Has anyone done a comparison on the movies Ever After a Cinderella Story and The Brothers Grimm?
    I have a assignment for my English class comparing these two movies. Has anyone done this comparison before as I hear it is a popular comparison within the schools. If anyone has any ideas on this and can help it would be appreciated as I really can't find a lot of what I need online.

    • ANSWER:

    What are some great plays or musicals to take a child too?
    I like to take my daugther (five years old) to some plays or musicals. She likes Phantom of the Opera, Annie and Chicago ( this is all movies). I want to take her to a live show

    • ANSWER:
      When I was around that age my mom had really good success with taking me to local productions or tours of

      The Sound of Music
      Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
      A Christmas Carol

      Disney wasn't putting up broadway productions when I was a child but now they have a very nice catalogue of shows Beauty and the Beast and Mary Poppins were especially lovely onstage.

      By the time I was 6 or 7 she started introducing me to less child centered shows and I did well with those too, she would play the music beforehand and then we'd go see the show on Broadway, at that point what also worked was

      Phantom of the Opera
      Les Miserables
      Into the Woods

      I'd say find a small local production of something first to try her out on how she likes it, that's what my mom did. If she's fine (and you're fine) with Chicago you can probably take her to almost anything out there barring something openly lewd. My parents mostly took me to adult musicals as a child and I never had any trouble with anything... anyhow just read up on whatever show it is online first and maybe get the music for her to listen to!

    Where can i watch Cinderella man online?
    i have to watch it for a school project,
    and i don't want a site that i have to download this and that .
    or register for an hour just to watch one movie.

    • ANSWER:

      it is in 3 parts

    Can anyone tell me how to get a website that is free to watch another cinderella story ?
    I tried to go on alot of websites but you have to download them and i want to watch it online but you have to pay ?

    • ANSWER:
      go and you can view the movies without downloading them

    What is the Name of that Nick Cinderella movie?
    On Valentines day a couple of years ago Teen Nick showed a movie that was about a High School student. The guy liked a girl that he talked to online and he found out it was his friend when she dropped her Pencil case that had her screen name Cind3r3lla ( I think that was how it was spelled). Does anyone know what I am talking about? Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      It was with Hilary Duff...I think it was "A Cinderella Story."

    where can i buy cinderella the original movie?
    I need the ORIGINAL Cinderella. I've looked everywhere. Itunes doesn't have it. I've tried different websites to order it from but had no such luck. Walmart doesn't even have it, and they sell caskets. What's up with that? Help Plz

    • ANSWER:
      Find and order it online...

    Where can I watch Another Cinderella Story online for free?
    I want to know where to watch it my daughter said that it is the best movie ever but i don't have enough money to buy it for so we could both watch it so any idea of where i can watch it online for free
    Thanks! :)

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch movies
      Good luck!

    What is the name of 5 fairy tale story that is similar to Cinderella?
    It was an assignment at school but hey im a guy and I don't know anything about fairy tale.

    • ANSWER:
      -Cap o' Rushes is one. I think Cinderella evolved from that one.

      -Ashenputtel (Germany)

      -Thousand- Furs (Germany) I think that Cap o' Rushes evolved from this one. Cap o' Rushes is a Bowdlerized version of Thousand- Furs, because Thousand- Furs has elements of incest in it.
      * Oddly enough, Thousand- Furs gets it roots from a true story. Look up "Saint Dymphna". She is a real saint, and what happens to the princess in Thousand- Furs is similar to what happened to her.

      Salt and Bread (Sweden)

      I can't find links to Thousand-Furs or Salt and Bread online for you, but I got them out of a book I own. Maybe you can get this book from the library? Or you can buy it.

      It's called "Best-Loved Folktales of the World" by Joanna Cole.

      Those are the only folk-tales I know. There's four for you, and if you count the Saint, then there's five, though the Saint isn't at all like Cinderella, there's a chance Cinderella evolved from this story.
      Are you allowed to use contemporary tales? Like the movie "Ever After", for instance? If so, then there's a lot more.

    when can i buy Another Cinderella Story in New Zealand?
    Ive already seen the movie online, and i love it, but i want to know when i can buy it here?? ive been looking and asking around, but at the moment its showing no signs of being released here!!

    • ANSWER:
      youve seen the movie online? can i ask what the website was?

    What is the most cost effective way for a family of four to visit Disney World for a week.?
    is it better to go though an agent and get the park hoppers or am i better off finding and setting things up myself online? should i try and just find different deals for everything?

    • ANSWER:
      Disney usually has good deals that come in a package, especially for a 4 member family. Plus, Disney has been hurting somewhat on the financial side so there are alot of great deals out now! There are 3 types of resorts, deluxe, moderate, and value. The value is very affordable and fun if you have younger children. They have the resorts that design around music, movies, and sports. For a family of 4 for a week its about 00. I would also suggest the park hopper. IT is a lot of money upfront but an overall good value since you have the ability to jump from park to park. Another big thing I recommend is the Disney Meal Plan! Its around 0 or so per person for a week I believe. You get a certain amount of points and each resturant is either 1 or 2 points, I know Cinderella's Castle is 2. You get an appetizer, entree and dessert. Plus you can get snacks from those carts around the parks. This food plan really saves you a lot of money if you think about all your getting and Disney's famously high prices.

    How many movies/commercials has "This Will Be" by Natalie Cole been in?
    I feel like it's always at the end of movies and I was wondering

    • ANSWER:
      I guess you are right!


      The song was used as background music in television and radio ads for the eHarmony online dating service.
      The "Family Jewels" episode of Las Vegas (Season One, Episode 2

      The song appears on the soundtrack albums for the following films:

      The Parent Trap (1998)
      Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle (2003)
      Taxi (2004)
      Must Love Dogs (2005)
      Alles Is Liefde, a Dutch remake of Love Actually (2007)

      And is featured in the following films:

      While You Were Sleeping (1995)
      If These Walls Could Talk 2 (2000)
      A Cinderella Story (2004)
      Bride Wars (2008)
      The Bounty Hunter (2010)

    Where can i watch all 5 harry potter movies and all 3 Cinderella movies for free online?

    • ANSWER:
      Here you go...

      Harry Potter -
      Cinderella -

    How to cope with loneliness and facing the world alone?
    How to cope with loneliness and facing the world alone?
    I don't have many close friends.
    I always don't like to be alone.
    Always feel like not going home early and face the wall.
    Still single, don't know why.
    Tired of studies etc.

    • ANSWER:
      I thought that I was the only one who felt this way..
      Your not alone!
      All my life (since primary school) I can remember saying to my mum "all I want is a real friend".
      I had lots of "friends" but they were all fare weathered, there was always something in it for them- perhaps they were bored, they were allowed to stay at my house and my mum would take us places, silly things like that but whenever I needed someone- poof! they were gone!
      I used to hate being alone, I moved out of home at 18 and moved away from the people I knew, my friends didnt bother with me once I moved away, although i was only an hour away they replaced me - on my days off work, I would try and stay up all night, watching my fave movies (mostly chick flicks like the notebook, a cinderella storty ect) and try to sleep all day.

      I worked as a manager in a retail store on a salary but at the time i was 18, all of the other managers were in there 30s and 40s so i didnt have much in common with them outside of work. I would stay back for hours and work for free, just to avoid going home to my empty little world i called home.

      I always turned to men for relationships as it was easier for me to get a boyfriend than it was to find just a friiend. i would stoop so low and do the most dangerous things just to try and find company (online dating, mobile phone chat ect) it could have ended up really bad.
      Finally, I stooped so low to settle for a jackar$e i met- a boy living in the unit above mine, he was abusive but i stayed for the fear of being alone seemed far worse.. im now 14weeks pregnant to that man and single as it took me this much to grow up and leave..

      After what ive been through, i can suggest, step up- get that confidence! smile, make that compliment if your thinking it!, start a sport or hobby to meet new ppl, join that group! get out there because life is to short to throw it all away..
      Im sorry that this is so long but i felt i needed to express it!
      You can over come this! :)

    Where can I buy classic Disney movies on DVD for a reasonable price, online or at the store?
    Such as: Peter Pan, Pocahontas, Thumbelina, Alice in Wonderland, Aladdin, Mulan, Cinderella, The Little Mermaid, etc.??
    Thanks much for any information you can give me (:

    • ANSWER:
      I think that is the best place to get a good deal. However Disney does something called the Disney Vault where they stop selling some movies and then rerelease these movies at a later time. So you might not be able to get new versions of the movie that you want anywhere. You might have to settle for used copies.

    Where can I watch movies for free online?
    I've gone to all kinds of websites and I have to either pay for the films that I'm looking for aren't there. (Love and Basketball and/or A Cinderella Story) Can someone PLEASE help me out? Thank you. :)

    • ANSWER:
      Download You Will Be Able To Get Whichever Movie You're Looking.

    where can i watch another cinderella story online?
    ive looked everywhere and i cant find it!! and the ones i've found the music and the words dont go together:( plz help.

    • ANSWER:
      Go to click on movies, then 'a' amd go to the fourth page, 1st column.
      hope this helps:)

    I need a way to learn French rather quickly?
    Im taking French in school but the class moves so slow. I know quite a bit of Latin so French is coming a lot quicker for me than my classmates. I want to just become more fluent and learn a larger vocab than what my school is offering.

    • ANSWER:
      There is a program called "French In Action" which can be seen online at; some libraries have this program available for check out.

      Listen to French music, watch your favorite movies dubbed in French, read stuff in French while keeping a dictionary handy.

      There are some programs on CD, but most of them are geared towards beginners, which are good in the sense that you can listen to the basic stuff spoken.

      Podcasts are good as well. I happen to really like a podcast called Katia and Kylie Mac learn French; in this podcast they cover French idioms but it is also a great way to build up your vocabulary; you can find them on iTunes or at their website: Another good one is Coffee Break French; lots of basic stuff but you get to hear French spoken (with a Scottish accent). Also look into a podcast called "One Thing In A French Day"; she has a soft voice.

      See if your local library has books/magazines/movies in French. My local library has a great section in the juvenile fiction of books in Foreign Languages. When reading start simple and move up.

      If you have a used bookstore, see what you can find there. At the closest one to my house, I found a copy of Litte Red Riding Hood that not only had a book but an audio of the book being read. I have also found, on iTunes, other stories read. I found a version of the Three Little Pigs as well as Cinderella; through that particular website, I found the written transcript available; this same person also reads French poetry as well. She's awesome; her name is Camille Chevilier-Karfis; and she speaks French slow enough to where you can understand the words.

      And if you could find someone to speak French with, that would be very helpful as well. I'm at that point in my studying of the French language that this is what I terribly need to do.

      Good luck in your adventure of learning French.

    What website let you watch the movie A Cinderella Story For Free (without downloading)?
    I hav searched all over the web and can't find a website that would let ne watch it for free without downloading or signing up.

    • ANSWER:
      It's on this website:

      There are 11 links for the film, I would recommend the first one will have best quality.

    Where can I find Disney films on DVD?
    I've been trying to find Beauty and the Beast on DVD... Anyone know where I can find it without going online to purchase it? Or is online my only hope? And not just Beauty and the Beast, but other classic disney films as well... Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      You aren't going to be able to find Beauty and the Beast in stores right now. Disney places all of their classics in the "Disney Vault" after they have been out on DVD for a short time then they re-release them every 7 years. Disney has this philosophy that making their movies available for a short period keeps them fresh for future generations.

      Beauty and the Beast was last released in 2002 and was placed in the vault in January 2003, so it should be released again next year. If you really, really want it right now the only places that you are going to find it are online, and Beauty and the Beast is one of the rare ones that I've seen sell for as high as . You could also get lucky and find a used copy at a garage sell or someplace similar for cheap. Otherwise you'll just have to wait until it is re-released.

      A handful of movies go into the Disney Vault at the end of each January (I'm not sure if it is more often than once a year). I know all three Cinderella movies and all three Aladdin movies went back into the vault this year, so you should buy those while unsold copies are still available in stores if you want them. Usually you can find out which movies will go into the vault each January by visiting Disney's website or from in store displays. Disney normally advertises which movies will be coming out of the vault on their website and also on TV commercials shortly before they are released (and they are always advertised as "For a Limited Time Only".

    does anyone know a website where i can get Disney Dvd for cheap?
    or even a store i want movies like The little mermaid and Cinderella and aladdin.. i had all of them when i was younger but they were old VHS's. all the ones i saw online were so expensive.
    thanks for you answers.

    • ANSWER:
      Try Amazon, it can be pricey, but on each product, there is often a section of links where the product is also available. I wanted a pair of shoes on Amazon that were pretty pricey, I went to one of the links and ended up getting the same shoes from a different website for half the price.
      Also, check near your area. I have a store in my area that sells gently used DVD's, VHS movies, and books for almost nothing (just because they are used doesn't mean they won't work =]), look in your phone book, it might have something in the yellow pages.

      If worse comes to worse, you can watch them for free online, OVguide is a great website for that, it has links to sites that carry the movie, you can usually watch it without downloading it. I have seen disney movies on youtube, cut into sections (which was kind of a pain, but it just means clicking a different segment of the movie every 10 minutes).

      Anyway, I hope you find what you are looking for!! Disney movies are awesome =D

    What Asian Soap Opera should I watch next?
    Lately, I've kinda been addicted to watching "Asianovelas". (It is therapeutic- helps me get over my evil ex hehe)
    I'm about to finish watching Mary Stayed Out All Night and I am searching for a new Asian Soap Opera to watch. Can anyone recommend a good one that is available online?

    • ANSWER:
      these were the ones that i've finished watching:
      these are dramas:
      beethoven virus
      boys over flowers
      cinderella's sister
      coffe house
      coffee prince
      my girl
      love story in harvard
      my girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox
      my name is kim sam soon
      my princess
      prosecutor princess
      shining inheritance
      smile, you
      what star did you come from?
      witch yoo hee
      you're beautiful

      these are movies:
      200 pounds beauty
      2 faces of my girlfriend
      attack on the pin-up boys
      baby and me
      the naked kitchen
      jenny, juno
      my little bride
      my sassy girl
      romantic island
      s diary
      she's on duty
      the legend of seven cutter
      100 days with mr. arrogant
      i'm a cyborg but that's ok

      i dunno if you're into movies but you might well give it a try!
      and oh! these are all korean dramas!
      ..................side comment..................
      i love mary stayed out all night!!!

      you might also want to try it's where i watch dramas!


    Any good scary Korean dramas to watch online ?
    I've been wanting to watch scary Korean dramas. I've checked dramafever and they don't really have any scary movies, I also checked mysoju, they have a lot of scary movies but they don't work for me. So any websites & scary movie to watch (=? thank you.

    • ANSWER:

      ^ Check under the Korea-labeled section.
      I recommend that you watch:
      The 4 Horror tale series: February 29***, Forbidden Floor, Roommates and Dark Forest.
      APT (Apartment)
      Bloody Reunion
      The Chaser
      Death Bell
      Death Bell 2
      Hansel & Gretal
      I Saw The Devil
      Muoi: The Legend of a Portrait
      Sin Of A Family
      Sympathy for Lady Vengeance
      Sympathy for Mr Vengeance
      The Case Of Itaewon Homicide*
      The Cat
      The Dollmaster
      The Game
      The Host
      The Red Shoes
      The Wig*
      Three Extremes series: Dumplings***, Cut and Box.
      The Whispering Corridors series: Whispering Corridors, Wishing Stairs, Voice Letter and Blood Pledge.

      The website I have provided you with has ads, so when you click on a movie title, make sure to stop the page mid-way from loading. This way, you get a chance to get the movie link and movie synopsis without the ad getting in the way. Another way to do it, is to click on the movie title, stop the page from loading mid-way, right click, and click "page source." Look for a link that sounds like it would come from a movie site, highlight it and post it onto a new tab/window. If you need any help, I'll be more than happy to retrieve links for you. Enjoy!

    What are some good movies to watch?
    I don't mean like in theaters but movies I can watch online or on Netflix or rent.
    My kind of taste in movies are something like...
    The last house on the left or
    Obsessed or
    Taken or
    The Orphan or
    She's the man or Sydney white or John Tucker Must Die. Or mean girls or Cinderella story.
    Anything similar to that or something you recommend that's good it can be scary or romantic or chick flick or drama. THANK YOU SOSOSOSOO MUCH ((:

    • ANSWER:
      The Rules of Attraction
      The Heathers
      Igby Goes Down
      Boogie Nights
      The House of the Devil
      The Reef
      Black Water

    where can i watch the movie another cinderella story online? megavideo only lets me watch up to 70 minutes?
    whats a good website for watching movies?

    • ANSWER:
      Here it is:

    what are some good movies for teen girls?
    i usually just watch some movies online. im 11 but i like to watch like romance movies. something like another cinderella story, hsm 2, aquamarine, legally blond and dear john. just some good funny romance movies.

    • ANSWER:
      10 Things I Hate About You (Great movie!)
      Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist
      She's The Man
      It's A Boy Girl Thing
      She's All That
      Drive Me Crazy
      Sixteen Candles
      Sydney White
      How To Deal (LOVE this movie.. it's a book too)
      A Walk to Remember (LOVE this movie too)
      Because I Said So
      First Daughter
      Picture This
      Just My Luck
      Pop Star
      Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
      The Perfect Man
      Sugar & Spice
      Her Best Move

      ... i'll post more if i can think of any more.

    Does anyone know where i can watch Another Cinderella Story online free and without having to download anythin?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, i've beenn looking around as well, and when I search my usual place for movies, it was not on there. Heres the thing, make sure its spelled correctly and put it in the correct capitals, be careful if you put it in all lower case, you want be able to find it.

      Hope you like the movie!!! :)

    What movie should i watch? ( Movies for girls ? )?
    I want to watch a movie that i can actually find on youtube. I love movies for, like, GIRLS >.< Not necessarily chick flicks. For example i watched The clique a few days ago, and i watched a Cinderella story < those kind of movies. I watched mean girls. I cant find clueless online but i REALLY wan to watch something. I'm very bored ... I dont want to watch any scary movies, And i only have myself and the computer for this moment ..

    • ANSWER:
      Here are some of my faves :)
      The proposal
      13 going on 30
      Confessions of a Shopaholic
      When in Rome
      Beezus and Ramona
      You Again
      Those are all really good- idk if there online, i know Confessions of a Shopaholic is for sure, but just try them hope i helped :)

    A song for two girls to sing at a talent show?
    Hey i love wicked but i don't want to sing any songs from that musical. Something that can be acted out is fun too.

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe "The Boy Is Mine" by Brandy and Monica
      It's kind of old, but it's a duet with 2 girls

      And I just looked these ones up online:
      Tell Him- Celine Dion & Barbara Streisand
      When You Believe – Mariah Carey & Whitney Houston
      I Know Him So Well – Elaine Page & Barbara Dickson
      I Say A Little Prayer For You – Whitney Houston & Natalie Cole
      Baby Don’t You Break My Heart Slow – Vonda Shepard & Indigo Girls
      Beautiful Liar - Beyonce & Shakira
      Me Against The Music - Madonna & Britney
      Tell Him - Barbara Streisand & Celine Dion
      Never Be The Same Again - Melanie C & Left Eye
      Enough is Enough - Donna Summer & Barbara Streisand
      Let me Blow your Mind - Eve & Alica Keys
      Rich Girl - Gwen Stefani & Eve
      Lady Marmalade - Pink, Eve, Mya, Christina Agularia & Lil Kim

      Maybe TLC, 702, Destiny's Child, Pussycat Dolls, Danity Kane.

      Anything by: The Veronicas, Aly & AJ (both sisters who sing together)
      Here are their Youtube channels so you can check out their music videos:
      Aly & AJ:
      The Veronicas:

      These were some Broadway female duets:
      "For Good" from Wicked
      "In His Eyes" from Jekyll and Hyde
      "Stepsister's Lament" from Cinderella
      "Movie in My Mind" from Miss Saigon
      "I Still Believe" from Miss Saigon
      "Take Me or Leave Me" from Rent

    Where can I watch "another cinderella story" online for free?
    I don't really want to download the movie. I tried Youtube but they dont have the full movie. Thnanks For Helping Me out! :]

    • ANSWER:
      go to:

      this should work
      good luck 😉

    Where can you watch movies in high quality?
    another cinderella story, cinderella story, other movies. Please list sites with best quality.
    Also some tv sites in high quality would be good.
    please no graboid or theaters lol
    but, also downloading sites could be good
    Also im overseas
    Please give me the best sites.
    I really need some sites
    thank u so much
    Thank You everyone for trying.

    • ANSWER:
      Just search your movie titles here for places to watch it online:
      It also have a list of popular free movie sites you can check out.

    Where can I buy one of selena gomez's dress?
    In the year 2008 selena gomez wore a beautiful charcoal BCBG Max Azria asymmetrical dress from the Fall 2008 collection to the premiere of her movie another cinderella story. I really like it and would like to buy one like hers. I've looked everywhere but cannot find it.Does anyone know where i can buy it?

    • ANSWER:
      Sad to say, but most celebrity clothing is either custom made for that celebrity (vERY VERY common!), super expensive, or something that hasnt been released yet or isnt being sold or something. So chance are, you can only find something close to it. Since you said its a BCBG Max Azria dress, check that website. If it isnt there, check other famous designers websites such as Diane Von Ferstenberg. They WILL be expensive though.Try going to an inexpensive store near you to find something close to it. If you provide a picture, id be happy to find something close :)

      EDIT: Im still looking but guess what I found!:

      Its the EXACT dress Selena wore for the New Years Eve concert she did! XD Kk, back to work :)

      K, so I havent found a similar one yet. I found the one ther person under me posted so Im obviously not gonna re-post it. Heres a website you can bookmark. It has the exact/similar pieces of clothing that selena has and it tells you where to get it. It also gives you tutorials on how to do her hair and makeup:

      im stil looking! :)

      Ok, do the exact dress isnt available ONLINE. So try calling BCBG (contact info on the website) and see if they can arrange to send you one if they have :)

    Cute halloween costume for a 17 year old girl?
    I work at sonic and my boss is going to let us dress up for halloween but I have no idea what to be. Any ideas that aren't slutty, but also aren't like... prude? I don't want to just be like snookie or dorothy. Nothing that's too boring but nothing RIDICULOUSLY out there aha.

    • ANSWER:
      I would say vampire, but vampire is soo lame nowadays. So maybe you should be Lady Gaga--if you're a fan of her, just do one of her not as outrageous outfits.
      Movie Costumes:
      Avatar--order online or in store
      Fiona--from Shrek, the modest long dress not the slutty warrior outfit
      Hit Girl--from Kick Ass, the best girl fighter in movies nowadays
      Alice and Wonderland--either the Queen of Hearts or Alice herself
      Fairy--not too slutty but not too boring either
      A Disney Princess--like Cinderella, Jasmine, Belle, Ariel, Anastasia
      A Villianess--Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Elektra, Cruella De Vil
      Others--Gypsy, Ladybug, Bee, Sexy pirate, Renaissance woman--big puffy skirt and mask, Goddess, Cleopatra, Belly dancer, Flapper in the '60s!
      All these have moderate versions of the costumes! Hope these were helpful! =) Good luck with your costume!

    were can i find old live action version of cinderella?
    a long time ago i watched a live action version of cinerella. i would really like to find it again. however i can't remember what it was called (cinderella or some other title). the one detail i can remember is that her shoes for the ball were made last minute and were out of flower petals, sort of a blue/purple color i think. does anyone know where i can find this? or if i can watch it online anywhere?

    • ANSWER:
      You are thinking of 'Ever After'.

      You can watch the movie here:
      *Firefox is recommended.

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