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    Where can i watch 'Another cinderella story' 2008 full movie online?
    i want to watch another cinderella story online for free without having to download it, filling out surveys or signing up to anything. anyone know any sites ?

    • ANSWER:
      check it here

    Where can I watch "another cinderella story" online for free?
    I don't really want to download the movie. I tried Youtube but they dont have the full movie. Thnanks For Helping Me out! :]

    • ANSWER:
      go to:

      this should work
      good luck 😉

    Where can I watch "Another Cinderella Story" online for free?
    I have searched and searched but they all tell me to download something i don't want to. I would also like for your answer to be a place were i can watch it full length and in High Definition.

    • ANSWER:

      these sites are the full movie- enjoy!

    where can i watch Another Cinderella Story full movie online for free without downloading.?

    • ANSWER: Just search it in the Search box, I saw it there the other day. Good quality, fast, and no downloading. They also have behind the scenes stuff, too.

    any good romance anime/manga/drama/movie/ANYTHING?!?!?
    ughhh....i am SO bored.
    any good romance?heres what im looking for:
    comedy/romance/school life...maybe adventure...or fantasy.i like reverse harem and i would like the guy(s) falling for the girl first and chasing after her...i do NOT like harem.infact,i hate it.
    »i do NOT want to watch/read naruto,bleach,one piece or any of the other anime/manga of the type«
    heres a list of what i have seen/read:
    kamikaze kaito jeanne
    mermaid melody
    special A
    kaicho wa maid sama
    the wallflower
    la corda d'oro
    cardcaptor sakura
    shugo chara (1/2)
    chibi vampire
    kirarin revolution (1/2)
    fushuga yuugi (1/2)
    earl and fairy
    fruits basket
    itazura na kiss
    lovely complex
    marmalade boy
    ouran high school host club
    peach girl
    school rumble (1/5)
    toradora (1/2)
    spice and wolf (1/2)
    tonari no kaibutsu-kun
    sukitte linay o
    vampire knight
    bokura ga ito
    skip beat
    kamisama hajimemashita
    code breaker
    hana kimi
    skip beat
    oresama teacher
    hana to akuma
    my heavenly hockey club
    rockin heaven
    koko ni iru
    a kiss to the prince
    full house kiss
    koukou debut
    sonan jyanaiyo
    tokyo crazy paradise
    Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen
    Boku wa Kisu de Uso wo Tsuku
    akuma de sourou

    ~my favorites above are: [anime] kaichou wa maid sama,la corda d'oro,earl and fairy,skip beat,vampire knight, [manga] hana to akuma,Zettai Heiwa Daisakusen,S.L.H,my heavenly hockey club,tokyo crazy paradise. i would be thankful if you recomend something like these!

    ~the ones that i didnt like are : [anime] zero no takishima {brobably because of the fan service(big boobs)},fushuga yuugi,school rumble [manga] koukou debut {i found it boring...}akuma de sourou. please do not recommend anything like these!

    i like korean drama...because they use more money in the drama's and the results turn out better.i want a romance school life,and maybe comedy.heres what i have seen:
    dream high {it was so awsome!i liked it so much!}
    goong {i didnt just like it,i LOVED it,but season 2 wasnt nice...}
    coffee prince {i cant say i didnt like it,but i wish the characters were like,younger?}
    you are my pet {same as coffee prince}
    boys over flowers {i say the japanese and korean version,the korean was much better and i enjoyed it}

    ~in my to watch list : hana kimi

    school life romance...i havent seen much of these,they just seem kind of rare...any way,i want something like wild child or picture this,because i found them soooo cool! or maybe an adventure with a little bit of romance?
    heres what ive seen :
    diary of a wimpy kid {all of them,it wasnt much of a romance,but i still enjoyed it}
    monte carlo {LOVED IT}
    a cinderella story {liked it}
    another cinderella story {LOVED IT}
    aquamarine {LOVED IT}
    alice in wonderland {wasnt romance but still liked it}
    bratz the movie {LOVED}
    camp rock {umm...i guess i liked it?}
    clueless {old,i know,but i still liked it}
    the sister hood of the traveling pants {not my type of thing}
    high school musical {idk...}
    hannah montana { so...}
    harry potter {LOVED LOVED LOVED}
    mean girls {liked}
    twilight {not my type of thing...}
    princess diaries {liked only the first one}
    pirates of the carribean {liked}
    princess protection program {liked}
    snow white and the huntsmen {LOVED}
    from prada to nada {liked}
    the karate kid {liked}
    what a girl wants {liked}
    shes the man {LOVED}
    bring it on {only the 3rd movie}

    ~Anything else?
    i have watched winx,totally spies,sponge bob,family guy...any thing like totally spies?

    sorry for being so picky and the long question!i just have a lot of free time 😛

    • ANSWER:
      You can try:

      Sword Art Online
      Shakugan no Shana

      Kimi no Sei
      Akagami no Shirayukihime
      Kimi ni Todoke
      Cherry Juice

    does anyone know a site where i can watch movies for free online?
    well i used to know this site where i always watched movies for free but now they closed down the site and i dont know anymore sites i tried to find the movies on youtube but they dont have the movies i was looking for i was wondering if anyone knew a movie site where i can watch princess protection program if anyone knows that movie selena gomez and demi lovato are in that movie and the movie another cinderella story with selena gomez not the one with hilary duff please answer as soon as possible thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      Watch Full Movies
      I watch a lot of movies there for free and without sign-up required !

cinderella movie online free full movie