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    Is it true that they are not filming a third Chronicles Of Narnia movie?
    My friend told me the other day that they announced that they canceled the third movie. And im hoping with all my might that it isn't true. Please PLEASE tell me?

    • ANSWER:
      it is true


      Disney won't be involved anymore

    Why is Disney Channel constantly putting out new shows then canceling them?
    Remember a couple years ago when they had Lizzie Mcguire, Naturally Sadie, and even Even Stevens and Sister Sister? Well now they have brand new shows and I'm just wondering why they canceled all of those great shows that I loved to watch.

    • ANSWER:
      Good point.

      I don't know but i used to like all those classic disney programmes.
      I'd prefer them to the likes of Phineas and Ferb and I've Got A Rocket

      It's the same with films isn't it.
      Whats happened to all the classic disney films like Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. These days it's all this Wall-e and High School Musical. What's going on?

    Disney planing to buy lucasfilm and make new star wars?
    I just found out that Disney wants to buy lucasfilm and make a seventh star wars film. Do you think it will fail and what are your thoughts?

    • ANSWER:
      They already bought the company earlier today. I think (and hope) that plans for Episode 7 are scrapped. This is probably the first stupid business decision I've ever seen Disney make. They have to know that nobody wants to see this movie being made, nor are they willing to pay to see it in 3D. Hopefully there will be a massive fan protest against this, forcing them to cancel production.

    When is the Disney Christmas parade actually filmed/taken place?
    I know it comes on, on Xmas day, but when is it actuallly filmed?

    • ANSWER:
      Kris Allen and Yanni were filmed on Dec 3.... taping for Dec4th and 5th was canceled due to rain. They ended up taping Celine Dion over at the Grand Floridian on Sat Dec5th . Then on Sunday the 6th Jonas Brothers was taped and also the parade itself with Kelly Ripa hosting

      They have always taped it early Dec at DW.

    why are westeners so bad at animtion compared to the japanese?
    im not trying to be racist or anything, im a westener, im just curious as to why no one in the west has ever been able to produce anything even remotly close to the quality of japanese animetion, disney even looks pretty shabby when you compare them. Do they learn how to draw in a different way or are we simply to stupid?
    but its not just style, ask the best western and eastern animators to animate an explosion or somthing and youd see the fundamental difference in skill.

    • ANSWER:
      I wouldn't say America 'can't do it' as much as they refuse to do it because animation in the west is mainly geared towards kids and are mostly comedies.

      America just likes disproportional ugly drawings over something cool, in this case, anime.

      Comparison: look at America's Transformers Animated and compare it to Japan's Transformers Armada, clearly Armada has better robot designs, story and animation.


      This is completely stupid. Anyone with working eyes can clearly see anime is much higher quality animation. We're not talking 'genre', we're talking story-telling and the animation itself.

      American animation is bad in the sense that it's lazy. Characters always look bland or are doodles, backgrounds have little detail let alone depth perception, such as far away objects being slightly blurred. Everything's always on the same level. It just doesn't have that variety in vision

      And when the Japanese do action scenes, there's a lot more camera movement (don't be a smartass, you know what I mean), more moving angle shots, that's really hard to do but they do it anyway when required.

      America doesn't do anything for the sake of coolness, they just make their works funny because comedy is basically the main thing western animation is used for. It always has to appeal to kids in one way or another. Family film or kids film, that's how America works.

      We can talk about how good the story is. But to me, that's trying to dodge the main issue, animation quality. It is true that story has to be good, the best animation mixed with a crap story is a crap animated film or series. BOTH have to be good, there is no cancelling out, problem is people are afraid to say that in fear that it makes them sound like their picky.

      No matter how many times one says Transformers Animated is amazing in story, the animation is still bullcrap and it's not worth sitting through episode after episode of one of the crappiest looking shows ever. Looking at classic Tom & Jerry is not only funny, but it's beautiful to look at. I can forgive that for being a comedy because it was one of the first, then Hanna Barbra came about, more comedies, then more comedies kept coming and coming.

    What do tv stars do when their show is cancelled?
    Ok so today is the final episode of I Carly and I was thinking what is Miranda cosgrove going to do without the show because when I was watching disney Chanel I used to watch that's so raven but when it got cancelled I never herd of raven again ? So what happens to them are they still famous

    • ANSWER:
      Miranda Cosgrove is taking a break from acting to attend college. She does still have a film career to fall back on though, she's slated to reprise her role in the Sequel to "School of Rock".

      As for Raven, sshe did a few movies after the show ended and now appears in the Broadway show "Sister Act" based on the Whoopi Goldberg film.

    What anime shows are there that don't have cussing and violence?
    My sister loves anime, but I don't want her watching shows that have lots of blood and gore. Also, nothing perverted please, she's only 9. Any recommendations for animes that fit those characteristics and are still good?

    • ANSWER:
      Digimon series
      Mew Mew Power (dub was cancelled)
      Deltora Quest
      Oban Star Racers
      Fighting Foodons
      Kirby Right Back At Ya!
      Spider Riders
      Yu-Gi-Oh! series (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's dub was cancelled)
      Hamtaro (dub was cancelled)
      Sailor Moon series
      Transformers Robots in Disguise (not the 80's series)
      Transformers Unicron Trilogy
      Astro Boy 2003 series
      Magical DoReMi (dub was cancelled)
      Shaman King
      Samurai Pizza Cats
      Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!
      Sonic X
      Rave Master
      Seven of Seven
      Wedding Peach
      Flint the Time Detective
      Megaman NT Warrior series
      Megaman Star Force (dub was cancelled)
      SD Gundam Force
      Speed Racer (original series)
      Zatch Bell!
      Monster Rancher
      Mon Colle Knights
      Viewtiful Joe
      Beyblade series
      Battle B-Daman
      Blue Dragon series
      Gi Joe Sigma Six
      Hello Kitty series
      Duel Master
      Dinosaur King
      Power Puff Girls Z

      Studio Ghibli films:
      My Neighbor Totoro
      Kiki's Delivery Service
      My Neighbors the Yamadas
      Pom Poko
      The Cat Returns
      The Secret World of Arrietty

      Other films:
      Swan Lake

      That's all I can come up with. Elfen Lied and the other anime mentioned are NOT appropriate for your sister. Some of these commentators are liars! Never pick anime that's never been dubbed or didn't get to be dubbed entirely because there may be some "material" left in there. Kids at that age don't like having to hear Japanese and read the subtitles anyway. Also, Disney Channel is DEAD!

    Can a company (like Disney) lend/borrow rights to a film/ tv show?
    I'm only asking this because if it's possible, I'd like to write up a petition to Disney to lend the rights to The Spectacular Spiderman tv show to Sony so that they can do one last season to wrap up the series. If you've never seen the show, look up the episodes on youtube, it's definitely worth doing.
    *Note: The series that replaced it (ultimate spiderman) is really lame.
    I've been told that it's been too long since the spec team/cast split to get together again, but things like that have been done on films like toy story. Just answer the question I've asked above ^ based on the details here. Thank you!

    Anyone interested in signing my petition (once written) can just wait until I post a link here.

    • ANSWER:
      Sony already owns the rights to TSS. Disney was merely the network the show was on. If Sony was so inclined (and Marvel which owns the rights to the characters), they could continue to produce the show and sell it to another network (assuming they could find a network willing to air the show). Just so you know, it doesn't happen often, but on occasion, when a show gets canceled on one network,m another network will pick it up (this recently happened to Cougartown starring Courtney Cox and also happened to JAG). So your petition should go to Sony and Marvel, not Disney.

    i thought there was supposed to be another wendy wu movie?
    anyone remember wendy wu: homecoming warrior with brenda song? so later on i heard there was going to be a 2nd one called wendy wu: golden soul..or something.. but it never came on Disney channel...i hear different things, mostly that there is one. just no one has ever seen it...can anyone tell me exactly if there is or isn't?

    • ANSWER:
      You're right, there was suppose to be another Wendy Wu movie. It was either going to be called Golden Soul or Warrior Princess. But for unforseen reasons, it was just cancelled and they never released to the public why. "Variety" (Magazine) said they would start filming in 08 but never did.

      Thats all I could find.

    So is The Diary of Anne Frank coming to the big screen again or not?
    If so, where would auditions be held for it?

    • ANSWER:
      No. As stated on the IMDB Homepage today. Walt Disney has rejected it for being too dark so they have canceled plans to film it. :)

    With the Xbox 360 can you download HD movies from Netflix?
    I have the HD DVD player. I was mad to see that it is now obsolete and therefore I cancelled my Netflix because I could no longer watch HD movies without a Blueray player. However, now that Netflix allows Netflix members to streamline movies using their 360 can I download HD movies?
    Will new movies be released to download in HD or is it just the movies that were available prior to HD going obselete?

    • ANSWER:
      You can, but the HD list of movies is much smaller than the non-HD selection. In fact, it's small enough for me to just go through and count them..

      5 pages of 24 titles, and 1 more page of 22 titles. so..
      5*24+22= 142 HD titles.

      At first glance, I think I only recognize maybe 20% of them. A vast majority are what look to be independent films and documentaries. Of the 20%, 15% are TV series such as CSI, Heroes, and disney animated series such as kim possible.

      As for watching the HD, Netflix says the following.

      "Certain titles are available to watch in HD on your Xbox 360. In order to watch in HD you need:

      * An HD TV and component or HDMI connection from your Netflix ready device to your TV
      * A high-speed internet connection at time of playback (typically 5 Mbps or higher)"

      Could always make a free trial to check it out. You likely could watch them all in the free 2 weeks.

    anyone know what is happening with the new star wars battlefront?
    Absolutely loved the first 2 star wars battlefronts, i heard a while ago that they were making a 3rd but that was a some 4 years ago. Anyone know if its still in the making or has it been cancelled? Would really sad if there was no more battlefront games:(

    • ANSWER:
      everyone's pretty angry about it as it got to a beta stage and they just cancelled development. it looked awesome too.

      however now lucas arts is owned by disney the rights to all star wars stuff is owned by them and if they give the go ahead they could make another battlefront game. this would also win back alot of star wars fans that hated the last 3 films.

      it would be a good move for disney to do lets just hope they do it when they have figured out whats going on with the new film.

    What are the pros and cons of cancelling production of VHS tapes and increasing production of DVDs?

    • ANSWER:
      I honestly don't see any pros to cancelling the production of VHS tapes, other than the fact that movie sales would probably go through the roof, as so many people own DVD players, and have gotten rid of VHS players.

      There are so many cons I can think of, because I love VHS tapes with a passion. VHS tapes are, in my opinion, the greatest way to watch movies, other than on the Internet, which is half the time illegal. With VHS tapes, you can always remove the tape from the player, and replace the tape with another and never lose your place on the first tape. That doesn't happen with DVDs.

      Also, VHS tapes rarely have problems with the viewing value. What I mean by this is that DVDs scratch up when overused, and it's somewhat a waste of money if you think about it, because they're SO easy to scratch it's ridiculous. Unless you step on a VHS tape, there really isn't anything that impairs the viewing value.

      Along with that, VHS tapes make me feel so much more young, as I watch old Disney movies and children's films from my childhood. They're so much more fun that way. Yes, it's fun to see them in high-definition, but I'd much rather view some of my favorite childhood movies the way I viewed them as a child, ya know?

    If Darkwing Duck was such a popular cartoon, how come Disney never made a movie out of it?
    Darkwing Duck was one of the most popular cartoon shows of the 90s- it was the only direct spin-off of Disney's Ducktales. If it was so popular how come Disney never made a film out of it? Was it because the series was cancelled prematurely, or because the show sparked a lot of controversy back then? From what I read, a lot of parents and teachers were concerned of the amount of violence that this show had, and some of the other material in the show was questionable.
    They were planning on making new episodes, but the show was cancelled before that happened. The series was only on for few seasons. Some material was objectionable- some people protested and wondered why Disney put this stuff in their catoon to begin with- it is meant to be a kids'/family show. I recall reading that they had one epsiode that aired on TV originally one time, but they never showed it again because they said it was too underground and the censors wouldn't let them show it again.

    • ANSWER:
      They couldn't come up with an approved script for the movie.

    is hannah montana going to get cancelled?
    so like shes all over the news and everything about her smoking....i know this is the last season, but are they going to just stop all of it noww?

    • ANSWER:
      no. its already filmed and making disney way too much money than it should anyway. they will probably finish out the season and even after that, play reruns and have marathons for the show. this is sort of the disney pattern. i still see lyndsay lohan shows popping up on the dysney channel( and yes i know her kid movies are old and the context is a little different but you see the point.)

    How to learn animation?
    I've always been interested in cartoons and stuff.
    I want to create animations like Family Guy, Disney cartoons, and all that kind of stuff.

    I have no idea how I would start?

    Could someone point me in the correct direction?

    • ANSWER:
      I am a beginning animator, too.

      The first thing you need is animation software. You can download some free ones online, but they might come with viruses or just be crap. So, if you want real animation software, it depends on your price range. Adobe Flash is supposedly the best, and it's a professional one, but it's 0.
      What I just got is called Anime Studio 5, () and I love it. I''ve made a few animations on it and I think it's awesome.
      Well look at that, Anime Studio 6 already, still , though. 5 is good enough for me!
      Here are characters I've created on Anime Studio 5:

      Once you have found a good software, you can start animating. You could post some videos to Youtube, or enter film festivals. (I have this goal of entering the annual Nicktoons film festival when I get good enough). If your films get popular enough, you could even land a deal with Fox, Disney, Nickelodeon, or Nicktoons (but the new Nicktoons shows get cancelled in like a day.)

      Good luck!

    How many lion king movies are there?
    I keep seeing videos on youtube.com saying that there is a Lion King 4?!?! So there would be the movies The Lion King, The Lion King 1/2, The Lion King 2, The Lion King 3 ,and The Lion King 4. Is that true?

    • ANSWER:
      Not in this current time as no official confirmation from the Walt Disney Company has been made regarding that another Lion King film is in production. John Lasseter, the current animation chief of Disney/Pixar, cancelled many Disney animated sequels in 2006, and stated no more Disney sequels will be made after the release of The Little Mermaid: Ariel's Beginning so there may never be another Lion King film.


    Are they filming any more episodes of the show "Cory In The House"?
    They have not been advertising any new episodes on Disney or Family Channel so Im wondering?? Are they making new episodes and if not, Why??

    • ANSWER:
      it has not officially been cancelled but they havent been making any new episodes, right now its "stuck" because one of the actors moved to a show on abc, that's too bad because the show wasn't that bad

    Does Demi Lovato sign autographs after the show or before the show or doesnt she at all?

    • ANSWER:
      She has paid VIP meet and greets on this tour (7.50 and I think you must have your own ticket). They are sold at ticketmaster or wherever the official ticket site for the venue is.

      BTW - Disney just canceled and rescheduled her last 4 concerts because she had scheduling conflicts (likely Camp Rock 2 filming).

      "Citing scheduling conflicts, Demi Lovato and David Archuleta announced three rescheduled shows today. The original and rescheduled dates are below. Tickets for the original show will be honored at the rescheduled shows. Refunds will be available at point of purchase until September 30. Performance times will remain the same for the Manchester and Providence shows at 7pm. The Atlantic City show will now start at 4pm."

      Demi Lovato’s tour is produced by AEG Live, and sponsored by AT&T and Comfort Inn.

      Original Dates:
      August 22 Atlantic City, NJ Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort
      August 23 Providence, RI Dunkin’ Donuts Center
      August 24 Manchester, NH Verizon Wireless

      Rescheduled Dates:
      October 29 Manchester, NH Verizon Wireless
      October 30 Providence, RI Dunkin’ Donuts Center
      November 1 Atlantic City, NJ Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort (4pm)

    when does the show JONAS premiere?
    the show was cancelled but then it was put back on i want to watch. when does it premiere?

    • ANSWER:
      The series is currently being filmed and will be aired on Disney May 2, 2009.

    Why did they cancel the Amanda Show?
    I was on youtube and saw the Amanda show and watched a few skits and i asked myself why did Nick cancel a really nice show?

    • ANSWER:
      networks like nik and disney only tape a certain number of shows and then stop filming them to keep new shows coming and going. This way the show end on top instead of being pushed out like other shows. Lizzie Maguire is an example.

      as for amanda's show? after being beat by other shows in the same time slot they ended her and she . . .

      Soon after ending her skit show she started filming what i like about you with jennie garth. After a slow start it became more popular in it's second season and had a good, but too short for me, run on the CW.

    What is this disney film called?
    I was watching a video on youtube about the most famous disney movies in a music montage and i knew every one but one. It is the one with mostly gray tones and a little girl I think in an alleyway and an old woman comes towards the end of the video. You will see if you watch what I mean. Here is the link:

    Can you help me? I would love to know what it is called. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      The Little Match Girl



      In 2006, Walt Disney Feature Animation finished production work on a new adaptation of "The Little Match Girl". The short was originally intended to be a part of a Fantasia film, but this project was canceled. The Little Matchgirl is last of the four shorts from the aborted compilation to be developed as a standalone film. This short was subsequently released as a special feature on the 2006 Platinum Edition DVD of The Little Mermaid.

    has sonny with a chance been cancelled?
    i watch the disney channel, and the only 3 shows i like are sonny with a chance, jonas, and wizards of waverly place. but i havent seen any new episodes of sonny with a chance on in a while. have they cancelled the show or is it just not in season or whatever? i really liked that show, so its kinda sad for me that i dont see it on much.

    thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      They Aren't!
      Sonny with a chance is a new comedy on disney channel. They have only filmed like 10 episodes as that is the only ones that have been written! As i write, they are writing sand filming more episodes,DONT WORRY!
      And any way, Demi lovato has become so famous on disney , they would never caccel any of her shows!
      It is by far the best show on disney!!!

      hope i helped ..x

    it mighty morphin power ranger coming back on the air in some point of 2010?
    my brother says it is but i dont beleive him. why would they bring back a show on to a BIG network that has been canceled for a long time. if u know that it is or even th8ink it is respond with an answer

    • ANSWER:
      Yes they will be bringing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers back to TV but it won't be new. They'll just be remastering the episodes. Disney may not have the rights to Saban's music but they can air the old episodes either way even though I do believe they might have to pay royalties for it anyway the reason why they're doing this is because the current season that's airing on ABC Kids which is Power Rangers RPM is ending after Christmas and that's the official end of Power Rangers for right now. There are no plans for Disney to film new seasons of the show so they'll be putting a remastered version of "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" on TV.

    Canceling my disney movie club?
    im really mad and scared right now.
    i want to cancel my disney movie club membership but its so complicated i dont know how to. if i cancel my credit card will this help?

    • ANSWER:
      If you cancel your credit card, and they can't get payment from you, they can send you to collections, which can damage your credit report.
      It's better to just deal with the company maturely.

      Here's how to cancel your membership:
      "How do I cancel my membership?
      You may cancel your membership any time after fulfilling your membership agreement. If you have not fulfilled your membership agreement at the time you wish to cancel, you will need to purchase the remaining titles left unfulfilled. Please call 1-800-362-4587 from 8 a.m. to 1 a.m., Eastern Time, Monday-Friday to speak with a cast member if you wish to cancel your membership.
      Disney Movie Club
      P.O. Box 768
      Neenah, WI 54957-0768"

      So, it looks like there's no acceptable way to cancel your membership, without fulfilling your contract/buying more films first.
      You really should have read the terms and conditions you agreed to when you joined.

      To fulfill your contract, it says you have to buy 5 movies at regular price, within 2 years:

    Is kickin it on disney xd still filming? or did it end?
    well i havent seen a new episode this week and ik the stars are going around the world doing meet and greets, so i didnt know if it ended. PLEASE HELP !

    • ANSWER:
      No they aren't cancelled, they're actually going to have a season 3 and more eps. For season 2. :) hope this helps

    Hi please help me in my english course about celebrities?
    hi , in my english cousework i am asked to write about 6 celebrities and how they would make good role models. it would be a great help if you can list about 6 celebrities and briefly list some good and bad things they have done eg.charity and if they will or will not make a good role model for young people...any help will be highly appreciated..thanks..
    *sory its not a course, its for my english coursework .. 😀

    • ANSWER:
      This would be an awesome course to take! Since you said young people, I'm going to do Disney stars. Is that OK?

      1. MILEY CYRUS

      Good: Miley has been a Disney Darling since the age of 12, when she scored the role of Hannah Montana/(then) Chloe Stewart. (The latter was changed to Miley Stewart.) She has been on the show for 4 seasons, and participated in 2 films for the series. Most of her music 8-year-old girls would love to have on their iPod, mostly bubble-gum pop and rock.

      Bad: Lately, at the age of 18, Miley has been acting like an adult- possibly two grown-up, many parents say. She appeared in the film 'The Last Song' and the new movie 'LOL', and it has been announced that Hannah Montana is ending this season. Miley's new music, such as 'Can't Be Tamed' and 'Who Owns My Heart,' accompanies music videos that are quite suggestive. Is Miley's Disney Darling reign over? You decide.


      Good: Selena stars in her own Disney series, 'Wizards of Waverly Place,' in which she plays a teenage wizard who is quite often making trouble. In her own life, though, Selena is far from that. She has her own clothing line, 'Dream Out Loud,' available at Sears, and she has released music such as 'Round and Round' and 'Year Without Rain.' These songs are clean, but geared towards tweens instead of younger children, as Hannah Montana's was. Selena has been in one film for 'Wizards,' and also played Beezus in 'Ramona and Beezus.'

      Bad: Hardly anything. Selena has really never made the tabloids, and she's good all around. Briefly dated Nick Jonas.

      3. DEMI LOVATO

      Good: Demi Stars in her own Disney show, 'Sonny with a Chance,' in which she plays a teen girl from Wisconsin who posts videos online and is selected to join the cast of a comedy TV show, 'So Random!'. Demi also sings her own songs, such as 'La La Land,' and 'On the Line.' she is a big part of Disney Channel's Friends For Change, which encourages children to help save the planet.

      Bad: Recently, Demi had to cancel her worldwide tour with the Jonas Brothers to take 'time for herself.' She has quit Twitter for some unknown reason, and 'Sonny' is going to focus more on the show-within-the-show instead of on the main characters, giving Demi time to deal with her personal issues.

      Hope these help. Sorry I could only think of three, and sorry it's so long!!!

    Classic Disney fans, Do you Hannnah Montana is garbage?
    Hannah Montana is really lame.

    First of all, Hannah Montana is girly and unoriginal. Hannah .M. is disgrace to Disney Channel.

    Hannah Montana is gay.

    Hannah has gotta go.

    Disney Channel will cancel Hannah Montana for good, and bring back House of Mouse.

    Answer this question if you're a fan of ORIGINAL Disney films like Peter Pan,101 Dalmatians, Alice in Wonderland, Bambi, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Rescuers, etc. and if you love the show House of Mouse.

    When you answer this question what are your favorite classic Disney films, and do you like the show House of Mouse, and should Disney channel replace Hannah Montana with House of Mouse?

    When I say Hannah .M. is G*y, do you think I mean Hannah .M. is stupid and ridiculous or do I mean that Hannah .M. likes another women?

    Disney Channel needs to get back into classic Disney.

    My favorite Disney Classics are Peter Pan, Bambi, Rescuers, Alice in Wonderland, and Lion King.
    I love the show House of Mouse.

    Hannah Montana is G*y. Hannah Montana is GAHBIDGE.

    Answer this question if you're a classic Disney fan.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes i liked house of mouse and they should replace hannah montana,
      all 3

    Disney's Robin Hood 2?
    I have seen rumours on the IMDB chat board on the Robin Hood Speical Edition DvD (which I bought last week!) and it says about a Robin Hood sequel and asking if there would be one. I personally hope there will not be a Robin Hood sequel at all. I'm really fed up with Disney screwing up the classics with rubbish sequels. They think the sequels improve the classics. They don't. They ruin them! If only they could make sequels properly and the right way then most of them wouldn't be horrible. The only ones which were decent enough were The Lion King 2 and 3 (3's brilliant!), Cinderella 3, The Rescuers Down Under and Bambi 2. Although Bambi 2 is a midquel not a sequel, same with Cinderella 3, they are both terrific and not what I expected. I didn't like The Lion King 2 that much but I admit it was good for a sequel.
    The rest are either really cheesey or awful. There was Lady and the Tramp 2, The Jungle Book 2, Mulan 2, Pocahontas 2, Hunchback of Notre Dame 2, Cinderella 2, The Little Mermaid 2, The Fox and the Hound 2, Aladdin 2, Beauty and the Beast 2, 101 Dalmatians 2. Peter Pan 2 was fairly good for a sequel as well but I didn't like the original.
    There was almost a Dumbo 2 but it got cancelled, thank god.
    The Little Mermaid 3 is alright.
    When will Disney start making something new? They did it all the time in the past, so why not now?
    I hope this rumour is not true because Robin Hood is one of my favourite Disney films and I do not want to see it butchered along with my other favourites like The Little Mermaid, The Fox and the Hound, Cinderella, The Jungle Book, 101 Dalmatians.
    Good thing they haven't done a sequel to Snow White or Sleeping Beauty.
    Have you heard about this rumour for a Robin Hood sequel? If not then good. Not another classic messed up!

    I have a few ideas they can do:
    A Visit to Newgate - Charles Dickens
    The Tortise and the Hare- Aesop
    The Christmas Rose- Lizzie Deas
    Gift of the Magi -O.Henry
    Tom Brown's Schooldays- Thomas Hughes

    Please share your opinions on these.
    It is not just me you know, everyone who loves the classics would not like the sequels. It's because their little children want them and they sit and watch it with them and they think it's ruined the classic.
    Aimed at Liss Reynolds

    • ANSWER:
      Just don't see it if you don't have high hopes for it. I, personally, would be curious to see what they'd do in a Robin Hood 2. What plot it would contain. What would it hurt you if they made it? Not like they're going to hold you at gunpoint and force you to see it, you know. Millions of people might get enjoyment out of it.

      Edit: One of the reasons I'm not having kids. Heh. Don't have to watch crap I don't want to.

    What happened to Toon Disney?
    Remember when Disney XD used to be called Toon Disney.

    Toon Disney was established in late 1998 or early 1999.

    Remember some Classic Disney cartoon shows like House of Mouse (a TVshow starring Mickey Mouse), Recess, Chip 'n' Dale Rescue Rangers, Goof Troop, Pepper Ann, etc.

    Not g*y moronic teen shows from today like Sonny with a Chance, Wizards of Waverly Place, and Hannah Montana.

    The good show that is still on Disney Channel is Phineas and Ferb.

    My favorite Disney Channel show is House of Mouse. I love House of Mouse.

    I hate Hannah Montana. Hannah Montana is the dumbest show on air. I despise Hannah Montana, because Hannah Montana is girly and unoriginal. Hannah Montana is complete cow$h*t.

    Hannah has gotta go. Hannah .M. should be replaced with House of Mouse (some reruns of House of Mouse).
    Disney Channel was a home for masterpieces like House of Mouse.

    House of Mouse is an awesome cartoon, why did Disney Channel cancel it? House of Mouse is a great cartoon.

    Remember when Toon Disney used to have Toon Disney's big movie show, and they shows the original Disney films like Peter Pan (1953 film), Alice in Wonderland (1951 film), Bambi (1942 film), Rescuers (1977 film), Lion King, Tarzan (1999 film), Aristocats, Robin Hood (1973 film), etc.
    Classic films like this are fun for the whole family and have meaning. The old Disney films really include good morals.
    The Classic Disney films are awesome.
    The new Disney films are g*y.

    Classic Disney= awesome

    New Disney= g*y$h*t.

    Classic Disney is excellent.

    Do you agree with me?

    Why did Disney replace Toon disney with Disney XD?

    What can't Disney bring back old cartoon shows like House of Mouse, and Hannah Montana be gone forever.

    House of Mouse rules!!!!!

    Answer this question if you strongly agree with me?

    • ANSWER:
      I agree with you..

    Why did Pixar make Toy Story 3?
    I thought Toy Story 2 was the last one and why they did make the third part that it wasn't fair because it took wait so long for 11 years!

    • ANSWER:
      It took the all that time because Pixar, who made first 2, wasn't willing to do a 3rd one despite Disney's will to do another sequel. Disney went on a contentious negotiation to try and force them to do the film but they had the right to refuse any work on future sequels, so Disney eventually eventually turned to another production company to make the film.
      In 2006 when Pixar was bought by Disney they cancelled the other studio's version and, of course, put it back in Pixar's hands to do the work. They made a new movie from scratch archiving the other companies work.

      And there you have it, a profitable franchise that went through hell and back to finally return to the big screens in style just in time to grab another generation with the old classics appeal.

    Does anybody know about Vannessa hudgens?
    I need info on this pop star and what is going to happen to her. Will she be canceled?

    • ANSWER:
      last paragraph talks about the photo scandle. ok well here it is lets hope its the best answer.

      Vanessa Anne Hudgens, (also known simply as) Vanessa Hudgens, (born December 14, 1988 in Salinas, California[1]) is an American actress and singer. She made her screen debut in 2003 and appeared in the Hollywood films Thirteen and Thunderbirds, before reaching fame in the 2006 hit Disney Channel film, High School Musical. Hudgens also began a music career and released her debut album, entitled V, in 2006. In 2007, Hudgens became the spokesperson for Neutrogena.[2]

      Contents [hide]
      1 Early life
      2 Career
      2.1 Film and television
      2.2 Music
      2.3 Personal life
      2.4 Photo scandal
      3 Filmography
      4 Discography
      4.1 Albums
      4.2 Soundtracks
      4.3 Singles
      4.4 Other songs
      5 Footnotes
      6 External links

      Early life
      Vanessa Anne Hudgens was born on December 14, 1988; her younger sister, Stella Hudgens, is also an actress. She has been home-schooled since after her seventh-grade year at the Orange County High School of the Arts.[1] Her parents are Greg Hudgens and Gina Guangco.[3] In regards to her ethnic background, Vanessa was quoted:

      "Pretty much I'm Filipino and Caucasian, but within that, I'm Spanish, American Indian, Irish."[4]

      Starting at the age of eight, Hudgens performed in musical theater as a singer, and appeared in local productions of Carousel, The Wizard of Oz, The King and I, The Music Man, and Cinderella, among others.[5] Hudgens successfully auditioned for a commercial and subsequently moved to Los Angeles with her family, with whom she is still close.


      Film and television
      Hudgens began performing at an early age, appearing in musicals starting at age eight, by taking over a friend who couldn't go to the audition, and moved to Los Angeles after winning an audition for a commercial. She scored roles on shows such as Quintuplets, Cover Me, and Still Standing, then made her feature debut in Thirteen as Noel and appeared in the 2004 film Thunderbirds as Tintin. Her television appearances include guest roles on Quintuplets, Still Standing, The Brothers Garcia and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, as Corrie, a classmate of Maddie and London. Hudgens also appeared on Drake & Josh, playing Drake's girlfriend, Rebecca.

      Hudgens' largest role among teenage audiences has been starring in the Disney Channel movie High School Musical, which premiered in January 2006; BBC News said that the film's success turned Hudgens into a "household name" in North America.[6] Hudgens and Efron had won "Best Chemistry" award at the Teen Choice Awards for their roles.[7]

      As a result of the film's popularity, Hudgens was offered a contract by Old Navy to appear in multiple commercials for the company. Hudgens had previously appeared in a swimwear commercial for the company in 2005.[8] She also appeared in a Blockbuster commercial for no late fees, as the teenage daughter. Also, Hudgens is set to be the new face of Neutrogena in 2007, appearing in both film and print ads. Hudgens is also an endorser of the Ecko line. Hudgens participated in the Disney Channel Games 2006, which was filmed in April 2006 and aired two months later.

      Hudgens finished filming High School Musical 2 on April 13, 2007, in St. George and Salt Lake City, Utah. In both films, Hudgens stars as shy, intelligent Gabriella Montez. The film premiered on the Disney Channel on August 17, 2007.

      The first High School Musical spawned a hit soundtrack, a worldwide concert tour, a show at Walt Disney World, and even a book series that helped Hudgens land in Forbes magazine's list of top-earning stars under 21." In the list, the 18-year-old Hudgens was No. 7 with estimated earnings of million.[citation needed]

      Hudgens' debut album, entitled V, was released in early September 2006. She is signed with Hollywood Records, a Disney-owned record label. A music video for her first single, "Come Back To Me", debuted after the world premiere of The Cheetah Girls 2 in late August. The official music video for her second single, "Say OK", was first shown following the premiere of Disney's Jump In!

      "Let Go" and "Let's Dance" have both been used in commercials for ABC, "Let Go" for a Desperate Housewives commercial,[9] and "Let's Dance" for Dancing With The Stars. "Say OK" has also been used in commercials for ABC Family's Lincoln Heights.

      Hudgens has stated that she is interested in recording a second album sometime soon. In an August 2007 issue of TV Guide magazine, with the cast of High School Musical on the cover, Hudgens expressed interest in writing songs about the negative side of Hollywood and how it can change people.

      In August 2007 at the 2007 Teen Choice Awards, Hudgens was named the Choice Breakout Singer - Female, beating out other noteworthy nominees including American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee, Amy Winehouse, Corrine Bailey Rae and Lily Allen, who all have a decidedly older sound with their music.

      Personal life
      Hudgens confirmed in an interview with Teen Magzine that, as of August 2007, she was dating her High School Musical and High School Musical 2 co-star Zac Efron.[10][11]

      Photo scandal
      On September 6, 2007, controversy erupted after a nude photo of Hudgens surfaced online. A statement from her publicist claims that the photo was taken privately and it was "unfortunate" that it was released on the Internet.[12] Hudgens later apologized, saying that she was "embarrassed over the situation" and regretted having "taken [those] photos".[13] Disney Channel spokeswoman Patti McTeague indicated that Disney will still be working with Hudgens, stating, "Vanessa has apologized for what was obviously a lapse in judgment. We hope she's learned a valuable lesson."[14][15]

    Is Miley Cyrus not going to do Hannah Montana anymore?
    Is it true that miley so not going to do hannah montana anymore? I read that the show was being canceled and i just really would like to know. It is my favorate show and i will be so sad if it really does get canceled. if you could let me know that would be great.

    • ANSWER:
      No, internet sources seem to say it's a nasty rumor. The HM movie is expected to start filming next year.

      I don't think Disney would get rid of such a high money making image anyway.

    x-men origins magneto film (and Dr Strange film)?
    a couple of years ago I heard that they were going to make a x-men origins film about magneto, and it would be made after they had released the x-men origins Wolverine film.
    now I know a lot of magnetos origins were revealed in x-men first class but has the origins magneto film been cancelled or just delayed.
    on a similar thread does anyone know whats happening with the Dr Strange film - is it currently being film, release dates, storyline, whatever else

    • ANSWER:
      Due to First Class and the lack of progress with the X-men Origins: Magnito, which was started back in 2004, the movie has been canned by Fox.

      As for Dr. Strange, that is one of the stories Disney has approved to have scripts drawn up for Marvel Studios, but there is no script or approved budget at this time.

    Why are people still making fun of MICHAEL JACKSON?
    Okay i was on the internet yesterday and i heard some jokes about Michael Jacksons death.
    This made me sick, the poor man is already dead, how could you be so heartless?
    The jokes when he was alive was obviously rude also, but the man is dead, why cant people leave him alone and let him go?
    Even when Mike's brother said, "Maybe they will finally leave you alone, Michael"

    apparently not.

    here are some of the jokes in which "cheers them up":

    Q: What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and Disney films?
    A: Disney films can still touch kids.

    Michael Jackson had to cancel all of his up coming dates.

    They were named James(aged 9) and Thomas(aged 11)

    Q: What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett?
    A: About three hours.

    Did you hear? The Jackson Five are offering a 20 percent discount on their reunion!

    Will his organs continue to be donated to children?

    Michael Jackson did manage to whisper a brief message to paramedics on his way to the hospital… “Put me in the children’s ward.”
    Out of respect,
    McDonalds has released the McJackson burger,
    50 year old meat between 10 year old buns.

    Michael is the only person I know who was born a black man and died a white woman.

    I dont feel any emotion after MJ’s death… He never really touched me when I was younger…

    When Farrah Fawcett arrived at heaven, God granted her one wish. She wished for all the children to be safe.
    So God killed Michael Jackson.

    When Michael got to heaven, Elvis saw him and whispered in St. Peter’s ear. St. Peter then told MJ at the pearly gates, “Beat it. Just beat it.”

    Q: Why did Michael Jackson die on the same day as Farrah Fawcett?
    A: He didn’t want her to be the only white woman grabbing all the headlines.

    Apparently Michael Jackson died picking his nose. Doctors said they couldn’t blame it on the sunshine or the moonlight. They blamed it on the boogie.


    To all the Michael Jackson fans, when you’re laying in bed tonight, as a tribute to Michael, JUST BEAT IT.

    No embalming needed!

    Michael Jackson died of a heart attack? What did he do, walk into a room full of pre-schoolers?

    Well, at least he has practice burning.

    Q:What did Ed McMahon and Michael Jackson have in common?
    A: Ed always said “Here’s Johnny…” and Michael always said “Where’s Johnny…?”

    We really shouldn’t joke about MJ, think of all the people he touched, especially the children.
    heres the whole website:
    THE reason why i posted some jokes is to show how cruel people can be
    i had no intention to offend ANYONE
    And i am NOT contributing to these horrific jokes!
    i am not contributing to these jokes by posting them!
    i am not making the losers who laugh at these okes to do so!
    i am not contributing to these jokes by posting them!
    i am not making these people who laugh at these jokes to do so!

    • ANSWER:
      i cant stand the evil in the world.

    Is it time for Disney to release 'Song of the South' on DVD?
    I just saw this film for the first time since I was a boy and realise that much of it is embarassing to contemporary viewers, but it is so outrageous that it should never be seen again? Disney still markets the cartoon characters, and it contains the first Oscar-honoured performance by a black actor. Surely that's historic, and deserves to be seen rather than airbrushed out of history. The DVD could include a new featurette acknowledging the controversy and looking at its pros and cons. Birth of a Nation is worse and has been released on DVD, but will this have an ill effect on young minds? I'd be genuinely interested to hear what black people who have seen the film think about it.

    • ANSWER:
      Hello,Yes, this film should be released for everyone to form his own opinion. I have seen the film recently and I own a copy of it.I was very shocked by this Disney film over the racial imbalance portrayed in the film. I am afraid one needs more space than this small page to fully explore and discuss the film's problems.I do suggest for more information on post U.S.Civil War Era,look up on Google. Also take a peek at the other 1946 films which were being made.Then study
      the World War II returning soldiers and their families.Even the political atmosphere of 1946.And of course, you could read about the author of Uncle Remus tales,Joel Chandler Harris.And of course there should be plenty of articles on Walt Disney's decision to make the film in the first place and then to cancel the film's release.Anyone who really wants to find the answer to your question, needs to do some homework.

    Are they gonna cancel Zoey 101 or put it on hold?
    I know everyone thought they were a few mothes ago. but they are still playing new episodes?

    • ANSWER:
      Okay, why is everyone saying its cancelled, its not cancelled. Season 4 is the last season regardless of whether Jamie lynn spears is pregnant. Teen Nick decided to air season 4 since it has already been filmed and edited. All Nickelodeon shows have 4 season, it used to be the case with disney (they had a 3 season limit, until thats so raven broke that limit and became the first disney television series to have more than 3 seasons due to high popularity) Not long before season 4 was set to start, everyone found out about Jamie being pregnant. The last episode of Zoey 101 aired on May 2.

    Why doesn't Netflix have Disney movies?
    So I got Netflix so I could watch movies on my Xbox I have not seen in a while, such as Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, etc. Instead I cannot find a single Disney movie and I am rather disappointed. The only thing that makes me not regret getting Netflix is that they have My Little Pony. But yeah is there a certain reason they do not have and Disney movies? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      A lot of the major movie companies (Disney, Dreamworks, etc) won't license their films for streaming because they are afraid of losing revenue from DVD sales. I got Netflix to stream through my Wii because I thought it would be a convenient way to watch movies. Much to my disappointment, I found that their movie selection is very limited. More than 60% of their streaming media, and almost all of their "new releases" are TV shows. I hardly watch any TV, so I ended up canceling it after the free trial was up.

    sounds crazy but I thought they stopped filming...?
    on That's So Raven on Disney Channel...then there was a new episode on yesterday. ( My daughter is a Disney Channel Junkie so therefore I have to watch it too) Please let me know

    • ANSWER:
      i know i thought they cancelled it too but they are starting it back up i guess people let the producers know they wanted more of it so who knows

    OMG, is it true that AMC & OLTL are no longer being cancelled ?

    • ANSWER:
      BURBANK, CA – July 7, 2011 – ABC has licensed its iconic soaps, “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” to Prospect Park, it was announced today by Brian Frons, President, Daytime, Disney/ABC Television Group & Janice Marinelli, President, Disney/ABC Domestic Television and Rich Frank & Jeff Kwatinetz of Prospect Park.

      The exclusive multi-year, multi-platform deal enables the soaps’ stories to continue beyond their finale dates on ABC. ABC will broadcast its final episode of “All My Children” on Friday, September 23rd and will air the final episode of “One Life to Live” in January, 2012.

      The licensing agreement, brokered by Disney/ABC Domestic Television Group, enables Prospect Park to continue production of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” beyond their life on ABC. Prospect Park will produce and deliver the two long-running programs to consumers via online formats and additional emerging platforms including internet enabled television sets. Under the terms of the arrangement, the programs will continue to be delivered with the same quality and in the same format and length. Additional details of the new productions and tune-in will be forthcoming from Prospect Park.

      “We are privileged to continue the legacy of two of the greatest programs to air on daytime television, and are committed to delivering the storylines, characters and quality that audiences have come to love for over 40 years. ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’ are television icons, and we are looking forward to providing anytime, anywhere viewing to their loyal community of millions,” said Frank and Kwatinetz. “Technology changes the way the public can and will view television shows. Now that there are so many devices available in addition to television sets, viewers are taking advantage of watching shows wherever they are and on any number of devices. The driving force in making the switch and attracting new audiences is to have outstanding programs that people want to watch. We believe that by continuing to produce the shows in their current hour format and with the same quality, viewers will follow the show to our new, online network.”

      “’All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’ are iconic pieces of television history that captivated millions of fans since their beginning over 40 years ago,” said Frons. “Each of the shows have made an indelible mark on our culture’s history and informed our consciousness in their own way. We are so glad Prospect Park has assumed the mantel for these shows and that they will continue for the fans.”

      Marinelli continued, “From the time the shift in the daytime strategy was announced, our hope was to find a new home for these treasured shows. We are thrilled to license them to Prospect Park so the stories of life in Pine Valley and Llanview can continue to be told for the passionate and loyal fans that enjoy watching each day.”

      “I’m just so happy that ABC found a home where the legacies of ‘All My Children’ and ‘One Life to Live’ can continue. I’m excited for their future with Prospect Park,” added Agnes Nixon, creator of both “All My Children” and “One Life to Live.” “It takes a lot of living to make a soap opera a serial, and the wonderful teams on both shows have done just that. Together, we are a big family that keeps going, and I’m looking forward to working alongside these wonderful people as we ensure that the shows will continue with all the love and excitement we’ve always had. I also am so happy for our loyal fans, whom we love so much, and who have been so supportive over the last 40 plus years.”

      Prospect Park is a media and production company founded in 2009 by entertainment industry veterans Jeffrey Kwatinetz and former Disney Studios head Rich Frank. Along with successful film and music divisions, the company’s television group has numerous shows in development and breakout network hits airing, including “Royal Pains” and “Wilfred.”

      In April, ABC announced that it was expanding the focus of its daytime lineup to include more programming that is informative and authentic and centers on transformation, food and lifestyle. “The Chew,” an innovative and groundbreaking daily talk show that celebrates and explores life through food, will premiere on September 26th. “The Revolution,” a daily show about health and lifestyle transformations, will replace “One Life to Live” in January 2012 ."


    why did Disney shut down Lucas Arts?
    besides for being jack@$$e$, WHY
    F U C K Disney, i wanted star wars Star Wars 1313 and battlefront 3

    • ANSWER:
      Todd is right.

      Lucas arts being cancelled is a mercy killing.

      Lucas Arts has done NOTHING for years. It has failed in management again and again and hasn't produced a solid good game since Republic Commando.

      When these new Star Wars films come out, you better BELIEVE there are going to be Star Wars games. With Lucas Arts out of the way, this means OTHER game companies can make the games!

      This means you can get a Star Wars game made by Bethesda (Skyrim/Fallout) in the same sense of style. Bethesda didn't make Fallout 1 or 2. But the company that owned the rights to Fallout gave Bethesda licensing to make their next game and bam! We got an awesome Fallout 3 and New Vegas spin-off!

      I'm not saying Bethesda will make a Star Wars game but i'm saying other game companies WILL make them. Lucas Arts was NOT going to make Battlefront 3. It simply wasn't. But now that its up for grabs, we have a huge possibility of seeing it! And Star Wars 1313 isn't cancelled. It is put on hiatus until Disney finds somebody to take the project over.

      In short, Disney did the smart thing for everybody except the employees that were let go. We will now see MORE Star Wars games and of greater quality.

    Movie clubs DISNEY MOVIE CLUB?
    okay i already trien columbia house but what is disneys movie club like?
    Iam 19 no kids should i still sign up for the disney movie club or should i try another online club.

    • ANSWER:
      Disney Movie Club is a program where you create a profile and a list of Disney movies that you would like to own. They then set you up with a payment plan and regularly ship you a movie from your list. It is similar to netflix..if you have ever done that. You also get first round knowledge on upcoming disney releases. It is a great way to build a Disney collection. As far as you not having kids goes....its your perogative. I dont have kids BUT i am collecting Disney films because they arent available all the time... so getting a hold of them when they ARE available is vital. Since i am planning to have kids and I enjoy disney's movies on an adult level as well. Choosing to sign up for Disney's club depends on what you want. Obviously you can only get Disney movies from them. So if your goal is to build up a general movie collection another club would be better. I recommend the Disney Club 100% as the best way to build a Disney Collection. Its the only place with a complete and constantly updating list of what Disney movies are available and which ones will become available in the near future. And it is not just the animated classics. It is EVERYTHING disney has ever made.

      Another perk is that you can save tons of money. Disney movies on release retail after sales at .99! Thirty dollars for one film is expensive. The movie club offers great deals when you buy in groups. And they give you bonus movies for free or really cheap and tons of special offers on older films.

      Disney puts its films on a 7 year rotation. So being only 19 means nothing when collecting Disney films. For example, being 19, The Lion King is a Disney Classic of your generation. It is probably one you may like to own. Disney Released Lion King on DVD in 2005. When Disney releases a film they manufacture a set number of copies for the release and ship them out. Once all the copies sell. Thats it. If you didnt get one. Look for it in about a decade. They wont make any more copies of that film for another 7 years. Then the film is considered "In the Vault". This is why it can be very important to start your collection as soon as you decide youd like to own lots of Disney films.

      The Disney Club is a great way to do this.

      I dont know if this helps. Hopefully so.

      Below is an actual portion of the Terms and Conditions from Disney's website with a link to the main page. This excerp tells you about the program agreement.


      "As a Disney Movie Club member, all you need to do is buy 5 movies at regular Club prices in the next 24 months (starting at .95 per DVD), plus shipping and processing of .95 for the first title in each order, and .00 for each additional title in that same order. You may cancel your membership at any time after purchasing the 5 movies.

      By agreeing to purchase at least 5 regular-priced movies in the next 24 months, you qualify to receive 3 Disney DVDs of your choice from the list of titles currently available from the Disney Movie Club for .99 each. Shipping and processing is free. Please allow 2-4 weeks to receive your first shipment.

      YOU MAY ALSO TAKE A 4TH DVD NOW AT THE SPECIAL PRICE OF JUST .95. PLUS YOU PAY NO ADDITIONAL SHIPPING AND PROCESSING CHARGE. This Bonus Movie will even count towards your purchase commitment, so you'll only need to purchase 4 more movies in the next 24 months instead of 5.


      About every 4 weeks (up to 13 times a year) you will receive a mailing indicating the "Featured Title." Plus you may also receive up to 2 more seasonal Featured Title mailings a year. That's up to 15 buying opportunities a year! You can choose to receive the Featured Title, an alternate, or no movie at all. If you do not inform us of your choice within 10 days or by the date specified on the card (either by returning the card, visiting the website, or by calling the 800 number on the card), the Featured Title will be automatically shipped to you.

      When you join the Disney Movie Club, you may provide us with your credit card information (website accepts credit card orders only). You will be charged only for the movies that you order (including Featured Title shipments) plus shipping and processing. "

    Can people still make Michael Jackson jokes?
    Iam just curious...how they would make them..
    With Michael Jackson gone..what is there to joke about? I mean he wont be in the news anymore so i can u make jokes about him since he is dead? When he was alive you could say Did you hear Michael Jackson did this or did that..bla bla so how can the work around it?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, examples

      Q: What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and Disney films?
      A: Disney films can still touch kids.

      Michael Jackson had to cancel all of his up coming dates.

      They were named James(aged 9) and Thomas(aged 11)

      Q: What’s the difference between Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett?
      A: About three hours.

      Did you hear? The Jackson Five are offering a 20 percent discount on their reunion!

      Will his organs continue to be donated to children?

      Michael Jackson did manage to whisper a brief message to paramedics on his way to the hospital… “Put me in the children’s ward.”

      *Knock* *Knock*
      Who’s there?
      Not Micheal Jackson.

      Out of respect,
      McDonalds has released the McJackson burger,
      50 year old meat between 10 year old buns.

      Michael is the only person I know who was born a black man and died a white woman.

      I dont feel any emotion after MJ’s death… He never really touched me when I was younger…

      When Farrah Fawcett arrived at heaven, God granted her one wish. She wished for all the children to be safe.
      So God killed Michael Jackson.

      Bring on the thumbs down

    Did you see Tangled? Why did people LOVE it so much?
    I mean it was a good movie and all... but not amazing.

    • ANSWER:
      I know exactly what you mean. I went to see Tangled twice. Once because the movie we wanted to watch was cancelled so we saw 'Tangled' instead, and once because I got dragged along with my mates to see it. I thought it was okay. It didn't blow me away, I neither hated or loved it. Pretty much a nice way to spend two hours in the afternoon. However, my mates OBSESS over it (We're all 19). Like, it's their new favourite film. I can only assume it's for the usual reasons. Tangled is the last purely Disney film to be made before everything gets sold to Pixar. It's the last Disney movie, so people out of nostalgia will love it. Secondly, those who were brought up on Disney (I never was as my Dad hated it) will love Tangled because again of the nostalgic element; it's like going back to being a child again for two hours. Thirdly, it's very traditionally Disney in the terms of 'beautiful lady meets handsome man, has a few hiccups then gets married'. There are also songs throughout and a nice soundtrack. These are the main 'ingredients' for a Disney film and they have worked well in the past. It will obviously work well again. However, unlike the old Disney, these characters have got ATTITUDE, they aren't the soppy icons of the 1950's. An audience will engage well with this because it's being 'modern' and 'new' (even though it really isn't), and pandering to popular culture. Success in a film is mostly about finding out what will please an audience most. Disney has been very influential since the release of 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarves', and with Tangled they have merely 'Disney-fied' another well known Fairy Tale and put it on the big screen. However, with a few role reversals, this Disney magic has become contemporary.

    This old Nickelodeon tv show "My Brother and Me", does anyone know about it?
    I used to watch this show on Nick, I think it was My Brother and Me, or something like that. I think Tahj Mowry (he played on Smart Guy on Disney) starred in it. All I remember is that he lived with his older brother and I think he had a sister with a crazy friend, but I don't know if I'm right.

    • ANSWER:
      Series Credited cast:
      Arthur Reggie III .... Alfred 'Alfie' Parker
      Ralph Woolfolk IV .... Derek 'Dee Dee' Parker
      Jimmy Lee Newman .... Milton 'Goo' Berry
      Aisling Sistrunk .... Melanie Parker
      Karen E. Fraction .... Jennifer Parker
      Jim R. Coleman .... Roger Parker
      Amanda Seales .... Dionne
      Kym Whitley .... Ms. Pigney (as Kym E. Whitley)
      Keith 'Bubba' Naylor .... Harry White
      Stefan J. Wernli .... Donnel Wilburn

      Only Nickelodeon live action show to be filmed entirely on a sound stage.

      Although only 13 episodes were aired, 3 episodes were canned in the editing stage after it was decided that the show would be canceled ("Goo's Girlfriend", "The Family Reunion", and "Winter Break").

      Almost all extras and minor roles were either played by the crew or audience members

      The various outside shots are of Charlotte, N.C., and some of its suburbs.

    Disney Channel on DVD?
    What are the chances of Disney Chalnnel putting the complete seanons of 'Phil of the Future', 'Hannah Montana', 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody', 'That's so Raven', and 'Lizzie McGuire' on DVD?
    If they would do it I would be first on line to buy... why won't they?

    • ANSWER:
      Lizzie Mcguire..maybe they already have a few episodes out so why not
      Thats So Raven, very popular. that HAS to..theres already a lot of DVDs of it
      Hannah Montana...give it a little time its a new show, im sure they will it is immensely popular. besides they have The Suite Life of Hannah Montana already so i wouldnt see why not.
      all these shows will probly take some time to get out...people are slow on these things..i didnt think they were gonna have a real DVD of Sabrina the teenage witch season after season..but they just got the first season coming out
      as for Phil of the Future..sadly im afraid not. it doesnt seem to be popular enough. if a show is hardly popular, Disney Channel does not do much for it. they were hardheaded enough not to keep filming it..when there was no legitimate reason to cancel it. theyll probly be hardheaded about this. you have to MAKE them listen though, find an online petition about the DVD and sign it. there is a petition out for not cancelling it, should be one for releasing DVDs. i think i saw one at one time but i dont remember the address. go to http://www.potfisland.proboards42.com
      search on the board but if you dont find an answer and you dont feel like joining ask them about it on the guest board. it doesnt take too long to get a reply..it has been kinda dead over there but im sure youll find somebody thats still pretty regular. i would suggest joining though..youll get a reply much faster if you post in the "exclusive" boards.

      P.S. they are NOT making a Phil of the Future movie. this is a definite fact at the moment..the movie is a rumor.

    Disney Movies on DVD? Only Limited Amount?
    I've been looking for some of the older Disney movies on DVD.

    Sleeping Beauty, Snow white, Beauty and the Beast etc. Most places I find say "coming soon".

    Well I found them on Amazon, but none of them are new? And most are going for or more.

    Did they only come out with a limited amount?

    Does anyone know where I can buy them new, or cheapter?

    Oiy...maybe I should just start saving now. Have the "Disney Savings" lol

    And just hold off till the next form of DVD's comes out geez.

    But thank you to all who answered, that was very helpful. I was getting so confused, because we would watch say Cinderella and it would announce Beauty and the Beast comming June 2004 or whatever, and them I'm left going where is the dang movie?

    • ANSWER:
      It's one of the biggest collector markets.

      "Limited" is usually a 1-2 year run. Just get 2 copies the day of release and make a backup copy. Part of it has to do with keeping demand up and when the newer version comes out, people will buy that new version.

      Thing is, you never know what could delay or cancel a release. I think most of the Classic and "new wave of" Disney films have been released.

      Someone sold my Disney DVDs a couple of years ago, but I was able to find most of them in used stores.

      "Beauty and the Beast" is the hardest to find (because they put a 10 year moratorium on it, "Snow White" got 7 years) and most expensive out of the limited releases. I've seen it for unopened.

      "Disney Treasures" are more collectible (more so the cartoons than the live action), but they wind up putting the cartoons out on budget DVDs.

      You can prob. easily find most of the ones that have been released since 2004 pretty easily. I would start with Lion King and work my way up.

      The next round is going to be Disney on Blu-Ray.

    Ever noticed the low production value of disney's "That's so raven" when compared to "Phil of the Future"?
    Why is the only live action black series look like it was recorded with a cheap camcorder. And all the other disney series like like a professional tv series?

    • ANSWER:
      Actually I did notice that. its because Raven recorded with video and other shows use film. gives them a cleaner look. as to why? I guess to cut cost. but the series is cancelled. However:

      Cory in the House, which features two characters from the network's hit comedy That's So Raven.

      In the series, Kyle Massey and Rondell Sheridan will reprise the roles they have played for the past four years--Cory and Victor Baxter, a son and father now making the move to the White House.

      While Raven goes off to college and mom Tanya moves to the UK to finish law school, Victor is handpicked to be the personal chef to the newly elected president. He and Cory move into the staff quarters of the White House and must contend with characters including the president's sly 8-year-old daughter and his no-nonsense personal adviser.

    Does anybody know what happened to the twins in the sitcom "Sister Sister"?
    I think they were called Tia and Tamera Mowry.

    • ANSWER:
      Tamera Mowry (born July 6, 1978) is an American actress. She first gained fame for her role opposite her identical twin sister Tia Mowry in the sitcom Sister, Sister.
      She is best known for playing Tamera Campbell, a twin separated at birth and reunited with her sister as a teenager in the show Sister, Sister. The series was developed for them after a producer spotted them on the set of Full House, a show on which their brother made regular appearances. Mowry also appears in Full House in the episode "The Devil Made Me Do It" in which Michelle Tanner runs away to Teddy's (their brother Tahj Mowry) house. Sister, Sister was initially on ABC but was cancelled by the network after two years and picked up by the WB, where it ran for another four years. During its run, they appeared on an episode of their brother Tahj Mowry's show Smart Guy. They also did voiceover work for the Kids' WB cartoon series Detention.

      After the show ended, both Mowry and her sister studied psychology at Pepperdine University. They both appeared in the movie The Hot Chick playing cheerleaders. Mowry played Dr. Kayla Thornton on the Lifetime series Strong Medicine from 2004 until February 2006, when the show went off the air. In 2005, they both starred in the Disney Channel film Twitches. They will return for the sequel, Twitches 2: Back to Coventry.

    "What are the the Disney movies that are cancelled?"?

    • ANSWER:
      if by cancelled you mean unreleased :


      and the latest in this list is 'Lone Ranger' starring Johhny Depp :(

disney films cancelled