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Frequently Asked Questions

    is so easy to became a movie star or a famous singer in hollywood?
    i wanna go to hollywood to try to find a movie casting. i think there are so many possibilities to became a movie star in hollywood aren't it?

    • ANSWER:
      It's easy like winning the lottery is easy. It doesn't take that much work to land a role, it just takes a ton of luck.

      If you have stunning looks, you have a small shot. Getting onto one of the talent reality shows is a possibility. Another option is to find some film school majors and work for free, while supporting yourself. If you have great talent, working free to get noticed should be a good investment.

      Lots of stars seem to have gone to acting schools, so that seems to at least help.

      Of course, it still all comes down to luck, even for all but the "names". Actors live in constant fear of not getting another part, which might explain some of the stupid things they get into the papers for.

      Good luck.

    How do you become a casting Director?
    I hate how in movies casting directors choose the wrong people. So do any of you have advice for me to follow? Or a casting directors email? just wondering.

    • ANSWER:
      Usually, this job is referred to as casting agent. Casting agents work with directors to narrow down all who have auditioned for their movie. Nearly everyone who is big in the business began in theater. It is important to get experience in theater, whether it be interning, student-directing, stage managing, etc. Start with your local theater company, and see if they can have you do anything. Let people in the business know that you're interested in becoming a casting agent, and meet people! It's not easy, but if you have a passion for it, go ahead!
      Best of luck

    Where can I find free info on movie auditions/casting in Canada?
    I'm interested in movie acting--even as an extra. I live in Canada and am looking for a free website that will give an easy list of movies/films open for audition.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, you can set up a free acount on actorsaccess.com. It's free to get all the audition info, however if you want to submit yourself for auditions electronically it will cost. If you subscribe to Showfax ( per year) then you get unlimited submissions for a year. Not a bad deal if you do not have an agent and you live in an area where there are a lot of things going on. If you're in Toronto, I think it'd be worth looking into. With Showfay you would get the sides (script pages) for the auditions as well.

      For extra work try extrasaccess.com

      Or you can do a free search on backstage.com, but if you want to see all the info you will either have to subscribe (pay) or you can look it up yourself for free via internet search if you can see enough info from the free search. Theatres often have the info on their own sites so thats easy enough to find.

      Good luck!

    Where can I find free info on movie auditions/casting in Canada?
    I'm interested in movie acting--even as an extra. I live in Canada and am looking for a free website that will give an easy list of movies/films open for audition.

    • ANSWER:
      ask canadian actors

    How can I find casting calls for TV and film projects with speaking roles that happen in Pittsburgh?
    Everytime a movie or tv show comes to Pittsburgh there are only extra roles that are open. I'm 19 and I can't move from home. I'm in school as well but if I can get an opportunity to get on a tv show or movie then it will make movie easier. Is there a way to get to a casting call for a show or movie being filmed in Pittsburgh without catching a plane?

    • ANSWER:
      Check here:


      Good Luck!

    If a movie is going to be filmed in my area, is it easy to become an extra for the scene being filmed?
    The new Johnny Depp movie Public Enemies is going to be filmed in WI. I would love to be an extra in whatever scene they are filming, which i think is a bank robbing scene. Is there a way to become an extra in it? Or are you allowed to show up and just watch the filming? Anyone got any tips.

    • ANSWER:
      This story takes place in the '30s, so all the extras (union and non-union) will have to wear period clothing. I mention that because it means they probably aren't going to have a non-union call for hundreds of non-professional actors to be in a crowd scene. That would be the easiest way to get into a film, especially if you live in a smallish town. (A production will sometimes air commercials with a website telling you how to be in a crowd scene, but I couldn't find one for this movie.) If there aren't a lot of movies filmed in your area, there's little infrastructure for Hollywood casting agents, so try calling local agencies. They won't be flying extras in from New York or Los Angeles. Generally, keep your eyes peeled. Read the newspaper.

    I want to make a movie prop from resin. How do I begin? What's a good material to make a mold with?
    I'm planning on making the armor pieces to Kroenen's armor out of resin (the clockwork guy in Hellboy). I need to know how to begin. Should I start with a clay prototype, or what other material can I use? I need to make a mold so that I can use that mold to cast the resin in the finished shape and detail that. I have four pieces to make (ask me for a pic) and attach together with hinges. I also have to put leather pieces on it as well. I am choosing resin so it'll have some noticeable weight and not be easily breakable. The pieces have to be at least a quarter of an inch thick on the base, with raised relief scrollwork. This is a project for a collector, and I want to make sure I get it perfect. If anyone knows the process of handmade molding, please please help!!

    • ANSWER:
      To begin you must identify where your sculpting skills lay. If you have less experience with such; i would receommend using a hard polymer clay. Caustion do not use a sulferated clay (the clay's packaging will usually note this) Sulfurated clay will have cure inhibition (it will jack the mold up later) A recommended clay is Chavant NSP a preferred fx sculpting clay for begginers and advanced artists. Choose a hard clay to be more forgiving with bumps or retooling for pre finishing work. Your sculpt at this point does not have to be perfect, but must be very close to what you imagine as such. Once you completed sculpting all of the Kroenen peices that you wish. You can spray coat the sculpts with a transparent coating like Krylon clearcoat. Go to smooth-on.com to purchase mold materials. They have some basic how to's also. I would recommend using a platinum silicone brush on material. The reason is such a mold compund is a little pricier but can get the job done relativly fast, and you will spend less in the end compared to using a pour type urethane or silicone block mold. From this point i would have to refer you to the smooth-on technical bulitins on the mold making process for they are all different between products. After molding and casting you can take the "rough" unfinished peices and begin with sanding startign with a rough to fine levels. You can use an automotive primer from the auto store to give it a base coat to be paintable without translucency. Then you can either try to spray it yourself with an auto spraypaint or take it to an auto painting business which may charge you about a hundred bucks for all the pieces for four coats of paint. Thats where to start. You'll quickly learn theres alot more to it, but Kroenens a good start for such a proprietary trade. Its difficult but easier to obtain due to some of the simplistic designs of the costume.

    What are some good movie making programs?
    Yeah i need to know stuff like screen cast o matic etc. programs that ARE free and wont give my computer viruses!
    cuz i want to upload videos on youtube but i need some good programs!

    • ANSWER:
      Hi, if you are looking for a good movie making program for youtube, that's easy, you can follow me to use Youtube Movie Maker to help you, it can be used to make and upload youtube videos from various videos, pics, songs, musics, texts/lyrics, words, etc, you can download it from makeyoutubevideo.com, and view below channel for some online guides youtube.com/easymakevideo, hope it can help you.

    What is the easiest way to get into background acting?
    I have searched all over the internet for casting agencies, and all i seem to find is talent hunter and things of that nature. I could use some help figuring out how to go about getting in to background acting. I live in topeka, Kansas. i am over 21.
    I know there is not much in topeka. that said i am needing help finding the agencies to look for around me. like chicago, oklahoma. places like that. thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Is anything filmed in Topeka? If you want to go to a nearby larger city where you know there are tv shows and movies filmed, than search the internet or facebook for extras castings in those cities. You do NOT need an agent to be an extra. I live in Atlanta, and we have tons of tv shows and movies being filmed here. In my city, there are three extras casting groups that the best way they communicate about opportunities is on Facebook. They'll just post a certain age group or look they need and you email them your picture and measurements or whatever they call for. It's SO easy to be an extra. ANYONE can do it - you need zero experience cause all you're doing is sitting or walking in the background. Personally, I think it can be fun to be on a movie set but you're not going to be chatting it up with Brad Pitt. You may get to say hello or get a picture but alot of sets kick you off if you bring your camera or even speak to them first. So be wary. Also - what's even better than being an extra is being someone's stand-in. You get paid more and it's also cast by extras and requires zero experience. You just have to be the right height/weight of the main actor they need a stand-in for. All of this is very boring work and you get paid maybe -/day. But it's a cool thing to do atleast once.

    What are some good movies that have action and romance in them?
    I really like movies that have action and romance in them but have a hard time finding them. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Heavy Metal1981
      Mad Max 21981
      Raiders of the Lost Ark1981
      The Cannonball Run1981
      Superman II1981
      48 Hours1982
      Blade Runner1982
      Conan the Barbarian1982
      First Blood1982
      Rocky III1982
      Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan1982
      48 Hrs.1982
      Blue Thunder1983
      The Keep1983
      Never Say Never Again1983
      Star 801983
      Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi1983
      Superman III1983
      Sudden Impact1983
      Alley Cat1984
      Beverly Hills Cop1984
      Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom1984
      The Last Starfighter1984
      The Pope of Greenwich Village1984
      Red Dawn1984
      Repo Man1984
      Romancing the Stone - Golden Globe Award for Best Picture (Musical or Comedy)1984
      Star Trek III: The Search for Spock1984
      A View to a Kill1985
      Year of the Dragon1985
      52 Pick-Up1986
      Big Trouble in Little China1986
      Black Moon Rising1986
      The Delta Force1986
      Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives1986
      Heartbreak Ridge1986
      Top Gun1986
      Adventures in Babysitting 1987
      Bad Taste1987
      Beverly Hills Cop II1987
      The Big Easy1987
      Empire of the Sun1987
      Enemy Territory1987
      Full Metal Jacket1987
      Ground Zero1987
      Hamburger Hill1987
      The Hidden1987
      Lethal Weapon1987
      The Living Daylights1987
      The Monster Squad1987
      Mr. Nice Guy1987
      No Way Out 1987
      A Prayer for the Dying1987
      The Running Man1987
      Someone to Watch Over Me1987
      The Adventures of Baron Munchausen1988
      The Big Easy1988
      Crocodile Dundee II1988
      The Dead Pool1988
      Die Hard1988
      I'm Gonna Git You Sucka1988
      Midnight Run, starring 1988
      The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!1988
      Off Limits1988
      Phantasm II1988
      Rambo III1988
      Shoot to Kill / Deadly Pursuit1988
      They Live1988
      Young Guns1988
      The Abyss1989
      Back to the Future Part II1989
      Black Rain1989
      Farewell to the King1989
      For Queen and Country1989
      Ghostbusters II1989
      Henry V1989
      Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade1989
      Lean on Me1989
      Lethal Weapon 21989
      Licence to Kill1989
      Lock Up1989
      The Mighty Quinn1989
      Road House1989
      Tango & Cash1989
      Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls1995
      Bad Boys1995
      Crimson Tide1995
      The Crossing Guard1995
      Die Hard with a Vengeance1995
      The Hunted1995
      Mortal Kombat1995
      Rob Roy1995
      Strange Days1995
      Under Siege 2: Dark Territory1995
      Broken Arrow1996
      Courage Under Fire1996
      Executive Decision1996
      From Dusk Till Dawn1996
      Independence Day1996
      Last Man Standing1996
      Mars Attacks!, directed by Tim Burton with an all-star cast1996
      Mission: Impossible1996
      Police Story 4: First Strike1996
      Rumble in the Bronx 1995
      Set It Off1996
      Star Trek: First Contact1996
      The Arrival1996
      The Long Kiss Goodnight1996
      The Rock1996
      The Substitute1996
      Air Force One1997
      Alien Resurrection1997
      The Assignment1997
      Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery, directed by Jay Roach and starring Mike Myers1997
      Con Air1997
      The Edge1997
      The Fifth Element1997
      First Time Felon1997
      The Game1997
      Starship Troopers1997
      Super Speedway1997
      Tomorrow Never Dies1997
      Deep Impact1998
      Enemy of the State1998
      Lethal Weapon 4, starring Mel Gibson, Danny Glover, Joe Pesci, Rene Russo and Chris Rock, directed by Richard Donner1998
      The Man in the Iron Mask1998
      The Mask of Zorro1998
      The Negotiator1998
      Rush Hour1998
      Saving Private Ryan1998
      Small Soldiers, starring Gregory Smith, Kirsten Dunst, David Cross, Jay Mohr, Phil Hartman, and Denis Leary, voices by Frank Langella andTommy Lee Jones, directed by Joe Dante1998
      Star Trek: Insurrection1998
      The Thin Red Line1998
      Who Am I?1998
      Reindeer Games2000
      Romeo Must Die2000
      Rules of Engagement2000
      Mission: Impossible II2000
      Shanghai Noon2000
      Gone in 60 Seconds2000
      The Patriot2000
      The Perfect Storm2000
      Hollow Man2000
      The Way of the Gun2000
      Kingdom of Heaven2005
      Unleashed: Danny the Dog2005
      Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith2005
      Mr. & Mrs. Smith2005
      Batman Begins2005
      War of the Worlds2005
      Fantastic Four2005
      The Island2005
      Four Brothers2005
      The Great Raid2005
      Transporter 22005
      Into the Blue2005
      The Legend of Zorro2005
      Æon Flux2005
      Tristan and Isolde2006
      Running Scared2006

    How do canadian/australian actors get work in american movies?
    Like how did actors such as ellen page and hugh jackman get work in big american movies without actually moving there!? Because they are both still only citizens of their home country. So how have they managed to get work in L.A while still inctheir own country????

    • ANSWER:
      Generally they get a well-respected reputation in their own country which makes it easier for them to get the necessary work visa and other paperwork to legally work in the US. Their talent agents probably have contacts in the US and work to get them auditions here. They may have a good enough body of work in their home countries that casting directors/producers here in the US feel comfortable that they understand what the actor can do and don't feel it's necessary for them to come to the US to audition. They could even join the SAG-AFTRA actors union (you don't have to be a US citizen to join). Basically an actor is going to have to be pretty committed to attempting to have a career in America.

    How do I turn a script into a movie?
    I am currently working on a script for a movie. I enjoy thinking ahead on things like this and I am curious as to how EXACTLY to get my script turned into a movie. I am working VERY hard and get all the bits and pieces precise. I really would looove for this to work. Please help.

    • ANSWER:
      2 ways:

      Both wont be easy

      1. Make the movie yourself...
      to do this you need:
      Script (make sure someone else like it)
      Camera (preferable digital with video capture)
      Cast (at least one person or animal)
      Setting (might cost you to use the place)

      Then take this movie to a Film Festival. Several of them happen all the time (at least once a year)

      2, Try to get professionals to make it.
      This will be easier but no guarantee.

      First: Write the script and make sure someone likes it beside you.
      2nd. Get it copyrighted. If you dont and some company takes it and likes it they can claim they dont even know ya and no one will care what you say.
      3rd. Hire a agent. This could cost a bunch
      4th.. Agent will try to sell it

      No film Company cares for free lancer scripts.. Whatever you write they've had 100 all ready of.

      So yoiu have those two choices.

    How do i make my idea a movie?
    I have a really good idea for a movie. I was trying to write it as a book but the situation is hard to write, and when i try to make it a book i just say "this sucks it would make a great movie"
    I'm only sixteen but the story is based on something i've been through but with a twist at the end. Who do i talk to to get this thing going?

    • ANSWER:
      as for the idea of calling some production company... no one will care.

      this is your only choices:

      the easy way or the hard way

      1. write a script, make sure someone not close to you likes it. Make sure you describe things in detail "A guy walks into a room" wont do. "John walked into a room filled with light, flowing curtains," and such is how you do it.

      2. get it copyrighted. Probably will cost ya. If you dont and try sending it in, then someone might like it, claim it as their own and you can cry all you want.

      3. hire a agent, they will try to sell your script.

      Companies have their own screen writers and unless your story is BIG they wont care.

      The hard way

      make your own movie, get cast, cameras, places to film it

      then take it to a independent film festival
      and try to sell it.

    How do you become an actor in small movie or tv roles?
    I don't mean how do you become a famous actor but like actors that work on tv shows movies with small roles? I've done some acting in high school. I'm now 22 and just curious.

    • ANSWER:
      The same way as you become an actor other roles in TV or movies - through a talent agent. Companies invest a lot of money into their productions and they trust that investment to trained and experienced professionals - so auditions and casting is done through talent agents. Those roles are filled by professional actors - so they belong to the actors union (SAG-AFTRA). It's a business.

      If you're talking about extra work/background actors - you don't need an agent for that. The easiest way is to join a casting company that provides extras for movies and TV shows. You have to live where the filming takes place and be available on short notice. Casting companies are NOT talent agents. They don't represent you like an agent would. It's more like they're a job clearinghouse matching up background actors with different productions and they either charge a fee for joining or take a commission on the work you get.

    What would you want to see or not like in a Legend of Zelda movie?
    I think it is very possible to make this movie without dialogue from Link as the main character. If you think of stories like Tarzan, or films like Wall-E and the Jungle Book (the live action one with Jason Scott Lee) would they have been better if they did talk? Who would you cast to play the role of Link? Would it be easier if perhaps, Link was not the focus of the story (after all, it is not called the Legend of Link). If not him who would you base the adventure on?

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe you're on to something, the (surprisingly high production value) fan-made Zelda movie trailer Link didn't speak, and I think he's better not speaking. It's not that he can't, it's that it would ruin his well loved established silent reputation. I was curious if
      Soul Caliber II would ruin that streak because of all the character vocals, but I'm glad he just grunted and yelled.

      I cannot imagine a Zelda movie though, exposition layed out by other characters on screen, which would be a necessity, or droning by a villain in love with his own voice, would seem rather silly and take away from the serious tone all together

      Also one movie cannot possibly do the Zelda franchise justice on the big screen. Elements would be rushed, skipped, or mangled all together in the transition which would create a legion of unhappy fans who would prefer it didn't get made in the first place. Even in the hands of a director with a passion for the series it would take a series of movies to get one story right (like Ocarina, Twilight Princess, or Link to the Past). The order presented would also spark voracious debate and dissent throughout the fan community (which really isn't that big a deal to some, but to others... Yeesh).

      A mish mash of the stories into a collaborative whole with allusions to others as a stand alone saga is the only way it can probably be done

      I don't know how a Zelda movie could be made, I'd love to see one, but only if it was done right (but still don't know how it could be pulled off). And yes, Link would be better off with a nonspeaking role

    What are the movies easy to make to a theatrical play?
    We just have around 30 people to cast and a small budget. This is just a classroom performance. (about 2 hours)

    • ANSWER:
      Considering this is a classroom performance, you could always do a teen movie since the actors are the right age and stuff. How about 10 Things I Hate About You (The Taming of the Shrew) or She's the Man (Twelfth Night) They're based on Shakespeare plays so they shouldn't be hard to convert back into play form. And you could do Romeo + Juliet the Leonardo Dicaprio verson. It would be similar to the play Romeo and Juliet, just mordernized like the movie! Same script and everything!Plus, the budget wouldn't be very big.

    How do you know when theres try-outs for movies or T.V shows? ?
    I would love to be in a movie or a T.V show as a main character or not! I can never find where the try-outs are. Is there some kind of a site that tells you? Any help would be great! Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      listen to them about the whole agent thing.
      i have signed up for previous sites in the past about casting calls but they will never be in your area. only hollywood areas.

      agents are you safest bet...yet their difficult to pinpoint and even agents are hard to get...

      ah the agent thing.

      sorry but its not gonna be a walk in the park....

      1) any previous acting experience onstage?
      2) taken any acting classes?
      3) live nearby an agency. you can look up talent agencies online and in the yellow pages

      4) they look for professional recent headshots. Photographer quality. this can be pricey.

      5) Have good audition experience. Most agencies look for this because they want to know what they're going to be representing before hand. And they want to see if you have the talent. The best way to be prepared for this is to have all the audition experience you can get, whether its just audtitioning for local community theatre or what.

      6) don't get ripped off. Some agencies are nothing but a scam. As a starting career, don't look to shed out big bucks to these people unless they are ligit and can promise you a blossoming career. If they demand a high amount of money, they're not worth it. That is until, your making more money off of gigs they got you.

      its not easy and i'm not sayng it can't be done, but there are so many things they look for, its nearly impossible. You literally have to be one in a million these days.

      So confide in close friends and family members...let them know this is what you want cause your gonna need all the support you can get.

      Most importantly...be yourself. don't change for anybody or because you think they'll like it better if you act a certain way. be original. thats what stands out.

    How do you get a career into making/directing your own movies AND acting in them?
    i want to create my own movie one day. that has been my dream and goal since i was very young. how do you do it?

    • ANSWER:
      Oh, the greatest way to do it!
      Very excellent . . .

      Study filmmaking . . .
      Lots of books and/or courses . . .
      And when it is time fro college, well, study filmmaking.

      Steven Spielberg who went to school in my hometown of Phoenix, AZ did it in high school

      He wrote scripts and put together the cast, among his friends, etc. and videotaped the movies and put them up at the high school.

      Quentin Tarantino wanted to be an actor, initially: So, he wrote movies, gave himself a part in them and began making his own films. You can do it that way far easier than depending on some casting directors or luck of the draw of becoming an actor first.

      Make you own opportunites. We are all big fans of the "independent" films; which is what many wanna be directors and/or actors and/or screenwriters are doing. So, they can keep their creative power. Do it yourself.

      There's also schools just for filmmaking:

      The Los Angeles Film School
      The New York Film Academy

      And colleges which offer filmmaking programs.

      Go for it!

      While in school . . . if you still are, yes, take your drama classes, etc. and do school plays to really understand the acting world. In the meantime, if you school has an audio/visual department (as we did in Phoenix, AZ); you can also be involved with them.

      Write short films and rent, buy or borrow a camcorder and make these films with friends, etc. and put them on YouTube and ENTER them in student film contests for your age. Lots of them, just check out google and maybe "student film contests" or "student film festivals", etc.

      This is so much fun!

      And remember, when it's time . . . there is an Academy Award section for short films/documentaries. The short film requires the film be at least 20 minutes long. Feature length is considered 120 minutes or more.

      If you are so inclined, also check out screenwriting classes or books. Or get a friend with a writing talent to write the movies with you as collaborator.

    How do I find open casting calls?
    I really want to start acting, or even being in a movie as an extra would be great too! The problem is that I can not find where any open casting calls are. Where is an easy place to find them? Another thing, how can I find an agent? Where do I look?

    • ANSWER:
      Find an agent by going to www.google.com and search up "talent agencies in (your state.)" Then research the agency a little bit, and make sure they are NOT a scam. I don't recommend John Robert Powers. Oh, and for open casting calls go to www.craigslist.org, click on your state, search up "auditions," and make sure the category is in "gigs." Good luck!

    How long before casting directors hold callbacks for movie roles?
    I auditioned for a lead role in a movie last Friday. They were accepting submissions until today, the 29th. So does anyone know about how long before casting directors usually do callbacks after their deadline??? I know that the movie begins shooting in 2 weeks.

    • ANSWER:
      As an actor that is not your real concern. The question you really need to ask is: When is my next audition? You never stop auditioning because auditions are the (financially) easiest thing a filmmaker can do. What guarantee do you have that this picture is actually funded? None. What if they cancel callbacks? So you keep moving and do the next thing. If they call: great, if not:you"ve forgotten those losers by then.

      Your career should be in your hands not theirs.

    What acting oppertunities would a teenager in Missouri have as far as acting?
    I am 14 and i would like to expand my acting carrier. I have been an extra in a movie, an extra in a music video and a lead role in my school's play. I just don't know of any acting opportunities in Missouri. Can anyone help me?

    • ANSWER:
      Step 1
      Enroll in some acting classes. Without these, you will get absolutely nowhere in the business. For starters, I would suggest a basic acting or theatre class. If you’re looking to break into film or television acting, I would suggest taking an on camera acting workshop to get familiar with working on a set. Basic classes shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred dollars, if that. Stay away from companies such as John Robert Powers, Barbizon, or the like. These are scams. Many classes are offered at your local theater. With some research on the internet or the phone book, finding an acting class for you will be easy. In addition to acting classes, try getting into singing or dance lessons. These will make you a better overall performer and give you a real leg up over the competition!

      Step 2
      After you’re enrolled in an acting class, it’s time to move onto the next step: gaining experience. Audition for local theater productions, school and church plays, and independent films. The most important thing is to get involved as much as you can! As an amateur actor, you will not automatically start out by doing films and television shows. It would be a major plus if you landed some leads or major roles in a production. Some local modeling and commercial gigs require no experience, so try looking into that also. To find auditions, call your local theater company or contact a local community college, which may be holding auditions for student films, which look great on any resume. If you are looking into auditioning for Disney Channel, please don’t send your audition tapes. Unless you have an agent and an impressive resume, you won’t even be considered – you’ll just be wasting the casting directors and your time. Also, “casting call” websites are not a good place to start. Many of those sites are usually scams or require you to pay money.

      Step 3
      Now that you’ve been taking acting classes and have some experience in acting, it’s time to begin your long journey in the business. The first step is to get 8x10 color headshots of yourself. When you are just starting out, don’t make these too expensive. Once you land an agent you’ll most likely be asked to get new headshots anyway. Get about fifty of these prints to start. Next you need to create a resume, which is a written copy of all previous acting training and experience, as well as your statistics and skills. You can go to http://www.bestsampleresume.com/acting-r… to find the best format for you. Paste your resume to the back of your headshot. This is your business card in the acting world, so make it a good reflection of you! Don’t embellish your resume. You are now ready for the next step, and perhaps the most challenging and exciting step... getting an agent.

      Step 4
      You now have your business card for the acting business so now it’s time for the most important step which is getting an agent! Agents help find auditions and casting calls for you to attend and they should not cost you anything, so never pay an agent. They only take around 15% of the money you earn when you book a job, so they don’t make money unless you do! Start out by finding a local agent. To find a list of SAG franchised agencies in your area, visit http://www.sag.org. Once you have selected a few agencies that you like, send them your resume and headshot, along with a cover letter in a yellow envelope. (A cover letter is a note briefly describing why you would be an asset the company.) Do not drop these off. If they agency is interested, they will contact you for an interview. This can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, so don’t get discouraged! When they do call you in for an interview and you impress them, you may be asked to sign with their agency. Once you’re officially apart of an agency, they will find auditions for film, television, commercials, or theater depending on your type of agency.

      Those are the basic steps on how to become a professional actor. Note that this does not mean movie or television star! You most likely will never become a famous celebrity. If you are truly into acting for the passion, you’re stardom level won’t matter to you. Do all the research you can. I would also suggest checking out http://www.theatredoconacting.blogspot.com. Theatre Doc tells the hard truth to acting and the reality of it all. Again, I wish you all the luck!

      Check out these sites for acting tips, resources, and more:

    Why are women depictly so inaccurately in movies?
    It seems like women in movies aren't nearly as great as the real thing. I mean - yes - there are some movies that have strong women leads - but for the most part - women always play either the victim or the ornamnent - or someone being mentored by a strong male. I know a couple of movies are coming up with strong female leads - but it seems like not nearly enough.

    Why do you think that is and what are some example movies that have strong female characters that retain their female identity?

    • ANSWER:
      It's partially sexist, partially tradition, partially about its target audience, and partially because hollywood tells the same stories over and over again, and most of those stories are about a man.

      The target audience of an action movie is men. Many more men want to see an action movie then women, and so the studios are night fighting for the attention of everybody, they're competing for the attention of men. Men like seeing hot women, but a movie that STARS a woman? Who is she supposed to rescue, a man? The target male audience might not like that. They want to identify with the hero, not the damsel in distress. Other sorts of movies do have strong female leads, and the lead in a movie targeted at women specifically is almost always a woman. It's all about target audience.

      Often there is a strong female character because the movie is trying to point out how modern it's being. Fiona from Shrek is a strong character because the movie Shrek was a parody of class Disney movies, so of course the damsel in distress would know kung fu. Her strength is used as a joke.

      There are plenty of movies, even action movies, with strong female characters. Alien, for one. Riply is certainly a strong character. And Erin Brockovich. It can be hard to cast a woman as a really strong character while also maintaining a female identity, though. It's easier to do in television drama, but in movies we've thrown away so much character development that there's barely time for "I am strong and was hurt in the past," let alone the subtleties required to really flesh out a strong female character really well. In television, it's easier. Look at Zoe from "Firefly," Starbuck from "Battlestar Galactica," or half the characters in medical dramas. I think part of the problem is just that there's no time in your average, poorly-written, poorly-directed, hollywood schlock to really flesh out a secondary character, and unfortunately in most movies, women are all secondary characters.

      Finally, I think part of the problem is that it's just not what an action movie is. An action movie goes:
      *guy is somehow down on his luck for some reason
      *lots of explosions
      *guy meets amazingly hot woman
      *lots of explosions
      *guy shoots nazis and saves America
      *guy kisses amazingly hot woman.

      They're ALL like that. There's just no room for the star to be a woman, since it makes it hard to find a hot woman to save. Unless she's a LESBIAN who killed Nazis and gets the girl. I'd see that. Hey, I've gotta go. I've gotta call a friend of mine in Hollywood...

    Is it possible to get cast in a movie if you've had barely any acting experience?
    Is it possible to get cast in a big movie as a small role even if you've had barely any acting experience?
    I mean, you have to start somewhere right?

    • ANSWER:
      Porn movies are easy to get into.

      They are always looking for new faces particularly if you have an unusual talent or nowadays if you have any kind of deformity.

      If you are able to accept the high possiblity of serious disease infection and the risk of AIDs porn can be a lucrative though scary profession for both sexes.

      In all cases, whether porn or hollywood movie it is likely that you will n eed to trade humiliating sexual favors to obtain even a walk on part.

      Is it worth the self hatred and lack of esteem to prostitute yourself for such a worthless career.
      Why not try nursing or animal welfare as they are more morally rewarding.

    Do you need any experience to become an extra?
    I just found out today that there will be auditions to be an extra in a disney movie. They will be held on sunday, september 27th. Can someone give me any tips or anything to help me out with it? I plan on signing up for it. Also, what do they look for ?

    • ANSWER:
      Extras are living scenery. You're like a chair except you move around. Does a chair need experience to be in a movie? No. It just needs to be available and fit what they're looking for.

      I've been an extra a few times before, it's incredibly simple. You go to the casting call, line up with a million other people, and they tell you what they need. Usually they need pretty much everyone. Sometimes though, they specifically want people who are over 18. It's just easier to work with adults.

      When you show up dress in something casual/professional. Don't go in there with a cocktail dress and a mink coat on (which i've seen before). Just something you'd wear to any other interview. They really are just looking for regular people who aren't going to cause distractions on set and will do what they tell them too. Just remember you are a living piece of scenery. You are there to dress the set and to do what you're told.

    How do I get my professional acting career started?
    I am almost 17 years old and I have been taking acting lessons for quite some time now. I have had many local roles but I am ready for the next step. I live in Utah which is a major Disney movie filming area but I can't seem to find any jobs on my own. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      You say that you have had many local roles - are these in school shows, in community theatre or in professional theatre? The more professional credits you have, the more attractive you will be to a casting director. If you don't have any professional theatre credits yet, you may want to focus on that for a while.

      If you have plenty of local credits that include professional theatre and you are specifically aiming at a movie or TV career, you may want to start looking for an agent to represent you. This isn't easy. Do some research and find out who the legitimate talent agencies are in your area. Any agency that wants up-front money or requires you to take classes with them or use their photographer are not real talent agencies. You want an agent who is affiliated with AFTRA, SAG and Equity, the three big actors' unions.

      You should also understand that, until you are 18, you cannot sign with an agent on your own. A parent or guardian is the only person who can sign legally binding documents on your behalf - such as a representation contract with an agent, a contract with a studio, etc. Until you have your driver's license, you will also need someone who can drive you to auditions, rehearsals, shooting sites, etc. Talk to your parents and make sure they are on board with your plans. If both your parents work, they may not be willing or able to do all the things you need to pursue a professional career now.

      Good luck.

    How did you like the book, The Help, by Kathryn Stockett, that was the basis for the movie?
    Have you seen any reviews or commentary of it?

    I read the book last summer, but I still wonder what other people think about it.

    How did you like the movie? I never got around to seeing it. Does it follow the book fairly closely?

    • ANSWER:
      I loved the book as well as the movie. I saw the movie first, then I bought the book. I like being able to put a face to a character's name. It was one of the very best movies I've ever seen. The cast was well seasoned with some great actors & actresses. The book was easy to read, & was very much like the movie. The book has been on the Top Seller list, ever since the movie was in the theaters. I got a DVD of "The Help" for Christmas, & that evening, my family & I watched it. I enjoyed watching it the second time around & my family thoroughly enjoyed it too.

    What are the best halloween horror movies?
    i'm planning on having a halloween/scary movie marathon with junk food :DD
    please have a little short description Please :)

    • ANSWER:
      There are alot of great horror movies out there and its never an easy task to pick some that are going to satisfy your Halloween needs but here is my list of horror movies to watch on Halloween that will surely leave you freaking out in a small closet somewhere. Some of my films might surprise you but thats what makes it my list and not yours! Here is my list of Halloween Horror Movies To Leave you Scared Stiff.

      The Thing: This movie was recommended to me by a friend many years ago and what a pleasure it is. A nice combination of monster flick and isolation its an absolute classic. Its worth noting I am referring to John Carpenters remake which stars Kurt Russell. When a remote station is isolated from society by mechanical failure the crew and staff soon discover there is more to fear then the cold outside! Easily one of the best scifi-horror films ever made!

      Jeepers Creepers: I know alot of people hate this movie but for me its one of the creepiest creature flicks around. A bug like monster that has its own theme song the classic 50's tune 'Jeepers Creepers' and can not be killed. You cant outrun it, you cant kill it and even going to the police station for help wont save you. An awesome movie with a great level of carnage and an ending that will leave you with the heeby jeeby's.

      The Shining: Starring Jack Nicholson this is without a doubt a classic that everyone should watch in a dark room with the volume turned up far to loud. Normally as children, even adult children we turn to our parents for patience, protection and assurance. The Shining takes all of that and turns it on its face as dead old Daddys sanity goes awol and he decides to make hatchet work out of his young son and wife. A great film, very edgy, very disturbing and creepy!

      The Exorcist: Paranormal Activity is currently being billed as the scariest movie ever made but lets be honest. The Exorcist is a movie that shocked a generation of movie goers and then repeated itself year after year as new generations were introduced to the film, watched it and were terrified by it. A classic tale of the church vs the devil its a terrifying film to this day and one that will leave you wishing you were watching Paranormal Activity instead.

      Poltergeist: As bad as The Exorcist is Poltergeist is not much better. The only thing worse then one demon... is a bunch of them. The real creep factor comes into play when you talk about the curse that has plagued the cast. Although many have thriving careers now, many have also died. Heather O'Rourke, Will Sampson, Julian Beck, and Dominique Dunne have all died since filming the movie leading to the online rumors of a curse!

      Amityville Horror. Amityville Horror is one scary movie. When I saw this film as a child it left me horrified and wanting to camp out in the backyard. The tale of a demonic house which is 'based on a true story' its easily one of the creepiest tales of possession and had me wondering if the toaster was coming to get me in my sleep.

      Candyman: Candyman doesnt get alot of mention on terrifying horror films but for me this movie was the definition of scary. Helen Lyle doesn't really believe in urban legends and when she decides to go looking into the legend of Candyman she ends up finding a whole lot more then she wants. A fantastically terrifying tale of urban legends and one that will leave the kids wetting in their under pants.

      Night of the Living Dead: You can not go wrong any time of the year with Night of the Living Dead. Whether you watch the original George Romero directed version or the remake he produced with Tom Savini directing. Night of the Living Dead is one of the, if not THE best zombie film ever made. A great tale of isolation and doom as well as the weakness of mankind Night of the Living Dead packs a deep message, lots of scare and some good old undead carnage.

      Children of the Corn: Last on my list but by no means the bottom is Children of the Corn. I was very young when I saw this movie and to say it left me scared stiff is an understatement. When you go to school and a kid bullies you.. you go to your parents. What happens when the children do more then just bully and kill everyone and take over the town in a cult like religion? Thats when things go from bad to downright scary. Children of the Corn is a truly creepy tale but make sure your not watching the SyFy remake.

    Whats the easiest way to become a movie extra?
    I'm interested in finding roles to be extras in movies or tv shows filmed in my area and I was wondering what would be the easiest way to find out what things are available in my area without paying for an online service this isn't providing much results.I've tried the newspaper and craigslist and have found nothing. Any suggestions??

    • ANSWER:
      The best way to get hired as an extra in your area to register with the local extras casting agencies. You can find them usually either on your state film commission's website or just do a search for "extras casting chicago" or wherever you live. When a movie comes to town, they are not hiring the extras off the street, they go to a local casting agency.There are usually a couple of local agencies that production companies go to when they go to a certain town. The agency is going to use the people who are already registered with them unless they have to do a big scene and don't have enough people in their roster to fill it or the production is looking for something really specialized. So most sites that are advertising are for one of those two reasons - in the meantime there may be DOZENS of productions that have ten extras working today and 4 tomorrow.

      Most important thing to remember is that no reputable agency will charge you for registering with them (a few may charge up to for an electronic image fee so that production companies can go through their roster online, but that's the most anyone should charge).

      There is another site called beinamovie.com - they specialize in doing really big crowd scenes. They usually don't pay you, but they make the day fun and give lots of prizes throughout the day. They have a shoot coming up in New York on April 1.

      Good luck!

    I want to make a movie prop. Where do I start?
    I'm planning on making the armor pieces to Kroenen's armor out of resin (the clockwork guy in Hellboy). I need to know how to begin. Should I start with a clay prototype, or what other material can I use? I need to make a mold so that I can use that mold to cast the resin in the finished shape and detail that. I have four pieces to make (ask me for a pic) and attach together with hinges. I also have to put leather pieces on it as well. I am choosing resin so it'll have some noticeable weight and not be easily breakable. The pieces have to be at least a quarter of an inch thick on the base, with raised relief scrollwork. This is a project for a collector, and I want to make sure I get it perfect. If anyone knows the process of handmade molding, please please help!!

    • ANSWER:
      Using modeling clay to start, it allows for many changes, then later use a red or gray clay- oven fire or air dry. (if using red or gray clay-keep it moist so not to dry out when storing unused clay). I used to play with soft wax, making people figures. When cold, the wax hardens, it can also be used to make a mold.
      You need pliable materials because as you'll learn, it goes through alot of changes to make it perfect for your idea. Depending on size of your project, if small enough, molds from plaster, milk cartons work for the shape of the molds, before the plaster becomes firm, press in your item at the halfway mark for easy removal when plaster dries, so not to crack the mold you've just made.

    What are good ways to get discocover in the acting buisness in chicago?
    I really want to Act in movies, Tv shows, and/or movies.

    • ANSWER:
      Do some research!
      Find some classes, get an agent, get some headshots, and go to auditions.
      Be sure that you learn how to avoid acting scams, as they are easy to fall into.
      Try auditioning for school plays, community theatre plays, etc!
      I have modified another answer of mine a bit. Here it is:

      Now, you need to take classes. It is very important, and you will learn alot!
      Knowledge is key. The more you know, the farther you'll go! :) Learn about headshots, acting resumes, monologues, scripts/sides, open casting calls, auditions, agents, how to know when it's a scam (a class, audition, agent, ect.).

      After you take some classes, you need some headshots. DON'T spend a ton of money on them. You can get them for 5 in some places. (Although that may sound expensive, some people will thy to charge you a lot more.) When you choose a photographer, make sure that a) it isn't a scam, and b) he/she is a photographer who has a lot of experience doing acting headshots.Also, if you don't want to spend money on a headshot right away, you can just choose a nice photo of you that is a picture of your face. For headshots, don't have crazy makeup, clothing, backgrounds, or a crazy hairstyle. Show your face- don't let your hair cover it up. Also, you may get a few different shots that show what character you look like. Let's say there is a male actor. He may have two headshots- one for the character of a Dad, and one for the character of a tought cop. But, for starters, I reccomend keeping it sweet and simple. :)

      Going to open casting calls is GREAT!! You don't have to sign up ahead of time to go, and you don't need an agent to go to one. If they cost any money, it's probably a scam.

      Getting an agent is a big step. DON'T let them scam you. If you have to pay any money upfront, it's a scam. Just google "acting agents in (wherever you live)" or something like that, or ask your acting coach or friends.Going to an audition is something your agent will probably have to get you (but not neccesarily).

      There are lots to learn about each of these categories. One of the most important things to learn is how to spot a scam. Remember, knowledge is key. The internet has lots of information on it, so use it! Google stuff....
      Here are some categories you should search and learn more about:

      acting classes in (wherever you live), how to spot an acting class scam, first time audition tips, audition tips, what to wear to an audition, what to bring to an audition, how to act at an audition, open casting calls in (wherever you live), what are open casting calls (just to learn more about them), casting call tips, headshot tips (also be sure to learn how to know if a photographer is scamming you), avoid acting agent scams

      This website has quite a bit about scams:

      The reason why I have talked so much about avoiding scams is because they are easy to fall into in the acting business, and there are lots of scams.

      Hope this helps!

    Can I still audition for the movie City of Bones with braces?
    I'm 14 and I'll be getting braces in a week or so. I hear that the Mortal Instruments series is gonna be a movie and it's one of my favorite series. I'm finally gonna start taking acting classes this summer. I've been in school plays but there was more singing than acting, but I love to act. Can I still audition to be someone like Isabelle with braces?

    • ANSWER:
      Don't let braces keep you from trying in acting- everyone gets em and everyone gets em off later. dakota fanning had them, that kid with the curly hair on Suite Life on Deck had em, my friend got work on TV while she had em, and I have em too. Just try to go after every role you can, and remember that it's the casting director's job to judge and your job to give them your best performance.

      As for auditioning for stuff, life would be awesome if you could just go in and audition for stuff. But first you need an agent (I dunno if you have one but it doesn't sound like you do.) Finding one is kind of difficult; get some nice headshots taken, type up a resume and a cover letter/intoduction, and send your stuff to as many talent agencies online (google "talent agencies" and your location, though it' s easier if you're near the LA area). Don't get discouraged!! Most pictures end up in the trash can, but if you keep going after what you want eventually someone will give you a shot. When you sign with an agent, tell them the role that you're interested and get them to get you an audition (if your agent is against it, fight for it!!)

      so that's the process...it's long, but many kids have been able to do it so you can too. good luck!!!

    Can anyone give me tips on how to start filmmaking?
    Hi I'm 14 years old and I love movies. I wanna be a filmmaker/actor when I'm older. My idol is Quentin Tarantino . I would like to know how I can start filmmaking now.

    • ANSWER:
      Write a script. It should probably stay under five pages, since you probably don't have enough time or money to afford a three hour epic. Keep it small. Scripts have particular formats, but you just need to separate dialogue (what characters say) from action.
      Get your equipment. The hardest thing to get is a camera. Try asking your parents if they have one, and if you can use it. If they don't, move on to other family members, like aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc. If they don't have one, try asking your friends. You're bound to find something.
      3Find your cast and crew. Your cast can just be a couple of friends who like acting. Try asking around your school's drama club. Try to find your best friends for the crew, or people with lots of patience, because the crew, or the people who help out behind the camera, are usually stuck doing the mundane tasks, like holding the script, lugging equipment around everywhere and getting the actors water.
      4Find locations, props and costumes. For props and costumes, look through your wardrobe, garage/attic, and friends' wardrobes. Try to shoot near your house, or in public property. It's harder to get people's permission for shooting by their house.
      5Shoot the movie. Don't try for the perfect take. Once things are as good as they'll get, move to the next location.
      6Edit. This is the most tiring part. Most computers nowadays come with editing software built in. Learn how yours works. iMovie is an amazing tool that is easy for a kid to use, but creates professional menus, transitions, and seamless cuts.
      7Distribute. Invite everyone who helped make the movie over for a premiere screening. Send the movie to film competitions and festivals, and get it seen.
      8Once you're finished, make another movie!

    What are good websites to help me pursue my acting dream?
    What are some good websites that can help me get into acting and getting onto movies, commercials, and other things? Is 14 too young?

    • ANSWER:
      14 is too young to do it by yourself. Professional acting is a business and your parents are going to have to be the CEO of your career. So your first step is to make sure they're OK with this.

      At this point, the websites that will help include your local community theater's website. It should list some upcoming auditions you might try and maybe some acting classes they offer. Also audition for school production and look around for other acting classes you could take. If your school has a Speech/Drama club, consider joining and competing in the acting categories at forensic competitions. Read plays and scripts, keeping an eye out for monologues that you love and want to figure out and learn to do. Read novels, short stories and poems too. Understanding language and storytelling will help you be a better actor. Play improv. games with your friends and make your own movies. Have fun learning and growing as an actor.

      While you do that, your parents can investigate the business end of acting. There's a lot of people out there willing to take advantage of you if you and your parents don't understand how the industry works. If you're expecting that you can just go to some open audition and be "discovered", you're going to be disappointed. Companies invest a lot of money into their productions. They're going to trust that investment to trained and experienced professionals - not websites. That's why most movies, commercials and other things are cast through talent agents. Good websites for them (and you) would be:


      Generally it works like this. Casting directors write what' are called "breakdowns" (descriptions of the roles they want to cast). Then they release the breakdowns over Breakdown Services. The "good" ones are released only to licensed talent agents and managers, not to actors or the general public. The talent agent gets the breakdowns then tries to get their clients the appropriate auditions. (That's why you need a talent agent for such work.)

      Talent agents are paid a percentage of what their clients make. (Never pay an agent up front.) Since there are so many people wanting to be actors and needing agents, you can't just go hire an agent. They basically choose you. And since they're paid only if their clients are paid, they can be picky about who the take on as clients. Often kids submit a head shot (an 8x10 professional picture) and a resume (describing your acting training and background) and a cover letter to an agent. Submit this information based on what the agent's website says - but usually it's done by mailing in. Agents are busy trying to find their existing clients work, so if you try to call up an agent and ask for an audition or ask them questions about you won't get through. They just don't have time to deal with all the wannabe actors.

      There are also things like actor unions that you'd have to deal with. Entertainment work permits, trust accounts and other legal requirements for minors working in the entertainment industry. And things like that. (So again you're parents really do have to be involved.)

      So we're talking about a big investment of time, effort and money for you and your parents. And there's no guarantee of a return on that investment. You may never "make it". So if you're doing this for fame, popularity, attention or money, you're going to be disappointed. If you think this is some easy thing you can do on the side - it's not really that way. Not saying you can't try - but you should do so for the right reason and do it the smart way.

      Good luck.

    Where can i find a REAL job as a movie extra in Los Angeles?
    i've searched EVERYWHERE! ive looked on Central Casting and they say minors need to be registered by managers and unfortunately i dont have a manager (also not looking for one yet) and im only 16. Ive also been on other sites like kids management but you have to pay them monthly. I really need money and experience to continue with my acting career but its not as easy as people would think. Can someone please help?
    I would really appreciate it.

    • ANSWER:
      First, you do NOT have to pay a 'real' management company upfront. They will make a percentage of the work they send your way. 2nd, if to do what you want to do means you "need to be registered by managers" then THAT'S WHAT YOU WILL HAVE TO DO! Get a manager and get registered. Your mom could be your manager! You say you're not looking for a manager YET. Why not? You already know that if you want to be an 'extra' you MUST have one. So either do what they say or give up entirely. It's up to you. You can't have it both ways. Difficult actors are replaced all the time. A difficult extra would get EATEN ALIVE. Also, know that extras 'usually' do NOT make any money. If they do, it's very little, but enough 'extra' parts could lead to a 'walk-on' role, where you literally have only 1 or 2 lines but that can lead to co-starring and starring. Tom Cruise, John Cusak, and hundreds more can be seen in early movies and tv shows in the background, and then later saying only a couple lines, to later co-starring, to now being big stars. I wonder if they were too lazy to get a manager too? No. I think they were real go-getters! Good Luck :)

    How "easy" is it for a guy to carry a girl?
    Okay, I've seen on the TV and stuff guys easily picking up girls and carrying them around; and I just wanted to know how "easy" this actually is?

    Is it just effortless for guys? Or is it actually quite difficult? And would 18/19yo guys be able to?

    Just the average girl, 110-140lbs.

    • ANSWER:
      On TV and stuff, the girls are usually 'hollywood shaped', in other words unusually skinny.

      Hollywood women don't tend to be very tall, either. Some 'action stars' are pretty average in height (and some are famous for being shorter than they would like people to think they are). So the 'right height' for a woman who is going to be kissed on screen by one of those guys is often 'pretty short'.

      The combination of shortness and slenderness makes the average 'carried about by heroic guy in movie' woman unusually light. They are also frequently cast with this in mind; it's possible that the 'take' seen in the movie will follow a series of unused attempts, so he might need to be able to look effortless several times in a row.

      Of course, these action guys are provided with trainers, for body condition as well as any martial arts or extreme sports that feature in the movie or TV show. That means they ought to be a bit stronger than the average guy of their size.

      In real life, it completely depends on who he is, and who she is. Firefighters sometimes need to carry casualties out of burning buildings (or release them from car wrecks etc), and they do randomly encounter individuals, of either gender, that the strongest firefighter would be completely unable to lift.

      I'm sure there are even documentary TV shows about people too huge to get out of their own house...

      The realistic answer would be: it IS easy for you, if SHE is somebody you can easily lift...

      In places like Venice Beach, 'golden age' bodybuilders would often show off by running sprint-races on the dry sand with women sitting on their shoulders.

    How do undiscovered people find roles to audition for?
    Before people like Emma Stone,Jennife Grey, Johnny Depp, and Al Capone started their first roles, where did they find places to audition?
    I am asking this question because you don't find out about movies until the trailer comes out-after the actors already have the parts...
    So if you are new to ACTUAL acting where do you go to read scripts and audition?
    Do you have to travel to LA or New York?
    Can you read the scripts online?
    By the way, I live in IL.

    If you have any questions
    say so in your answers and I will link something for you.

    Thanks ahead

    • ANSWER:
      Through their talent agent. Sorry, if you're expecting some type of open audition you could go to and be "discovered" that's not how the industry works.

      Companies invest a lot of money in their productions and they trust that investment to trained and experienced professionals so most casting for movies are done through talent agents. The talent agent is the go between for a casting director of a movie and an actor. Generally a casting director for a movie will write a "breakdown" (a description of a role) and release it to licensed talent agents only. The agents review the breakdowns and submit their clients for the appropriate roles and work to get them auditions.

      You can't just go out and hire a talent agent. Agents are paid on commission - they get a percentage of what their clients make. Since they are paid only if their clients are paid, they are picky about who they take on as clients. And they can afford to be picky because there are a lot more people wanting to be actors than there are roles.

      So someone interested in an acting career starts with getting some acting training and experience (usually in low-to-no pay jobs like community theater and student films). Professional acting is a business - like you're starting your own company and you're the product. So a professional actor needs to understand the business end of acting as well. After getting enough training and experience, an actor can then try to find an agent. Like I said - it's not always easy.

      Generally you have to be where the auditions are - so for movies that LA or NYC. It's possible that if you have a local agent in IL or something, they MIGHT be able to get you an audition for a movie role in LA. That would depend on the agent and the connections they have. If you're a minor, your parents HAVE to be involved. Like I said it's a business - and your parents will have to function as the CEO of your career. (See http://www.bizparentz.org/ for more information).

      Just to give you an over, SOME of what you'll need for a professional acting career:

      * Talent
      * Quality acting training/classes
      * Experience (on stage and in front of the camera. At first you'll have to start with low-to-no pay jobs)
      * Professional head shot
      * Professional acting resume
      * Acting reel (video of your on-screen work if you want to work on TV/movies)
      * A licensed talent agent (good roles are cast through talent agents - not open audition or websites)
      * Several well-developed monologues for auditions
      * To be a member of SAG/AFTRA or at least an understanding of how unions work
      * An understanding of the business end of acting - the entire casting process, the players, what type of work is available in your area, etc.
      * A good network of connections in the industry
      * To be where auditions are held. If you're wanting to a main role in a major motion picture, you're probably not going to get auditions for one living in someplace like Ohio.
      * A strong foundation and healthy ways to cope with the stress of trying to work professionally. You need to be able to handle rejection, competition and instability.
      * If you're a minor, you may need an entertainment work permit and a trust account established in their name to legally work in the enteratinment industry.

    What are some questions that your family members should know about you?
    I am doing a quiz on some of my family members and i'm wondering whhat are some things that most family members should know about you. And I would like them not to be soooo easy.I want them to be kinda hard but something they should know!

    Thanks you SOO much!!! :)

    • ANSWER:
      1.whats ur favs -food,restaurant,movie,color,type of music/band
      2.what schools did u go to and how was ur gpa.
      3.if u ever fell/hurt urself and had to get stitches/cast and where.doctors visits and wat medicine do u take.
      4.whats the most important thing that happend to u recently.
      5.whats ur type of boy/girl-nothing too detailed be like i wanna skinny short guy with a good personality and cares abt me.
      if u sit down and ask these questions ur gonna get some good detailed ans. that will get u closer to ur family members...

    How many different headshots should you bring to an audition? Color or Black and White??
    I wanted to bring at least two, to show two different sides/styles...will that annoy the casting directors? It isn't like a broadway audition, but its a pretty big one. And do they prefer color or black and white, or should i bring one of each?

    • ANSWER:
      A key thing to keep in mind is that it isn't the headshot's job to "sell" you. It's a representation of what you look like, no more and no less. Bring one headshot that frames primarily the face, with minimal makeup, no jewelry, un-elaborate hair, looking directly into the camera, and SMILING. It should be formatted in portait style (as opposed to landscape), have your name printed at the bottom, and you should bring it to the audition stapled back-to-back to your resume. Black and white is the standard, and it won't benefit you to go color (with the possible slight exception for a natural redhead).

      I know we've all seen a thousand movies where a plucky young protagonist bucks tradition and goes above and beyond what's expected at an audition and floors the auditioners with their moxie and cleverness. In the real world, doing something unconventional at an audition to "stand out" won't get you noticed in a positive way. Instead, it will make you appear amateurish. This applies to headshots as much as it does your conduct, how you dress, audition selections, etc. Following the generally accepted standard for these things will make a relatively inexperienced actor seem more professional, and thus easier to work with (read: more likely to get a job).

    How do you make "chicks in a basket"??
    I watched "V for Vendetta" and I want to find out how to make the egg and toast dish that was made in the movie. I tried it baised on what I know, and I dont think that I got it right. It looked so good and I want to know how to make it!

    • ANSWER:
      Bird in a basket, thats what I call them. I make them all the time and they are real easy. I use a griddle or in a cast iron skillet. A cast iron skillet is great because it heats evenly and toasts the bread better than in a Teflon pan, looks better too.

      First put your bread on the counter and use the edges of an upside down drinking glass to cut out holes in the bread.
      Put some butter in the skillet and turn the heat on med high. Put bread in skillet and let it toast a bit, make sure not to leave it in too long because the egg still needs to cook.

      Once your bread has toasted for a few minutes turn heat to Medium and crack an egg into the center. Then cook it just like you are cooking a regular fried egg. One side then the next, very easy. Salt and pepper to taste.

      If you want to make it like V, you have to use allot of butter and toast the bread on both sides before you put the egg in it. To get the color of the one served in V, it is more like you are frying the bread, thats how you get the color and crispiness, but is allot of butter.

      Yeah I saw that and thought it looked good also. It is still good with out allot of butter and is healthier.

    What do you think about this actors change?
    Why do you think they changed the main 2 actors in Amaizing Spider-Man? It's about Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dust. They don't appear in that movie! I think they were great in Spiderman 1, 2 and 3! I think the new actors doesn't even act at the quality of those 2 above!

    • ANSWER:
      I thought Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield are both good Spider-men, but i dont know if i'd call either of them great and truly make the character their own. Not like Robert Downey Jr. did with Iron Man.

      Emma Stone plays "Gwen Stacey", a character from the comic book. She was Peter Parker's first love and high school classmate. Kirsten Dunst plays "Mary Jane Watson" a character who doesnt get introduced until late in his college years. The Studio decided to go with Watson's character because Peter was currently dating her in the comic books and it was easier to transition the masses from one medium to another with the same character. And personally i like Emma Stone in the Spiderman movie over Kirsten Dunst in her role. Also, Shailene Woodley (The Descendants, Secret Life of the American Teenager) has been cast as Mary Jane Watson in the upcoming "The Amazing Spiderman 2"

      as for why. The studio wanted to refresh the series. The original spiderman trilogy was good at being a comic book movie but it was filled with camp and simplistic storylines. It was great introducing the world to comic book movies, but with the popularity of Iron Man and The Dark Knight, it was clear that the audience for these movies were not teenagers and comic book fans anymore. They had to start making movies that were smarter and able to compete with original and serious action films. Sam Raimi and his films could not do that. So the studio completely revamped the franchise, hiring new actors, writers, and directors. They couldn't keep the previous actors and call it something new. And trust me, i got a sneak peak at the script for the proposed Spiderman 4 and it was HORRIBLE. At least now they can make smarter and better paced movies.

      A good chunk of the Spiderman comic books take place in High School and having the movies set there give the new films an edge at exploring teenaged problems that other superhero movies havent been able to do so much. If you rewatch the original movie, its barely 30 minutes in the film before he graduates. Plus they waste his greatest foe in the first film with no chance of coming back.

      So overall, i like the direction the new Spiderman movie is going, it may have not been as good as "Spiderman 2" but it was better the 1, and a whole lot better than 3. And it has more potential to do great things in the future.

      Also, if you complain that it got a revamp so soon. Spiderman got a reboot 7 years after the last film, compare that to other superheroes...

      Hulk - 6 years
      Batman - 8 years (possibly reboot again in 4-5 years)
      Superman - 7 years
      xmen - 5 years

      7 years for a new Spiderman is not so bad

    how to get twilight cast to come to tampa?
    how do you get them to go to tampa? like during tours for the movie and stuff.

    do you have to have a petition or something. Like signatures? or whatever.

    • ANSWER:
      gotta know someone who knows someone.. it all comes down to money or connections.. have your agent call their agent.. or manager, or whoever the title may be. but you can't personally get it to happen. you can attempt to be relentless in your efforts, but it's not easy.. a plus sign for the odds in your favor is that it was a very low budget movie, but i think that it went to their heads.. so there's no telling now.

    How come highs chools arent fair wen it comes to audtions for plays and musicals?
    I am good at acting and singing and when i try out for plays and musicals i get a small part and seniors that suck get good parts. i want to act but i dont see how this is helping me!!!! what can i do. civic theater is almost the same way because everybody knows everybody and the highschoolers try out for it too. HELP. there will be local auditions for a movie soon and i believe in myself strongly, should i do it?

    • ANSWER:
      A lot of high school directors don't really know what they're doing (or they'd be doing it somewhere else). It's easier to cast older performers than to teach younger ones what to do. Plus, parents whine and complain if seniors don't get a chance before they graduate. High school shows cast for seniority or political reasons suck. The ones cast for talent don't. It just depends on what your school/teacher/parents value.

    What do i need to become a professional actor?
    I'm 16 and i really want to become an actor, you know the ones that come out on big screens and small screens and the people who win awards etc. So basically i just want to a famous actor. But i don't know where to start. I don't know what i need, what do i have to do to get an agent and go to casting calls? How do i audition for major motion films? These are some of the things that i need help with.
    If you are and experienced actor and has done what an actor needs to do to get to a film and what was mentioned above , help me!! Im begging you! Okay thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      First off- Can you act? Have you tried acting in your schools plays? Your local theatres? You will need to be able to act (that or be insanely smoking hot). Yes, you will 100% need an agent. They will find you gigs- which will most likely only be commercials at best. Audition at your local theatre, and get in with the film students at your local Uni/College. You cant have such high expectations. Being in Hollywood and all the movies isn't easy- at all! You may succeed but you also may not. You may spend your life doing low budget stage plays, which will earn you practically nothing. If you LOVE performing then you will be happy with not making it to the "Big Time".
      If you are incredibly set one this, lean to sing, dance and learn an instrument. It'll help- trust me.

    what should a group of 14 year olds be for halloween girls and boys?
    we need some help figuring out what to be for halloween. we want something like a group theme kind of like the cast of jersey shore but not that because we were that last year. also were going to a party and have to look good. we want something funny and something to make us stand out. we like stuff from tv shows and celebrities and stuff like that but were open to anything. we would love to hear your ideas. please help!

    • ANSWER:

      answered this a couple of days ago for someone else! 😀

      Well maybe you can try being each other, unless you all look alike, then it would be pretty stupid.
      Famous People that you hate.
      Famous People that you love.
      People from favorite movie
      People from movies you hate
      Something easy like carnival games ( last year my bro dressed up with a fake bloody shirt with rips in it and a whole mess of balloons and darts and a sign that said balloon pop 50 cents)
      Funny costumes like whoopy cushion
      Vegetables (blaaahhh....)
      everyone can dress up as a mummy and scare the little kids.
      Every one can dress up as Cops and scare all the parents of the little kids.
      the usual ghost mummies FRANKENSTEIN! look on party city's Website.
      Wait we are talking about Halloween right?
      Hope this helped!

    how do i find teen casting calls for acting ?
    acting in a movie. i am 13 years old and would love to act!

    • ANSWER:
      Its easy (I'm a young teen too) I always find auditions on the internet, there are loads of casting calls for teens because they are always looking for fresh talent.
      For the USA look at showbizltd.com
      and for the UK there are sooooo many but the best is starsinmyeyes.co.uk
      If you don't want to pay- which is hard for a child then you could probably find an agent its easy to find one over the internet but remember to be very careful, make sure your parents check it out too. If you have heard of a book you like being turned into a movie try to find open auditions, always check again and again- you'll find something soon!!
      Good Luck!

    Various elements in Silence of the Lambs that would be easy to write a paper about?
    I'm looking for something besides the theme of change....It can be anything about the movie, as long as there's a lot of information about it...I'm talking like maybe film production,the idea of hunter vs. hunted, coveting,cannibalism,conflict..but something that is huge in teh movie...Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I hope this helps:
      One thing to keep in mind about The Silence of the Lambs is the fact that the story is dominated by two characters: a female who feels at disadvantage because of her gender, and a male who wants to become a female. It isn't just the story of a murderer and his murders, and I'm astounded that it's commonly dismissed as a typical slasher film. It's very deep, and almost every scene in the film offers psychological insight into one of its characters. Clarice is a woman in a male-dominated society, scarred by the death of her father, who hopes her saving Buffalo Bill's latest victim will compensate for a lamb she failed to save from being slaughtered when she was a child, hence the title. As Hannibal Lector observes:

      Do you think if you saved Catherine, you could make them stop? Do you think, if Catherine lives, you won't wake up in the dark, ever again to the screaming of the lambs?

      Consider the scenes that exemplify male domination and then the ones that portray Agent Starling's strength -- whether it be physical or mental. Take, for example, two very similar shots in which Clarice is overwhelmed by the symbolic male presence in an area.

      00:04:14 - Clarice steps onto an elevator already occupied by several tall men, all wearing red shirts, talking amongst themselves. She is very short in comparison, wears a grey shirt and talks to none of them. There are no women present in this shot. [ shot (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b246/vesuviusxii/silence1.jpg) ]

      00:39:27 - Agent Jack Crawford suggests to the Sheriff that they discuss the case in another room, in lieu of Agent Starling being a woman. They do so, and the camera cuts to Agent Starling standing at the center of a circle formed by tall men, all wearing police uniforms. Clarice wears an overcoat and a scarf, and talks to none of them. There are no women present in this shot. The door then closes behind Crawford and the camera scans the officers from Starling's POV, all gazing directly at her -- and then cuts to an uncomfortable Clarice. [ shot (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b246/vesuviusxii/silence2.jpg) ]

      There are also scenes that take a more direct approach to this theme. As Clarice and another female student jog and quiz each other on what could be assumed as the material for an upcoming exam, a crowd of male students pass them and then turn to check them out. When Clarice meets Dr. Chilton for the first time he begins shamelessly hitting on her, but she refuses, and for the rest of the film puts down his polite facade, perhaps seeing no point in being nice.

      Now consider the scenes that oppose this theme. In many cases, the opening shot of a film is used to display the theme or portray something vital to the film's message. The opening scene in The Silence of the Lambs is Clarice, jogging and sweating, making her way through an obstacle course as the opening credits roll. This is no coincidence. This is a specific directorial choice. Also consider that in the film's conclusion, it turns out Jack Crawford and his men are at the wrong location, and Clarice is the one to collar Bill. Alone.

      And what makes Buffalo Bill so much more intriguing than most serial killers put to film is that he's worlds more complex. Meticulous research was conducted and Buffalo Bill became a combination of numerous real-life serial killers. Ed Gein, for instance, used to wear the skins of his victims and parade himself in front of mirrors, a trait Bill so memorably mimics. The basement of Gary Michael Heidnick was the inspiration for Bill's dungeonesque cellar, where Catherine is held. In an early scene, Bill lures Catherine to his truck by pretending to be unable to lift a couch into it and wearing a phony cast. This is a trick pulled from the book of Ted Bundy.

      As told to Clarice and the viewer by Dr. Lecter, he is not a transsexual, but he wants to be because he dislikes himself for one reason or another -- most likely connected to a childhood incident. The field of psychology cannot stress enough how important childhood is in the development of a human being, and both Clarice and Bill's childhood memories are what motivates them in their respective adulthoods. Later in the story it is revealed that Buffalo Bill's first victim is a girl he knew, and that he kills because he is making the suit of a woman which he can wear to fulfill his urge to become a female.

    How do you feel about movie re-makes?
    Some we all agree can never be replaced, but what about actors that make it a completely different movie?
    I would think sometimes a story is worth being told again by a different teller. Many truly great stories would have been lost to the next generation without a retelling.What do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      It really depends on a few things. For me remaking a movie is a good idea if it's under the right circumstances. Any remake is pretty much a cash grab by using the name recognition but it can work.

      Time is a reason to remake. King Kong for instance. Forgetting the 1976 movie, the 2005 version was based on a film from 1933. They took roughly the same story but updated it with (for the time) cutting edge motion capture to create King Kong. Most people today wouldn't have bothered with a film so old so it did bring the movie to a new audience. Having said that a significant passage of time is not always a good enough reason to remake a movie. 'Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory' and the remake of 'Psycho' are good examples. 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' really didn't improve on the original and since it's still very easy to get your hands on a copy of the original it was made for the sake of making money. 'Psycho' is the definition of pointless. The original is a classic for a reason. The twist when the biggest star of the movie who everyone thought was the main character gets killed, Norman Bates being the killer. These are iconic moments. The remake is shot for shot. They even used the same kind of effects. They also used people who were not suited to the roles. That may have brought 'Psycho' to a new generation but it will now be what they know instead of the classic the original is.

      Basically if either a movie had a brilliant concept but was poorly executed or you can bring something new to the table a remake is good. There are stories that will constantly be reworked like Sherlock Holmes, Jekyll and Hyde and such. These are classic tales. If it's a shameless cash grab it's not good. A shameless cash grab like 'Death at a Funeral' is terrible and a little insulting to the original makers if you ask me. The original was only made 3 years ago, was released in America but only on a limited basis and was widely considered to be a great comedy. For some reason they deemed it not worthy to release in America but good enough for a remake where the main differences are worse acting and for some reason an almost entirely African American cast. For reasons unknown they replaced the entire cast from the original except Peter Dinklage. I just can't get my head around how completely pointless this remake is. I get the reason to remake a movie that recent from a foreign, non english speaking country for an american audience (despite the fact they inevitably turn out worse) but the original is a perfectly good movie and it just baffles me as to why.

      I'm not sure if my answer was in there somewhere. I could probably go on for awhile cause remakes are a bit of a hot button issue for me in case that wasn't clear. Don't get me wrong, I'm very much looking forward to 'Clash of the Titans' and 'Alice in Wonderland' but remakes should only be done if they can be done better with updated special effects (assuming the effects were the crux of the movie and not just a device to tell a certain type of story that almost certainly wouldn't be helped by modern effects), if the story can be made relevant to our time and is necessary or if the original was good in idea but not execution. I think there were other reasons but I lost my train of thought along the way. You get the idea though. Remake only under right circumstance and not just for money.

      Thank you for your attention.

    How does one cook boneless skinless chicken breasts, or fried chicken?
    Ok, yesterday, I was trying to cook myself a really nice meal on a Sunday, while watching some movies. I've never actually cooked chicken, but it is really good. How do I cook boneless chicken breasts, or fry up some chicken from the pan?

    • ANSWER:
      I'll give you a recipe for something you can cook in the pan and something you can fry (in a pan or in a specialized fryer if you have one).

      Pan seared blackened chicken breasts:

      You need:

      pack of boneless chicken breasts: 2-3 in a pack or about 2 lbs.
      .5-.75 cup canola oil.
      Blackened seasoning (you can buy a pre-made version of this, but I prefer to do it myself). I use black pepper, white pepper, garlic powder, sweet leaf dried basil, italian seasoning, spanish paprika, and a dash of cayenne if you'd like.
      A plastic container or a large zip-lock bag
      Kosher salt

      I would say 1.5 TBSP of black pepper and garlic powder. 1 teaspoon of the rest. A dash of the cayenne. Combine all of this with the canola and whisk. If you use premade- ad a generous amount to the canola and whisk (I can't promise you this will turn out well since I always use the other method).

      To prep your chicken: you can pound it to about .5 inch thick if you like, but I find it easier to do this: keeping your knife parallel to the cutting board and going from right to left (or left to right depending on what hand you use) cut through the length of the chicken breast. The result should be two thin pieces of the chicken breast. Basically you wind up with the top and bottom half of the same breast. Depending on your experience with a knife, you may want to stick with the pounding method.

      Put the chicken breast pieces in a plastic bag and add the marinade. Make sure the chicken is coated well. You can leave this in the refrigerator for several hours if you'd like. In a pinch I've found coating the chicken and going straight to cooking gets good results.

      Heat a good pan( preferably cast iron but any other quality pan will work) to medium high heat for 5-10 minutes. A good way to see if the pan is hot enough is to drop a bead of water on the pan and if it quickly evaporates, the pan is ready. Remember flame will cook much faster than an electric range.

      Add two slices of chicken at a time to the center of the pan, being sure that the pieces do not touch each other and are well seated on the pan (surface of chicken making as much contact as possible with the pan). Once the pieces of chicken are down, add a pinch of kosher salt to the exposed side of each piece of chicken. Allow the chicken to cook for 3-5 minutes or until the edges of the exposed side begin to turn white (better indicator of when to turn). Flip the chicken and allow it to cook 3-5 minutes on the opposite side. Remove from heat and allow to rest for about 5 minutes- enjoy.

      This entree goes well with just about anything and you can also use it to make items like blackened chicken tacos or spicy chicken sandwiches. If spicy isn't your thing, go with a garlic herb marinade and stick with the same process.

      Fried chicken is not something you want to try to make your first time around. I think it is a better idea to start with something like chicken fingers.

      You need:

      a pack of chicken breast tenders (they look like chicken fingers)
      salt, black pepper, garlic powder, cajun seasoning
      all purpose flour
      1-2 eggs
      Canola Oil

      Combine a generous amount of the seasoning mentioned above with about 2 cups of flour.

      Make your egg wash by combing one or two eggs with about .25 cup of water and whisk.

      For each tender: dredge in the seasoned flour mixture, dip and coat in egg wash, then dredge in flour mixture again. Note: you will need separate bowls for the flour and egg wash.

      Once all chicken fingers have been coated in the flour/egg wash/flour mixture, you're ready to fry them.

      Pan fry- add about .25 inch oil to pan. Allow it to sit over medium-high heat until it begins to shimmer (will take at least 8-10 minutes). Fry tenders on each side until golden brown- about 3-5 minutes on each side. Do not overcrowd your pan.

      Deep fry- you can use a pot or specialized fryer for this. Allow the oil to reach 350 degrees. Cook the tenders for about 8 minutes. I usually grab them with some tongs and if theyre golden brown and feel hard, they are ready. Salt after taking them out and serve immediately.

      These may seem complicated but they are in fact very easy and tasty. I hope you give them a try.

    Do you ABSOLUTELY need acting classes to audition?
    When you go audition for movie roles, do you absolutely HAVE to have taken acting classes? I am going to be taking drama class this year, and try out for the play. Then next summer my friend and I are going to cali to some auditions. Can we audition without like a ton of acting classes? There are none by where we live other than at school.

    • ANSWER:
      In every casting office I have worked in the casting director will first care if you have talent and secondly will look to see if you have training. No it is not a requirement but it will get you farther. However if you do not learn from the classes and don't nail the audition it won't matter how much training you have had.

      The important piece is to never take the easy way out. Too many people hope to "make it" based purely on their desire and what they believe to be their natural talent. Remember their are thousands out there going after the same thing. What will make you stand out from the rest? As casting directors dedication to your craft means a lot and training means you are dedicated.

    How come there has never been a movie made on John Bobbit's life?
    With today's CGI effects, is easy to make the chopping scene.

    Although, I would feel sorry for which ever dog gets cast as the dog that finds it.

    • ANSWER:

easy a movie cast