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    where can I watch empty sky online?
    It's a new movie starring Maiara Walsh. If you could send me a link that doesn't make you download anything, that would be great!

    • ANSWER:
      Hulu plus
      Amazon Instant

    Twilight movie is making me depressed. HELP?
    I started reading Twilight recently and Im loving it, I took a peak on the movie website to see how Edward should look, and since the book is in first person, I picture myself as Bella.:P At first it was fun, I didnt fall completely in too deep but then today out of curiosity I checked the official movie site. I know for a FACT the first day I started reading the book, that I would never see the movie because books are more magical and in your imagination, I can be Bella, I can see things differently. But when I saw the little commercial preview online its made me upset all dayy today that I couldnt even read today. The girl they picked to play Bella isnt even that pretty, Im not just saying that cause Im jealous I mean shes just average and I CANT STAND to see Edward and her all over each other. Now that I saw the preview it also made it seem more realistic, before I knew it was my imagination but now that I actually saw some it makes me jealous and depressed that Ill never have that. I've been experiencing this deep feeling inside me, this empty nothingness, and I just want to curl up and die. (I do realize that you are thinking that I've gone medically insane). But because of Edward, I realize I may not feel something like that for any guy, no matter how good looking or charming he is. It makes me so depressed that my standards for guys are so sky high now, and impossible I can say.

    To the person that asked, I am 18.

    • ANSWER:
      Well I can sympathize because should have picked a better (more average-pretty, kind of) girl to play Bella. Also, you can't hold any guy to Edward's standard, for it is unattainable. You can't exactly say that you will never have the kind of love for a person Edward and Bella share because that's not fair to you. You should try to find people that share your (Twilight, presumably) interests and try to share your opinions with them. Believe me, you will find someone eventually that also wanted to curl up and die when they saw the commercial.

      Just a personal opinion, but it might be better if you actually went and saw the movie, that way you will know exactly what you don't like about Bella so that when you're looking for your Edward you won't experience rejection because you're not in a perfect movie world.

      Also, please, in self preservation, do not:

      a) set out to kill the actor that plays Bella,
      b) stalk Robert Pattinson (Edward in the movie) and plan a fantastic relationship with him because it's not going to happen.
      Sorry to crush your dreams, but it's true and you know it.

      Hope this helps!

    I feel empty and pointless?
    Some of you may get this feeling after watching a movie like vanilla sky or being john malckovich and so on it leaves me empty but i feel this all the time i have no friends i do have a girlfriend that's it i never leave the house i go to school and come home and that's about it. And for some reason i always think about our existence and if there was a god what would the point of him being here be cause to be honest i don't believe we have a reason to live we survive we have fun we live life to the fullest (apperintly) adn if there no reason for us t live then what would be the point of a god if he's just creating usless creatures to kill eachother and destroy there surrounding's it would give god no reason anyway if anyone know's how to get rid of the feeling it would help.

    • ANSWER:
      I know how you feel!

      My life has only been pain and hurt. I feel like a pawn in this game of life. I'm used and thrown away when done. My life has no meaning except to two people I've met online. Those two people are also my only friends I have ever had. I pray everyday but nothing positive ever happens. What can you do? Live on empty or Die with the hope of happiness!

    Should I tell her I like her?
    To begin with, I'd like to quickly describe my situation.
    ME: 24 yrs old, recently broke off from a relationship of 4 years 2 months ago, BUT like another girl,

    Here's the issue. I've been friends with this one girl for about 3 years (my ex knew about her, but at the time we were just friends) She's 25 years old, BEAUTIFUL, down to earth, in my opinion someone I would love to date, has 2 kids (little worried about this, not good w/ kids as i've not been around them much - but not objective to it) but she ALSO recently broke up with her ex (father of kids) about 2 months ago.

    Anyway, this girl and I talk a quite frequently: Texts, hanging out, online, etc.... and I've recently began to start liking her more than I did before. She is always so nice to me and seems genuinely interested in our time together...but also has a lot of drama/baggage to deal with as well. Like I said earlier, I consider us to be really close friends, and she's said the same. Things like "you're such a great guy." and when I broke up with my ex she said "Wow...HER LOSS!!" and so on..

    Here's my problem.... Do I tell her about how I am feeling for her and potentially ruin a very cool friend status? Or do I go for it anyway and possibly become this girls new man?

    • ANSWER:
      I miss you when you aren't with me.

      I love how you love me.

      You are my endless melody.

      How many stars did God steal from the sky when he made your eyes?

      I'm lost. Will you keep me?

      If you were my cheese, I'd want to be your macaroni.

      If I could wish for one thing on this planet, I would wish for your lips to touch mine, without a question, without a sound.

      You are my endless love.

      I get goosebumps down my spine, every time you warp your arms around me.

      When I close my eye in the night, all I see is you around me.

      I love smelling the scent of you that lingers on my clothes after we part.

      You are the most wonderful guy I've ever met.

      I love the way you make me feel.

      You make me feel complete.

      Everyday with you is worth every star in the sky.

      If I were blind, within my heart I could still see the beauty that is you.

      You are the love of my life.

      Every time I see you, you look more handsome.

      You are the reason my sun rises every morning.

      If it was not for you, my world would fall apart.

      I wanted to say something, but I forgot when I saw you.

      I love you so much.

      I could hold you forever.

      Love, it's time to rise and shine.

      Sunshine, its morning already.

      The glow in your eyes is the secret ingredient of my happiness.

      It's hard to find the sweetest thing to say, when I have the most sweetest person standing next to me.

      Thank you for loving me and being who you are.

      You are my genie in a bottle, because you make all my wishes come true.

      I love the way you look at me.

      I love to hold you in my arms.

      You are the most delicious thing I have ever tasted.

      If God gave me a chance to relive my life, I will rewind to the time I first met you, and freeze it forever.

      I love looking in your eyes.

      My world is empty without you.

      I love the way you brighten up the room.

      Your love is the clouds that cover my world.

      I believe in you.

      I found you, and I've found my soul mate.

      If you want me to shut my mouth during a fight, kiss me.

      You're so addictive. Are you a drug or something?

      What is the longest sentence known to man? "I do".

      If your heart skipped a beat while reading this message, it's love.

      Your smell …it's the only smell in the world that I like.

      So what if loving you comes with pains and compromises? I'd take all of them just to be with you.

      With your closeness taking my breath away, in silence, it's only my eyes that speak my heart.

      If my life is a movie, you're the only hero in it.

      You're my angel, but wait, hide those wings from the world because I don't want to show you to anyone.

      I always thought love could never happen to me until you came along and proved me wrong.

      I could hold you forever in my arms and never let go.

      You're my favorite accessory.

      I look my best whenever you smile at me.

      Hadn't it been you, I'd have never known what love is.

      Growing old with you is one thing I'm looking forward to.

      I feel I've accomplished everything in this world when I'm in your arms.

      I don't need to ask anyone else to shopping because I have you!

      You have the personality I always wanted in my man.

      You're just like my dad. Caring, intelligent, and always helping me tackle mom. (This one's my favorite!)

      I am everything I am because of your love.

    More added to 'afraid of home story' please read!!?
    Afraid of home

    Chapter 1

    When I walked out into the night, the dark sky surrounded me like the darkness of a movie theatre and the air was fresh and cool, a slight breeze flung my hair in front of my face, I slowly brushed the hair back into place, I was lost in thought, and no matter how hard I tried I couldn't stop thinking about my best friend and my violent mom. I should be over that feeling by now though, my step-mom has been like this for 5 years and will never stop.
    I can tell you only little of my life, because yet, I’m only on the 15th chapter. It all started going bad when my dad died, my step-mom got depressed, never got over it, and took it out on me. Oh by the way I’m Abigail, but you can call me Abby. So where was I? Oh yeah, my step-mom ever since then she takes it out on me, but she just has to love my little sister Amy. Amy doesn’t seem to care, but its bad influence on her, I mean I don’t want her beating up her kids my step-mom Callie.
    As I walk home in the cold snowy night, I thought I would call Josh, My best friend since like forever! We’ll just keep this secret to you and me…I have a major crush on him! Shhhh don’t tell him! We talked all the way home, I finally said ‘good bye’
    As I walked into the door, Callie waiting just sitting there…
    “Abby where the heck have you been!“
    “Umm, I was at the movies, by myself, just me, no one else” I said in a scared way that you could probably tell.

    Callie stood up…I was just wondering of what she was going to get…oh my gosh, she went to get nothing she came to hit me!
    I thought about running, I would just get beaten up more then, so I pretended I was ok and let her do it. Red bruises and scars, I wish I had Josh, he would protect me.

    Chapter 2

    In the morning I forgot to set my alarm, waking up at 7:45 I only had 10 minutes to get to school, so I thought I would take my time. Which I did I, got in the shower, washed my body and hair, when I got out, I just stood there, looking at all those bruises. What am I going to blame this on? I already blamed my sister. I got one, I fell down the stairs, not breaking any bones just bruises and scars.
    When I finally reached school, I told the attendant I had a doc appt.
    I walked down the hall rather slowly to gym, the only class I had with Josh. When I got in I started walking toward josh, tripping! He laughed I laughed, but it was me who got in trouble!
    After school finally passes, Josh offered me to go to the movies with him, we where going to go see the most romantic movie ever!
    After the movie, Josh and I went to sit on the bench,
    ‘Josh I need to tell you something’
    ‘Yeah what is it Abby?’
    ‘Ok here it goes.. Josh I..umm..have a crush on you’
    ‘Oh, Abby I don’t like you’
    ‘Oh I understand’
    ‘ I love you!’
    I reached up to give josh a kiss.
    Josh took me home, we kissed for a little bit, then I got out, But before I got out I said ‘ I love you’
    He said it back
    ‘Good night josh’
    “Good night Abby”
    I slowly got out of the car…taking it slowly just imagining what Callie would do…
    I could feel tears coming out, I felt like balling! I just wanted to run away and scream! I wanted to tell josh so bad, but I didn’t have the nerve, I couldn’t get it out.
    ‘You ok Abby?’ Josh asked me in a confused voice
    ‘I’m ok.”
    ‘Ok good, I love you, good night’
    ‘Love you to’
    I watched him drive off in to that dark night, he finally disappeared.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm sorry, but this is terrible writing. You have no grasp of grammar, are continually changing tenses, and appear not to know how to use a spellchecker. This is definitely the right way to annoy me, because it's a common courtesy to check your work for spelling mistakes before posting it online. Furthermore, you randomly lapse into the character's chains of thoughts when you should be focusing on narrating consistently. This makes it seem extremely unprofessional and like somebody with an attention deficit disorder has written it.

      Furthermore, this is unbelievably shallow. I don't care about the main character at all, you've given us no room for empathising with her or anything; she seems superficial and empty, despite her sad life, because of the way you've written her. You haven't shown the reader the plot, you've told us the plot (I mean about the main character's history), and that's the worst mistake a writer can make. Remember, show, don't tell. Look it up. And the worst bit was...'doc appt.' DOCT APT!? What the hell? You're writing a story here, that means you definitely can't put abbreviations in, you actually have to write full words out, capishe.

      Sorry to be honest, but I'm not going to tell you something is fantastic when it isn't.

    Help! I need room ideas!?
    So I just bought a quite large home and I'm not sure to do with all the rooms. I already have a living room, a kitchen, three bedrooms, a guest bedroom, an office, a library, three bathrooms, a dining room. A hall, a conservatory, a sun room, a music room, a ballroom, a drawing room, a computer room, an art room, and a game room. Also I have a basement, garage, and an attic of course. My only problem is I still have about 20 rooms left. My house feels empty and I'm not sure what else to do. Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Best answer goes to the person with the most reasonable rooms. ( by reasonable I mean purposeful)

    • ANSWER:
      1. Kitchen - Go simple. If you have a color in mind then paint it on the cabinets rather than walls.
      2. Living room - My living room is collectique. This is where you want to piece together odds and ends and make it work. So keep the color palate in this room neutral and natural. Dark greens, browns, tans, whites, etc. Bookshelves on both ends of a fireplace would look nice.
      3. Dining room - This room needs to be the most simplified. Since not much time is spent here, This is where you need to cut back on your budget. Apply the more expensive items elsewhere. A nice table, tablecloth, centerpiece and a few photos on the wall will suffice. Make sure the color or theme scheme is the same as the kitchen so there is a nice flow.
      4.Hall - Don't clutter this area. Instead of putting several small photos up, try a HUGE mirror instead or oversized photos or artwork.
      5. Conservatory/Sunroom - Maybe a bench and some tropical plants.But you could start gardening and use these rooms as a greenhouse, it will work just fine. Visit http://www.seedsandshovels.com for more info
      6.Music room - Do you have instruments? If not you could invest in a piano for looks or learn how to play it.You could do a Victorian kind of theme here. Antique looking photos, antique piano, etc. If you are willing to take on a project then I would suggest you do so in this room!
      7.Ballroom - Hmmmm....I would just leave this room alone for now. I don't know what purpose you might have in mind for this one. I will get back to it.
      8.Drawing room - You definately might want to put your sewing or cricut machines in here on some simple desks or tables. Any projects you are taking on...use this room to create your mess. I wouldn't bother to really decorate it. This is an adult play room...lol
      9.Computer room - Some simple desks, try glass tables or desks for an open feel. Sometimes computer rooms are small and you feel sufficated.
      10.Art room - I wonder if this room is beside the drawing room? I would knock down the wall and make it one room. I would treat it the same as the drawing room.
      11.Game room - Big screen TV, Xbox, anything game related. Keep it all together in huge entertainment center. Also I saw someone who did this....Take 2 couches and put one right behind the other. But the one in the back needs to be raised up on a platform. Build one or maybe find one online? That way people sitting on the second couch will be able to see the TV, just like being in a movie theatre!
      12.Basement - This could be the ultimate man cave. Since you have the cars in the garage, I would covert this to a workshop if you could. Or if it is insulated then I would do a bar theme. Have a bar and stools, a TV and a mini fridge...or leave it alone for now.
      13.Garage - I wouldn't bother putting up any decor. However, if you found any cute nik naks that don't fit in the house then I would decorate the garage with them.
      14.Attic - Who goes in here?
      15.Bedroom 1 - Black and white - this is the most simple theme. Decorate in only black and white. You would be amazed at all the cool things you can find. Again Hobby Lobby is your best friend! Add some red for a pop of color.
      16.Bedroom 2 -Green, tan, brown - Keep it natural and relaxing. Only use colors found in nature. A small rock garden on a table would be cute.
      17.Bedroom 3 - Sky blue, white and orange - I have a comforter with these colors. I have used pictures of birds on the walls and also there is alot of decor called "bird on a wire" google it and you will see. Or you can use some birdcage decor you will find at Kirkland's or Hobby Lobby.
      18.Office - Just like the computer room you want to keep this area simple so you don't get crowded. If you must use more than 1 desk then put them back to back, so you are working with your co-worker (lol..) face to face only separated by a computer screen if you catch my drift. Bookshelves would be nice but keep to a minimium. Use a few large photos rather than several smaller ones. Less is more and remember not to choose big and bulky furniture. You know how it is when you go to a professional office and you wonder why everything is so large in such a small room. Do that opposite of that!
      19.Library - A cozy couch and maybe a recliner. A few large decor pieces. Again you could do the Victorian theme, since this is an area that your guests probably won't be spending much time in. This is your relaxing area. I would put up wall to wall bookshelves and a nice, large rug with the furniture sitting ontop in the middle. An oversize floor vase would look great!
      20.All bathrooms - I would use the bedroom themes so it can flow nicely. If it's a guest bathroom then I would do something simple and neutral rather to appeal to both genders.

      Whew...that's how I would decorate it. Add me as a contact and keep in touch. I want to see updates!

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