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    What are some ways that a 15 year old can make decent money over the summer?
    Preferably, it should have flexible hours and not like "doing chores around the house" or "starting a lemonade stand". I'm looking for an actual job, such as a camp counselor, etc. Any other ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      1. be an early investor. ride your bike around and check the paper for garage sales. hit them up and buy up music CD's you find. normally 25 cents to a buck each. then bring them home, windex the cases, use some automotive wax and a soft cloth to clean the CD's. then ride them over to the used record store. on average you will get .25 per CD. some , some . you will at least break even, meaning lose no money, otherwise make profit for just shopping and cleaning a few CD's. and this can be done on your own time frame.

      2. since you mentioned camp, I am sure you know or enjoy crafts. get on ebay, see what type of craft items are selling, jewelry, baskets, etc. make some, have a parent set up an ebay account, and start selling them. again, all done at your own pace and time frame. you can also find small trinket shops/craft shops in your area and sell your items to them for them to resell or use them as a distributor to sell your products for you and you give them a cut of the profit.

      3. camp counselor, amusement park, some fast food joints, cart person at a grocery store, etc.

      4 since I am sure you are on myspace and enjoy it all. go to kinko's and make up some simple biz cards (). then go around to local small business's and others and offer your services of making them a myspace web site page. you can then give the address to them to advertise with, to link to their web site, etc. explain how myspace is big, popular and has millions of users and some 250,000 a day new sign on. few "adults" understand all the computer stuff where you do. Say 0 for the myspace site, info, pictures. And for changes. Take you a day to do one, an hour to update one.

      5. this one I told my 18 yr old bro to do cause he's a camera wiz. if you are good with video cameras, editing, burning to DVD's. again get some biz cards, then go around to local soccer games, softball, baseball, tball, etc. and give your card out to the parents. offer a service of video taping their child for the game, editing it, and burning it to DVD. Say a game. You get 2-3 kids per game, you make for 5 hrs of work including editing and you film all 3 at same time, as you do edit it later. This allows the parent to either A. watch the game and not a camera, B. not even be at the game yet still see it, and C. able to share a "professional" yet cheap video of their child to friends, realtives. Make up a simple front page on the video saying biz name, who did it (you), etc.

      Think outside the box, dont' settle for some minimum wage paycheck when you can make 3 times as much in 1/3rd the time by just looking around.

    What are some VERY general estimates of film costs?
    I have to do a movie project for a high school class and it requires a budget breakdown. I was wondering if anyone knew how much a crew costs, how much cgi costs, and how much studio space costs (you can base estimates on other movies).
    General estimates are more than sufficient.
    Also, please, if you provide an answer can you site your source or at least your name so I can give you credit? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      your question is impossible to answer because the real answer is "it depends." let me see if I can break it down for you a bit:
      to make a movie you probably need:
      a director
      a cinematographer (guy in charge of lighting)
      a sound guy (guy in charge of recording sound)
      a writer
      two actors (or more)
      an editor
      when I did school projects they all got paid zip.

      but if you were to pay them, it would probably be based on number of days they worked. how do you estimate that? depends on your script length. a page of standard formatted script runs at one minute for each page. So a 2 hour movie is about 120 pages long. how long is yours?
      a crew can be as complicated as hair/make-up, wardrobe, props, grip, best boy, script girl, etc., etc. etc... or if you did them like we did, everybody held multiple jobs.
      plus, a camera
      some film....
      what you need is to find a production budget spreadsheet. or read Robert Rodriguez book on filmmaking.
      are you shooting film? or digital. Film requires you to process the film and transfer it so you can edit it. Digital saves you money. you can look at what you shot right away and import it into your computer to edit.
      Digital is also more forgiving - meaning you won't have to rent or borrow lights to see what's going on in the scene. you can use "available light" to shoot your scenes.
      you also need to consider paying for rental of locations, costumes, props and stuff like that. and food for the cast and crew. again, if you use the rodriguez method, he created a script using stuff he already had access to and people who were already interested in doing it for free.and they made spaghetti to feed everybody.
      cgi? that's crazy talk unless you know somebody who can do that as a favor. other things you'll have to consider after the shoot is paying for music, sound effects, color correction, dubs, titles... and the list goes on. check out web sites like to look for answers to your questions.
      I'd suggest you find someone who owns a digital camera and make him/her the director. find someone who has an editing program on their computer and make him/her the editor. then get together with some friends who want to "star" in a short film and brainstorm simple story ideas. It could be story as simple as wimpy guy trying to make it through the day without the neighborhood bully catching him, or a poor girl trying to raise money to buy a new swim suit for a cool pool party, or a kid who's afraid of the dark trying to make it through the night when his parent left town.
      George Washington by David Gordon Green; Straight Out of Brooklyn and Mariachi are three films made by guys who did a lot with very little.
      If you do this right, you should only have to pay for digital film tape and some DVDs to burn. You shouldn't try to be "professional" and budget studio space or hire actors. since you're learning the biz, do it with others who have a desire to try something without pay.
      as a student, you should spend more time worrying about telling a story that people want to watch than going for a high budget "studio" effects.

      in film school I made a 5 minute movie about a women who was driving around the neighborhood on her way to get her new dog. the trick was, she was really stalking the neighborhood and when she found the perfect dog, she jumped out of the car, grabbed it and took off. it was a shocker ending that film festivals loved. simple idea - One actor, one car, one director, one camera guy. one editor. one dog.
      everything starts with the script. do you have one?
      hope this helps.
      what you're doing right is asking questions. keep doing that. it's the only way you'll learn what you don't know.
      good luck.

    Is it possible to do this in two years?
    Is it possible for a young teenage girl with no acting experience at all (but has experience in auditions and agencies) to become a new Disney star in two years? Or at least a well known Disney extra?

    By extra, I mean that person that you see almost everywhere, but you have no idea what their name is.

    • ANSWER:
      Honestly, most likey not. Those kids you see on Disney have been doing commercials since birth. (Miley was in numerous productions before her big breakout role on Hannah Montana. Selena Gomez was on Barney when she was five. Alyson Stoner's resume is three pages long.) However, don't let me discourage you. Anything is possible.

      Here's my little how-to break out into the acting biz:

      1. Training. Acting/Dancing/Singing classes are a good start. You start to get some talent under your belt, and grow your confidence. Plus, if after about a year of classes if you realize you really don't like it, it'll be easier for you to back out.

      2. Experience. Do Community Theater, act in your school play, get in some student films, etc. You'll want to do as many productions as possible to have a great resume.

      3. Agent.

      Also, you should NEVER have to pay for anything when it comes to getting an agent. If an agent tells you to take special classes from them or a website asks for a credit card number, that is a red flag that it is a scam. Some of the big scammers out there are: John Robert Powers, Millie Lewis, John Casablancas, Model Look, Barbizon.

      Hope this helps you and I hope you go on to have a fantastic career. =)

    What can i do at the age of 15 to prepare myself for the future?
    ok im in school....i dont have a job and im not in any afterschool activities or anything (i hate sports and i hate the clubs that my school offer)

    but um yea what were you doing at my age?
    i feel like i need to do something....:/

    • ANSWER:
      Actually, you should get involved in something. Figure out where your interests lie and then it'll be easier to figure out what to do. One of my nieces has always been into environmental issues--even as at 7 y.o., when her school wanted to poison all the squirrels because they'd come and hang around the picnic tables where the kids ate lunch, she got her friends together and protested--squirrels were there long before the school was built. She even wrote an op ed article for the local paper which got published which raised more awareness by more people in authority. The squirrels were trapped and moved to a place where there weren't so many people around and the school changed it lunch policies. She now is now a grad student, got a full scholarship from Harvard and has been applying and winning a lot of money from places looking for new environmental ideas (and she met her boyfriend in the same field, sigh, so romantic). Another niece of mine learned to cook when she was just a wee girl and by the time she was in high school was making professional Italian and French pastries and dipped chocolates; she also loves to cook so she's used those talents to go to Italy for a year, for after school jobs, and to get catering offers to make money for college--but cooking/baking isn't what her major in college is (it's something like antiquities or something like that). A nephew has always loved kids and is just an overgrown kid himself so he's always had a "side" job working with kids--this summer he's working for the YMCA as a paid counselor but even when he was in high school he volunteered to help out at an afterschool kid center (his goal in life is to win the lottery when he is old enough to be legal and then just do what he wants--like that's ever going to happen). Another nephew decided he wanted to be a filmmaker and got summer jobs (no pay but for the experience and the right to put it on his resume) working for Francis Ford Coppola and making amateur videos and just meeting and doing what he loves; he did go to film school for college and is now working in the biz (he films some of those Bollywood things, he's done music videos, has done work for MTV, etc.). The more pertinent stuff you can put on an application, the better your chances of getting into the college of your choice. So, have some fun but also figure out what you like to do. If it's doing hair and nails, see if you can intern (for free) at a salon to see what really happens and if that is really what you want to do all the time. If you're into animals, volunteer at the SPCA (the animals will love it). And none of it has to be attached to your school. I know my local library is always looking for people who are willing to work with illiterate people to teach them how to read, yea, there are people who don't know how to read even the simplest stuff and being able to read signs and notices would be real useful. But first you need to sit down and write down everything that interests you--doesn't have to be important or connected to any kind of potential career, just write down all the things that interest you. Then you can talk to your parents, the librarian, a school counselor, a teacher you get along with easily (or come back on here and ask more specific questions) to get some help pointing you in a direction, offer support and suggestions.

    Oldest daughter wants to be actress when she grows up? This a good idea at 15?
    I have 3 kids 9, 12 and 15 and my oldest Veronica wants to be an actress. She just started in a short film called "TEASED" about a girl 15 years who has two younger brothers and before school she ends up teasing and laughing at her 10 year old little brother about being adopted, and then there mom with her head in clouds sends him off to school only to picked on by the kids in his class. Feeling his not wanted at home or school he runs away on a journey only to have his family go find him before he discovers the true meaning of family. It's such a hart warming, sad and sometime funny story about dealing with issue of teasing and be teased my daughter did such a great job on screen I think the role of older sister Hayley was a perfect fit. We just found out she won a new young talent award for her role of Hayley at our local film festival as a mom she wants to do a lot more acting in the future.

    Do you think this was right first role and should Should I let my daughter go into acting this young even if she really good?

    • ANSWER:
      It's a good start I'd say.

      The program is this. While she's in high school, she needs to audition and take whatever parts she can get--indie films, community theatre, college shows (if they'll have her), high school shows. She also needs to get lesson in acting, dance, voice, and other show biz skills--and also to read lots of scripts and also books on acting by such masters as Uta Hagan or Bobby Lewis, or Stanislavski.

      To get into the acting profession, she'll most likely need to do a BFA program at a good university--there are exceptions, but that's how almost all actors get started. If she does lots of amateur acting at this age, she'll have a network of people who can help her pick a good program.

      Good luck!

    I'm a budding film maker, but how do i start and how do i get my ideas made into film?
    if i can't persoanlly make my ideas into a film where do i go to get some else to make my ideas into a film for me?

    • ANSWER:
      Join every acting/drama group you can find. With them you will learn about acting, directing, costumes, makeup, sets, lighting, advertising etc. Don't forget to volunteer at the local convention center where they have to build/tear down sets, do sound, lighting etc. Also try to put together a program for kids that the library/church will let you stage.

      If your interest is in writing scripts for shows/programs, join writing clubs. At local clubs who have open mike nights, maybe you can work with one or two stand-ups writing material for them.

      Volunteer to sew costumes and make sets for dance recitals. Volunteer to be a gopher at the local TV station during your school vacations.

      I'm sure you will come up with tons of ideas. Show Biz personalities have huge egos, don't take stuff personally. Learn that being told no is not a rejection of your ideas, It means that person just has a different agenda for now.

    Ideas For Opening A Small Business?
    Any ideas for opening up a small business in New York? For sports and entertainment?
    Any kind. As long as it's sports and entertainment related, I'm open minded.

    • ANSWER:
      my rule of thumb;
      we know your passions; sports and entertainment
      read 3 books on small biz
      write a biz plan [modify it as often as you need]
      do market research

      email me

      u can have wrestling matches, kids exercise programs
      senior citizen exercise programs, and you can use telephoto lenses, and film cliff climbers
      you can teach along with me--skin diving and scuba diving and film adventures in the
      Caribbean and Hawaii.

      I teach skin and used to teach scuba and
      I have already produced TV shows.

    JRP? Scam or not? And if so have any suggestions?
    I know my lifes dream is to be on T.V. or at least in a commercial. I'm strap for cash so i don't like this 00.00 lesson idea. Is there any true admireing company that's offering a show biz chance? I heard on the radio, that there was an organization that was doing something but i don't know what they're doing... I live in Vancouver WA. I know, least place to find show biz.

    ~Devin Klein

    • ANSWER:
      JRP is a SCAM! The ONLY thing that JRP will help you with is becoming 00 POORER (that's how much the classes are) and getting LAUGHED OUT of LA and NY!

      I've gone to a few of the JRP franchises and given REALLY BAD auditions just to see how selective they were. They obviously were NOT when they called me the next day saying that I got the highest ratings and gave me a chance to attend a few classes for free, RED FLAG!

      The JRP classes that I went to were overcrowded filled with people who have no business to be actors. They were probably told by the JRP people that they also got the highest scores at the audition. The teachers were VERY unqualified. Most of the teachers from what I've gathered were struggling actors with very few credits teaching to pay their bills.

      John Robert Powers, Barbizon, and John Casablancas are all SCAMS! They are NOT agencies! They MISLEAD people into thinking that they are, but are NOT. LEGIT Agencies only make money when you do (10% for film/tv and commercials, 20% for commercial print). REAL AGENTS DON'T take 00 upfront and DON'T make you take their subpar classes. YES! You'll be paying at least 00 for crappy classes!

      A school for modeling is the biggest scam, period! When you get picked up by a LEGIT agency like Ford or Elite, they will teach you or hire coaches. They're not going to reject your resume because "oh, you don't have any modeling classes."

      If you don't think they're scams, then go waste thousands of dollars that could go towards good headshots and training from the BEST schools (JRP, JC, and Barb. are NOT the best!) Also, go to a major market like L.A. or N.Y. with those schools on your resume. You'll get LAUGHED out!

      Schools like Barbizon, JRP, and JC still exist because there are a lot of suckers trying to get into acting and for the money. They think that going to one school will be the answer and it's not. It's these schools that give them and feed off of those false promises. For every 100 people that go through these scammy schools and lose their money, there will always be that naturally talented kid that gets work and that these scammy schools take credit for.

      JRP-Banks on the name of a very famous and DEAD agent. They say that Lucille Ball, John Wayne, Barbara Walters, Heather Locklear, Peter Fonda, Jane Fonda, and many other famous actors went to the school, when NONE of them did! Some of those celebs even threatened legal action for using their names. So you see, they use bait and switch tactics.

      John Casablancas-The franchises have been known for unethical business practices and really have nothing to do with the founder's original intentions.

      Barbizon-It was popular back in the 70s and 80s. Now these franchises have been known for unethical business practices and false promises. EXPOSED ON DATELINE!

      These schools are OVERPRICED and DON'T provide the caliber training that more affordable and REPUTABLE schools like Howard Fine Studios, Ivanna Chubbuck, Upright Citizens Brigade, Groundlings, Second City, Beverly Hills Playhouse, Stella Adler, William Esper Studios, Tom Todoroff, Joanne Baron/D.W. Brown, Margie Haber, etc. do.

    is 25 too old to get into film and t.v?
    i'm currently 21 and in college to be a registered nurse. i figured i should have a back up incase acting failes. i've been singing since i was 12 and acting since i was 16. i will be graduating college when i'm about 25 or 24. my life long dream is to be a successful actress and if possible also sing. i was just wondering if 24 or 25 is too old to start in film and t.v. i've already signed up on central casting and i will continue to do things like that until i graduate but it don't have much freetime sense i do also work. so if you also have any ideas as to what i can do to prepare for the biz when i graduate that would be helpful too. oh yea, i'm 21 but i look like i'm 17. main question is: is 25 too old to get into film and t.v? thanks for everones answers.

    • ANSWER:
      There are many actors who have become big stars even though they started in their 50's and 60's. Morgan Freeman got his first major movie role when he was 52. Before that, he was on TV. Morgan Freeman is the only one who comes to mind right away. But there are many other actors and actresses who started late. In fact, most of the actors who start "too early" as kids (Dana Plato, for instance) or even babies (Mary-Kate and Ashley, for example) end up having no careers at all when they grow older.

      Most actors begin in their twenties. You need to be super-talented, or super-lucky or have a Mom or Dad who is already a big star, or all three, to hit the big time before you are twenty. If you look around, you will see that all the big stars are in their thirties and forties, at least. Only a few, such as Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff, etc. have made it to the big time before they hit 20 or 25. And some of them paid a heavy price for the early success.

      So, go for it!

    Is there a website where you can post movie ideas?
    I have this idea for a horror movie, and I really want it to became a movie really bad. Here's my movie idea if you want to read it.
    This serial killer named Zayden starts out as a innocent boy who had some learning disabilities and some mental problems. He had high funtioning autism, and he had selective mutism. He also had schizophrenia. Zayden had a crazy religious cult leader father who he hated, and he had a little sister who he loved. Zayden's father had his and his little sister's mother burned alive when Zayden and his little sister were very young. They're father thought they're mother was a witch. Zayden was bullied by the other kids in the cult. Because, they thought he was a male witch due to his mother, and because he was different due to his learning disabilities, and mental problems. Zayden and his little sister were abused a lot by their father, and by the cult followers. When Zayden became a teen the cult and his father end up burning his little sister to death, and then they were planing to burn Zayden to death too. This made Zayden so angry and so sad that he went and got revenge on all of them by trapping them all in a church, and then setting the church on fire to kill all of them. Zayden went and ran away in the woods near the town. When there was a blizzard going on. The town where the witch burnings took place has been abandoned since the church fire. Everyone thought Zayden frozed to death. But, that's not true. Zayden starts dressing up as a "mime". He wears a white mask, white gloves, a white and black striped long sleeve shirt, and black pants and boots. He starts killing anyone who goe's in the town. Zayden doesn't talk anymore. He's completely silent like "Jason Voorhees", and "Michael Myers".

    • ANSWER:
      Here you go...

      Pitch Your Movie Ideas To The World.


      Film Biz Site: Submit Movie Ideas, Scripts & More. Used By Top Film Co's....>>>

    work 4 free to get experience?
    I have wanted to be a fashion designer all my life since I was a kid I've been designing outfits and have gotten a lot of good responses and complements. I know I'm good at this, I'm just very confident about this. I've come up with a plan to start my own thing but due to a lack of funds it's going to take me a good six to eight months before I can branch out on my own with my ideas. Well for now I've been offered an opportunity to design for someone who has connections in the films industry (mainly low-budget films) but I wont get paid now. She is just getting into this part of the biz, so she has no funds to pay me now - but there is potential for pay in the future. What should I do? I haven't worked in this field ever & this could be much needed experience that i might could benefit from. I'm just not sure if I want to use my designs for this project when I can use it for my own project in several months. I also keep thinking that I'm not getting paid, I don't know if I want to work for free. I'm sure this person will get paid but not sure how much she expects to get in her bank account before she thinks it's safe to begin paying me? This is quite a dilemma for me. I'm hoping that someone can help me get some clarity on what is a wise choice here. -Thanks for any advise you can offer.

    • ANSWER:
      Get a good contract protecting your designs, guaranteeing they remain your property. Also the time you expect to be paid and the percentage.

    Can I sue someone for selling me a car with no wheels?
    Recently I went out to buy my kid a car, and found a great deal on craigslist. I went to go pick it up, and I was so excited that I completely didn't realize that the car was missing wheels. Apparently he had cardboard fake wheels propped up to fool me. It was dark outside and this totally worked.

    So as I was sitting inside the car checking everything, the guy was outside making sure I was having a good time asking me if I liked it and was pressuring me into buying it right there on the spot. I handed him 00 in cash and he handed me the keys, and he drove off in his Impala '97. Once he left I got on the phone with my daughter and told her to meet me by the local grocery store. That's when I got in and started the car, it sounded great. I put it into 1st gear and I guess it came off the bricks holding it up as I was grinding away. I had no idea what was going on!!!

    So after about an hour revving the engine, the nearby neighbors heard me and came out to stop me. They were yelling and screaming to get me to stop. I got out and realized what was going on, MAN did I feel like I got ripped!

    I WAS SO MAD! The guy left no information except for John Smithee which later I found out is just an allaby usually used when making credits in da film biz.

    Can someone please tell me if I can sue?

    • ANSWER:
      Cardboard fake I've heard everything.

    What is a portfolio for applying for a screenwriting major?
    I am looking over the USC application for the 4 year screenwriting program. One of the requirements is a portfolio but I'm not quite sure what that entails.

    The following is a copy of the USC app's description:

    7. Portfolio List
    A list of all available creative material and experience with a concise description of each item listed. Items need not be film related, but should give an idea of your creative ability. If your creativity has been recognized in some way, please include brief details.
    There is a seperate section on the application titled Writing Samples so they can't be the same thing, can they?

    • ANSWER:
      Neither of those fools are correct. I am getting really sick of impersonators here.

      Asker: Let me stress first that you asking this question is not very good or reflective of your reading comprehension, and especially not good for one of the most competitive schools in the WORLD.

      The application asks for specific things, but the portfolio list is essentially a descriptive list of EVERYTHING you have written, because you are obviously not going to include in the application everything, and only what USC has asked for. But they still want to know what you write. If you recieved awards or special recognition for the piece, they expect you to include that in the description.

      Here is a hint: The whole purpose behind sending this list is to evaluate your ability to write short, narrative paragraphs that gives the reader everything they need to dissect specific information. AKA: QUERY LETTERS. If you can't form a query letter at this point, they will not even pay any attention to you.


      Meat, you do realize that you look like a fool criticizing a Masters in anything. But wait, you're the successful screenwriter right? So do tell Meat, do you own a production company like I do? Are you invited to USC's applicant panel each year? Have you sold a screenplay on spec that actually has a name? No, no you have not Meat. All you have done is show that you are a fool in this field, and know that you are inferior to the rest of us actually in the business.

      No screenwriter's have an MFA in Screenwriting? Are you kidding? You're serious? So what you are saying is that the USC screenwriting program exists, but no one takes the course. Because you would have to be a screenwriter to take the course. Oh, it's ok Meat, Ron Howard understands that you are an idiot. He went here. Judd Apatow also walked these halls. Oh, that guy that co-wrote Batman Begins, what's his name? Oh David S. Goyer? Ya, he graduated from here too. Remember those guys that wrote that flick, oh what was it called, Man on The Moon? And the People Vs. Larry Flint? What was their names? Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski that's RIGHT!!! Josh Schwartz, youngest series creator in TV history for the O.C., he came here too. Brian Singer of X-Men and The Usual ya, not a single Screenwriter with an MFA in the biz. Oh, by the way, that isn't even close to the full list from USC, not including all of the other schools in the world that offer an MFA in screenwriting.

    question on acting on tv?
    I'd really like to act on Tv and have contacted some TV shows but they have said that they cant take people of school age out of their lessons to take part in their productions and only take kids from stage schools where the train for TV & film. Im not home schooled (tho i like the idea) but i was wondering (out of curiosity )does that count as an ordinary school or not?
    Yes yes Iknow I didn't pick up the phone and call hannah montanna syin can I be inur show and yes I know that u need to go to auditions and stuff but the story's a little bit longer than but I'm not gonnna go in to details

    • ANSWER:
      you need to get acting training to learn how show biz. works. you don't contact shows directly
      to get parts. kids get taken out of school all the time to go on auditions during the school year,what school you go to is immaterial. when you have had training and gotten some experience
      and built up a resume you can look for an agent. you can take acting classes, you don't
      have to go to a special school for this. if you get a job during the school year, you bring your
      regular school assignments to the set with you. the film co. has to hire a teacher if any
      one in the cast is still in school. there are thousands of kids in show bus. that don't go to
      acting schools, who get taken out of school all the time for auditions and work. unless
      the acting school teaches the subjects required by law it doesn't count as regular school.
      it's only acting related.

    Can you help with something?? 10 points!?
    Ok so my dream is to be an actress preferably on disney and yeahh yeahh i know what your thinking every kid in the world wants that! but im different this is what i want and im ready to start making this happen! anyways i live in a small town where you cant do any thing like get lessons... i could start performing arts at my school in HS but thats one whole year (8th grade now) i wanna start now! what can i do to get noticed? i would like to try singing to i need some lessons tho lol heres my youtube name what do you think of my singing?? Kat23151 <------ thts my youtube ... do they have a site for maybe online auditions or something? im ready to get serious about this, i really am!!! guys please dont put nothing rude like get a life or you wont ever be able to do that because you have no idea what im capable of!!! 10 points?

    • ANSWER:
      Your singing is decent and with some voice lessons you will become even better. But what do you LOOK like? You didn't put yourself in the video.

      Being an actress 99% of the time is going to depend on your looks for getting cast into a film or TV show. Even if you are EXTREMELY talented if they don't like the way you look, you're not getting the part.

      I'm not trying to upset you in any way, but making it into show-biz is VERY difficult. You gotta keep in mind that these casting people and directors look at THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of face shots before even CONSIDERING you for an audition. I want you to know that it's tedious, stressful, and alot of my friends are very very very talented/beautiful people that have been trying to catch a break for 5 years or more and still have got nothing. They work as waiters/waitresses and can barely afford to pay the rent in Los Angeles

      You gotta want it, and practice practice practice and you gotta move to New York or L.A. to increase your chance of being noticed, what my friends do is try to make connections though people that they meet while waiting tables. Like meeting someone who is married to a casting director, or someone who knows a director etc.

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