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    How can i promote or take to the next level my film ideas?
    I'm only 14 but i have fantastic film ideas, i've done so much scripting and everything for it including storyline, music, directing and casting ideas. I've worked hard and enjoyed it, and i'll continue working on it.

    How can i one day promote these film ideas? Who should i talk to, to maybe make it into a film one day?


    • ANSWER:
      When you graduate,go to film school and make these into shorts to start with. You as well as millions of others have ideas too, its getting into a film school and networking and making them into shorts to start out.

    How do you delete resolved questions?
    Is there a way? I ask because ive posted a detailed film idea for school, and I forgot to delete it. Now I have to write up a treatment for school on the film, and the teacher may check for plagiarism and see the questions I posted.

    How do I delete resolved questions?

    • ANSWER:
      Once a question has been resolved you can no longer delete it, it belongs to Yahoo.

      You could write to yahoo at and ask them to remove it but it would have to be for a good reason and they won’t always do it.

    What are some good film schools that arent rediculously hard to get into?
    Film schools that i can be accepted pretty easily with decent grades?

    • ANSWER:
      Try Loyola Marymount and Chapman University, both in California, Temple in PA, Ithaca in NY, Santa Fe College in New Mexico, the University of Montana, and Point Park in PA. You can find more ideas at:


      I also recommend the book, Film School Confidential, which you can order through Amazon.

      Good luck!
      Carolyn Lawrence,

    How to film a scene in a school?
    I have a short film idea, and about 70% of the scenes take place in a school setting. There are scenes that are both in hallways and in a classroom. I really don't know how I am going to film this.
    My first idea was to film the hallway scenes during the time where everyone is packing up their stuff, and everyone who actually has a role in the movie would just film around everyone. For the classroom scenes, I had a crazy idea that probably won't work, and that was to make sure that first I have a class with one of my friends who wants to be a part of the movie in the term, and second that my teacher is cool enough to let me disrupt class and film for a few days.
    I think I'll do the hallway scenes the way I've planned (unless you guys can come up with a better way). My second idea for the classroom scene, though, was to get a large enough group of people, and either after hours, on a weekend, or even in the summer time, we ask for permission to film in a classroom, and I get some adult who can act as the teacher in the scene.
    Which method is better? And is there another method out there that I can use that I haven't mentioned to make the hallway and classroom scenes possible?

    • ANSWER:
      Either way is good. But I think it would be best not to disrupt class. Not just because class is important, but because some students are stupid. They're going to be making faces and throwing up signs. Its better to have students who are as serious as you in the classroom. I'd say film the scene in hallways with the smallest camera possible so that you get how school hallways 'really' are and not people posing for a camera

    I have lots of excellent ideas for film. How do I contact a producer or someone interested?
    About a year back I started gaining interest in film and novels. After reading and watching a ton of films ideas started to come in my head and I started writing all my ideas down. I have about ten ideas for screenplays and stories and some I think could be successful in Hollywood. Is it impossible to contact a big company, producer, or director to pitch an idea to? Where should I start?

    • ANSWER:
      Like Ravie said, you have to start with the screenplay. Producers are not interested in meeting no-names and hearing ideas with nothing to back it up. A pitch has to be followed by a screenplay, which they will agree to look at only if they like your pitch. No screenplay = no meeting.

      Linda Aronson's "Scriptwriting Updated" is the textbook used at the Australian Film and Television School, and is an excellent resource.

      There is also great book called "How NOT To Write a Screenplay", which has a lot of very practical examples of pitfalls to avoid.

      Also, be very very careful about throwing your ideas out there to anyone who takes an interest. If someone listened to you and said "yeah that's great" and then nicked your idea leaving you high and dry without any rights at all, it wouldn't be the first time.

    Does anyone have any short film comedy ideas or scripts?
    Does anyone have any short film comedy ideas or scripts?
    Me and some guys need to make a short comedic film for a high school film fest. It should be like 5 to 10 minutes. If it could be a high-school related story it would be great. I would give you credit.

    • ANSWER:
      Just make up your own idea. I write plenty of scripts, and most of them are based on the trouble me and my friends get into. One thing I did when writing a short film script when I had a writer's block was ask my self a question like, "what would my friends and I do if a really attractive foreign exchange student from France came to our school for only two weeks and we all wanted to date him?" Or whatever works for you, good luck on the test.

    NYU Tisch Film School good for a person hoping to become a director/producer?
    I want ot become a director/producer is Tisch School of Arts film school a good idea? Any tips?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes! NYU is one of the top 3 film schools in the country!

    Need Photo Ideas: How could you take pictures of a cardboard box in different/unique ways?
    Need Photo Ideas: How could you take pictures of a cardboard box in different/unique ways?

    I am doing a project for school, and I need more ideas! I have to shoot 5 rolls of film.

    Any ideas? How could you photograph a box?

    • ANSWER:
      Wet the box and shoot the stains
      Shred the corrugated and photo strips or piles
      Delaminate the layers and shoot the corrugation with side lighting
      Get in the box and shoot something else with a bit of the box in the frame

    How can I become a screenwriter ?
    Is it necessary to attend a film school, or is it really just a matter of writing and networking? How do you get started?

    • ANSWER:
      The best way to become a writer of any form is to write, if you can find other people (not friends) to critique your work that is also a good idea. Write outside your favourite genres too to become more rounded, write pieces in the styles of other writers.

      The second best thing is to read, it is possible to get film scripts at and of course reading loads of different styles of books allows you to see how different people put plots together.

      There are a bunch of screenwriting books, some are listed on the link below (bit of an animation bias I'm afraid)

      It could depends on what kind of scripts you want to get into and of course by the time you finished at film school the whole market could have changed. Film school will help you with some of the standards of the industry and help with things like style, continuity and other technical issues. Of course a good school name would be an excellent thing on your CV. However you may need to actually have written some things to get into the school in the first place.

      Don't forget there is also the less glamorous job of script editing and there is likely to be more work in television than in films.

      My final piece of advice was learnt the hardway. After about a year of messing about with the script for my Flea Circus film I thought it was ready for recording. When it was read out loud a whole bunch of extra issues were found. So my recomendation is to read out your scripts and record them, when you listen to them you may have further improvements.

      All the best.

    What is the job market like for 3d animation and visual effects?
    I'm considering going to vancouver film school for the 3d animation and visual effects program, just wondering how the job market is like? Any insight from people who know what they are talking about is appreciated, thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm still in design school, but I've used some of my skills while interning, and I can tell that it's a pretty good field to get involved in, if you're not attached to moviemaking (everyone wants to do movies, so the pay is awful and the hours are killer). There are many more things like animations for surgical procedures, custom-made animations and effects for presentations and pitches in the business world, and as computers get faster and faster websites are becoming more able to host things like 3d animations and visual effects.

      I'd say that if you're able to hold your own, market yourself well, are self-motivated and enjoy doing the work, you can become very successful in the field. Businesses usually don't need an entire team of animators - just one person... one person who can take direction from engineers or public relations who don't know the language of animation.

      The only downside is that every job is different, so stability can be a problem. Since 3d animation relatively new and is growing so quickly, many companies will outsource to an agency instead of hiring for their own company. If you work for an agency, you're usually working for a creative director who comes up with the ideas and then you just end up with the grunt work, without putting in your own creativity.

      I worked for a company, in the research and development department, and my 3d animation skills really made a lot of their presentations come to life and it helped in their quality of research. I was only an intern at the time, but I could see how I could work full time for a place like that, but I could also see how they might get into lulls where they wouldn't need a full-time animator on the team.

      Hope that helps! I really enjoy 3d animation and effects, but it isn't the main focus of my career. Maybe once you begin, you'll find that you love it to pieces, or maybe you'll find that you enjoy web interactivity more, or filmmaking, or something related to animation. If you're willing to work hard, you can definitely go far. :)

    How does one get into film school after completing an undergrad degree?
    I have an undergraduate degree in biology, but I want to go into film rather than med school.

    How plausible is it to try to get into a graduate film school in this situation? How difficult or easy is it to get into film school in general? And would film school be a good idea for someone with little to no movie-making experience?

    I'm looking to be a screenwriter or producer (but I'm not aiming as high as director just yet). I would also be interested in being a medical/technical advisor for a TV show or movie. Any advice would help.

    • ANSWER:
      do a short course - eg two months, in screenwriting or general film production techniques. Get some books on screenwriting and go to Drew's script-o-rama and download some good scritps and analyse them. a good book is Ray Frensham' s 'teach yourself scriptwriting'

    How to get into the film industry?
    I have a wild imagination. I'm always dreaming and conjuring new film ideas, in my downtime, while listening to my ipod or while relaxing. My mind never stops. I am an amazing storywriter and a very hard worker. My dream would be to share my imagination with others.

    How difficult would it be to get into the film industry? I would like to still continue my normal career path, which would be some sort of IT and criminal justice, but is there any way to "make it" in the film industry without sacrificing my original career path? I'm 16, and I believe that anything is possible with insane motivation

    • ANSWER:
      You could start off by looking out for auditions in the newspapers and online. Something within your area. If you know of anyone whose parents happen to be working in the media industry, approach them and see if they can help you with fulfilling your dream.

      You don't have to start off as the lead role. Look for more minor roles to start off with first. Saves you agent fees (probably), having to have a fair amount of experience, gives you a taste of how the film industry is like before you decide which path would be your future, and get some money over school break. Even extras may get noticed if their performance really impresses the producers/director. Who knows. They may just put you as the lead of their next film if you really really impress them 😉

      Good luck :)

    How do I become a film director?
    I know there is full sail, but I don't have any money, and the state I live in does not offer any school that specialize in film. Any ideas of suggestions of how to break into the film industry?

    • ANSWER:
      you just have to save up some money, get a crew, and make a film. then you try and enter it in festivals and if its good hopefully it'll make some money and you'll get your name out there which will get you jobs. its incredibly difficult though and very few people actually make it

    What is the best film school in the Paris area?
    I am going to be attending film school in Paris, but which one!? I found Eicar, La Femis, ESEC, and i have no idea what is any good. It would be helpful if there were some film courses in English there as well.

    • ANSWER:
      Whichever is cheapest, because you're not likely to get a substantial job in the film industry when you graduate, and your student loans will be crippling.

    Does anyone have any good short film ideas?
    Hi, i have to do a short film for school. Im only in gr. 8, it has to have a moral or lesson and it can only be 3-5 minutes long.... Please help.

    • ANSWER:
      Try to do something dark, like visualize the childhood of The Joker. Moral of the story, don't smite your kids. They will grow up to be homicidal maniacs.

    What is the top 5 film and television production universities?
    I'm transferring after this year from Community College. I honestly have no idea what schools to consider.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi.. If you are looking for film schools, I think another option is for you to look at the schools in Vancouver, Canada

      Vancouver is one of the top 3 film production cities in North America, and the tuition fee is relatively cheaper.

      There are couple schools in Vancouver and one of the reputable schools is Vancouver Film School (

      The program is usually 1-2 years depending if you have the basic knowledge about the program.

      I do have some friends who went there and really had a good time there. If you want more information, you can email me at

    Is it illegal to walk into the mall in a bunny suit?
    For my film class in school we are assigned to do random funny short films.

    My idea was a tad bit wild. I was to have my friend walk into the mall dressed entirely in a bunny suit and start dancing in the middle of Best Buy, the food court, and etc. We were then going to ask a mall security officer if he would pretend to arrest him so I could film it and end the film with him getting arrested.

    It makes no sense and it's completely bizzare but we just wanted to know, is this legal?
    The state is New Hampshire. He would not be threatening or harassing in any way.

    • ANSWER:
      In some states it could be illegal. Get the permission of the mall office.

    How would I get someone to make a short-film from a story that I've written?
    I have written a short-story and would love to see it being made into a short-film but have no idea where to start or who to contact. I've have no directing or any type of film-making experience so probably would want to collaborate with someone to make the short-film...any ideas where to start?

    • ANSWER:
      You can contact your local college or other school that has script or screenwriting courses.

      What the writing needs to be formatted into is called a 'treatment' -- basically it's telling what's happening, not only with the actors, but also what the viewer is seeing (e.g. camera shots, music, whether it's an interior shot or exterior). It's really a fancy outline.

      Here's a site with some info. on treatments:

      Also, you can check out your local library which should have many books on this topic as well.

      Finally, consider having someone (a neutral person--not friend or family) read and critique your final treatment; if you can find someone like someone who is in the entertainment business or a professor of film that's the best.

      Good luck!
      PS: Be wary of blogs, and people phishing to steal ideas.

    How do I write a letter of intent for college?
    Ughh, I am applying to a film preservation school in Rochester NY. I need to write a cover letter of application and intent. Can anyone point me to an example on the web of one?

    • ANSWER:
      I assume you are applying to RIT or some less well known school connected to Kodak..

      A letter of intent would state your objective, such as why you are interested in this film preservation field -- not a common interest -- what factors were instrumental in building your interest and - why this school in particular is the best on for you, or why you are best suited for this school... What would you bring to their program? what do you envision doing with your career? As personal as possible, this letter would give the school an idea of who you are in a very clear way. Be specific and detailed. No generalities.

    I'm looking at enrolling at Lights film school, what would be a good video camera to use?
    Lights film school is on online, self-paced film school and its reasonably priced...but I have no idea about cameras. Again, reasonably priced considering I'm 19 working a crap job. advice please 😀
    I'm willing to save up for a quality camera, but I don't need anything super fancy just yet as I will be a beginner filmmaker.

    • ANSWER:
      as its a film school, ask them which is the best camera

    Where can I buy a mac compatible camcorder?
    I am trying to film by school before an upcoming protest, and I want to edit the film on my Mac; however, I have yet to find a Mac compatible camcorder. Please help.

    • ANSWER:
      Hmmm. You did not tell us where you are looking.

      According to Apple,
      ... but since you did not tell us which Mac or which version of iMovie you are using, we have no idea what you have to work with.

      I have a PowerBook G4, an G5 iMac and 2 6 month old 24" iMac. Over time, I have successfully connected a Canon Elura 60, Panasonic PV-GS320, Sony HDR-HC1, Sony HDR-FX1, Panasonic AG-HVX200, Canon HG-10, Canon HF S100 and a Canon DSC SD-750 camera - among many others - with either a firewire cable (for the miniDV tape camcorders) or USB (for the others) and one or more of the computers has always been able to deal with the transferred/imported video.

      Just because the software in the box with the camcorder is not "Mac compatible" does not mean the camcorder will not work with a Mac - that software is typically useless - even in the Windows environment.

      What is your budget?

    What are some ways I could understand screenplays?
    I would like to work on film after school and stuff.
    I've looked into writing scripts and even tried writing, but it's just not for me.
    But screenplays are pretty much one of the most important part of a movie, so I want to understand.
    Are there any books I can read? Should I read famous screenplays regularly?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, it's a great idea to read produced screenplays (although you'll mostly find shooting scripts available, which you should bear in mind are a bit different from what a newbie should be writing). Look here:

      There are many books on writing screenplays too. Look for authors David Trottier, Syd Field, Robert McKee, Blake Snyder, Linda Seger. For the nuts and bolts and business of screenwriting, I recommend Trottier's 'Screenwriter's Bible'. For dramatic structure and meaning I recommend McKee's 'Story'.

    Is getting a degree in history a good idea?
    I am considering going back to school next fall. I already have an associates degree but I have been thinking about trying my hand at a history degree. Is this a good idea since schools have been laying off teachers?

    • ANSWER:
      Before the early 20th Century, a college degree was not meant to train a person for a job. A college education was for personal enrichment. To turn you into an educated person with skills in critical thinking to allow you to take up a career in public administration, the clergy or business where you would learn on the job.

      There was no intention for a degree to train you for a specific career.

      However since the 1940’s the expectation of the public about a college or university degree has changed and a college or university education is now expected to lead you to a career.

      Unfortunately the college and university system has not changed with the times.

      A degree in Anthropology, Archeology, Art, Art History Creative Writing, Film, General Studies, History, Humanities, Language & Culture, Liberal Arts, Liberal Studies, Literature, Political Science, most any language including English, Media, Music History, Paleontology, Photography, Philosophy, Religious Studies or Sociology is considered a "personal enrichment" degree. Journalism is heading this way too. Also pretty well anything called “Something Studies”. That is, these degrees are degrees that are meant to enrich you personally in the classical sense of a university education without leading to any specific job.

      These degrees sometimes result in a position in academia if you go on to get a PhD though there is an oversupply of PhDs for all the academic jobs that come up in these fields.

      However, in today's world where people go to university to enable themselves to get a job and hopefully a career a bachelor's in these fields is essentially useless. With a degree in these fields and a GPA generally over 3.0 you can:

      1. Get into law school. However law schools today graduate far more lawyers than there is business for lawyers.

      2. Get into graduate school in a different field. Hopefully one without too many prerequisites you do not have. Consider getting a masters in Technology Management. You can make a similar salary to an engineer but you need essentially no sciences prerequisites.

      3. Get into graduate school in the same field and eventually into a PhD so you can become a college professor in this field someday. However, there are far more PhD grads in some fields like Philosophy than there ever will be professorships or any kind of teaching programs.

      4. Take a teaching qualification, which is usually 2 more years, so you can teach the subject at a public K-12 school.

      5. Look for a job in a field where they want you to have a degree without any concern what it is. Where they only want the degree because they want educated people who have proven they can stick with something difficult and see it to completion. Like the insurance industry.

      6. If you join the military you are more likely to enter as an officer instead of enlisted personnel.

      Do note that if you do go for a more advanced degree, no one cares where you got your bachelor’s degree. Only the school where you got your most advanced degree counts. And that counts for a lot less than the name schools would have you believe.

      If your GPA is over 3.0, don’t take a second undergrad degree if you already have one of these degrees. A graduate degree will be more valuable to you.

      So, what exactly IS an English major supposed to do after college?

      Here is a listing of the average starting and mid-career salaries for most 4 year majors. The issue here is that these only apply to people who actually got a job in their field. Little problem for BSc holders but things are not as rosy for BA holders.

      The ones with the highest salaries are the ones in the most demand by employers. And the higher they pay, the harder they are. And generally the more math they require. And remember this survey only covers the students who got a job in their field of study. The lower paid the job on this list, the few the number of graduates in a particular major got a job in their field.

      The Highest Starting Salaries of 2010

      Look here to find the job prospects for most all occupations in the USA.

    How do you fix an over thinking problem?
    I have a problem. I over think everything I ever do. For instance, I go to school for film and my ideas are always complex and can often get confusing, because I over think the plot. I always end up doubting myself which then leads to a mess of ideas and wrong turns. Is there anyway to fix this problem? Some sort of mind mediating thing or anything? Please, it's driving me crazy.

    • ANSWER:
      okay, first, take a deep breath. slow down your mind. if there's a crazy rush of ideas, single them out one by one, write them out or something, but dont keep them all in your mind. then go over them one by one. start with one idea, then plot the rest of it. move on to the second, do the same. just organize your thoughts properly and you'll be fine. :)

      and dont over do the scheming. it's okay if you make mistakes. you can't please everyone with your idea, but trying to please them all with lots of ideas will please no one. take a risk with simple ones first.

    Film school application essay: What type of movie should be reviewed?
    The essay is to write a critical movie review of a film. My question is what type should I review? Should it be a well-known film that has won awards, or a good film that hasn't won any awards? I'm not sure exactly what the admissions office at the film school is looking for. Any ideas? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      The question is valid and a darned good reason for asking it.,but your consulting the wrong source. The best way to find out what the admissions office is looking for is to ask someone in the admissions office. Simply explain that the assignment is open to interpretation, and you don't want to MISinterpret what they want, and then ask if they can offer some guidance.

    What is film school or taking film classes like?
    What is the film making like? Cause I've always wanted to make movies and shorts but I never complete my ideas. And plus I don't know anyone so I couldn't film any actors. How is it like? Is it something for beginners?

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on what school you go to. There are some good private film schools that do a lot of hands-on work - but they are very $$$$ expensive. State colleges are good too, even though you will probably end up taking mostly film theory classes. Either way, school is a great option for beginners. You can browse specific colleges to see what courses they offer. Generally, you will take a cinema study (critical movie watching), film history, script writing & story telling, various production technique classes like lighting & sound, editing, art direction & design, cinematography, documentary, then a final project. You will be expected to create your own creative work in every class.

      However, just because you go to film school doesn't mean you will end up working in the industry. It's way more beneficial to get an internship with someone who will teach you what you really need to know. If you don't live in LA or NY, that could be hard to do, but it's still possible.

      There are tons of different positions on a set. There is a list here, to give you an idea and help you figure out what you might want to do: . Here is another film forum with Q&As:

      You can make movies without actors. If you just want to fool around, get an affordable camera, and save yourself thousands of dollars. Youtube is free :)

      Good luck!

    Best places for me to start my career in the film industry?
    I'm thinking LA, NY, or SF? I'm attending san francisco state this fall really considering being a cinema major. The only reason I am considering it is because I come from a poor family, my mother is a single parent and such. But I am good at making/editing films plus with ideas. After attending sf state, I hope to get into usc or ucla's film department and pay off my debt from my student loans. Where would be the best place to start and find work?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, now that you know what you want and how to accomplish it, do not forget internship and volunteering in the related field.....I volunteered in KCET pledge drive many time. You will see editors, camera men and Hosts and hostess and many others whom you can ask question for guidance..
      All TV Networks have internship. Write letters and offer your service. If you are planning to go to UCLA school, they always offer internship and volunteering for TV Network.....

    How good is the Savannah College of Art and Design Film Program?
    I think its a pretty good school but whenever I tell people about it they have no idea what the school is. Also how good is it for careers? Like after you graduate are their plenty of job opportunities ?

    • ANSWER:
      SCAD's film program is top notch. Its a very respectable school and having it on your resume when you graduate would def give you more job opportunities, etc.

      Here's a list of courses offered at the college for the film degree:

    Making a feature film after graduating film school?
    Is it a good or bad idea?

    If me and all of my friends/film crew - that attend film school with me now - All get together and make a feature film to try and make it big?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, you can try, why not? Good luck!

    How do i get into nyu film school?
    im young but i know i want to get into film when i get older. i know nyu has one of the best film schools in the country and i really would like to get in there but i have no idea how. i dont know what im suppost to do to maybe practice or something. what are they looking for and what do i do to get in? really any knowledge of this would help.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm a senior at NYU film school, I really have no idea if the school is harder to get into now then when I got in, but I think it's all about making as many videos/films as you can beforehand and always be trying new things, expanding on your abilities, then hopefully you'll have enough material to make a good reel. I wouldn't be intimidated by this, many people get in who have never made a film in their lives on the basis of a script submission. Just make your stuff, whatever that may be, and keep trying to recognize if something you're doing could be better, then you just put together the best of it and hope. It's potential they're looking for, they don't expect you to be already perfect by any means.

      (also I personally got in without ever taking an AP classes and only 3 years of math in high school, but I don't know maybe things have changed)

    What is the best extracurricular for Film School?
    I want to get into Tisch and I was wondering which would be better, Film Club or our High School TV program?

    • ANSWER:
      i think theyre both a great idea.
      film club would be suitable for people who want to be actors, script writers, etc.
      while for the TV program , which i imagine giving the school news etc. would be good for journalists, news reporter, etc.

    Why do black films rarely have the ideas blacks really want for films?
    For example, as a budding screenwriter, I want to make a film better than "Psycho". Why do black films never seem to be as good as white films? Am I the only black person who feels like, if directors are going to cast all blacks in a film than we should make films that can actually compete with regular Hollywood? Like why make another lame azz black comedy when we make something better than even "Some Like It Hot"?

    • ANSWER:
      Well back in the 80s and 90s there were better black films like Coming to America, Dead Presidents, School Daze Love Jones etc..

      I'm just sick of tyler Perry and his depressing movies.

      I do wish to see an all black cast in something that isn't a cookout, beauty salon or barbershop movie, or isn't a film about some man beating or cheating on a woman.

    How long would it take Walgreens to develop three 24 exposure rolls of b&w film?
    I need them developed for school on Tuesday. I can only take them on Monday. I'm just hoping that if I take them in the early morning, that will be enough time? Would that work? Or should I just go to a plan b?
    It is C-41, I was just hoping I could have it done. I need some of my photos for a painting class.

    • ANSWER:
      If it is C-41 they can develop it as quickly as colour film. No idea if they offer 1-hour developing or overnight, though. They should if they still develop in house.
      There might be other 1-hour photo in your area.

    Any good films highlighting the relationship between a little girl and her grandfather?
    i'm making a short film and looking for ideas for shots and stories and visuals. thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Personal Sergeant (2004) - Drama
      Director:& Writer : Anthony V. Orkin
      Stars:Victor Argo, Celine Marget and Jerry Della Salla A very touching movie about a spunky young girl who plays soccer and her moody grandfather. When the girl's mother has to start working longer hours at a clothing store, the girl's moody grandfather must start taking care of her after school. The development of this relationship is sweet and entertaining. Also, it's something we don't see depicted very often in the movies. The acting in the movie is generally excellent. As the girl bond's to her grandfather and begins to reject her father, family tensions increase. I was particularly impressed by the actress Julie Carpenter, who portrays the girl's mother. She brought a very real quality to this character who tries to keep peace in the family,.

    How can I photography the 4 elements of the earth?
    I think I asked a question like this a while back; but I'm having some difficulties. I'm doing a project in a high school photography and everyone gets to pick their topic/subject. I chose to photograph the 4 elements of the earth: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water. I'm having some trouble though coming up with ideas for wind fire and water. I will be using film & digital. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Water: Water droplet (here's an example of what I mean:

      Fire: If you know how to use photoshop (and are allowed to for this project)
      I used a texture of fire and placed it over this photo--maybe you could do this
      (here's what I mean:
      Message me if you want to know more about the "How To" portion of the ideas :)

      Wind: dandelions (here's what I mean:

    Do you have any creative photography ideas?
    I can shoot anything for my photo school project. It's black & white film, any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Seems my mind is as blank as your film. :)

      On the other hand you could look at my Flickr, (not the greatest photography, I'll admit) to give an idea what can be done.

    What is the best camera for amateur film making?
    I am in high school and I want to make a documentary, what is the best camera? Obviously it can't be 1000s of dollars, but it doesn't have to be super cheap either.

    • ANSWER:
      If you want "the best" you have to spend thousands of dollars.

      Instead of buying a camera, I suggest you take some film classes and use the school's equipment. You cannot simply buy a camera and make a quality documentary. It takes years of study, education and training. If you want to make this documentary now, why now jot your ideas down in the form of a treatment (something that outlines what a documentary will be about, and a key thing you'll need to read about in order to make a documentary) and then seek people who already know how to run cameras, audio and set-up lights to help you? This is how things are done with real documentaries and other motion picture productions; people do what they specialize in and know the most about. That way, every aspect of the product is high quality.

      If you simply run out and buy a camera now, you will be investing a lot of money into something you don't even know enough about to know if it's right for your particular documentary or will be useful to you later, after this project is done.

      Good luck!

    What type of film school would yield the most experience?
    I'm trying to decide which type of program would help me break into the industry and start me off better. The North Carolina School of the Arts is a conservatory in which I can get a 4 year degree. Other programs such as the New York Film Academy or LA Film School are shorter (1-2 years) and are centered in major film cities.

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on what you mean by experience.
      If you're primarily interested in making it out to Hollywood then you should apply to schools like USC and UCLA which offer pretty comprehensive film educations and terrific facilities. You can land internships with major production companies and crew on feature film sets while you attend school.
      However, simply rushing out to L.A. isn't the best thing for everyone. Kids get grand ideas in their heads about achieving instant success before they've even discovered who they are as an artist.
      After all that's what film school should be, artist training school with film being the medium.
      Schools like North Carolina School of the Arts, SVA, and Syracuse offer programs that basically act as pressure cookers.
      You enter the program knowing that you want to make movies and exit the program knowing how to make them and why you want to make them.

      Now, if you want to goto Film school specifically for the technical training I would suggest the New York Film Academy. However, you aren't really getting a college experience with NYFA, and you may find that interacting with a wider array of people and maybe taking a few non-film classes will really benefit you in the long run.

      No matter which film school you goto you'll be working on sets and making valuable connections with people that could last the rest of your life and will be essential in your quest to carve out a niche in the film industry. Its all about finding something within the realm of Film, whether it be directing, producing, gaffing, and perfecting that particular skill to the point where you can make a living by doing it.

      Anyways, go for it. The experience is well worth it,(I've lived through it) no matter where you go. Let me know if you have any more questions.

    What are some of the better advertising schools?
    I have looked at the Miami Ad school web site, but I was wondering if there was a way to find out more about other schools and programs.

    Does anybody know how much Miami Ad school would cost?

    I'm looking at the copywriting program. Are there better programs out there?

    Any and all information would be helpful.

    • ANSWER:
      Don't listen to Mark. Anyone who says ads come out of "marketing departments" is a hack. I bet his ads have starbursts and "Act now!" all over them.

      Miami Ad is hot since they have the tie-in with Crispin Porter. They have that other campus stuff, but it's pretty bs. I hear the "Germany campus" is a leased one room office.

      Miami Ad might train you to do Crispin work, which is loved. Burger King, VW, the original Mini-stuff. They are smart, but its mostly geared towards 20-30 year old, cool guys.

      VCU, I think is the best. It's crazy expensive. They have you paired with account planners/strategists. I think they consistently bring out the smartest people.

      Creative Circus is where I went. It's about 00 a quarter. I think it's the best deal for the $ and that is why I went. It's a really good copywriter school. I think the best CW'er school. Alot of my classmates are at Weiden and Kennedy (Nike), The Martin Agency (Geico), Fallon, BBDO etc. All those shops are brimming with people from those creative schools.

      Portfolio Center is also in Atlanta with CCircus, but it's a designer's school. If you want to be an art director, you'd get a better design sense there, but your ideas won't be as fresh. The have a copywriting program, but regardless of what Hank Richardson tells you, it sucks it.

      If you want to do great creative, it's about your idea. People say you can't teach creativity, and that's wrong. In the 2 years at the Circus, I worked on 4 projects a week, with the end of the project resulting most everytime in a stick figure drawing. If something works on paper as a stick figure, once you dress it up, it becomes brilliant.

      Something on paper that sucks, will suck even more when you've shot it with your clients $.

      You do it, over and over, and over, and over. You come up with enough hack ideas to where you start to understand what is fresh. You study commercials and read Communication Arts and One Show annuals and learn what makes the great work great. "Good is the enemy of great".

      There's also Brainco in Minnesota. MN has the best shops in my opinion, but Seattle, Portland, LA, Chicago and NY are brimming with them too. I don't know about Brainco's program at all, but knew a guy at BBDO who went to Brainco first and then switched to Circus.

      School of Visual Arts is one too. Also Chicago Ad School, but I don't know much about them. Also Weiden has some new thing too. I'm sure it's sell-a-kidney expensive.

      Any school's going to give you a good book, because it's really about how hard you push your ideas yourself. After a ton of projects and a ton of feedback from real world profs, you'll know what it takes to make a Nike ad work.

      Next step? Call those schools and get some info. The Circus has admissions reps who will answer your questions about the school. Then go visit if you can. Sit in on classes. Talk to students. Get a feel.

      Do it. It's a great business. If you don't you'll be writing copy for circular dry cleaning ads or product brochures or annual reports or some other bs. Journalists don't make good ad writers. Thinkers do. Philosophy students. Film students. Psych students. Sociology majors. People who know how to look at something from many angles, because that is what you'll do. You are the poet between the salesey client and the bittter and jaded public. Give the client's product a voice people will listen to.

      Also, buy "Hey Whipple, Squeeze This" by Luke Sullivan. Buy it tomorrow. Start reading it tomorrow. The sooner you understand "concept", the sooner your work will be good.

      Good luck and thanks in advance for 'best answer'.

      Hit me up through my site if you have any questions after you talk to the schools.

    What is a good cheap fundraising idea for school club?
    I'm trying to find an idea for a cheap fundraiser but will help us make a lot of money. This is for my Drama Club at school. SO..... I really need a good idea for it. I'm open to anything that would help us earn money so we can do a play in the spring.

    • ANSWER:
      You could run a fundraiser cinema, selling tickets to watch a classic movie in the school gym, sell popcorn and drinks to make extra money. Be aware you will need to write to the film studio/distributor to gain approval for a once off screening.

    What is the best film school in the uk to go to if I want to become a film director?
    i really want to become a film director and i have no idea where to go

    • ANSWER:

    What are some ideas for an 11 year old surprise b-day party?
    Hi I am throwing my friend who is 11 a surprise b-day party. Around 7 people are invited. I would like some ideas please. Would arts and crafts be good or how about games to play? Or how about making small pizzas to eat but that may be pricey. It will be at my house and I would like something that would not be pricey.
    Thanks so very much!

    • ANSWER:
      Well for 11 year old girls i would recomend a high school musical theme because EVERY girl LOVES high school musical. I would start with plates and cups and stuff which you should be able to get from almost any store. Then i would have a marathon starting from film one to two. You could play games like musical chairs using the albums which you can buy from itunes for like i think. They're super fun and girly! You could also do arts and craft masks or have a dancing compitition. Little girls also love make up and stuff and i'm pretty sure you can buy high school musical make up and purfume. The stars from high school musical also have albums out themselves like Venessa Hudgens and Ashlee tisdale. el that's my idea anyway. Hope it helps. I would make sure the girl likes high school musical first. I'm sure she does cos who doesnt! lol. Good luck!

    How do I start a career making movies? I have the best ideas for movies, tv shows, videos games and etc.?
    How can I start a career of making movies or tv shows? I have got ideas that would be awsome movies and shows. Where do I start? Any tips or anything?

    • ANSWER:
      You can start by going to a school for cinematography and film production. the largest film and production school is Arizona state university. a lot of famous directors start by doing small things like commercials and educational films. Also try to get a job where you can see a director at work to understand how its done. Lastly save up your money and make an independent film and submit it to a film festival, like sun dance or Toronto film festival. You'll get noticed if you're good and its all smooth sailing from their ... hopefully.

    Does anyone have any ideas for a craft based on Romeo and Juliet?
    I need some original craft ideas for a high school aged class. We are studying Romeo and Juliet and I need something that could keep their attention.

    • ANSWER:
      You could have the class create masks like the masks worn to the ball. You could give them free rein or study mask art (Carnivale in Venice is a good start) or create a mask for each character to represent part of their persona. Remember how the Baz Luhrmann film had Juliet as an angel?
      Good luck!

    What are the steps in creating a movie?How do you start once you have an idea of a story?
    I'd like to know how stories and ideas become movies...i mean, if a have this story i have imagined and i want to make a movie out of it, where should i start from?

    • ANSWER:
      When i make movies in my school we start with our idea.
      then we make a Story board.

      -Which is a sequence chain on a big piece of paper maybe 20 box's on each page and you draw the pictures of how you want the movie to be and think about every main part and draw it. under neither each picture should be a description of whats happening. such as "actor1 is walking in to the kitchen and looking in the refrigerator.

      -it should be well drawn enough that any director can pick up your story board and make your movie from it.

      -then you need to make a script for you actors if you choose to have dialogue. this should also include stage directions and emotions and anything els that important for the actor to know.

      -then you need actors that fit the part of what ever you need them to do. if its a intense part then you might not want some everyday person you might want someone with acting experience.

      -next you need a camera and start filming with each part. do each one twice at least so you can pick the better one.

      -then you will need to upload it to a computer and edit it how ever you want

      -finally burn it to a C.D and show it to everyone =D

    How do i get my ideas to filmmakers?
    I am an inspiring filmmaker who has a lot of ideas for film at this moment i am unable to make these ideas into films myself. How would i be able to get in touch with filmmakers who i can tell my ideas to so that can make it into film.

    • ANSWER:
      You may want to find an agent. Also, here is a good book that may help:

      What They Don't Teach You At Film School: 161 Strategies to Making Your Own Movie No Matter What by Camille Landau, Tiara White

    How do I become a make up artist?
    I live in NYC. I've always had a passion for Hair & Make-Up. I want to do it all, Film, Print, Runway, Studio... Everything but Special Effects. I Have no interest in that. I just don't know how to go about doing that.All I see is field specific courses but I don't want one specific field. So any ideas on schools and courses in NY would be greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      dont know about school but i think ur looking to be a cosmetolgist its major in hair and make up and nails but u dnt have to do it but they teach it i love all that to im starting school in july im going to go to vogue college look it up in ur area im sure they have that in nyc its VOGUE! LOL AND U DONT TAKE COURSES IT ALL HANDS ON THEY SHOW U AND U DO IT AS WELL THEY GIVE U A DOLL HEAD WITH REAL HAIR AND THATS HOW THEY TEACH U AND THEY SHOW U MAKEUP U EXPERIMENT ON URSELF AND UR CLAASS MATES HOPE I HELPED GOOD LUCK =) SORRY CAPS LOCK STAYED ON LOL

    What is a good way to remember your lines on a school theater production?
    I'm in a school play thats in a week I forget a lot of my lines on stage how can I remember my lines on stage.

    • ANSWER:
      This is what I do to memorize scripts/monologues:

      1. Read it out loud, straight through, monotone, NO ACTING! so I can get an idea of what's going on. Also if I read it in a non-acting fashion, I won't develop any muscle memory or pre-planned way of saying the lines. Acting is to be spontaneous unless it's for continuity issues in film/tv.

      2. Images

      Figure out the specifics of the scene. By gathering specifics, I create images and find it A LOT easier to memorize because I become more present when doing the scene with specifics.

      Ask specific questions (You can ask more, but these are the essential ones that I answer NO matter what?)
      -Who am I?
      -Who am I talking to? What's my relationship with this person?
      -What's the environment?
      -What do I want in this scene? Obstacles? What will happen if I do get it? What will happen if I don't?
      -What happened before?

      3. Find the subtext. When you say a line, what are you really saying?

      For example, say your character meets someone he or she really hates, and says "Hello Bob" in your mind you're really saying "You jerk! I want to punch you in the face!"

      4. Improvise the monologue in your own words. You're not worried about the words and thus can focus better on the specifics of the scene/monologue and the other people involved.


      Should you do all of this work and still not be completely memorized, I sometimes do this.

      I take each line, read it out loud 5 times looking at it. And then put it away and say the lines 5 times from memory.

      I do a cumulative build with this. I read the next line 5 times looking at it and then 5 times from memory. Then I combine the first line and the next line. 5 times looking at it and 5 times from memory. Then the third line... you see the succession.

    How can somebody with a film degree be good at advertising?
    I graduated college with a BA in Film Production. On Monday, I have a job interview with an advertising company and I REALLY want to get this job. I'm afraid when they ask how can I be an asset to the job, I might not give a convincing response. The company pretty much advertises other companies like Disney, The WB, and DARE...

    So how can I relate my experiences and education in film production to advertising?

    • ANSWER:
      I would think a film school graduate would be able to bring a dimension of creativity that perhaps the usual hire would not normally bring. There are things you know and understand about film, the history of it that the usual marketing guy wouldn't know.

      Get a pencil and some paper and bullet out some of the aspects of photography and choreography of film that you could translate as an asset to an ad in a television commercial or a magazine or even a freeway billboard.

      Think of the APPLE superbowl commercial (see link below)

      "You'll see why 1984 won't be like 1984." Advertising Genius. The glaring flaw in the commercial is no where do they show the product. Why? Because Apple wasn't selling a computer they were selling an idea and a lifestyle. (this is still true with their ads today)

      Any how the will pro ably ask how you would, using you film experience and education best adopt a billboard to an 8 second tv ad. or vice verse.

      Do some research, see if you can find out about a company they want to do advertising for, like coppertone suntan products or Apple, use that company as an example when you answer the question.

    what is the significance of the umbrella in mary poppins?
    I really need this for a film project for school...any ideas or what you actually know to be true? i have a real serious teacher and I need a good grade in the class so no bull.....please

    • ANSWER:
      I've never heard of any reason for the umbrella, but it is obvious from the movie that this is how she flies.

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