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    solutions to protect our borders?
    I'm doing a persuasive speech as to why the borders need to be tightened down on. It's easy to come up with numbers as to how many tons of narcotics and other substances are making it's way over the border, but I need a solution. What can someone at the lowest level do to help protect our borders. So far the only solution I can think of is writing their congressman to propose a bill to provide federal aid to make jobs that will tighten our borders and in turn, the tax money spent towards jobs will bump back to the government when each employee pays his/her taxes, let alone of all the rest of the money that would normally be spent on protecting illegal immigrants. Please send me your realistic ideas.

    • ANSWER:
      Increasing funding to beef up the border patrol is one viable solution. I heard the government will be using Predator drone aircraft for surveillance later this year. But the real solution is to prosecute companies like Smithfield Meats who actively recruit in Latin America because they pay so poorly and conditions are so bad in their slaughterhouses that the locals here in the US won't work there. Interestingly, one reason many illegals from Mexico sneak across the border to come here is because NAFTA increased poverty down there and those people are forced to sneak in here to survive. So just maybe a better solution would be to eliminate these conditions in the first place.
      If you want some background get a DVD of the film Food Inc.

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