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    How does the film "Foods Inc" relate to the Populist Movement?
    I'm doing a History essay and I need ideas to how they relate.
    Agree or disagree with the following statement. The film "Foods Inc" shows that the problems displayed by the populist movement and in the Novel The Jungle by Sinclair have mostly been solved.
    All answers are greatly appreciated. Thank You

    • ANSWER:
      The problems have not been solved. The Jungle was not about food safety, it was about the power of business and the problems for workers and consumers. These problems are even worse today, as shown in Food Inc, with even more corporate control, less transparency, less workers rights, less consumer choice, less healthy food, etc. etc.

    What is the song played on FIVER advertising films including stuff like Monsters Inc?
    Even if you have no idea what it's called a link would be amazing!

    • ANSWER:
      I can't be sure but I know that Fiver go with artists like Frankmusik and Ladg GaGa, maybe La Roux? If you have an ipod touch or iphone use shazam or midomi to find out what it is.

    Where can I find free film editing software?
    I really need free film editing software, to put together a film I am making for school, but I would prefer it to be quite professional, as I have some idea's which I am not sure of how I am going to do them. I would like the program to let me be able to make custom opening and ending credits.
    (Please don't suggest Windows Movie Maker, I need a program to do a lot more sophisticated things than this)
    Thanks everyone!

    • ANSWER:
      You can use Adobe premier for this software you have to just register your name in adobe and login with your id and they will give access to download a trail version of adobe premier

      Check this link:

      Open source software
      [edit] Non-linear video editing software
      See also: List of free and open source software packages#Video editing

      * Arista Transcoder
      * AviSynth (Windows)
      * Blender 3D animation suite (cross-platform)
      * CineFX Formerly known as: Jashaka (introduced as "Jahshaka Reinvented") (Cross platform)
      * Cinelerra (Linux)
      * Ingex (Linux)
      * Kdenlive (Linux/Mac OS X/FreeBSD)
      * Kino (Linux)
      * LiVES (Linux/BSD/IRIX/Mac OS X/Darwin)
      * Open Movie Editor (Linux)
      * OpenShot Video Editor (Linux)
      * PiTiVi (Linux)
      * Transmageddon
      * VLMC VideoLan Movie Creator (Pre-alpha)

      [edit] Video encoding and conversion tools

      * Arista Transcoder
      * Avidemux (cross-platform)
      * Cuttermaran
      * FFmpeg
      * Gordian Knot
      * HandBrake
      * Ingex (Linux)
      * MEncoder
      * MP4Box
      * Nandub
      * ppmtompeg MPEG-1 encoder, part of netpbm package.
      * RAD Game Tools Bink and Smacker
      * Thoggen (Linux)
      * Transmageddon
      * VirtualDub (Windows)
      * VirtualDubMod (Windows) (based on VirtualDub, but with additional input/output formats)
      * VLC Media Player (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)

      Proprietary Software
      [edit] Non-linear video editing software

      * Adobe Systems
      o Premiere Elements (Windows)
      o Premiere Pro (Windows, Mac OS X)
      o Encore (Windows, Mac OS X)
      o After Effects (Windows, Mac OS X)
      o Adobe Premiere Express (Adobe Flash Player)
      * Apple Inc.
      o Final Cut Express (Mac OS X)
      o Final Cut Pro (Mac OS X)
      o iMovie (Mac OS X)
      * ArcSoft ShowBiz (discontinued)
      * AVS Video Editor (Windows)
      * Autodesk Discreet Smoke and Discreet Fire (Linux, IRIX)
      * Avid Technology
      o Avid DS (Windows)
      o Media Composer (Windows, Mac OS X)
      o Avid NewsCutter
      o Avid Symphony (Windows, Mac OS X)
      o Xpress Pro (discontinued)
      * CyberLink PowerDirector (Windows)
      * Edius from Thomson Grass Valley, formerly Canopus Corporation (Windows)
      * FORscene (Java on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
      * Lightworks (Custom hardware)
      * Magix
      o Video easy
      o Movie Edit Pro
      o Video Pro X
      * Media 100
      o HD Suite (Mac OS X)
      o HDe (Mac OS X)
      o SDe (Mac OS X)
      o Producer (Mac OS X)
      o Producer Suite (Mac OS X)
      * Mediaware
      o MPEG editXpress (Windows)
      * Montage Extreme (Windows)
      * movavi
      * muvee Technologies
      o muvee Reveal 8.0 (Windows)
      o muvee autoProducer 6.0 (Windows)
      * Nero Vision (Windows)
      * NewTek
      o Video Toaster (Windows, hardware suite)
      * Pinnacle Studio (Windows)
      * Quantel
      o iQ (Windows)
      o eQ (Windows)
      o sQ (Windows)
      o Newsbox (Windows)
      * Roxio
      o Creator and MyDVD (Windows)
      o Toast (Mac)
      * Serif MoviePlus (Windows)
      * SGO Mistika (Linux)
      * Sony Creative Software
      o Sony Vegas Movie Studio (Windows)
      o Sony Vegas Pro (Windows)
      * Ulead Systems (now Corel)
      o VideoStudio (Windows)
      o MediaStudio Pro (discontinued)
      * Windows Movie Maker (Windows)
      * Windows Live Movie Maker (Windows)
      * Womble Multimedia
      o MPEG Video Wizard DVD(Windows)
      o MPEG Video Wizard (Windows)
      o MPEG-VCR (Windows)
      * Clesh (Java on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
      * Manual Shake Smoother (Windows) from Unisoftlab
      Video encoding and conversion tools

      * MPEG Video Wizard DVD (Windows)
      * AVS Video Converter (Windows)
      * Cinema Craft Encoder (MS Windows)
      * Apple Compressor (Mac OS X)
      * Cyberlink MediaShow Espresso (Windows)
      * Desktop Uploader (Windows, Mac OS X)
      * iCR from Snell & Wilcox (Windows)
      * NCH Software Prism Video Converter (Mac OS X, Windows)
      * On2 Flix (Mac OS X, Windows)
      * ProCoder from Thomson Grass Valley, formerly Canopus Corporation (MS Windows)
      * Apple QuickTime Pro (Mac OS X, Windows)
      * Roxio Easy Media Creator
      * Sorenson Squeeze
      * Telestream Episode (Mac OS X, Windows)
      * Total Video Converter (Windows) from EffectMatrix
      * TMPGEnc (Windows)
      * Ulead Photo Explorer (Windows)
      * Video Editor for Mac (Mac OS X)
      * Video Converter Ultimate (Windows, Mac OS X)
      * VideoLab (Windows)

    What are some funny appropriate movies to watch on a road trip?
    We are going on a road trip and we need some funny movies to watch. They have to be appropriate, but nothing to babyish. Also nothing like Old dogs or The Hangover maybe some movies like Monte Carlo,Harry Potter, or Toy Story . Any Ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Toy Story is good. Of course, you can count Monsters Inc., Up, Despicable Me, Rango, Megamind, Happy Feet or any other animated film. I also think Waking Ned Devine might be good yet it does involve a nude scene with old men. Hairspray might be good for young girls yet it does cross the line sometimes.

    How would one get the rights to Anastasia?
    Does anyone have any idea as to who to contact or how to get the rights to perform Anastasia on stage as well as how to find the score for the music?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    I believe Disney currently owns the rights to Anastasia.

    Also, we would not be making a profit.

    • ANSWER:
      If it is available to community theatre . . . mostly likely Samuel French, Inc. and/or Dramatists Guild. If it is not available, yet, for amateur performance, you're out of luck.

      Just an example, you cannot obtain amateur rights for WICKED. They are not available.

      In the case of anything that has been or is a film, play or musical . . . you must contact the owner of the film, play and music. Is Anastasia owned by Disney? Then, you may not be able to get the rights and/or afford them. And if you're speaking of a film, the only rights you could obtain would be distribution rights -- like showing the film at a movie theatre (if you own one).

      Now, if you're talking about a story in the public domain. Well, you can write your own play or musical about Queen Elizabeth I, or Abraham Lincoln or any public figure or story that is in the public domain. Nevertheless, the script and music must be original, or you must have the permission of the composer to utilize his or her music.

    Any good movies for the age of 12 or under?
    I want to know if there is any good movies for the age of 12 or under! Anybody have any good ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      meet the robertsons
      despicibal me
      pirates of the caribbean
      city of ember
      any harry potter film
      wallace and gromit the curse of the wear rabbit
      charlie and the chocolate factory
      corps bride
      the cat in the hat
      shrek 1,2,3,4
      toy story 1,2,3
      the lovely bones
      finding nemo
      cofessions of a shopaholic
      27 dresses
      a cinderella story
      are we done yet
      Alice in wonderland 2010
      charolts web
      monsters inc
      the prencess and the frog
      marley and me
      hotel for dogs
      baby mama
      benny and joon
      thunder pants
      wild child
      ella enchated
      the proposal
      the devil wears prada
      the incredibles
      chicken run
      ice age
      evan almightly
      bruce almighty
      fire house dog
      the bridge to thearbitha
      chicken little
      the little vampire
      the lovely bones
      happy feet
      big fish
      freeky friday
      lord of the rings
      edward sicssorhands (not a horror in case you think it is)
      big daddy
      big fat liar

    How can i become an extra for a movie?
    I love acting, and i would really love to try it on a professional level. I would love to be an extra in a movie, but i dont know where to go. Do u know of any websites for casting calls, or any other ideas??

    • ANSWER:
      Sure, being an Extra will help you get a better understanding on what a Film/TV set is like, and who are involved in the production. (and making some extra money)

      Next time, it'd be better for you to include the city or state (or country) you are located... So it'll be easier for us to answer your question.

      If you are in Los Angeles and New York area, you might want to check out the Backstage Paper (or - it's a weekly newspaper with Acting/Performing Industry news, discussion and casting notices (both principal and backgrounds). PlayBill.Com (and look for the link to Find a Job section) often post Casting Notice for Open Calls and Headshot/Resume submission.

      If you are currently in an Acting class, you can ask around - your classmates or even the instructor, to see if they know any background/extra staffing services in the area.

      Below are background actor casting agencies that I'm aware of.

      If you are in the Los Angeles Area, you can check out:

      Central Casting Los Angeles

      Bill Dance Casting

      Background Players

      Carol Grant Casting

      Sande Alessi Casting

      If you are in the Philadelphia area, check out:

      Heery Casting

      If you are in the New York Area, you can check out:

      Central Casting New York

      Sylvia Fay/Lee Genick Casting

      Grant Wilfley Casting

      Comer & Gallucio Casting, Inc.

      Good Luck!!

    Any ideas of what family movie to watch tonight?
    we have no idea of what to watch, it has to be suitable for a 7 year old, 13 year old, 16 year old 33 year old and 39 year old ;P
    but anyway, any ideas? thanks xxx

    • ANSWER:
      One word: PIXAR

      Through the years, PIXAR has delivered quality family films replete with interesting characters in meaningful stories with eye-popping graphics that will knock your socks off!

      Toy Story Pts I & II
      A Bug's Life
      Monsters, Inc.
      Finding Nemo
      PIXAR Shorts

      and on and on...

      Dreamworks is OK, too!

    what is the name of the writter who wrote harry potter?
    could you tell me a little bit about this auther and wat ideas she was trying to get across as she wrote these novels.

    • ANSWER:
      jk rowlingHarry Potter

      Harry Potter books
      In 1995, Rowling completed her manuscript for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone on an old manual typewriter.[17] Upon the enthusiastic response of Bryony Evans, a reader who had been asked to review the book’s first three chapters, the Fulham-based Christopher Little Literary Agents agreed to represent Rowling in her quest for a publisher. The book was handed to twelve publishing houses, all of which rejected it.[18] A year later she was finally given the green light (and a £1500 advance) by editor Barry Cunningham from the small publisher Bloomsbury.[19][18] The decision to take Rowling on was apparently largely due to Alice Newton, the eight-year-old daughter of the company’s chairman, who was given the first chapter to review by her father, and immediately demanded the next.[20] Although Bloomsbury agreed to publish the book, Cunningham says that he advised Rowling to get a day job, since she had little chance of making money in children’s books.[21] Soon after, Rowling received an £8000 grant from the Scottish Arts Council to enable her to continue writing.[17][22]

      The following spring, an auction was held in the United States for the rights to publish the novel, and was won by Scholastic Inc., who paid Rowling more than 0,000. Rowling has said she “nearly died” when she heard the news.[23] In June 1997, Bloomsbury published Philosopher’s Stone with an initial print run of only one-thousand copies, five-hundred of which were distributed to libraries. Today, such copies are each valued at between £16,000 and £25,000.[24]

      Five months later, the book won its first award, a Nestlé Smarties Book Prize. In February, the novel won the prestigious British Book Award for Children’s Book of the Year, and, later the Children’s Book Award. In October 1998, Scholastic published Philosopher’s Stone in the US under the title of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: a change Rowling claims she now regrets and would have fought if she had been in a better position at the time.[17][7]

      In December 1999, the third Harry Potter novel, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, won the Smarties Prize, making Rowling the first person to win the award three times running.[17] She later withdrew the fourth Harry Potter novel from contention to allow other books a fair chance. In January 2000, Prisoner of Azkaban won the inaugural Whitbread Children’s Book of the Year award, though it narrowly lost the Book of the Year prize to Seamus Heaney’s translation of Beowulf.[25]

      To date, six of the seven volumes of the Harry Potter series, one for each of Harry’s school years, have already been published and all have broken sales records. The last three volumes in the series have been the fastest-selling books in history, grossing more in their opening 24 hours than blockbuster films.[17][26][27] Book six of her series earned The Guinness World Records Award for being the fastest selling book ever, selling more copies in 24 hours than The Da Vinci Code sold in a year. (The Da Vinci Code was the best-selling book of the previous year.)

      Rowling has completed the seventh and final book of the series. Its title was revealed on 21 December 2006 to be Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.[28] On 1 February 2007 Rowling announced on her website that its release date was to be 21 July 2007.[29] Rowling wrote on a bust in her hotel room at the Balmoral Hotel in Edinburgh that she had completed the seventh book in that room (652) on 11 January 2007; this was confirmed to be authentic by Rowling's and the hotel's representatives.[30] In February 2007, Neil Bayer, a lawyer with Rowling's literary agency, announced that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will not be released as an e-book. Rowling has not allowed the first six Potter stories to be released as e-books and has no plans to change that for the seventh and final work.[31]

      On 26 June 2006, Rowling revealed that in the final book of the Harry Potter series at least two characters will die, one of whom may be Harry himself.[32] Authors Stephen King and John Irving asked Rowling not to kill off Harry in book seven during a press conference, but Rowling remained ambiguous regarding Harry’s fate.

      In June 2006, the British public named Rowling “the greatest living British writer” in a poll by The Book Magazine. Rowling topped the poll, receiving nearly three times as many votes as the second-place author, fantasy writer Terry Pratchett.[33] In July 2006 Rowling received a Doctor of Laws (LLD) honorary degree from University of Aberdeen for her "significant contribution to many charitable causes" and "her many contributions to society".
      Current life and family
      In 2001, Rowling purchased a luxurious 19th century estate house, Killiechassie House, on the banks of the River Tay, near Aberfeldy, in Perth and Kinross, Scotland.[44] Rowling also owns a home in Merchiston, Edinburgh, and a Georgian house in London, on a street where, according to The Guardian, the average price of a house is £4.27 million ( million), including an underground swimming pool and 24-hour security.[45]

      On 26 December 2001, Rowling married Neil Murray, an anaesthetist, in a private ceremony at her home in Aberfeldy.[44] Their son David Gordon Rowling Murray was born on 24 March 2003.[46] Shortly after Rowling began writing Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, she took a break from working on the novel to care for him in his early infancy.[47] Rowling's youngest child, Mackenzie Jean Rowling Murray, to whom she dedicated Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, was born in January of 2005

    How long does it take to render a Pixar film?
    Does anyone who may be in the business or is a rendering technician know how long a full length Pixar or Dreamworks movie takes to render?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, that's a bit of an open question. From concept to final rendering the estimate is 3 years. However, that being said, I am certain that each frame has been rendered NUMEROUS times well before the final rendering. For example, when "Monsters, Inc" was in design phase, they would work on the motion of the elements first and tweaking the timing, frame backdrops and so on.... Only in the final rendering was the "full" hair added in which makes sense as adding in the large # of "fluid" hairs is challenging. That's also another key to the time question. What level of details are present in the moving characters and what can be pushed into background renders. The background renders can be performed in MUCH higher resolution, but don't change that much. Your forefront characters are likely to change rapidly.

      I love watching for the differences and minute details in anime and animation feature films. It's a fun queue as to the status of rendering software and hardware. How realistic can they actually make the frame? If I remember, Titanic was rendered in part on a large DEC alpha cluster and looked quite realistic. Compare it to "Monsters, Inc" which was designed to "look" like a cartoon, yet with fantastic "hair" detail.

      One way to get a reasonable estimate is to acquire recent computer hardware, create or download a PovRay scene file and render a few frames at your movie resolution. This will give you a rough idea on the time for each single frame. Since hardware and disk speeds are constantly improving, the speed will continually drop unless you are adding in more and more details. Now gauge the movie time as a 1.5 hour movie, so 90 minutes or 5400 seconds. At 30 frames per sec, that would give you roughly 162000 frames for a feature film.

      Now if you could render a full single frame every 10 seconds, with Povray, Bryce, or other animation tool..... would give you about 450 hours of render time, perhaps 20 days....

      If it took 10 minutes for a full frame (maybe with lots of detail..), that would be 600sec per frame... or 97.2 million seconds to render or roughly 1125 days.... approx 3 years...

      The really fun part is that most frames are completely independent, trivially parallel, and thus you can render all the frames in parallel (if you knew what they all were!)... I suspect that most sequences are developed throughout the 3 year time frame and not all at once... But IF you did!... You could rent a cluster with 500 CPU's or more and easily render your full frames in a few days... Now it becomes a disk space and bandwidth issue. Thankfully, hard disks and strip/RAID systems are catching up with the capacity to generate the images.

    Any Creative Ideas on How to win a science fair?
    Me and My friend are doing the science fair, we are doing it on how animated characters work. Our example movie is Monsters Inc. what are some creative ideas that we can do to give to kids under 5th grade? We already have coloring sheets!
    Help Please! Thank You

    • ANSWER:
      Well, you can do this project with sheets of paper, flipping through them, showing how the "figures" will seem to jump around, because you have made slight changes on each paper, that is the principle behind how movie animations work.

      But, if you want to really put on a show, I suggest that you get a TV monitor, and a computer input to it, and show your "discovery" of that principle, using LIVE TV feeds of a film that you create.

      Use a camcorder, or digital camera, to show different types of animation, perhaps doing it at different speeds too. Your own cell phone may have such a "movie camera" on it.

      You can show on the TV monitor how speeding up the moving sheets of paper, the figures more more fast, and by slowing it down too much, the figures do not appear to move at all.

      Record your "research" and experiments on a computer, then load them on a DVD disk to replay on the computer and monitor.

      There is a "specific" speed that they human eye can perceive movements best, seems to me, it's around 16 frames a second, not sure on this, you may need to research that speed.

      Sounds like a great project, good luck.

    I have a box of LP's that I was given to me. What would be the best way to sell them?
    Hey, my Dad gave me a box of LP's. I would like to sell them but not sure the best way to go about it. There is over 50 of them inc. The Beatles, Queen, Simon and Garfunkel's greatest hits, various soundtracks from tv and film and a lot more. I thought about putting them up on ebay but do I sell them separately or in groups?? Also I'm not sure if any of them are worth much? Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      You could post them up on Auction-USA to see what price they could get.

    what settings do i set my epson stylus pro 3880 to print on waterproof film?
    I'm trying to print on waterproof film used for silk screening, with my epson stylus pro 3880 with the colorburst RIP, what settings should i set to the printer in order to accept this format of film? because when i load it, I dont think it recognizes the type of film thats being printed on it.

    any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      My name is Syd and I work for Epson America, Inc.

      The best way to select a setting would be to look at the manufacturer's media specification. This does not appear to be one of the default Epson media settings, therefore selecting a media selection can be tricky.

      If the printer is not detecting the media you are using, it could be that the media is too clear. The media sensors will not pick up media that is too clear. There is some film that has a milky type coating that will help with media detection.

      Hope this helps,

    What can I use to stuff mushrooms?
    I'm having a romantic dinner and I want to do some kind of stuffed mushrooms but I don't know what to stuff them with. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Penny,

      There are some great ideas on videojug (inc an explanatory video showing how to create a variety of three stuffings). I'm sure you could customise something. Alternatively, I'd probably just do something really simple with finely diced peppers.

      Here's a summary:

      Stuffed Mushrooms Recipe. A recipe which gives you three, delicious versions of stuffed mushrooms -these canapés are original and full of flavour. Experience our Stuffed Mushrooms recipe.

      Step 1: You will need… Units: Metric US Imperial UK Imperial
      •12 button mushrooms
      •40 g butter
      •1 tbsp thyme, chopped
      •2 tbsp walnuts, chopped
      •1 pear, peeled and diced
      •4 g blue cheese
      •50 g butter at room temperature
      •3 cloves of garlic, minced
      •2 tbsp parsley, chopped
      •3 tbsp bread crumbs
      •1 tbsp parmesan
      •4 large chicken livers, cut in to 4
      •Half green apple, peeled and diced
      •1 shallot, chopped
      •20 g butter
      •2 tbsp port wine
      •2 tbsp chives, chopped
      •Salt and pepper
      •1 medium frying pan
      •1 small frying pan
      •2 trays
      •2 spoons
      •2 teaspoons
      •1 bowl
      •1 chopping board
      •1 small knife
      4 to 6
      Preparation Time:
      40 minutes
      Cooking Time:
      10 minutes

      Step 2: Prepare the mushrooms
      Take a mushroom and remove the stalk. Then using a teaspoon, scoop out the inside and discard. Repeat the same process with all the mushrooms.

      Heat the large frying pan over a medium to high temperature. When hot, add half of the butter, followed by half of the mushrooms.

      Turn the mushrooms over in the pan to coat them thoroughly in butter. Season with salt and pepper, add a little thyme and turn them again. Finally, add some parsley and keep turning them until they are nicely seared all over,

      Just before taking them out of the pan, season the inside of the mushrooms with salt and pepper. Transfer them onto a tray when you finish and then repeat exactly the same process with the remaining mushrooms.

      Step 3: Make blue cheese filling
      Take a bowl and put in the blue cheese, pears and walnuts. Season with salt and pepper and mix together thoroughly.

      Step 4: Make the butter mix
      In a bowl, combine the bread crumbs, butter, garlic, parsley and parmesan. Season with salt and pepper and mix well.

      Step 5: Make the chicken liver mix
      Heat the small frying pan over a high heat then add the butter, apples, liver and shallots. Season with salt and pepper and toss a few times. Add the port wine, cook for a further minute and remove from the heat.

      Step 6: Stuff and grill the mushrooms
      Turn on the grill to a high heat, ready to caramelize the mushrooms.

      Fill four of the mushrooms with the blue cheese mix, then a further four with the butter mix and finally the last four with the chicken liver mix.

      Grill the stuffed mushrooms for 3 to 5 minutes until caramelized and golden.

      Step 7: Serve
      And just for that finishing touch, sprinkle with chives and serve.

      Ideal for any dinner party or barbecue, these stufed mushrooms are original and full of flavour.

    Incorporating titles of PAUL NEWMAN films, can you write an amusing CHRISTMAS CARD to your BOSS?
    This is intended for the pure fun of being creative and making others laugh, folks.

    • ANSWER:

      Dear Boss,

      Do you know about THE COLOR OF MONEY? I am quite sure I spoke about it in detail when I placed it in your SILVER CHALICE PRIZE so proudly displayed on your desk year after year from the time when you thought you were THE HUSTLER while you using that RACK in the pool hall.

      Just like the CAT ON A HOT TIN ROOF that heats up in the searing sun of a LONG, HOT SUMMER, you and your company HARRY AND SON, WUSA, Inc. SOMETIMES IN GREAT NOTION get this moronic SLAP SHOT idea of Holiday bonuses are passe' and it is like a DROWINING POOL. You wonder why the employees seem to OUTRAGE like YOUNG PHILADELPHIANS rioting the street. You saw how LADY L thought of the TORN CURTAIN while she raged a SECRET WAR OF HARRY FRIGG this and hairy friggin' that. Surely you did not think she was expressing some NEW KIND OF LOVE? It was her melodramatic EXODUS

      Alas! I sit here writing my muses FROM THE TERRACE with PARIS BLUES to explain to you how I truly value my job as these were not rantings from me telling my tale of woe in the format of a HELEN MORGAN STORY, but hoping SOMEBODY UP THERE LIKES ME because of my WINNING personality will grant me some POCKET MONEY bonus this year as I truly think of you as COOL HAND LUKE and I know you are NOBODY'S FOOL. like that character in HUDSUCKER'S PROXY. I do know WHERE THE MONEY IS as it does enable me to buy my vices and CARS. Therefore I bide my time on THE ROAD TO PERDITION

      I wish for you, Big HOMBRE, the greatest of holidays! May the holly leaves not STING you and your fire be as bright (but not a TOWERING INFERNO) as the generous BLAZE that resides in your heart can be a DROWNING POOL of generosity returning a VERDICT of me not only keeping my job but getting that well deserved generous bonus

      May the FAT MAN AND LITTLE BOY (elf) visit you Christmas Eve!.


      Company Glitch E Snitch

    Is there a way allowing individual store in a mall to have eye-catching advertising with a low cost?
    Most of smaller stores in malls do not have enough money to do TV advertising, but we always want to promote sales. Not wish to spend big money but want to have a great sales promotion, sounds ridiculous?

    • ANSWER:
      Actually there is a new advertising way, which can turn a store window into a TV screen by putting 3G Switchable Film on the window and projecting images on it. 3G Switchable Film can change between opaque and clear by a AC voltage. Projected size can easily be very large, like 100" or larger. Since this is just projected images, not a real 100" TV (100" TV is not available anyway), cost is low. Such big projected images on a store window will definitely have eye-catching effect. I think that it is very good idea to bring advertising, merchandises and customer together at a store. This window film is available at Scienstry, Inc. and Visit for detail.

    What is the best name for a Film Company?
    I'm starting a new company and i need a cool name for it.

    • ANSWER:
      Biggest Film Inc. or Largest Film Inc.
      It must be huge, memorable which means it catches your clients' attention.
      Hope you can put on your thinking cap and get the idea.
      It is not a name that you like but a name people remember (with the right reasons of course).

    What is the song to the movie Jarhead?
    I know it's an old movie but what is the theme to the movie Jarhead. The lyrics go something like, "jesus walks with me, God show me the way cuz i know the devil is trying to drag me down" any ideas?

    • ANSWER:

      "Something in the Way"
      Written by Kurt Cobain
      Performed by Nirvana
      Courtesy of Geffen Records
      Under license from Universal Music Enteprises

      "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)"
      Written by Robert Clivillés, Freedom Williams
      Performed by C.C. Music Factory (as C & C Music Factory)
      Courtesy of Columbia Records
      By Arrangement with Sony BMG Music Entertainment

      Written by Berry Gordy, Freddie Perren, Vin Rock (as Vincent Brown),
      DJ Kay Gee (as Keir Gist), Anthony Criss, Dennis Lussier & Fonce Mizell (as Alphonso Mizell)
      Performed by Naughty By Nature
      Courtesy of Tommy Boy Music
      By Arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing
      Contains a sample of "ABC"
      Performed by Jackson 5
      Courtesy of Motown Records
      Under license from Unviersal Music Enterprises

      "Fight the Power"
      Written by Chuck D. (as Carlton Ridenhour), Hank Shocklee, Keith Shocklee (as Keith M. Boxley),
      Eric Sadler
      Performed by Public Enemy
      Courtesy of Bring the Noize, Inc.
      By Arrangement with Reach Global, Inc.

      "Soldier's Things"
      Written by Tom Waits
      Performed by Tom Waits
      Courtesy of The Island Def Jam Music Group
      Under license from Universal Music Enterprises

      "Jesus Walks"
      Written by Kanye West, Curtis Lundy, Miri Ben-Ari and Rhymefest
      Performed by Kanye West
      Courtesy of Roc-a-Fella Records, L.L.C.
      Under license from Universal Music Enterprises
      Contains a sample of "Walk with Me"
      Performed by The Arc Choir
      Courtesy of Mapleshade Records

      "Don't Worry, Be Happy"
      Written by Bobby McFerrin
      Performed by Bobby McFerrin
      Courtesy of Blue Note Records
      Under license from EMI Film & Television Music

      "Bang a Gong (Get It On)"
      Written by Marc Bolan
      Performed by T-Rex
      Courtesy of Muscadet Productions, Inc.

      "You are the Sunshine of My Life"
      Written by Stevie Wonder

      "Ride of the Valkyries"
      by Richard Wagner
      Performed by Wiener Philharmoniker (as Vienna Philharmonic)
      Conducted by Georg Solti (as Sir Georg Solti)
      Courtesy of Decca Music Group Limited
      Under license from Universal Music Enterprises

      Written by Stanley Myers

      "Ball and Chain"
      Written by Mike Ness
      Performed by Social Distortion
      Courtesy of Epic Records
      By Arrangement with Sony BMG Music Entertainment

      "The U.S. Air Force"
      Written by Robert Crawford

      "Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer"
      Written by Randy Brooks
      Performed by Dr. Elmo
      Courtesy of Laughing Stock Records

      "Break on Through"
      Written by The Doors
      Performed by The Doors
      Courtesy of Elektra Entertainment Group
      By Arrangement with Warner Music Group Film & TV Licensing

      "The Marines Corps Hymn"
      Performed by The Band of the Grenadier Guards
      Courtesy of Decca Music Group Limited
      Under license from Universal Music Enterprises

      "Sound Off (Duckworth Chant)"
      Written by Willie Duckworth, Bernard Lentz

    How can you become a writer?
    I have no experience and wouldn't know where to start! I did film studies at sixth form which I really enjoyed, which involved some creative writing. I'd really like to do writing for TV, but ideally for the WWE. I live in the UK. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I found job openings for creative writer and writer assistant (linked below) and their wishlist of qualifications goes like this:

      Creative Writer--

      World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc. develops and produces the last of the great variety shows on television, combining all the elements of entertainment: sitcom, talk show, soap opera, action-adventure, and drama. With 52 weeks of original programming, without an off-season or re-runs, it is quite a creative challenge to keep characters and story lines interesting and compelling. That's where you come in!

      Qualified candidates should possess:
      BA/BS in Film, TV, Drama, Media Studies, Communications or equivalent

      Minimum of three to five years writing and production experience in network television

      Professional TV staff experience in drama and comedy a plus

      Experience in all aspects of live TV production a plus

      Highly creative (a prolific idea generator)

      Plugged into pop culture and trends

      Able to work closely and effectively with talent, writers, and producers throughout the creative process

      Strong understanding of WWE's audience (demographic and psychographic) a plus

      Must live in Stamford, CT area or be willing to relocate there

      Knowledge of WWE shows, talent, and storylines

      Excellent communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment

      Flexible travel schedule (extensive travel required)

      Writer Assistant

      If you are looking to learn all aspects of Creative Writing from the leaders in sports entertainment, then WWE is the place for you. As a Writer's Assistant, you would have the opportunity to work closely with the Creative Writing Team in all aspects of the writing process, including, but not limited to:

      Assisting with directing and producing taped and live vignettes and promos

      Typing and distributing scripts, promos, formats, etc.

      Taking meeting notes and pitching story ideas

      Maintaining storyboard schedules

      Acting as a "runner" for Writers and Field Producers, particularly in locating and coordinating talent

      Running errands (food and supply runs, etc.)

      Acting as liaison to WWE Global Media ( department

      Performing clerical tasks such as faxing, photocopying, and filing

      Anticipating the needs of the department and planning ahead to assure efficient departmental functioning

      Minimum of one year TV Writing and/or Production experience

      Strong WWE product knowledge

      Enthusiastic work ethic and a flexible schedule that allows for long hours and extensive traveling

      Driver's license and car/truck

      BA/BS degree in Film/TV/Drama, Media Studies, Communications, English, or related field

      Organized, detail-oriented, and proactive

      Dependable and motivated to execute all tasks, no matter how logistical or administrative, with speed and enthusiasm

      Strong computer skills including Word, Excel, Outlook, and keyboarding

      Excellent interpersonal and communications skills (both verbal and written)

      I suppose you can also write the company:
      WWE Creative Writing Dept.
      1241 East Main Street
      Stamford, CT 06902

    What's a good name for a film production company?
    I'm a film maker and I was thinking of names for my future production company. I'd lke to have Visionary or Imagination somewhere in there. Those words aren't necessary but I think they represent my filming style. Any Ideas? feel free to create some without the words mentioned above.

    • ANSWER:





    How much money goes into making an animated movie?
    You know for like "Cars" or "Wall-e"? I need to know for one of my school projects. I know it depends on the project but like what's an average?

    • ANSWER:
      Each film is different, so the costs will vary, but this should give you some idea:

      "No Pixar film has ever bombed. Ratatouille cost 0 million to make, plus another million (for the sake of argument) for promotions. It made 4 million in domestic box office, plus another 1.8 million internationally. That's 4.8 million on a 0 million investment.

      That's more money than Cars, Pixar's previous offering,ever made in theatres. That film pulled 4 domestically, plus 7 million overseas for a 3 million total.

      Ratatouille has also toppled Monsters Inc. as Pixar's third-highest foreign earner (0 million). Analysts now predict that Ratatouille will make 0 million overseas before it finishes its theatrical run."

      Brian Dzyak
      IATSE Local 600, SOC

    Why was the Farrah Fawcett poster so popular in the 70s?
    I love the 70! My favorite decade, I just bought the poster myself. But I just want to know a little more about why its so popular.

    • ANSWER:
      Here is a brief history on the famous poster:

      In 1976, Pro Arts Inc., pitched the idea of a poster of Fawcett to her agent, and a photo shoot was arranged with photographer Bruce McBroom, who was hired by the poster company. According to friend Nels Van Patten, Fawcett styled her own hair and did her make-up without the aid of a mirror. Her blonde highlights were further heightened by a squeeze of lemon juice. The zarape used in the background was an impromptu addition. From 40 rolls of film, Fawcett herself selected her six favorite pictures, eventually narrowing her choice to the one that made her famous. The resulting poster, of Fawcett in a one-piece red bathing suit, was a best-seller; sales estimates ranged from over 5 million to 8 million to as high as 12 million copies.

    Is the abolition of the idea of a Britishness Day a public admission that there's nothing to celebrate?
    It could, of course, be a general shortage of ideas of how to mark such an event. Or it could be a shortage of cash. Or could it possibly be sheer apathy?
    For you, Brett:

    • ANSWER:
      Nobody cares. "Cool Britannia" was a rotten idea by a vacuous little nobody who turned himself into one of the worst Prime Ministers we have ever had : Tony F*ck*ng Blair. The whole concept was so empty, so superficial, that most people saw it for what it was right away - a cheap, tawdry way to disguise the man's lack of substance and policy behind frippery and showmanship. The Britishness Day was much the same thing. Gordon Brown can take very small comfort that the fact our economy is sliding down the shitter faster than last night's Chicken Vindaloo largely due to us being a wholly owned subsidiary of USA Inc., but is still all bells and whistles and no substance. It's like showing a playbill of upbeat films on the Titanic; all very entertaining and worth or laugh or two, but what's that bloody great white thing sticking out of the water dead ahead?

    Any movie ideas. Has to be 90 minutes or less and a PG or U?
    Hi looking for some suggestions for a film. 90 minutes or under and has to be a PG or U.
    A film that is a pg or u and under 90 minutes. An existing film already out on DVD

    • ANSWER:
      I would go with:

      Toy Story
      Monsters, Inc.

      Best of luck!

    What are some big companies that start with an F?
    In my band the flutes wanna make a shirt and last years shirt was the flute loops as in fruit loops are there any other possible ideas I can use

    • ANSWER:
      Ford Motor Company,
      Federated Dept Stores,
      Flextronics International,
      Friends Provident,
      Fuji Photo Film,
      Fonciere Euris,
      France Telecom,
      Franz Haniel, and
      Freddie Mac
      Fidelity National Financial Inc
      FPL Group Inc
      First Data Corp
      Fluor Corporation
      Fortune Brands Inc
      Fifth Third Bancorp
      Federal-Mogul Corporation
      Foot Locker
      Family Dollar Stores, Inc.
      Fisher Scientific International Inc

      How about Flute Locker or Flute Rocker?:-)

    Does anyone know the name of these characters from these pixar films?

    I know the starfish is peach, the octopus is pearl, and the bottom row is from cars, a bugs life, monsters inc, and toy story. I just need the top 3! I think the old man with the glasses is the character who cleaned woody and jessie in Toy Story 2. Anyone have any idea who the names?

    • ANSWER:
      Apparently the person above doesn't know how to copy and paste.

      And the chef guy is from Ratatouille

      I think the other bug is from A Bug's Life also, named P.T. Flea

      And I do agree with you on the old man, his name is Gerry

    What are some good documentaries to watch?
    I sort liked lil waynes documentary(If you could tell me any similar ones)

    • ANSWER:
      I have no idea what Lil Wayne's documentary is about, but I would suggest any Michael Moore film. They're incredibly interesting and eye-opening. Also, Food Inc. is excellent.

    Remember years ago there used to be mini photo places in the middle of parking lots? How do i get a building?
    like that? Who builds em? Who would i speak to about geting one put in in a shopping center?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm sure a contractor would build something like this to your specifications. As the other post says, you'd need to work with the local retail developer to implement this idea.

      I'm originally from Pittsburgh, where the Foto Hut chain was based for years. Those little yellow-roofed film developing centers were ubiquitous throughout the area during the 1960s and 1970s, but they started disappearing in the 1980s. There was one near my house that converted into a dry-cleaning drop-off location and then into a hot dog place. They have long since torn that place down.

      Here's a picture of the original Foto Hut Factory building in Pittsburgh looking rather dilapidated. Apparently it is currently undergoing renovations.
      Foto Hut factory

      Foto Hut gained some pop culture fame when Hyde and Leo (Tommy Chong) worked together in one on the TV series "That '70s Show." There is also an indie movie out there called Gypsy 83 where the main character (TV actress Sara Rue) works in a Foto Hut in Sandusky, OH.

      Here is the only picture I could find of an old Foto Hut building:

      The Foto Hut name was purchased by The Camera Exchange, Inc., but the company itself has apparently gone out of business so I seriously doubt they are franchising freestanding outlets like that anymore. The move towards digital photography, online developing, and home photo printing has put a serious bite into the future of film developing, so I'm not sure I would recommend a venture of this type. But it sounds like you have something else up your sleeve for a building of this size, so good luck!

    What all do you know about the wilson vs, joseph burstyn supreme court case?
    what was "the miracles" plot?

    • ANSWER:
      This is the case itself

      A Controversial Film
      In the words of film critic Bosley Crowther (quoted in one of the Supreme Court decisions), The Miracle was the story of a "poor, simple-minded girl" who tends goats on a mountain in rural Italy. One day she meets a beardedstranger, whom she decides is "St. Joseph, her favorite saint, and that he has come to take her to heaven, where she will be happy and free." The strangergives the girl wine and "apparently ravishes her." When she wakes up, the stranger is gone, and she has no idea whether he was real or a dream. She meetsan old priest who says that perhaps she did see a saint. Eventually, the village women discover that the girl is going to have a child, whom she believesto be the son of St. Joseph. Mocked by the villagers, the girl becomes an outcast. As her time approaches, she finds a small, deserted church, where shegives birth. Then, as Crowther described it,-Inc-v.-Wilson

    What is a famous indiana hoosier?
    A hoosier is someone born in indiana. I only want the people who have done something important and interesting. I need a lot of information. My report has to be like 5pages long. So if you know if any hoosier like that tell me please? Thanks.
    P.S not just a big list!

    • ANSWER:
      Lary Bird- Born in West Baden Springs, Indiana, Larry Bird grew up in both West Baden and the adjoining town of French Lick. A strong basketball player, Bird enrolled at Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana, and led the Sycamores to the NCAA championship game in 1979. He went on to pursue a 13-year career in the NBA with the Boston Celtics. From 1997 to 2000, Bird served as the coach of the Indiana Pacers for the following three years and is currently the Pacers' President of Basketball Operations

      Hoargy Carmichael-Born in Bloomington, Indiana, Carmichael attended Indiana University and maintained a lifelong affiliation with Indiana University. In 1937 he wrote the song "Chimes of Indiana" which was presented to the school as a gift by the class of 1935. It was made Indiana University's official co-alma mater in 1978. Carmichael was a star performer on records, radio and stage with a signature style, and appeared in several movies, most memorably in "To Have and Have Not" and "The Best Years of Our Lives". In 1951 he won an Oscar for "In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening."

      James Dean -Born in Marion, Indiana, James Dean spent much of his adolescent life with his aunt and uncle in Fairmount, Indiana. After graduating from Fairmount High School, he went on to study drama at the University of California, Los Angeles. He is most famous for his role as Jim Stark in the film Rebel Without a Cause, which many consider to be the first film to seriously address the phenomena of teen angst.

      Virgil Ivan "Grus" Grissom- Born in Mitchell, Indiana, Grissom received a mechanical engineering B.S. from Purdue University in 1950 and then enlisted in the United States Air Force. Grissom was the second American in space as one of the original NASA Project Mercury astronauts. In 1967, Grissom was killed during an Apollo 1 mission pre-launch test at the Kennedy Space Center. The Grissom Memorial at Spring Mill State Park honors Grissom’s work in space exploration.

      Florence Henderson - Born in Dale, Indiana, Florence Henderson was one of 10 children and the daughter of a tobacco farmer. She is an actress and singer best known for her role as Carol Brady in the television program The Brady Bunch.

      Mark C. Honeywell- Born in Wabash on Dec. 29, 1874, Mark C. Honeywell attended Eastman Business College in New York – where he graduated in 1891. As a young engineer, Honeywell developed a hot water heating system and formed Honeywell Heating Specialties Co. based in Wabash and began making thermostats in 1906. Honeywell later merged his company with Minneapolis Heat Regulator Co. in 1927 to form Minneapolis Honeywell Regulator Company with Mark Honeywell as its president. The company eventually dropped the word “Minneapolis” and became known as Honeywell, Inc. Today, Honeywell Inc. is a Fortune 500, multi-national company based in New Jersey

      The Jackson Five was an American popular music quintet from Gary, Indiana. The group, fully active from 1966 to 1990, regularly played from a repertoire of R&B, soul, funk, and later disco. The Jackson Five was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. The group is also notable for launching the careers of their lead singers’ pop icon Michael Jackson and Jermaine Jackson.

      David Letterman- A graduate of Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana, David Letterman began his career in broadcasting in his native Indianapolis, Indiana. He worked in radio as a talk-show host and also worked in television as an announcer and weekend weatherman. He now hosts The Late Show with David Letterman on CBS.

      Abraham Lincoln, America's 16th president, moved to Indiana at the age of 7 and spent 14 years in what is now Spencer County in Southern Indiana. It was in Indiana that Abraham Lincoln formed his early ideas about character and honesty and developed a love of learning that stayed with him the rest of his life. This man of humble Hoosier Heritage will long be remembered for his presidency and for his leadership in ending slavery in the United States.

      Steve McQueen
      Born in Beech Grove, Indiana, he was the ultra-cool male film star of the 1960s, and rose from a troubled youth spent in reform schools to being the world's most popular actor. Over 25 years after his untimely death from cancer in 1980, Steve McQueen is still considered hip and cool, and he
      endures as an icon of popular culture. McQueen was an avid motorcycle and racecar enthusiast.

      there's still more just check the site below

    When they put movies on blu ray that were made during the time of DVDs, is there a difference?
    In other words, is it really better? How about with anime? Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      It really all depends. Some procucers of the disc release go through tremendous effort to remaster the original film and audio to great effect. In other instances the quality of the original was not very good and so there is nothing really available to increase the quality in the BluRay release. On yet other occasions, there is potential to improve upon the quality of the release, but no one is willing to spend the money to improve upon the release.

      So basically, if you ask yourself how popular a release can be expected to be, you get an idea of the amount of money production people are willing to put into a remastered release.

      For example, Monsters Inc was just released in theaters again as a 3D movie! Can't get much more updated than that.

      Generally speaking, anime has far greater restraints upon it in comparison to film movies. Budgets are tighter and the quality of the original renderings and voice work do not really allow for much in the way of an update. With result, you end up with releases like "Neon Genesis: Evangelion" being completely reconstructed from scratch to produce a modern release. Often times with anime, there will be some improvement in the BluRay release in terms of visual quality, but it is modest. The original Japanese audio is most often still in 2.0 stereo, however the English audio that was just recently recorded might be available in Dolby Digital 5.0 or possibly even in DTS.

    Has anyone watched the documentary Earthlings?
    the one about specism and animal rights?

    i was wondering if this would be an appropriate film for me to select for my film festival project assignment. our theme is Environment.

    • ANSWER:
      I got the dvd from a professor at my college. It took me 3 weeks to finally watch it (and get my meat loving bf to watch it with me. For moral support lol)

      He pretty much hated me during the film for making him watch it and made comments about how weird it was that I wanted to see it.

      Some parts were really difficult but not as bad as most PETA videos. If you are trying to get people who are not already vegetarian or vegan to watch it, they will probably be as upset as my boyfriend was. (Most people walked out of the room when the professor tried showing it on Earth Day)

      I think everyone should see it, but I don't think it would be a good idea :( Maybe Food Inc. or even better The Cove. Both are really good and the people won't feel like you are trying to convert them, you know?

      Good luck whatever you decide to do :)

    How do i get an acting agent???????
    Hi im an aspiring Actor Living in Dearborn Heights Michigan And am looking for Representation! Does anyone know of any agencys around my area or where to find them or anything?? Please help me out thank YoU!

    • ANSWER:
      Check out the Michican FIlm office website for info. They list some agencies in MI (no idea where Dearborn Heights is in relation, so here they all are):

      Catherine M. Thomas
      Ann Arbor, MI
      (734) 748-2488

      Hollywood Topics Model & Talent Agency
      Novi, MI
      (248) 344-7850

      The i Group Model and Talent Management
      Southfield, MI
      (248) 552-8842

      International Entertainment, Inc.
      Kimball, MI
      (810) 357-1300

      Production Plus
      Bingham Farms, MI
      (248) 644-5566

      Promotions Unlimited 2000, Inc.
      Southfield, MI
      (248) 372-7072

      Sadie Hawkins Animal Modeling Agency, Inc.
      Rochester, MI
      (248) 656-9845

      S.H. Morse, Inc.
      Traverse City, MI
      (231) 946-4800

      Ta-Dah! Productions
      Berkley, MI
      (248) 548-2324

      The Talent Shop
      Bingham Farms, MI
      (248) 644-4877

      Unique Models and Talent
      Grand Rapids, MI
      (616) 827-8420

    How is my revised movie review now?
    Pirates of Silicon Valley
    An intriguing character study of two of the most extraordinary individuals of our modern technological era. Bill Gates co-founder and chairman of the Microsoft Corporation and Steve Jobs the co-founder, chairman and CEO of Apple Inc. The movie is centered on the race between Apple and Microsoft in the computer world. It shows how they each fought to be the dominate computer company.
    The premise is that a group of young Electronics geeks in the 1970s (Gates, Jobs) saw the potential of computers when others didn't. In this film, we see the rise of the personal computer, It shows how apple grabbed the idea of the GUI (graphical user interface) from Xerox, how Microsoft got the first DOS (Disk Operating System) from the Seattle Computer Company.
    The most significant scene in the movie and in possibly the entire history of computers, is the deal Bill Gates made to sell IBM a DOS which he hadn’t even written yet.
    At what became Apple, Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple Computer) was a mathematical prodigy and his friend Steve Jobs was a visionary, a man who literally saw the future in front of his eyes when Xerox demo’s their GUI & mouse for him.
    One of the best lines comes from an HP exec talking to Steve Wozniac
    "What on earth would ordinary people want with computers?”
    This movie was well done for a smaller budget movie. There are very appropriate songs and soundtrack for the story. Knowing that you're watching a story about real people makes it all the more fascinating. I think at the end, we are really left hanging, partly because the film ends when things start to get really interesting.
    Pirates of Silicon Valley is a remarkable look into the worlds of Microsoft and Apple Computers. This story is fascinating for both entertainment, and historical value and is a must see for anyone who uses a computer.

    Does this sound better this time?

    • ANSWER:
      Even though I didn't read your other essay, I do think that this one was well written, and you shouldn't get any lower than an A

    The miser is an object of contempt and ridicule in ancient times, while hospitality and generosity are praised?
    Discuss how, and why, various media re-define and enlarged upon the human cause and cost of miserliness and greed.
    Text: Volpone, Eugenie Grandet, Gulliver's Travel
    Films: Jean de Florette, The Barbarians Invasion, Food Inc.

    Are some suggested references, can some help explain the question thank you and if you have any ideas to help start the essay that would help. thanks

    • ANSWER:
      you could also have ebeneezer scrooge in Dickens who changes from a bad miser to a philanthropic benevolent grandfather figure when he is visited by the ghosts of christmas past present and future and catches himself on - Jean de Florette is showing how greedy corruption can inadvertantly hurt hose you love the most as the land hungry peasants are thwarting their own son/nephew without knowing it.

      YOu could even go back to the parable of the good samaritan when others seemingly more holy passed the poor wretch by- I guess they do this in order to shame us into giving to appeals & to appeal to our basic humanity the country wouldn't last very long if people all became misers & its an attempt to raise spiritual values - love your neighbour as yourself.

    Where can I order the score and sheet music for Disney's The Lion King Orchestral Suite?
    This is what I'm looking for:

    "Disney's The Lion King Orchestral Suite"
    Music by Elton John
    Words by Tim Rice
    Score by Hans Zimmer
    Arranged by Brad Kelley
    Ó1994 Wonderland Music Co., Inc

    Any ideas where I can order it/buy it?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm afraid I don't quite know what you mean by "Orchestral Suite"- are you talking about the Broadway production?
      You can buy the sheet music for the film on eBay, but I think it only includes the songs with lyrics- are you talking about the songs from "Rythm of the Pridelands?" I believe a lot of those songs might be in the Broadway sheet music.
      Best of luck!

    According to Malcolm what were the two factors responisible for sorry conditions for blacks in America?

    • ANSWER:
      Malcolm X was one of the most fiery and controversial people of the 20th century.

      Born Malcolm Little in Omaha, Nebraska on May 19, 1925, Malcolm was the son of a Baptist minister, who was an avid supporter of Marcus Garvey's Universal Negro Improvement Association. While living in Omaha, the family was often harassed — at one point the family's house was set afire. In 1929 the family moved to Lansing, Michigan. While in Michigan, Malcolm's father was killed; his body severed in two by a streetcar and his head smashed. In his autobiography, written with Alex Haley, Malcolm asserted that his father may have been killed by members of the Ku Klux Klan. His mother, stricken by the death of her husband and the demands of providing for the family, was committed to a mental institution.

      Leaving school after the eighth grade, Malcolm made his way to New York, working for a time as a waiter at Smalls Paradise in Harlem. Malcolm began selling and using drugs, turned to burglary, and, in 1946, was sentenced to a ten-year prison term on burglary charges.

      While in prison Malcolm became acquainted with the Black Muslim sect, headed by Elijah Muhammad, and was quickly converted. Following his parole in 1952, he soon became an outspoken defender of Muslim doctrines, accepting the basic argument that evil was an inherent characteristic of the "white man's Christian world."

      Unlike Muhammad, Malcolm sought publicity, making provocative and inflammatory statements to predominantly white civic groups and college campus audiences. Branding white people "devils," he spoke bitterly of a philosophy of vengeance and "an eye for an eye." When, in 1963, he characterized the Kennedy assassination as a case of "chickens coming home to roost," he was suspended from the Black Muslim movement by Elijah Muhammad.

      Disillusioned with Elijah Muhammad's teachings, Malcolm formed his own organizations, the Organization of Afro-American Unity and the Muslim Mosque Inc. In 1964 he made a pilgrimage to Islam's holy city, Mecca, and adopted the name El-Hajj Malik El Shabazz. He also adopted views that were not popular with other black nationalists, including the idea that not all whites were evil and that blacks could make gains by working through established channels.

      As a result of Malcolm's new views, he became the victim of death threats. On February 14, 1965, his home was firebombed; his wife and children escaped unharmed. A week later, on the 21st, Malcolm was shot and killed at the Audubon Ballroom in Harlem, while preparing to speak. Three of the men arrested were later identified as members of the Nation of Islam.

      Malcolm X had a profound influence on both blacks and whites. Many blacks responded to a feeling that he was a man of the people, experienced in the ways of the street rather than the pulpit or the college campus, which traditionally had provided the preponderance of black leaders. Many young whites responded to Malcolm's blunt, colorful language and unwillingness to retreat in the face of hostility.

      The memory and image of Malcolm X has changed as much after his death as his own philosophies changed during his life. At first thought to be a violent fanatic, he is now understood as an advocate of self-help, self-defense, and education; as a philosopher and pedagogue, he succeeded in integrating history, religion, and mythology to establish a framework for his ultimate belief in world brotherhood and in human justice. Faith, in his view, was a prelude to action; ideas were feckless without policy. At least three books published since his death effectively present his most enduring thoughts. In 1992, a monumental film by Spike Lee based on his autobiography, renewed interest and understanding in the meaning of the life and death of Malcolm X.

      Source: The African American Almanac, 7th ed., Gale, 1997.

    Qualifications for a career in Photography?
    I need to find out the qualifications, salary and what the job involves for photography, for my PSE homework.
    can anyone help?

    • ANSWER:
      For salary/qualifications: it depends on what kind of photography you're looking into. Fashion photography for example, takes years, and is very hard to get into because it's quite glam, versus law enforcement photography.

      Underwater, Fashion, Law Enforcement, etc..

      For salary, pick a photography job (like law enforcement photography) and look through job listings on or to get an idea.

      But in general:

      Determining the kind of tools and equipment needed to do a job.

      Controlling operations of equipment or systems.

      Monitoring/Assessing performance of yourself, other individuals, or organizations to make improvements or take corrective action.

      Understanding the implications of new information for both current and future problem-solving and decision-making.

      Being aware of others' reactions and understanding why they react as they do.

      Obtaining and seeing to the appropriate use of equipment, facilities, and materials needed to do certain work.

      The Knowledge of the following:
      Theory and techniques required to compose, produce, and perform works of music, dance, visual arts, drama, and sculpture.

      Chemical composition, structure, and properties of substances and of the chemical processes and transformations that they undergo. This includes uses of chemicals and their interactions, danger signs, production techniques, and disposal methods.

      The Ability to:
      Imagine how something will look after it is moved around or when its parts are moved or rearranged.

      Keep your hand and arm steady while moving your arm or while holding your arm and hand in one position.

      Come up with a number of ideas about a topic (the number of ideas is important, not their quality, correctness, or creativity).
      See details at a distance.

      Quickly and repeatedly adjust the controls of a machine or a vehicle to exact positions.

      Come up with unusual or clever ideas about a given topic or situation, or to develop creative ways to solve a problem.

      Judge which of several objects is closer or farther away from you, or to judge the distance between you and an object.

      See details at close range (within a few feet of the observer).

      Arrange things or actions in a certain order or pattern according to a specific rule or set of rules (e.g., patterns of numbers, letters, words, pictures, mathematical operations).

      Time your movements or the movement of a piece of equipment in anticipation of changes in the speed and/or direction of a moving object or scene.

      Frames subject matter and background in lens to capture desired image.

      Focuses camera and adjusts settings based on lighting, subject material, distance, and film speed.

      Selects and assembles equipment and required background properties, according to subject, materials, and conditions.

      Directs activities of workers assisting in setting up photographic .

      Arranges subject material in desired position.

      Estimates or measures light level, distance, and number of exposures needed, using measuring devices and formulas.

      Generally this is not required for Photographer positions in state government.

      The Professional Photographers of America, Inc. offer a certification program for photographers.

      PPA Certified is the designation granted by Professional Photographers of America, the world's leading certification agency of, and largest Association for, imaging professionals.

      Those who have earned PPA Certification have passed a comprehensive written examination measuring their technical expertise, and have successfully submitted their work to a panel of judges for review and approval.

      Every five years, a PPA Certified photographer must renew his or her credentials by participating in continuing education programs and periodically submitting work for critical evaluation. This helps assure you that PPA Certified photographers maintain their level of expertise and continue to develop new skills and techniques.

      Professional growth and career progression may be enhanced by certification.

      The Department of Labor provides the following information:

      Photographers produce and preserve images that paint a picture, tell a story, or record an event. To create commercial quality photographs, photographers need both technical expertise and creativity. Producing a successful picture requires choosing and presenting a subject to achieve a particular effect, and selecting the appropriate equipment.

      Employers usually seek applicants with a “good eye,” imagination, and creativity, as well as a good technical understanding of photography. Entry-level positions in photojournalism or in industrial or scientific photography generally require a college degree in journalism or photography.

      Many universities, community and junior colleges, vocational-technical institutes, and private trade and technical schools offer photography courses. Basic courses in photography cover equipment, processes, and techniques. Bachelor's degree programs, especially those including business courses, provide a well-rounded education. Art schools offer useful training in design and composition.

      After several years of experience, magazine and news photographers may advance to photography or picture editor positions. Some photographers teach at technical schools, film schools, or universities.

      Go here for more info:

    I need a list of good family films nothing over a 12 rated?
    i need a good film to watch with my friends and my sister who is 8 but its ok if the film is a 12

    • ANSWER:
      Despicable me
      Toy Story 1,2,3
      Finding Nemo
      How to train your dragon
      Wizard of oz
      The Incredibles
      Monsters Inc
      Shrek 1 2 3
      St Trinians
      Nanny McPhee
      Sound of Music
      Mary Poppins
      Chicken Run
      The Little Mermaid
      Who framed Roger Rabbit
      Peter Pan
      Mrs Doubtfire
      Horton Hears a Who
      Charlotte's Web
      Ice Age
      Home Alone
      The Jungle Book
      Wallace and Gromit
      Monsters vs Aliens
      The Corpse Bride
      Stuart Little
      The Secret Garden
      Freaky Friday
      Cloudy with a chance of meatballs
      Harry Potter
      The cat in the hat

      Hope this gives you some ideas.

    could someone help me write a paragraph about apple coorportion?
    like you didn't have to write a whole paragraph just a summary in your own words... i just need a idea and if i use it i'll credict you..

    • ANSWER:
      u meant Apple Inc or Apple Corps? i'll try to help for both:
      Apple Inc:
      Apple Inc. is an American multinational corporation that designs and manufactures consumer electronics and computer software products. The company's best-known hardware products include Macintosh computers, the iPod and the iPhone. Apple software includes the Mac OS X operating system, the iTunes media browser, the iLife suite of multimedia and creativity software, the iWork suite of productivity software, Final Cut Studio, a suite of professional audio and film-industry software products, and Logic Studio, a suite of audio tools. The company operates more than 250 retail stores in nine countries and an online store where hardware and software products are sold.[2]

      Established in Cupertino, California on April 1, 1976 and incorporated January 3, 1977,[5] the company was called Apple Computer, Inc. for its first 30 years, but dropped the word "Computer" on January 9, 2007[6] to reflect the company's ongoing expansion into the consumer electronics market in addition to its traditional focus on personal computers.[7] Apple has about 35,000 employees worldwide[3] and had worldwide annual sales of US.48 billion in its fiscal year ending September 29, 2008.[4] For reasons as various as its philosophy of comprehensive aesthetic design to its distinctive advertising campaigns, Apple has established a unique reputation in the consumer electronics industry. This includes a customer base that is devoted to the company and its brand, particularly in the United States.[8] Fortune magazine named Apple the most admired company in the United States in 2008 and in the world in 2009.[9][10]
      Apple Corps:
      Apple Corps Ltd. is a multi-armed multimedia corporation founded in January 1968 by British rock band The Beatles to replace their earlier company (Beatles Ltd.) and to form a conglomerate. Its name (pronounced "apple core") is a pun. Its chief division is Apple Records, which was launched in the same year. Other divisions included Apple Electronics, Apple Films, Apple Publishing, and Apple Retail, whose most notable venture was the ill-fated Apple Boutique in London. Apple's headquarters, in the late-1960s, was at 3 Savile Row in London, known as the Apple Building, which was also home to the Apple Studio.

      From 1970-2007, Apple's chief executive was former Beatles road manager Neil Aspinall though he did not bear that title officially. The current CEO is Jeff Jones.

    When was tthe video camera invented?
    I would love to know this answer!

    • ANSWER:
      Kinda depends on who you talk to. But this guy was credited with inventing the first cathod ray tube video camera system used for tv broadcasts.

      American engineer, Philo Farnsworth was born on August 19, 1906, on Indian Creek in Beaver County, Utah. His parents expected him to become a concert violinist, but his interests drew him to experiments with electricity. At the age of 12, he built an electric motor and produced the first electric washing machine his family had ever owned.

      Philo Farnsworth attended Brigham Young University in Utah, where he researched television picture transmission. While in high school, Philo Farnsworth had already conceived of his ideas for television. In 1926, he cofounded Crocker Research Laboratories, which he later renamed Farnsworth Television, Inc. in 1929 (and as Farnsworth Radio and Television Corporation in 1938.)

      In 1927, Philo Farnsworth was the first inventor to transmit a television image comprised of 60 horizontal lines. The image transmitted was a dollar sign. Farnsworth developed the dissector tube, the basis of all current electronic televisions. He filed for his first television patent in 1927 (pat#1,773,980.) Although he won an early patent for his image dissection tube, he lost later patent battles to RCA. Philo Farnsworth went on to invent over 165 different devices including equipment for converting an optical image into an electrical signal, amplifier, cathode-ray, vacuum tubes, electrical scanners, electron multipliers and photoelectric materials.

      The image dissector was invented by Philo Farnsworth, one of the pioneers of electronic television, in 1927. It is a type of cathode ray tube occasionally employed as a camera in industrial television systems. The image dissector had very poor light sensitivity, and was useful only where scene illumination exceeded 685 cd/m², but it was ideal for high light levels such as when engineers wanted to monitor the bright, hot interior of an industrial furnace. Owing to its lack of sensitivity, the image dissector was rarely used in TV broadcasting, except to scan film and other transparencies. It was, however, the beginning of the electronic TV age.

      The image dissector sees the outside world through a glass lens, which focuses an image through the clear glass wall of the tube onto a special plate which is coated with a layer of caesium oxide. When light strikes caesium oxide, the material emits electrons, somewhat like a mirror that reflects an image made of electrons, rather than light (see photoelectric effect). These electrons are aimed and accelerated by electric and magnetic fields onto the dissector's single electron detector so that only a small portion of the electron image hits the detector at any given moment. As time passes the electron image is deflected back and forth and up and down so that the entire image, portion by portion, can be read by the detector. The output from the detector is an electric current whose magnitude is a measure of brightness at a specific point on the image. Electrons that do not hit the single detector are wasted, rather than stored on the target as in the image orthicon (described below) which accounts in part for its low sensitivity

    Alternative drinks to Gatorades?
    do u know any alternative drinks that can replace Gatorades or sport drinks?
    I was thinkin of slightly salted water, but i dont think its the same tho..
    Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      company based in Park City, Utah, announced today that they are launching a vitamin-fortified isotonic sports drink called TUFF GUYZ. According to a release from the company, the drink was dreamed up by a guy named Brad Weidman, who is involved with Tough Guy Films, an entertainment company that has been involved in 3D, comic book and anime sports characters.

      "I always felt that sports drinks were a functional drink but they didn't taste all that good" Weidman said, in the release. "We worked very hard to create the winning combination of great taste, a blast of vitamins, and no salty aftertaste."

      The release says that the sports drink market is untapped in the youth area. While I assure you this isn't the case, I do think I know what audience this group is aiming for -- snowboarders and skateboarders, which Gatorade has not done much with.

      "Gatorade has a ton of utility at alternative sports, but it's not part of our sponsorship strategy," Gatorade's czar of sports marketing Tom Fox told us. "The reason is two-fold. There are not great opportunities for the athletes to be seen drinking (no true 'sidelines') and Mountain Dew and others got there first and the environment is extremely cluttered with a wide variety of beverages."

      "We know through research that these athlets are drinking a ton of Gatorade and understand the benefits it offers during long days of climbing the mountain to get to the half-pipe or after spending hours on a hot BMX track in full gear. It's just not the best sponsorship showcase for us."

      The labels on the new Tuff Guyz sports drinks include action figures. The drink includes B and E vitamins and will be available in five flavors including Orange Mango Fire, Citrus Berry Blue, Lemon Lime Green Fire, Grape Berry Deep Purple Fire and Fruit Punch Red Fire.

      "By offering a graphic anime alternative to what's out there the guys at TUFF GUYZ could have the next Gatorade on their hands," said Richard H. Davis, President of Beverage Marketing USA, Inc., in the release.

      As we learned as early as 1970 with Coca-Cola and Olympade, bottle graphics have little to do with great market share unless what is in the bottle is great. And just like there is no next Michael Jordan, there is no next Gatorade

      Is there a single supermarket/convenience store that doesn't have a Gatorade promotion going on? I have no idea how this stuff works -- obviously it's individual co-op agreements between Gatorade and the vendors -- but everywhere I am, there's some kind of deal on the stuff. I'm currently in San Marcos, Texas, on assignment, and I walked into a Walgreens. I was only going to get two bottles of Gatorade, but then I noticed that if I bought 2-20 oz. six packs for .98, I could get this unbelieveable cooler bag that was sitting on top of the shelf. It said the retail value of the case was .99, but I think it's even higher. Then I walked into a local supermarket chain and sure enough, there it was: Buy two 64 oz. Gatorades and get one free. It's funny how in all the stores that have Gatorade promotions how little of a presence POWERade has. It makes you wonder whether the promotion dollar essentially kicks their competitor out of the store.

      Gatorade Among Product Placement Leaders
      According to Nielsen Product Placement, Gatorade is among the brands with the most product placement on television shows in the first quarter of 2005. Here is the top 10 list with total number of impressions and shows that featured the brand.

      1. Coca Cola (1,931) -- American Idol, Amazing Race, King of Queens

      2. Everlast (1,395) -- The Contender, The Road To Stardom

      3. adidas (476) -- The Road To Stardom, Summerland, Eve

      4. Sports Illustrated (475) -- Sports Illustrated: Swimsuit Model Search, King of the Hill

      5. Nike (466) -- Amazing Race, King of Queens, Will & Grace

      6. Gatorade (441) -- The Contender, Two & A Half Men

      7. The Home Depot (324) -- The Contender, Apprentice, Survivor

      8. Toyota (319) -- The Contender, Amazing Race, Law & Order

      "The Contender offered us a terrific opportunity because it was authentic athletes and an authentic occasion," Gatorade spokeswoman Heather Mitchell told Bloomberg News.

      Heather was a tremendous help when I was writing "First In Thirst." Without her coordinating efforts, I would never have gotten things done on time. One more note on the product placement front, I washed down my car at the Bristol mobil station with a squeegee with a Gatorade advertisement on the handle. Given how many gas stations have convenience stores, I think that is a good, cheap ad buy.

      Vitaminwater Battles Gatorade
      Glaceau, makers of Vitaminwater, will be unveiling a new subline called Perform. The company says that while the drink is not a sports drink per se, it's clear that officials are aiming at the lightning bolt.

      “Before now, active people have had one choice when it came to a sports beverage and not only does that option offer no nutritional value, it’s also based purely on salt,” said Glaceau's founder and CEO J. Darius Bikoff said, in a company release. “Luckily for active people like us, perform provides a healthier, natural option without the extra sodium which most of us are getting way too much of in our diets.”

      Company officials say the drink will have more total electrolytes than Gatorade in the form of calcium, magnesium and potassium, but the drink will not have the sodium that is found in Gatorade.

      In a massive marketing blitz aimed to get the message out, they've signed 20 players on 20 Major League Baseball teams, including: Kerry Wood, Jim Thome, Francisco Rodriguez, David Wright, Kevin Millar, Jason Schmidt, Aubrey Huff, Mike Lowell, Austin Kearns, Jay Gibbons, Brandon Inge, Brian Lawrence, Richie Sexton, Jack Wilson, Travis Hafner, Torii Hunter, David Eckstein, Brad Lidge, Michael Young and Marcus Giles. The deal was conceived by Reed Bergman, CEO of Playbook Inc., a sports marketing firm.

      “Baseball players across the country love Vitaminwater because it works for them both on and off the field,” Bikoff said. “Realistically, most people aren’t running daily triathlons so the needs of an extreme athlete aren’t relevant for the vast majority of us who just want to perform at our personal best every day, and that’s where vitaminwater comes in.”

      The drink, which will have 50 calories per serving and has a suggested retail price of .49, is schedule to hit shelves soon.

      The company says it has experienced more than 200 percent compounded annual growth since it's inception in 1996 and more than 250 million bottles of the product are sold every year. It is not the first time Glaceau has taken a shot at Gatorade.

      I found this on a label last year: "It has come to our attention that, at the conclusion of some sporting events, athletes pour large buckets of a 'sports drink' over their coach's head. Not to be outdone, we encourage our loyal consumers to do the same after a grueling match. O.K., sure. Dumping this over your chess team coach's head may sound strange, but trust us, nothing gets chess fans more pumped up." Gatorade has 21 total spokespeople. Two of them are baseball players -- Chicago Cubs pitcher Mark Prior and Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter.

    I have an idea about a documentary on the legalization of marijuana and need ideas of who to contact...??
    I have an idea of how to put into perspective the insanely harsh laws against marijuana and hopefully reform the laws currently on marijuana by doing a documentary and was wondering if anyone had any ideas of good people to contact (organizations to back me up, someone to film it, a strong speaker against marijuana laws, etc). any ideas are helpful and specific contact information is even more helpful! thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Michael Moore

      Dog Eat Dog Films, Inc.

      430 West 14th Street

      Suite 401

      New York , NY 10011

    Are they making a film out of any of these Stephen King books?
    Insomnia,11/22/63, Under the Dome, Cell, Duma Key, Quitters Inc.

    • ANSWER:
      I heard King say he has no plans for Insomnia to be turned into a movie, since it's one of his own least favorite books (apparently). I thought it was great though, and would make a good, if not downright strange movie! haha!

      Under the Dome is supposedly gonna be some sort of miniseries thing, but that's all i know!

      Cell. I believe he said he had finished a screenplay for it, so that probably means yes! But, it being a more fun book, not one of his best, just fun, i don't know what to think of that! haha!

      Duma Key, i have no idea! But it'd be great!

      I've heard nothing about Quitters Inc. But i have heard of a possible "IT" remake, which, if done well, could be the best movie ever. It can't be done as a horror movie though, it has to be...a movie about life and childhood and these people's stories, with the element of horror within it, as the book was. There's always a lot of talk about King's stuff being turned into movies, and it makes me excited and hopeful!


    Are Disney Pixar movies the best computer animated movies available?
    I was doing some research on the best movies available and looked into some websites to compare reviews. it seems that Pixar movies are highly rated.
    example: Rotten tomatoes which are one of the hardest critics to impress gave Pixar movies great reviews and super high ratings.
    do you agree? are Pixar movies the best or do you have other favorites?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, yeah, pixar are most likely the best when it comes to animated movies. I mean look at toy story. Amazing film, good story line too, and look at finding Nemo, amazing, and very emotional too. Pixar not only deliver good quality graphix and animation, but also bring out good original story ideas. The incredibles was great too, and I could go on and on with a list of all the amazing things they have created, like ratatouille, monsters inc... etc .... etc.....

      Also, dreamworks anaimation must get their credit too, cause they made such things as shrek, madagascar and over the hedge. But, I think right now I favour pixar over dreamworks aniamtion.

    Good names for a production company?
    Will be doing some rap/hip-hop projects(beats,music videos) . But also short films and stunt videos..

    From Pittsburgh Area..

    Open for any ideas..

    • ANSWER:
      Monongahela Development Company Inc
      Monongahela Development Inc
      Monongahela Development Corporation

      Beat the Rap Productions, Inc
      Beat the rap production company, inc.

    I am looking for a good book to read. One with some action possibly a military or political theme. Any Ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      How about a book by Tom Clancy???......

      The Hunt for Red October, Patriot Games, Clear and Present Danger, and The Sum of All Fears have been turned into commercially successful films with actors Alec Baldwin, Ben Affleck, and Harrison Ford as Clancy's most famous fictional character Jack Ryan, while his second most famous character John Clark has been played by actors Willem Dafoe and Liev Schreiber. The first NetForce novel was adapted as a television movie, starring Scott Bakula and Joanna Going. The first Op-Center novel was released to coincide with a 1995 NBC television mini-series of the same name (Tom Clancy's Op-Center) starring Harry Hamlin and a cast of stars. Though the mini-series didn't continue the book series did, but it had little in common with the first mini-series other than the title and the names of the main characters.

      The website IMDB reports that Tom Clancy's novel Without Remorse is to be made into a movie and is expected to be released in 2008. Filming is to commence in 2008. No other details are available (27 June 2007).

      With the release of The Teeth of the Tiger, Clancy introduced Jack Ryan's son and two nephews as main characters. Presumably, he has retired Jack Ryan as a central character.

      Clancy has written several nonfiction books about various branches of the U.S. armed forces (see non-fiction listing, below). Clancy has also branded several lines of books with his name that are written by other authors, following premises or storylines generally in keeping with Clancy's works:

      Tom Clancy's Op-Center
      Tom Clancy's Power Plays
      Tom Clancy's Net Force
      Tom Clancy's Net Force Explorers
      Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
      These are sometimes referred to by fans as "apostrophe" books; Clancy did not initially acknowledge that these series were being authored by others, only thanking the actual authors in the headnotes for their "invaluable contribution to the manuscript".

      In 1997 Tom Clancy signed a book deal with Penguin Putnam Inc. (both part of Pearson Education), that paid him US million for the world-English rights to two new books. He then signed a second agreement for another US million for a four-year book/multimedia deal. Clancy followed this up with an agreement with Berkley Books for 24 paperbacks to tie in with the ABC television miniseries Tom Clancy's Net Force aired in the fall/winter of 1998. The OP-Center universe has laid the ground for the series of books written by Jeff Rovin, which was in an agreement worth US million bringing the total value of the package to US million.

      All but two of Clancy's novels feature Jack Ryan and/or John Clark.

    how did women start fighting for there rights ?
    its a project work and I need help please !!!

    • ANSWER:
      Back in the 1800s, some women and many men were fighting for some sort of rights, and even for a reasonable chance of survival beyond age thirty. Work conditions were abysmal for most, and sickness and injury were not only unpaid for, but also often caused by work conditions. TB was endemic in textile factories, and Black Lung disease due to coal dust was still around into the 60s. (If you ever see the film 'Rocket Boy' - or whatever new name they've given it - it is about a young man growing up to become a NASA rocket scientist - his father died of Black Lung Disease working in Kentucky coal mines).

      So - women were given the vote here in Australia about five years after universal male suffrage became a reality - in 1893.

      They had as much right to be educated as anyone else - there were, until the 1960's here, restrictions on women remaining in work once they married and/or had children, though some went back after the kids had grown. My French teacher, in 1963, fell pregnant, had time off, and then came back to work.

      I'm sort of wondering EXACTLY which rights you are talking about here - that aren't ancient history by now - and how you somehow relate this push for women's rights to being something separate from the push for men's rights.

      I know an old chap - 80+ - he worked on ship building on the River Clyde - he had to stand all day, they got two pee breaks a day, and a half hour lunch break - they were not allowed to talk - they were not allowed to 'cause trouble' - or they would be instantly out of a job. He quit his apprenticeship, joined the British Army, fought in Korea, then joined the Australian Army.

      You people have absolutely no idea what conditions really were for the very vast majority - mainly men worker - whose wives stayed home and raised the kids in comparative luxury - a privilege only brought about by the struggles of the Union movement and the drive for a single wage that would support family.

      Now - you're all stuck in the compulsory dual income economy! Good luck for the future!

      Good luck with your Women's Studies major in a BA - Grappler Enterprises Inc is putting out Xmas toilet paper next year with three degrees - BA, Masters, and Ph.D in Women Studies - all on the one roll!

      EDITS:- Certain people, like xxnejxx above, disgust me. You expected men to die in their thousands fighting a war, suffer injury, deprivation and captivity under sometimes appalling conditions, then come home and stand in the bread line while women held jobs that they were handed to fill in the numbers? Grow up! Love your Vet or leave - NOW!

    What's the happy song called in The perfect man movie?
    When the Mom & the 2 daughters start to dance on that song..? ani idea

    • ANSWER:
      I think you're looking for the song "I Will Learn to Love Again"...but i'm not sure so here's the soundtrack list:

      "I Fall to Pieces"
      Written by Hank Cochran, Harlan Howard
      Performed by Patsy Cline
      Courtesy of Geffen Records
      Under license from Universal Music Enterprises

      "The Real Thing"
      Written by Sara Overall, Adam Watts, Andy Dodd
      Performed by Sara Overall
      Courtesy of Columbia Records
      By Arrangement with Sony BMG Music Entertainment

      "Make Room"
      Written by Teron Carter, Stacy Jones, Otto Price, Ric Robbins
      Performed by Grits
      Courtesy of Gotee Records
      Under license from EMI Film & Television Music

      "We Could Be Falling in Love"
      Written by Thomas Hirschmann, Stuart Hart
      Performed by No Big Fish
      Courtesy of Selectracks Music Services

      "If You Got What You Came For"
      Written by Beth Thornley, Rob Cairns
      Performed by Beth Thornley
      Courtesy of Position Music

      "Givin Up Givin Up"
      Written by Ray Gelato, Peter Tomasso
      Performed by Ray Gelato and His Band
      Courtesy of Double Scoop Records

      Written by Dennis DeYoung
      Performed by Dennis DeYoung
      Courtesy of Grand Illusion Music

      "Mr. Roboto"
      Written by Dennis DeYoung
      Performed by Dennis DeYoung
      Courtesy of Grand Illusion Music

      "I Will Learn to Love Again"
      Written by Diane Warren
      Performed by Kaci
      Courtesy of Curb Records

      "The Best of Times"
      Written by Dennis DeYoung
      Performed by Dennis DeYoung
      Courtesy of Grand Illusion Music

      "Let It Go"
      Written by Jadon Lavik
      Performed by Jadon Lavik
      Courtesy of Bec Recordings
      Under license from EMI Film & Television Music

      "Until It Happens to You"
      Written by Joe Lervold, Lisa Aschmann
      Performed by Joel Evans
      Courtesy of Cinemasters / Position Music

      "Honeysuckle Rose"
      Written by Fats Waller (as Thomas "Fats" Waller), Andy Razaf
      Performed by The Frank and Joe Show
      Courtesy of Selectracks Music Services
      By Arrangement with Venture Music, Inc.

      "The Girl I Dream About"
      Written by Bobby Caldwell, Henry Marx
      Performed by Bobby Caldwell
      Courtesy of The Music Force Media Group LLC

      Written by Dennis DeYoung
      Courtesy of Steptone Entertainment / Sound Choice

      Written by Howie Day, Kevin Griffin
      Performed by Howie Day
      Courtesy of Epic Records
      By Arrangement with Sony BMG Music Entertainment

      "Better Than This"
      Written by Bridget Benenate, Steve Booker, Matthew Gerrard
      Performed by Kimberley Locke
      Courtesy of Curb Records

      "Real Life Fairytale"
      Written by Tiffany Arbuckle (as Tiffany Arbuckle Lee), Matt Bronleewe
      Performed by Tiffany Arbuckle (as Plumb)
      Courtesy of Curb Records

    Whats the deal with Vince from sons of guns?
    What's the whole story on how and why he left and any extra important details I should know

    • ANSWER:
      Well the story starts back in 2009 with a BATFE audit of Red Jacket Inc. Red Jacket could not account for ten registered guns. In a settlement, William Hayden and Stephanie Hayden surrendered their gun-making licenses and were allowed to choose a licensed individual to control Red Jacket. Initially, that person was Vincent Buckles.

      Red Jacket Firearms fell by the way side and Red Jacket Firearms, L.L.C. began in May of 2010. The listed officers of the LLC are Joseph Whitney Meaux, Vincent Gordon Buckles, and Charles Riley Watson; neither Will Hayden nor Stephanie Hayden are listed as officers.

      Sons of Guns starts and begin filming. All seems to go well besides poor gunsmithing and the idea they invented the wheel. As the Show drags on I'm sure there are behind the scene stuff we don't see, but we see the all mighty Will run down an officer of the company and holder of their license most likely for ratings. Remember this is the every license they cation you they have at the beginning of the show that allows them to build what they build.

      I think the filming of the show, the public humiliation on TV by a boss who is only loosely his boos and finally I think he seen the writing on the wall that Kris Ford was being groomed to talk over the company, at least on paper with Kris dating/ engaged/ now married to Stephanie Hayden Ford, Will's daughter. After all Will isn't going to live forever and the company will be her's someday. Now most likely with Kris as an officer of the LLC. That let little room for him at Red Jacket.

film ideas inc