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    What is the most trusted free music downloader?
    I would like to know if there are better options for downloading music other then limewire because i have not had as great of experience using limewire.

    • ANSWER:
      Most of the time when you find something free it costs money and its probably the same with your music thing.

      If you are signing up for a free music website see what it asks for like your name,date of birth,age and all that stuff.If its asking you for your bank details or credit card details you know that definetly not going to be free.If it is absolutely free all it would ask you if you need to sign up is your e mail,date of birth,name,username and password.Maybe before signing up have a look around and see if anyone has been conned by using this website.

      I know this wasn't what you are looking for but it would be some helpful advice if you decide to look yourself for a free music downloading site


      iTunes is the single most popular online music store in the world, due in part because of the fact that it is the only file management program that is compatible with the iPod MP3 player. However, in addition to being able to store and organize all of your downloaded music, iTunes also has a store where you can legally buy just about any song you can think of. If that isn't enough, you can also buy whole albums, games for your iPod Touch or iPhone and subscribe to Internet radio programs, called "podcasts."

      MySpace Music

      MySpace Music is an excellent forum for up-and-coming musicians to build up an audience. While not every musical artist does so, a lot of musicians offer some of their choice singles for free download directly from their MySpace pages. While this is far from an ideal choice for people who are looking to download whole albums or obscure singles, if you are simply looking for that song you heard on the radio while on your way to work, MySpace Music may be a great place to find it for free.


      While you will be able to find almost any album you could ever think of through torrent websites, the legal standing of downloading most music is sketchy at best. In the United States, downloading music through free torrent services is strictly illegal, but in other countries the practices are not specifically illegal. If you insist on downloading music through torrent sites, know that you are doing so at your own risk.

    Best software for downloading music files?
    What program would be fast at downloading music and video files? Preferably a free program, that is relatively legitimate and secure. I have a pc with Windows Vista Ultimate. Plenty of hard drive space and physical RAM. I've talked to some friends and I've heard the names Limewire,Frostwire,Bearshare,Cabos. Any other suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Limewire I'd say is the most popular and best.
      but if I was you, I'd get more into torrents and blogs.

      using torrents and blogs to get music is much more safe
      and a lot better. for instance you can download whole albums
      instead of just one song. Not to mention most Peer-2-Peer sharing programs are crawling with viruses, adware, and what not.

      so learn what you can about torrents and blogs.
      with torrents you can also get movies, books, games, everything really. Especially with a system like yours it'd be great to make into a multimedia machine.
      I have tried all kinds of programs and ways of downloading media, torrents are the safest and most efficient by far.

      here's a great place to learn about how torrents work and how to get started:

    What are some good free programs, games, and apps for windows 8?
    I recently got a new laptop with windows 8 on it and was wondering if there are any good starter programs that maybe recommended.
    As for apps I am not talking about the apps in the app store.

    • ANSWER:
      Are you new to windows?
      Firefox or google chrome for a browser instead of internet explorer--nobody uses IE, ever. It just sucks and everybody hates it. (Opera or safari would be my 2nd choice)
      Office 2013 for word processing, spreadsheets, and powerpoint presentations. (This isn't free, but a lot better than the supposed "free version" open office. If you don't want to pay for this, try downloading it.)
      K-Lite Codec Pack for playing any video file.
      iTunes for music.
      Skype. If you video chat a lot.
      Paint (already included) to edit pictures.

    How do I download music for free like Limewire?
    I've been using my Android phone to download all my music for free. But I would like to use my PC to do that from now on.
    I don't want to use iTunes because I don't even own any Apple products and it won't sync with my Android phone correctly.

    • ANSWER:
      Use uTorrent. It's the best. First go to and type in uTorrent. Download and instal the program. After that open the program and set up your save file directories in preferences.

      Then go to a torrent site like (my favorite) or something else. In the search engine of the torrent site type in what you want then click enter. After it loads look to your right where you see SEEDS and LEACHERS might be displayed as SE and LE click the one that says SE so you can get the torrent with the most amount of seeds (more seeds means faster download). Click on the link with the most seeds and then you can read comments bout the download. At the top click "Download Torrent" and then you willl get a pop up that says open with or save. Click open with utorrent and then you will see the torrent open in uTorrent. Wait for it to finish donwloading in uTorrent and then ur done.

      I know it sounds a little complex but it's not. You can also download things like book, movies, programs, etc off uTorrent. When you download things like programs or video games beware though. Viruses can accure unless you sensor the comments first to see what other people report!

      Here's a link to a video on how ot use uTorrent that I made a while back.

    Where can I find a free software to download onto my computer where I can record sounds?
    Where can I find a free software to download onto my computer where I can record sounds THAT THE COMPUTER IS MAKING? I don't want a sound recorder software that records the sounds that are happening outside of the computer. I want a software that will record sounds coming from the computer itself. Please send me some sort of link. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Freecorder :
      FreeCorder does exactly as the name suggests: it is an easy-to-use free software program that lets you record sounds on your PC, whether that is a CD you're playing, Internet streaming audio, games music, or a midi file. It: * Records what you hear from your speakers. * Saves recordings as MP3 files. * You can also record from the microphone or line-in inputs on your PC.

      Audacity :
      Audacity is a free, easy-to-use and multilingual audio editor and recorder for Windows, Mac OS X, GNU/Linux and other operating systems. You can use Audacity to: Record live audio., Convert tapes and records into digital recordings or CDs, Edit Ogg Vorbis, MP3, WAV or AIFF sound files., Cut, copy, splice or mix sounds together., Change the speed or pitch of a recording.,And more!

    How to download a FULL pc game for free?
    i swear i used to know a program where u could download games like u download movies and music. ive been looking for some way to download the sims i dont know why i just really want the game . do i have to break down and buy it?

    • ANSWER:
      Geeze..."Help me steal"...It's all that seems asked any more.

      If the game is can download it legally from *any* source (but make sure you have a real-time scanner scanning the download for malware, and re-scan the file before installing it).

      Now, given the that Sims (any version, any game, any expansion) is NOT freeware. Which hurts worse? at a garage sale (or a title in the stores)...or Tens of Thousands of Dollars in fines, and up to 5 years in jail?

      There is also a downside to pirated inordinate amount of it also includes a vast array of malware designed to give the hacker that cracked the program/file/move/etc remote access to your machine, or the perverse pleasure of destroying hundreds of PCs...even if he never knows about the victim!

      Good Luck!

    Is it illegal to download music on Limewire or Ares and then put it on your ipod playlist?
    So the music would be free?
    So it would be free? My brother said it wasnt illegal, but I dont trust him.
    And Im mainly talking about Ares.

    • ANSWER:
      It is completely LEGAL to download music. And it's completely legal to store media we have purchased.

      It is illegal to upload (distribute) music that you do not own the rights to (nor art, and software for that matter) Regardless if you intend to earn a dime from it or not. An Artist must be compensated each time their work changes hands, in one form or another.

      In other'words. It is completely legal to store and enjoy music, movies, art, games, programs, etc on your PC.
      But the moment you install a Gnutella program (any Peer 2 Peer, ie: Napster, KaZaA, Limewire, Morpheus, iMesh, Bearshare, etc..) and "Log on" (connect our hard drive to the other 40 million users hard drives who are also logged on) which allows another to snag our media files, we are now violating intellectual property, laws. Period.
      Because, none of us, have the right to upload (give away) media that we do not own. Even though we have/had no intention of selling, or making money by allowing someone to download the media stored on our drive.

      Which is exactly why, Jammie Thomas of Minnesota, found herself in judgement of over ,000 for each of the 24 songs she had saved (not downloaded) but actually purchased legally.
      The woman simply ripped a couple of CD's, to her computer (which is completely legal) and then Logged on to KaZaA.
      Her username was ONE of the the lucky ones and in October of 2007 lost the 1st ever anti-piracy lawsuit, filed by the Recording Industry Association of America and now owes R.I.A.A. 0 THOUSAND, dollars.

      *gulp* (not even wanting to fathom the numbers, for the three*cough*thousand songs i have on my hard drives, each time i log on, to my Gnutella program.)

      *** Post Script ***
      Ummmm, Germany?
      Limewire was founded in 2000.
      Then as is now, remains a Corporation located in New York City. Founded by CEO Mark Gorton.
      He holds degrees from Yale, Stanford, and Harvard.

    What are the programs we should never download on the Internet?
    I have downloade Imesh to download free music. They took control of my Internet browser and if I had downloaded a file, it was good for only 30 days. It's like facebook. They got inside my e-mail contacts and wrote a e-mail to all my contacts to join in. I don't want anybody to take control of my computer.

    • ANSWER:
      1 ) Toolbars ( i never liked those...) - maybe included in installation on other softwares like imesh ; just uncheck the option ( you may have to choose a custom installation ) You can uninstall them if you want.

      2 ) "Free Online Games" Or "Free-anything-that-will-do-super-cool-stuff-on-your-computer" ( ie : free smileys unless officials... , free sounds , wallpapers , cartoonizing... )
      Well , most of the time they come with all kind of spyware and adware, so be certain to have some opinions before downloading these.

      3 ) Be sure to download any software on the editor's website ( if it is open-source or sourceforge ; or on a well-know download website like )

      4 ) You talked about a shareware ( 30 day period ( varying ) Trial ) It is a way to try a non-free program without buying it so , if you dont plan to buy then just uninstall it. :)

      5 ) Install a anti-spyware / adware and something to cleaning all the mess of your computer ( CCleaner -free-? or Glary Utilities - non free )

      6 ) Theres so much more thing i may have forgotten. so in order to keep control of your computer , just be careful 😉

      You can also check your browser settings and restore your original home page.

    is there any sofware that transfers data from a PC to another one?
    I bought a new PC and I want to transfer all my data (pic, music, programs, games) from my old PC to my new one. Now I'm searching for a software to do this for me. Is there any?

    • ANSWER:
      Assuming your on windows, I'll tell you how to do it. Mac or Linux is same way, just you need a different program. Go to (on old computer). Then download, it's what I use and it's free. If your on wifi, this is easy, plugged in Ethernet is harder. For wifi, you need to find the internal ip of your new computer. This will be 192.168 blah blah, and many websites will tell you what it is if you don't already know. Also, on your new computer, enable ssh and shsh( if you don't know how, there are many internet tutorials.) then, go to winscp on old computer and start the program. The first time, I think you might see somewhere either user or developer view, choose your ready. Under hosts ip, type the 192.168.1.whatever. Then hit enter. Two windows will pop up. The left with your computer files and the right with the new computer. Drag anything you plan to move into you new computer.

    How do i find the music i uploaded from my computer to my psp?
    Ok well i synced music on my cousins psp from my computer on windows music player. It said successful or what ever and i took it off the USB cord and went to music but i couldnt find any of the new music i uploaded

    • ANSWER:
      i would suggest the media go was designed for the psp and you can manage and transfer almost anything..even if its in the wrong will automatically change the format so it will be able to use on your psp. you can transfer games, music, comics, files, and movies. o and its also free for download from sony.


    How can I safely sell my music online?
    I have some pieces of music I have written and recorded on a music programme and converted to mp3 files. They are not songs as such, but are more suitable as pieces of music for games, theme tunes, ringtones or jingles, so I was wondering if there was a way to sell them online without someone directly copying or taking them and using my ideas as their own?
    Any advice would be very helpful :)
    The pieces of music are up-beat, catchy instrumentals and are quite short and repetitive. They don't have the structure of a song that you would hear in the charts, for example. I was thinking more along the lines of companies looking for small pieces of music to use for their products or project if you know what I mean; such as music for game app or something. If that helps :)

    • ANSWER:
      Bandcamp might be an option, or if you have some money, Itunes. And also if you have a hard time doing this, with bad amount of downloads, just tell people to donate with paypal then give them a link to get some extra cash. (0,025 dollars per link clicked if using if you want to transfer it safe, to another computer, download dropbox. Can maybe make song on youtube, but be careful people may go to youtube to mp3 convertors to just get it for free (remember say "this song is copyrighted, only for personal use, unless permission" if you are going to. Hope this helps! (Now i require information of this music, please)

    How to increase free disk space on my C drive?
    i have a windows xp SP3 64-bit system. my disk space in C drive is 25GB i have only installed program files like the OS, PC suite, video converter, Photoshop, picasa etc. on this drive and all my games, pictures, music etc are on other drives. but still almost every week m disk space goes on reducing and i have to clean it up. i have used disk cleaner many times but still the free space doesn't increase. what can i do to increase my disk space. and also i have created 3 users on this PC.

    • ANSWER:
      Do you feel that the free space on your hard-disk is too little ? Does it seem that something fishy is going on which is eating your hard-disk space? read on till end to uncover the secrets of this type of behavior.

      Some of the key reasons are:

      * Temp files on C drive
      * Temporary Internet files
      * Backup files created during installation
      * Windows system restore data
      * Duplicate copies of large files like movies, songs etc.
      * Deleting Uninstall files for windows updates.

      There are some more reasons as well, but these are most common reasons which can be observed. Now the important question, how to fix it ? Lets read on for the solution.

      1. Deleting Temp files:

      Temp files are the files which are created for some temporary purpose by many softwares. Go to Start > Run type “%temp” (without quotes) and press enter. This will open a Temp folder, at this folder,select and delete all files at this location. After this empty your windows recycle bin.

      Note: You may not be able to delete certain files as they might be in use, but delete as many as you can.

      2. Deleting Temporary Internet files and backup files:

      There are several ways to do it, but we will tell you the most convenient way. Open My computer, right click on the disk drive , go to properties and click on Disk Cleanup as shown below:

      This will open a Disk cleanup window as seen below:

      Select the temporary Internet files,recycle bin,setup log files, temporary files, office setup files, and any other option which is not very important for you and Click OK. This will start the cleanup process and will delete the un-necessary files thus increasing the disk space.

      Note: Above two methods deals with removal of junk and temporary internet files which can also be removed automatically using a software called CCleaner which can be downloaded from here.

      What is CCleaner?
      CCleaner removes unused and temporary files from your system – allowing it to run faster, more efficiently and giving you more HDD space.

      3. Deleting old restoration data:

      As a part of system restore utility, windows creates some check-points and saves corresponding data on each disk having restore feature. These files also consume significant space. You can delete all of them except the most recent restore point data if you feel that your computer is running stable for a long time and you may not need very old restore points. To delete it, open disk cleanup window as mentioned in previous step and click on More Options tab as shown below:

      Click on System restore clean up button as highlighted in red circle in image above. This will give a warning message, click yes to it. This will delete all old restoration points except the most recent one.

      4 .Delete duplicate copies of large files:

      Sometimes we have several copies of same documents, songs and even videos which consume lots of space un-necessarily. Finding them manually and deleting them is a real pain. But this work has been made very easy by double-killer. Its an intelligent utility which scans your drives for duplicate copies of files and gives you and option to delete them. You can download it from here for free.

      5. Deleting Uninstall files for windows updates:

      You can also delete some folders whose name starts with “$NtUninstall.” in the windows directory (for example C:Windows ) if C drive is the primary partition.

      However, They are referring to prior hot fixes, so they should be safe to delete if your system is stable with the fixes applied after windows update, and you have no intention of uninstalling them.

    How to i find hidden programs,files,or folders in windows xp so i can free up space?
    I went to defragment my computer and it says i have 55% free space.It went down from last week?I checked programs and nothing has changed?I disc cleaned and defragmented,but it still at 55%?
    How do i find anything thats either hidden or downloaded on here that i can remove.I dont see anything in my current programs that would cause the free space to go down like this.
    I have windows xp.

    • ANSWER:
      You don't want to mess with hidden files or folders. Those are usually critical system files that have been hidden so that you can't accidentally delete them.

      If you want to free up space then you have to uninstall programs and delete files. 3D game can take up a lot of space so uninstall the games you don't play anymore. After that media files, music and video, take up the next biggest chunk of space. Delete old music and video files you no longer use.

      Defragmenter doesn't delete files. Disk Cleanup only remove temporary files. The thing is, temporary files take up a fixed percentage of your hard drive space. No matter what you do, that space will still be reserved so cleaning temp files actually does nothing to increase free space.

      The best solution would be to buy a larger hard drive.

      - Dominic

    How do I download the trailers for the upcoming video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3?
    How do I download the trailers for the upcoming video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3? I want to download all the trailers so that I can make a fan-based trailer when the game comes out.

    • ANSWER:
      theres a program i like to use on the computer call ATubeCatcher. google it and download to try it. its free. what it lets you do is download videos from youtube or other websites and convert them to VLC MP3 MP4 and other types. all you do is copy and pace the link where the video is from and pick a type of format and hit download. I like to use it if i cant find some music from video games. i convert them to an MP3 file and i can listen to the music on my cell phone, ipod, or even my computer when ever i want

    Distributing a game for free via server?
    My school has a few servers that students host/use to network and whatnot. The other day, a friend introduced me to such a server that had games, music, and programs for download. They would provide a free "cracked" file of the game that a person could literally drag and drop to their hard drive. A few games were Skyrim and its DLC, Far Cry 3, and other popular games.

    Is this illegal and should the respective companies of the games be contacted?

    • ANSWER:

    What does it mean when you have 100's of fragmented files?
    I am doing a defrag at the moment and I see that there are 100's of fragmented files. What does that mean and are they bad?

    • ANSWER:
      Defragmenting your hard drives is vital.

      Since fragmentation is essentially broken-up pieces of files and free space scattered across a disk, it's easy to see that the benefit of defragmenting them or making them whole would be faster file access.

      But this overlooks a more important issue: the disk is used much more than it has to be used when it has to locate enough space to write a file (which is rarely available in large, contiguous chunks), break the file into pieces (fragments) and then save the fragments into the located spaces.

      Since a file can be broken into thousands, even tens of thousands of pieces, you can see we are talking about a lot of wear and tear on the disk.

      Obviously, if the disk is defragmented, it will get much less wear than when it is fragmented.

      Bottom line: defragmenting reduces disk wear thus extending disk life.

      Ever wonder why hard drives seem to last less now-a-days? Their warranties used to be up to 5 years -- now it's typically 1-2 year warranties with 3 years being the exception.

      Are hard drives "not as good as they used to be"? Actually, they are better than ever -- they just get A LOT more use now because the files we download, create, save edit and access are much larger than they used to be, causing more fragmentation and thus more disk wear.

      More wear = shorter lifespan -- plain and simple.

      Despite this, most users simply do not defrag enough. Once a week is probably barely enough for most users (daily defrags would probably be closer to what some users should be doing).

      Sadly, most users defrag their system only when it performs badly, which by then means A LOT more disk wear and tear than was needed.

      Why is defrag neglected?

      Well, defragmenting with the built-in defragger can take a LONG TIME, so some users leave their system on all night to defrag (not very "green", but necessary if using the built-in as depending on how big the disk and how full it is, the defrag process could take all night -- some users even report that despite running all night, the defrag did not complete).

      Other users resort to setting aside a few hours during the day to defrag as the PC is pretty much useless while the built-in is defragmenting.

      Basically, the built-in defrag utility is meant for casual, occasional users (like checking email once or twice a week). Kind of like using Word Pad for writing or Paint for graphics -- fine for occasional use, but a writer would not use Word Pad to write an article any more than a graphic designer would not use Paint for his work.

      The built-in is not designed to defrag while using the computer (many users try to defrag while using their machine, but they are quickly dismayed at how sluggish the computer becomes, or the defrag utility will simply quit and run only when the PC is idle, leading to incomplete defrags).

      Anyone who downloads music and/or videos, creates documents & spreadsheets, saves these, edits them, plays the music or video files, deletes them when they are "old" (a weekly practice with most pre-teens and teens), plays resource-intensive games or even does homework or any research to speak of -- even those who simply use their PCs for web surfing (many websites download content to your PC in case it is needed and then remove it when you leave the site, causing fragmentation) is NOT a 'casual or occasional" PC user; such users will quickly find that the built-in just can't keep up with their usage level (nor was it meant to).

      Basically, anyone with students and especially anyone who uses their computer for work really needs a more dedicated solution that defrags WHILE the PC is being used without draining system resources (some consider the cost of a dedicated third party program a "deal-breaker", but it's usually MUCH less expensive than a hard drive replacement, not to mention the stress, downtime and hassle of unnecessary hard drive failure due to such over-use....)

      Below is a recent Top 10 Review of a side-by-side comparison of the best third party defrag solutions available, rating these according to their features and over-all performance:

      The gold medal winner in the review won because it was completely "transparent" meaning it was undetectable even while the PC was in use with several programs running. It was also the only one that actively prevented fragmentation (see the review).

      Why is it good to prevent fragmentation?

      Essentially it would drastically increase your hard drive's life expectancy as it will be used much less when the files are written contiguously in the first place (and you won't have to leave the system on all night). As a bonus it will also increase system performance.

      Check out what the review has to say on this.

      You can get a free trial of the latest edition of the gold medalist at the link below.

      Hope this helps!

      Bill R TechSpec

    Is the a website to download free piano key wav files?
    I need the wav files to each have only one piano key playing, this is going to be used for my programming project. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      FruityLoops 10 Demo allows you to make the files by just opening piano roll, making the note then saving it in whatever format you like.

      A collection of anime/video game/pop music midi and wavs

    How to transfer files to a PSP using the memory card like music, games, movies?
    Can you convert mpeg files to psp format and transfer them to the memory card and play it in the psp?

    • ANSWER:
      also you can download the media manager 3.0 to manage your psp memory. the program is now free, you can then out music that you got from cds or otherplaces on to your psp. like the guy before me said free. for the movies you could go to 99bytes and get 10 free DVD conversions. go straight from dvd to psp ten free and then like 25 bucks to buy, but you can use it separately on each computer to get the amount of computers x 10

    What is this iTunes and from where do I download it ?
    Hi Folks,

    I am pretty new to this world of computers and internet. So please pardon me for my little knowledge about the same. I recently came across this software called iTunes. What is it ? And what does it do ? From where can I download it ? Any good explanation about the same would be appreciated ! I want to know about it features entirely. Thank You.

    • ANSWER:
      Well iTunes is a very good software when it comes to listening to music. All the songs you play with iTunes get automatically saved in the platlist which comes in a broad spread-sheet format and I am sure you will love it. Here some more details on it :

      iTunes is a digital media player application, introduced by Apple Inc. on January 9, 2001, at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. The latest version, iTunes 8, was announced at Apple's September 2008 keynote Let's Rock. The application is used for playing and organizing digital music and video files. The program is also an interface to manage the contents on Apple's popular iPod digital media players as well as the iPhone. Additionally, iTunes can connect to the iTunes Store via the Internet to purchase and download music, music videos, television shows, iPod games, audiobooks, various podcasts, feature length films and Movie Rentals (available only in the USA, UK,Canada, Australia and New Zealand), and Ringtones (available only in the USA). Since July 11, 2008, there has also been the option to download apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch as long as they are running the 2.0 firmware released on the same date.

      iTunes is available as a free download for Mac OS X, Windows Vista, and Windows.

      You can download it from here :

    What is the best type of laptop for a college student?
    I'm looking to buy a new laptop for college but I'm not very computer savvy. I don't need one for making movies/music or whatever but just for papers, internet, etc. I've used both a mac and a pc and don't really have a preference. I simply want the best quality laptop that will hopefully last for 4 years. Also, price is not a factor in the decision.

    • ANSWER:
      I would get a PC for the following reasons..

      PC=Variety of specs, options, quality, prices, vendors, support
      Mac=One vendor, limited options, still more expensive. Look below for more information..

      Contrary to belief, Macs are not better quality. Apple also has been changing suppliers to try to "lower the price" and thus lowering quality. Even with the lower prices, Macs still cost more, they spend a higher percent of budget trying to make it look pretty, and marketing.

      Today, Macs use the same hardware as PCs. Why spend extra to get the same CPU chips, graphics cards and OS X isn't as secure as you think.. Look below.


      Aprox 90% of the market is Windows. Most PCs include windows already pre-installed.
      1) A number of websites still require Internet Explorer to view and IE for Mac Stinks (it is really ies4osx which is the Windows IE version running really buggy on OS X and illegal if you don't have a legitimate copy of Windows, too many problems with it).
      2) More supported peripherals (printers and other things you hook into the computer) on Windows.
      3) Many more games
      4) Like the Dock on OS X (Mac)? google/yahoo rocketdock, objectdoc.

      Install at least Free Versions of Avira AntiVir, Avast, Comodo Firewall on the Vista.


      1) Install Linux, and then get tons of software for free.Update software easily and automatically. (Checking a checkbox in either two ways to install (Add/Remove or Synaptic Package Manager), search for something you want, check a box and click apply)
      2) Like the Mac OS X effects? go yahoo/google COMPIZ FUSION. It can do just about any cool effect a Mac can do and more... (there is no flickering when you use it like on the video, not sure why the person has the flicker)
      3) Like the Mac OS X Doc? google/yahoo Cairo Dock, avant window navigator.

      4) It is faster/MORE SECURE. Surf the internet and even run some windows programs with Wnehq/Crossover..

      LINUX OS
      If you are worried about viruses, spyware, security, Try Linux (it is free), I have included some information about Linux and links so you are not lost if you decide to try it.

      Easily turn your system into a Dual booting computer with Linux, fast, safe and secure, easy to use (contrary to belief). You then get the best of both worlds (Windows with all of its supported products, freely go online without the worry)

      Installing Linux in general is very simple and much more secure than OS X(Macintosh) and free.
      Also, most Linux distributions have a LiveCD which means you can try without installing...
      UBUNTU, KUBUNTU, FREESPIRE, PCLINUXOS, etc.. all have live CDS.
      All you have to do is..
      A) to download .iso file off the internet from the Linux website
      B) burn the .iso file to a CD or DVD (Make sure your burning software can burn an ISO or get InfraRecorder )
      C) restart the computer with the CD in the drive
      D) As computer is restarting, press on F12 Key a bunch of times to get a boot menu
      E) Select the option to boot from CD or DVD.

      Click on this link and follow instructions up to the point of "Once the system has started up...", (the rest is how to backup windows) for an easy picture guide for steps A-E above
      For easy instructions on setting up Dual Boot

      ANOTHER QUICK NOTE: People have been able to run OS X on a PC since the PC and Mac use the same hardware. This is not legal and I would not recommend it for security and legal reasons, the purpose is to show that there is nothing special about the MAC.

      A)Price... (may not matter to you but why pay more than you have to)
      A similar equipped PC is much cheaper to purchase than Mac. Lets use Dell (but you can compare with another PC Brand if you like)

      Dell Inspiron Laptop 9 dropped to 9
      15" Screen
      CPU: (upgrade to) 2.1GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
      Graphics: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100
      Memory: 3GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM
      Hard Drive: 320GB Serial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm
      Optical Drive: Blu-ray Disc Combo (DVD+/-RW + BD-ROM) - WRITES DVDS,CDS, READS Blue-Ray Disks

      Macbook 49 just dropped to 24
      13" Screen (SMALLER)
      CPU: 2.1GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (SAME)
      Graphics: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator X3100 (SAME)
      Memory: (upgrade to) 2GB 667MHz DDR2 SDRAM (LESS RAM)
      Hard Drive (upgrade to) 250GBSerial ATA Drive @ 5400 rpm (SMALLER HARD DRIVE)
      Optical Drive: (DVD-ROM/CD-RW) - (Writes CDs, DVDs, cannot read Blue-Ray) (WORSE AND 1/2 SPEED)


      PLEASE NOTE: I'm comparing Apple Mac's vs Dells best deal. If you decide that you must have an all-in one. The Dell all-in-one has more ram, wireless keyboard and mouse and equivalent to 0 for free making the Imac still more expensive when you upgrade the Imac to try to match. Personally I don't think the All-in-Ones are a good choice, and consider them overpriced, lack expandability and repairs both more expensive and require the entire computer.

      PS: Apple knows that they must make Macintosh look different than PC so all Macs except the Mac Pro will not have a tower option. Apple's low end lacks expandability but it makes the Mac "look different", if Mac had a tower for low-end, more people would realize the similarities between the two.

      Dell: (Right Now) Specs Below costs 9
      CPU: 2.4 GHZ Dell Inspiron QUAD (4 Processor) CORE
      SCREEN: 20inch Screen
      MEMORY: 3GB Ram
      HARD DRIVE: 500 GB hard Drive
      OPTICAL DRIVE: 16x DVD/CD Read/Writer
      GRAPHICS: (upgrade to ) ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO 128MB

      The Best Deal Mac is not the Mac Mini since it has no monitor, keyboard, mouse, very skimpy on options and setup... IMac is better price than the Mac Mini.

      IMac (00)
      CPU: 2.4 GHZ DUAL (2 Processor) CORE (SLOWER CPU)
      SCREEN: 20inch Screen
      MEMORY: (upgrade to) 2GB Ram (LESS RAM)
      HARD DRIVE: (upgrade to ) 500 GB hard Drive
      OPTICAL DRIVE: 8x DVD Reader/Writer (1/2 speed)
      GRAPHICS: ATI Radeon HD 2400 PRO 128MB


      B) SECURITY:

      Mac OS X was hacked in 2006 under 30 minutes, and hacked within 2 minutes in a contest in 2008. Linux and Vista were not able to be hacked until another day when restrictions were lowered.
      All macs are standardized with Cameras, if your system gets hacked, the hacker would more likely be able to turn on your camera.
      Please Note: All OS's have vulnerabilities.

      C) VIRUSES

      The argument that OS X has less viruses is true, but that is against XP, BUT Mac OS X has viruses (which is significantly on the rise), a friend of mine has a virused Mac. As more users use Macs, more viruses will come out for it. Especially when users think "they are safe".
      Viruses on Mac are rising significantly.

      Google/Yahoo Mac Viruses

      D) WINDOWS LICENSE is discounted with PCs

      You do not pay the full price, for instance Dell -> you pay or less for Vista Home Premium If you buy a Mac and want Vista, you pay full price.


      Repairs are more expensive than PCs since the IMac, Mac Mini are compact units, and Apple charges a premium for their services. Some repairs can be done by another repair service but the compact design of the computer causes problems.
      With an IMac, if the problem is with the monitor, the whole computer would have to be brought in.
      IMac and Mac mini lack expansion.


      Sample of problems: Overheating Macbooks, OS X- not responding to keyboard, some units with 16bit screens, etc. Apple statistics are misleading since Mac users with problem machines are more likely to go out and buy a new computer than PC users. Apple is lowering prices which means you can expect lower quality than in the past. Apple had switched the manufacturers producing parts. OS X also has problems slowing down.
      Google/Yahoo OS X on PC

    How do you back up everything from your HD?
    I want to buy a new hard drive for my laptop, I don't want an external. I have games, movies, music, pictures, and programs to back up. I already know how to back up media files like photos, music, videos, and uninstalled data. But I want to transfer all of the games and programs I already installed on the new hard drive so that I don't have to go through the trouble and install and update them all over again.

    • ANSWER:
      You need to CLONE your hard drive or make an IMAGE of it. You did not provide any details of your computer but if you have windows 7 you can create an image right from windows 7 and restore it to your new hard drive.

      For all other operating systems, I would recommend this free utility Easeus ToDo Backup.

    How do I add music to my Motorola v3 via my usb cable? Mind you I dont want to pay for it?
    Yeah thats right, I dont want to pay for it, after watching the stars behaviors at MTV awards they should give it away, there music that is.

    • ANSWER:
      The best software for your phone to put music on it is Motorola Mobile Phone Tools. But you can use MobilEdit with your phone. They have a free Lite version. Here is what they say about the limitations of the lite version of their software:
      The Lite version will give you full functionality for the first 7 days, and thereafter, these limitations will be in effect: a short text is added to the outgoing SMS's ("Sent by MOBILedit!"); it's possible to dial up to 5x's until the next restart of the program; the Chess game is limited; writing to devices is not possible, however, you can make backups; updates will be denied; MS Outlook Express supported in Full version; the file system is read only and you can download only one file until the next restart of the program.

    Is there anyway of downloading the full version of san andreas fast and free?
    Most websites just give you the patch but i want to download the full version.

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah, I wouldn't suggest for downloading LimeWire anything other than music, and even then you have to be careful.

      This is all illegal and piracy and I wouldn't recommend it. It can be just as easy to go and buy the game!

      But if you insist, try getting a torrent program like Azureus, then going to a torrent site and getting a link for the game. You download the link, it tells Azureus where to go to download the file and eventually you will get the file.

      I don't use the program myself, but my brother does - on our desktop computer - all the time. It won't be fast or legal.. but it is slightly more trustworthy than Limewire. I'd adivse to still be cautious though.

    How do I make a highlight tape from cd's of the games i have?
    What program and how can i get the content of the Cd on to the computer and make the highlight tape?

    • ANSWER:
      You could use either Audacity which is free or Adobe Audition 3 9 to do this.
      Method 1
      Rip the files on your hard drive with Windows Media Player or Real Player Free.

      Then open the files and use Audacity (free) to trim the parts you want and save them. Then use Audacity to combine these to make your highlight tape. With Audacity you can also mix sounds. Mixing is great when you want to put your voice on top of some music.

      Method 2
      Use Audacity to record the music when you play it on your PC. Trim the files to keep the parts you want and save.

      Then open the files and use Audacity (free) to cut out the parts you want and save them. Then use Audacity to combine these to make your highlight tape. With Audacity you can also mix sounds.
      Use Audacity (free) to do this.

      See following videos at bottom of page for how to do this with Audacity

      You can record with it, edit, mix, and add sound effects. You can use it to record songs off of internet radio and then save them to a CD. You can also use it to transfer vinyl records and cassettes to a CD. There are many other features and uses

      How do I download and install the LAME MP3 encoder?
      A file needed by Audacity to export recordings from Audacity to MP3 format. Save this on your hard-drive, then browse to it from Audacity when prompted.
      Audacity Videos

      Installing Audacity and Lame Encoder and basic uses

      3 uses for audacity - free audio editing application


      Other Video Demo's
      Record Music from a Cassette Tape to Your Computer

      Record Music from a Vinyl Record to Your Computer

      Connect your Media Center PC to your surround sound system

      How to connect your computer to your stereo

      Diagrams of connections

      Cables Unlimited (computer to stereo or tape deck)

      Audio Cables/ adapters :
      Adobe Audition 3 (formerly Cool Edit)

    What software do i need to download movies?
    I have limewire but downloading movies from it doesn't work, I need to know what software I can use for downloading movies?

    • ANSWER:

      Its really easy. You need to use BitTorrent.
      Here, first of all, go to this website and download a free BitTorrent client called ABC:

      If the link doesn't work, go to Google and search for the keywords "ABC BitTorrent Download"

      Now tha you have sucessfully downloaded and installed, ABC, its time to download some "Torrents". With torrents, you can download movies, softwares, games, books, music and everykind of file. Plus, its really safe, not like Kazaa or other P2P File Sharing programs.

      Now, to search for programs and other stuff, go to a torrent website and try to find the software or movie or whatever you are looking for:

      Here: ---> --- I really recommend you Demonoid, its the best one and you can see what other users way about other torrents. Its the best torrent site, I believe. However, you need to register, and registration is only open on Fridays, so don't miss that, I find almost any software for Macintosh there, and for PCs there is even even even more. I downloaded Windows XP, Vista ( Beta ), Adobe full collection of softwares, Office, and all the expensive programs. Its great hope you enjoy it.

      Hope this was pretty helpful to you. Have a nice day and a happy new year.

    What programs should I get on my new laptop for college?
    Hi all, I just got a new Dell Latitude e6410 for college and it came with McAfee Virus/Spyware/Firewall protection for 2 years as well as microsoft office 2007 and a built-in integrated webcam. I am wondering what other programs I should download. Any suggestions are welcome, whether it is for college/school work or just entertainment/music/video, etc.

    • ANSWER:
      Some of the other programs that you should download should be a uTorrent or one of its clones, for downloading of movies and other large files quickly.

      Skype so you can webcam for free with anyone in the world. If you get your parents or significant other to download skype you can talk anywhere your computer can get on the internet.

      VLC media player, this most recent update of this program will play any downloaded media file, its very robust. If you get the movie from your friends or from their favorite movie site, its a safe bet that VLC will play it. This program makes the windows media player look silly.

      If you are a gamer. You would probably want to use Ventrillo to communicate with your friends while you all are playing together in the game. But that one is a nice to have.

      Advance System Care is a free anti-virus/spyware/registry cleaner/etc that works very well in free mode. Its what McAfee wish it could do. So when you subscription runs out, delete McAfee download this program and you will never need to purchase a antiviral program again.

      Firefox. There are just some website which work better in a non internet explorer(IE) environment. Once you download this program and play around with it, then begin to visit the same site you frequent with IE. You will see what I'm talking about.

      There are a few more programs that would be nice but those would depend on the interest you have while online. Check out and see what programs they have to offer. I'm sure they have something that you would find interesting.

      All of the above programs are free and can be found on the website.

    What extras should I consider getting on my Macbook for College?
    I will be purchasing a macbook for college in a few months. Do you suggest a macbook, or a macbook pro? What about the amount of memory I need? Extra programs? Basically, if you were to buy a new macbook, and could customize it to be the perfect college tool, what would you suggest getting? Thanks for your help in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Let's do a comparison of the Macbook versus the Macbook Pro.

      Core 2 Duo 2.26 Mhz (Macbook)
      Core 2 Duo 2.53 Mhz (Macbook Pro)
      The Pro edition has a CPU that is a little bit faster but the 2.26 Mhz CPU should be sufficient for running the most demanding software unless it you are working with a large amount of data like in video editing applications.

      13.3 inch, 1280 X 800 (Macbook)
      13.3 inch, 1280 X 800 (Macbook Pro)
      Large enough to work comfortably but not so heavy so that it is a pain to lug it around campus.

      250 GB (Macbook)
      250 GB (Macbook Pro)
      Plenty of storage for all your software. It can store a lot of data too. Unless you have a massive collection of MP3 music, high resolution pictures or video files, this is more then sufficient. If you need more storage, you can always use an external hard drive or USB flash drive.

      2 GB (Macbook)
      2 GB or 4 GB (Macbook Pro)
      The base 2 gigabytes is sufficient to run all Mac OS 10.6 applications I can think of unless once again you are working with very large files or doing a lot of multi tasking. Then you can go with the Pro and opt for the extra memory.

      nVidia GeForce 9400 (Macbook)
      nVidia GeForce 9400 (Macbook Pro)
      Good mobile GPU for most games at a 13" monitor resolution. Capable with video & graphics editing. Insufficient for some games which demand a powerful GPU. Games like Crysis for example.

      2 - USB 2.0 (Macbook)
      2 - USB 2.0, 1 - Firewire 800, 1 - SD card slot (Macbook Pro)
      The SD card slot comes in handy when you want to take your memory card out of your digital camera and view it right away with the Macbook Pro. If you do not work a lot with digital photos, the Macbook is fine. You can also purchase external memory card readers.

      The two systems are very similar as you can see. If you are on a budget, go with the Macbook as the drawbacks are very few. If you want to splurge on a faster system to last longer, go with the Macbook Pro. Both are great choices.

      Wireless mouse (does not have to be a Mac mouse)
      Laptop bag (get padding + handles + shoulder strap)


      Microsoft Office (pay)
      - includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Entourage
      - has a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation & organizer/e-mail software
      - very powerful
      - very popular with Mac & PC users

      Apple iWork (pay)
      - includes Pages, Numbers, Keynote
      - has a word processor, spreadsheet & presentation software
      - fairly powerful
      - compatible with MS Office formats

      OpenOffice (free)
      - includes Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Base
      - has a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, illustration & database software

      Miro (free)
      - it can play almost any video format
      - very popular video player

      iTunes (free)
      - listening to music
      - syncing with your iPod/iTouch/iPhone

      Burn (free)
      - write movies to VCD or DVD
      - copy data to CD or DVD

      Seashore (free)
      - user friendly graphics software
      - ability to edit, fix, manipulate photos or graphics

      Pencil (free)
      - draw on your computer like you draw on paper
      - animate your own cartoons

      Drawberry (free)
      - powerful vector graphics drawing software
      - very popular, has lots of downloadable clipart

      Xee (free)
      - picture viewer & organizer

      Skype (free)
      - instant message
      - free voice chat for computer to computer talk

      Adobe Photoshop (pay)
      - powerful graphics editor
      - many filters and effects

      Xtorrent (free)
      - bit torrent client for you to share and download files

      Dreamweaver (pay)
      - powerful web design & creation software
      - supports HTML, CSS, javascript, php, flash

      Flash (pay)
      - create multimedia content for the web
      - animation, steaming audio, video
      - supports actionscript

      - The Sims 3
      - Spore
      - Civilizations IV
      - SimCity 4
      - Second Life
      - Age of Empires III
      - Guitar Hero World Tour

    How do I add my external hardrive to my PS3, and download things onto it?
    I've ran out of space on my 40GB PS3 hard-drive, and I've got one for my PC at 400GB that connects via USB. I want to download and backup things on my PS3 to this drive, but it is not recognised. I know it needs to be file type FAT32, but how do i convert it to that.

    • ANSWER:
      Here ya go !

      Connect the external hard drive to your computer using your USB cord.

      Open your "Start" menu and click on the following string of menu options: "Control Panel," "Administrative Tools," "Computer Management" and "Disk Manager."

      Select the external hard drive and give attention to the type of "File System." If it reads "NTFS," then right-click it and choose "Delete Partition." This will ensure the partition you use is "FAT32." If it's not "FAT32," then proceed to Step 4. If it is "FAT32," then move on to Step 5.

      Run an Internet search for "CompuApps Swiss Knife." You'll find the official website within the first few search results. Simply enter the site and download the free application. Once downloaded, install the program and run it. When you're inside the program, choose the external hard drive that needs to be partitioned. Configure the settings in the following manner: "Partition Type-Primary," "File System-FAT32" and "Volume Label." Choose "Create" and your FAT 32 partition will be set up. Proceed to Step 5.

      Open "My Computer" and click twice on your empty external PS3 hard drive. Right click within this area, move your cursor down to "New," and select "Folder." Name this folder "Photo." Repeat this process to create three more new folders: "Music," "Video" and "Game." This will ensure the folders on your external hard drive are identical to those on your PS3.

      Click the green arrow in the bottom right corner of your screen to remove and choose "Safely Remove." Unplug your external PS3 hard drive once a message appears indicating it's safe to do so.

      Connect your external hard drive to your PS3 and enjoy.

    Do you know any musicians who give their music free?
    Some people think things should be free. There are free programs, free games, and sometimes free music. For example, Mike Falzone released an album through Frostwire for free. What other musicians give out free music?

    I was thinking about giving out free music in the future, because the whole money for music thing is getting out of hand. I'd like to see more examples of non profit music.

    • ANSWER:
      Trent Reznor has released the last two Nine Inch Nails albums as free downloads ("Ghosts" and "The Slip"). They're also available as physical releases you can buy at a store, but if you want to download them for free off of the NIN website all you need is an email address (and he doesn't send out any spam with it). And they're not just crappy 128 kbps MP3, you can get them as 160 MP3, FLAC Lossless, FLAC Hi-Def, or M4A Lossless.

      He also made multitrack files of a bunch of their songs available so people could remix them, and released several Torrents that were kind of greatest hits albums ("Definitive Nine Inch Nails: The Singles", "Definitive Nine Inch Nails: Deep Cuts", "Definitive Nine Inch Nails: Quiet Tracks"). He also released a Torrent with a DVD copy of "Closure", which was a VHS set they made after "The Downward Spiral" and the Self Destruct tour.

    How do you uninstall a program that is not listed in the add/change program list?
    I can't seem to find it. AOL downloaded a firewall that I can't find to uninstall, and yahoo internet security (norton) is downloaded as a free trial, but I can't seem to locate it to delete that either.


    I am trying to install System Mechanic Pro but it will not allow me to install until I remove the other antivirus/fire wall programs first.

    • ANSWER:
      Please click "start", and go to "programs". look at all your programs and see if you can find the AOL firewall.

      There are alot of program that for some unknown reason don't go into the "ADD/Remove", they have a uninstall listed under the name of the program.

      As for Nortons I am very concerned for you. Nortons is a very difficult problem to uninstall. The program is known leave sometimes as much as 300 fragments of Nortons in your system. Likes to attach itself like glue to all of your programs.

      If you are lucky to get out both programs. Please reboot your computer. And then go to "start", "run" and type in, c://program files. click on browse and when it opens click on program files. When it opens look for AOL firewall if it is not delete, please delete as you have already done a reboot so it should delete without saying "unable to delete as being used by another program". Same for Nortons or you may see the word "Symantec". That is Nortons.

      If you have been able to remove Nortons I know for sure there is going to be fragments left behind. Not good as it will cause conflict and slow down your system.

      Go to and download their "Registry First Aid". You can use it during the test period. Run check the registry for errors. Remove all the check marks next to the green box and the yellow box. If you are not an expert in computers leave the check marks next to the red box. They will not harm your pc.

      I am a clinical psychiatrist an I have a legal obligation and moral obligation to keep my pc 100% clean of any virus/spyware.

      For nine years I have been clean. I use -- Twister Anti-Trojan Virus. This program is from Beijing, China and the government of China uses it. I have never had one virus in the nine years that I have used this state of the art technology.

      Plus what is great you only pay a small one time fee for life. You get frequent large signature updates, excellent support an a real time scanner. Scans on startup and runs in the background. Uses very little resource CPU power.

      I have tested every antivirus program known. And this is the only one that works 100%. If you open a webpage that has spyware on it or a trojan embedded it will clean on the spot. If you download files, music, games, movies, etc. etc. and there is a hidden embedded trojan or spyware, this software will stop the download and clean on the spot. Even a compressed zip file will be cleaned if it had hidden trojans in it.

      Hope your problem gets resoloved.

      If you should require further help you can email me at:

    How do I easily delete all unwanted host files from my computer?
    Not being an IT 'wizard', it appears that these files are automatically downloaded whenever I surf the net and subsequently permit the sender to communicate with my computer, record my surfing/visits etc.
    I have set my options to automatically delete all internet history and I want to restrict the 'host file' registry to ONLY those programs I have installed.
    Can this be done, easily, and safely?

    • ANSWER:
      i geuss u need to do some other stuff to be sure that ur compuer runs like new , clean and fast
      follow that ::--

      Download CCleaner and run it’s Cleaner section, once daily, before shutting down your computer.
      It removes all the trash files that are created while surfing through the net. Use its Issues
      section once a while to delete all the unused registry keys. Another good cleaner, Disk Cleaner,
      can be used along with CCleaner for even better results.

      If you have a lot of Auto Start entries, then you should remove them. To do so, go to Start > Run.
      Type 'msconfig' in the box and then click 'Startup' tab. Uncheck anything that is unnecessary.
      Of course, you can revert that in future. Just go back to MSConfig and check anything back that
      you removed from the start-up list. However, you should not remove any of the security related
      startups (read next point), like the real-time shields of your anti-virus / anti-spyware, firewall etc.

      Any Windows computer connected to the Internet MUST have an anti-virus, a firewall and and one or two anti-spyware.
      They MUST be regularly kept updated with the latest detection databases. The real-time monitoring of the anti-virus
      and any one of the anti-spyware should always remain active .
      I give u some free and good anti-virus, anti-spyware and firewall, you can get them get them all:
      > Anti-virus: AVG
      > Anti-spyware: Spyware Terminator , a-squared Free
      > Firewall:Comodo Personal Firewall

      N.B. Never keep two anti-virus or firewall on a single system. If you are already using a good anti-virus
      or firewall, then you need not download the corresponding one. You can, however, use as many anti-spywares
      as you want, provided you use the real-time protection shield of only one of these.

      4.ALWAYS MINIMISE THE USAGE OF RAM.(Only for those with 256MB or less RAM)
      For this purpose, you may keep a virtual memory booster as an auto-start entry. It frees the clogged RAM.
      I use RAM Booster, which is very effective. Here is the link to download it:
      To configure it, please follow these steps:
      * Click on Edit > Options and tick the follow options:
      (a) Set auto optimisation on
      (b) Show CPU usage
      (c) Start minimised
      (d) Launch automatically at start up
      Also, change the ‘Auto Optimisation Level’ and 'MB of RAM to free at auto level' as per your requirement.

      Keep at least 35% of your C: free. Transfer all the music, image and video files to other drives.

      Defragment the hard drives (especially C:) once every month. To defrag, go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools >
      Defragment. It takes a lot of time (50 minutes or over) so don’t become impatient. It’s for your computer’s good.

      7.You may get the free Google Web Accelerator to boost up your Internet speed





      You will hate this suggestion, but believe me; blank wallpaper helps a faster startup.

      Note :- when u run antispyware or antivirus run it in safe mode
      how --->To do so, go to Start > Run Type 'msconfig' in the box choose diagnostic from the general tabe and retart ur computer run the antispyware and do not forget to do all over again but choose normal instead of diagnostc

    How to make my computer load games faster?
    I just got Call of duty: world at war and i cant play it cause my computer is so slow.
    I can click and stuff but my mouse is lagged too.
    We i get in the game its really hard to eve move.
    Please anyone help?
    I really want to play.....

    • ANSWER:
      The reason the computer gets slow is due to the registry files becoming corrupted, or messed up, in simple terms. These files tell the computer or laptop how to operate the software installed on the system. If any of these files get messed up, the computer is not sure what to do and this will really slow down the computer. The other scenario is where you download other software, screensavers, pictures, videos, or even music, and this will somehow change the settings on a registry file. When this happens, the original program that needs that file now has the wrong instructions in it. So, it will cause the computer to run slow, or in a worse case, crash.

      You can speed up your computer with a thorough analysis and repair of your registry. The registry Scan will identify corrupt files, paths,and registry keys causing your computer to have errors and run slow.Go to to download registry bot.It is the most advanced and comprehensive registry repair product on the market.It will speed up your computer and make windows startup faster. free download Registry Bot.

    Is there a website that I can make free ringtones other than phonezoo that's safe?
    I'm trying to find a website where I can make free ringtones from a safe site that's not phonezoo. Everytime I make ringtones on phonezoo, once they get to my phone they sound really low and distorted...Can anyone help me find a site that free and safe to make ringtones?

    • ANSWER:
      mp3cut is service that allows you to cut mp3 files on-line. From now on, you don't need difficult programs to cut and create a melody for your cell-phone.
      Audiko is a simple service which helps you to make a ringtone of your favorite song. Just upload your favorite song, or supply Audiko with URL that ends with MP3 format. Choose the part you want to cut from the song, and the time you want it to play. Then download the new ringtone to your computer/mobile.
      ToneBee is an online mobile ringtone maker to make real music ringtones from your MP3s & CDs for free. Beyond making ringtones, search the site to check out videos, photos and news from around the world related to almost any artist / band, album or song you can think of.
      Myxer was created to make the mobile content experience simple, fun, and free - for consumers, content owners and advertisers. Consumers are tapping into Myxer unparalleled collection of over 300,000 personalized ringtones, wallpapers, mobile videos, and games.
      Multigames allows people to easily upload and share flash games and mobile ringtones on multigames and across the Internet through websites, blogs, and email.

    What makes a laptop slow besides the obvious ones?
    I do not visit suspicious websites but I do delete my history to maintain the speed of my internet. Also, I post tons of Microsoft Word, pictures and one sports game.The first laptop was broken because it is old. The second one keeps crashing and mysteriously losing internet connection. This third one is brand new that I bought from Best Buy. I learned in the past and I need to be safer.

    What are some of the ways I can take care of my laptop more? What to run every year?

    • ANSWER:
      What part of the computer is slow? Do you mean it takes forever to boot, too long to surf the web or is just generally slow? There are many possibilities, these are the most common solutions. It is assumed that you are running an up-to-date anti-virus as well as Windows Update. Items 3 & 4 are the most common reasons. I have never seen a review of registry "cleaners" that are done by any one other than those making these products. Slow computers are seldom due to one thing. It is usually due to a few factors listed below.

      1.Do you have enough RAM?
      Right click on (My) Computer and select Properties. This will tell you how much RAM you have. (Belarc Advisor will also tell you how much RAM you have.) Memory is cheap (except for some older PC’s) and easy to install (even on a laptop). Go to or and scan your computer to see what memory your PC uses and to see how much it would cost to upgrade. Most new Win 7 computers have 4 gigabytes of RAM. More than 4 gigs of RAM is useless unless you have both a 64 bit operating system and 64 bit applications. PC’s running Vista should have at least 2 gigs of RAM- 3 is better if you run programs such as MS Office or Photoshop. WinXP does well with ½ gig, but given today’s memory prices, try 1 gig or more if your pc allows it. (If your video card does not have adequate on-board video RAM, Windows will use system RAM for this purpose which reduces the amount available for Windows and other applications.)

      2.Do you have enough hard drive space?
      Most people have enough hard drive space unless the PC is over 2-3 years old and they have a lot of pictures, videos, or music downloads. When your computer runs out of RAM, it uses free HD space for temporary storage.
      Double-Click on (My) Computer and right click on the C drive and select Properties. This will give you a graphic representation of how much free space there is. Approximately 10% of your hard drive should be unused. If lack of free space is a problem, you have a choice between eliminating unwanted programs or files and installing a larger hard drive. Also on this tab, make sure that Indexing is not checked if you are using Win XP or Vista.

      3.What is in the Startup group? (Most items in the startup group run constantly and increase the time necessary to boot your computer!)
      Many programs install themselves in the startup group enabling them to load faster at the expense of constantly using computer memory and CPU resources. Examples are some HP printer drivers and Adobe Reader.
      You can go to the Search box off the Start Button and type msconfig to bring up a list of the processes that are running. This is not as helpful as installing and running WinPatrol which will tell you what is running and also give you the chance to right-click on the program name and select disable, which prevents it from loading with the Startup group. If you encounter a file that you are unfamiliar with, and you will, Google it to see what its function is and if it can be disabled.

      4.Have you run CCleaner, Malwarebytes, or Super AntiSpyware recently?
      Any of these will clean out a lot of crap on your computer and free up hard drive space.
      Run Belarc Advisor to get a list of exactly what hardware and software is on your computer. Print it and save it since it records the numbers necessary to reinstall most of the software if this ever becomes necessary.

      If you use IE and it is slow opening pages, right click on the IE icon and select “Start without add-ons” and see if this speeds things up. If it does, go to Tools, Manage Add-ons and disable add-ons until things speedup. If you use Firefox, go to Help, Restart with add-ons disabled.
      When you encounter a web page that uses an add-on that you have deleted, you will be asked to install it again. Add it or not at your option.

    What kind of program should i make on Visual Basic?
    I know Visual Basic is outdated and all, but so is our school. we're having a group project and we're supposed to create and design a program on visual basic. any suggestions? thanks a million!
    I know Visual Basic is outdated and all, but so is our school. we're having a group project and we're supposed to create and design a program on visual basic. any suggestions? thanks a million!
    P.S. i'm a freshman, so i'm looking for anything easy but pretty useful.

    • ANSWER:
      Use VB to download from the web a few years worth of lottery numbers into a data base. Then use VB to analyze the data to look at the frequency of numbers drawn and plot a histogram.

      Compare two lottery systems... One that uses ping pong balls to draw numbers (Truly random) compared to a lottery that uses a computer (like Massachusetts Keno) to generate random number (pseudo Random).

      VB has a web browser control that you can use to download and interact with web pages.


      You can use VB and a Phidget to control hardware or receive data from real world devices. An dollar Phidget is a USB interface that will let you connect sensors and control devices. You can make a computer controlled device like a light display synchronized to music playing on the computer


      Use a data logger to record information into the PC and analyze the data by plotting charts (or make a strip chart)using VB. You can easily connect a temperature and/or light sensor to a data logger and record inside/outside temperature and light levels.

      DATAQ offers students a FREE datalogger (normally) see link below.


      Program a video Game in VB 2005. See Link for book

      Some Other Ideas:

      Make a cryptographic (secret message program) Type or open a text file and encrypt its contents. Then use the same program to decipher the coded text into something you can read.

      Make a Pseudo Karoke player. Use the multimedia control to play an MP3 while simultaneously reading the lyrics from a text file and displaying the lyrics in a text box.

      Create a Screen saver

      Use VB with Facebook

    How can I free up space on my hard drive?
    Well i have a 40g hard drive and I am down to 100mb, I really dont have a big amount of programs installed on my system and i have absolutely no music or any files really on my computer and yet my hard drive space is almost out. Ive had my pc for more than 4 years and i suspect that all the programs that had existed on my pc trough the years have cluttered up the system. Furthermore i have had to run the system restore option more than once which might be a contributor to the problem. Now to fix this i have tried the disk defragmenter option (which did nothing) and the disk cleanup option which stays on the "scanning" and "calculating" mode for literally days and has not finalized yet, also i tried adding ram from another pc i had and saw no improvement.

    I need some ideas other than the ones ive tried on how to free up space on my hard drive.

    • ANSWER:
      If you are down to 100MB the system will crash very easily. You need to reduce the amount of junk on your hard drive.

      1. Reduce the amount of space used by Internet Explorer.. Go to Tools>Internet Options> and click on the settings button under browsing history... Reduce the space used by IE to around 80MB.

      2. Download and install and run the program CCleaner from it will cleanup a lot of junk files better then windows. Also use its issues feature to get rid of junk in the system registry.

      3. Download, install and run the program clean cache from it does a great job of clearing your system cache.

      4. Go to the add/remove feature of your control panel and uninstall extra programs that are taking up space. My laptop has a 40 Gig harddrive and with windows, office 2003, a few games, etc.. I use less then 20 Gigs of space... you can get yourself more space..

    What different causes will slow a computer down?
    I have two year old Dell Inspriron 8600 and it is getting slower. I've defraged and clean the hard drive. I don't play games or even have photos or music on the this computer.
    The only thing that I have added is Earth screen saver of changing pictures.
    My e-mail takes an unually longer time to come up.
    What would cause the slowdown and what can I do to remedy the problem.

    • ANSWER:
      Using a registry cleaner can clean up your computer and then make your computer faster,Why?the reason is that there may be some regsitry errors and remnant,corrupt files and temp files in your computer to cause "computer slow".
      Everytime you install and uninstall software on your computer and surfing online you create junk in the computer registry.over time, the registry can grow to enormous proportions, especially if the various programs you've installed do not do a good job of deleting and/or updating it's Registry entries.You need to scan and clean your computer with registry cleaner to make it fast.Good Regisry Cleaner will improve your computer and Internet performance dramatically!It even can speed up your computer by 300% or more!
      There are some comparison and review of TOP 5 registry cleaners.
      You can download and scan your computer for free.

    How to remote into my pc from my Mac from different Internet locations?
    I want to access my pc at home which is connected online from my Mac that I use at work and school, on different Internet networks ofcourse. Please help. This is for accessing word files, music and games.

    • ANSWER:
      Microsoft has a free program called Remote Desktop for this purpose:

    What software is good for mixing songs?
    I love all of these remixes of real songs and songs from things like video games and movies or whatever and would like to start doing some myself. What are some software that I can get that will allow me to mix or remix music? Doesn't necessarily need to be free but I would love to see some options for both free and not and some description on how good the software is. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Virtual DJ sounds perfect for you !

      Virtual DJ, however , is a paid software,but there is a trial version to it which you can install.

      You can mix , edit , remix & almost another thing related to your needs , even scratching .
      It is maybe one of the most simplest software out there . I would recommend this .

      With effects, samples, and transitions that rival vinyl turntablisms, Virtual DJ lets anyone produce polished MP3 mixes.

      At the top of the graphically-intense interface, song-structure visualizations show the beats as the music plays. Two simulated turntables play the currently- loaded tracks. Windows below the turntables show samples, effects, music search, recording, program options, and an Explorer-style interface for loading music. You'll need to download an MP3 encoder if you don't want to record files in WAV format.

      Virtual DJ not only can create audio collages, but it now also can make montages of video clips. The stylish interface and high number of features score points, but learning how to use the program is a hit-or-miss proposition. Fortunately, the program offers a thorough user guide. Virtual DJ is well worth a look both for aspiring mixers and newbies.

    How can I download movies to my iPod using uTorrent?
    i tried using bitjunkie and isohunt but they asked me to register. i also don't really know how to use the software because i just downloaded it a little while ago.

    • ANSWER:
      FIRST: unisntall wutever program u have for downloadin torrents and do dis:

      1. download VUZE (WINDOWS) at:
      download VUZE (MAC) at:
      2. install vuze choose an option dat says : open torrent files with vuze.
      3. install and run REALPLAYER SP:
      3 go to any of these sites to download ur movies (in these sites u can also find games, music, books and much more FREE): -
      - -
      4. after u have downloaded ur movie in torrent form open it with vuze.
      5. move the file (MOVIE) to the ur REALPLAYER SP library
      6. once there go to it. u should see an option sayin: Convert To... (CHOOSE UR IPOD)
      7. then go to the fle location were realplayer sp put it in, it usually is were u saved the original movie format.
      8. drag the NEW itunes format of the movie TO itunes

    What is the easiest way to make a video for youtube ?
    I have never made a video of myself before but I would like to start on youtube.
    How do I make videos?
    What are the steps to go about this?
    Is there SIMPLE programs you would recommend?
    How do you edit the videos before they get put up?
    Where do you get backround music from? I would like popular music people know.
    Thankyou so much!!!

    I WILL GIVE POINTS RIGHT AWAY (if you can answer everything please)

    • ANSWER:
      Well on the desktop, you can use a screen recorder like BandiCam or HyperCam or CamStudio. Those have free versions and good quality. For a console or something, you need a PVR to record everything like voice from other players or just use the in game recording like in MW3 theater mode (in Vault on multiplayer menu). The steps to do computer recording is search one of those programs on Google, download it, install it, and use it? I've used HyperCam, but it's more paid than free (free trials... I hate them) so I use CamStudio with the HD codec (on the website under the download for the program.) Editing videos... Well on Windows, there is Windows Movie maker... but that has a crude editing system (crude meaning can't really control it, you can cut, but not EXACTLY where you want it). Background music can be inserted also in Movie Maker. You can create a mp3 file from Youtube videos from Paste the Youtube URL from a song and it converts it.

    Are you supposed to have a spyware program as well as a antivirus program installed on your computer?
    I was going to get AVG as an antivirus , then i saw there is antivirus as well as spyware programs, should I use both, or just one? Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, you should have both. They protect, and remove, different types of "bad stuff" from your computer. (usually)
      Both programs have what's called 'Definition Files' of currently know nasties, so make sure that the programs you choose are updated daily. (some of the better ones can even catch unknown threats using a heuristic scanner/engine - it looks for anything similar to the known threats)

      Everyone has their own preferences as to what programs they like to use. What you use is your choice, but consider your usage habits. If you don't do a lot of web surfing and downloading you can get by with free versions. If you surf a lot, do a lot of downloading and enjoy using Peer to Peer sites for getting free music, games, videos, etc., then you better have some good programs watching your behind. O_O

      ZoneAlarm and Ad-Aware are good programs that have both free and subscription/license purchase versions, but you can do a Google search and find tons of info on various other programs out there.
      The best way to decide, IMHO, is to do your own research. Look for programs that have features that are best suited to your needs.
      - Do you need a program that can give you e-mail, Instant Messaging and Identity protection?
      - Do you need advanced Parental Control?
      - Do you need total control over cookies, ads and mobile code? etc., etc., etc..
      Basically, think about what you REALLY need before shelling out your cash for a lot of extra features that you may never use.
      Fire up your favorite internet search engine (google, ask, yahoo, etc) and do a search by Reviews. For example, typing in "reviews: antivirus programs" should bring up a plethora of information for you. The same goes for Antispyware programs.

      Good luck and safe surfing,


      Do not overdo it with security product downloads. A good Antivirus and no more than 2 good Antispyware programs will be sufficient. Adding anymore will not only be redundant, but will slow down your PC more & more. You're adding real-time monitoring which will be utilizing your CPU and Memory resources. Having a few extra security programs running won't effect performance too much, but you'll definitely notice it if you go overboard. They can be resource hogs sometimes.

      Please check out the links I posted for you, and take the time to really read through the articles. I know that you're probably sick of reading by now, (I tend to babble on & on, I know) but they have excellent advice on this subject, along with links to reviews, and the Top 10 Security Suites & Antispyware programs. (according to the testers for PC World) ...,140211-page,1/article.html
      Top stand-alone Antivirus programs:,130869/article.html

      You will get different opinions and test results at different review sites, so, as I mentioned earlier, do a thorough search to see which programs are consistently getting high ratings, and go from there.

      THE END (whew!)

    How can I safely transfer my files from a Dell PC to a Mac?
    Right now I have a Dell Inspiron 1521 and I'm upgrading to a Macbook Pro in June.
    My dad is leaving it up to me since he has no idea how to do it.
    He said to put it on a plug-in hard-drive, download all my files, and then plug it into the new computer.
    I want to play it safe because I have close to 1000 pictures, give or take, 500 music files, & 100 Word documents.
    Any help?

    • ANSWER:
      Don't switch to Mac.
      I have been using a Mac for years now and it has never failed to disappoint me. It has crashed (as in, went to the Mac version of the blue screen of death) four times, and three of those times I was unable to recover any of the files on the computer. Despite those cute ads they used to run, Macs are very vulnerable to infections. Few applications are Mac-friendly. If you're switching because Macs are more aesthetically pleasing, don't. If you're switching because you want to use a different operating system, simply download Ubuntu. It's free and wonderful. I can't wait to switch back to a PC so I can run games that were released after the Stone Age and have a right mouse button.
      Anyway, most file converting programs barely work, so your files will probably end up choppy and in need of some serious editing. Just stay with PC, man. You won't regret it.

    how do I upload video game music to youtube?
    There is one song from a game called 6 days a sacrifice that I have wanted to upload to youtube, But I have no idea how! Just tell me what programs to use and that kind of stuff, thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      If the game plays on a PC,you can route the sound via the mixer to a sound recorder like COOL EDIT or GOLDWAVE - the latter can save as MP3 format - you will then need to use MSOFT MOVIEMAKER (on your system or free download) to composite the sound into a WMV video file - and then use the Youtube uploader to upload it to your channel.

      Double click the vol icon in the system tray and then OPTIONS/PROPERTIES to find the recording controls which route the sound to the correct place.

    How do i create AMV's or tribute to something?
    Hi, im about to make AMV's and tributes about video games i liked but it looks like i got a huge problem: how am i suppose to do this ?

    Thanks in advandce!

    • ANSWER:
      First, have the videos/clips you want to use. That means have them downloaded somewhere or as a video file somewhere.
      Have the music you'll need ready as well.

      Next, find a video editing software. One that's free is Windows Movie Maker. You may have it already.
      However, WMM is not that flexible. But it's easy to use and if you're new to video editing, you might wanna start off with this one.
      Another common video editing program is Sony Vegas. Different versions have different features. Although Sony Vegas is harder to use and learn, you can do a lot more with it. Keep in mind though that SONY VEGAS COSTS MONEY.

      Once you have your program & what you're going to put in the AMV or tribute, put it all together. I suggest watching tutorials if you don't know what to do.

      Good luck.

    Does downloading games on your computer make it slow?
    Like if i was to download a 3gb mmorpg game on my laptop then later on uninstall it for whatever reason, will my laptop speed performance drop or will it still be fast before i had install the game.

    • ANSWER:
      The reason the computer gets slow is due to the registry files becoming corrupted, or messed up, in simple terms. These files tell the computer or laptop how to operate the software installed on the system. If any of these files get messed up, the computer is not sure what to do and this will really slow down the computer. The other scenario is where you download other software, screensavers, pictures, videos, or even music, and this will somehow change the settings on a registry file. When this happens, the original program that needs that file now has the wrong instructions in it. So, it will cause the computer to run slow, or in a worse case, crash.

      You can speed up your computer with a thorough analysis and repair of your registry. The registry Scan will identify corrupt files, paths,and registry keys causing your computer to have errors and run slow.Go to to download registry bot.It is the most advanced and comprehensive registry repair product on the market.It will speed up your computer and make windows startup faster. free download Registry Bot.

    How do you delete something for good from my hard drive?
    I did a clean up my computer today but it barely gave me any free space.
    I heard that if you delete a file in your recycle bin, it doesn't mean it's really gone for good, but it is in your hard drive. How do I ERASE a file for good? Does a Disk Defragmenter work?
    And other ways to do this without having to download other programs.
    I would prefer to use default programs my computer came with.

    • ANSWER:
      Firstly, what you heard about the Recycle Bin is true; the file still stays on your hard drive, which means it can be recovered if you accidentally deleted it.

      However, Windows doesnt see this file at all; it actually sees it as free space. So if you deleted the contents of your Recycle Bin, you should free up space on your hard drive. If you didnt get that much extra, it just means that the files you deleted werent very big.
      Defragmenting has nothing to do with increasing hard drive space; in fact, Defragmenting is a useless activity, as it SOMETIMES gives you a slight increase in hard drive speed, but that increase is really small and the amount of time and wear it puts your hard drive through isnt worth that little saving.

      Windows does have a tool called Disk Cleanup which can help you a little, but its not that effective. It should have a link if you right-click on a hard drive and say Properties.

      The best 2 solutions to your problem would be to uninstall all games and programs you dont actually use all the time; go to Control Panel and then Remove Programs or Add/Remove Programs, and uninstall everything you dont need. If you dont know what a program does, however, leave it installed. It may be necessary. You can also try deleting movies, music and photos you have lying around your computer that you dont use regularly.

      The other solution would be to try CCleaner. Although you said you didnt want to try 3rd party software, CCleaner is a very small program thats easy to install and use, and doesnt bother you with ads or popups at all. It removes all temporary system files that get left behind and Windows doesnt clean up properly.

    My laptop is running slower than it used to be, is there any avoidable reason for this?
    I don't think i have any viruses, is there any other reason for this such as software downloaded or music added to my computer that could be the cause of this?

    • ANSWER:
      If your virus/spyware free, there are a couple things you can do get your computer working faster. If you using your computer for normal stuff and not gaming. You don't always need more RAM you just need to perform a few maintenance task.

      First, if you haven't cleaned your registry in a while. This is necessary. Your registry holds all the information regarding updates, installs, un-installs etc. Each one of those events produces a key. That key needs your PC's resources and free space. So, if you clean your registry, you make more resources available for speed. Do a registry scan if you got more than 20 errors you should clean it.

      2. Clear your Windows cache files, this is your temporary file. It can grow up to a large volume and stop your computer from using RAM properly. In a sense slow it down by preventing it from using free space.Here is how:

      1. Quit Internet Explorer, Firefox, or any other web browser
      2. Click Start, click "Control Panel", and then double-click "Internet Options".
      3. On the General tab, click "Delete Files" under Temporary Internet Files.
      4. In the Delete Files dialog box, click to select the "Delete all offline content" check box , and then click OK.
      5. Click OK.

      3. Manage your startups. Your excess CPU usage is due to too many programs running in the background. You can cut these to barebones by alter your msconfig. Here is how:

      1. Open your Start menu.
      2. Click Run
      3. In the command screen type "msconfig.exe"
      4. In the "system configuration utility",click either "service" or "startup" tab
      5. Uncheck all programs that your are no longer using.
      6. Click "OK"

    Where and How Can i Down Load Stuff onto my psp ?
    Where can i find stuff like games videos and music ?
    How can i down load it on to my psp ?
    I have to cord to hook up to the computer but how do i get it on there ?

    • ANSWER:
      For videos, you can buy the UMDs or you can just download/make/buy your own videos and convert them to the proper format for viewing on your PSP (keep reading for information on how to convert videos).

      To actually put the media (pictures, music, videos, etc.) on your PSP, you will need the USB cable. You can find these at any store that sells the PSP and/or the accessories, or order it online. All you have to do is hook up the cable to your PSP and PC and then on the PSP, go to Settings tab or whatever and go to USB mode. Connect and your PSP should show up on your PC under My Computer.

      For a free converter to convert videos, go to

      This program, FormatFactory, converts video, audio, and images. It'll even convert audio files to a format for ringtones, I think.

      It's completely free. No free trials. I love it. I use it for converting files for my PSP, iPod, and the occasional FLV video.

      Just select "All to MP4" (it means all the videos you add to the list to convert will be in that format, and this is the filetype used for PSPs). A window will pop up afterwards. This is where you add files for conversion. Select which file you want to convert and once you're done, click OK. The window should close and there's a Start button at the top of the main window.

    My computer is slow to load videos and games, but works well otherwise. What could the problem be?
    Typing, browsing, or listening to music are all good, but flash elements like videos or games are slow (I have the most current flash update)

    • ANSWER:
      Using a registry cleaner can clean up your computer and then make your computer faster,Why?the reason is that there may be some registry errors and remnant,corrupt files and temp files in your computer to cause "computer slow".
      Every time you install and uninstall software on your computer and surfing online you create junk in the computer registry.over time, the registry can grow to enormous proportions, especially if the various programs you've installed do not do a good job of deleting and/or updating it's Registry entries.You need to scan and clean your computer with registry cleaner to make it fast.Good Registry Cleaner will improve your computer and Internet performance dramatically!
      There are some comparison and review of TOP 5 registry cleaners.
      You can download and scan your computer for free.

free files to download music programs games