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    Which is the best solar panel set up?
    I have doing a little research on costs etc of solar PV and they seem to vary to a large degree.
    I understand that you don't get much choice of the make etc with free solar panel deals but wondered what you guys would install on your own home.
    We are looking at funding it ourselves, though still trying to work out the best way to do it.
    I am trying to really find a good solar system and the makes and models then i will be able to compare prices/services a bit more easier. Is there a big difference in quality of the solar stuff or is all pretty much the same? Is there any i should avoid?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Eric,
      There is a vast quality diference between products on the MCS approved list. All solar equipment is not the same. Your best advice is to use companies such as you might have heard of and who are very likely to still be around in 25 years. Sharp, Sanyo, Mitsubishi from Japan , Schott and Sunny Boy from Germany , Fronius from Austria and Mastervolt from Holland are all high quality. Obviously this equipment is higher priced with Sanyo HIT240 twice the price of some of the modules on the market.

      If you use some product just because it is cheaper, what will happen in ten years time when one module fails and the company is long gone ? There are a lot of Chinese start up module producers with billions of pounds of debt , common sense says they will not all make it. Lucky dip with a 25 year investment seems risky. "

    Where can I find the short documentary on the ESPYS about basketball in Belfast?
    These guys won the Arthur Ashe award this year for a basketball program for youth in Belfast. The short film that was shown was terrific, but I can't seem to find it online anywere.

    • ANSWER:
      There is video footage of Trevor Ringland and David Cullen here:

      and there's a free online documentary site at:

      If you contact ESPN perhaps they can help you further.
      Good luck.

    How do I make Sony vegas 09 work?
    I downloaded it from the web and as soon as I register this pop up comes up and it says that an activex control on that page might be unsafe to interact with. What should I do to make it work? I know the program has worked before on this computer.

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    Does anti fog film have any other uses?
    Anti fog film provides the most advanced fog free system available to eliminate the steaming up of windows. The hydrophilic coated window film causes moisture to spread invisibly into an even layer, rather than forming vision-obscuring drops, which are seen as mist. What't more, I want to know if anti fog film have any other uses?

    • ANSWER:
      As far as I know anti fog film is ideal for Windows, Mirrors, Shower doors, Shop front windows, Restaurants, Pool enclosures, Green houses, Saunas, Car windows, Visors, Goggles, Refrigerated/Heated display cases, etc.
      If you want to know more about anti-fog film, please visit

    Anywhere i can get free films online?
    Are there any sites where you can download or watch films for free??
    Ones that don't fuck up your computer loads either? Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Any of the following sites will do it.

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    Where Can I Get Waves Plugins For Free or Who Can Hook Me Up?
    i can hook u up too with some clientel to send beats to

    • ANSWER: FILES section
      watch this video for instruction

    Is the documentary ZEITGEIST factually correct?
    This is a very compelling documentary and I have watched it all. I am a non American and I am not completely familiar with American history but what I saw makes a great deal of sense.

    How factually correct is this in the most part?

    If you have not seen this here is a link where you can watch it for free. I skipped the dull musical introduction though

    • ANSWER:
      I consider it to be an intellectually dishonest documentary, not because of the filmmakers personal bias, but because of its disregard for the truth. There is so much questionable statements that can easily be refuted, or controversial points that have legitimate opposing views that should have been presented.

      - Regarding part 1: Jesus

      The "Mythology of Jesus" theory was an obscure and generally dismissed theory.
      It has gained exposure due to author "Acharya S" and her collaboration with the Zeitgeist filmmaker. (She is also author of the films companion guide). But even the casual but astute viewer will find considerable silliness in the some of the conjectures where practically any numerical or astrological connection 'proves' mytholical derision. Son=sun? Three stars in Orions belt = three kings? Virgo = Mary because the astrological sign sort of looks like an M? Who buys this stuff?

      Some other views:

      " The idea of Jesus as a myth is rejected by the majority of biblical scholars and historians. In 2004, Richard Burridge and Graham Gould stated that they did not know of any "respectable" scholars that held the view today. Robert E. Van Voorst has stated that biblical scholars and historians regard the thesis as "effectively refuted"."

      For a point-by-point analysis, see

      For more rebuttals, see

      - Regarding Part II: 9/11

      It should be noted upfront that being skeptical of the 'official version' of anything presented by the government or media, is a good thing for society. And it should also be noted that questioners of 9/11 'offical versions' range from genuine intellectual pursuits of greater truths, to bizarre interpretations specifically intended to support a unwavering point of view.

      The Zeitgeist filmmaker is part of that spectrum that has bought into the theory that the government orchestrated the whole thing. Unfortunately the evidence they selected and presented was sloppy and much of it easily disproved, even by members of the Truth movement. (I've heard some speculate this may have been a red-herring to discredit the 'truth' movement).

      For a point by point analysis, see

      - Regarding Part III: Men behind the curtain

      As a liberatarian, I found this part to have had the most potential in exposing abuses of government and men in power. Instead, it trots out tired long disproven conspiracy theories.

      "Income Tax law Doesn't exist" theory - Very stale. Consistently disproven over-and-over again. No new information, just new victims going to jail that fall for these arguments. Very sad.

      "Federal Reserve System is owned by international bankers" - Still a common conspiracy theory. Still wrong. The Federal Reserve System, is headed by the Board of Governors, a Government Agency (look it up - ). The Federal Reserve branches can definitely be considered tightly regulated corporations owned by their member banks, all of which must be American-owned by law. It is receives regular audits, and is overseen by congress.

      For a point-by-point analysis, check out:

      Other views:

      "There is no shortage of information which refutes this viewpoint. But this type of conspiracy relies on two elements common to web surfers: First, they're only willing to check facts at the most superficial level, which usually means they'll read a message or watch a clip just once before forming an opinion and moving on. " Ref:

      "...(a) common problem in the film: presenting something in such a shallow manner without further corroboration or scholarly evidence." - Ref:

      There are those who defend the film because they believe that agenda+motive is more important than truth. There is a certain irony here since the films overarching thesis is to be wary of those who would obfuscate the truth in an attempt to persuade others to their point of view.

    Where can i download video documentaries for free. I need Documentary about Global Warming - HD?

    • ANSWER:


      The Corporation relates to Global Warming and was released for free by its producers:

    I'm want to watch the season finale of lost on-line for free.?
    I was upto episode 12 season 4 on i think - but thats all they've got now.
    And that got aired on the 15 May.
    Can anyone send me a safe link for me to catch up on these last 3 episodes - By the way, I'm in the United Kingdom. Wales to be exact. (Where the film Doctor Who) so abc is no good.
    But if you could help me with that, I'd be forever in your debt old chap.
    Thank You


    • ANSWER:
      My favorite site is


      Its my favorite because
      i) it loads fast
      ii) no ads

    watch-films? movies on demand? question?
    I'm watching movies for free, good right? kinda sorta? well anyway, I go to watch, and then it takes me to movies on demand, fine. I click on my movie (in this case Paul Blart:Mall Cop) and befor I watch the film a confirmation thing comes up asking if I'm a human and not a robot, though the question is stupid I did confirm it, but is this just a confirmation for fun? to scare people away when it's actually harmless? or does it actually mean something? any answers would help thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      yeah i also like it a lot
      you can watch stream here

    Whats a site that i can watch FREE foreign films from Europe preferably France?

    • ANSWER:
      You probably can rent them from the library for free.
      Or the links I have listed may be able to help you...thank you

    PS3 Vs Xbox 360 Whats Better ?
    Whats Better ?

    • ANSWER:
      -Free Online
      -Built in Blu-ray player
      -All games on Blu-ray disk
      -Online services: PS Home, Love Film, Net Flix, BBC iPlayer, 5DEMAND, 4OD, ITV Player, Mubi, Music Unlimited, Vidzone.
      -Comfortable controllers with SIXAXIS, DUALSHOCK, Bluetooth connectivity, built-in Lithium Ion batteries.
      -PS Move
      -Exclusive Titles:

    Facts on Air Pollution?
    Hi...does anyone know any sites with information or facts on air pollution? And possibly with graphics, graphs or photos which portray the bad effects of air pollution?
    *Optional : Effects on life in Malaysia...

    • ANSWER:
      If you have a report or just want to impress or scare the crap out of your classmates read up on "global dimming"

      This documentary scared the sanity out of me. It was on PBS a couple of years ago, and is now hosted at this website. The film is free to watch, but you have to sign up on the site, which is a bummer but is free as well.

      Also I recommend going here to get some info on this.

      By the way, I believe they talk about Malaysia in there.

    Getting an apartment with a poor credit score and joining AmeriCorps?
    My credit score is about 544, which I know is awful. I just paid off one card, and by the end of the month the last one I can pay off as well, which I know will help a lot. I have joined the AmeriCorps, and will be living in a fairly rural, small community that is fairly low income, but I was wondering how hard it may be to get an apartment. I'm not going to be getting anything for a few months, so I will have the chance to pay off the last card, make VERY small purchases and pay them off immediately to help rebuild my credit rating. Thoughts?? Experience??
    I meant that I'm not going to be moving for a few months*

    • ANSWER:
      Not much you can do except brace yourself for months, years of difficult times. Sorry, accept that the huge economic diaster brought on by the banking industry is over. The banksters have the gold and they will soon have title to all the real estate for which the loans were made.

      They have received all the bailouts plus they have the "derivatives" which is millions of homes, farms and commercial real estate. Just like the last crash and depression. Just like J.P. Morgan did in the Thirties. There must be a monetary reform or we will be slave labor soon. ref=189