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    how to put a war tank or a war airplane in a video ?
    I've seen allot of short films on youtube that include tanks and airplanes, but their not real, they use softwares and stuff !
    i need a name of a software to use (appreciate if everything would be in a low budget, or Free)
    and how the tank or the plane fits the video !

    • ANSWER:
      Try "Blender"

      It's free.

    How much money do I need to go to Sheffield,England for a week?
    I'm planing to go there to visit my Girlfriend, I need to know about airplane, Car hire, Hotel, and food, And for a few Dates kinda fancy but just for a week, At least give me an estimate please :DD I live in Mission, TX

    • ANSWER:
      Fly to Manchester, there's a direct train from the airport to Sheffield city centre. Look at for ticket prices, as they vary depending on time of day and ticket restrictions.

      Sheffield has pretty good public transport, so I wouldn't bother hiring a car unless you're planning to do a lot of travelling.

      There are lots of city centre hotels, including international chains like Novotel, Hilton and Jury's Inn. I recommend going to, or to get the best prices unless you're in a loyalty scheme. Expect to pay around £50 per night for 3* up to £90+ for 5*, but you may get better deals as prices are volatile.

      Not sure what you want to know about food, but there are lots of restaurants in Sheffield. Big chains like Zizzi and Waggamama are clustered around Leopold Square, while London Road is great for all kinds of ethnic food and Eccleshall Road has smart pizzerias, tapas and Indian restaurants. Prices vary massively, but a 3 course meal in a decent mid-range restaurant will be around about £30 each, plus drinks.

      Dates: depends what you and she like to do! There are two theatres - the Crucible and the Lyceum theatres are in the city centre, check out for listings. There's also an Odeon cinema (which is a bit tatty, to be honest) and the Showroom cinema which shows a mix of art house, foreign and mainstream films -

      Bigger cinemas, bowling, laser quest and more restaurants are at Centertainment (, which is a 5-10 minute tram ride from the city centre.

      Sheffield has lots of parks, the Botanical Gardens just off Eccleshall Road are worth a visit for a romantic stroll and picnic if the weather's nice (and it has a pleasant cafe if not!) and are free to visit. At the far end of Eccleshall Road is Endcliffe Park - you can walk through this, cross a quiet road into another park and walk right out into the Peak District. There are also regular trains and buses out into the Peaks if you like walking or pretty villages - Grindleford is a good stop. Again, will give you rail prices.

      Hope you have a good time!

    Can the Sony SLT-A33 be used for astrophotography?
    I was considering purchasing a new SLR camera and I've been interested in the Sony SLT series of cameras, mainly because of their high fps rate. I wasn't planning on using it purely for AP, but I was wondering if it could be used for AP at all because the actual SLT tech only allows 70% of the light to reach the sensor. Would this make the A33 a poor choice for AP? Anyone ever used it for AP? Any suggestions for AP SLR cameras in the same price range?

    • ANSWER:
      Don't anything about that camera.

      However, a few things to think about -
      1) The camera has a native limit of 30 seconds. which is not unusual for DSLR's, but you will need a shutter controller like this to run the camera for minutes at a time -

      2) You have zero need for auto anything when it comes to AP. See if you can turn off stuff like the autofocus, exposer control and anything else that sucks up power.

      3) Speaking of power, see about either getting more batteries, running an external power supply or other power source. If you use this camera in cold weather, the batteries are going to drain quickly.

      4) Noise. All DSLR's add electronic noise to the image. And it gets worse with the increase of exposer time. The effect is called "Amp Glow" and is caused by the CCD element itself emitting light. The only way to see how bad it is for this camera is to try taking a picture with the shutter cap on for minutes at a time.

      And here are some other imager defects that are common to DSLR's -

      The other source for noise is the ISO setting. Which for DSLR's is the gain set on the imaging element on it looks like film grain. The higher the ISO (like 1600), the noisier the frame looks. I usually shoot at around 200 to 800 ISO on my Canon 400D for best results.

      5) Shutter life. All DSLR's and especially the lower end ones, have a limited shutter life. sometimes as low as 10,000 cycles. This may seem like a lot, but you can burn through dozens of shutter cyces in a night, just getting things like the telescope focused, setting up the image, timing and so on.

      So of this can be removed, if the camera has some sort of Live View function. This keeps the shutter open so you can do the focusing and so on.

      6) Dark frame subtraction. With the increase of shutter time and ISO, the image does collect a bunch of noise. Most DSLR's have a function called auto dark frame or auto noise reduction. What this does is the camera takes a picture without tripping the shutter - for the same length of time that the main image was taken, then the two frames are subtracted. This is a significant reduction of camera noise, but is time consuming. Example - If your image is 60 seconds long, you'll need a dark frame of 60 seconds as well. this is two minutes of active camera time. which leads to...

      7) Image stacking. Take lots of shorter exposers and let the software sum up the whole mess. the nice thing about this is that instead of just taking one picture for 30 minutes, you take 40 at 5 minutes each. What this means is that at some point, you will have something get in the way (airplane, bumping the scope, clouds, power failure) of getting the picture. so instead of wasting one, 30 minute picture, you might only loose one, 5 minute picture.

      Programs that doe this spiffy function -

      And there so much more, but this is getting way to long winded already. For more information -

    Is there any sites like YouTube?
    I wanna watch this movie, free, online, where?
    (I can't find anything, scenes or whatnot on YT)
    Oh, I know it's illegal.

    • ANSWER:
      Here is a list off a website devoted to it, Discourse and Debate in many categories, Offers also free photo hosting, Laugh / some stupid stuff, High Quality Documentaries, News and Reports / No Upload, Nice quality / Comedy & Animals etc, Includes imeem since a while, Practical solutions / not limited to 5 Min., Creative Commons Licence, The topic is Science / No Upload, Funny Stuff / A few Animation, Some Online Shows / No Upload, Live Webcam Shows and Lifecasts, Very popular website, You can search by location, Product Reviews and Shows, Some Politics & Journalism, This and that, Just learn how to do things, Watch TV-Channels online, Have some fun, Only Game Trailers, Good Travel Guides, Skate Surf and Bike Sports, Nice Design / Funny Stuff, Another Live Webcam Website, Videos Shows & Contests for Kids, News and Politics / Entertainment, Live Video Webcams, Entertainment, Videos are reviewed, Teach the world, Entertainment Videos, More Service with Veoh pro, Life explained on film, most popular video community, Good Source for Health Videos, From India, Music / No Upload, Programming Languages, Car related videos, Business and Markets, Indian Bollywood & Cricket, Political activism, Comedy, Music in High Quality, Funny Shocking & Crazy, China, Movie Trailers, Funny & Shocking Movies, Cricket, Hidden truth revealed, World Webcams, Funny Movies, Short Videos, Airplanes & Cockpits, Funny Videos, Anime and Drama, Video encyclopedia, Product Reviews, Funny Videos

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    Anything to see in and around Columbus, OH ?
    We might be visiting Columbus, Ohio sometime in July from one of the southern states. So would like to know if there is anything to look around this place ( around 150-250 miles of columbus is ok)

    • ANSWER:
      Almost all of Ohio is within 200 miles of Columbus, which is located in the center of the state. This includes Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, Toledo and Akron.

      Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton and Toledo all have art museums superior to those of Columbus, as all four of these cities were leading cities during the industrial revolution and were immensely wealthy for most of the 20th century relative to Columbus. Cleveland's art museum, currently undergoing a 0 million expansion, is considered one of the five best in the nation. It still has free admission and contains one of the best collections of Japanese art outside of Japan (this collection may not be on display due to construction).

      The Columbus (recently ranked #1 by USA Travel Guide; you can get within several feet of a manatee) and Cincinnati zoos are considered among the ten best in the nation, and the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo also is excellent, with the nation's largest primate collection and a top ten zoo exhibit in its Rain Forest building.

      Cedar Point on Lake Erie is the Roller Coaster Capital of the World and has been ranked as the world's best amusement park for ten straight years by Amusement Today. It also has a great beach where football's forward pass was perfected by Knute Rockne and Gus Dorias in 1913.

      Nearer Columbus is Dayton, the aviation history mecca of the world. It was in Dayton that the Wright brothers perfected and flew the first airplane. The Wright Flyer hanging in the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C., was only a powered glider. The first real airplane is lovingly preserved at Dayton's Carillon Historical Park. Try to visit on a Sunday to hear the Deeds Carillon.

      Dayton also hosts the largest and oldest military air museum in the world -- the U.S. Air Force Museum. It's spectacular and includes in its collection most presidential airplanes, which visitors can walk through, and everything from WW! fighters to B-52s, stealth fighters, atomic bomb casings, missiles, etc. Allow at least a day just to quickly walk through this mammoth museum, which contains billions of dollars of historical artifacts. Admission to the museum is free, but visitors must pay to enter the Imax theater.

      And don't miss visiting the Hoffman Prairie Flying Field, just a few miles from the Air Force Museum. Surprisingly few Americans can say that they stood where the first airplane was perfected and flown. The federal government has done a great job of preserving several Wright Brother historical sites in Dayton.

      There are several other IMO superb attractions relatively near Columbus:

      1) Malabar Farm State Park is both a working farm and a spotlight into an historical chapter of American film history -- home of a prominent novelist and screenplay author and a Hollywood getaway frozen in its mid-20th century splendor.

      2) The Tecumseh outdoor drama is stunningly memorable.

      3) The 10,000-acre "Wilds" in Cumberland is the best kept secret in Ohio. The sunset Safari must be booked well in advance, but supposedly is worth it. Otherwise, try to visit on a cool day when the animals are active during the afternoon.

      From the Wilds, it's not far to see (and stand in for a great photo memory) the "Big Muskie" bucket.

      Columbus possesses a leading Ohio shopping mecca in Easton Town Center, the often top-rated science museum in the U.S., German Village (especially Schmidt's), the Ohio Capitol building, and Ohio State.

      If you need more to fill your Ohio journey, you could add the world class cultural attractions of Cleveland, which in addition to Cleveland Museum of Art include the Cleveland Orchestra or other summer events at the spectacular Blossom Music Festival, Playhouse Square the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum., the U.S.S. Cod, the only intact U.S. WWII submarine; the William J. Mather lake freighter, a superb Natural History Museum with an excellent planetarium, the Indians at Progressive Field, one of the largest and best arboreta, the renown West Side market and many other attractions. See links below.

      BOL for a fun and memorable visit!

    What is the definition of humanity in this 21st century ?

    • ANSWER:
      Who is to give it definition?

      Humanity is a race of beings, with a level of sentience, with the following capabilities: communicate by electron processors from any two or more points on the grid, read from all books written and browse billions of electronic-articles, travel via car, train, bus and airplane, to markets, jobs, or homes of relatives, create mobile machines to do monotonous jobs, remedy diseases and look for cures, build high-tech smart houses with free energy systems, watch, film, direct, and write, screen plays and video game stories, from the imagination, breed, walk upright, fart and defecate, eat: meat, veggies, fruits, pasta, breads, sugar products, dairy and eggs, and do I like eggs; and that's just Japanese society. xD


      I spend way to much time on the net.

    anybody have information on vickers armstrong blind directors?
    C.R.B.F director Mk7A mod3
    serial No 101
    manufactured by V.A. Ltd 1952
    modified by H.M. Dockyard Portsmouth 1959
    refitted by H.M. Dockyard Chatham 1965

    • ANSWER:
      The following sites will give you planty information about the original Airplanes.

      RAF St Eval - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      Armstrong Whitworth Whitley. General reconnaissance unit. 58 Squadron ... Vickers Wellington. No. 407 Squadron RCAF. 1 October 1942 - 10 November 1942 ... - 69k - Cached
      Battle of Britain - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      ... Handley-Page Hampden and the Vickers Wellington were classified as heavy bombers ... Thus, the Luftwaffe operated "blind" for much of the battle, unsure of its ... - 267k - Cached Instances of the Number 3: A Novel: Salley Vickers: Books
      Lee Armstrong (Winterville, NC United States) - See all my reviews ... that you may need to chose to be blind to the faults of someone in order to love ... - 241k - Cached
      Michael Gambon Biography
      ... and took up an apprenticeship as a toolmaker at Vickers Armstrong in Crayford. ... He worked with guest directors like Noel Coward, Lindsay Anderson and ... - 87k - Cached
      George Medal
      ... blind and fixture in an attempt to prevent the spread of fire after the firemen ... VICKERS ARMSTRONG AIRCRAFT FACTORY UNIT, WEYBRIDGE ... - Cached
      Bristol Aircraft and the bomber gap
      The swept-wing Vickers Valiant first flew in May 1951. ... Four Armstrong-Siddeley P.159 turbojets were mounted in wingtip pods. ... - 52k - Cached
      Avro Lancaster
      ... manufactured by Metropolitan-Vickers, Armstrong Whitworth, Austin Motor Company as well as Avro. ... to an attack from below, as this was their blind spot. ... - Cached
      Battle class
      ... and that enclosing the mounting would make the guns crew blind. ... Vickers Armstrong. Aisne. 12.5.45. Note: (L) denotes ships fitted as flotilla leaders. ...

    where can I download an airplane landing. I need it in my project in making a music video. Please help!?

    • ANSWER:
      The Creative Commons site will search Euopeana and Spin Express for you -

      Other places are...

      Penn State University has a nice collection of public domain material -

      AV Geeks has 20,000 films -

      VJ Loops may have something useful -

      WGBH TV - has free video clips -

      Public Domain Flicks -

      Open-Source Movies -

      Hopefully, one of the above will have creative commons or public domain clips you can use.

    Does anybody have any proof to back up the official 9/11 stories?
    I'm tired of trying to defend my views that 9/11 was an inside
    job. Can somebody please show me hard evidence that the
    official 9/11 stories are indeed all geniune?

    For example, give me links to photos that show:

    1. Pancaked floors sitting in a pile, one of top of each other,
    because those Twin Towers collapsed due to a pancaking
    floor-by-floor collapse. Where are the solid concrete floors
    of the Twin Towers?

    2. Show me photos of the aeroplane fuselage, wings, large
    jet engines at the crash sites for Flight 77 and Flight 93.
    Surely 757 jet planes should leave behind some wreckage
    when they crash, right? So show me proof that this happened!

    3. Prove to me that air fires can indeed cause steel to fail
    catastrophically, resulting in steel-framed buildings collapsing
    at near free-fall speeds. Show me an example of a high rise
    steel-framed building that caught on fire, and completely
    collapsed right down to the ground level (except the 3 that fell
    on 9/11)
    Here is strong evidence that what we
    were all told by the corporate media
    about 9/11, was mostly false:

    (Watch the 9/11 Mysteries movie)

    Don't believe anything until you have
    done your own fact-finding research.

    Even the London 7/7 attacks appear to
    be an "inside job". Do your research.

    It appears these fabricated attacks were
    designed to manipulate public opinion,
    to garner support for wars and create
    bitter hatred and racial prejudice toward
    Muslims and Arabs... to make it much
    easier to invade and permanently
    occupy oil-rich middle eastern countries
    all in the name of 9/11... The world's
    leaders keep telling us: Remember 9/11
    and remember that they attacked us

    So why has the US forgotten about the
    search for Bin Laden, and why is Al
    Qaeda still at large?

    What if you had been lied to all along?
    Thousands of professionals, engineers
    and scientists are suspicious about
    what really happened on 9/11. Here is
    a list of distinguished Professors and
    Academics who do not believe in the
    official stories:

    Why? Because the physical evidence
    for "controlled demolition" of the 3 WTC
    buildings is undeniable and simply
    overwhelming. Any person with half a
    brain or an ounce of intelligence, can
    recognize "explosive events", demolition
    squibs shooting out of buildings, and
    near free-fall (zero resistance) collapses
    of very very strong materials after such
    a long delay period. These things are
    simply unnatural & cannot be explained
    due to air fire damage, because even
    very hot temperatures will only cause
    steel to bend, sag or droop, but not
    break apart or explode suddenly.

    And watch the 9/11 Mysteries movie:
    I know these things are very difficul to
    accept because to believe that 9/11
    was all an "inside job", means that you
    have to agree that the corporate media
    and the US government has been lying
    to you and deceiving you for so many
    years, and it means that this war on
    terror is all fake.

    Could it be that those who don't even
    bother to look at the facts and physical
    evidence are in a state of cognitive
    dissonance? Denial of reality?

    FACT: Steel melts at 1532 C.

    Look at all the evidence of molten steel
    found in the basements of Ground Zero,
    including WTC 1, WTC 2 and WTC 7.

    Explain the molten metal which stayed
    red hot for up to 8 weeks after 9/11!

    How can an air fire, whose fuel source
    was depleted almost entirely during the
    initial impacts of the jet planes, cause so
    much heat build-up and keep the rubble
    hotter than air fires for more than 6
    weeks after 9/11 ?

    Firefighters and 1st responders even
    described the basements as being
    like a foundry!
    Please study these research papers:

    Look at these photos:

    Page 17 of this PDF file by Professor
    Steven Jones:


    Steel melts at around 1532 C. Air fires
    do not get hotter than 250 C in still air
    due to insufficient oxygen. In fact, paper
    burning in air burns at Fahrenheit 451,
    or around 233 C. (due to lack of oxygen
    availability in still air )

    Air fires do not burn hotter than 650C,
    even under strong winds and with the
    best possible fuel burning conditions...

    But there is so much physical evidence
    that molten metal was found at Ground
    Zero, on 9/11 and during the clean-up.

    Do yourself a big favour, watch the best
    documentary I have seen this year:

    Keep an open mind, and prepare to be
    thoroughly blown away by all the facts...

    • ANSWER:
      There was no "inside: conspiracy on 9/11

      All the experts in the world have endorsed the "official" explanation as scientifically correct, & they have done so in print.

      -- The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)
      It’s useful to see the investigation team & their credentials at:

      -- Scientific American. See

      -- Massachusetts Institute of Technology. See



      -- Popular Mechanics published a huge article attacking the conspiracy nuts using over 300 renowned experts in

      -- World experts in demolition have attacked the 9-11 conspiracy theory. See:


      -- Purdue (, and others

      -- Columbia University has permanent seismographic recorders that was running on 9/11 which clearly show no explosives during the collapse of Towers 1 & 2, or of WTC7 . See page 2 of

      "Explanations" of the WTC collapse by laymen & film-makers are frivolous when compared to what true, world-recognized experts are saying. The above essentially ends the conspiracy theory.
      The list ( ) of “thousands” of so-called experts who doubt the official explanation of 9/11 is worthless for two reasons:

      1. There is no way to verify that these people are real, that they are experts in the correct field (civil engineering, demolition, etc). If they are real, do they even know that their name is on this list? How can anyone check this??

      2. More importantly, the doubting scientists in this list have published NOTHING at all. Not one article. On the contrary, the real experts have printed dozens of real articles, in peer-reviewed journals, technical journals, and trade journals explaining how the jets caused the Towers to collapse. This is the way real science is done. You publish it in a science journal, sign your name. People know your credentials and they review the article & then publish IF it’s good. Given that THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE THING PUBLISHED BY THE “EXPERTS” WHO THINK 9/11 WAS A FAKE, that ends this argument completely, utterly.


      Also, all the pseudoscientific arguments given above can be dismissed since noone supports them in the real literature.

      Here is a partial list of technical articles on how the Twin Towers fell:

      Report Ties WTC Collapses to Column Failures
      Simulation for the collapse of WTC after aeroplane impact - Lu XZ., Yang N., Jiang JJ. Structure Engineer, 66(sup.). 2003, 18-22
      Bazant, Z.P., & Zhou, Y.
      "Addendum to 'Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse? - Simple Analysis" (pdf)
      Journal of Engineering Mechanics v. 128, no. 3, (2002): 369-370.
      Brannigan, F.L.
      "WTC: Lightweight Steel and High-Rise Buildings"
      Fire Engineering v.155, no. 4, (2002): 145-150.
      Clifton, Charles G.
      Elaboration on Aspects of the Postulated Collapse of the World Trade Centre Twin Towers
      HERA: Innovation in Metals. 2001. 13 December 2001.
      "Construction and Collapse Factors"
      Fire Engineering v.155, no. 10, (2002): 106-108.
      Corbett, G.P.
      "Learning and Applying the Lessons of the WTC Disaster"
      Fire Engineering v.155, no. 10, (2002.): 133-135.
      "Dissecting the Collapses"
      Civil Engineering ASCE v. 72, no. 5, (2002): 36-46.
      Eagar, T.W., & Musso, C.
      "Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse? Science, Engineering, and Speculation"
      JOM v. 53, no. 12, (2001): 8-12.
      Federal Emergency Management Agency, Therese McAllister, report editor.
      World Trade Center Building Performance Study: Data Collection, Preliminary Observations, and Recommendations
      (also available on-line)
      Gabrielson, T.B., Poese, M.E., & Atchley, A.A.
      "Acoustic and Vibration Background Noise in the Collapsed Structure of the World Trade Center"
      The Journal of Acoustical Society of America v. 113, no. 1, (2003): 45-48.
      Glover, N.J.
      "Collapse Lessons"
      Fire Engineering v. 155, no. 10, (2002): 97-103
      Marechaux, T.G.
      "TMS Hot Topic Symposium Examines WTC Collapse and Building Engineering"
      JOM, v. 54, no. 4, (2002): 13-17.
      Monahan, B.
      "World Trade Center Collapse-Civil Engineering Considerations"
      Practice Periodical on Structural Design and Construction v. 7, no. 3, (2002): 134-135.
      Newland, D.E., & Cebon, D.
      "Could the World Trade Center Have Been Modified to Prevent Its Collapse?"
      Journal of Engineering Mechanics v. 128, no. 7, (2002):795-800.
      National Instititue of Stamdards and Technology: Congressional and Legislative Affairs
      “Learning from 9/11: Understanding the Collapse of the World Trade Center”

    does a small shadows in lung x-rays mean it's cancer?

    • ANSWER:
      WEB RESULTSFrequently Asked Questions about Lung Cancer
      Q: Does a negative chest x-ray mean I don't have lung cancer? ... Tumors can appear as small shadows behind the ribs and can be hard to find. - 19k - Cached
      Frequently Asked Questions About Lung Cancer
      Q: Does a negative chest x-ray mean I don't have lung cancer? ... Tumors can appear as small shadows behind the ribs and can be hard to find.,FAQLungCancer?... - 13k - Cached
      X-rays - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      ... small or large intestine) using fluoroscopy acquired using an X-ray image ... cancer or pulmonary edema, and the abdominal X-ray, which can detect ileus - 101k - Cached
      Lung Cancer Research on PCBs and Humans
      ... 19 developed lung cancer, but the study was too small to calculate significance ... or atelectasis in about 1/10 of the patients with reticulo-linear shadows. - 48k - Cached
      Lung Transplantation
      ... for Tattoo to pop out from the shadows and whisk me off in his pontoon airplane ... a heart biopsy (removal of some small pieces of the heart to check for - 81k - Cached
      Colon Cancer (Colorectal Cancer) Information, Causes, Symptoms ...
      Tumors and other abnormalities appear as dark shadows on the x-rays. ... more accurate than barium enema x-rays, especially in detecting small polyps. - 51k - Cached
      ... the risk of developing a lung cancer is very small, and even if this risk is doubled due to ... lung and pleural plaques on chest X-ray film. Chest 1989; - 39k - View as html
      X-ray - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      ... sensitive to X-rays, they provide a convenient and easy means of recording the image. ... cancer or pulmonary edema, and the abdominal X-ray, which can - 101k - Cached - Archive: Dr Tom 59
      ... chest x-rays and CT scans done and they show lung shadows and small scattered ... much more sensitive in the diagnosis of lung cancer, than a chest x-ray. - 45k - Cached
      eMedicine - Lung, Arteriovenous Malformation : Article by Sat Sharma
      Lung Cancer, Non-Small Cell. Lung Cancer, Small Cell. Lung, Carcinoid. Lung, Metastases ... type: X-RAY. Media file 4: A small pulmonary arteriovenous - 120k - Cached

    Family vacation ideas?
    I need ideas for a family vacation. But I don't want to have to pay alot to entertain the kids and husband once we get there. We live in Indiana and would rather not go too far from here...maybe Tennessee or Myrtle beach? We would also like to get a hotel room or chalet/cabin....?? But again, we are open to suggestions. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      It would help to know something about your family's interests and ages, but I would consider a tour into Ohio.

      1) Dayton is one of the most unknown tourist destinations in the U.S. The U.S. Air Force Museum is free (if you don't go to any of the IMAX movies, etc.) and it's spectacular. It's the largest military air museum in the world. E.g., it has most of the presidential airplanes, which you can walk through. Carillon Park has the world's first real airplane (the Wright Brothers plane hanging in the Smithsonian is only a powered glider), and the nation's oldest surviving locomotive. It's one of the most interesting little historical parks that you'll ever visit.

      It would be neat to schedule your trip to Dayton so that you could hear the Carillon play!

      And don't miss visiting the Hoffman Prairie Flying Field, just a few miles from the Air Force Museum. This is where the first airplane was perfected and flown. The federal government has done a great job of preserving several Wright Brother historical sites in Dayton.

      2) From Dayton, you could visit King's Island, or, as part of your loop, you could visit the best amusement park in the world and the roller coaster capital of the world, Cedar Point in Sandusky. Sandusky also could serve as a gateway to Ohio's Lake Erie Islands.

      You could enjoyably spend a vacation just in Sandusky if your family likes roller coasters, water sports and water parks. Cedar Point offers many acres of parks and rides for kids in addition to its adult-sized roller coasters. If you visit Cedar Point, be certain that your stay includes a Wednesday, as that typically is one of the slowest days of the week.

      3) Cincinnati offers one of the best zoos in the nation, the Ohio River, a very kid-friendly Natural History Museum and Children's Museum at its Museum Center at Union Terminal, and the Reds during season.

      4) If your family likes camping (cabins are available) and hiking, Hocking Hills State Park often is considered one of the most beautiful locations in Ohio and is located southeast of Columbus. Some of the hiking trails (Rock House if I remember correctly) are dangerous and are not for toddlers or the unfit, but many are easily accessible and lots of fun for pre-teens.

      There are many other activities in the area, from the spectacular "Tecumseh" outdoor drama (enjoyed by kids of all ages), to a scenic railway, horseback riding and canoeing.

      Hocking Hills has many water features which are more spectacular in the very early summer or after a period of significant rainfall.

      5) Mohican State Park has a beautiful lodge. It's popular for its canoeing. The Mohican River is dam-fed, so it doesn't dry up in the summer. This is very safe canoeing, at least most of the time.

      Malabar Farm State Park is nearby and is both a working farm and historical chapter of American film history. It's a major Hollywood getaway frozen in its mid-20th century splendor.

      6) The "Wilds" in Cumberland is the best kept secret in Ohio. The sunset Safari must be booked well in advance, but supposedly is worth it. Otherwise, try to visit on a cool day when the animals are active during the afternoon.

      From the Wilds, it's not far to see (and stand in for a great photo memory) the "Big Muskie" bucket:

      Also nearby is Zanesville's Y bridge (best viewed from a park with an overlook above the bridge) over which you can reach Tom's Ice Cream Bowl, a 1950s ice cream parlor, which even features a working Campbell soup machine.

      7) If you need more to fill your Ohio journey, you could add the world class cultural attractions of Cleveland, including the Cleveland Orchestra or other summer events at the spectacular Blossom Music Festival and the Cleveland Art Museum, which still offers free admission. Cleveland also has the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the U.S.S. Cod, the only intact U.S. WWII submarine; the William J. Mather lake freighter, a superb Natural History Museum with an excellent planetarium, the Indians at Progressive Field, beaches and many other attractions. See links below.

      BOL for a fun and memorable vacation!!!

    Montel Williams the anti-Al Gore?
    Montel Williams said on his show that he has invented a product for cleaning the stewardess buttons on Airplanes, that is 35% chlorine. Doesn't he know that chlorine is damaging the environment, that is why they are banning Freon, because it contains chlorine which deplets the ozone layer. Is he Al Gore's worst enemy?

    • ANSWER:
      Gore is a hypocrite - he uses the environment as a money making opportunity - that's all. Gore is nothing more than a sleazy "rich" lawyer.

      NASHVILLE - In the year since Al Gore took steps to make his home more energy-efficient, the former Vice President’s home energy use surged more than 10%, according to the Tennessee Center for Policy Research.

      “A man’s commitment to his beliefs is best measured by what he does behind the closed doors of his own home,” said Drew Johnson, President of the Tennessee Center for Policy Research. “Al Gore is a hypocrite and a fraud when it comes to his commitment to the environment, judging by his home energy consumption.”

      In the past year, Gore’s home burned through 213,210 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, enough to power 232 average American households for a month.

      In February 2007, An Inconvenient Truth, a film based on a climate change speech developed by Gore, won an Academy Award for best documentary feature. The next day, the Tennessee Center for Policy Research uncovered that Gore’s Nashville home guzzled 20 times more electricity than the average American household.

      After the Tennessee Center for Policy Research exposed Gore’s massive home energy use, the former Vice President scurried to make his home more energy-efficient. Despite adding solar panels, installing a geothermal system, replacing existing light bulbs with more efficient models, and overhauling the home’s windows and ductwork, Gore now consumes more electricity than before the “green” overhaul.

      Since taking steps to make his home more environmentally-friendly last June, Gore devours an average of 17,768 kWh per month –1,638 kWh more energy per month than before the renovations – at a cost of ,533. By comparison, the average American household consumes 11,040 kWh in an entire year, according to the Energy Information Administration.

      In the wake of becoming the most well-known global warming alarmist, Gore won an Oscar, a Grammy and the Nobel Peace Prize. In addition, Gore saw his personal wealth increase by an estimated 0 million thanks largely to speaking fees and investments related to global warming hysteria.

      “Actions speak louder than words, and Gore’s actions prove that he views climate change not as a serious problem, but as a money-making opportunity,” Johnson said. “Gore is exploiting the public’s concern about the environment to line his pockets and enhance his profile.”

      The Tennessee Center for Policy Research, a Nashville-based free market think tank and watchdog organization, obtained information about Gore’s home energy use through a public records request to the Nashville Electric Service.

    how do u make smiley faces on msn?
    well if you want to make a happy smilry face u do:)and sad face:(mad face:@and blushing face:$a moon(L)the crazy face:Dand more........

    • ANSWER:

      ❶✎here are the codes
      Smile :)
      Grin :d
      Suprised 😮
      Tongue smile :p
      Wink 😉
      Sad :(
      Confused :s
      Disappointed 😐
      Crying :'(
      Shy :$
      Cool (H)
      Angry :@
      Angel (A)
      Devil (6)
      Don't tell :-#
      Teeth 8o|
      Dull 8-|
      Sarcastic ^o)
      Telling secrets :-*
      Sick +o(
      Don't know :^)
      Thinking *-)
      Party <:o) Rolling eyes 😎 Drowsy |-) Coffee (C) Thumb up (Y) Thumb down (N) Beer (B) Cocktail (D) Girl (X) Guy (Z) Guy hug ({) Girl hug (}) Bat :[ Cake (^) Heart (L) Broken heart (U) Kiss (K) Present (G) Rose (F) Wilted rose (W) Camera (P) Film (~) Cat (@) Dog (&) Phone (T) Lightbulb (I) Music note (8) Sleeping moon (S) Star (*) Envelope (E) Clock (O) MSN Messenger icon (M) Snail (sn) Black sheep (bah) Plate (pl) (||) Pizza (pi) Soccer (so) Car (au) Airplane (ap) Umbrella (um) Island with palm tree (ip) Computer (co) Mobile phone (mp) Storm (st) Lightning (li) Money (mo) ✎to make the emoticons come up ☇log on MSN ☇click on TOOLS ☇click on OPTIONS ☇click on MESSAGES ✓enable SWOW EMOTICONS ✓enable SWOW CUSTOM EMOTICONS ☇click on APPLY/OK ❷✎create your own emoticons ✎once created add your emoticons to your MSN ☇log on MSN ☇on your MSN toolbar ☇click on 'tools' ☇click on 'emoticons' ☇click on 'create’ /'pin' ☇go to the folder you stored the image in ☇select the emoticon ☇click on 'open’ ☇then write a shortcut .. for example :)
      ☇click on DONE

      ❸✎you can also get emoticons from internet
      ✎get emoticons here

      ✎get word emoticons here [bye, hi,seeya, etc]

      ✎animated letters

      ✎anime emoticons

      ☇select the emoticon
      ☇ 'save image'
      ☇save it to a folder
      ☇then add it to your MSN

      ❹you can copy your friends emoticons
      ☇when your friend sends you an emoticon
      ☇righrt click on it
      ☇select ADD
      ☇write a shortcut that makes the emoticon come up when you write it e.g.(hug)
      ☇click on SAVE

      I hope my information helped you^^


    what does the term "tounge in cheek" mean?

    • ANSWER:
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      (Redirected from Tongue in cheek)

      *Tongue-in-cheek*: is a term that refers to a style of humour in which things are said only half seriously, or in a subtly mocking way.

      Origin of the term:
      The term first appeared in print in 'The Fair Maid of Perth', by that inveterate coiner of phrases, Sir Walter Scott, 1828:

      "The fellow who gave this all-hail thrust his tongue in his cheek to some scapegraces like himself."

      The first known appearance of the term in print is in the book, "The Ingoldsby Legends," by Richard Harris Barham, published in 1845. The author uses the term describing a Frenchman:

      He fell to admiring his friend's English watch,

      He examined the face,

      And the back of the case,

      And the young Lady's portrait there, done on enamel, he

      Saw by the likeness was one of the family;

      Cried 'Superbe! Magnifique!' (With his tongue in his cheek)
      Then he open'd the case, just to take a peep in it, and
      Seized the occasion to pop back the minute hand.

      Tongue-in-cheek humor in fiction:
      Tongue-in-cheek humour in fiction often takes the form of gentle parodies. Such stories seem to abide by the conventions of an established serious genre, while in reality, they gently poke fun at some aspects of that genre. A tongue-in-cheek work still relies on these conventions and is not the same as a farce. Good examples of films that are made in a tongue-in-cheek way are Scream, South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut, Shaun of the Dead, Demolition Man, True Lies, or Hot Fuzz. Note that these films are still faithful to their genre (slasher, musical, zombie, action, spy, and police-thriller respectively) and are not out-and-out parodies such as Airplane! or Scary Movie. Tongue-in-cheek humor does not typically breach the fourth wall.


      William and Mary Morris (1988). Morris Dictionary of Word and Phrase Origins. New York: HarperCollins. ISBN 0-06-015862-X.
      The Rev. Richard H. Barham (1921). The Ingoldsby Legends or Mirth and Marvels. Oxford University Press.
      Retrieved from ""
      Categories: Humor | English idioms

    First Person View FPV for rc plane?
    I REALLY want one! I would use it for my skyartec 5ch cessna which is only 560 grams.
    my question is... where can I buy a FPV system with everything I need (except screen) that wouldn't be too much weight for my cessna? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      The first item should be of interest to you. Since your interested in these planes I wanted you to have a copy of the various items regarding it. I hope one of the other lists will lead you to the item you want.

      fpv rc plane | eBay - Electronics, Cars, Fashion ...
      Find fpv rc plane from a vast selection of Radio Control Vehicles. Shop eBay! - Cached

      FPV Hobby - FPV Airplane
      RC Radio; Receiver; RTU Wireless Cam. Transmitter; Information. Shipping; Returns; Payment; About us; Contact us; Home > FPV Airplane. FPV Airplane 17 products. - Cached

      FPV, UAV RC plane - FPV flying - FY31AP & X8 wing and FPV ...
      Some of the best RC planes for FPV, UAV flying. Collection of first person view rc planes and uav planes. - Cached

      FPV Cameras
      Smallest 18G FPV Micro Video Camera for RC Airplane, RC Helicopter, RC Car w/ FREE 2GB Memory Card 3/5/2012. Regular: .95. SALE $ 22.50. - Cached

      FPV RC
      About three years ago I put on my first FPV goggles and experienced FPV RC. I was hooked. It revolutionized my experience with my favorite hobby, flying RC planes. - Cached
      FPV video pilot Home
      Top Link Bar. Quick Launch. Home - Cached

      FPV Pusher Plane - - How To Design, Scratch ...
      Plane Requires : 1000kv, 47g brushless outrunner motor 9x5 or 10x6 prop 11.1v 1600-2200mah 20c lipo battery 30amp esc - Cached

      FPV (First Person View) - Aircraft - RC Aircraft - Hobby People
      Join the FPV Revolution! See what your plane sees! - Cached

      FPV Hobby - US Army FPV Airplane
      RC Radio; Receiver; RTU Wireless Cam. Transmitter; Information. Shipping; ... 150 cm Wingspan US Army FPV Airplane. Big and strong. Wood and covering film. $ Currency contact;

    Do you think RJ Reynolds is promoting more young people to try tobacco with their new dissoluvable products?
    Camel has several new products. One is Snus but those are chewing tobacco pouches. The newer ones were tested out last weekend during the Indy 500 along with 2 other sites and the release date isn't known yet.

    The dissolvable products -- a pellet (Camel Orbs), a twisted stick the size of a toothpick (Camel Sticks), and a film strip for the tongue (Camel Strips), are made from finely ground flavored tobacco. The products melt in the mouth within three to 30 minutes. RJR said the Strips melt fastest, the toothpick-like Sticks dissolve in about 10 minutes, and the pellet-size Orbs last the longest.

    The nicotine delivery of the products is said to be high: whereas a cigarette smoker typically takes in about 1 milligram of nicotine, the Camel Dissolvables are said to deliver about 0.6 to 3.1 mg of nicotine each.

    That's from this site:,_Camel_Orbs_and_Camel_Strips (this shows what they look like as well)

    Anti-tobacco organizations are strongly speaking out against these products saying they target kids and they reseamble candy like tic-tacs. Here's what they have to say:

    I'm 36 and have been smoking since 17. I wish I had never picked up a cigarette in the first place. I've tried to quit but just find it impossible. I'm also a recovering drug addict. In spite of the terrible withdrawls, it was easier to stop doing heroin than it is to give up smoking. The product does appeal to me as I can use them in airplanes and smoke-free environments. However, if enough teens and kids say that they would like to try these products then maybe they should NOT be available. Also, people forget but you can still get mouth cancer (which is deadly if not disfiguring and painful) even though you won't get lung cancer from them because you aren't inhaling the carcinogens. YOUR THOUGHTS???
    note-sorry for any misspellings, my spell check won't work lately!

    • ANSWER:
      It's a free market (theoretically). I find it irritating that people get away with suing tobacco companies over things like getting cancer. I mean it's a well known fact that smoking can and does cause cancer. If you want to risk getting it by smoking, that's fine, it's your body you do what you want with it. But take some personal responsibility for your actions. Be prepared to deal with the consequences of your actions.

      I smoked for about 10 years, about a pack a day. I didn't find quiting particularly difficulty. I just went cold turkey and exercised a little self-disipline. Frankly I don't see why people say it's hard to quit. If you just muster a little self restraint, anyone can do it.

      As for the new smokeless tobacco products; no matter what they do, the tobacco industry's products will always be demonized. People will always find something to piss and moan about. Again if people took more personal responsibility there wouldn't be a problem. Nobody puts a gun to your head and demands you use tobacco products.

    {Day 28} BHM Appreciation Thread.....The Finale pt. 1?
    Part 2 coming tomorrow..but today, I wanted to do a thread to salute the women who have left their footprints in black history, so sorry if I forget anyone big, im gonna try to compact all this

    Maya Angelou & Zora Neale Hurston…Angelou delivering some of the best pieces of literature in American History, including; And Still I rise, I know why the Caged Bird sing, I shall not be moved. And Zora Neale Hurston for her contributions to literature, including her most famous piece; Their Eyes Were Watching God..both these women should also be applauded for their role in Politics

    Josephine Baker, Dorothy Dandridge, Lena Horne… These 3 entertains rank as some of the most influential in black history. Baker, also known as the Black Venus, was the first African American woman to star in a major motion picture, and also contributed to the civil rights movement. Dorothy Dandridge was the first African American to appear at the Las Vegas frontier. She played roles in The Big Broadcast of 1936, Easy Street in 1941, and most notably; Carmen Jones in 1954. Lena Horne, still living, made her impact in films like “The Duke is Tops”, and also on the Broadway musical “The Wiz”, also contributed to the civil rights movement.

    Bessie Coleman, for being the first African American woman to become an airplane pilot, and also the first to hold an international pilot license, paving the way and making it possible for black women to follow in her footsteps if they desire.

    Althea Gibson..being the first African American woman to compete on the world tennis tour, she was a pioneer in sports for Black Women, breaking the color barrier in tennis.

    Harriet Tubman & Sojourner Truth…Tubman, born a slave, we all know her for the famous “Underground Railroad”, in which she helped free many slaves, but during her lifetime, she also fought for women’s suffrage. Sojourner was also born a slave, and a women’s right activist & abolitionist, her most famous speech being “Aint I a woman”

    Rosa Parks & Coretta Scott King..Rosa Parks, who would’ve thought her refusal to give up her seat on a bus would launch one of the biggest movements in black history, she remained an advocate for black rights in much of her lifetime, same as Coretta Scott King, who kept her husbands dream alive after his death

    Oprah Winfrey… of (if not the first) black woman to host her own talk show. She’s contributed to film, in movies like The Color Purple, but she’s gone on to become one of the most influential figures in modern day black history. She has her own book series, and has created foundations to help those less fortunate across the world, her show is watched daily in over 100 countries.

    These women are more than just names in a book, they are icons…All of their achievements rank with the best, but it doesn’t stop there…Black females are adding to Black History everyday, in fields of sports, entertainment, and politics, this is a salute to those who fought, and set the standards for the influential females of today.
    i was just trying to include the people who didnt get much talk this month

    • ANSWER:
      dammit ne/gro... Madam CJ Walker

      i remember reading their eyes were watching God... pretty good...

    I am trying to search for children's movies or cartoons that feature a child born premature & one with autism
    The cartoon or movies must feature a child born with the disability and it has to be separate shows

    • ANSWER:

      The Wizard
      Elementary School
      Rated: PG
      101 min.
      Corey (Fred Savage) kidnaps his autistic younger brother, Jimmy (Luke Edwards), to save him from impending institutionalization. They escape in the back of a twinkie van on their way to California and the chase is on: their father (Beau Bridges) and older brother (Christian Slater) want to bring them home, a bounty hunter is after Jimmy for the fee his mother and stepfather will pay. Along the way, the brothers join forces with Haley (Jenny Lewis), an extremely resourceful girl ("I know truckers - they got a code") on her own after the breakup of her own family. When they discover that Jimmy has an extraordinary talent for video games, they're off to the Nintendo world championship in California. Everything comes to a head at Video Armageddon. Jimmy's autistic symptoms include social withdrawal, limited use of language, obsession with California, repetitive actions.

      The Boy Who Could Fly
      Elementary School
      Rated: PG
      108 min.
      When her family moves to a new town, Millie befriends Eric. Eric is the autistic boy who lives next door with his alcoholic uncle Hugo since the death of his parents in an airplane crash. Eric spends a lot of time on his roof with his arms outstretched like an airplane, garnering him stays in the mental institution when his uncle Hugo goes on drinking binges. Despite his condition, Eric teaches everyone how far - and how high - faith can take them.

      backstreet dreams (1990)
      being there (1979)
      boy who could fly, the (1986)
      circle of children, a (1977) (tv film)
      david's mother (1994) (tv film)
      down in the delta (1998)
      family pictures (1993) (tv film)
      forrest gump (1994)
      george (1996)
      house of cards (1993)
      innocent, the (1994) (tv film)
      mercury rising (1998)
      molly (1999)
      nell (1994)
      pit, the (1981)
      rain man (1988)
      real rainman a portrait of an autistic savant (1995)
      relative fear (1994)
      run wild run free (1969)
      silence (1974)
      silent fall (1994)
      son-rise, a miracle of love (1979) (tv film)
      spoonface steinberg (1998)
      summer (1988)
      touch of truth (1994) (tv film)
      touched by love (1980)
      under the piano (1995) (tv film)
      what's eating gilbert grape (1993)
      when the bough breaks (1993)
      wild child, the (1969)
      wizard, the (1989)

    What EXACTLY do you think happened at the Rolling Stones Altamont incident?
    There are many accounts of what exactly happened in the events that led to the murder of Meredith Hunter.

    Do you think that there could be reasons that it happened (despite the immediate circumstances on the ground, or "directly involved in" the incident? One witness said:

    24 - Olga
    Sep 14, 2009 at 6:52 pm
    I was there also, all of sweet 16. By the time the Stones played, the huge mass of drugged out young people started pushing forward, there was no place to move. It was dusk and bonfires lit up around the hills like a scene out of hell when they began Sympathy for the Devil. Mick Jagger even said weird things happen when they play that song. Well DUH! Don Mclean was right when he wrote in Bye Bye Miss American Pie, "I saw Satan laughing with delight the day the music died". Most of us were churched kids back then, not realizing we were switching worship songs from Jesus to Lucifer and yes there was a blood sacrifice. After that California life got darker and people got more perverse, deeper into drugs, abuse and despair. Hunters blood flowed during the song, "Under my Thumb" and if you believe in Satan, that's exactly where he's had California's youth after that day when so many of us stopped believing in God.

    Read more:

    **Thanks for the answer. I have seen Gimme Shelter many times in my day (i'm 44). What I am getting at, is the question of, is it possible, like the commenter said....whatever the events that led to Hunter's death (he had a gun, he was with a white chick, the Angels were busting heads already...") Besides the events on the ground and in the fight, do you think it happened for a reason, like the commenter I posted implied.

    • ANSWER:
      What happened was:

      1. The Rollings Stones' collective ego ran amok. They wanted to have a free concert "to rival Woodstock", they wanted it filmed, and they wanted it released before Wooodstock's movie came out. The Stones were good at taking other peoples' ideas at that time, just ask the Beatles.

      2. The Grateful Dead suggested they hire Hell's Angels as security.

      3. Hell's Angels were duly hired, and paid with all the beer they could drink.

      4. Drunken, hopped-up Hell's Angels clash with stoned fans. One guy gets stabbed (he may or may not have provoked the attack, we'll never know. But many of others beaten up that day, including Marty Balin, singer for Jefferson Airplane, did not provoke the attacks)

      I actually happen to know the author of the article you linked personally; he's a moron. So take whatever the article says with a grain of sand. It certainly had nothing to do with Satan, if that's what you're getting at...

      Watch the movie; that's the best way to understand it.

    Please write a list of the best comedy movies?

    • ANSWER:
      Everybody has their favorite movie comedies, but if you want “the best,” a good place to start is with a list compiled by a large group of film lovers.
      The American Film Institute announced the 100 funniest American films, as selected by a blue-ribbon panel of leaders from across the film community, in 2000.

      Here is the AFI's top 10:

      1. “Some Like It Hot”
      2. “Tootsie”
      3. “Dr. Strangelove”
      4. “Annie Hall”
      5. “Duck Soup”
      6. “Blazing Saddles”
      7. “M*A*S*H”
      8. “It Happened One Night”
      9. “The Graduate”
      10. “Airplane!”

      AFI, a non-profit educational and cultural organization, distributed a ballot with 500 nominated comedy films to a jury of 1,800 leaders from the film community, including directors, screenwriters, actors, critics, historians and film executives.

      Here is a link to the list:

      Time Out London compiled a more recent list, publishing its selection of the “100 best comedy movies” in 2011. “This is Spinal Tap!,” which finished in 29th place on the AFI list, topped the Time Out list, which was chosen by “more than 200 people whose job it is to make you laugh," including comedy writers, comedy directors, comic actors and stand-up comedians.

      Here’s the Time Out top 10:

      1. "This Is Spinal Tap" (1984)
      2. "Airplane!" (1980)
      3. "Monty Python's Life of Brian" (1979)

      4. "Annie Hall" (1977)
      5. "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" (1975)
      6. "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy" (2004)
      7. "Withnail & I" (1987)
      8. "Groundhog Day" (1993)
      9. "Some Like it Hot" (1959)
      10. "The Jerk" (1979)

      Time Out London is a well-regarded, weekly listing magazine containing information about events in film, theater, fashion, literature and eating out.

      Here is a link to its comedy movie list:

      Another way to look at the question is by awards won. Only six comedies have won the Academy Award for Best Picture, according to Filmsite, a website under the umbrella of American Movie Classics, a cable television channel known for showing classic movies and creating shows such as “Mad Men.”

      Those movies are:

      “It Happened One Night” (1934)
      “You Can’t Take It With You” (1938)
      “Going My Way” (1944)
      “Tom Jones” (1963)
      “The Sting” (1973)
      “Annie Hall” (1977)

      Here's a link to the Filmsite page (once there, scroll down to the "Comedy Films" section):

      Looking at the three lists above, only one comedy won Best Picture and made the top 10 on the AFI and Time Out London lists: “Annie Hall.” Of course, there are many more lists of great comedies on the Internet. To find others, you could enter the phrase “lists of best comedy movies” (without the quote marks) in a search engine like Yahoo or Google.

      You might also consider going to your local library, which is not only likely to have many comedy classics available for free borrowing on DVDs and/or videocassettes, but also librarians who would be happy to help with any questions you might have.

      Happy viewing!

      Library student

    skydiving. please help?
    yeah i dont know what this means but i looked up skydiving and it said the rates are
    AFF: 250.00 USD
    S/L: 145.00 USD
    Tandem: 150.00 USD
    Video: 45.00 USD
    Jump Ticket: 14.00 USD to 10k ft

    yeah kinda confued please help

    • ANSWER:
      AFF is accelerated free fall. this is a training program to teach you how to skydive. you will take ground training courses and then jump with two jump masters and your own parachute. You will have time in free fall and then will be helped to land the parachute via radio instructions.

      S/L is static line, another training method where you exit the aircraft and your parachute is deployed by a static line. Very little if any free fall in this training method for a while. you get on progressively longer static lines and longer delays.

      Tandem is a jump were you will be connected to a tandem master. The tandem master is a highly experienced and highly trained skydiver. The two of you will go through free fall together and land under one parachute.

      Video - if you want video of your tandem or AFF jump it will cost you an extra for another experienced skydiver to jump with you and take video of the jump. They will be in free fall with you and can film the landing as well.

      The jump tickets prices are for experienced and licensed skydivers.

      There are a few websites you need to check out to get good info on skydiving. is the website of the United States Parachute Association, the governing body for sport parachuting in the United States. There is a list of member dropzones on the website along with all sorts of great info on the sport.

      The official site for the British Parachute Association is:
      The official site for the Canadian Parachute Association is:
      The official site for the Australian Parachute Federation is: is another great resource for everything about skydiving, including dropzones in the United States and the rest of the world, and some BASE too. is the web site for Brian Germain, one of the best people on the planet to get information on canopy flight from. is just fun and a good place to feel like you’re at the drop zone when you can’t physically be there. is the website for the top vertical relative work team right now. Arizona Arsenal won the 2007 USA Nationals.

      If you’re not sure about skydiving but want to fly you should look at the vertical wind tunnels. is the website for skyventure which operates many tunnels in the United States, Europe and Asia. I love flying in the tunnel. I don’t do it very much, I’d rather spend my money on skydives, but it is a great place to learn, work on my flying skills and just have a lot of fun!

      Make sure that you contact the drop zone you want to jump at directly. There are a few scams out there, one of which is 1800skyride. They will take your money and send you to any dropzone they want too but only about three dz’s in the country except skyride tickets. So please, please, please contact the dropzone directly.

      What does skydiving feel like? -- Freedom. For 45 to 60 seconds there is nothing but me, the air and my friends. Flying your body in the sky is the greatest feeling I have ever experienced. Flying and landing a parachute is a lot of fun too. I'd say it is kinda like driving a race car and landing an airplane all at once.

      For me I find relaxation in free fall. I know no better way to relax then jumping out of plane and back flying solo.

      It is very easy to breath in free fall. There is a lot of air up there. Being relaxed and just flying and having fun.

      By the way, if you are afraid of heights you have nothing to worry about for skydiving. After about 2000 feet of climb it will all look the same. When you are in free fall you do not have the feeling of falling because there is nothing to tell you how fast you are falling. Think about as driving down the interstate and looking at an overpass two miles away. You’re doing 100mph towards the overpass but it does not seem to be getting any closer until you’re right up on it. Same thing in skydiving, the ground is far enough away that there is no ground rush. It took me about 100 jumps before I could see the difference between 12000 feet, 7000 feet and 3000 feet.

      The length of a skydive depends on the type of skydive. a low altitude jump I may have 5 to 20 seconds of free fall. Full altitude I can have 45 to 60 seconds of free fall. If I’m free flying then less free fall because the speeds are higher. If I'm on my belly then more time because the speeds are lower. The canopy flight time depends on how you fly and the type of canopy. It can be anywhere from less than 60 seconds under canopy to 5 or 6 minutes for a normal jump.

      My first jump was a tandem and I don't remember being in the door, but I remember the rush and how i felt like i was floating during free fall. My first jump as a student I remember climbing out of the plane and getting the shake from my instructors telling me they are ready. I thought, "What the F am I doing?" then I just took a deep breath and gave the exit count. Letting go of the plane and starting the dive flow. What a rush! It was so much fun to fly my own body!

      Now when I jump I think about the next point to turn. I think about flying faster in a track. I watch my friends’ body position and try to help them get in a better position with hand signals or I get coaching from someone else and work on my body position. Under canopy I think about my set up points and how and where to enter the landing pattern and where I want to land. But more than anything I think about how much fun and wonderful this sport is.

      The tandem is a great jump. I’d get video too. I made one tandem in June of 2005. If you are looking at skydiving as a one time thing, something to check off your life’s to do list then go right for a tandem. If you know you want to be a skydiver right now then go for a tandem or start student training. Either is great. I started skydiving by going for a tandem, thinking it was a one time thing and loved it so much that I have made it a major part of my life. In August of 2005 I started student training (good info about student training at and got my license. I’ve been jumping as much as I can and have a few hundred jumps. I have earned the USPA Coach Rating and plan to continue to jump for fun and help teach others how to fly and be safe in the air. There is nothing better than flying your body through the sky with your friends. The canopy is a lot of fun to fly too. It only gets better and better. Every weekend seems to be more fun than the one before. You will get into the sport for the rush, but you stay because of the people. I love this sport and I sincerely hope that you’ll become a full time skydiver and I’ll be able to make some jumps with you at a boogie!

      Blue Skies! Black Death! And EFS!!!!

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