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    full script or treatment of a story?
    Good Morning Everyone.. I emailed a production agency about an idea I had and they said "Why don't you email me a full script or treatment for an idea you have so I can get a sense of your writing style".. What does that mean? Can I just email her a symposis of the story? Is there a particular formatt that I need to be writing in? This means alot to me, and I want to make sure it's perfect..

    • ANSWER:
      A treatment is just writing it in story form but it can be basic or elaborate. A full script is obviously writing a script in proper format usually using software like final draft. You also need to register your script, treatment, or whatever you have so far with WGA and the Library of Congress to protect yourself from anyone taking your material and running with it (leaving you out of a deal down the line and making your film without you). They may put it down mercilessly now and tell you that you have no talent, but 5 years from now you see a film that looks just like your concept... protect your material.


      Final Draft (get the free demo to try it out!)

      If you don't / can't get Final Draft look at examples here:

      Register your script & get more info:

      Writer's site:

      Seeing as they're interested in you, send them a good sized treatment or a full script. If you're not confident in scriptwriting and correct format then send a really nice treatment. At this point I think it would be a mistake to send a synopsis which would sound more like a pitch.

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