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    Where can I find free film editing software?
    I really need free film editing software, to put together a film I am making for school, but I would prefer it to be quite professional, as I have some idea's which I am not sure of how I am going to do them. I would like the program to let me be able to make custom opening and ending credits.
    (Please don't suggest Windows Movie Maker, I need a program to do a lot more sophisticated things than this)
    Thanks everyone!

    • ANSWER:
      You can use Adobe premier for this software you have to just register your name in adobe and login with your id and they will give access to download a trail version of adobe premier

      Check this link:

      Open source software
      [edit] Non-linear video editing software
      See also: List of free and open source software packages#Video editing

      * Arista Transcoder
      * AviSynth (Windows)
      * Blender 3D animation suite (cross-platform)
      * CineFX Formerly known as: Jashaka (introduced as "Jahshaka Reinvented") (Cross platform)
      * Cinelerra (Linux)
      * Ingex (Linux)
      * Kdenlive (Linux/Mac OS X/FreeBSD)
      * Kino (Linux)
      * LiVES (Linux/BSD/IRIX/Mac OS X/Darwin)
      * Open Movie Editor (Linux)
      * OpenShot Video Editor (Linux)
      * PiTiVi (Linux)
      * Transmageddon
      * VLMC VideoLan Movie Creator (Pre-alpha)

      [edit] Video encoding and conversion tools

      * Arista Transcoder
      * Avidemux (cross-platform)
      * Cuttermaran
      * FFmpeg
      * Gordian Knot
      * HandBrake
      * Ingex (Linux)
      * MEncoder
      * MP4Box
      * Nandub
      * ppmtompeg MPEG-1 encoder, part of netpbm package.
      * RAD Game Tools Bink and Smacker
      * Thoggen (Linux)
      * Transmageddon
      * VirtualDub (Windows)
      * VirtualDubMod (Windows) (based on VirtualDub, but with additional input/output formats)
      * VLC Media Player (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)

      Proprietary Software
      [edit] Non-linear video editing software

      * Adobe Systems
      o Premiere Elements (Windows)
      o Premiere Pro (Windows, Mac OS X)
      o Encore (Windows, Mac OS X)
      o After Effects (Windows, Mac OS X)
      o Adobe Premiere Express (Adobe Flash Player)
      * Apple Inc.
      o Final Cut Express (Mac OS X)
      o Final Cut Pro (Mac OS X)
      o iMovie (Mac OS X)
      * ArcSoft ShowBiz (discontinued)
      * AVS Video Editor (Windows)
      * Autodesk Discreet Smoke and Discreet Fire (Linux, IRIX)
      * Avid Technology
      o Avid DS (Windows)
      o Media Composer (Windows, Mac OS X)
      o Avid NewsCutter
      o Avid Symphony (Windows, Mac OS X)
      o Xpress Pro (discontinued)
      * CyberLink PowerDirector (Windows)
      * Edius from Thomson Grass Valley, formerly Canopus Corporation (Windows)
      * FORscene (Java on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
      * Lightworks (Custom hardware)
      * Magix
      o Video easy
      o Movie Edit Pro
      o Video Pro X
      * Media 100
      o HD Suite (Mac OS X)
      o HDe (Mac OS X)
      o SDe (Mac OS X)
      o Producer (Mac OS X)
      o Producer Suite (Mac OS X)
      * Mediaware
      o MPEG editXpress (Windows)
      * Montage Extreme (Windows)
      * movavi
      * muvee Technologies
      o muvee Reveal 8.0 (Windows)
      o muvee autoProducer 6.0 (Windows)
      * Nero Vision (Windows)
      * NewTek
      o Video Toaster (Windows, hardware suite)
      * Pinnacle Studio (Windows)
      * Quantel
      o iQ (Windows)
      o eQ (Windows)
      o sQ (Windows)
      o Newsbox (Windows)
      * Roxio
      o Creator and MyDVD (Windows)
      o Toast (Mac)
      * Serif MoviePlus (Windows)
      * SGO Mistika (Linux)
      * Sony Creative Software
      o Sony Vegas Movie Studio (Windows)
      o Sony Vegas Pro (Windows)
      * Ulead Systems (now Corel)
      o VideoStudio (Windows)
      o MediaStudio Pro (discontinued)
      * Windows Movie Maker (Windows)
      * Windows Live Movie Maker (Windows)
      * Womble Multimedia
      o MPEG Video Wizard DVD(Windows)
      o MPEG Video Wizard (Windows)
      o MPEG-VCR (Windows)
      * Clesh (Java on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
      * Manual Shake Smoother (Windows) from Unisoftlab
      Video encoding and conversion tools

      * MPEG Video Wizard DVD (Windows)
      * AVS Video Converter (Windows)
      * Cinema Craft Encoder (MS Windows)
      * Apple Compressor (Mac OS X)
      * Cyberlink MediaShow Espresso (Windows)
      * Desktop Uploader (Windows, Mac OS X)
      * iCR from Snell & Wilcox (Windows)
      * NCH Software Prism Video Converter (Mac OS X, Windows)
      * On2 Flix (Mac OS X, Windows)
      * ProCoder from Thomson Grass Valley, formerly Canopus Corporation (MS Windows)
      * Apple QuickTime Pro (Mac OS X, Windows)
      * Roxio Easy Media Creator
      * Sorenson Squeeze
      * Telestream Episode (Mac OS X, Windows)
      * Total Video Converter (Windows) from EffectMatrix
      * TMPGEnc (Windows)
      * Ulead Photo Explorer (Windows)
      * Video Editor for Mac (Mac OS X)
      * Video Converter Ultimate (Windows, Mac OS X)
      * VideoLab (Windows)

    Where can i get free screen filming software?
    I want to film my computer screen (like a screenshot but in video) and need some software to do it with.

    • ANSWER:
      camstudio or tipcam

      if they aren't suitable, try autoscreen recorder free

    What websites can you get free films online?
    I was wondering if there are any websites where you can watch films for free without having to fill in any details for a competition and I mean a website with a lot of films not just a few

    • ANSWER:
      if you're looking for a series there is

    What's the best website to watch free films off and what's the best place to get free music off?
    Pirate bay has been blocked, do what's a really good version like that? (for music)

    And I really want to watch some films, such as scary films and also films like Up

    • ANSWER:
      Fill this form out bro, and I will send you a link to dl whatever you want.

    what are the best websites to download free films?
    i want some new films to watch, i'd prefer to download them instead of watching them online. & i don't really want to become a member of anything?

    any sites youve heard about/used would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      OK! I know the answer. U can also download blu-ray movies. Ok. first of all, download a torrent software thingy. For example VUZE or Utorrent. There both good. Then, after u install it, go to either:

      and seach in the box for what movies u want (u can even download software or games etc. u can download ANYTHING and u can get ANY movie). Then download the torrent file which then opens up on ur torrent software. Then it starts downloading and ur download will automatically go to the Downloads folder:)

      P.S! Dont forget to check the comments on the torrent to see if theres any viruses! If it dont say it just download it:D

    What website is the best to watch free good quality stream movies that has all of the latest films?
    I would like to know good websites that have easy access to free, good quality, new films, thanks

    • ANSWER:
      good quality movies huh.
      there are many others but your best chance of finding the latest movies are to look on, it searches all movie websites for the one you search for if they have it, it gives you the direct link to the movie. (only for the U.S.A)

    What is the best *FREE* film grain reducing softwear for photo editing?
    I need to be able to reduce film grain on a photo i took in the dark without a flash.
    Can anybody recommend any easy to use simple soft wear which reduces film grain?
    please help.

    • ANSWER:
      reminder to use copy or save as copy from original,
      altering or changing of images will occur,

      you can try gimp with plugins for noise,
      Gimp ~image editor,
      Wavelet denoise
      G'MIC : GREYC's Magic Image Converter

      there is Imagenomic - Noiseware Community Edition ~free version

      Adptools > DenoiseMyImage free version

      Helicon Filter -free version

      ImageJ with denoise plugins

      RotAndStack type tool is for set of images, to compare and remove noise anomalies,
      Iris software

    what is the best way to promote a new business for free?
    I have recently started up a new business (making videos, all sorts from wedding - music videos)

    I wondered what the best way to get the ball rolling would be?

    I have tried adding it onto search engines but all the ones I have found charge you! I would quite like to find a way (as im sure we all would) of getting the name out there for free!!

    Please help!


    • ANSWER:
      build a website, it can be very basic html pages that you can learn to do yourself or hire someone else to do it - any of your friends program?? optimize your site so you show up organically on search engines.

      publish your work on youtube (make sure you have your contact info and website on the video), submit to google videos or any other website that hosts videos.

      join networking communities in your area. i'm from philadelphia so i just googled 'video film community philadelphia' and some great websites and organizations came up:,, etc

    Can someone help me find a local film project I can participate in during the summer?
    I used to be part of a student film project one year ago and it went very well for me. It was a great opportunity and in Portland. But now its over and I want to do another project like that over the summer. I've been searching the internet and I can't find any locally that I can afford to be in because they charge fees. I want to be in a project that I can do during the summer and is located in Portland, Oregon. Any kind of help would be appreciated greatly.

    • ANSWER:
      you can volunteer at a few of the film production companies, tell them you want to be a PA (production assistant) or whatever else you can do to help out. I know Portland has some good companies, check food chain films, picture this productions, limbo films, OMPA guide book will give you a list of all the registered production companies here is the link to the companies
      then just a matter of getting your foot in the door. Wont cost you anything, most likely you will work for free on one or two shoots, then average PA rate is around 150-200 day after that.
      Good Luck!!

    what are the best free video editors and effects software?
    i want a free video editor for film, but i want it to be halfway decent.

    i also want to be able to use masking and things but pay a very low price. whats the cheapest editor like that, free would be best?

    • ANSWER:
      There's several editors you can use....

      Take a look at the tutorials for Windows Movie Maker at - it may be WMM is all you need. It really is foolproof except that it's picky in what file formats it takes and the lack of native support for multiple video and audio tracks are a definite disadvantage (but there are workarounds).

      The version 2 series were probably the most versatile, you can find them here - - but you'll have problems installing the older versions on Windows 7. Windows Live Movie Maker is still good, but not so versatile.

      Other free video editors are...

      Wax - - this is also a compositor - a bit like Adobe's After Effects - - unlimited video and audio tracks
      VideoLAN Movie Creator - - up to 64 audio and video tracks
      TrakAxPC -
      VideoSpin - - just 1 video track so you may as well use WMM
      VideoPad - the free version -
      Lightworks - - I like this one - unlimited tracks ?
      Serif MoviePlus - - unlimited tracks ?
      Ezvid - - 32 video and audio tracks

      Another is Zwei-Stein. This is a good editor but I found the interface to be absolutely horrible.

      VirtualDub, RAD Video tools, AVITricks and Avidemux are also good tools you should look at. Although not full editors like the others they have some useful features.

      Lightworks and Wax together are a very good video editing system for free.

      All are safe, at least from the sites I've linked to.

      If you want to spend some money then there are reviews of 14 video editors under 0 at

      More costly are video editors like Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere. Both of which are very good. Premiere is probably more advanced but harder to learn everything it can do.

    How can my husband build a web site to display film scripts he has written?
    He has finished his sixth feature-film script and wants to display all of them on a web site that would allow a viewer to read and download them...He's not worried about theft since they are all registered with the National Screenwriters Guild (West), a common practice. He has registered a domain name and bought a do-it-yourself website kit, but realizes he's way out of his league. He's a "techno-dummy," in his own words.

    • ANSWER:
      I sure hope you mean Writer's Guild of America is who he is registered with, because if not, some wannabe company has your husbands material.

      I would actually tell him he is wasting his money building a site of his own, because there are several others out there that he can post each script, safely and securely, without spending a dime.

      The above is a brand new site, dedicated to reducing the consumption of paper in Hollywood. Your husband can create a free account and post all of his material. Producers and Agents will have to pay to use the site and view the material, but it will always be free for the screenwriter.

    Is there a program that can film what you are doing on your screen?
    Ok so i want to be able to film what I am doing on my screen and I found this program but It doesn't work on my macbook.
    I want a free program so I can film my screen.
    Does anyone know of another program that may do so?

    • ANSWER:
      There's a great screen recording program called Screenjelly ( that lets you record a video of your screen from a browser window and then share it with your friends through Facebook or other social networking sites.

      Oh, it's also free :)

    where can I find a free newspaper archieve?
    I'm trying to find the grave of my great grandfather. Where can I find a free, no subscription needed newspaper archieve. He died in 1948 in Seattle, WA.

    • ANSWER:
      You won't find 1948 newspapers from Seattle online. You'll have a couple of options. One is to go to the library and pull the newspaper films from that month and flip through until you find it. The other is to visit the King County GenWeb site and find a volunteer who will go pull it for you. There is much more genealogy offline than there is online. Hook into GenWeb and you'll find your search much easier.

    Is there a site where you can watch English movie free online which is not pirated?
    Well,I have been looking for some good sites to watch English movies online for free,without surveys and the movie is not pirated.Pls recommend a site which you or someone you know uses.

    PS:If you are going to tell things like its illegal and stuff please don't mind answering.

    • ANSWER:
      Internet Movie Database


    How do you unload film from an Olympus OM-1 35 mm film camera?
    I know how to load it but not unload. The last time i tried i ripped the film out of the cartridge.

    • ANSWER:
      Hey Nicole, if you ripped the film out of the cartridge, both you and possibly the camera are at fault. The camera's advance should lock up at a certain tension at the end of the roll, not allowing you to rip the film. If this is not working, the camera needs to be sent to a repair shop for a Clean Lube and Adjust. And be sure to tell them about this problem. will do this for around 0.

      The way you are at fault is for forcing the camera. When I was growing up, my dad always told me not to force things when they aren't working (turns out that's good advice for life in general, not just technical things!) When you felt that much tension on the advance lever, you should have not forced it, looked at your frame counter and see, oh, I'm out of film!

      So two lessons there.

      Next lessons can be taught in the manual for the camera:

      and a basic 35mm photography guide:

      Without having read both of these manuals, you're going to have far too many questions as you continue shooting for all of us to answer here! So educate yourself, and then ask detailed questions if you still have some. And feel free to email me any tyme, with anything film related at

      Anyway, to unload:

      1--rotate the rewind knob on the top front of the camera
      2--open the rewind crank on the rewind knob
      3--rotate the rewind crank in the direction of the arrow on the inside of the rewind crank, you may want to hold the rewind button down, sometymes they will release before you finish rewinding
      4--wait until you hear/feel the film get sucked all the way into the canister and then pull up on the rewind knob to open the door
      5--remove the film

      If you ever rip your film while rewinding, it's a good idea to have a film changing bag on hand. I carry a very small one in my camera bag and have a nice, large one at home for processing. If something goes wrong such as I rip my film as you did, I can remove the film and load it into an empty, reusable 35mm cartridge (another thing you should keep on hand.) Then the film could be taken to a professional lab and processed normally without much harm (besides the ripped frames!)

      Good luck! Take care of that OM-1 and learn to use it well!

    Where can I download the Reefer Madness Script for free?
    Not for either of the films, but for the Off-Broadway musical that the 2005 film is based off of.

    • ANSWER:
      Try: OR and type in the show you are looking for.

      Good luck!

    What are some of your favorite horror/slasher films?
    I love horror and slasher films - even the silly ones and remakes. I'm always looking for new ones to see - both good ones and campy/silly ones.

    What are some you've seen that you would recommend?

    • ANSWER:
      All 3 Evil Dead films (more the first two though)
      - If you liked them, Bubba Ho-Tep and maybe My Name is Bruce
      All 3 Re-animator films
      Braindead (called Dead Alive if you're in the US)
      Texas Chain Saw Massacre (original)
      Hellraiser 1 and 2
      Pet Sematary
      Black Christmas (original)

      Some of them are a bit silly, but for more silliness, try Troll 2 or Satan's Little Helper.

      And if you're into older ones, you could try The House on Haunted Hill with Vincent Price. It's public domain now, so can be watched online or downloaded for free legally here:

    What is the best website to see free movies online or download them?
    I need to watch the pit and the pendelum filmed in 1961

    • ANSWER:

    Cheapest way to get 35mm film pictures onto the computer?
    I normally go to wallgreens and I get the negatives and the pictures onto a cd for 10$ but 10$ each roll of film really adds up. Is there a cheaper easy way to get my film pics onto the computer?? Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Get them developed, no prints, just the negatives, and scan the film yourself. Obviously you'll need to buy a scanner that can scan film, but over time - it will pay for itself.

      There is absolutely no need to buy expensive software like Adobe Photoshop CS5. You could edit the scans if you need to with GIMP, which is free - if you need to scan at higher bit depths then you could always get some free software such as Photivo to do the main editing, and any pixel level editing could be done in GIMP once you convert to an 8bit image.

    how much should I sell my n65 film camera for?
    Its a film camera with a samsonite bag, a good lense and manual, that has been used only about five times and is in good condition.
    Im putting it up on ebay. should i put it up for only three days or seven. i dont think people even see it until about the second day because it shows the cameras with the time ending soonest first.
    Iooked on ebay already and i saw prices ranging from 2 to like so i dont know what to do.

    • ANSWER:
      Checking my local Craigslist, I found an N65 with a Quantaray 75-300mm zoom for . Checking the SF Bay area Craigslist, I find them listed from to 0.

      Unless you really want to risk getting stuck with a low reserve price and enjoy paying fees, I'd suggest using your local Craigslist for free ads. As for price, you might post some ads at the local high school or community college where they have photography classes.

      The N65 is a nice little film camera and is a good value. I still have mine. :)

    Is there anywhere to download free stock footage of a car?
    I just need a short clip of a car driving down a road. Is there any (preferably royalty free) place to download this?

    • ANSWER:
      Try these creative commons and public domain sites...

      The Creative Commons site will search Blip and Spin Express for you -

      Other places are...

      Penn State University has a nice collection of public domain material -

      AV Geeks has 20,000 films -

      VJ Loops may have something useful -

      WGBH TV - has free video clips -

      Public Domain Flicks -

      Open-Source Movies -

    What websites offer free movies, which i can watch on my Mac?
    Im looking for websites where i can watch movies without having to complete surveys and the films are high quality!

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch totally free and in your browser at:

      Surf The Channel



    What are some of the best computer screen filming software?
    Im looking for some software that will film my screen and record my voice. The software needs to be good quality, and i would prefer HD. I want the videos to be smooth. Ive tired some free software that was pretty laggy and choppy in the play back. The main use of this software will be making gaming videos. if you know of any free software that fits this that would be great, but i dont think there is so ones that cost money are great too.

    • ANSWER:
      There are some very good free ones...

      BB FlashBack Express - - good screen video capture program. Captures to AVI and SWF formats. The problem with this one is it puts a halo around the screen cursor which cannot be removed.

      Expression Encoder - - An advanced audio/video-encoding and live-broadcasting application. A huge program but the video capture is great. Captures to WMV format. The free version is good enough for most things but can only record 10 minutes at a time. The full program is 0 but it really is a good program.

      Screen to Video - - great screen video capture program. Can capture screens to AVI, SWF, FLA and WMV formats. My favorite free recorder.

      Wink - - A tutorial and presentation creation software. The screen capture is great. Captures to SWF format.

      The most common free one is CamStudio - - but I stopped using it some time ago after I found it could not capture subtle gradients and even changed some screen colors. It was was seaching for a replacement for that that I chose the previous 4 as good replacements.

      Camtasia - - is just great. The reason being it can handle all sorts of screen recording - especially from commercial video which some other programs have problems with. This is not a free program (0).

      Fraps and Bandicam are OK, but use a lot of resources but both are less than .

    What free software can I use to record something on my screen with sound?
    So I want to record a few things on my laptop (Macbook) and I want to record the sound (not the microphone) as well on the computer but I haven't found a software that does that yet. I want something that can film average quality with sound. Preferably a free software or something that you can do a trial period with. Answers appreciated.

    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:

      These are my favorites :)

    Do I need to film in a studio or can I do it from home?
    I am making an educational video. Do I need to rent a studio or can I film in my home. I do not need a lot of space. Just a green screen in the back!

    • ANSWER:
      The real question is if you can light your subjects well. None of them will work if you don't use good lighting and right camera setting. You can ask a Director of Photography to do it for you at home and cut so much of your precious budget from the location expenses which you can use for more important things (as in cast and crew transportation, props to make your picture look good, nice costumes for the cast, all of which,will make your video more interesting)
      You can just post a free ad on (in the link for your city) or the local colleges or film schools. There are always very talented people who are willing to do it for free and use the experience in their resume.

    How do I get films from youtube and compile them?
    I really, really need it for a project.

    We need to get a documentary. The only cheap and free place I can find any is from Youtube, but they're in pieces, 5 specifically.

    First, how do I get it from Youtube?
    Second, how do I compile them? Is Moviemaker enough?
    Third, if I get it from Youtube, will it be readable in Mediaplayer?

    If not, how do I reformat THAT?

    thanks. please save my grade!

    • ANSWER:
      this will help you ................. Try " " (quickest and easiest way)

      - Simple follow through guide>

      Its totally free, web-based, requires no software downloads and allows you to chose between high quality -MP4 and low quality-FLV.

      Here are the steps:

      Downloading the video
      1. Download the video from (preferable in HD/HQ MP4)

      Converting into the correct formats
      2. Now use the ABCC free converter to convert the videos into AVI or MPEG or leave it as MP4 (sometimes doesn't work with MP4 but works better with AVI and MPEG)

      Joining the media with a video joiner
      3. Now use a free media joiner to join the videos
      - -converts a range of formats-

      You will be able to view it in Windows Media Player
      or the

      All the listed software are free - (un-like zillatube)/ software has been tested

    What video and photo editing programs work best for my budget?
    I have a decent camera not a special one, and I REALLY good video camera (films in HD). What programs are good for these? I mostly want it for green screening. I currently have the windows programs and want to upgrade. I'm only 15 so I only want to spend like a small amount so no programs

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry but you aren't going to find any decent programs with such a small budget. However, there are a couple of free image editors you can get. The Gimp is the best one, it's the most like full Photoshop. You can find it at Another good one that's simpler and easier to use is at

      I don't know of any good free video editors with Green Screen, but someone else might. DO NOT try to get anything for free that isn't free (pirated).

    Where online can I find free suspenseful sound effects?
    I have a media studies project underway.
    We get 3 periods - one to plan, one to film and one to edit.

    So time is of the essence.
    I'm converting the 3 little pigs into a horror film.

    So I need that eerie suspenseful music with the sudden 'ZHOOM' in them that scare you out of your pants, so to speak.

    At least I need eerie music.

    • ANSWER:
      Here are some free sample websites: (bunch of different things, pretty awesome) (sound effects/ samples) (this is a list of different sample sites)

      and then theres where people all over the world upload clips of songs, people talking, ANYTHING. im sure you can find some great suspenseful string on this site, id go here first. of course youll have to register, but its free and they dont send you a crap-load of annoying emails.

      and for the 'ZHOOM' (zoom?) part, id probably just cut the sound over to whats called a hit, or an orchestral hit.

      good luck!!

    What is another free movie editor besides movie maker for windows?
    Trying to enter a film in this festival and need to start editing

    • ANSWER:
      There's VirtualDub.

    I want to create a website on my own documentaries of animals, where to start?
    I have a passion for animals and I am 19. I go around filming wildlife in nature somewhat to what Steve Irwin did and in the past I've raised money to go to certain areas of wildlife need. I am interested in making a website for my pictures, filmings, and my own findings of animals but also in combination with my artistic wifes painting and creations. I would eventually in the future life to become a big activist for wildlife. My main question is once the website is created and updated, how do I go about advertising and gaining an audience; where do I start? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      First you need to create a website and then just start adding great content. Thats the best way to gain an audience. It just takes some time. After a few weeks Google and other search engines will start to index your website, so people can find you organically just by searching through Google. You just need to create a website and add a few pages of content for starters and build on that.

      In order to create a website you just need:

      1. A domain name (like
      2. Web Hosting (the place where your actual website files are hosted)
      3. A way to build your website (either manually if you know HTML and CSS, by paying someone, by using a built in website builder from your web host, or by installing WordPress or similar CMS software).

      Most modern web hosts include all three, so all you need to build a website like is to get web hosting.

      I recommend one of these:

      iPage is currently on 63% sale for just .95/month!

      Their hosting plan includes:
      - Free domain name (.com, .net, .org)
      - Unlimited storage and bandwidth
      - Unlimited email addresses per domain name

      They include a free point & click online site builder, so you can create your website without any programming (easy, just by drag and drop) or you can install WordPress (they include an easy, one click install of WordPress from their control panel), choose a theme that you like, and start adding content.

      They also have a great custom control panel with OneClick installs of all the popular software like WordPress, Joomla, Forums, Chat, Galleries, Online stores and a lot more.

      P.S. They also include free advertising credits (0 for Google AdWords, for Facebook, and for Yahoo/Bing), so you can advertise your website for free.

    What is the best freeware you can use to convert downloaded AVI files to a disc?
    I want to convert some films on my computer to dvd's, what is the best way to do that?

    • ANSWER:
      There is the best software called Aimersoft Video to DVD Converter, which converts AVI files to dvd disc easily and quickly~.
      On one hand,it supports avi,mp4,mpeg,3gp,wmv,asf,rm,rmvb,dat,mov,mod,tod,flv and even most HD formats like mkv files,flv(Youtube),m2ts,tp and trp.
      On the other hand,it supports the disc of DVD-r, DVD+r, DVD-rw, DVD+rw, DVD+r dl, DVD-r dl,DVD-ram,DVD–5 and DVD–9.
      What's more,you can customize the video by trimming, cropping and setting background music,button,menu template,slideshow transition effect...(~ o ~)~zZ
      If you wanna learn more info or take a free try, you canvisit the link->

    How can i get a scholarship for study in Australia or UK in film direction course?
    i want to be a great film director ever. but still i have no money like all great people of histroy. but i am trying to get admission in film direction course in US or UK or Australia or Canada.

    • ANSWER: -------> International Students on the web <------- --->Great search engine and information site for everything <--- --> Dept. of Education for any questions<-- 1 800 FREE 411 This is free from any phone including cell phone in the US.

    What editing software to use for taking a bunch of clips out of longer videos and put them together?
    I use a Gopro when driving motocross, and want to put the "highlights" together. The films are about 20-40 minutes long and i want to take out bits of maybe 10-15 secs and put them together ?
    What will be the easiest way of doing this ? A tutorial of some sort would be great !

    The Camera is a Gopro Hero HD 2 and i shoot in 720p and 60 fps. If this matters.
    Thanks !

    • ANSWER:
      Nearly every video editor ever made can do this - that's what they do.

      How the various editors visualize what you're doing is different though.

      In editors like Windows Movie Maker you import the longer video into your project. You can preview it and split the video into chunks which appears as separate pieces of file. You then drag those down to the timeline and put them together.

      In others, like Adobe Premiere, you import the longer video into the project then in the preview pane add in and out markers. When you drag the video from the preview pane into the timeline only that part between the markers is used. You can add the longer original video to the preview and add more markers as many times as you like.

      Once you've got your viedeo clips put together and added your transitions, effects and titles you then render the finished video. All this means is that the editor takes all the clips and creates a ingle new video file. This is very intensive work for a computer and if you're using an older or middling one, this could take a while.

      You can upload that file to Youtube or whatever or even burn it onto a DVD that you can watch using a TV. This usually means another piece of sofware that is capable of DVD authoring. Again these range from free like Windows DVD Maker and DVDFlick to the 0 Adobe Encore.

      If you go to you'll see a whole bunch of videos (11 of them) of a guy in a solo concert. All of those came from a single video file that was originally over an hour in length.

      The Opal Book Club, The Bronconator, and My Beautiful SUV (one of my hobbies is off-road driving) are made from multiple video files that were edited together.

      If you want to explore video editing then there's no reason to spend anything as there are some very good free editors around. Most compete very well with the sub-0 commercial software.

      Take a look at the tutorials for Windows Movie Maker at - it may be WMM is all you need. It really is foolproof except that it's picky in what file formats it takes and the lack of native support for multiple video and audio tracks are a definite disadvantage (but there are workarounds)

      The version 2 series were probably the most versatile, you can find them here - - but you'll have problems installing the older versions on Windows 7.

      Other free video editors are...

      Wax - - this is also a compositor - a bit like Adobe's After Effects - - unlimited video and audio tracks
      VideoLAN Movie Creator - - up to 64 audio and video tracks
      TrakAxPC -
      VideoSpin - - just 1 video track so you may as well use WMM
      VideoPad - the free version -
      Lightworks - - I like this one - unlimited tracks ?
      Serif MoviePlus - - unlimited tracks ?
      Ezvid - - 32 video and audio tracks

      VirtualDub, RAD Video tools, AVITricks and Avidemux are also good tools you should look at. Although not full editors like the others they have some useful features.

      Lightworks and Wax together are a very good video editing system for free.

      All are safe, at least from the sites I've linked to.

      If you want to spend a little more then there's reviews of 14 editors under 0 at

      Once you've explored the basics and think you've reached the end of what you can do with the free or low cost editors then there's software like Sony Vegas (0) and Adobe Premiere and After Effects (,700)

    What films/tv shows can you copy and burn onto DVD and sell?
    A friend of mine apparently found a few films and TV shows from the 'black and white' era where the copyright was done in such a way where it made it legal to burn copies of them onto dvds and sell them on.
    A) Is this possible?
    B) If so Why?
    C) What examples of this are there?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes it possible and many make money off it such as movies like McLintock! (1963) being one of the best examples
      When a Copyright expires and no one renews it the film is called "Public Domain"
      This site is the best one for good videos*publicdomain*%29%20AND%20mediatype%3Amovies
      another example

      Just do a search of 'Public Domain movies' and you will see a lot of films that are free and legal to download and some sell them yet there are some legal hurdles you have when you release them.

    What is the length of film, in inches, that is the legal amount to use in a documentary for free?
    i was told that the right to citation for film was previously measured by the number of inches used from the film strip as with music where the requirement is seconds.

    • ANSWER:


      Fair Use.

    I need to know of a website that lets you find acting auditions free?
    I dont want to pay. I need it to tell me where also. And i would like to know for film acting stage acting and singing please.

    • ANSWER:
      Acting is a business and you have to make investments.

      Here are THE ONLY LEGIT online sites that you can get work from:

      In LA: (they have a weekly newspaper that you can get at stores that lists castings)

      In NY:
      -NYCASTINGS.COM (they have a weekly newspaper that you can get at stores that lists castings)

      Other markets:

      Free but proceed with Caution:


      Know that you're ONLY going to see at most 30% of the work out there. ONLY agents have access to the serious jobs or the other 70%.

      To get an agent, you need to get GREAT headshots, a good resume, and training from the best. These are enough to get you a commercial agent at least. Getting a GOOD theatrical agent (Film/tv) takes longer. Most good theatrical agents won't see you unless you're SAG, have a polished resume, and a demo reel. Commercial agents are more lenient about that. What the best Commercial agents want to see on your resume are good commercial classes, improv, and cold reading.

      You can get an agent multiple ways. Here are a few common ways:
      -Mail in an unsealed manilla envelope with a CONCISE coverletter and headshot with the resume stapled on the back. If you have a demoreel include that too.
      -Attend a showcase and impress them. By showcase I do not mean scammy conventions like IMTA, IPOP, Proscout, or Best New Talent. I mean legit ones like at Actor Connection, Reel pros, Network Studios, etc.
      -Get a referral from a friend who is with the agency that you're interested in

      -Email them unless they tell you to. IT'S UNPROFESSIONAL!
      -Call unless they tell you to. ALSO UNPROFESSIONAL!
      -Walk in and ask for a meeting. UNPROFESSIONAL THREE!
      -Sign with them if they ask for upfront money, make you take new photos with THEIR photographer, or take THEIR classes. Agent's ONLY make money when you do. Agents usually make 10% on film/tv and commercials and 20% on commercial print.

      Look up LEGIT agencies here:

      Sample Resume:

      Avoiding BAD Headshots:

    What software can be used to identify the math (similarities) between the two photos?
    In detective films, I see people can work out the similarties, the rate of match between the two photos of a person? What specific software can be used to do that?
    Can u let me know the name of this software?

    • ANSWER:
      Image processing software
      You do not get it for free

      MYITCAREER. ORG Has Good Collection Of Computer Tutorials,Interview Question Answer

    How do you film computer game play without a camera?
    I have a Windows XP and I'm trying to film some Need for Speed game play. I don't want to use a camera, and I don't wanna pay for any software although free software would be fine. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I used both of those above files and they are decent screen recorders. I use Camstudio's camera. I know Hypercam has an annoying thing in the corner if you use it. If you pay the thing goes away, but Camstudio is free with no marks.

    How can i unlock Nintendo wii - Is Homebrew installer works?
    I want watch films and play backup games with my wii.I have heard that i can unlock with Homebrew installer software.

    • ANSWER:
      remember now kids, if you paid for anything, you got scammed and should demand your money back immediately.

      Its all free and there is no need to buy any addition crap other than an SD card. Just do a quick youtube search with something like Wii Hombrew Install if you need a video tutorial

      also check out We Hack Wii

    How to make a short film using drawing programs?
    I have to do a 5 minute presentation for my masters degree on the application of Environmental ethics on sharks and I've decided I'd like to do it via film. I don't want to use a camera and film or anything, I just want to make a very simple stick figure/playdo/interactive slide show like film with my narration over the top. Basically I want to make a cartoon. What free programs are available that allow me to do this?

    • ANSWER:
      There are many ways that you can animate with many softwares but some may require knowledge in how to use them correctly. I suggest getting a trial version of Adobe Flash as this will have the most functionality and the most help available to you. The software is used by professionals so if used correctly you can certainly impress for your masters, it will also allow you to overlay sound.

      Pencil Animate have a very simple software that could also be used for making a simple stick man animation

      Good Luck

    How do you change an RAR file into one that is accepted on windows media player?
    Hi, i have a film on my computer but its an RAR file and is not accepted on media player. Is there a way to convert it into one that is playable?? Also would this type of file be playable on an ipod (4th generation)?
    Thanks x

    • ANSWER:
      I use 7zip to open rar files. It is easy to use and free. You won't know for sure what kind of file the film is until you open it. To play on an ipod it would have to be an mpeg4. Chances are it is an avi file, just a guess, and there is a program called Videora that will convert that too. Videora is easy to use also and is free. Here are the links. Hope this helps. Good Luck.

    How to hold an open casting call?
    I need some actors for a short film my friends and I are shooting during the summer. We've already gotten some of our friends cast but we need more people.How do I put the word out that we're holding an open casting call? What info do I put? Where can I put it up? How do I audition people?
    Sorry, I live in the US.

    • ANSWER:
      Here are the steps on hosting an Open Call.

      1) Create a list of breakdowns (description of characters that you are still looking for).

      Here is an example:

      "DETECTIVE TOM" - Any Ethnicity. Male. 40-50. Not balding. Dark Hair. Not skinny, not too heavy. He is an obsessive, nerdy, borderline-autistic who had his lunch money stolen as a child and is now taking it out on the bank robbers.

      2) Depends on where you want to host the Open Audition. If you have access to an empty studio, a class room at school, that would be ideal. Otherwise, you can yahoo-search any Dance/Acting studios that's local to the area for rental. Determine the Date(s) and Time that you want to do the Open Audition.

      3) Creating an Open Casting Call Note. On your note, you should include a brief description of your project, the story line, compensation, production dates and production location, and open call date, time, and location. Then after that, you should list the character breakdowns that you are looking for.

      Here is an example:

      Open Casting Call for Short Film “Thanks Mom”

      "Thanks Mom" it is a film that tells the tale of two young filmmakers who make it through all the obstacles of producing an independent film only to face their greatest challenge yet: their mother.

      Filming Duration: July 9 thru July 13
      Filming Location:Chicago, IL
      Compensation: No Pay, but will provide Meal, Credit, and a Copy of the final film.
      Open Audition Date: June 19 from 5:00pm - 8:00pm
      Open Audition Location: Champion Dance Studio, 12345 Yahoo Street, 5th Floor, Room 1280, Chicagoo, IL.
      What to Bring:
      Prepare to read sides. Sides will be provided at the location. (if any of these characters have lines, then you can extract those lines from the script onto a seperate piece of paper. These are call 'sides.' Give the actors at least 5 minutes to look them over, and then call them in to perform those lines) If you don't have any sides, you can simple ask the Actor to prepare a 1-2 min. monologue.
      Please bring a copy of your headshot and resume.

      Character Breakdowns:

      "DETECTIVE TOM" Any Ethnicity. Male. 40-50. Skinny. Dark Hair. He is an obsessive, nerdy, borderline-autistic who had his lunch money stolen as a child and is now taking it out on the bank robbers.

      "SUSAN" Caucasian. 20-25. An eccentric young mother who is a bit too overbearing, but loving and caring to her core. Good comic ability a plus.

      4) Depends on where you are located, you can post an Open Casting Call notice online. Mandy.Com and Craigslist.Org are two most popular internet resource for free postings. I would also recommend you to include an email address that you feel comfortable with exposing to the public on your notice. Just incase if any of the actors have questions. They can also email you their headshot and resume, so you will get an idea WHO and how many people are actually coming to the Open Audition.

      5 - A) Setting up the Audition. Arrive at least 30 minutes before the Open Call time. Outside of the room, prepare a 'sign-in' sheet (Name, Name of Role, Telephone Number, and Email Address) - so when the actors arrive, they can sign in. (You will call them into the room to audition in the order of arrival) You can also leave your sides outside, the actors can study them.

      5 - B) Inside of the audition room, like American Idol, the 'judges' should be sitting behind a table. It's ideal that you have 2 - 3 people hosting the casting session. If you are using Sides for the audition, make sure you assign someone in your room to be the 'reader' (the reader will read lines of other characters than the auditioning actor)
      The director should focus on the Actor's performance. (Have a pen and note pad ready to take notes) The coordinator can Film the audition, monitor the session (making sure everything is on time and on schedule), calling people into the room, sending people out of the room after they are done.

      5 - C) After an Actor comes into the Room, here is a typical list of things that will take place.

      a. Director ask the Actor if he/she has any questions about the Sides/Characters.
      b. The Reader will start reading with the Actor. The Coordinator films the process (Optional)
      c. If needed the Director can give adjustments on the Actor's performance. (Example: "That's a good read. Let's try it again, 'Susan' is actually very sad in this scene, because her husband left her for another woman....")
      d. The Director/Coordinator explains the production schedule, location details, and see if there are going to be any schedule conflicts. At the same time, answer any production-related questions that the Actor may have.
      e. Tell the Actor by what day the casting decision will be made. Either the actor will be informed by phone, or by email. (Example: "We will be making the decision by Friday via Email. Thank you for coming.")
      f. The Coordinator walks the Actor out, and call the next Actor into the room.

      5 - D) Bring an envelope to collect Actors' headshot & resumes. (Keep them in file, incase you are planning to cast for any future projects) And make sure that the Actor's contact information are indicated on their resume. If they don't have a resume, make sure their Phone Number and Email address is clearly written on the back of their picture. The purpose of the taping of the audition, is that later, the Director and everyone else who's involved in the production can review their audition, and then make their choices on who to offer the role. If you are not planning to film the audition, make sure the Director take REALLY GOOD notes on each actor's performance. So after you seening 60 people's audition, you can still remember who gave a better audition.

      7) Upon offering the part to the selected actor. You need to provide the full script, wardrobe options, and the day & time for rehearsals or production meeting.

      Final Note: Always be friendly and open minded. You want the actors to do their best at the audition.

    What medium do television networks broadcast their programming from?
    Like when you watch a show or a movie on TV, what is the network playing it off of? A VHS, DVD? Film reel? Before a program is aired are all the commercials put inside of the program first so they don't have to worry about playing a commercial at a certain time?

    • ANSWER:
      Delta Television - Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaTelevision (TV) is a widely used telecommunication medium for ... (CCTV) are in use, the most common usage of the medium is for broadcast television, .... itself or to which a license has been granted by the producers to do the same

      ~ Don ~

    What is a good psychiatric hospital movie that I can watch?
    I have a software to access free movies and I was wondering if you could recommened any psychiatric hospital movie or movies that I can search for and watch?

    • ANSWER:
      Movies set in psychiatric hospitals...

    What do people find interesting in the hunger games anyway?
    Book and film theres one killing after another. How is that not disturbing?

    • ANSWER:
      It's supposed to be disturbing and unfair -- that's one of the things about it, so you get the message. You really need to read the books -- Book 1 "The Hunger Games" is practically just and introduction.

      Possible spoilers:
      Even though I disagree with the author about some parts of it, I think it is one of the best book series to come out in a while, and it seems to have become a very popular choice for English / Literature assignments and for a few reasons I like it, as a whole. It is about women and men working together to change their world and they win, except, just like life, that win is at a terrible cost in lives and peace of mind and property.

      Katniss is a kick-a$$ female hero, almost goddess-like:

      that undertakes the hero's journey:

      in a dystopian and sci-fi story universe along the lines of many of the great works of fiction that warns us about what our society could, all too easily, become, like these books:

      and there are many allusions to the Roman Empire (some of whose characteristics we do not wish to copy) with the names and the provinces:

      And, even though she is just a “Coal Miner’s Daughter” she can sing and make the birds listen, just like:

      It's all about love the Hunger Games, almost like Harry Potter, so if you look beneath the depressing surface, it is all about the kinds of love:
      Katniss loves her sister with Agape - K volunteers in place of Prim.
      Finnick is a good-looking, desirable victor and is required to use love (Ludus) as a weapon that he turns to his advantage, over and above the designs of Snow.
      K and Gale have a Storge or Philia kind of love.
      K is required to love Peeta at first in a Pragma way to stay alive in the Games.
      Peeta loved K in an Eros kind of way.
      I think in the course of the book, there is little or nothing of the Mania kind of love, except maybe the people of Panem have a mania for the Mockingjay / Katniss, possibly evidenced by her visit to the field hospital in D8.

      Even though there is no religion apparent, Katniss’ sacrificing herself for the sake of an innocent and the whole bread thing is Christ-like:

      So, even though the body count was high and some of the events horrifying, in the end it is about people risking all they have (even more than their life – they risk their whole world) to defeat a totalitarian police state:

      What is the moral of the story? Freedom is not free -- there is a price to be paid in blood and gold and even horrible memories for the survivors. We must be ever vigilant that we do not create a society that is oppressive like that one was.

      Sorry to drone on about it, but I think that is why it is so appealing.

    What free software is available to film what I am doing on my computer?
    How to I film what I am doing on my computer?
    I want to make a program tutorial, how do I film what I see on the screen? What FREE software can I get?

    • ANSWER:
      Camstudio is what we do all of our tutorials on. We use it, along with its audio function, to publish how-tos of our own systems for new staff.
      We even have our students use it to prepare for exams in computer class. By far the best screen capturing software.

    Where can I get free film downloads online?
    If not downloads, then just watch online.

    I would prefer not to have to sign-up.

    • ANSWER:
      I'd recommend a torrent- there's no sign up; all you need is to have preinstalled a torrent browser (available for free like at

      Just google something like "[name of movie] torrent" and click :)

      Alternatively, you can go to "" ; most DVDrip quality is released 2-3 months after the movie is released, and vidcam quality within a few days.

      Hope this helps :)

    What is the best editing and color grading and enhancing software for dslr video on pc?
    Im trying to get the "film" look and want to know how I can do that on pc like magic bullet or Sony Vegas and how much does it all cost, everything I need

    • ANSWER:
      I'd like to recommend HD video editor to you, I always use it to edit video and make funny video for uploading to Youtube, it's easy to use and the quality is awesome, you can crop, cut, join, edit video with it easily. It also embeds many special effects, you can even add text to video or add background music, that's pretty cool. It worth a try. Here is the free download link.
      And here is a step by step guide about how to use it
      Hope it helps. Contact me if you have any other question.

    Where can I find the Todd Solondz film "Palindromes" to download on the internet?
    Preferably free, but I don't mind if I have to pay to watch it. I can't find it on any of the places I normally download movies from. I loved his movie "Welcome to the Dollhouse" and this looks really good. Even youtube doesn't have it uploaded. Can anyone help, please?

    • ANSWER:
      µTorrent Stable (1.8.2)
      Download Now
      For Windows (263.8 KB)

      Then download the movie from here.

      Also if it doesn't play try downloading this

      Download and install utorrent and klite codec pack full.

      You should be on your way to watching the movie!

    where and how can I find out about getting a free government to pay off bills and go to school?
    I want to go to school But my credit is bad which is keeping me from getting an education to get a better job to support my self and my three children and to be able to pay my bills. I have a dead end job and I want a carrer ! But I need to get training in a different field. I am an ambition and hard working mother. I am married but my husband will not give me any money at all. I am not allowed to have access to finances. So I want to be able to someday get out on my own to support me and my children. I want a carrer in film and tv and one day do some acting. But I need to go to school.

    • ANSWER:
      Check out Federal Student Aid Web Site or FAFSA

      I suggest you explore all federal funding and grant options at the Federal Student Aid website

      You may also want to read the Handbook of the Pell Grant -- this is an 86 page document that contains everything about the grant

      Or you can call the Federal Student Aid Information Center at 1-800-433-3243 and ask them if there are any programs for women of your age

      Aside from FAFSA and Pell Grant , you may want to explore private foundation grants

      Also check out Fastweb

      For private grants, you may want to check the Foundation Center's Foundation Grants for Individuals Online . It's a subscription based website (.95 per month) and their opening blurb says that the database is ideal for "students, artists, academic researchers, libraries and financial aid offices." You may be able to find grants from private foundations.

free films org