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    What is the best site for dawnloading free films?
    Any one know the best site for free films? I need to download them to my phone then i play them thru my tv, thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:

    Is it possible to download free movies off the internet then burn them onto blank DVDs?
    I want to download free films and put them onto a DVD so that I can watch them on a DVD player is this possible? Can anybody suggest any website that is free to use and downloads are available??

    • ANSWER:
      you'll never find what you are looking for without paying for it ! especially not anything worth putting onto a DVD. It;ll never happen....i looked before everywhere and its easier to invade the DVD bin at Wal Mart. Netflix is a great place too.....

    Where can i download free films online?
    what is the best site to download free films that i can watch either on my media player or real player? I want one that doesnt have viruses so definetly not limewire. Can you help please?

    • ANSWER:
      you can watch free streaming movies from this link

    How do I download films onto my iPod touch?
    I would like to find out some FREE websites where I can download FREE films for my iPod touch. Emphasis on the FREE 😉 And also any instructions on how to download? Thank you in advance :)

    • ANSWER:
      There are no FREE movie downloads that I'm aware of. Sorry.

    Where can I find free film editing software?
    I really need free film editing software, to put together a film I am making for school, but I would prefer it to be quite professional, as I have some idea's which I am not sure of how I am going to do them. I would like the program to let me be able to make custom opening and ending credits.
    (Please don't suggest Windows Movie Maker, I need a program to do a lot more sophisticated things than this)
    Thanks everyone!

    • ANSWER:
      You can use Adobe premier for this software you have to just register your name in adobe and login with your id and they will give access to download a trail version of adobe premier

      Check this link:

      Open source software
      [edit] Non-linear video editing software
      See also: List of free and open source software packages#Video editing

      * Arista Transcoder
      * AviSynth (Windows)
      * Blender 3D animation suite (cross-platform)
      * CineFX Formerly known as: Jashaka (introduced as "Jahshaka Reinvented") (Cross platform)
      * Cinelerra (Linux)
      * Ingex (Linux)
      * Kdenlive (Linux/Mac OS X/FreeBSD)
      * Kino (Linux)
      * LiVES (Linux/BSD/IRIX/Mac OS X/Darwin)
      * Open Movie Editor (Linux)
      * OpenShot Video Editor (Linux)
      * PiTiVi (Linux)
      * Transmageddon
      * VLMC VideoLan Movie Creator (Pre-alpha)

      [edit] Video encoding and conversion tools

      * Arista Transcoder
      * Avidemux (cross-platform)
      * Cuttermaran
      * FFmpeg
      * Gordian Knot
      * HandBrake
      * Ingex (Linux)
      * MEncoder
      * MP4Box
      * Nandub
      * ppmtompeg MPEG-1 encoder, part of netpbm package.
      * RAD Game Tools Bink and Smacker
      * Thoggen (Linux)
      * Transmageddon
      * VirtualDub (Windows)
      * VirtualDubMod (Windows) (based on VirtualDub, but with additional input/output formats)
      * VLC Media Player (Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)

      Proprietary Software
      [edit] Non-linear video editing software

      * Adobe Systems
      o Premiere Elements (Windows)
      o Premiere Pro (Windows, Mac OS X)
      o Encore (Windows, Mac OS X)
      o After Effects (Windows, Mac OS X)
      o Adobe Premiere Express (Adobe Flash Player)
      * Apple Inc.
      o Final Cut Express (Mac OS X)
      o Final Cut Pro (Mac OS X)
      o iMovie (Mac OS X)
      * ArcSoft ShowBiz (discontinued)
      * AVS Video Editor (Windows)
      * Autodesk Discreet Smoke and Discreet Fire (Linux, IRIX)
      * Avid Technology
      o Avid DS (Windows)
      o Media Composer (Windows, Mac OS X)
      o Avid NewsCutter
      o Avid Symphony (Windows, Mac OS X)
      o Xpress Pro (discontinued)
      * CyberLink PowerDirector (Windows)
      * Edius from Thomson Grass Valley, formerly Canopus Corporation (Windows)
      * FORscene (Java on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
      * Lightworks (Custom hardware)
      * Magix
      o Video easy
      o Movie Edit Pro
      o Video Pro X
      * Media 100
      o HD Suite (Mac OS X)
      o HDe (Mac OS X)
      o SDe (Mac OS X)
      o Producer (Mac OS X)
      o Producer Suite (Mac OS X)
      * Mediaware
      o MPEG editXpress (Windows)
      * Montage Extreme (Windows)
      * movavi
      * muvee Technologies
      o muvee Reveal 8.0 (Windows)
      o muvee autoProducer 6.0 (Windows)
      * Nero Vision (Windows)
      * NewTek
      o Video Toaster (Windows, hardware suite)
      * Pinnacle Studio (Windows)
      * Quantel
      o iQ (Windows)
      o eQ (Windows)
      o sQ (Windows)
      o Newsbox (Windows)
      * Roxio
      o Creator and MyDVD (Windows)
      o Toast (Mac)
      * Serif MoviePlus (Windows)
      * SGO Mistika (Linux)
      * Sony Creative Software
      o Sony Vegas Movie Studio (Windows)
      o Sony Vegas Pro (Windows)
      * Ulead Systems (now Corel)
      o VideoStudio (Windows)
      o MediaStudio Pro (discontinued)
      * Windows Movie Maker (Windows)
      * Windows Live Movie Maker (Windows)
      * Womble Multimedia
      o MPEG Video Wizard DVD(Windows)
      o MPEG Video Wizard (Windows)
      o MPEG-VCR (Windows)
      * Clesh (Java on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
      * Manual Shake Smoother (Windows) from Unisoftlab
      Video encoding and conversion tools

      * MPEG Video Wizard DVD (Windows)
      * AVS Video Converter (Windows)
      * Cinema Craft Encoder (MS Windows)
      * Apple Compressor (Mac OS X)
      * Cyberlink MediaShow Espresso (Windows)
      * Desktop Uploader (Windows, Mac OS X)
      * iCR from Snell & Wilcox (Windows)
      * NCH Software Prism Video Converter (Mac OS X, Windows)
      * On2 Flix (Mac OS X, Windows)
      * ProCoder from Thomson Grass Valley, formerly Canopus Corporation (MS Windows)
      * Apple QuickTime Pro (Mac OS X, Windows)
      * Roxio Easy Media Creator
      * Sorenson Squeeze
      * Telestream Episode (Mac OS X, Windows)
      * Total Video Converter (Windows) from EffectMatrix
      * TMPGEnc (Windows)
      * Ulead Photo Explorer (Windows)
      * Video Editor for Mac (Mac OS X)
      * Video Converter Ultimate (Windows, Mac OS X)
      * VideoLab (Windows)

    Good sites to watch free films?
    I know it's illegal and all, but does anybody know of a good site where i can watch free films without downloading or having to do surveys etc.

    Quite important, so any good suggestions would be helpful?

    • ANSWER:
      i just watch them on youtube in parts :)

    Where can i download films free and fast?
    i keep on wanting to download free films but they always ask me to pay.. where should i go?

    • ANSWER:
      download vuze from
      it's pretty fast, usually perfect quality, and won't bombard your computer with virus' like say limewire would

    Where do you download free films from ?
    Does anyone know where I can download free films from ? Without any membership etc. hassle. And in ENGLISH. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      mirc or piratebay

    Where can I get free film downloads online?
    If not downloads, then just watch online.

    I would prefer not to have to sign-up.

    • ANSWER:
      I'd recommend a torrent- there's no sign up; all you need is to have preinstalled a torrent browser (available for free like at

      Just google something like "[name of movie] torrent" and click :)

      Alternatively, you can go to "" ; most DVDrip quality is released 2-3 months after the movie is released, and vidcam quality within a few days.

      Hope this helps :)

    I purchased a movie and its on my itunes purchased. How do i get the movie to my itouch?
    I got 2 of the free short films and they are downloaded. My itouch is plugged in already. How do i get the vids on my itouch?

    • ANSWER:
      iPod can only support mpeg4 video,so you must make sure the video is mp4 format ,you need to have a 3rd party tool to help you to convert dvds and video into mp4 or h264 format, add them into itunes library, then sync to ipod.

      Try DVD to iPod + iPod Video Converter Suite,it support convert video to iPod directly. Some other software need two steps: 1. convert video to avi; 2. convert output avi to iPod. That solution wastes lots of your time. We need only one step, direct convert video DVD to iPod. So this converter speed is far faster than others
      download at
      GOOD LUCK!:)

    Where can i download free film grain?
    I need to download some free 35mm film grain for my dslr footage. I'm trying to achieve a 35mm film look and i don't want this sterile dslr video look.

    • ANSWER:
      You can download some pretty good and free 35mm film grain at
      There are a lot of "film grain" plates on the web, but most of them are made from the same still frame and actually make your footage worse. I actually have holygrain's all stock pack and it really comes handy when working with dslr footage.

    Where can I get free film downloads online?
    If not downloads, then just watch online.

    I would prefer not to have to sign-up.

    • ANSWER:
      go on google and type
      and click the first one

    Can you suggest the best way to use limewire?
    I want to download free films and music but want only those which the artists allow to download.
    Can it be used legally?

    • ANSWER:
      Agreed, Limewire is full of viruses, and since the uploader can change the file name easily, you never really know what you are getting unless you preview the filed during download.

      Rather try using a torrent client of sorts eg BitComet, and get your files from a torrent site. Most torrent sites allow for comments to be posted on all files and follow strict rules regarding content.

      Hope this helps.

    what is the best way to download films for free that isent torrenting?
    is it possible to download films for free with out fear of being found out and fined ?

    • ANSWER:

    Can I download tv programmes on to my computer via itunes programmes such as desperate housewives free?
    Can I download tv programmes on to my computer via itunes programmes such as desperate housewives and greys anatomy and if so is it free? any other sites that do will help! also anybody know a great site to watch free films with no viruse's? THANKZ

    • ANSWER:
      I use Then click on the tv show I want to watch and only watch the ones that are hosted on magavideo. Thats the only site that doesn't seem to ever want me to fill out a bunch of pointless surveys.But you can only watch 70 min or so until you have to take a 30-45 min break. But its pretty fast and reliable.

    whats the best software for on screen filming?
    i need a free download one with no viruses and if possible not just a free trial, anyone know a good one?

    • ANSWER:
      CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs)

      You can download and use it completely free - yep - completely 100% free for your personal and commercial projects as CamStudio and the Codec are released under the GPL.

    How to access password to open films downloaded from bittorrent?
    I am able to download films via bittorrent and I get them in Winzip format. But when I try to extract the movie, they ask for the password. Now, I also have the link to get the password, I follow the prompt but the link directs me to a free card site!
    There is no mention of entering data and requesting password....what do I do?

    • ANSWER:
      you wasted your time downloading these movies. The idea is you have to pay for the password. 9 times out of 10 doing so will only get you ripped off.

    how to download free films and old songs?
    how to download free films and old songs?

    • ANSWER:
      Frostwire, other file sharing sites.

    Any websites for free films you can download to ipod/psp?
    is there any free way to download films to ipod/psp NO limewire or torrent site!

    • ANSWER:
      You see, this is what's called piracy, its a crime and you can face fines if caught.
      My advice don't download illegally, or just buy the film on itunes.

    paley center for media greys anatomy free download?
    Could any one tell me the free download address of paley center for media greys anatomy? I have found so many places, but nothing. Please help. Thanks so much!

    • ANSWER:
      Burktina - I believe this is what you are looking for:

    Are There any good websites where I can watch free film and tv without downloading them?
    I want a website that works really good with the iPhone or iPod touch safari. Also I dont want to have to do surveys or download the films. Really appreciate good answers. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Not sure if it works with IPhone or IPad but My Live Player is free with no surveys or other junk.

    Is there a website where i can watch tv programmes and films on my iPod?
    when i go onto sites for free films that work on my computer, it doesn't work on my iPod because it doesn't have flash, are there any sites which will work with my iPod which are free?

    • ANSWER:
      iTunes. otherwise, look up on google "how to convert file to play on ipod". then download the appropriate program and you can manually turn anything into a video that can be uploaded to the ipod

    Where can I download free films onto my Playstation?
    The only website that works is stagevu and it has nigh on no films that I want, every other site I find tells me to connect media storage when I click download ): you people know any sites that deffo work?

    • ANSWER:
      How about you actually go out and buy the films. Or get a subscription from lovefilm or netflix. Why should you rip off the people that put alot of hard work and money in making the films. That's just like someone robbing your car I'm sure you would not like it.

    What Programme/website for downloading films?
    What programmes or websites do people use to download free films? Can i just use Limewire or is it just for music files?

    • ANSWER:
      As 99% of current movies are copyright, that would be infringement, which is ILLEGAL

      You can watch free movies online LEGALLY, at 'Blinkbox' or 'Moviesalot' to name but two

      Search on Google for "free movies online" there are lots of sites

      Don't use Limewire at all, EVER, is my advice, there are too many corrupt and virus ridden files.

    Can someone please tell me where I can download free Tamil films? Thank you very much.?
    I want to download free Tamil films full version and high quality, but I can't find any website.

    • ANSWER:

    where can i download good quality films for free?
    lots of people i no are downloading films for free. does any one no wot website i go on to do it myself.

    • ANSWER:
      try this site

    What do you think are the worst types of questions for this section?
    My votes:

    1. Sites to download free movies
    2. Film techniques (usually for some fool who can't do his own homework)
    3. Anything related to what's being hyped up to the point of annoyance
    The most recent example of #3 being "The Hunger Games". I'm sure it'll be great and all, but come now... really?

    • ANSWER:
      I definitely agree with #1. That should be a "drinking" question.

      As for #3, that would be "Hunger Games".

      Edit: Exactly

    What website will let me download films to a disk with out breaking my laptop?
    I know what websites I can watch films on for free but what ones can I download the films on for free with it out breaking my laptop?

    • ANSWER:
      If you don't want to "break" your laptop (I assume you talk about vira and other nasty stuff that gets on your computer) I recommend you look at little deeper into downloading, and how to be more careful of what you expose your machine to.

      I don't know if you want to obey the law about piracy or not, it is possible to watch movies online for free legally, but your selection is limited. I don't know any legal sites to watch movies online, but I do know that piracy gives you a much better chance at making sure what stuff you get on your computer, and your choices are obviously a lot bigger.
      However, Yahoo Anwers doesn't approve of it since its obviously not legal (Please note that "downloading" is NOT synonymous with "piracy" or "illegal", you CAN download things legally with some of the programs available! Its WHAT you download that makes the difference, not weather or not you do so). Google or other websites will probably help you with this.
      Teaching yourself to do this right will also prevent any risk of you 'breaking' your laptop :)

    Where can i watch full length movies online for free without download?
    I really want to watch films free online without downloading it and without getting viruses or something, thanks :)
    without subscribing to anything

    • ANSWER:
      Movie 25, or momomesh

    Does anyone know of any good websites for watching films?
    I was wondering if anyone knows any websites which let you watch films for free without downloading them. Ones that won't give my laptop a virus and aren't illegal or won't get me into trouble.

    • ANSWER:

    where can i watch new moon for free without taking quizzes or downloading graboid?
    i wanna watch new moon for free without downloading graboid, i already had one and it won't let me make a new account. and i don't wanna take quizzes and then have to type in personal info so anyone know of a website where i can watch it for free?

    • ANSWER:
      You are burning the future of the American Film industry!

    Where can i get free screen filming software?
    I want to film my computer screen (like a screenshot but in video) and need some software to do it with.

    • ANSWER:
      camstudio or tipcam

      if they aren't suitable, try autoscreen recorder free

    where can i find free latest hindi movies online free?
    please suggest some names of the sites which provides free latest films to watch or download online.

    • ANSWER:

    What is a good website to download pirate movies?
    I want to download films that are not out / pirate films that i can burn onto a dvd for personal use. Firstly i need to know a good website where i can download for free , movies that are recent and good quality. Also which type of blank dvds do i need to burn the movies onto?

    • ANSWER:
      Go to

    What websites can I watch FREE films online ?
    There are loads of films I want to watch, but I need to find a website to watch them on, so please help me.. A website completely free, where I don´t have to do any surveys, and no download. A website where I just just search for the film I want to watch, click on it and it plays..
    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Just download the movie program, and you'll be able to watch any movie you want. If you can just look past the fact that the program is partially in chinese, its really great. Just explore and you'll be able to watch movies on it in no time.

    How do i put free films from the comp onto my ipod touch? please help me?
    i ahve limewire and does that help? im not a computer person so cud someone explain it in simple terms... plz! i really want some films or programes on my ipod touch but i dont have a clue how? what illegal sites do i get them off for free? plz help and send me links? How long does it take to download films..will it take hours?

    • ANSWER:
      Convert them with
      Make sure you download the one that is specifically built for the iTouch.

      Hope that helped!

    How do you turn a downloaded film into a watchable dvd?
    I download films from limewire, but I have no idea how to get them onto a dvd.

    I've tried to before on some dvd writable discs I think that's what they're called, and I was able to store the file in the disc but was unable to play it as a dvd.

    Anybody who could tell me exactly what I need to do to get my downloaded movie off the computer and onto a dvd to play and watch I would much appreciate it.

    • ANSWER:

      This page is the download page for the Internet Video Convertor. It´s freeware, and will convert most video files into just about any format you want. I use it to convert .avi file to DVD (MPEG 4) and then burn them to disc. Just use the transcoder page to convert the file to a format that your DVD player will recognize (It has a pulldown menu that lists about 25 different formats), then use a burner to burn the transcoded file to disc. I use it to at least once a week and it hasn´t failed me yet. The best part is that it´s free.

    Will pirated movies via torrents eventually ruin the film industry?
    They are incredibly easy to find/download.

    How has this not spread to the masses? Its been around for a long time.

    Going to the theatre is a rip.

    /month Netflix-nah
    Sit on your arse-2 clicks and 10 minutes later-any film you desire is yours-free.

    Do the film and rental industries have the power to eventually squash it?

    • ANSWER:
      No because some are horribly filmed like it shows people standing up and the audio sometimes suck or sometimes its blurry. some people like me would much rather go to the movies or buy the dvd. 😀

    How I can get the free american film magazine?
    I have spent a lot of time for downloading the film magazine but I couldn't get it.I want magazine that it is about hollywood news and superstars and movies.

    • ANSWER:
      go buy one THE ONE or should i call you NEO

    Where can I find a free download of coralplayer?
    Hi I need to find a fee download of the above film player can any one help?

    • ANSWER:

    How do you download films for free?
    People tell me you can download new and old films for free, but I don't know how to do it and what free websites to use. Would appreciate some help on this.

    • ANSWER:
      Downloading movies for free is illegal.
      Most often used apps are:

      Web-Searches will help you find clients for all three. You'll probably want the 'lite' versions if you can find them, otherwise you'll find yourself inundated with mal-ware.

    What is the best free software for decoding films I have downloaded, any ideas?
    Am using mini nova and Y torrent to download them but am having problems burning them. Nero won't recognise most of them and DVD Flick will burn them but when I play them they are at about a tenth of the speed they should be and there is no sound, any ideas? the burner I have got is new and works. Look forward to any comments

    • ANSWER:
      You need the ac3filter codec for sound in order to decode the sound and burn it. Also the xvid codec for videos.

    Is there any good free software I can download to edit dvds?
    I use dvdshrink to take films from my camcorda to PC, they are then in two folders audio and video with ifo extentions, I want to edit them and then upload to the web. What software could I use for this?

    • ANSWER:
      you can always use windows movie maker for editing windows, its free and comes with windows, if you dont have you just download it from microsoft site

      also below are 5 best free video editing tools, check the details review and download the one which suits you

    Is there anywhere to download free ipod movies apart from limewire and bitorrent?
    I really want to download films to put on my ipod (mp4) as i am going on a long flight soon and will be often and i need something to keep me occupied.

    Thanks. The format is mp4 i think.

    • ANSWER:
      You can try and, but according to lot of feeback that these sites are contains virus and spyware which will crash you system if you don't have a good Virus Scanning software, also take note that those sites are sharing files illegal and facing court case now.

      it is really up to you if you chose to do so.

      As a personal experience, I will recommend you to use the iPod download pro site. It is open to member only, and as a member of this site, you can download unlimited iPod music, videos, movies & TV shows and game with no extra cost. The life-time membership only cost you (cheaper in the market) as compare with iPod Blender or Apple iTunes (which charge at .99 per song).

      Get the review from the review site before you jump into it.

    Does anyone know where I can get free film screenplays to read?
    I am in the middle (well maybe near the beginning) of writing a script and I want to read through other screenplays. Anyone know of any good screenplay downloading sites (that are legal) ?

    • ANSWER:
      Here are some links to movie script sites. Have fun, good luck.

    how to download films onto a disc that plays on dvd player?
    op/system vista. i can download to pc, i can burn to disc, but when i try to play on dvd player, it never works. can someone give step by step instructions on how to succeed. cheers.

    • ANSWER:
      Free search and downmload movie for your devices, you can visit here: http://free-
      No membership. no account, no virus, free high quality movie in ipod format, iphone format mp4 player format, zune format, ....
      trustworthy, reliable

    Can i put a film thats a digital download from a film ive brought onto a nokia phone?
    its one of the free digital downloads you get with most blueray/dvd combo packs you get these days and ive put it on itunes, but is there an easy way of getting it onto a nokia 500 touchscreen phone?

    • ANSWER:
      nokia suite

    Where can I download free ringtone for my phone of Amadeus laughing?
    And the monkey Cheetah, from tarzan films laughing. must be free to download and no tags

    • ANSWER:
      use the Ventones site

      its an easy to use and free site for making custom ringtones

    Is there any virus free sites to watch free films with no download?
    I realy want to watch bride wars without getting a virus on my laptop.

    • ANSWER:

    what are the best websites to download free films?
    i want some new films to watch, i'd prefer to download them instead of watching them online. & i don't really want to become a member of anything?

    any sites youve heard about/used would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      OK! I know the answer. U can also download blu-ray movies. Ok. first of all, download a torrent software thingy. For example VUZE or Utorrent. There both good. Then, after u install it, go to either:

      and seach in the box for what movies u want (u can even download software or games etc. u can download ANYTHING and u can get ANY movie). Then download the torrent file which then opens up on ur torrent software. Then it starts downloading and ur download will automatically go to the Downloads folder:)

      P.S! Dont forget to check the comments on the torrent to see if theres any viruses! If it dont say it just download it:D

free films to download