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Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can I get free film downloads online?
    If not downloads, then just watch online.

    I would prefer not to have to sign-up.

    • ANSWER:
      I'd recommend a torrent- there's no sign up; all you need is to have preinstalled a torrent browser (available for free like at

      Just google something like "[name of movie] torrent" and click :)

      Alternatively, you can go to "" ; most DVDrip quality is released 2-3 months after the movie is released, and vidcam quality within a few days.

      Hope this helps :)

    Where can I get free film downloads online?
    If not downloads, then just watch online.

    I would prefer not to have to sign-up.

    • ANSWER:
      go on google and type
      and click the first one

    where can i find free latest hindi movies online free?
    please suggest some names of the sites which provides free latest films to watch or download online.

    • ANSWER:

    Where can i download free films online?
    what is the best site to download free films that i can watch either on my media player or real player? I want one that doesnt have viruses so definetly not limewire. Can you help please?

    • ANSWER:
      you can watch free streaming movies from this link

    What websites can I watch FREE films online ?
    There are loads of films I want to watch, but I need to find a website to watch them on, so please help me.. A website completely free, where I don´t have to do any surveys, and no download. A website where I just just search for the film I want to watch, click on it and it plays..
    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Just download the movie program, and you'll be able to watch any movie you want. If you can just look past the fact that the program is partially in chinese, its really great. Just explore and you'll be able to watch movies on it in no time.

    Where can i watch full length movies online for free without download?
    I really want to watch films free online without downloading it and without getting viruses or something, thanks :)
    without subscribing to anything

    • ANSWER:
      Movie 25, or momomesh

    What is a cheap/free but good video editing software?
    Preferably one that I can download online as opposed to buying in a shop :]

    • ANSWER:
      I have used a few video editing programs and the easiest one has been DVD Slideshow Builder. Very easy to use with professional features and same sort of layout as Movie Maker however a lot more powerful.
      If your looking for special effects such as light sabers, lasers, running on roof tops then you will need Adobe After Effects very good program that can produce some genuine looking film effects however does take some learning.
      Hope it helps

    Where can I watch foreign free films online?
    Particularly Russian ones. And I don't want to have to download it, or pay.

    Or at least find where I can watch the full movie of Две судьбы (Dve sud'by)

    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      This is a good site to watch Russian movies online:
      Unfortunately, it doesn't have "Dve sud'by".

      All 4 parts (may be there are more already), containing from 10 to 20 episodes each, you can watch on this site, BUT it's not free:

      One free site has Part 4, but I can't recommend it to you because it has "adult" content...

    What are the best websites for watching free online movies and tv shows?
    Im trying to watch online films and tv shows but most of the websites I go on usually ask me to download a certain program, pay money or the movie that plays doesnt play all the way... so Im looking for good websites that I can watch free movies/tv shows without all the bull. thanks

    • ANSWER:

      Its brilliant!

      You can watch movies, tv shows etc. No charge, No download, No surveys.

    What are the best websites for watching free online movies and tv shows?
    Im trying to watch online films and tv shows but most of the websites I go on usually ask me to download a certain program, pay money or the movie that plays doesnt play all the way... so Im looking for good websites that I can watch free movies/tv shows without all the bull. thanks

    • ANSWER:

      is awesome but uses more data than a download.

    What are the best websites for watching free online movies and tv shows?
    Im trying to watch online films and tv shows but most of the websites I go on usually ask me to download a certain program, pay money or the movie that plays doesnt play all the way... so Im looking for good websites that I can watch free movies/tv shows without all the bull. thanks

    • ANSWER:

    can you justify downloading films and music online for free?
    i'm puzzled why some folks are still trying to download music and films for free when you can buy them for next to nothing online.Individual mp3 tracks cost pennies literally,old movies a few dollars ,newer releases which you can buy as used copiies cheap too.

    personally from an ethical point of view you're robbing people of their livilhood plus also you risk getting caught and fined.Would you like to work and not get paid?

    can any justify downloading music and films online for free?

    • ANSWER:
      I have a lot of people that are very close to me in the recording industry and no, it is not ok to download media for free that is copyrighted. Really it is no different than stealing a CD out of a store. A LOT of hard work and many, many, many hours and countless sleepless nights go into making music. Most artists out there are not the billionaire Jay-Z's of the world.. in fact most people would be really suprised to see how little mosts artists get paid considering what kind of work they do. Would you want to work 100 hours a week for months and months just to not get paid for it? I think not. The fact of the matter is that if the work has a copyright - then you are stealing.. just the same as shoplifting.

      Oh and FYI for anyone who uses Limewire (I saw the answer above that says how awesome Limewire is) - my sister got the PANTS sued off of her for downloading music off of Limewire. She'll be paying for that for a loooooooooooooong time to come... so unless you think that paying fines for the next 30-or-so years is worth the free songs today, you might want to think twice about downloading from Limewire.

    where can i watch movies online for free without downloading them?
    i want to watch newly released films online without having to download anything. is that possible? and if not, what websites do you recommend to watch movies on with SAFE installation?

    • ANSWER:

    Any Good Websites That You Can Watch Free Films Online?
    I really want to watch some films, but when I go on the websites the surveys come up and I don't really want to complete them! And they really do need to be free ! Thank You!

    • ANSWER:
      I use Loombo or Megavideo. Both totally free but I would try Loombo first just because Megavideo has a time limit of about 75 minutes. Loombo is riddled with adverts but they are easy to close down!

      Edit: (P.S. No downloading needed!)

    What website will let me download films to a disk with out breaking my laptop?
    I know what websites I can watch films on for free but what ones can I download the films on for free with it out breaking my laptop?

    • ANSWER:
      If you don't want to "break" your laptop (I assume you talk about vira and other nasty stuff that gets on your computer) I recommend you look at little deeper into downloading, and how to be more careful of what you expose your machine to.

      I don't know if you want to obey the law about piracy or not, it is possible to watch movies online for free legally, but your selection is limited. I don't know any legal sites to watch movies online, but I do know that piracy gives you a much better chance at making sure what stuff you get on your computer, and your choices are obviously a lot bigger.
      However, Yahoo Anwers doesn't approve of it since its obviously not legal (Please note that "downloading" is NOT synonymous with "piracy" or "illegal", you CAN download things legally with some of the programs available! Its WHAT you download that makes the difference, not weather or not you do so). Google or other websites will probably help you with this.
      Teaching yourself to do this right will also prevent any risk of you 'breaking' your laptop :)

    Where can I find Sweeny Todd for free online?
    I'd like the one with Johnny Depp. Also, I need to just be able to download and watch now, if possible. I don't want to have to give a lot of information in order to watch it. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      There are a ton of sites, but you are basically stealing from someone. I really hate the fact that it is so easy to pirate films anymore because like any other business, the film industry relies on profits. If you wouldn't steal from the grocery store, why "steal" movie profits from the industry.

    Where can i watch 1997 Anastasia online for free with no downloads or surveys?
    I really want to watch this movie and i cant find it anywhere that doesnt require to download something or pay to watch it or take a survey. If u could help that would be great, and dont post youtube cus it does not have it. well it has it but its someone recording from there tv, i want a nice version. Thanks to all who help!

    • ANSWER:
      hello hope i can be of assistance try or if you havent got a megavideo account the one at movies-links wont be any good because megavideo without an account only letsyou watch 72minutes then you have to wait,i suggest getting an account its cheap and worth it,if you want to know quite a few more film sites just ask

    Where can I download the full Iron Man 2 film online for free?
    I don't want any offers for subscription toa website or any download fees, I just want to download the movie alone. Is there a website that can do that? And I have tried Limewire and all that but Torrents are all dodgy and it takes too long to download on basic Limewire. Thanks for any help given.

    • ANSWER:
      You've just got to love people who are too cheap to pay for their movies but still want to be all picky about how they steal them. "I want free movies freely for free and I don't want to pay for them, but I don't want offers and I don't want fees and I don't want torrents and I want it fast. NOW GIMME MY FREE STUFF!"

      It's just so *cute*!

    Where can i watch films online for free?
    I really want to watch a film for free on the internet without having to download it or get any viruses, anybody got any good suggestions ???

    • ANSWER:

      Are always the best sites. They are free with no surveys or downloads with excellent quality movies. If you do want to most of their movies or TV episodes can be downloaded using Real player, Divx or the download link on players like Supernova or Zshare.

      Stay away from torrents like Bearshare, Limewire etc as they carry Trojans and nasty viruses in some of their downloads.

    How do you download movies from spytorrent?
    I want to download movies from spytorrent and burn them onto d
    vd.I am an absolute novice and need some help please guys?

    • ANSWER:
      ok first you need utorrent to download
      then u search on torrentspy click on the file u want read comments below to see its a good file click download
      avi files need converted to copy onto dvd i dont do this as my dvd player is dvix compatiable but to watch dvds on the pc download the divx player free
      from torrent spy you can get nero to help copy dvds etc
      Cue files get copied to cd's rar files are compressed files and you need winrar to open these, available free online. email what you have wanted to download on torrent spy and i can advise what you do to the film /program you want.

    what are the best websites to download free films?
    i want some new films to watch, i'd prefer to download them instead of watching them online. & i don't really want to become a member of anything?

    any sites youve heard about/used would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      OK! I know the answer. U can also download blu-ray movies. Ok. first of all, download a torrent software thingy. For example VUZE or Utorrent. There both good. Then, after u install it, go to either:

      and seach in the box for what movies u want (u can even download software or games etc. u can download ANYTHING and u can get ANY movie). Then download the torrent file which then opens up on ur torrent software. Then it starts downloading and ur download will automatically go to the Downloads folder:)

      P.S! Dont forget to check the comments on the torrent to see if theres any viruses! If it dont say it just download it:D

    Is there any website i can go to Download or watch movies in a foreign language?
    It can be real simple movies like Disney films for all i care. Youtube is useless since they deleted all the full length movies. Im trying to learn two languages and the best way to learn is to hear it. Specifically Polish and German language.

    • ANSWER:
      here is a nice list those types of site

    What are some websites that you can watch free online movies using QuickTime?
    It has to be QuickTime! And there has to be no download or registration required. Large variety of films.

    • ANSWER:
      i watch movies online, without having to download anything and best of all for free on OVGuide! check it out its really easy to navigate! i did a bit of research for u n found a link u can use 2access the site:

    What website can i use that streams films online?
    I was wondering what website would enable me to watch films and stuff online for free, via streaming not downloading. And could these links please be correct as many do not work, thank you =)

    • ANSWER:
      You can use

      If the link is broken gets replaced as soon as it is reported


    Can someone help me figure out how to load film in a Minolta xg1?
    I've watched all sorts of videos and things online and I can't seem to figure it out. There are no slots or anything in the take up spool like in my holga, so I can't figure it out.

    • ANSWER:
      It is not going to load exactly like 120 film in a Holga. With 35mm, the sprocket holes are the primary carrier of the film.

      Here is where you can quickly download a manual, (free), for the camera if you don't have one. It shows very clearly how to load the film, both the right way and the wrong way.


    Where Can I Watch Films Online For Free?
    Is there a website where I can watch online films for free without registration? I've been on a few but they all take ages to buffer. Do you know any good ones?

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe you can try something called “satellite TV to PC software” which is becoming popular for good reasons. It works by receiving satellite TV signals over the Internet and converting them into a live, high resolution video feed on your desktop.When I first heard of this I wondered if it was even legal. It turns out it is completely legal,because these are FTA (free to air) satellite stations which are being broadcast from all over the world. The software just allows you to watch everything at any time anywhere without a satellite dish or receiver.Once you download the software you can instantly watch 3,000+ channels of movies, local and international news, live sports, TV shows, special events, music channels, kids channels, history, education, nature, special programming… It's much more variety than what I was getting from my local cable company. And it's all free. There's a small one-time fee for the software and that's it. There are no subscription fees or monthly charges… Nothing else to pay for…Ever.Here are the detailed reviews and comparisons of the Top 6 Internet Television Products on the market:

      Enjoy yourself.You will not be disappointed.

    Is it legal to watch movies online for free? What are good tips when looking for something like that.?
    I've never watching a movie online. I know it's illegal to download music for free, but is it illegal to watch movies online for free? What are the rules about it? How do you protect yourself from viruses while watching?

    Thanks for answering?

    • ANSWER:
      Technically no, and technically its not illegal to download music for free ether

      But also it is and also it is technically illegal to download music to (both cloudy loophole ridden issues)

      1. If you click and end up watching a movie online illegally you wont hear the police sirens of special police units coming to lock you stop worrying
      2. It is always going to be a little illegal unless you watch it in a real place (sky player, bbc i player, hulu and so on)
      3. Don't download matter what, if it says download o codex, say no. Download an upgrade, say no. Download colour filter, say can only get virus' by downloading things

      Happy film watching (btw a tip - if you wanna find any film type ' online' into google and you will get lots of results. Or free movies online into google)

    Is there an online photo scanner that scans for ghost?
    A FREE website that you can download a picture and it scans it for ghost or paranormal things. I went somewhere haunted last night and took tons of pics, and I would love to find some stranger things besides orbs! Please help! Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      There is no software available that can find ghosts in pic's... and the vast majority of orbs in photographs are what we call dorbs, (dust orbs). They occur when a dust speck gets within about 8" of the lens and a flash illuminates it creating an orb. Different types of dust can create different colors of orbs, (i.e. dirt, glass, minerals, etc). I could go on and on about them, but that is not what you asked.

      I personally use Adobe Photoshop CS to filter the pics. I like to lighten the highlights and darken the shadows, but other then that it just takes a good eye and a lot of patience. Be sure to take your time with the pic's and look at them very closely. Beware of Paradolia, aka. matrixing. This is when your mind tries to make sense out of irregular shapes and patterns. A good example is when people see whales and stuff in the clouds.... even though we know it isn't really a whale.

      I have personally witnessed many things paranormal, including a partial human apparition (I'm a Paranormal Investigator and the Founder of FindersCreepers). That being said, I haven't been able to capture an actual apparition on film yet. They don't exactly stand in front of the camera saying cheese when you want them too... and by the time you realize something is there and aim your camera it is usually gone.

      Good Luck to you, and please... if you do find something interesting and would like us to take a look and give you our impression of it, just send it to us. You can find the link to do that on the contact form on my site.

      Take care and good luck to you!

    Is there a site where I can look at or download the notes for music out of movies?
    I have been searching for a website that has images of music notes of films, so that I can play them at home, but so far, I have not been successful. If you can help it would be great!

    • ANSWER:
      You can download or watch online any movie in any language you want in this cool site for free..Movies are available in different types of file formats...Check this out....


    What is the best website to see free movies online or download them?
    I need to watch the pit and the pendelum filmed in 1961

    • ANSWER:

    Is One Week available to download or watch online yet?
    There;s a new movie out, One Week, and it came out yesterday i believe and I really want to see it. Is there anywhere I can download or view it online for free?

    • ANSWER:
      i find most of the movies i wanna watch whether its a new film release or an older flick @ OVGuide - its an online video guide where u can find tons of movies, tv shows and lots more! i did a little research and found a link that u can use to watch One Week! check it out:

    How do I transfer movies from UltraViolet to iTunes?
    just bought 21 Jump street, sherlock holmes and safehouse and they are all on ultraviolet. I download 21 jump street and its on sony pictures download manager and online on ultraviolets website, which i don't want. i want it in my iTunes. can anyone help?

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately you don't. Ultraviolet is a streaming service. I don't know if it's still true, but around Christmas there were enough complaints from people who bought Ultraviolet copies and expected more traditional digital copies that one of the studios sent them coupons for a free iTunes download of the movie in question. I know Sherlock Holmes is a WB film - see if you can dig up their customer support phone number or email address and complain to them. It can't hurt, and the more people complain, the more likely they are to ditch Ultraviolet.

    Who noes a page where i can download the newest songs for free?
    Hi! I am looking for a page to download the newest songs i searched but i didn't find any page so if you now please tell me!

    • ANSWER:
      download Free hindi movie songs, online new bollywood movies, download hindi songs, download bollywood songs, hindi films video songs, indian movies reviews

    Where can i find this movies online with english subtitles?
    Where can i find the movies Salaam namaste, Krazzy 4 and Kabul express online with english subtitles without downloading, installing or renting the movie. Before you give an answer please make sure that the movies are working, have english subtitles and that it doesn't stop at every 2 seconds.

    • ANSWER:
      i always use as its free and most films have subtitle options, hope that helps

    Where can I watch movies online for free no download or surveys?
    I've been trying to watch movies online cause my parents would never buy DVD's for me so I need help!!

    • ANSWER: all the films get uploaded here in a few days and no surveys or downloads. it also has lots of different links in case one doesn't work. Give it a try, I always use it :)

    Can anyone tell me where I can get free music for youtube videos?
    Kind of need some help here. I need somewhere I can download free music (royalty free as well) for my youtube videos. If anyone can help me out here, and can send me a link to a place I could get that at, that would be great.

    I will be mainly using instrumental songs if that helps any.

    • ANSWER:
      Aiseesoft YouTube Converter Mate is not only a Total Video Converter but also an online YouTube Video Downloader. It can convert between all the popular video formats, including FLV, MP4, H.264, AVI, MP3, WMV, WMA, FLV, MKV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, 3GP, 3GPP, VOB, DivX, Mov, RM, RMVB, M4A, AAC, WAV, etc with high speed and excellent sound/image quality. It works perfectly with PSP, iPod, iPhone (3G), iPhone, Zune, Zune 2, Blackberry, Nokia, Creative Zen, Sony Walkman, iRiver PMP, Archos, PS3, Apple TV, Xbox, iPAQ, Pocket PC, Mobile Phone, etc.The most attractive function of this best YouTube Converter Mate is that it can help you download online videos from YouTube, Metacafe, Google Video, Yahoo Video, Myspace, i’Film and many other online video websites and convert them for your portable devices. This best YouTube Converter Mate allows you to do whatever video editing you want. You can pick up one part of your video to convert, remove the black edges of your video, take a snapshot of the picture you like, put two or more files into one output file and so on.

    What is a good site to watch films for free with no signing up or downloading or surveys?
    I want to watch some films but I can't find a good site to watch any,What are some good sites that you can watch films online for free with no downloading or surveys or signing up thank you

    • ANSWER:
      youtube movies

    How to watch The Lovely Bones free online on a blackberry...?
    I really love the film The Lovely Bones and I have searched youtube and the internet to watch it online for free but I cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone know how I can watch it online for free on my blackberry curve, without surveys, downloading and installing any software? Thank you :)

    • ANSWER:
      Really? I didn't like that much at all.

    i want to watch a film online free without surveys or downloads?
    Most sites want you to register or take silly surveys, some want me to run softwear. I dont want any of this, is there any sites out there just to let me watch a film?

    • ANSWER: (if you want it in HD, you'll need to download DivX it's free)

    Where can I find free classical music from the public domain?
    I'm looking to use classical music in a film and I'm wondering if there is anywhere I can get free public domain records. I heard somewhere that there are Italian records that are available for free. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      Here are some sites where you can obtain free classical music in the public domain:

    Where can I find a site to download new movies?
    Where can I download new movies, to copy to a DVD , and play in my DVD player?

    • ANSWER:
      Free movies on the Web? Sure, if you know where to look! Here are dozens of high-quality sites where you can find free movies to watch.
      Free full-length Movie Sites:
      * Hulu: Hulu is the first place I go online when I want to find quality, free, full length movies.
      * : no account, no virus, free high quality movie in ipod format, iphone format ......
      * Surf The Channel: Surf The Channel has literally hundreds of movies.
      * IMDB: IMDB, also known as the Internet Movie Database, has added free full length movies and TV shows to its' already large and informative site.
      * Joost: Nicely organized by category and each movie is in very high quality.
      * Babelgum: Babelgum has plenty of great free full length movies.

    Where can I watch movies online for free?
    Where can I watch movies online for free? (prefrably using QuickTime or flash player) I want to watch a large variety of films online with no registration or download required. Thanks a lot!

    • ANSWER:
      i use OVGuide to watch tons of movies and tv shows online for free and without having to download anything onto my pc! heres a link u can use to access the site, enjoy!

    Where can I watch Goodfellas online for free?
    Alright so pretty straightforward question, where can I watch goodfellas online for free? I really don't feel like downloading anything unless I'm sure it wont fuck up my computer. Please feel free to post links and to give me a little description of where you found the link and if it's good or not.

    • ANSWER:
      Such a brilliant film, probably my favourite gangster films

      Stream -, clean site, not questionnaires. just type in the film and it will give you a list of link (and their quality, but Goodfellas has been out for ages so its fine) and the best like to use is Putlocker/Sockshare. Its rarely there but StageVu is good

      Download - download a client like utorrent (best for windows) and then go on a torrent site, PirateBay is one, and just search and download the film. Utorrent will do all the work, and once completed the film you have the film for good.

    What site can I watch the film Tron for free without having to take a survey or download it?
    I'm trying to watch the 1982 film Tron but don't have to money to buy the DVD so I'm looking for a video of the full film online. But once I find a site that will let me watch the film, I have to either download it or answer an utterly useless survey. What site will let me see Tron without having to download it and without having to take a survey?

    • ANSWER:
      If you have Divx Web Player: or

      Flash version (you don't need Divx but it's lower quality):

    Is there a site where i can watch Tyler Perry movies free online without downloading?
    I enjoy watching Tyler Perry movies but i don't want to download. After seeing a film at the movies i sometimes like to watch it at home again and again.

    • ANSWER:
      u can go to theres tons of movies and tv shows too.

    What are some good 3G iPhone apps to download?
    Love the free version of "Words With Friends" app. Looking for more educational apps like these. What are some of your favorites you use?

    • ANSWER:
      1. Facebook

      Once an ugly duckling, but now - as of version 3 - a social-network-aware swan, Facebook is a triumph. The revised grid-based 'home screens' provide speedy access to regularly visited sections (news feed, notifications, and so on) and pages, and the experience is such that it in many ways beats the browser version.

      2. Gorillacam

      Pretty much from nowhere, Gorillacam arrived in December 2009 from the creators of the Gorillapod tripods. It mashes together a slew of features to hugely improve an iPhone's camera (timer, multi-shot, spirit-level, on-screen grid, 'press anywhere' capture), meaning you can bin a half-dozen standalone apps that offer similar things.

      3. RunKeeper Free

      The prospect of Nike+ but better and for free might sound unlikely, but that's what RunKeeper Free provides. The app uses an iPhone's GPS capabilities to track your jogging route, and provides mapping and details of pace and calories burned. Activities can be shared online, and treadmill runs can be entered manually.

      4. Stanza

      Kindle's grabbed many 'electronic book' headlines, but an iPhone or iPod touch is a perfectly competent alternative - at least if you have the right app to hand. Stanza enables you to download books from various sources (many of which offer free titles), and you can transfer your own ePub, PDF or eReader titles from the free Stanza Desktop.

      5. Dropbox

      Plenty of apps exist for transferring content between your computer and your device, but Dropbox is free and easier to use than most of its contemporaries. Dump files you want to sync in a folder on your computer and Dropbox for your device will enable you to access them, download them for offline viewing, and, in many cases, view them.

      6. thetrainline

      For anyone commuting by train, thetrainline is the free app to beat all others. Journey planning, offline results, timetables and a location-aware 'next train home' option are available via a clean, streamlined interface. The app's not quite as good as National Rail Enquiries, but it is very similar - and five quid cheaper.

      7. Skype

      It's imperfect and annoyingly lacks push notifications, but Skype is still an essential download. The interface is pleasingly simple and usable, enabling anyone with a Skype account to make free calls to other Skype users and cheap calls to anywhere in the world. If you're on Pay and Go, this is particularly handy, but the app also enables iPod touch users to utilise their devices for calls.

      8. Movies

      Although some aspects of cinema listings app Movies are disappointingly US-centric (notably regarding details on upcoming movies and DVDs), it succeeds where it matters. Select a film and the app figures out where you're located, lists nearby cinemas, and displays times your chosen film is showing. Efficiency can be further increased by pinning favourite cinemas to the top of the list.

      9. TonePad

      Virtual pianos and guitars are all very well, but purely digital musical toys are more suited to Apple handhelds. TonePad is the best of them, using a grid-based interface that enables you to turn notes on and off and compose pleasing and harmonious loops; your creations can be edited, saved and uploaded to share with other users.

      10. Thomson Reuters News Pro

      There are many free news apps, but Reuters News Pro offers a breadth of coverage that makes it a winner. Preferences enable you to tailor the app's output to the UK, and the toolbar provides swift access to news, pictures, videos and stock markets coverage.

    What computer program to people use to make small films and video projects?
    I see them all over YouTube. I have a Sony Vaio with Windows XP. Is there a program I can download for free?

    Thanks for all your answers.

    • ANSWER:
      Windows Movie Maker is Great for making small video projects! Also if you don't want to download any thing JayCut is a great online editor that works a lot like Windows movie maker plus its free. If your looking for something a little bit more professional the Adobe Final Cut Pro or Adobe After Effect's will work!

    What are some of your favorite horror/slasher films?
    I love horror and slasher films - even the silly ones and remakes. I'm always looking for new ones to see - both good ones and campy/silly ones.

    What are some you've seen that you would recommend?

    • ANSWER:
      All 3 Evil Dead films (more the first two though)
      - If you liked them, Bubba Ho-Tep and maybe My Name is Bruce
      All 3 Re-animator films
      Braindead (called Dead Alive if you're in the US)
      Texas Chain Saw Massacre (original)
      Hellraiser 1 and 2
      Pet Sematary
      Black Christmas (original)

      Some of them are a bit silly, but for more silliness, try Troll 2 or Satan's Little Helper.

      And if you're into older ones, you could try The House on Haunted Hill with Vincent Price. It's public domain now, so can be watched online or downloaded for free legally here:

    Regarding a high school students choice of a career in film, please read details?
    Hello, I am a high school, and for a career choice I really want to be a film maker. My grades arn't exquisite, although I am still passing. My strongest subject is English, if that helps any.
    I am in grade eleven, and I live in central Queensland, Australia, were there is basically only construction and beauty styled career paths.
    I was wondering, perhaps, if any of you may be able to give me some or something on how I should go about becoming a filmmaker. Should I go to some sort of film school or...?

    Thank you for your time.

    • ANSWER:
      Film makers make film.

      So grab a camera, doesn't need to be the latest and greatest, it can be whatever you can get your hands on and start making short films.

      Try for five minutes, then have a go at ten minutes and so on and so forth.

      Most PCs come with some sort of basic editing software, Macs are even better. Learn the basics of editing, build your skill set. Enter into film festivals, have fun with it. That's the important part, if it's not fun why bother?.

      Use your friends, use whoever you can but tell stories.

      Grab a few scripts online to see how this stuff goes on the page and download Celtx to give you a free formatting program for screenwriting.

      Find a copy of El Mariachi on DVD. Robert Rodriguez has a ten minute film school in the extras that will inspire you. Pick up a copy of his book, Rebel without a crew for further inspiration.

      But seriously, just make films. People will think you're mad, hell, they'll tell you to your face your mad but keep going anyway.

      It's not an easy road to walk but it has its moments.

    Is there a program similar to iMovie that is available to download online for free legally?
    I need to make a movie for a project that incorporates clips, and I cannot get iMovie working.

    • ANSWER:
      watch and free download full length movie/ mp4 format movie, you can go to here :
      you can download any other movie you'll EVER want to see. Regardless of whether that movie comes out next year or it came out last year or even 10 years ago. As soon as a movie is available for download you're able to access it.

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