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Frequently Asked Questions

    Where can i download free films online?
    what is the best site to download free films that i can watch either on my media player or real player? I want one that doesnt have viruses so definetly not limewire. Can you help please?

    • ANSWER:
      you can watch free streaming movies from this link

    Is there any good websites that allow you to watch free films?
    I want to watch enchanted, but I can't find any web sites that are free.. The film was out in 2007

    • ANSWER:
      Here you go Direct links 😀
      Megavideo & Novamov are thee best ones
      Enjoy :)

    Does anyone know how i can watch free films on my Samsung Galaxy S2?
    Basically i want to watch free films on my phone.. the title says it all lol help me

    • ANSWER:
      Homework section? Not the best target audience.

      I've got an S2 too. No idea, sorry. Would like to know though!

    Is it possible to download free movies off the internet then burn them onto blank DVDs?
    I want to download free films and put them onto a DVD so that I can watch them on a DVD player is this possible? Can anybody suggest any website that is free to use and downloads are available??

    • ANSWER:
      you'll never find what you are looking for without paying for it ! especially not anything worth putting onto a DVD. It;ll never happen....i looked before everywhere and its easier to invade the DVD bin at Wal Mart. Netflix is a great place too.....

    Can I download tv programmes on to my computer via itunes programmes such as desperate housewives free?
    Can I download tv programmes on to my computer via itunes programmes such as desperate housewives and greys anatomy and if so is it free? any other sites that do will help! also anybody know a great site to watch free films with no viruse's? THANKZ

    • ANSWER:
      I use Then click on the tv show I want to watch and only watch the ones that are hosted on magavideo. Thats the only site that doesn't seem to ever want me to fill out a bunch of pointless surveys.But you can only watch 70 min or so until you have to take a 30-45 min break. But its pretty fast and reliable.

    How do I get films on the iPad2?
    I was wondering how do you get films on the iPad? I know there are apps like crackle to watch free films but is there any other sort of app where I can buy or pay to watch films?

    • ANSWER:
      Option 1) Buy or Rent from iTunes

      Option 2) Point the web browser @

      Option 3) BBC iPlayer app.... sometimes get films available through that.

    Good sites to watch free films?
    I know it's illegal and all, but does anybody know of a good site where i can watch free films without downloading or having to do surveys etc.

    Quite important, so any good suggestions would be helpful?

    • ANSWER:
      i just watch them on youtube in parts :)

    How to watch movies on ipod for free?
    Hey, so i have an ipod touch and usually i watch movies on the computer, but the sites dont work for ipods, please can anybody recommend any sites to watch free films on ipod

    • ANSWER:
      Me too was looking for this and finally i got a website now to watch movies on Ipod

    What happens when you subscribe to watch free films online?
    Does anything happen if you subscribe to watch films online and use your email?

    • ANSWER:
      They fill your inbox with junk...make another email and use it.

    where can i find free latest hindi movies online free?
    please suggest some names of the sites which provides free latest films to watch or download online.

    • ANSWER:

    What websites can I watch FREE films online ?
    There are loads of films I want to watch, but I need to find a website to watch them on, so please help me.. A website completely free, where I don´t have to do any surveys, and no download. A website where I just just search for the film I want to watch, click on it and it plays..
    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Just download the movie program, and you'll be able to watch any movie you want. If you can just look past the fact that the program is partially in chinese, its really great. Just explore and you'll be able to watch movies on it in no time.

    What websites can you get free films online?
    I was wondering if there are any websites where you can watch films for free without having to fill in any details for a competition and I mean a website with a lot of films not just a few

    • ANSWER:
      if you're looking for a series there is

    Is there any virus free sites to watch free films with no download?
    I realy want to watch bride wars without getting a virus on my laptop.

    • ANSWER:

    what are the best websites to download free films?
    i want some new films to watch, i'd prefer to download them instead of watching them online. & i don't really want to become a member of anything?

    any sites youve heard about/used would be appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      OK! I know the answer. U can also download blu-ray movies. Ok. first of all, download a torrent software thingy. For example VUZE or Utorrent. There both good. Then, after u install it, go to either:

      and seach in the box for what movies u want (u can even download software or games etc. u can download ANYTHING and u can get ANY movie). Then download the torrent file which then opens up on ur torrent software. Then it starts downloading and ur download will automatically go to the Downloads folder:)

      P.S! Dont forget to check the comments on the torrent to see if theres any viruses! If it dont say it just download it:D

    Anyone know any free film sites to watch full length films?
    Does anyone know any film sites where I can watch full films for free?
    Preferably old and new, if not just new.
    No scam sites or sites you have to pay, only decent ones please?
    Thank you (:

    • ANSWER:
      i always watch it from youtube

    How do I watch a film properly?
    So usually when I watch films I watch them for pure entertainment, I have never really watched a film to think about the sub means ect. In the past I have watched critically acclaimed films such as There Will Be Blood and found them so boring! My question if how do I approach these films? How do I get more meaning out of films? How to analyze films? And finally how do I tell good acting from bad acting?

    Thanks for your help!

    • ANSWER:
      well, first taste varies so just because a film is critically appreciated shundt necessarily mean everybody shud appreciate it all da same so there is nothing wrong in find a movie boring.. but still if u wanna go deeper here are some tips..for number 1, make up ur mind that if the movie doesnt meet up ur regular taste or expectation or a bit slow or serious u just cant rule dat out as a boring one cause there might be some good aspects of this film as well which can be appreciated,so have patience try to find those,forgetting the pre set stuff,may be first time u wud find one or two or even none, try with some other movie then..u see patience is da key..and preset idea free mind as well..

      for first few occasions it will be harder but gradually it shud sink in so worths a shot isnt it? and when u get past the first tiring phase the analyzying power will improve gradually as well, goes hand in hand.

      and good acting from bad acting? well, u'll know with time..these things are related so when u are improving one the others will be improved as well.

    Are There any good websites where I can watch free film and tv without downloading them?
    I want a website that works really good with the iPhone or iPod touch safari. Also I dont want to have to do surveys or download the films. Really appreciate good answers. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Not sure if it works with IPhone or IPad but My Live Player is free with no surveys or other junk.

    How do Netflix distribute money to film companies?
    I'm using the free trial period of movie streaming on Netflix, and I'm considering starting to pay for it next month.

    How do Netflix pay the companies? Is it based on what films / series I watch, so that they pay the makers of for example Doctor Who more than the makers of Sex and the City? Or is it based on some completely different system?

    • ANSWER:
      They pay a negotiated flat rate to the rights holder for the rights to stream a selection of their movies/shows for a set period of time. At the end of that period, the contract for the rights is either renegotiated, or ends up not being renewed (at which point the movies specified in the previous contract would be dropped from Netflix's library).

      The amount paid depends on the individual contracts negotiated with the rights holders. How much Netflix is willing to pay depends on how badly they want a particular set of content.

      That's why you soon won't see any Disney stuff on Netflix. The last round of negotiations fell through, so once the current contract expires, all the Disney stuff will be removed.

    Any Good Websites That You Can Watch Free Films Online?
    I really want to watch some films, but when I go on the websites the surveys come up and I don't really want to complete them! And they really do need to be free ! Thank You!

    • ANSWER:
      I use Loombo or Megavideo. Both totally free but I would try Loombo first just because Megavideo has a time limit of about 75 minutes. Loombo is riddled with adverts but they are easy to close down!

      Edit: (P.S. No downloading needed!)

    Where can i watch the Jackass films for free that isn't megavideo, plus Are the Jackass Films different to the?
    Are the Jackass Films different to the series? Plus,mainly, where can i watch the Jackass films for free that isn't megavideo, because megavideo has a limit of only 70 or so minutes. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Go to:

      Search there becuase it lists all the places you can watch the film you want. Just select one that isn't megavideo.

    Does anyone know of any good websites for watching films?
    I was wondering if anyone knows any websites which let you watch films for free without downloading them. Ones that won't give my laptop a virus and aren't illegal or won't get me into trouble.

    • ANSWER:

    Where can I get free film downloads online?
    If not downloads, then just watch online.

    I would prefer not to have to sign-up.

    • ANSWER:
      I'd recommend a torrent- there's no sign up; all you need is to have preinstalled a torrent browser (available for free like at

      Just google something like "[name of movie] torrent" and click :)

      Alternatively, you can go to "" ; most DVDrip quality is released 2-3 months after the movie is released, and vidcam quality within a few days.

      Hope this helps :)

    Where can you watch films online for free?
    I don't know whether those sort of sites are illegal but does anyone know a website that lets you watch films for free?

    • ANSWER: best website out there. Pretty easy to use. Best answer? ;D

    Where can I get free film downloads online?
    If not downloads, then just watch online.

    I would prefer not to have to sign-up.

    • ANSWER:
      go on google and type
      and click the first one

    What's the best website to watch free films off and what's the best place to get free music off?
    Pirate bay has been blocked, do what's a really good version like that? (for music)

    And I really want to watch some films, such as scary films and also films like Up

    • ANSWER:
      Fill this form out bro, and I will send you a link to dl whatever you want.

    Is there a website where i can watch tv programmes and films on my iPod?
    when i go onto sites for free films that work on my computer, it doesn't work on my iPod because it doesn't have flash, are there any sites which will work with my iPod which are free?

    • ANSWER:
      iTunes. otherwise, look up on google "how to convert file to play on ipod". then download the appropriate program and you can manually turn anything into a video that can be uploaded to the ipod

    Where can i watch full length movies online for free without download?
    I really want to watch films free online without downloading it and without getting viruses or something, thanks :)
    without subscribing to anything

    • ANSWER:
      Movie 25, or momomesh

    What is a good site to watch films for free with no signing up or downloading or surveys?
    I want to watch some films but I can't find a good site to watch any,What are some good sites that you can watch films online for free with no downloading or surveys or signing up thank you

    • ANSWER:
      youtube movies

    What is the site called that I can watch films on the internet for free?
    What is the site called that i can watch films on the internet for free, i'm sick of buying them on itunes and i would like to see some new films without having to pay all the time!!!

    • ANSWER:

    What site can I download films off for free that's safe?
    I only have a netbook that won't cope with any viruses.. I need a film to watch on windows media player 😛 Help?

    • ANSWER:
      Don't use any torrent sites, the downloads are slow and often stop, and the quality if and when they do download is usually poor. Plus, there's a chance of viruses.

      A good website i know of which is free and has a wide range of films to download in pretty quick time depending on the speed of your connection is I use it all the time :-)

    Where can i watch films online for free?
    I really want to watch a film for free on the internet without having to download it or get any viruses, anybody got any good suggestions ???

    • ANSWER:

      Are always the best sites. They are free with no surveys or downloads with excellent quality movies. If you do want to most of their movies or TV episodes can be downloaded using Real player, Divx or the download link on players like Supernova or Zshare.

      Stay away from torrents like Bearshare, Limewire etc as they carry Trojans and nasty viruses in some of their downloads.

    Can i download HD films and watch through my tv?
    Can i download a hd film then watch it on my hd tv connected to my computer? (via a VGA cable)
    Would i need a seperate programme to play it or could i just use media player?
    Where can i download HD films from?

    • ANSWER:
      yes you can
      vga cable needs to be labeled as hd
      best and easiest way is to use apple tv - supports up to 1080i
      if you have 1080p it does not support it yet - you will not notice any difference between 1080p and 1080i though
      on hdtv you do not need any program - apple tv streams movie from yr computer to hdtv
      where can you download hd films from ?
      CinemaNow web page is
      CinemaNow - Movie Downloads - Online Movies - Download DVD Movies ...An online movie site that allows filmmakers to distribute their films via stream and download.
      read also this article
      Why HD movie downloads are a big lie
      Posted by George Ou
      There’s a lot of buzz lately about the delivery of HD TV and Movie content over the Internet with shows like Lost being delivered by and other video download services with XBox360 or iTunes. I even have friends and colleagues telling me that BlueRay or HD-DVD won’t make it because HD will simply be delivered over the Internet. But there’s one dirty little secret that people are forgetting or that they don’t understand, IT’S NOT HD they’re getting over the Internet. Heck it’s not even NTSC 480i (720×480 60 fields interlaced) DVD quality when you really look at the amount of video data you’re getting!

      Oh sure they might call it HD because it happens to be 1280×720 resolution which sounds awfully high, but you’re talking about an audio/video stream that’s 1.3 mbps (megabits per second) at best. You can call it whatever you like and you can even claim it meets the minimum definition of HD because it’s 720p (1280×720) resolution but it ISN’T HD for the simple reason that the bit rate isn’t enough. A regular 480i DVD is either 2, 5, or 8 mbps and most modern dual-layer 8 GB DVD releases are at least 5 mbps but more likely 8 mbps. A typical DVD movie is approximately 6 GBs of data while a typical “HD” movie you download is only about 1.5 GBs of data. Do you honestly believe you’re getting more image information in that 1.5 GB so-called HD movie you downloaded versus that 6 GB DVD movie?

      [Update 3:35PM - I was a bit shocked to hear some people argue that a 1.3 mbps H.264 MPEG-4 based 720p 30-fps video stream can be better than an 8 mbps MPEG-2 480i 60-field DVD stream. I’m going to explain something; it’s impossible. MPEG-4 can compress data in a more efficient manner such that it can have a 1.4x advantage over MPEG-2 in compression ratios while maintaining the same perceived quality. However, there’s absolutely no way that newer compression formats can overcome a 4 or 6 fold disadvantage in bitrate. Compression - especially in the lossy world of video - is more of a subjective thing. MPEG-2 video is already compressed fairly efficiently and you’re really not going to squeeze out any more than a 2 fold improvement at best no matter how fancy the encoder is. There can be marginal improvements in the field of compression but there are never free lunches.]

      The fact that a DVD is only encoded in 480i video is unfortunate but it still has more video information and raw potential than a so-called HD movie download for the simple fact that it has 4 times more data. A 480i video stream can be “up-scaled” to a 1080i or 1080p 1920×1080 display with glorious results and I guarantee you that it looks better than that so-called HD 720p movie you spent at least 3 hours downloading over the Internet while your family complains the Internet connection is really slow.

      But truthfully speaking, the whole Blu-ray versus HD-DVD format war is silly because a regular dual-layer DVD can easily store 93 minutes of 12 mbps 1080i or 1080p H.264 or VC-1 encoded video with bare minimum HD quality that looks much better than normal MPEG-2 480i DVDs. This format would have been extremely easy to produce and the players could have cost less than 0. The only thing that HD-DVD gets you is that you can either store 3 hours of that same quality video or 100 minutes of good quality 20 mbps H.264 or VC-1 video. Blu-ray players for some reason decided to forego the more advanced video codecs like H.264 or VC-1 and they’re using the old MPEG-2 encoding scheme which neutralized the capacity advantage of Blu-ray media. [UPDATE 6/1/2007 - Newer Blu-ray titles have begun using H.264 so they’ve regained the capacity lead.] But instead, we have a format war where no one is really winning since Sony decided to cede their market in the next generation console wars with the PS3 to salvage the BlueRay format.

      Another huge misconception is that people tend to confuse HD movie downloads over the Internet with HD IPTV. While the acronym “IP” stands for “Internet Protocol”, people have the meanings reversed because Internet always involves IP but IP doesn’t always involve the Internet. What I mean by that is that IP could strictly be a closed-network thing on a LAN (Local Area Network).

      Note: It’s also a huge misconception that VoIP (Voice over IP) means Voice over the Internet because the vast majority of VoIP traffic happens on the LAN and gets switched over the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network).

      IPTV requires 16 mbps per HD Channel and it would be IMPOSSIBLE for it to traverse the Internet in unicast traffic in the near tear or long term. IPTV works on a very localized level within a carrier’s own network where everything travels on local fiber-optic multi-gigabit networks on a multicast (or cached) level out to the DSLAM and only from there does it unicast to the user over a mile of a pair of copper cables. [Update 5:50 PM - Think of multicasting as a massive carpool where data is only transmitted once for everyone whereas unicast means the video bandwidth is multiplied by the number of users. Even a 2 mbps unicast stream turns in to a 20,000 mbps stream with 10,000 users where as a multicast or locally cached 16 mbps stream for 100,000 users is still means 16 mbps of traffic over the backbone.] That’s precisely why AT&T U-Verse wants to install miniature DSLAMs within a mile of their customers so they can support a 20 mbps DSL connection that can support a 16 mbps unicast HD IPTV stream over the last mile in addition to data access to the Internet. Other than U-Verse, Verizon’s FiOS (Fiber to the premises or home) is the only other way that IPTV can be delivered to the home. The Cable Internet companies don’t really care about IPTV because they deliver their digital television over a different frequency over the same coax cable and it’s a broadcast technology that sends out the same analog/digital signal to everyone’s house.

      This is precisely why HD Movie downloads are a big fat lie being pitched to consumers because even the delivery of 1.3 mbps unicast traffic will bring most parts of the Internet down to its knees if enough people use the service. The carriers are in a strategic position to be close enough to the customer that they can actually deliver true HD-quality IPTV with some level of video on demand and that scares the Googles of the world to death because there’s no way an Internet based 1.3 mbps make-believe HD video service can compete with true HD IPTV. That’s precisely why Google lobbied so hard to defeat the Telecom bill last year which would have deregulated the Telcos so they could implement IPTV and Net Neutrality was merely a political “poison pill” to kill the Telecom bill. More on this later …

    What is the best website to watch free movies on?
    Ive gone through many sites already claiming that their free, yet when i go to watch a film it always says i have to sign up and enter my card details! there must be one that doesn't charge you at all, and is actually safe to use haha. please help? :(

    • ANSWER:

      This provides a list of websites where you can watch movies and documentaries online for free.

    Where Can I Watch Films Online For Free?
    Is there a website where I can watch online films for free without registration? I've been on a few but they all take ages to buffer. Do you know any good ones?

    • ANSWER:
      Maybe you can try something called “satellite TV to PC software” which is becoming popular for good reasons. It works by receiving satellite TV signals over the Internet and converting them into a live, high resolution video feed on your desktop.When I first heard of this I wondered if it was even legal. It turns out it is completely legal,because these are FTA (free to air) satellite stations which are being broadcast from all over the world. The software just allows you to watch everything at any time anywhere without a satellite dish or receiver.Once you download the software you can instantly watch 3,000+ channels of movies, local and international news, live sports, TV shows, special events, music channels, kids channels, history, education, nature, special programming… It's much more variety than what I was getting from my local cable company. And it's all free. There's a small one-time fee for the software and that's it. There are no subscription fees or monthly charges… Nothing else to pay for…Ever.Here are the detailed reviews and comparisons of the Top 6 Internet Television Products on the market:

      Enjoy yourself.You will not be disappointed.

    Where can I watch foreign free films online?
    Particularly Russian ones. And I don't want to have to download it, or pay.

    Or at least find where I can watch the full movie of Две судьбы (Dve sud'by)

    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      This is a good site to watch Russian movies online:
      Unfortunately, it doesn't have "Dve sud'by".

      All 4 parts (may be there are more already), containing from 10 to 20 episodes each, you can watch on this site, BUT it's not free:

      One free site has Part 4, but I can't recommend it to you because it has "adult" content...

    Does anyone know any websites that allow you to watch movies online?
    I don't want a website where you have to download the film to watch i just want to watch it online ... good quality will do

    • ANSWER:
      Try OVGuide

      It's a free movie search engine... It searches all the free movies sites simultaneously. If there is a version of movie for free, OVGuide finds it.

      Here's a link to the homepage, enjoy:

    how can we download free films from net?
    I need to watch free films on internet can help me?

    • ANSWER:
      either go to youtube or do a web search....

    Good website for watching scary films free without giving my macbook a virus?
    Barely own any scary films&me and my friend are bored, so any websites where I can watch any scary films free?

    • ANSWER:

    can you watch blue lagoon anywhere for free which gives you no viruses?
    I know you can watch films on youtube for free but I can't find blue lagoon, does anyone have a link please?
    But I don't want any viruses.

    • ANSWER:
      No, not for free! If you try there will be a virus waiting for you!

    Does anybody know any free film websites for your phone?
    I have an iPhone and am looking for a film website which is free but will also let me watch them on my phone.. Any help is great thanks.

    • ANSWER: if you watch programs or films on a putlocker or a sockshare link it works on my Blackberry so would probably work on an iPhone too, I have an old 9300 Blackberry which the iPhone is a lot more advanced than so I would think it would run even better on your phone. Enjoy!

    what is a good website for watching movies online for free?
    I had one that I was using, but it was taken down. I need another site please! It needs to be free and one where I don't have to download the film to watch it. If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

    • ANSWER:

    Can i use odeon reward points on orange wednesdays?
    I have enough points on my odeon card for one free 2D film. So if i go on a wednesday can i use those points and an orange wednesday code so me and my friend can watch a film without paying a single penny?

    The points don't really count as an offer more of a reward thats why i am confused.

    • ANSWER:
      It says on the orange wednesday site that there offer has to be one full paying customer and cannot be used alongside any other offer/promotion, so I guess not sorry :/

    What is the best site to watch free movies on?
    I'm on about full feature length films. I want a good selection of films (not old b-rated movies) like the latest Bond movie for example. I want them to be high-quality, a site which only showcases hi-quality movies would be great. The kind of quality so you could put it on a full tv screen and not tell the difference between that and a vhs quality, or better.

    • ANSWER:

    How do you watch films for free online?
    Please could someone give me a name of a website I could watch films off?

    • ANSWER:

      remember to bookmark the other sites on the homepage since it updates like everyday

    How to film what your watching on your laptop?
    I see videos on youtube that people have recorded while there watching on there laptop (if that makes sense) how do i do it?How do I get my laptop to record what's on my screen?

    • ANSWER:
      Some software costs and only a few are free. Get Bandica below it's free. Go to the web site below click Free Stuff and you'll see it there

    What websites allow you to watch films online for free, no downloading?
    I want to watch edward scissorhands so if someone could send me a direct link that would be great :-)

    • ANSWER:
      Hopefully this will help:

    What website is the best to watch free good quality stream movies that has all of the latest films?
    I would like to know good websites that have easy access to free, good quality, new films, thanks

    • ANSWER:
      good quality movies huh.
      there are many others but your best chance of finding the latest movies are to look on, it searches all movie websites for the one you search for if they have it, it gives you the direct link to the movie. (only for the U.S.A)

    Is there a free and legal way to watch full length movies online?
    I wanna watch Scarface, and the godfather. Do u know any sites?

    • ANSWER:

      It's completely legal and completely free. You don't have to download anything and you can watch as much as you want. They have full length feature films and television shows too. It's not like a peer to peer thing, it's legit so you don't have to fish through a whole bunch of "stuff".

    What website can you watch Hannah Montana: The Movie 2009 where you don't have to pay anything?
    I want to watch Hannah Montana the movie now and I don't want to have to pay anything to watch it.

    • ANSWER:
      Cheapskate! Millions of dollars go into producing a movie and the producers and talent deserve a return on their investment.

      By seeking out a "free" online version of the film, you are cheating the many, many people who WORKED long, hard hours producing what you want to see for free.

      Watching bootleg movies online is the same as copying a CD and giving it away. You are cheating the artists who create your entertainment.

      Respect the work that goes into the movie and go to the multiplex and fork out the seven to ten bucks and see it with a clean conscience.

    What are your opinions on watching pirated movies?
    I really want to watch New Moon on the internet but i want to wait. What do you think about watching movies illegally on the internet. I've never done it before.

    • ANSWER:
      Look at it this way. If you created a film you spent much time and money on writing, producing, directing, staring in, building sets, costumes, props, make-up, special effects, advertising, music and so on, would you like some pube to pirate it for free? Would you not want to hunt that waste of oxygen down?

      Yeah, watching a film in a movie theater has become pricey- but it's still one of the cheapest forms of entertainment out there. I'm all for cracking down on video or audio pirates of any kind. We all want to be entertained, but where do people get off thinking that should be free? You want free, go to the library. They may not have the latest thing, but they often carry or can get a hold of anything else.

free films to watch now