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    Can anyone please tell me any website where I watch Spanish & Italian Movies/TV series with English subtitle ?
    it would be nice if they offered free movies like those on Youtube, but if not, a web where I can pay monthly with unlimited accesses will do also. Thank you very much !

    • ANSWER:
      Here's a link from which you can watch or download all types of TV Shows. click here.

    Where can I find rare possibly out of circulation movies?
    I looking for an Italian movie La Maschera that came out in the late 80's. And can't find squat. Lil help?

    • ANSWER:
      This is a famous video/film theatre and store in Chicago. They are known for having obscure foreign films in stock, and if they don't have it they will probably be able to locate it for you. They are pretty amazing. Check out their website...

      Feel free to call and ask them to find the movie for you, they are really good at that. Best of luck!

      **************Edited to add**************
      I went ahead and did the search for you out of curiosity, and here is what came up...

      La Maschera (The Mask)

      A fallen nobleman (Michael Maloney) continually offers himself to a beautiful lady, only to see his advances cut short. Donning a mask to conceal his identity, he finds success wooing the lady, but the mask cannot hide the evil growing inside of him. Features an early appearance by Helena Bonham Carter. In Italian with English subtitles.

      Director: Fiorella Infascelli



      86 mins.

      IMPORT. Requires a multi-standard (PAL/NTSC) DVD player, or a region-free or region 2 compatible player with a multi-standard (PAL/NTSC) television. Includes French and Italian subtitles, behind-the-scenes footage, photos, biographies, filmographies, and more.
      IN STOCK(1)
      Will ship within 24 hours.


      Item No: DVD-DV81098

      Hope this helps. :)

    What wouldwatching movies as a group in a theater versus watching alone, on computers, or in you like to ask?
    Explain how the availability of movies has evolved over the last century. Which experience do you prefer and why?

    • ANSWER:
      I prefer to go to a theater with friends. The sound is awesome and spending time with friends is priceless.

      However, the cost of movies (and the food there) is outrageous.

      I disagree with downloading movies for free because everyone involved in making the movie has earned their money and deserves the finished product to be paid for and not stolen.

      I have no problem watching movies by myself on my computer but my situation is quite unique.
      I have recently moved to Italy (from the US) and I do not fully understand or speak the language. Few theaters here play movies in English or with English subtitles. Sad but true.
      My wife speaks English but prefers a DVD with Italian subtitles. I brought my DVDs with me but they only work on the computer due to regional problems with her DVD player. I know, it sucks.
      I have therefore learned to enjoy my movies by myself on the computer.

    Where can I find english or american movies with subtitles in english too?
    I'm Italian and I'd like to improve my english, so I thought to watch films in english with subtitles in english too, can you recommend me a website with this kind of movies which I'm looking for? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      I'm not sure about streaming movies with subtitles, unless you can find a website that is for deaf people or the hard of hearing.
      If you can legally download a movie it is fairly easy to find free subtitle files online, which you can then display while watching the movie in most computer video players.

      Corrections to your English (your English is pretty good already so I hope you don't mind). I would rephrase it this way:

      I'm Italian, and I'd like to improve my English, so I thought of watching films in English with subtitles in English too. Can you recommend a website to me which has the kind of movies I'm looking for? Thanks

    What is the best way to teach yourself a new language?
    Hey guys I'm currently trying to learn Italian on my own and was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to go about it? Unfortunately, I have nobody I can practice talking with so that isn't really an option at the moment unfortunately. Cheers guys! :)

    • ANSWER:
      Use books and web sites to build up a basis of grammar and vocabulary.

      Listen to Italian radio on the Internet, and watch Italian movies (first with subtitles in English, then in Italian as you understand more, it helps to watch them over and over) as much as possible. You need to get used to pronunciation, accents (for understanding) and the flow of the language.

      If you live close to an Italian embassy or consulate, check with them for local groups (either for activity or language). Maybe you'll find an Italian friend to practice with.

      Use Skype or Vyke (or an IM program) to chat online. Find a penpal for language exchange, or make a friend through a site like OkCupid (technically dating, but it's free and good for talking with people from all over the world).

      Search Google Italy for forums that interest you, and start communicating with Italians as soon as you are able. The most important thing is immersion, and regular communication with native speakers.

    How long will it take me to learn italian?
    I only speak english. But im so into the Italian language and culture. If I study everyday and listen to audio and lessons, how long will it take me? Is italian a hard language?

    • ANSWER:
      just like german, french, dutch, spanish, it's a class 1 language, and learning it without full immersion will take a few years. Maybe a year less if you learn some esperanto first (free at ).

      Take classes if you can, don't rehash the lessons too often. Read books and watch movies/TV with decent subtitles instead, maybe listen to spoken radio ( RAI ) once you get used to the spoken language.

    Does anyone know of a really good Online program or website to learn a language?
    I am interested in learning italian. Well., at least basic.
    Does anyone know of a program or online website that is really good for this?
    I perfer them to be FREE.


    • ANSWER:
      Linguists, and people with vast experience in learning languages will almost always agree on the fact that most language learning methods out there are 50-70 percent fluff! It's pretty easy to get away with telling you that you'll be able to speak a language when for example, someone says "hello", they're speaking English, and it doesn't mean they can actually communicate. Being semi-fluent means you have a functional comprehension of at least 65% in the conventional range of that language, while fluent would be anything greater than 80%. If you don't have the time to learn a language properly, and you're after something quick and easy, then you're probably headed towards disappointment. The best method to getting as far as you can get in the shortest period of time is called the “3 step”. The first step is to complete a FULL Pimsleur (MUST BE PIMSLEUR) course. Listen to each lesson at least 2 times, taking notes the first time with new vocabulary and studying before listening the second time. The 2nd step is to form a list of the 3,000 most commonly used words/vocabulary in English, to also include the eight parts of speech (verbs, nouns, pronouns, adverbs, adjectives, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections), which you can search the web for. Once you've formed the list, you need to find accurate generic-translations, which you can apply to most common case scenarios of that language(definatley the most challenging part of all this).Once that's done, make flash cards or whichever method works best for you in memorizing vocabulary, but try to include each word in a sentence, in addition to just the new word and it's meaning. After you've memorized all that, the 3rd step is to locate 4 movies that are preferably some kind of Disney movie, or anything of a slower pace. Childrens movies seem to work best for this. Watch the movie in the language you're trying to learn with good, quality English subtitles. Watch ONLY these same 4 movies continuously as much as possible, to the point where you know what's going to be said next. Try to plan completing each step in this order, exactly as described within a time-frame of about 8-10 months. When you're done, you should be somewhere in the range of “semi-fluency”, at the point where learning after the “3 step” is quick and easy, and being close to fluent after 2 years of using it everyday, and learning at least an additional 100 new vocabulary words a month during that time. You'll thank me when you're done!

    how to learn italian the quickest way possible?
    im trying to learn italian the quickest way possible. does anybody know any free online things or ways to learn it quickly?

    • ANSWER:
      These are two good websites to learn the basics:

      Another good way to learn that i suggest is watching Italian movies with english subtitles. This way you get used to the sounds and to the accent.

      Hope I helped

      Good Luck
      Buona Fortuna

    Need a head start in learning Spanish before college?
    I am going to college next year majoring in international business and minor in spanish. I suck at learning languages as I did in HS, and want a jump start before stepping in the classroom to learn the language, any suggestions that dont cost money?

    • ANSWER:
      I used to say the same thing about myself. I really didn't think I could learn. But it actually has nothing to do with how you did in high school. I studied Italian for 5 years between high school and college and I barely remember 3 words. But I am now close to fluent in Spanish, and I never took it in high school or college. It's the perfect time for you to start (I waited until after grad school to start so I was way behind you). What are your plans for this summer? I know you want some free ideas, which I put below, but you could work in June and July and save a little cash and travel for a few weeks in August.

      Even a few weeks of true language immersion and you'll be way, way ahead of your classmates in college (even the best ones who got the best grades in high school, none of that matters). And especially if you like talking to your friends, having fun, meeting people, playing sports, or doing really anything that involves other people at all...then you have what it takes to not only learn but excel.

      If you are looking for some quick ideas, a great place to start is Pandora's free radio. I've been liking Spanish raggea recently so you could put it Cultura Profetica. If you like pop rock try Mana. Find the lyrics online and follow along.

      For TV, watch telemundo and other Spanish channels at night when the Novelas are on. This like primetime TV in much of Latin America (I have lived abroad in 6 countries, and even in houses with no running water they managed a TV so they could watch Novelas (and of course soccer [futbol]). They are basically soap operas, but they are done better than US soap operas as they're made for a wider age range and audience. Put on the subtitles and keep a small notebook with you. If you watch a one-hour novela, try to write down 3 new words. You don't have to spell them all right, just try to sound them out and then try searching for them on (also free).

      Movies are a great way to do this as well, especially ones that you have already seen several times before and love. Put on the Spanish voices and English subtitles. Repeat your favorite scenes with English voices and Spanish subtitles (the subtitles and voices don't always match in Spanish but it still helps 90% of the time).

      If you're a sports fan, watch replays of matches with FC Barcelona when they had Ronaldhino and now with Lionel Messi. Watching soccer in Spanish is more fun than watching it in English anyway. Just listen to how the U.S. announcers call a goal and how the Latino announcers say Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooolllllllazo golazo golazo golaaaaaaaazooooooooo! Need I say more? And hey, you just learned a new word (golazo = friggin amazing awesome goal!!! don't you just love how you can say so much with a little word?).

      And if you do get to the point where you're ready to travel this summer, you will learn more in 2 weeks than most people in your classes...honestly YOU will be the star of the class and people will look up to you (this happened to me after my first month of travel when I came back and took Spanish 102, it was crazy). I started with nothing and after a few weeks I was already speaking and understanding (very basic, sure, but still...). There is a lot of free information about traveling and learning abroad, including free trip planning services, at

      I know some of this sounds corny but basically the most important thing is that you have to find something that YOU like. I met a guy once who said he learned Spanish with 50,000 flash cards (interestingly, I never actually heard him speak Spanish). That sounds really boring to me. If you find something that engages you, chances are there is free stuff online. On my blog I have a ton of free info, some links to cheap resources if you decide to spend a bit, and soon I'll be adding free audio files from native speakers with transcripts. good luck and hope to see you around the community at some point!

    Where can I download the Korean drama You're Beautiful for free?
    any suggestions please?

    • ANSWER:
      I love Asian dramas. ^_^ You're gonna need a BitTorrent client to download the torrent from the first link.

      There's a torrent site for Asian dramas called D-Addicts ( Here is a search for You're Beautiful. If you understand Korean, the first link is for the show without subtitles (click on the links underneath the column that says Torrent, to the right of the title, to start downloading the torrent):

      If you need English subtitles, unfortunately, it looks like the rest of the results only have subtitles for Spanish and Italian.

      I found another site that has subtitles, though:

      Found this site in a thread on D-Addicts about "You're Beautiful" where someone else was asking for a version with subtitles. ^^

      Another good site to look for Asian dramas or movies is, which I have an account on (required to download). I didn't see anything on that site, but it was because I found the link above so I stopped searching.

      Now that I've found it, I might go and download it myself once I clear up some room on my HD. Enjoy!

    I've downloaded a movie and I'm trying to play it in my DivX player but it's in a different language?
    I downloaded it from uTorrent and I tried to play it but there was no sound so I went onto the Free-Codecs site and downloaded the one I needed but all the audio is in Spanish or Italian or something even though my player's default settings are English, anyone know what's wrong?

    • ANSWER:
      well if movie was in different language you downloaded wrong copy of the movie - movies in other countries are mostly shown in their language so you downlaoded wrong movie - you need to download movie with english language spoken - no player will help
      the only solution is go to and download ALShow - FREE DOWNLOAD - if there are subtitles you'll see subtitles probably in english - if subtitles are not in english just go to ALShow menu and change subtitles to english - ALShow is best media player for subtitles - also ALShow supports ALL codecs - all codecs come preloaded with same download so you'll be able to watch just abt any video file you throw in it
      AlShow is for windows only
      All other operating systems download VLC Player - FREE DOWNLOAD at - supports ALL codecs and ALL operating systems (windows, mac, linux, freebsd, palm, beos) - ALShow is better for subtitles though
      otherwise the only solution is to download movie with english language spoken

    know any good italian shows or movies with subtitles?
    hi im looking for something that i can watch free online like on veoh or youtube that has english or spanish subtitles i would prefer spanish but either is fine, know any?

    • ANSWER:
      Good answers here ... there are dozens of brilliant Italian films available on DVD with optional subtitles for only a few dollars. You want something worth watching, you gotta be prepared to pay for it. You won't find any subtitled movies free (or otherwise) online.

      Here's a few more recommendations:
      Christ stopped at Eboli (not a religious film)
      Facing Window
      Respiro (one of my very favourites)
      Angela (a fine mafia film based on fact)
      Romanzo criminale
      I'm not scared

    La Vita e Bella, with English subtitles, for free on the net where I can find?
    I'm Portuguese and I saw the film in Italian Language. I understand what they say but my partner is Welsh, he cant understand. It's a great film, and I will be very pleased if he see it this weekend. Do you can help me please?

    • ANSWER:
      dubbed version is hilarious

    Where can I buy Come Tu Mi Vuoi Italian Movie here in the United States?
    Where can I buy Come Tu Mi Vuoi Italian Movie here in the United States?
    I love this movie, can someone tell me how to buy it? it's an italian movie and I've looked for it everywhere on the internet, anyone know how I can obtain it?
    Thanks for the answer,
    that's fine man, I speak Italian lol, I was just wondering where I could get it. My girlfriend and I want to watch it really bad.
    Thanks for the answer.

    • ANSWER:
      You can buy the movie in Italy, but it's without English subtitles and won't play in DVD players which are not region-free.

    Don Camillo movie in English or English subtitles?
    Any idea from where I could download movies or TV stuff based on Italian author Giovanni Guareschi's famous character Don Camillo? There are a few in YouTube but all in Italian! Anything available in English or with English subtitles ?


    • ANSWER:
      Don't do it. Buy them, instead. Films don't grow on trees, they are made by people who must feed their families. If everybody could watch movies for free, there won't be any new movies made.

    Where can I download(or view online) French movie with english subtitles? Free, of course?
    Actually I like European movies. It need not be only French, you can even suggest a site where I can find Italian, Spanish or German movies(in general any European movie) but with English subtitles.

    Streaming site will be alright and please do not suggest any torrent site.

    Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      I think there ain't any legal free site where you can watch French movies with English subtitles... you have to buy or download some on emule. What's more, it is not common to find French movies with subtitles... actually I'm French and I have never seen one (even if I don't need subtitles to watch French movies).

    Improve my English - 10 points to better answer?
    Hello, I'm an Italian girl. My English isn't very good. I would improve my English but I don't want spend money. What can I do for improve my English language? Do you know any free sites for improve my English?
    Thank you and sorry for my mistakes!

    • ANSWER:
      You could watch English language movies with or without English subtitles (not Italian subs).

      Also you could play games with a lot of English text or interaction. I recommend the Civilization series.

      You must surround yourself with English, and force yourself to be exposed to English and to situations where you must use English. Activate yourself in thoughts, words and deeds to mindfully think and practice English in every moment.

      Think of different ways to say or ask same things. Study dictionaries, or just read the English and use the wiktionary feature to find out synonyms and English meanings for English words and terms. You can also swab the Italian wikipedia pages for English ones to learn names of things like animals and plants.

      Do a lot of chatting. Join some kind of interactive chat client or a gaming community where people speak to each other in English. There are plenty of games and communities and chat clients. Seek them out and participate so actively that you actually make English speaking friends. Avoid company that uses your own language.

      Participate on English boards and forums. There you have more time to form your sentences, but less immediate responses.

      Travel and speak only English to everyone. Ask English speaking people questions. Even ones to which you already know answers.

      Buy an English grammar book from a book store to check some rules if you are interested, but concentrate on activity.

      I do not know of any English language programs, but the message you already wrote confirms your ability to those other things suggested above. Consider them if you will.

      Do not apologize. Do not settle for incorrect sentences either.

      (..want TO spend.. / ..can I do TO improve.. (-language).. / ..for improvING my..)

      Be well.

      P.S. Almost forgot! Read books! Check all the words you do not know from wiktionary.

    Where can I download(or view online) French movie with english subtitles? Free, of course.?
    Actually I like European movies. It need not be only French, you can even suggest a site where I can find Italian, Spanish or German movies(in general any European movie) but with English subtitles.

    Streaming site will be alright and please do not suggest any torrent site.

    Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      you should look in this directory there are plenty of sites where you can watch movies for free. and you can also search through all the sites to find what you are searching for

    Hi everybody! This is an italian lady! Can you help me?
    I would like to improve my english. I'm finishing university, I study biology, and I need to...refresh my english. How do you think I could do? Watching films in original language? Or better reading books? I'm waiting for your answers!


    • ANSWER:
      It really depends on your needs. For instance, do you want to do a master's in the U.S, then you'd better focus on reading a lot and building a more extensive vocabulary. Or do you want to be proficient in everyday communication, in which case watching movies can help you a lot. A good strategy that helped me a lot is watching the movie at least twice, the first time with subtitles and then without. You'll improve both your listening and speaking skills.

      The single most important thing is to pay attention to your pronunciation and work on it. There are many voices (vowels particularly) in English that do not exist in Italian. You'll need some structured program you can buy from the internet (usually a book with CDs or a specialized pronunciation software) to work on this. Language experts suggest that you choose a particular accent you are comfortable with and then try to imitate it. They also advise the following: Find an actress you admire and try to copy the way she speaks. Download her movies and interviews from the Internet and watch them over and over again. I personally feel very comfortable with the American Pacific North West English, which is the most neutral of all dialects, and perhaps the easiest to copy, but feel free to choose what you like most - any one of the british or american dialects.

      Nothing can replace, though, everyday communication with native speakers.

      I hope this helps.

    hi. i want an italian tv seri :squadra antimafia palermo oggi 3.?
    i need to download it free with english subtitle. do anyone know where i can download at least english subtitles for it????? please help me

    • ANSWER:
      hi, you can download english subs from here
      and the movies from here

    I need italian movies or TV shows with English subtitle? where can I FREE download them?
    I prefer if the movies and TV shows was released after 2000 :)

    • ANSWER:
      You can find what you want here,just have a try
      <--- good luck!

    english movies free online?
    Hi everybody! I'm italian, I would like to see english movies online but with English subtitles, can you help me please??

    Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      just buy it

    What is the title of this french or italian movie(2004-2006)?
    It seems like mainly a thriller & romance.But could have more.Or be in a different category.I spent probly 4-6hrs looking VERY hard trying to find this movie.Im not much for non english films.But this one was relly good.Even though I had no idea what was being said I relly enjoyed it lol.Ill describe the film as good as I can.I saw it when I had comcast 2-3yrs back.The on demand where you can select free movies to watch is how I found it.This is what makes it most difficult to find.I can't remember the main things needed to find a movie fast.Just the plot & some of the movie.The year the movie came out was 2004-2006.I have no idea weither it was pure italian,french or both mixed film because I forgot how they talked mostly cause its been so long since I seen it.but it seemed like those languages,more french id say.I don't remember the characters names,actor's names,or who directed the film.I could be wrong on some parts,but here's what all I remember

    It started out with this guy that moved into this apartment,main character.The apartment is the main used for the scenes.Everyone in the complex was friendly & unique.Theyre was many characters.Mailman that came everyday was greeted by elderly couple & the new guy runs into him couple times.The 2nd time I think he is late for somthing,runs into him literly & knocks the mail everywhere.And the other main character is this woman(fairly skinny-medium build with brunette hair & full lips).I can't remember her name.But she lives a door over or right across from the new guy.I think he over hears her singing.He knocks on her door & greets himself.They get to know eachother.She sewed alot.

    The other main characters are the ones the live on the top floor.They own the place.I think the woman is some relation to them(could be wrong).They are a man & woman(can't remember if they was married or just bf & gf).But they spy on either just the woman(main character),or everyone in the complex.Mainly just the man,he looks through peepholes.When the new guy comes over to talk to her again.She is sewing & has a thimble on a finger.She said somthing like she knows they spy on her & its the same time every,night I think.Somthing happens(im kinda lost after that scene.).

    And what ends up happening is the guy that lives upstairs tries to kill the woman & basicly destroys the apartment complex.And throughout the movie the new guy comes in here & theyre to save here.One of them kills the guy upstairs eventualy.Then all I remember is they are laying on a bed.The room is flooded from the building geting roughed up.They look eachother in the eyes,smile,& kiss eachother the first time(I think).Then the credits rolled.

    I know this is a long shot.But I relly liked this movie!Would like to watch it again.Possibly find it in english or with english subtitles.I onley seen it one time.I think the name of the movie is the woman's name(one the guy upstairs tries to kill.).If you came this far reading I thank you very much for reading!And I hope this is enough info for someone that has seen it before.Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      "Delicatessen" begins in a dilapidated apartment building in post-apocalyptic France. Food is in short supply, with grain used as currency. In the ground floor of the apartment building is a butcher's shop, run by the landlord, Clapet (Jean-Claude Dreyfus), who posts job opportunities in the Hard Times paper as means to lure victims to the building, whom he murders and butchers as a cheap source of meat that he sells to his tenants.

      Following the "departure" of the last worker, unemployed circus clown Louison (Dominique Pinon) arrives to apply for the vacant position. During his routine maintenance, he gradually befriends Julie Clapet (Marie-Laure Dougnac), a relationship which slowly blossoms into romance. Aware of her father's motives and Louison's imminent death, Julie descends into the sewers to make contact with the feared Troglodistes, a vegetarian sub-group of French rebels, whom she convinces to help rescue Louison.

      Following the apparent death and butchering of an old woman, the Troglodistes return, and Mr. Clapet, with the remaining tenants of the building, storm Louison's room in an attempt to murder him. Louison, aided by Julie, resists by flooding his apartment. He is able to narrowly avoid death as Clapet inadvertently kills himself with Louison's weapon. The film ends with Louison and Julie playing music together on the roof of the now peaceful apartment building.

      "Delicatessen" is a 1991 French black comedy film, directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro, starring Dominique Pinon and Karin Viard. It is set in a post-apocalyptic apartment building in a France of an ambiguous time period. The story focuses on the tenants of the apartment building and their desperate bids to survive. Among these characters is a newly arrived tenant, who arrives to replace a tenant whose reason for departure is initially unclear. The butcher, Clapet, is the leader of the group which strives to keep control and balance in the apartment building.

      It is largely a character-based film, with much of the interest being gained from each tenant's own particular idiosyncrasies and their relationship to each other.

    What do I do with .srt files?
    I recently downloaded a foreign film and the subtitles came in .srt files. What do I do with these files?

    • ANSWER:
      SRT is the file extension for subtitle files. Subtitle files are simple text files that have been synchronized with a video file so that viewers can read what is being said while they are watching the movie. SRT files are especially useful for viewers who have hearing disabilities or like to keep the sound low. SRT files can be made for any movie in any language and can be modified in a standard text editor such as Notepad. Subtitle files are easy to create. Each subtitle line only consists of the time that the subtitle should be displayed and the message that it should read. For easy organization, SRT files are usually labeled in the format. For example, if a user wanted to create an English SRT file for the movie Cast Away, he/she would name the SRT file CastAway.Eng.SRT. Likewise, a French SRT would be labeled CastAway.FRE.SRT and an Italian SRT would be labeled CastAway.ITA.SRT.


      SubRip is a free, open source program that gives users the ability to extract and modify subtitles from movies, then encode them back into the movie. SubRip includes a timing feature that ensures that subtitles are placed at the correct points within the film and allows for ideal synchronization. SubRip is designed for the Windows Operating System and is very popular within the subtitle/movie industry. SubRip is the primary subtitle file processor responsible for the SRT file format and is compatible with most media players. SubRip can be found at .

      Universal Subtitle Viewer

      The Universal Subtitle Viewer is another free program that allows users to watch movies with subtitles and create subtitles for those movies. Universal Subtitle Viewer can extract subtitles from videos and allow the user to modify them in any way. Universal Subtitle Viewer can then resynchronize the subtitle with the video in order to make sure that they match perfectly. Universal Subtitle Viewer supports 14 different subtitle formats and can even encode multiple subtitles in the same film and play them simultaneously. Universal Subtitle Viewer can be found at .

      Sub Studio SAMI

      Sub Studio SAMI uses the SAMI (Synchronized Accessible Media Interchange) file format that is very similar to HTML in order to create, view, and modify subtitles. Because SAMI is so close to HTML, users of Sub Studio SAMI can create their own subtitle files through any text editor or HTML editor. Sub Studio SAMI differs from other subtitle programs in several ways. For example, Sub Studio SAMI measures subtitles in milliseconds rather than frames. Sub Studio SAMI can also store multiple languages in the same subtitle file and allows users to switch between them while watching a movie. Sub Studio SAMI is a free, open source program and can be found at .

      SRT Shifter

      SRT Shifter is a simple, browser-based application that allows users to shift the timestamps within an SRT file in order to resynchronize it with the film. SRT Shifter is especially useful when an SRT file has become unsynchronized with a movie due to the movie being modified. For example, if a scene or credits from a movie have been removed, then the SRT file will no longer be synchronized with the film. SRT Shifter corrects this problem by allowing the user to readjust when each subtitle is displayed. SRT Shifter is free and can be found at

    la vita e bella movie?
    Where can ``I watch la vita e bella`` in italian for free with english subtitles??

    • ANSWER:

    Does anyone know where i can find the fantaghiro series subtitles in english preferrably ??i am desperate?
    fantaghiro the italian movie

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know where you live, but new DVD were been released last year, in Italy: they have both Italian and English language (audio; while I think subtitles are in Italian only); they are Zone 2, so if you're not in Europe, Japan, South Africa, Egypt or Middle East, you need a region free DVD reader.
      You can buy from Italia shops that ships worldwide, the most known and reliable are
      Look for Fantaghirò in the search box; all 5 miniseries are available. Don't worry if one of those site don't list English language, the DVD are the same.

    pride and prejudice??
    i want to download pride and prejudice movie for free (with english subtitle also if possible ) where can i do it from ? i want the link to it or........
    i want to watch it online .. where can i see this movie.... i want best answers from you..... thank you in advance...

    can you say any 5 best english comedy or romance movies since 2005 onwards ( any five best)

    • ANSWER:
      You should see the site "MEGAVIDEO"... it is a italian site.. Chose english lenguage and it is perfect!

    Questions To Americans Against Spanish?
    I am Mexican American and we born in USA speak to Americans in English. But Americans are anti-spanish and complain that people should order in english. Ok.

    But when I am in my native country of origin of Mexico, Americans, Asians just walk right up to me and speak to me in English. They also order in English in our restaruants, All our movies theatres in Mexico are in English with spanish subtitles.

    If you complain about Spanish in USA, I speak english to you in your country. Why do you speak to me in English in my country of origin?? Our people serve you in english in our restaurants in our country.

    For instance, an Italian American posts sign in Philadelphia, "Order in English," But when they come to our latin countries, they order in English and speak to us in English in our own country of Orgin.

    Also, remember that NAFTA allowed the free flow of goods, and that is why products have instructions in French, English, Spanish.

    • ANSWER:
      This question has been asked and answered hundreds of times by others.

    I want to learn a new language easily? Please help!?
    I'm 12 years old and I want to learn a new language. I'd like to learn spanish. But any language is fine. I don't care if its like you just emailing me or an actual website that tells me and stuff. so either way would be fine. if you want me to email you, leave your email address (: thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      As I assume your native language is English, the Romance languages French, Spanish and Italian, would probably be easiest for you to learn.
      You many lessons on these languages on the web.
      I find that is helpful. You can download and use their program for free-it's limited but helpful. You can watch movies in that language with english subtitles. Listen to songs in a different language. Immerse yourself.
      If you want spanish is good.
      You can also buy a language program, which may help you a lot. Keep in mind, as you are 12 you will be entering high school in the next couple of if you choose a more common language, chances are you may be able to continue it in high school, by taking a language course.
      Good Luck :)

    i really need to watch this movie and i can't find either english/french/romanian subtitles or audio cuz i cant understand italian please someone help me with this just subtitles is enough any of those 3 about to cry cuz i love the story and i cant understand anything :(
    i've been on all he sites for subs and there are none i already have the movie...i just need to understand it..and i never asked for the song's translation but thanks i had already found it before if anyone knows how to actually sub the movie well please tell me as soon as u put it up somewhere cuz im dying.

    • ANSWER:
      Here's a site where you can order the DVD and add subtitles to it.

      Here are the English words to the song.

      Excuse me for calling you my love
      I don’t know what else to say
      excuse me for having given you a name
      I only say it’s you
      you re-shape my destiny
      and put colour in the desire within my eyes
      I’m not cold now
      as I’ve learnt to cry
      and I’m not afraid when
      I feel like I’m being reborn
      now I play along
      I let my heart rush towards you
      names come in my pocket too late
      now I’ve got freedom
      you can take it away whenever you want

      A life to be re-written
      inside your one thousand page heart
      I’ll tear the poems which speak of us
      of an ageless love

      Excuse me for calling you my love
      and I can’t say anything else
      excuse me for not being able to have
      the same years as you do
      but I still have that instinct
      to fly like a free kite
      love is not conventional
      it’s got no limits
      it flows in our hearts now

      A life to be re-written
      inside your one thousand page heart
      I’ll speak of a love which
      surpasses the distance and never stops
      never stops

      I’ve got a life to be re-written
      inside your one thousand page heart
      I’ll tear the poems which speak of us
      of an ageless love

      Excuse me for calling you my love
      I don’t know what else to say
      excuse me for having given you a name
      now you can call me too.

    Can any one tell me about Satellite to PC?
    its kinda a software u install on ur pc n u can watch lots of satellite Paid chanels free on ur PC.
    I'm looking for Super Sports from South Africa

    • ANSWER:
      There r many free softwares available but most of them r chineese n korean chanels


      u can search these in yahoo

      also if u download a codec than u can watch it on media player or real player

      here r few links for channels u can try

      This site is an index of a wide variety of sites relating to television, from actors and actresses, to shows (both old and new), and even commercials web tv channel tv station for gamers world arts


      During season.. Full list of channels showing live matches at
      I recommend you subscribe to this forum. This keeps you up to date with new links for upcoming matches.

      links for champions league at

      Live U.K. football at Sign up to the forum and have a look in there for an updated list of streams

      CCTV5 in china I think they show French football on a Saturday night and Italian on Sunday afternoon.

      Spanish soccer on South Africa super sport 3 or

      Calcio in diretta su

      Mixed sports




      Formula 1

      RUV Iceland showing F1. mms://



      (there is hbo1 to hbo7, (just retype the number after letters hbo)

      The schedule is at

      Korean Movie Channel showing American films with Korean Subtitles mms://

      mms:// listings for this channel can be found at same link as above but in english

      mms:// (2 korean erotic movies )

      mms:// (some 2 eng movies )
      mms:// (another porn 2 movies ) Shaolin Boy - funny martial arts film

      mms:// Adventures of Alice in wonderland The Wolves - !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
      // Catch me a spy - Kirk douglas NBC

      rtsp:// another nbc link

      General TV stations
      Click on what’s on tv tonight for a listing of today’s internet TV in Russian in Russian Russian tv
      Has a good sports section including uk footie a kung fu series cnn international

      mms:// cartoons

      mms:// US weather channel

    SRT SUBTITLES please help?
    can someone please help me with finding some subtitles for the godfather trilogy 1,2,and 3 ..
    I only need the English parts for the Italian speech...

    I did have some but I don't understand why they wont come up ... I have tried using media player classic and VLC and still cant get them to show up , alougth the last ones did come up they where all out of sync going mad trying to sort this out !

    thank you people !!
    Tried about 10 so far from sub scene and nothing !!!
    yes I know the process , I have done this a hundred times and its always worked ...
    I ripped the trilogy my self from my dvd collection and I have the srt. files in the same file as the movie with the same name

    • ANSWER:
      search in this site. find the one which matches yours. for example if it is axxo, find the subtitle with axxo in it's name. and if u have sync problems use bs player. it's free and u can solve that easily. and also the frame rate of movie and subtitle should match.

      edit: do you know the process ? name of the subtitle file should be the same as the movie file name, if it's not then change it. then put it in the same folder. it should show something.

      edit: that is exctly the problem ! it is your own ripped version. that's why no one matches with it. keep on looking. read the frame rate of your files. and find subs with exactly the same frame rate.

    TOEFL test :( pleaaaaaaaaaase help?
    i'm preparing for toefl test and i'm so scared i don't know when i should sign in for it ... i don't know if i'm ready or not ... i can read novels and watch movies without subtitle sometimes in English ... i speak but not fluently ... i don't know how to know when i'm ready
    please i want a help from anyone who take the test :(

    • ANSWER:
      You need to improve your confidence and self-esteem first!
      Depending on your versatility with the english language, you need to spend a few hours of quality time in preparing for the TOEFL. What part of the world are you from? Korean, Chinese, Indian, or Italian?
      How to know when you are ready? Take the free ' online ' test and see how you fare.

      As you know, there are sections which test your Writing, Reading, and Spoken skills. [Your voice gets recorded, and how you answer questions, your pronunciation, speech delivery, etc are assessed].

      In my opinion, you need to prepare for about 8 weeks seriously. Keep taking mock-tests, and observe your scores improving gradually.
      Best of luck.

    Websites where I can...?
    Hi there!
    I am an Italian girl and am looking for a website where you can watch movies or TV series for free. We have websites like that (if you need this is the best but I need movies or TV series in English! Some of ours are but they always have subtitles and I am looking for some without them, I want to improve my "listening". Hope you can help :) If you need some advice with Italian just ask.

    Happy new year!

    • ANSWER:
      Youtube is an excellent site for that. Hulu is also good. You may have to watch the movie or show in parts on Youtube.

    Is it possible for a foreigner works in uk even the foreigner doesn't know english?
    i'm italian and i'd like to work in uk to learn the language.
    i wonder how can i do if i don't know the language(i know only few words) and if i haven't the high school diploma?I have serious economic difficulties,so for this reason i had to leave school.
    i'm 19 and i'm a girl
    i would like to do a work where is required italian and where an english mother-tongue speaker learn me english
    i know that all of this seems impossible but i think that there's a little possibility for all.
    what do you tell me?where i can search?
    please be serious

    • ANSWER:
      Begin at the instituto italiano and ask for advice there. Or contact the British Council in your country. Start by learning as much English as possible before leaving, watching movies, Internet radio, select English subtitles on DVDs you rent. When you get to London, enroll in a language course, maybe govt. sponsored. In Spain where I am they are free.
      Offer to learn in tandem with another girl who plans to travel to Italy for an exchange. Or offer "Italian-only" tutoring for O-Levels candidates in Italian. That often requires some literary knowledge, do you have any? Manzoni? Dante? Poets? Opera?

    What is a good study schedule for learning italian?
    Hi I've been studying the italian language for a little over a year now and I'm still having difficulties. I'm looking for a good study schedule and also for websites or books that can help me to learn faster or at a better rate. I have a lot of free time and can be easily flexible with the amount of study time required in one day. I don't have a lot of money to spend on books and lessons so I'm studying at home using what materials that I can without having to pay. Anyone that can help me out I would be very grateful. Also I'm looking to make friends that speak italian and that might be interested in helping me with my studies. Thanks in advance to anyone that has any information and can respond to this question. Please no nasty comments or telling me that I'm wasting my time, because I have very good reasons for needing to learn the italian language. Thanks again and have a great day :)

    • ANSWER:
      mmh.. a great grammar...and.. movies! the first for the rules (that trust me,are really a nightmare to learn i think) and the second cause you need to get used to the use of the language.. try italian audio + italian subtitles 😉
      I do the same with english and french,it's worth!;)
      Also,check this out

    Websites where I can...?
    Hi there!
    I am an Italian girl and am looking for a website where you can watch movies or TV series for free. We have websites like that (if you need this is the best but I need movies or TV series in English! Some of ours are but they always have subtitles and I am looking for some without them, I want to improve my "listening". Hope you can help :) If you need some advice with Italian just ask.

    Happy new year!

    • ANSWER:
      Ciao.. Come Va!

      You can watch films on websites like:
      StageVu - you can also download films
      Tv Shack - you might risk getting a virus though

      You can watch TV series on catch-up websites like: (which have subtitles)
      BBC iPlayer (only works in the UK)
      ITV Player
      Demand 5
      ALSO YouTube

      Or you can download films with/without subtitles from Pirate Bay or isoHunt using uTorrent

    and wut lang. can you speak and can you speak multiple languages??

    • ANSWER:
      I live in Belgium, so we start to learn a second language in 5th grade, about an hour a week. As I'm Flemish that meant learning French. And living in a small country with three official languages, I would be able to watch TV in French and German. And that helps. Plus my father spoke French and English. I could speak acceptable French by 7th grade. But the breaktrough came in 9th grade, when I changed schools, had a very stern French teacher and failed French. My parents sent me on a language holiday in the French speaking part of Belgium, and there I was encouraged to speak French, even for discussing complex subjects like science and politics, and I finally gained confidence. I realized that people could undestand me, and wouldn't laugh about my mistakes. Finally all that vocabulary and grammar clicked together. Next year, 10th grade, I was first in French, and since then I started speaking it fluently.

      A similar thing happened with English and German, which we had to take from 10th grade on, one hour a week. I was average, in spite of all the English and German movies with subtitles we have in Belgium, plus all those English songs in the hitparade. But in 11th grade I subscribed to a TV course on English for Scientists, and I became hooked. I gained confidence and was proud when my English teacher told me my English was fine, but a bit too American to his taste. Again, it has to click together.

      When I went to university, I decided to play it safe, as English is an obligatory subject. So I went to an English summer course, where I immediately ended up in the most advanced group. And I when they tested me, I scored so good that I was exempt from English in my first year. The same with French. I went to an month long advanced course in France, and the first thing they asked me was "What do you still hope to learn here? You're French is almost perfect". So I used the course to learn French argot (street slang). And I started to read French newspapers and comic books. And again I was excempt French in my second year at university. And I served as a liaison with the French-speaking student unions.

      I *hated* German, with all that complex grammar and umlauts. There the click came at that same advanced French course in France. Most of the participants were German scholarship students, so I had to speak German in my free time to hook up with girls! I think I learned more German than French during that month ...

      After university I landed in the peace movement and was regulary drafted for simultanious translations French-English and English-French at international meetings. Later on I became liaison with the German peace movement and was asked to give speeches in German. The first time I asked German co-workers to check my speeches, but they told me it wasn't necessary, because people had to be able to hear I wasn't a native speaker. An again that click, the confidence to speak a language with mistakes and all.

      So later on, when I worked in the computer industry, I was able to give every course in Dutch, English, French or German. Regulary switching languages in the same course, when they managed again to stick a Swede with a group of Germans, for example. Only if I haven't given a German course for a while I have to freshen up on German computer terminology for an hour or so.

      And nowadays I consider myself fluent in four languages, and I can manage in Spanish and Italian, with smatterings of Portugese and Russian. In fact, English has become my second mother tongue. But I have to take efforts to keep up that proficiency : books, magazines, newspapers, movies.

      The only problem I sometimes have is that I can think of a word in several other languages, but not in the language I need at the moment. The luxury problem of a polyglot.

      Conclusion : learning words and grammar is OK, but you have to have the confidence to speak it, warts and all. You get encouragement and you will make advances. And you have to keep it up the rest of your life if you want to be proficient and to be able to switch languages at the drop of a hat.

    Is there a good way to learn Japanese?
    I have 2 books I bought off of amazon so I can try to teach myself but I'm just getting confused. I'm more worried about being able to speak rather than writing it right now. The only thing I can say is my name and to ask if the person speaks English. There has to be a better way, right?

    I'm going on vacation in February so I have about 3 months to learn basic conversational skills. I'm sure I'll need to be able to read, I have a list of all the hiragana, katakana and kanji however I don't think ill be able to memorize them all in 3 months..

    • ANSWER:
      Before you start studying for real you need to do a mental inventory:

      1. For what purpose am I learning Japanese?
      2. When will I need Japanese?
      3. Will I need to speak?
      4. Will I need to read?

      The answers to these questions will determine how you should study. Especially the period of time you are working with.

      Wow, 3 months. Then you are right to focus on speaking first. Unless you have some Japanese friends near your house to practice with, you're going to want a book with a cd, because listening skills are crucial.
      Here's how I would do it:

      1. Listen to Japanese daily. 7 days a week. Even if only for a few minutes, but ideally longer when you have a chance. You can use the CD that came with your books or you can go to ITunes and check out the podcasts for learning Japanese. There are many of them. I've never listened to them before but they seem fairly popular, so they must be alright.

      2. After you get a little more familiar with the language, (say, around Christmas holiday), rent or watch some Japanese movies or animations. With Japanese language and English subtitles. Or try with no subtitles, but it's pretty hard since they are speaking natural speed. With subtitles your brain will be making a connection between what's said and what you see.

      3. Study 30 minutes-1 hour everyday with your textbooks. In Japan, when my English coworkers and I first learned, we all used the "Japanese for Busy People" series. Everything is written out in English letters, and there are reading and grammar and vocabulary exercises. The type of book is not important. What is important is that it is not too difficult for you and you can understand explanations. And repetition. Your brain will forget something within 24 hours unless you reinforce it (i.e. study it again.)

      4. Use flashcards/notecards/word cards-whatever you call them. You will be bombarded with new vocab that sounds nothing English. Writing it down and reviewing it is the best way to remember.
      Here is the word "house," in German, Norwegian, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, and French, respectively:

      Haus, huis, hus, casa, casa, maison--- these languages are all part of the same family, and similar to English words. This is why many kids take Spanish in high school, it's the easiest language, and you can guess.
      In Japan, the word for "house is ie. There is no relationship with English which means you will have memorize seemingly random words. But it's easier than Chinese, where all words are very short and the tone of your voice is the only that changes the meanings. That's why "horse" and "your mama" are spelled the exact same in Chinese. Fortunately, there are no tones in Japanese, it's just that the vocabulary are very different.

      Always write new words down, write the meaning on the back of the card, and test yourself every time you have a bit of free time. My point with all of these suggestions is that "cramming" does not work with language skills. It may help you pass the test, but the real test is being able to speak with Japanese people. Not studying for 6 days and then studying 7 hours on the last day will not help. Short, even 15-30 minute study sessions daily will be much, much better for your brain to get into the habit of working with Japanese. (this is scientific fact, BTW, not just my own personal preference)

      5. Take advantage of the internet and social networking. I'm sure there are Japanese study groups forming right now, as the big test (JLPT) is being held in a month. So meeting people who are studying or who are teaching, also use all of the great online study aids people have made over the years:

      just a few of the thousands of options.

    Explain Opera and Classical Music Please?
    I'm 15 years old and I'm not interested in most musical genres. Now I understand most, if not all music can be powerful. I see pop, rap music, rock music, etc. is able to get me to be happy and to dance at a party or something like that. Although I'm not a fan of those genres. Well, because they're to simple, fake, easy, and absolutely un-original. Every single rap song I've seen has a bad message in the lyrics and music videos. All it says/shows is money, sex, drugs,gangs, cops, killing, "hoes", etc. Nothing good, nothing important, and nothing complex. They simply talk into a microphone, rhyme, talk ignorantly and badly about police officers and women. Sag their pants and smoke cigars and show off their cars and houses. And the computers do most of the work. With pop music it all seems to be about relationships, the same for rock. Well from what I've seen. It's all about "I kissed a girl and I liked it.".

    Although, I've recently been listening to classical music and I don't have anyone to teach me about classical music. So I basically listened to some Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Tchaikovsky and most of what I heard I liked. I felt at peace. And I'm always astonished when I see an entire concert play their instruments at the EXACT SAME TIME! And I realize it's incredible how these instruments can create a sound so beautiful and how the composer can be so brilliant and create something so simple, but elegant and complex. And the musicians are so passionate, focused, and... REAL! Although I'm curious to know if I'm missing something. If there's something in the background of classical music. I'd like to know if there's a story behind it and how I can understand it.

    I'd also like to understand opera music. Now I obviously realize opera singers voices are extremely beautiful, but I don't see much of a point in listening to it when most of it is in another language. I haven't been able to find Opera music in english. So, I'd like to know how I can listen and understand opera music even when they're in costumes and telling a story I can interpret a million times and never know which one is right when they're speaking in a language I don't understand.

    • ANSWER:
      There's a lot to answer in your question. However, I will address the problem of trying to understand what's going on in the story. Many operas are available on DVD and video with English subtitles. Likewise, more and more opera houses are employing the use of supratitles above the stage that will translate the main gist of what is being sung (obviously in opera you can actually have several people singing several different things at the exact same time).

      However, there is a thing called a libretto. That tells the story of the opera along with the "dialogue".
      The original language will be on one side, and the translation will be on the other. A lot of complete opera recordings (try finding them at your local library to borrow free) will come with a libretto. You can follow along when you listen or watch. Unlike movies, it won't really "spoil" it if you know the outcome. Hey, everybody DIES anyway. (Just kidding--there are some happy endings).

      It's not unusual to see audience members with their librettos at live performances and opera houses will either give you one when you enter or offer one for sale.

      Since the older operas are public domain, you can find a lot of librettos online (though I can't imagine the ink you'd go through trying to print out the entire "Ring" Cycle).

      The trouble with actually singing English translations, is that they can't really be translations. In order to fit the meter of the music, and a rhyming scheme going, the words have to be altered. You can seriously lose a lot in translation, and depending who does the "translation", you can have some pretty clunky lyrics that seriously distracts from the beauty of the music. Opera singers don't tend to like to sing translations either because they are often particular to one production or opera house (due to copyright of the English version). That means if they learn an English version of "Barber of Seville", they may never sing that exact version if they go elsewhere. If they learn the Italian, the Italian will stay the same.

      There are English-language operas, but it won't hurt to study the libretto of those as well, since it's not all singers have the clearest diction ( Joan Sutherland was notorious for gorgeous gibberish).
      A lot of these English language operas have been written in the last century (20th) and the current era, but there are old English language operas like Purcell's "Dido and Aeneas" where the famous "When I Am Laid in Earth" ("Dido's Lament") comes from.

      If you want to see something in English that is more light-hearted, you can't go wrong with Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. Operettas are sometimes called "light opera" and paved the way for the modern musical. They often included quite a bit of spoken dialogue, but consisted mainly of choruses, and arias complete with recitatives.
      Here is a song from "The Mikado" as seen in the film "Topsy Turvey". The actress in the middle is Shirley Henderson who played "Moaning Myrtle" in the Harry Potter films!

      Below are sources to find librettos and other helpful information to decipher what you are hearing.

    Is it possible to learn 4-5 languages together ?
    hi, I really love learning different languages.
    Now, besides English, I can speak Persian fluently.
    I also can speak Arabic. (but not like persian!)
    & alil French.
    & ppl say I'm really good at learning languages!
    *I've heard ppl In Netherlands learn 4-7 languages at school.

    *& I'm 18 & recently went to Vet school (university) & my mom says that I should focus on my Vet school first(& more).
    & I think so.

    *But I have 4 days off every week, so I was thinking about learning some languages as it would be good for my future!
    I already like 8 languages, but 3 of them (Italian, Greek & Croatian) r less useful. So maybe I start learning them when I get older & finish learning the first 5 useful languages.
    So, is it possible to learn them together? Or I should reduce them & forget about some of them? What do I do ?

    *Chinese (Mandarin)
    * & maybe Spanish

    P.S. ~ do u know any good websites that teach these languages for free ?

    • ANSWER:
      In the netherlands, "highschools" that prepare you for university (visited by the "brightest" 20% of the teenagers) teach you 3-5 foreign languages. those that teach 3 (english, french, german) are called
      "atheneum", those that teach 5 (adding Latin and ancient Greek) are called "gymnasium". Not everybody takes all of them all six year until graduation, but it is possible . Some schools offer Frisian, but that's not foreign.

      Amount of speakers isn't what makes a language useful. Where I live, Mandarin , Spanish, Russian are next to useless because very few people speak them.

      My advice would be
      - learn Esperanto ("150 hours") because it's the easiest by far, will help you connect with at least a few people in virtually every country, and will help you learn other languages faster and better (wikipedia Propaedeutic_value_of_esperanto )

      - decide which languages you really need, and weigh them against the time needed to learn them.

      - Don't "study language", but expose yourself to the languages. Watch nice movies/TV with good subtitles in your first language, listen to spoken radio, read interesting books in the languages. You could even read vet-study books in them

    Help from a native German speaker?
    Hi, I'm doing a project for a linguistics class and we have to find out certain things about a language we choose. I decided to choose German, and what I'm working with is finding certain parameters of the language. Like for example, head-directionality is a parameter and in English in the sentence "The woman cleans the house", 'cleans the house' is the verb phrase and the verb is first, so in English in verb phrases the head of the phrase (the verb) comes before the rest of the phrase. So that's basically what I need to discover with German, things like that, and all I would need is a translation of the following sentences (I have some knowledge of German, so if I was working with another language I knew nothing about, I'd also ask you to translate each word individually, but that's not necessary unless you want to.):

    The woman cleans the house.
    The man cooked dinner.
    He gives the girl the ring.
    He gives her a necklace.
    The girl walks on the grass.
    The young boy wants to eat candy.
    The child emerges from under the bed.
    She will go to the store.
    He knows that the boy wants to play.
    The woman is proud of the children.

    In the project, I think my professor wants to know a little bit about the person we're asking, and this is optional, but if you could just tell me a little bit about yourself - like first name, age, location, experiences with language (since German is your native language, do you live in a German-speaking country or did you learn it from your parents elsewhere? When did you learn English and how fluent do you consider yourself in it? What other languages do you know and at what levels? Feel free to tell me anything about yourself relating to language.)

    Thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      The woman cleans the house.
      Die Frau (the woman) putzt (cleans) das Haus (the house).

      The man cooked dinner.
      Der Mann (the man) machte (for dinner we use this verb which actually means "to make", but if you insist you could also use cooked and therefore "kochte") das Abendessen.

      He gives the girl the ring.
      Er (he) gibt (gives) dem Mädchen (to the girl) den Ring (the ring).

      He gives her a necklace.
      Er gibt ihr (to her) eine (Necklace is female in german, so this article is for female nouns) Halskette.

      The girl walks on the grass.
      Das Mädchen läuft (walks) auf dem (on the) Gras (grass).

      The young boy wants to eat candy.
      Der kleine Junge (the small boy) möchte (wants to) Süßigkeiten (candy) essen (eat).
      (Note#1: when using so called modal verbs like "want" / "have to" / "should" etc which require a second verb, the second verb like "eat" would always be put at the end).
      (Note#2: klein means small while young means "jung". But in the same time Junge (as a noun) means boy, so it doesn't sound good and we'd never say like "der junge Junge". Therefore I recommend using "small" instead).

      The child emerges from under the bed.
      Das Kind (The child) taucht (emerges) aus (from) unter dem Bett (unter the bed) auf.
      (Note: the verb "emerge" means in german "auftauchen" and is a seperable verb, so in a phrase with an object, it would be seperated)

      She will go to the store.
      Sie wird (she will) zum Laden (to the store) gehen (go).
      (Note: Again here the actual verb at the end because of the modal verb)

      He knows that the boy wants to play.
      Er weiss (he knows), dass der Junge (that the boy) spielen (play) will (wants).

      The woman is proud of the children.
      Die Frau (the woman) ist stolz (is proud) auf die Kinder (of the children).

      To myself.

      Well as written in my profile: Actually I'm an italian (my parents are) but I was born in Germany and used to live here all the time. So my Italian is actually inferior to my German skills, which are of course on a native level.
      My name is Raffaele (again, italian name), I'm 23 and I live in bavaria, south area of Germany.

      As most Germans, I basically learnt English at school. But I would rather say that my own interest in English has taken me to this level. I always loved watching movies in English (actually in Germany movies are dubbed in German). At first I alwas turned on the subtitles, so I could understand what they're saying, since my listening comprehension was kinda poor. Also, there were tons of words I never heard from, so everytime I didn't understand some vocabulary, I used to pause the film and checked my dictionary. Then those words would never leave from my memory and I quickly got used to listen to English speakers. I didn't even need to turn on the subtitles anymore.

      Then, last year I went to Japan and I had to use English at first, since I didn't know too much Japanese yet. I think that was also a boost for my English skills.
      Afterwars I learnt enough Japanese to talk only in Japanese.

      So the languages I speak are German (native), English (advanced level, I think), Italian (i tend to do some mistakes here and there about the grammar) and japanese (still poor but I'm able to speak in Japanese only when it comes to conversations with friends or my girlfriend).

      Ok that was a lot now.. haha, i didnt inted to write that much! ^^; Hope that helps

    Should i continue with German?
    So my friend let me have his rosetta stone german V3. So far i have had it for a few days and only know how to say simple things like, Hello, goodbye, newspaper,men, women, book, run, And some other stuff. I do feel like i am making progress. I wanted to learn german because i saw a couple of films that were in german, so i thought it would be nice to learn because it sounds nice. i also wanted to learn it because i thought it would help me in my future. I major in International relations and diplomacy, but the language i really want to learn is italian and portuguese. I still want to learn german of course. i just don't know if i should continue with it even though i love both italian and german. what to do?

    Fluent in Spanish and English.
    Yes, once you get deeper into the program it becomes harder and somewhat confusing.

    Thanks for all the answers.
    thanks for you're answer. yes, rosetta stone is the expensive program
    thanks for you're answer. yes, rosetta stone is the expensive program

    • ANSWER:
      I think you should pick an order and learn the languages in that order. As you already know Spanish, it'll really help you with Portuguese and Italian. But continue with German!

      Be aware that you have to choose between Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese, many people (including most Brazilians) think the difference is just the accent and some words. It is not. I recommend you to choose just one and stay strict to the one you choose, because they are different (I'm not exagerating, very simple sentences change from one country to another, and if you say something in a Brazilian way in Portugal or something in a Portuguese way in Brazil, it is wrong, for example "I love you", the correct way to say it in Brazil is "te amo" and the correct way to say it in Portugal is "amo-te"). It might not seem much, but this is just one example.

      If you choose "Portuguese Portuguese" (Portuguese from Portugal), here are some helpful links for you to learn it (I think all of them for free):

      You'll probably ask yourself: "if I learn Portuguese (European), will Brazilians understand me?". The answer: When written, the Portuguese only don't understand slang and some words that Brazilians say. But when spoken, it seems to me most Brazilians have a hard time understanding the Portuguese. Aside from slang (Brazilians use a lot of slang when they're talking), the Portuguese are able to understand, I'd say 90% of what Brazilians say, but I've heard that when they watch a Portuguese movie in Brazil, they watch it with subtitles! I've seen some comments here and on YouTube written by Brazillians, saying they understand Latin American Spanish better.

      I think maybe Portuguese speak a little faster, and that might be the reason. I think in general terms, it is like this: if you know European, you are able to understand both, if you know Brazilian, you are able to understand Brazilian, of course and you have to get used to hear a Portuguese person talking, in order to understand them.

      You can see the differences here:

free italian movies with english subtitles