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    where can I download free movies without having to pay a membership? Anyone Know?
    I wanted to download Free Movies to watch on my computer but all the sites i go to require credit card and membership! ( I don't have enternet at home so i go to a friends house and download stuff to my thumb drive to watch at home) One more thing please dont send me to lime wire that takes too long.

    • ANSWER:
      If you just want to watch movie online then I would suggest
      If you want to download then I don't really know of one.

    What website is the best for watching free online movies?
    All the websites that I've checked, I needed to pay for. What website offers free movies to watch instantly on the computer for free?

    • ANSWER: is probably one of the best free movie sites.
      The selection of movies is okay... but It's an official site
      so you don't have to worry about cookies, viruses, etc.
      Some of those other sites can be a little suspicious with
      their pirated films.

      Personally, I just use it for the TV shows because It has
      most of the popular shows plus it updates them daily...

    where can I watch free movies online that do not require any kind of downloading?
    Where can i watch free movies online that don't require any downloading. I just don't want to get a virus on my computer. So, if you could answer with exact websites and info about the site... that would be extremely helpful!!

    thanks ahead of time for your answers!

    • ANSWER:
      i had the same problem too but i asked one of my friends and he told me this website that usually includes every movie that comes out in the movie theater it even has shows like family guy and much more and most don't require downloading the website is

      hope this is helpful

    What are safe websites that you can watch free movies?
    i would love to watch free movies online, but the last time i did i gave my computer a virus. Is there any website that is safe to watch movies such as the hangover?

    • ANSWER:
      Download favorite Movies:

    What website will let me watch full free movies online with no downloads?
    I need to know a website that you can watch free movies online, that wont kill my computer. I dont want one that you have to download the movie or create an account. please help. I need it to watch sweeney todd

    • ANSWER:

    How can i watch free mOvies on an ipod touch?
    I have a computer where i watch free movies online like fast five etc... I tried using my ipod touch as well but it didnt work , can someone help.....

    • ANSWER:
      Go to! They upload everyday tv shows and movies. You can also download them if you know how!
      Awesome site!!

    Is it possible to watch the justin bieber movie free online in italian?
    I have relatives in Italy and one of them is a huge Justin Biber fan. She doesn't speak any English and she's never seen the movie. Is it possible to watch it free online translated into italian? I wanted to send a link to her.

    • ANSWER:
      No, it isn't. If you send her any kind of link which advertises a 'free' online movie chances are she will be get infected with a virus on her computer. Just a word of warning. No website is ever going to give you anything for free out of the goodness of their hearts. Any 'free' site is going come along with it a nasty piece of malware which will do damage to your desktop. The cost of repairing your computer far outweighs the cost of a movie ticket in the movie theaters.

    where can i watch the movie "Fighting" starring Channing Tatum without having to download anything?
    My computer is a family devise and my mom will through a fit if i download anything that might make the computer slower so i always try to find the websites where i don't have to install or download. Short on money at the time im also seeking a FREE online movie spot. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:

      Watch movies online for free!

    How to watch free full movies on computer?
    how can i watch free movies on computer with no download or sign ups?

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch free movies online from this site:

    How to you get to watch twilight on the computer?
    If your a kid and you cant go to the theaters
    how and where do you go to see a free online movie of twilight
    WITHOUT downloading ANYTHING!!!

    • ANSWER:
      sorry its not possible to see it on the computer without downloading anythning and even if you wanted to, being a kid i dont think you would understand how without the risk of downloading a virus

    How do you watch free movies online without downloading?
    I'm trying to watch movies online. I want to just be able to click on it and it streams it. Any good sites for this?

    • ANSWER:
      Streaming it online is exactly the same as downloading it, but it is a low quality version.
      You are still downloading the movie to your PC and It is still just as illegal as pirating the movie (which isnt always illegal depending on the movie/show). It is even still saved on your computer.

      The only advantage is that you can watch it while it is downloading.
      Just download a high quality version that you can re-watch and avoid all the hassle of navigating streaming sites.

      But be aware that streaming is downloading. It's just a different name for how you download it. I dont know why people do it.
      Do you think if you streaming is okay and doesn't count as piracy?

    How do you save movie files from the internet to your computer?
    I want to use the video "India's Hidden Plague" for my social studies class, but our classroom doesn't have access to the internet. Since I can watch it for free online, is there a way to save the movie file to my computer? I've tried the whole "right click and save target as" but all I get is a document that takes me to the website. I tried paying a site for it, but I just got rippd off. Help, please! :)

    • ANSWER:
      Use xVideoServiceThief. At this website:

      Wonderful tool. There are tutorials on youtube if you need them.

    what is the best website for online movies?
    so i used to use but it changes to that one and i don't really like it and a couple of other websites make me take these surveys and i don't like them. can some one please give me a website for free online movies that don't require a survey and wont harm my computer.
    please and thank you

    • ANSWER:
      The best website to watch movies at is

    Where can I watch Edward Scissorhands for free without downloading?
    I want to watch Edward Scissorhands for free online without having to download it. I have found a few places, but my computer is deciding to be a peice of junk and the picture is really crappy and I can't see it well. Will someone please help me?

    • ANSWER:

    Where can I watch free online movies without any downloading or signing up?
    To be more specific, I'm trying to watch Sydney White on my computer but I can't find any good sites.

    • ANSWER:
      Here are the sites that I use to watch TV shows and movies online:

      For Family Guy Only:

      For South Park Only:

    What is a computer/virus safe website for watching movies for free?
    I want to watch movies online for free without downloading anything and without getting viruses. Please help me.

    • ANSWER:
      antivirus tips and antivirus download:

    is it possible on netflix to watch movies offline?
    I just got netflix (free trial) and was wondering if its possible to watch the instant online movies offline? I dont know if theres a setting where I could save it to my computer or something?

    • ANSWER:
      Nope. It's just streaming. I'm sure there is a way to do video capturing, but it's not within the rules of Netflix.

    What happens if i sign up in a site with an account registered in a country I don't live in?
    I found many websites to watch free movies online, but they are all from the usa and only provide those movies in the usa, and i live somewhere else. I've been thinking of signing up with a gmail account registered in the usa even though i don't live in that country, but I have not done yet because i don't know what aftermatch it could cause

    What should I do?

    • ANSWER:
      All that computer sees is
      Your computers ID number
      Not what country it is in
      As long as you got the ID and Password
      That is it

    How do I download free movies onto my ipod nano?
    Is there a site where I can download free movies? And after downloading, how would I put it on my ipod? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      go here to download movies or just search online.

      after downloading, convert it to an mp4 (mpeg-4) file on save it to your computer, and go to itunes (or whatever u use) and click "add file/folder to library" (it could also say "add to library...) click on the movie you saved and press "open" it should appear in your library. put it on your sync list, wait for it to sync, and enjoy your movie.

      if i were you, i wouldn't download a movie tho. the screen is too small, and it would be hard on ur eyes. if u gonna watch a lot of movies, get an ipod touch or some other big screen mp3 player/pvp.

    where to watch free movies online with no downloads?
    within the past week,I asked,where can I watch free movies online with no downloads and no catch.

    an answer was a url that had the word hala in the url but,i don't remember the whole url.
    Can anyone help me out?

    • ANSWER:
      surf the channel is the best movie site... BUT here is how I would reccomend getting to the movies... The first page sometimes has viruses so be quick or do what I do..

      1.) Go to
      2.) Type in surfthechannel than the name of the movie you want to see... so for example
      surfthechannel Spider-Man 2
      3.) Than you will see a link that says (if you were searching for spiderman 2)
      SurfTheChannel - Spider-Man2
      4.) Click on the link and it will show you websites from megavideo (I would recomend this) to Wisevid (this one is good too) or others like Tudou(I think that this one had too long of a buffering wait...)

      I have a trial of Norton Internet Security on my new netbook and I have watched plenty of movies on my computer without any viruses.

      Also... MegaVideo has a 70 min (or something like that period minutes) and than you have to wait I think its like 50 mins... but as soon as you get the thing that says something like you ha e watched 70 mins of videos today wait 50 mins... click refresh (F5) and it will shorten the time!!!

      Also... just to help.... if you want to watch TV shows the best website is
      cause those who watch movies online usually watch TV shows too!!!

      Hope I helped!!!

    How can I watch movies on my computer?
    I would like to be able to watch movies on my computer. What is the best and safest free site to access and the easiest one to use?

    • ANSWER:
      My favorite site is They update the site every week including the last movies. Plus their movies are working 99% of the time, so no dead links. I also like that it is free, online and it has no viruses. However, on the other side, you have to take a survey the first time you access. I did it (with fake information of course) and it went all ok. It's a good site.

    How do I use my computer instead of a cable/sat box?
    I have realized lately that many of my favorite shows are essentially free online. I was wondering what kind of computer i needed for the best possible graphics if I am going to hook it up to my tv. I am used to a 722 hi-def dish box, is it possible to get the same hd pic, or is something lost by using the computer to tv hookup? Is there any way to do this so I have more than one tv hookup?

    • ANSWER:
      well theres a couple of ways you can get your tv shows:

      1. download the shows straight from one of the thousands of sites that offer it and get a big ass tv and hook that up as a monitor

      2. you can buy a HD tv tuner card for your pc and then legally download the programs and pay a bit but get a guranteed quality. the cards start at like 20 bucks and can get up to 300/400 so its up to you

      3. pretty much option 2 but you use your current tv as the output for your pc so you dont have to go buy another one =]

      personally i do the first option with a massive lcd, wireless keyboard and mouse and sit back on the couch and use my computer and then whenever it pleases me download my fav movies and tv shows and watch them on the big screen

      i hope ive helped somehow, zac

    Where can I watch movies online for free?
    What is the best, and FREE website to use to watch movies online for free? I don't want to have to fill out a million surveys just to watch something. I also don't want to have to download anything so I don't get a virus on my computer.

    • ANSWER:

    What's the best website to watch free movies on...without all the red tape?
    A guy I used to work with used to watch movies online all the time and I never knew how he did it. He wasn't computer savvy at all but for whatever reason he was able to watch full movies without much trouble. He didn't have to answer surveys or anything. So what's the best site to watch full movies on without all the rigmarole? Thanks for the answers?

    • ANSWER: or The second is for more recent shows. TVshack has older stuff on it, and more movies then tv dome.

    What is the best service to buy movies to stream / download to watch from your computer.?
    I want to actually buy them, and preferably watch offline too. Not like netflix's watch online as movies on there come and go/
    I'm looking for something other than netflix, I want to be able to buy movies so I can watch them any time I want. I do currently have netflix.

    • ANSWER:
      Here is the source which I usually use to watch movies or use to download movies for free without any surveys. you can try this:

    Is Project TV legal and by watching it, can I be charged or accused of anything?
    I found this website called Project TV that allows you to watch TV shows free online without downloading and they say it's legal but I would like to know for sure before doing something I'll regret. So if anyone knows please tell me.

    • ANSWER:
      No it really doesn't say that. What is does say is...

      "The author is not responsible for any contents linked or referred to from his pages - If any damage occurs by the use of information presented there, only the author of the respective pages might be liable, not the one who has linked to these pages.
      Project Free TV doesn't host any content "

      It is nothing but a links page and odds are that some if not all of the links are to illegally copied versions of TV and movies. I'd stay away from it if for no other reason than the chance of getting a nasty computer virus.

    Where can I watch free movies online without downloading them?
    I'm looking for a web site where I can watch free movies on my computer without downloading.

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch movies online for free at:

      Free newest movies, virus free without fill stupid survey etc.

    Is it possible to rent movies online to watch on my computer?
    im in college and i dont have a tv and i would like to be able to rent movies from my dorm and watch them on my computer. Is there like a a video on demand of PPV site where you can just pay with credit/debit card for one movie at a time, no monthly fees?

    • ANSWER:
      you don't even have to rent them online! just go to OVGuide! It's an awesome website that lets you watch movies online for free! all you have to do is search whatever movie you want to watch, and it will find it for you online for free! This will definitely solve your problem! Enjoy!

    How much internet do watching movies use up?
    Alright so I watch a lot of movies online, I don't download them, I watch them online on movie databases, and I was just wondering how much internet this uses?

    Can you please give answer in mb's per hour if possible.

    I am aware that the amount of internet will be different depending on a number of factors, if so just give the average.

    • ANSWER:
      it all depends on how big your movie is normally a dvd is from 400-800 mb hd dvd 800-1024 mb bluray 4gb and up usally to 12 gb. the better quality is the more you have to download. your internet is unlimited to download what ever you want even watching online movies. but your computer can run out of space from time to time which u need to free up lots of clutter on the computer.

    Where can I download or watch movies to my iPad free without having to use my PC?
    My computer is really slow, I just want to download or watch movies online now on my iPad for free, where can I do this? I'm in the UK so some USA sites won't work!

    • ANSWER:
      Download Free Movies:

    where can i download movies to my computer for free?
    I don't want to watch them online, i know a site for that. I want to actually be able to download them to my computer for free to watch later. I don't have internet or cable or anything at my house and would like to have atleast movies to watch. Is there a site for this where i don't have to pay?

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch full movies from number of websites but what if you get some infected virus from those websites, so better use various subscription sites from which u can download movies and you also don't have to to be concerned about virus and all that stuff....I use these sites to watch movies and for downloading .

    Where can I watch free movies online with no downloads?
    I've been looking all day for a website I could watch movies on for free with no download and I have had no luck! Everything wants to put something on my computer or have me sign up or take a survey for money. I just want to watch the X-Men Movies.
    Could somebody please help?

    • ANSWER:
      I love the X-Men Movies <3! Go to OVGuide! they def have them all! and its all free, no downloading or anything.. i hate that stuff. its a great site! you'll love it! Enjoy!!

    Does anyone know where I can watch the disney Peter Pan for free online?
    I need a link where I can watch the first peter pan not the return to Never-land one, for free online. I tried youtube but, it is in Spanish and I want English. Please send me a link.

    • ANSWER: has a 2 versions, but, both have subtitles in Japanese (or Chinese, not sure which) but they are both kinda is from tudou, and one is from yuku, and the one from yuku is faster on my computer. but it doesn't seem to be on any of the faster hosting sites, like veoh.

      (since that was the best answer to another question asking the same thing, and that was a year ago, it might have changed. but you can still try it.)

    Where can i watch a sad horsey film free online?
    Hi, does anyone have links to any horsey films that are free online?

    Think Phar Lap,Shergar, Sylvester, International Velvet & all that lot as opposed to sea biscuit & black beauty...

    Any links will be much appreciated!

    • ANSWER:
      Your Web content online, Series, Movies, Trailers, Movies Online Presentations
      Television DTT ONLINE FREE Maximo Online Content with one click on the advertising can help improve the service and that it remains free if you want some concrete rellenais movie on the form and bring the hospital.

    How can i watch the movie Cloverfield online for free without having to make an account anywhere?
    I also don't want to have to download anything, just watch it on the computer free. I've done it with I am legend but i cant find a site with cloverfield. If you can find one plz give me a link. thanks ppl.

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch The Cloverfield movie online for free at:

    Is netflix any good? How much would I have to pay for online streaming?
    Do they have a good selection of movies you can watch online or do the movies you can watch online suck?

    • ANSWER:
      The quality is usually good. I have seen a few movies where I just got lines on the screen. The selection is good but there are more within some categories than others. It has a 1 month free trial and then its .99/month. Renting DVDs are another .99. ("unlimited DVDs (1 DVD out-at-a-time plan) for only .99 more a month."). Sometimes Netflix takes out sales tax on DVDs (depends on the state you get them in). Sometimes my computer takes a long time to load especially in the late afternoon and evening. ( I've got an old hp desktop from 2002.) If you cancel you can't watch any movies even if you should have time left. And there is supposed to be a way to watch streaming movies on a TV. I have had a problem finding out the movies I have already watched. When I watch a movie Netflix takes it out of the category. I can find the movie again if I type it in the search box. There is a list of movies I have seen under my account but I can't get it to show more than one page. So I have to write down what movies I have watched on paper. It suggests movies that I might like but that seems to be based on what I have watched recently. And you rate movies so Netflix can suggest ones you might like.

    Is it illegal to watch The Avengers on a free movie site?
    So my friend knows of this site were you can watch bootlegged movies online. Yesterday he saw The Avengers on this site for free he said you could clearly see that it was being recorded on a snuck camera. He didn't download it to his computer and is not planning on burning it and selling it to anyone. But is he still committing an illegal act by watching it online? I think he is, does anyone know the actual law regarding this. Its become my mission to prove him wrong now! ๐Ÿ˜€ thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      yes it is stealing.

    What websites are there where i can watch free movies online?
    One where you don't have to take a quiz on another site! I do not want to take those quizzes because i am afraid that it is going to harm my computer!

    • ANSWER:

    How can you watch movies online for free on the computer?
    I want to watch a film on the computer whats a good website, without having to download anything

    Thanks x

    • ANSWER:
      I watch all movies at Awooh for free

    Where can I watch movies streaming online on my ipod touch for free?
    I have found seceral sites that let you download movies and others where you could watch them online from your computer. What i want is a site i can use on the go and watch them streaming on my ipod.

    • ANSWER:
      You can try however, Apple does not get along with Adobe, so your device will not have Flash Player, which is required for most video streaming.

    Where can I watch movies for free online?
    I want to lay in bed and watch a movie, all I have is a computer in my room and I dont want to go on youtube because ill have to get up every ten minutes to change it to something else, its been a long stressful day at work and I just want to relax with a good movie, any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      I always watch movies on i have discover it soon.It`s a WATCH FREE ONLINE MOVIES portal where you complete a simple 2 seconds funny survey (the survey is for helping the site`s quality with new movies) and after that you can go directly to the chosen movie and start watching.No viruses,no money need it and 100% legal and only the newest movies in 2010.I love that website.

    Where can I find free HP movies online without downloading anything?
    I cant download things on my computer. I love harry Potter and I need to know where I can watch the fulll movie online. Thanks so much!

    • ANSWER:
      My husband goes to free tv.(i think that's the name) You have to download at least the program to run viewable information. I know the basic idea, but don't ask for title names for those programs. I don't know if that is any help or not. You may also want to try the free netflix trial. Make sure you can cancel if you cant afford the monthly bill after the trial ends. My husband and I just tried it. That's a great way to get the movies you want. Y u can watch them on-line or by mail.

    How can I watch all Push for free online without having to pay money?
    I want to watch Push online, not have to rent it from Blockbuster or something.

    • ANSWER:
      Where on earth do you think the money comes from to make movies?
      Magic money tree outside the studio window?
      No, the money to make a new movie comes from the money raised from sales/rentals of existing movies - because that is how things work in the real world. You sell and existing item to get the money to create the next item.
      I accept you only want to watch the movie - as opposed to downloading it - but still you're likely to find yourself on an illegal site (not authorized by the studio) which might possibly infect your computer.
      Many "view movies" sites are actually based in China or Hong Kong and you can be sure these sites are streaming movies without permission

    what website can you go on to watch free movies without downloading anything?
    i want to watch movies online, but every website i go to either doesn't work or you have to run and download something and i don't want viruses on my computer. And if one of those werid websites that give you details to another website please give me step-by-step instructions. I just want to watch the latest movies on my computer online :) think you can help me out?

    • ANSWER:

    What's the Best way to Watch Winnie The Pooh (2011) Free Online?
    I like this movie very much. So i just want to Watch Winnie The Pooh (2011) Free Online please help and tell me the best way to Watch Winnie The Pooh (2011) Free Online......

    • ANSWER:
      Walt Disney Computer animation Galleries results towards the 100 Acre Wooden along with โ€œWinnie the actual Pooh, โ€ the very first big-screen Pooh experience through Disney computer animation within a lot more than thirty-five many years. Owl transmits the entire bunch โ€” Pooh, Tigger, Bunny, Piglet, Kanga, Roo, as well as Eeyore โ€” on the crazy mission in order to save Captain christopher Robin the boy wonder through a good mythical reason. This happens to be an extremely hectic day time for any keep that merely attempted to discover a few hunny. go to source box

    Does watching free online movies causes you to get a virus? Or do you get a virus only when you download it?
    i've used megavideo and, and i never really got a virus. i have no virus protection on my computer.

    • ANSWER:
      You get the virus when you are asked to download some sorta of software and or codec in order to watch the movie.

    Where can I watch New Movies on line free without downloading?
    I want to watch certain new movies on my home computer. Where online can I do this free without downloading?

    • ANSWER:

    Where is a good site to watch a free online version of the movie Doctor Strange: The Sorcerer Supreme?
    It needs to be good quality, not give my computer viruses, not need to be downloaded to be viewed, and not ask for personal information (this includes having to fill out surveys. Don't just give me websites, if it doesn't have my movie I'll make sure you don't get points. I understand this isn't a blockbuster movie so if you find me a working version it would mean a lot me. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      try this

    Does anyone know where I can watch Battle Royale 2 online?
    I looked for the movie on youtube and the audio is HORRIBLY synced with the video. If anyone knows where I can watch the movie for free online, can you send me the link, please?

    • ANSWER:
      Try watch movies on your computer:

    What websites can I watch movies for free without the site putting viruses on my computer?
    I wanna watch movies online that I dont own.. but I dont want the site to put a virus on my computer. Any sites?

    • ANSWER:
      i use....

free online movies to watch on the computer