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Frequently Asked Questions

    Where do you go for obscure movies and television?
    I'd rather rent or, preferably, watch shows for free. I'm a big fan of obscure stuff, so I don't mind buying a movie, but I hate buying tv shows and some movies are almost impossible to find. If you can find them, they're out of my budget because of that obscurity (I'm in college and looking for work.) Do you guys have a favorite site for watching old television shows and such? My general favorites are movie2k and project free tv.
    Feel free to throw in a recommended film if you answer, I'm always looking for new stuff.

    • ANSWER:
      I usually find offbeat films using either Google (which links me to putlocker, movie2k, veehd, etc) or (surprisingly) YouTube! Here are some great full movies currently on YouTube; watch before they're removed:

      Eraserhead--creepy, surreal

      Dog Star Man--experimental, psychedelic

      Begotten--black and white, very VERY weird

      Enter the Void--psychedelic after-death trip with great effects

      Paprika--anime that inspired Inception

    what are some good completely free web addresses to watch tv shows?
    i have tried google to see and everything sucks I cant find anything help?

    • ANSWER:

    Any good websites where I can see full movies for free?
    I need any websites that has FREE FULL movies and no viruses and no surveys and no download. I am living in Japan, so it`s difficult to see any movies from the US. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      is usually good, but if u want 2 watch a FULL MOVIe with no downloads and surveys try this
      go to google and type in "(name of movie) novamov)" and click enter.

      then it should be the first or 2nd link usually 1st. and then u can watch it 😉 for example if u want 2 watch the Ring
      this is what to type up in google:

      The Ring novamov

      then u click the first one.
      You close the ad box and click play. it can take a few minutes or even seconds 2 load depending on ur internet connection and the speed of ur server!

      good luck and most movies r on novamov anyway! 😀

    What website lets you rent streaming movies for about per movie?
    I was googling various things to try to decide what streaming media player to get (Roku, Google TV, etc), and I came across a website where you could stream movies for 2 dollars. I can't find it again though. I've searched far and wide on the web and in my browser's history with no success. I feel like I'm going crazy here! Anyone know?

    Hint: it is not any of these websites: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, iTunes, Vudu

    • ANSWER:
      go to

      you can watch films for free, no downloads, and they have most of the newest ones....

    Is there any websites where you can watch Madagascar 3?
    To watch for free in good quality (doesn't have to be perfect) and can see the screen in the right angle?

    • ANSWER:
      hi yes you can and not just madagascar 3 you can watch many other movies including new ones its called movie2k all you have to do is type movie2k on google go on the website and on the website there is a search bar on the top left corner search for Madagascar 3 if you want english version click on which has a little united states flag when you search click on it and watch it without signing up
      Enjoy its a great website to watch free quality movies with minimum to no ads.
      Link -
      Madagascar Link -

    Where can I watch The Walking Dead season 3 online?
    I have Netflix but it only has season 1 and 2. What is a safe site to watch season 3?

    • ANSWER:
      u can go to
      or try
      and if u want to pay you can go to amazon or itunes
      or u can even try or google letmewatchthis

    Is there any place online I can watch The Vampire Diaries for free?
    Every episode from the beginning season 1-3.
    For free no downloading or surveys?

    • ANSWER:
      go to or search it on google and then search the vampire diaries then click on the episode you wanna see then the best way to see it is on putlocker on the left side of the screen on movie2k hope this helps

    What websites does the government block?
    Such as downloading, gore sights, hacking and stuff like that.

    • ANSWER:
      Depend on your country. Malaysia government block anonymous, fileserve , movie2k , duckupload and other... (your can bypass them using google dns {8 . 8 . 8 . 8. - 8 . 8 . 4 . 4.} also the government rarely block hacking stuff but they patch it...

    Does anybody know if the site movie2k is down ?
    If so does anybody know why?

    • ANSWER:
      Yep, it is down, it is not working for both my Google TV Blu Ray and my Laptop.

    Where can I watch The first stone?
    Each time I type "The first stone" megavideo, on google it gives me harry potter..... does anyone know where i can watch the first stone?

    • ANSWER:
      Try different video thingy... like megavideo and'll be next to the video...and when you click on one...make sure the play button in the middle of the screen is small...not big, or else you will go to a new page and a lot of things will pop up too. That is normal and always happens.

    How can I watch taken 2 online for free without giving card details.?

    • ANSWER:
      Go on google and type 'projectfreetv' or 'movie2k'. Both free of details and quik with no ads depending on your server.

    whats a good website to watch free movies on?
    i would like to watch free movies online. i DO NOT want to download though. links please. thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      hi, here is a list the 10 links are the best ones as your only allowed 10 links but i will put loads more for you remember im only going to give you the best ones here, has most of the movies that you need. has only the best quality movies haslinks to other sites like megavideo is a good site for watching the newest films is a good website it has tv shows and movies a few movies and tv shows i go here to watchtv. a non common site very useful is very organised site is again good for watching the latest movies a site for searching loads of movie websites
      i have done the 10 links but as i promised i will give a load more just copy them into your browser. a good selection of movies good for tv shows and movies a very common site for all your needs has a good selection of tv shows and movies very common a neat site for the latest movies
      here are two new ones i found today im going to tell you them here:
      now here is my all time favorite my best one i have ever found apart from watch-movies as it has all the movies you can think of it tells you what form its in like megavideo or tudou or if you need divx the best site i hope i have helped you if you know most of these sites sorry oh and one more thing type this in google FNUZ its some sort of movie search engine have fun i will advise you to try watch first as if you want to watch a movie that one will sure have it.

    Where can i watch american shows online in canada?
    every site i go to " our video is unavailable in your region"

    • ANSWER:
      Hey there ! Okay i dont know if this would work

      But for mobile site used (amazing site ) and pick "stream"

      Or try movie2k (works fine everywhere)

      Orrr type let me watch this on google or :)

    is movie2k can harm my computer?
    I think since I used that site my computer always hang and everytime I open another site there is a sign that pop-up is blocked. I tried to fixed it by CCleaner and it detected that almost all of my personalducuments in my computer are affected. how is it happen? Im also thinking is it because of google chrome? need info help. thanks much!

    • ANSWER:

    is this the real paranormal activity 3?
    ok so my cousin says it isn't because it goes from night one to night 5 if you google movie2k the first thing you'll see is paranormal activity 3 (must have clicked on the website first) and is it the same as the theaters or did the person who record it cut off parts must have watched PA 3 in the movies first
    is it the exact same as the theaters or not

    • ANSWER:
      There all fake

    is there ANY good website for free online movies like Brown Sugar??!?
    I've been looking for so long to just find a website to watch the movie Brown Sugar (2002). And I'm having trouble finding one. I tried google but it never has any direct answer, and I'm really trying to find websites that don't contain downloading. Please help ;(

    • ANSWER:

      There are usually a lot of pop-ups but once you exit em you should be good to go =]

    Where can you watch movies free on the Internet?

    • ANSWER:

      google that...

    Do you know a site to watch free movies, without having to download player, register, or enter card details?

    • ANSWER:
      Google Movie2k or 1channel.

      Also what I usually do is type in "watch the avengers movie2k" on google. And I found good links easily. Also this site usually has the best quality that is available on the internet.

    Can someone post the whole hunger games movie on youtube?
    we love to make videos and would love to get the whole movie on without having to download a dvd ripper please and thank u
    WE HAVE THE MOVIE AND HAVE SEEN IT we just at least want a few clips from the movie on youtube because we can't get a dvd ripper and we can't download from a certain sites

    • ANSWER:
      just go to
      but dont use google
      use bing

    where can i watch journey 2 online for free?
    where can i watch journey 2 online for free,
    put a link please :)

    • ANSWER:
      just google search "movie2k"...i hope you enjoy :)

    Whats the best site to watch movies?
    I'd like to find a good site 😀

    • ANSWER:
      Just search the movie on google and after the title and then put movie2k

    Any websites that are similar to watchseries . eu but for films?
    Watchseries . eu allows you to watch tv shows, so I was wondering if they're any that are for films? Ones that don't require signing up or taking surveys.

    • ANSWER:

      there are a lot of pop up ads that can get annoying, I use ad blocker extension in google chrome web browser to disable them. its best to use a link like putlocker from these websites when u click on a movie. :)

    am looking for websites where i can watch movie for free,any suggestions please?

    • ANSWER:,,

      These are the ones i use, just search on google for others.

    Are there any Free movie websites anyone knows about?

    • ANSWER:
      Go to google and write or both great sites for full movies and tv shows instantly:D

    where can i watch the walking dead season 3?
    online, for free without downloading of course.
    without signing up either........

    • ANSWER:
      type on google movie2k :) you may get a pop up with women flashing there tits in stuff like that but close it and scroll down and look for walking dead. or it may be the first picture click that and look for your series :) and the series are on the right side :) here the link ps also you can watch movies free :) and P0rne but do not watch p0rn just incase it is virus. and always use avg for virus check :)

    I can't find any movies that I can watch for free with no sign up, download, or survey ! Somebody please help?

    • ANSWER:
      Type in to google: "Watch (movie name) online free". This should definitely give you a list of sites to watch the movies you want. However, if it still comes up with surveys, then type in to google "Movie2k". This is by far the best free movie site I have come across. You definitely should check it out.

    where can i download or watch a whole movie on the net for free?
    i am searching particularly the movie "against all odds" where phil collins song withe the same title was used as a soundtrack. i have seen this movie before on tv when i was in high school but i forgot the whole story because i would watch it not as a whole. i hope you can help me. thanks

    • ANSWER:
      hahah. that's easy.
      well to download, and believ me, DOWNLOADING Is easy, and it is like in so good quality.
      but i use Utorrent. Do you have it? Because utorrent is the best and fastest downloading software. so if i wanted to download a movie i'd type in google *the name of the movie* then id type torrent. Then try not to go for the fakes and the opptions normally look like this, Mr.&.Mrs.Smith[2005][Unrated.Edition]DvDrip[Eng]-aXXo or whatever. Try going for the ones that have like reviews, and the ones that people have already used. I personally reccommend, EXTRATORRENT or ISOHUNT. Because they're normally not viruses and fakes. AND. if you want to watch it on the interent, go on MOVIE2K.COM or SURFTHECHANNEL.COM and type the thing in at search then click film/movies or television then look for the proper one, like if i tpe in friends, ill click TELEVISION then on the side i'd click friends not best of friends, or freinds forver cos theyre the other links. AND reccommend only to watch MEGAVIDEO because it's fast, and WAY better than the others.
      SO hope that helped.
      and follow me on tumblr !

    is Movie2k a safe website?
    I use Google Chrome and it stopped me from going to Movie2k because they said it had malware or the site which may access my computer, I ain't gotta clue what it means but I want to watch movies, and Movie2k is an awesome website. Is it safe to continue?

    • ANSWER:
      Yea. But it has a lot of pop ups. I use it all the time to watch movies and nothing happened to my laptop

    Where I could find the english subtitles of "The Scientist" (2010)? I have search arround the net, no result.?

    • ANSWER:
      You know you can search "the scientist 2010 free online" and you will get a ton of results. Check for yourself by clicking the link below.


      Here is one site i recommend you watch the movie at,

    Where Can I Find This Film?
    I want to watch the new film that came out on 29th June called Ted without going to the cinema. Usually I watch films on sites like movie2k but it isn't on there and when you google it its always downloading graboid etc.. where can I watch it online without downloading graboid or any surveys or anything?

    • ANSWER:
      1channel .ch

    Know any good Brittish hood movies?
    Ive Seen KiDULTHOOD, AdULTHOOD and Bullet Boy and i loved them all, i searched for more Brittish hood movies but couldnt find any, so if you know any tell me plz.

    • ANSWER:
      Eden Lake.
      Here's the trailer.

      You Can Watch It Here.

    Any website to watch movies on?

    • ANSWER:
      Google movie2k

  33. QUESTION: and other shows on
    the website only works for some shows and not others i used to watch one tree hill, greys anatomy & gossip girl are the only ones missing when ever i try to go to the pages it comes up with -


    Not Found
    The requested URL / was not found on this server

    does anyone know why?? i can watch greys and one tree hill on i have never heard of that site before.

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch man tv shows on as an alternative. They are in HD and stream quite fast.
      P.S. Watch the PutLocker links, they are the best quality.

    What's wrong with this movie?
    On a website called i have been watching the saw movies the first one didn't work so i clicked on the second and third and the worked. But when i clicked on the fourth one the same thing as the first one happened it shows a picture of a bloand girl with brow eyes and you can only see the top of her head and she is holding a movie clipper thing that says and click here to play so i clicked it and it sent me off to someother website called I didn't know what to do so i clicked on the other ones 5,6,and7 (or saw3d) five and six both worked but seven didnt! I was thinking of just skipping over four but that would leave me hanging at the ending of saw 3! What should i do? Do you ever use this website? If you have has this happened to you? I just want to watch the movies! Whoever gives me a good answer will get ten points! HELP!!!!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:
      seach for zmovie on google... that should help!

    PLEASE!!!!!!Where can I watch or download Bruno for free?
    I've searched the first 30 fricken pages of google search and not one dam website. I'm 1 year too young to see it and no1 who's old enough can come with me to go see the movie. I want to see this freaking movie so bad, and there's no way I can buy it once it's on DVD, and I can't be gauranteed to be able to watch it once it's on T.V.

    PLEASE PLEASE I NEED TO SEE THIS MOVIE! I've been on my computer for literally 5 hourse filling out stupi false surveys and going to broken links.

    If ANYONE can give my a REAL LINK. Not a link to one of those stupid crappy surveys, and don't try and be smart and say "oh but this one works", no I know all the websites by now, and my computer can bichslap and spyware's or virus' a$$.

    IF ANYONE can give my a REAL LINK. It doesn't even have to be the whole thing. If it comes in parts, like "Bruno part 1" "Bruno part 2" I don't care. I just HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE.

    And don't come out and say "jeez it's not that great" or "its too graphic for you", I know exactly what it's about and what happens in it AND I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    • ANSWER:
      i hopee it works :]

    Information about Movie2k?
    When it says the best quality for the movie is only available by download, is that true? What are the site links (putlocker, potlocker and such) that they have that actually work? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Oh man do I have solutions for you that you're going to love! One day I was frustrated and I typed "Let me watch this" on google and I found this awesome website:

      For the perfect downloading software which is free: Orbit downloader. It really is free.
      If it says you have to pay for it. Keep searching for "Orbit Downloader" until you find one that is free.

      btw. putlocker links is the one I use mostly. the other is novamov, but is sometimes slower.

    can't figure this out?
    why won't movies i've burned to dvd play on my dvd player. i thought i'd gotten this great thing from . download firefox, download firefox video download helper, go to movie2k select movie, click watch movie online (which isn't anywhere on the screen) click on play, click on the download helper arrow. i've downloaded divx, when i tried playing the video on the computer, the sound sucks, the movie drags like a 45 playing on a 33 or like it's had glue poured on it. it's enough to make you scream. WTF? everything has been certified virus and spyware free.

    • ANSWER:
      I recommed you to use Leawo Free DVD Creator It can burn videos to dvd easily and quickly.You can find Leawo Free DVD Creator here:
      Wish it can help, good luck!

    where can i watch hugo?
    I want to watch hugo-the movie,2011,but cant find a website that allows you to watch it online without registering,and with a good dvd print.sidereel,quicksilverscreen,movie2k,etc none have hugo with good print.there is one video available on the net where you can hear the person recording the movie.Does anyone know where i can watch it in REALLY GOOD PRINT-HD?PLEASE HELP!!ive been looking for one day conitnuously.!!

    • ANSWER:
      Google is a website with lots of things like movies on it. I'm sure google can give you Hugo

    Any movies related to high school romance(Teenage romance)?
    I've watched a lot of movies, and I loveeeee Teenage romance in high school and drama life such as
    : Mean Girls
    : 10 things i hate about you
    ...... and so on....

    • ANSWER:
      American Pie.
      Here's the trailer.

      American Pie 2.
      Here's the trailer.

      American Wedding.
      Here's the trailer.

      You Can Watch Them Here.
      American Pie.
      American Pie 2.
      American Wedding.

    Megavideo link for Dream House?
    Hii, i wanna watch the new film, 'Dream House' starrin Daniel Craig. I started watchin it on putlocker but every few minutes or so the film stops, and i have to pause it for a while. I heard that megavideo is better at streaming, so can anyone give me the link?

    • ANSWER:
      Well megavideo and the other megas like megaupload has shut down due to copyrights when SOPA/PIPA was happening, you know like sites being censored.So the best way is to choose one of this options:

      - Type in " Watch Dream House Online " at a search engine and click search
      - Try to go to this link :
      >>TIP : Click the play button, new tab will appear, if the video doesn't work go back to the tab before and click "NEXT LINK"
      - Download the torrent file of this movie, you can search it at google
      - If you give up on searching click this link :
      >>NOTE : I usually watch movies there :)

    another website to watch asian horror movies?
    asian-horror-movies website isn't really working for me...i did the survey's and it's still saying that i haven't complete the survey

    So is there any other websites where i can watch any good asian horror movies?

    Besides Youtube lol

    • ANSWER: have a few asian horror movies, but dont think many good ones
      I just google best asian horror movies and download them
      sorry that i cant be more help

    I want to download the movie "A separation"(Iranian)?
    but I'm not getting a link on any site can u help

    • ANSWER:
      ok follow my steps.

      1) First you need to have IDM (Internet download Manager) installed in your computer.
      2) If not here is the link to download it >>>>
      3) Ok after this install restart your browser.
      4) Here is the link to the movie >>>>
      5) Now there is a advertisement, close that box and then click on the play button.
      ^) once the movie starts loading, there will be a pop up from saying download this video from this page.Click on that and your movie will download super fast 😀

      Now If you want another language, i suggest you will have to google subtitles.

      Cheers mate

    Walking dead tonight PLEASE ANSWER THE SHOW IS MY LIFE!!?
    The area I live in doesn't have amc and the live stream last week was a one time opportunity anyone know how I could watch it today live or 2 hours after it streams and I wanted to know if Itunes sells the moment it goes live.

    • ANSWER:
      You'll probably have to watch it online they normally upload it within a few hours should defo be on most sites by moring try movie2k just type it in Google

    what to do at a sleepover?
    me an a good friend haven't hung out in a super duper long time and we are bored do you think you can help us with doing some fun stuff to do with each other thank you
    we are both girls and are 13. we can't go outside or make way to much noise cause her parents are sleeping.

    • ANSWER:
      Play video games, paint nails, do each other's hair, watch a movie ( has every movie ever to watch for free, and it's just streaming so no downloading required, it's just like watching a YouTube video), google images of celebrities you think are hot, take stupid pictures for Facebook, or even just for fun, roast marshmallows over the stove, bake some strange food or dessert, record a funny video, or do some classic sleepover stuff: talk about guys, play truth or dare, etc.

    Funny [Full Length] Free Movies Uploaded On Youtube????...?
    Youtube takes videos down from time to time so the movies I usually watch aren't up right now. I'm looking for some funny comedies from the 2000s that are similar to Epic Movie, Malibu's Most Wanted, Scary Movie 3, Talladega Nights, Harold And Kumar Go To White Castle, etc. But it doesn't have to be from the 2000s it can be from any era (just I was in the mood for a movie similar to those). And as long as its a comedy...

    • ANSWER:
      Comedy? Yes. Animated? yes. *sigh*.
      All of these are available free on YouTube and will make you laugh at least once.

      **NOTE: For movies just google your movie and add "movie2k" to your search.
      For tv just google your show and add "tv links" or "project free tv"
      Hellsing (episodes 1-3) Abridged (fan made parody) Team Four Star
      Dragon Ball Z (seasons 1-3) Abridged (F.M.P.) Team Four Star

      ZeroPunctuation (Y.T. Channel) with Yahtzee, the game reviewer from down under.
      HISHE (Y.T. Channel) How It Should Have Ended, for more appropriate endings to our favorite things.

      Anything that is a documentary will probably be in it's entirety. I've seen history channel looking videos 4 hours long on YouTube. The complete DBZ Abridged is 6:40:00 on YouTube in the full length video.
      JeremyJahns used to be a douche, but he has become .. why I go to the movies. Very entertaining movie reviews. Every time he gives a movie the "Dogsh*t" rating is pure comedic gold.

      Hope this helped

    Do YOU know any FREE movie websites? FREE FREE FREE FREE?
    i really want to watch "The Devil Inside" for FREE but i can't find any websites that do it for FREE!
    does anyone know any FREE movie websites? NO downloads.. NO regestration NO serverys
    and NO credit card detail thing!
    please help, i am so angry because i can't find any websites that do it for FREE, there all ****** up

    • ANSWER:
      Movie 2k

      i normaly just type "the movie" then watch for free on google and it'll come up other web sites aswell, but movie 2k is one that often pops up here you go

    I am so bored!Help me before I die of boredom?
    Ok so it's school holidays, normally they are fun but I am bored! Any good sites that I could go onto? I love chatting to ppl, even if I don't know them! I hate playing computer games...well most of them...any sites?
    I have skype and gmail but no one is don't say gmail or skype hehe

    • ANSWER:
      Complainer!!! Watch a movie for free on or just search the movie on google and add megavideo in the search , or play combat arms

    i need a really good and fun movie?

    • ANSWER:
      Dumb And Dumber.
      Here's the trailer.

      You can watch it here.

    Cravings won't go away, please help?
    Hi, this is a slightly awkward question, lets just make it square it's to do with periods. I'm due on my period and I'm eating like there's no tomorrow, its embarrassing because i can't help myself. Is there a reason to why I'm constantly eating munches/food? Also why it happens before a period? ARGHHH. (I'm not on the pill and don't want to consider it) 10 points for most detailed and most advise!!!!!!
    p.s do you think seeing a doctor about it??

    • ANSWER:
      I know how that feels. What I do is just take some tylenol, go to sleep, watch a movie on movie2k, (google it all the movies you ever imagined are free, just takes a someone with computer skills to learn how to use it), drink some diet coke, eat spicy foods!

    help me on FREE websites?
    hey has anybody got any websites to wwatch movies that are good and FREE thanx xx

    • ANSWER:, or just type it into google, or so I have heard. *Looks around Suspiciously*

google movie2k to