Homeless Couples

My financial woes began in mid 2003. I had left "Corporate America" to follow the American Dream in 2001 to become an entrepeneur and be my own boss. I firmly believed that I had gained the experience to make this move and still do even though things might not have turned out that way. My professional experience had been in medical sales for 22 years and so I ventured into the pre-owned medical equipment initially and eventually worked into federal/military contracting representing other small businesses in their market focus areas. The hardest challenge was the first two years of securing those small business's that wanted to expand into government contracting as partners since I had gained a great deal of knowledge on bidding to that arena.

By mid 2003 I had built quite a substantial credit card debt and income just wasn't coming in so a friend (attorney) recommended that I might want to consider filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy to wipe out the credit debt without affecting my company. I filed late 2003 and was granted the Chapter 7 early January, 2004. My 0K home went through foreclosure mid January but I never received a notice to vacate so I gave the bulk of my furnishings to my daughter and her husband and house sat for 6-months with just a bed and tv. The gas was eventually turned off and I spent two months taking cold showers (whenever I watch "The Game" with Michael Douglas it reminds me of those times). Mid June I finally received notice that I needed to vacate which led me to move in with my mother who lived in a retirement village. She was happy to have me move in since she was going through some medical issues and because of my background I could be of help. It was a win-win situation for both of us (I'll address this existence in another blog since it's another story to be told).

Needless to say, between losing the house and moving in with my mom, I started having panic attacks which were very devastating. At the time I could still see my physician and he verified the panic attacks he got me samples to address the condition but once I ran out of the samples I started hitting the vodka on ice to cope. It became a major challenge.

My Lincoln Towncar was repoed in August of 2004 at 5:30 in the morning. I heard screeching tires but thought it was just some highschool kids trying to wake-up some of the residents in the retirement village until I went out to run an errand and my car was gone. I called the village security to report it stolen when they informed me to call the city police and I was notified that it had been repo'ed.

Around August of 2005 I received an eviction notice from the retirement village, not because I had done anything wrong, but because my mother had signed a contract that wouldn't let relatives live and care for her (Of course, she didn't read the fine print when she signed it). Funny that it took 2-years for them to realize and act on it.

I was truly left homeless. I definetly didn't want to go to the downtown City Mission so I was literally considering finding a bridge to live under. It was desperate times until a very good highschool friend invited me to come out to northern California and live with him. He even paid for my flight out. He found me a job working for a hunting club gutting pheasant and chukkers. It paid a a bird plus tips and usually worked out to around -40 dollars a day on weekends.

After 6-months, my mother wasn't doing well medically and my son had just graduated from Border Patrol training so I decided to go back and killed two birds with one stone. I got to see my son before his assignment to San Diego and find a way to help my mom. I ended up moving back in with her without anyone saying anything for another 2-years (go figure).

I got evicted again in May of 2008 but this time the head of security knew of a Salvation Army shelter (another blog) in Independence, MO and I was able to move in there for about 3-months. The stipulation there is that you had to look for a job which I had no problem with but at my age and being over qualified and many applications later it wasn't an easy thing to do. I finally got a call from the general manager at a Dennys that hesitated because of my background professionally and age but took the chance and never regretted the hire as a dishwasher. I looked at it like another learning experience.

I finally started to make money for the first time in a long time and was able to get a studio apartment and be on my own again while being a care giver to my mom on a part-time basis. I lived paycheck to paycheck without any type of social life except for patrons and employees at work. After 2-years of doing this, my mom passed away this past February and since I didn't have any ties in KC, my son asked me to move here to San Diego and help him start a business that we had spoken of many times.

So here I am, I got his business plan completed and we're waiting on funding but in the mean time I'm still unemployed and the market doesn't look all that great. I just this week started a work from home business and feel optimistic that it should take off. It better, now I've got the IRS coming after me for a 2002 back tax return that I know I paid but they still froze my bank account.

I've struggled the past 6 years so if you think you may have it bad just reflect on my challenge that I've just shared. I hope it helps in some way.

All I can say is keep the faith.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Poll: would you ever put a homeless couple ahead of your family?
    My neighbor is having troubles just making ends meet with rent, bills, and feeding three children along with herself yet, she has a homeless couple in her home and they make no attempt to look for a job during the day. I know what I'd do but I'm curious as to what you all would do.

    • ANSWER:
      I have no trouble helping people who are in need, but at the same time how am I supposed to help others if I can barely help myself? It's very noble of your neighbor to want to do something kind for these people (even if they do seem to be squandering that kindness), but she has other responsibilities that she needs to take care of first. Like making sure her own family doesn't end up on the street as well.

    Why is it Obama treats GITMO creeps better than homeless Americans?
    I met this married homeless couple today on the street. They were trying to sell me a pair of binoculars so they could eat. They have no home, no job, and no medical care. GITMO detainees get free room and board, and free medical and dental. Obama wants to release them into America where I am sure, all these liberals are standing by with job offers, cash, and homes for these mass murderers. Is there no justice? God must be dead for this to happen.

    • ANSWER:
      What do you expect - The Left & The Press created a frenzy about it & Obama is just making use of it. Obama's people said don't let a crisis go to waist. He already got enough of the U.S. vote for the next 3 & 1/2 years he doesn't need U.S. fools for just under 4 year.

    Why are homeless taken away by police even though they don't cause any trouble?
    I was sitting in a bus, when police got into the bus at one particular bus station and picked a homeless couple. They were just sleeping in the bus. I've seen police waiting near bus stations during winter. Is this just to get rid of the homeless?

    • ANSWER:
      probably the police were bored or someone complained ... in ottawa the cops go around and arrest all the homeless they can before any big public festivals (such as the tulip festival) so the city can seem prettier and safer ... and after the festivals are over, they release them ... cops sicken me more than homeless people ... i do not fear homeless people, but i fear barely educated men armed to the hilt with power issues ...

    why did people love each other more 50 years ago compared to this present time?
    people were poor but they stayed together through thick and thin! i have watched so many
    documentaries recently and marriages lasted longer than now women loved men even if they were
    selling apples on the side of the road! why is it that some homeless couples stay together longer
    than wealthy couples celebrities can't never stay married this is a fact! i don't want you for your money i only want you for you. materialism, greed, vanity, selfishness grandiose attitude why have
    these behaviors taken over todays society?

    • ANSWER:
      It wasn't until the 1970s (and the Matrimonial Causes Act) that divorce became respectable. Up until that, it was very much a last resort to be avoided wherever possible. It was better to work through one's differences, and put up with the shortcomings of the spouse, and sometimes even have affairs or take a prostitute or a gigolo, but never break the home unless life or limb was at stake.

      Another difference was that in the 1970s, women gained equal rights to employment, career opportunity and salary to men, while not giving up their preferential treatment when it came to divorce or settling the fate of the children and the family home. Logically, it led to the situation where quite a few men, who were only respected by their wives for as long as they could provide adequately for their families, suddenly found their wives in better jobs than them. These women lost respect for their inadequate husbands, goaded on by women's groups, and threw them out. These lonely, but basically decent middle-aged men must now seek solace among those societies where they are still wanted, which is why I have a Filipina girlfriend, and have not attempted a relationship with an English woman for nearly 15 years, and that was catastrophic.

      Very little is mentioned about love, and a great deal about male violence, in Feminist orthodoxy that has now become the mainstream.

      Very little either is mentioned about love when educating children these days, except under the generic term "abuse". It is considered demeaning to women for girls (or boys) to aspire to a long-term stable loving relationship with its ups and downs, and certainly it is taboo these days to use either social or business occasions to initiate courtship. Such behaviour is considered a form of harrassment and could get you arrested. That certainly was not the case 50 years ago.

    Does Axe Body Spray work on Homeless People?
    I saw a homeless couple doing it behind a dumpster. I am just assuming that Axe body spray was responsible for that.

    • ANSWER:
      Are you certain that they were homeless? Perhaps they were product testers.


    How can homeless couples keep their romances alive?
    When married couples become homeless, the spark in their love lives diminish. How can they prevent that?

    • ANSWER:
      I think they have bigger problems than that.

    How can a homeless teenager get back on their feet in new york city?
    Im 14 and been homeless for a couple months now and i dont know how im gonna get back on my feet, i have no way of finding any kind of family, no id,no bank account no identity? What do i do? Wont they wanna know who i am?? I hate foster homes
    Lol i use public libraries and ipod!

    • ANSWER:
      There are some organizations that help homeless youth in NYC. Here is information from Covenant House New York, a shelter for runaway and homeless youth:

      On the street? Need help?
      Get a shower and a warm meal.
      Call 1-800-999-9999
      or come to
      Covenant House New York
      460 West 41st Street
      New York, NY 10036
      (212) 613-0300

    What would Jesus do if he came back to find his home desecrated?
    with crime scene tape all over the place, nasty words spray painted on the door, and a homeless couple having intercourse in his meadow?

    • ANSWER:
      Oh Shortcake thank goodness you are safe. Chief Inspector Lestrange of Interpol is coming over this afternoon to wrap up a few loose ends then he will let us re-open the pub. While we have been away the bees have been busy. But I am still worried about Philip's part in all of this. I have tried to discuss it with him but you know Philip. Whenever you try to discuss something he finds uncomfortable he changes into another animal and you get nowhere.

      p.s. there is a big bone for Mr. Cuddlesworth in the cold store. What do ducks eat?

      p.p.s. you didn't see who the couple in the meadow were did you?

    Why do homeless people have dogs?
    There is a homeless couple always begging for money by the highway exit & they have a dog. They sleep inside the underpass with the dog.

    • ANSWER:
      Dogs, in general, are more loyal than people. Most homeless people weren't born homeless. Some had a dwelling, and perhaps they had a dog at that time as well. I'd be willing to bet you dollars to donuts that the homeless people's dog is the only friend that stuck around after they became homeless, and not reason of food.

    What do you think Michael Jackson's song,"Whatever Happens" is about?
    I personally got the impression that it was about a homeless couple who have to sell drugs to live.
    what do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      The seems to be about a man who is more concerned about providing for his family fianncially rather than emotionally, esepcially at the part where he says: He's working day and night, thinks he'll make her happy/Forgetting all the dreams that he had/He doesn't realize it's not the end of the world
      It doesn't have to be that bad/She tries to explain, "It's you that makes me happy,"
      Whatever, whatever, whatever.....

      I could be wrong

    What book is about a guy who decides to document being homeless across the US for 2 yrs w his dog?
    I found this book in approx 1992-1993 and wanted to buy it but didn't, and I'd like to track it down to read it. Remember the story line but not the name. About a professional regular guy who decided to live homeless for a couple years with his dog, and then wrote a book about it.

    • ANSWER:
      Walk Across America by Peter Jenkins

      There is a dog on the cover and it sound similar to your description

    How long are most people homeless for?
    I'm researching the homeless for school. Does anyone know if there's an average amount of time homeless people spend on the street being homeless? Or are they homeless for a couple months, then have a home, and end up homeless again? Like, what is it typically like for a homeless person?

    • ANSWER:
      most people will stay homeless until they check them self into a shelter, where then they are given food and clean clothes and are expected to look for a job, we had alot of homeless people help clean yards and their lunch from the shelter was, and I am not kidding was a piece of bread , a potato and water !!! I ordered about 10 pizzas, sodas and waters and they pigged out-
      Once they start to clean up and they can find a job, they mostly stay in the shelter and help others- life is very expensive and it can be very hard to get back on your feet.

    I feel so bad for those homeless people! What should I do?
    I saw a homeless couple on the side of the road last month, and they have been standing there ever since. I feel so bad and I want to do something, but I don't know whether it is safe! Please help me!
    I've seen other homeless people and I know there is a homeless shelter.. so I was wondering if I should show them how to get there or something!

    • ANSWER:
      Write down info on shelters and soup kitchens and give it to them along with a bag of food from McDonald's. Be careful of your sympathy, never ever ever allow anyone to get into your car, let them find it themselves, some homeless are drug users, alcoholics or have mental problems.

    How do think these two people should be charged?
    Go to http://www.firehouse.com/worcester/ and click on the "Worcester Slide Show" in the right column to see pics. of the fire...

    THEN, click on and read "Homeless Couple: Probation in Worcester Tragedy" which kind of explains the details of this aron case against the homeless couple.

    Here's the short version of this case for those who're on the lazy side:

    In December of 1999, 6 firefighters died fighting a ware house fire. The fire was started accidentally by two homeless people living there, who knocked over a candle during a fight.

    How do you think these two people should be charged?

    Do you agree with the judge's ruling?

    • ANSWER:
      Well looking at these facts, before answering this question one would have to find out if mens rea is present, then proceed to answer.

      From what I've read, mens rea was not evident as they did not intend to set the warehouse on fire. With mens rea criminal intent must be present...in this case it's not a factor. So, acknowledging this the homeless couple cannot be charged with first or second degree murder on those grounds.

      Moving on, if I'm not mistaking, in this case you provided they were both moderately mentally retarded, so they can't be totally responsible for this fire... but on the other hand they knew to try to put the fire out or else the whole place would burn, they also knew that they had to fled the place so they wouldn't get burned alive, the only thing they did wrong in this case is refusing to report the fire...so with that, I'd give them 6 years probation and "temporary" incarceration. I say this because, them serving 6 years or more in prison would be like a reward for them as they would be having a roof over their heads for those 6 years or more and free meals...this wouldn't be a punishment for them, but if they are exposed in the public as being the one's who burned that warehouse, that'll be shameful for them!

      Great question!!!

    Is being homeless a reason for CPS to take a child away?
    I constantly have 2 homeless people, a couple, outside my store asking for money. I've called the police on them numerous times but they always manage to bolt at the site of police cars. I'm not the only business who has complained about them and the police pretty much have had enough of them too. The man is banned from my store because we caught him stealing alcohol. Plus we've noticed him drunk.
    The female is about 8 months pregnant. My colleague suggested that when we see the baby we call CPS on the couple. Hopefully CPS takes the child away and that might get them away form my store. Is being homeless a reason for CPS to take the baby away?

    • ANSWER:

    Is there such a thing as homeless shelters for couples?
    Well we are homeless and we are in McKinney, Texas. We want to know if there is a shelter we can go to were we can still be together and not separated. It is really cold and windy at night and we cant sleep anywhere because we always get kicked out, so we really want to find out what to do.

    • ANSWER:
      Call 211; they are the experts in non profits in your area. You will probably be separated; they try to keep families together, but not necessarily couples. Hope this helps.

    Do the council have any obligations to find me accommodation?
    I could potentially be homeless in a couple of weeks. Im a 57yr old lady have family but they cannot even temporarily put me up. All are overcrowded and have tried in the past but didn't work out.

    • ANSWER:
      Get your landlord to write a letter to the council telling them of your intended eviction. You are unintentionally homeless and will get a place, even if it is in a halfway house for a few months.
      Go to the CAB, they can help a lot.

    Wheres the best place to go and be homeless ?
    I'm 30 and I'll probably be homeless in a couple of years . Where's the best place to go ? I was thinking Arizona or Nevada or California . I hate working and school I live at home but when they finally kick me out where can I go ?

    • ANSWER:
      well, you know what they say, life is what you make of it
      so if you want to be a bum you can go ahead and do it
      i would say california, because it never freezes there

    What can we do about the homeless situation in America?
    I mean we have all these homeless shelters, food drives, soup kitchens, and we still have homeless people running around the streets of America.
    Well if the majority of them have problems, than why not keep the institutions open for them?

    • ANSWER:
      In San Diego County, where I live, the county surveys show about 10,000 homeless on any given night in a county with a population of well over two million. Beds for these homeless people in shelters and transitional housing number under 2000. Some of the rest may crash with friends or relatives for a night. Others are on the streets, in campgrounds, in cars or in motels, as some of the homeless are holding down jobs and can afford a motel room once in a while to clean up and catch up on their sleep.

      Who are these homeless people? The opinions I hear about this in the media and from individuals are usually simplistic and wrong. I remember Tucker Carlson on MSNBC flatly asserting that the homeless problem is entirely about the mentally ill who won't take their meds. Others include substance abuse and laziness as reasons to do nothing about the problem, since it is supposedly the choice of those who have the problem. Research and first-hand experience of all the homeless, not just those raving in the streets, shows something different.

      At the charity where I volunteer most of the homeless clients became homeless due to unemployment. Few people have enough savings, credit, or help from friends and family to keep their home through more than a couple of months of unemployment, at least for the lower classes. It's true that most people where the problem is just unemployment recover soon enough. They can live in transitional housing, where they can save up money once they get a new job or have some time to improve their skills, returning to being independent in several months to a couple of years. The working homeless who can manage the difficulties of that also can get out of that hole sometimes just by saving more money than they spend.

      People who can't do that aren't just psychotics who don't take their meds or drug addicts, though. There are many people who have a level of physical illness and/or mental illness that they never manage to hold a job, yet don't have an illness documented well enough to get Social Security disability. Our county has a program to help the homeless get SSI, by documenting their disabilities better and helping people through the process. That helps a lot of people, but not everyone. There remains a huge gap between people who are well enough to get and keep a job and those who are approved for Social Security disability or SSI. I don't know of reliable statistics about that, but people who work in social services know this is a big problem, a problem ignored by those who just want to speak in slogans.

      I don't like laws such as in France, where it's hard to fire anyone. I expect unemployment is a necessary part of our economy. Yet what truth is there in saying that if you can't get out of your unemployment with the current sort of help that's available, you deserve to suffer and die? Anytime I hear someone saying anything close to that, they start with opinions about the homeless that are pure prejudice. Why not do some research? Why not talk to people who actually work with problem? Some people seem to prefer slogans.

      There are many things that would help the suffering the needy currently have. Universal health care would make some people employable who aren't now. The issue of what to do with people who are somewhere between easily employable and clearly disabled is a difficult one. Even quadriplegics are employable if they have the right skills and a supportive enough environment at home and at work. Yet it would take a big investment to take a quadriplegic without that support and make him or her employable. It's likewise with less severe disabilities. How much money should be spent on helping people this way and for which people, in which ways, would take a lot of experimentation.

      It's simpler to talk about that gap between the number of homeless and the beds for them. I'm sure there's enough affluence in my county to close that gap. It doesn't have to be completely closed. I regularly have clients who would rather sleep in their car than next to someone's smelly feet at a shelter. But it could be closed to the point where no one needs to sleep in the street, where the police could bring such people to the shelter, if they're willing, instead of now when the police know the shelters are overflowing. I don't know how much more money that would take. It would take something more than is spent now, which is not the direction things are going.

      People who have money are not choosing to spend it on the poor more than they do now. Some of them tell lies about the homeless to justify that. My boss says that's mostly a problem of education. I disagree. I think people know what they're doing in letting the needy suffer, and do it anyway. Maybe my boss is right, and I'm wrong. Time will tell. What priorities people make for their money is the key.



    Why would a homeless shelter announce to the homeless via tv that they are open?
    Have they ever stopped to think that homeless people don't have tv? How are homeless people supposed to know which shelter is open and which one is full by what the tv is saying? I'm just wondering, if anyone knows why please let me know. This is a question that has been bugging me for awhile.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, I can see the sense of the first two answers, but instead of spending the money on a TV advert, wouldn't it have been better to use it to hire a couple of people to hand out leaflets on the street?

    What device for protection can I carry on me state to state while walking?
    I am getting prepared to be homeless in a couple months at the age of 53, and besides getting a duffel bag to carry a few clothing and items in such as soap, deodorant, etc... Is there any legal device for protection that a person can carry on them? I know the criminals carry guns and don't worry about laws, but what about a person that wants to follow laws? A knife? pepper spray? any ideas.... to carry across different states, etc.. legally

    • ANSWER:
      A small bible to quiet your mind.
      BTW - that duffel bag will be gone in a short while.

      May I ask - Why did you plan on being homeless and would like to live in my house?

    Does anyone know how I can open a homeless shelter in hammond, in. I need funding for it also?
    I am interested in how to go about opening a homeless shelter in hammond in. There are some homeless shelters there now, but either they only allow certain people to stay there or have too many restrictions. Im interested in opening one that welcomes all, no matter what the situation is, offering better opportunities for those who stay there. Hope you can help.

    • ANSWER:
      You need some experience so volunteer with one of the existing shelters and learn why they mioght have the rules they do...for ex no drinking no drugs bec both lead to violence separate mens and womnens areas or serving only 1 gender bec of possibilities of rape and abuse. no boys over 12 bec frankly they may get abused by adult women. No violent ppl bec others can get hurt. All of these things can be done in the right circumstances and w/ right understanding on how to handle things we and ppl on our board have had people in our shelters with all those situations but it does make things a lot harder and sometimes harder to get funding too.

      There are 2 basic ways to go dorm style (several ppl from different families or no family sharing 1 sleeping room,group meals etc.) For group shelters you need permits pretty much everywhere and have to go by city regs. Individual family or small roommate units in an area that is zoned for apartment or motel living or at the very least allows home sharing. This eliminates most of the permit problems. It probably also means you help fewer people at a time but allow them to preserve more dignity and privacy and recover faster if recovery from homelessness is their goal.

      Funding: you will need to have or be backed by a 501c3 nonprofit see http://www.irs.com Most likely backers woulod be a church or exsting helping organization. They would be your financial agent till you get going. Start small and learn then you can grow besides most grantmakers especially government want to see 2 yrs track record before giving $$ for ex we started with one inexpensive furnished apartment which we converted to 2 motel type efficiencies which shared a bath. One had the real kitchen, one had mini frig annd microwave. That meant we could house 2 small families, couples or singles at a time. Not much of a dent in the problem but with stays of 14-60 days (which in practice became 30-90 days) we were at least doing something. Something that worked follow up 2 yrs later showed that more than 80% of the ppl who stayed with us were maintaining their own living places and over 50% were buying homes (often trailers but still their own homes). Something similar can be done with a 2-3 bedroom apartment w/ ppl sharing the kitchen and living room but having the freedom and control of own meals seems to make it more likea home. More on funding http://www.foundationcenter.org Other possibilities are using a church basemnent or a series of churches,community organizations buildings etc. (so no one is used long enough to need permits)

      There is no way to put enough here to even get you started but check out http://caringhandsministries.com and then email me through YA if you want.

    How do I find a group home for me?
    I have schizophrenia and I receive ssd. I will be homeless in a couple of years when my parents move and I am scared I will have no where to stay. Will i be forced to live in my car? I receive 918 a month in ssd. I have a student loan payment, a car payment, insurance, and cell phone bills.
    My case worker says I'm too high functioning for a group home but every time I go to the hospital they want to send me to a group home to live.

    • ANSWER:
      Have you talked to your caseworker about low income housing? I don't know if you would be eligible or not but it wouldn't hurt to ask if you haven't already. If you would be, get yourself on the waiting list now because in some areas it can take years before something becomes available.

      If you are currently eligible for Medicare or will be soon ask the caseworker if you are eligible for welfare to pay your monthly premiums, deductibles and co-payments.

      Contact the place where you make student loan payments and ask them if they consider reducing the payment amount when living arrangements change and you have to become self-supporting. If they say yes, that should relieve your mind considerably. And perhaps the bank will consider refinancing your car loan when the time comes because, by then, you would have proven yourself to be responsible.

      Since you are too high functioning for a group home, consider renting a room in a home or getting a roommate when it gets close to the time your parents move. Apparently you don't want to move with them.

    How do you survive in the woods when you are homeless?
    Okay so my husband and I might be going homeless by this Tuesday. We have a place to stay which is private property, the woods. All we have is a tent, blow up mattress, a van , pillows, sheets, blankets, clothes, and some food. But that food will obviously run out soon. So what is there really to eat at the woods?

    By the way, my husband has been looking and applying for jobs for a long time and still has not gotten hired anywhere. He applied at supermarkets, construction, janitor, etc, but nothing. So the woods might be our next destination.

    • ANSWER:
      That's terrible, you should gets your passports, work visas and sell or borrow whatever you can and get a couple of plane tickets to Australia. There are millions of vacant jobs here and not enough people to fill them, the wages are over three times more than in the US. Believe it, it's not going to any better soon, it's best to get the hell out, while you can. Than living in the woods, bush or whatever, eating squirrels and worms.

      I got my sister, husband and kids out of the US, and as soon as they got off the plane in Australia they both got full time jobs, on there first interviews, and love it here so do there kids. There are want adds on windows every where you look, and the newspapers are full of jobs. The US dollar is only worth 90 cents here and it's going down everyday.

      By winter it will only be worth 70 cents in Australia, and all hell is going to break loose when all the summer jobs finish. There are a lot of us expats who work and live in Australia, you can't no longer live in the states, our country is bankrupt and it has been for a few years. They can't keep printing money or borrow from China anymore.

      If you got a fridge, car or whatever sell it to get the hell out. A lot of US Americans are getting out and going to Canada, New Zealand or UK but there aren't many jobs there nor are the wages as high nor is the dollar is strong as it is here. You'd be very surprised on how many US American actors, singers, business's, company's etc are moving here before the crap hits the fan and end up in a tent next to you and your husband if you don't get out.

      The weather here is like in California and Sydney is a sister city to NY, it dose cost as much to live Sydney as in NY. But the wages are a lot more and no religious people here, so everything here is open 24/7. Everyone speaks English and this country is as big as the US only with just 22 million people so it's really laid back and friendly nobody here lives in tents, trailers, cars or gets paid in tips it's all wages. You don't get homesick either TV, the stores and everything is the same. There opening Costco's, Lowe's, Ben and Jerry's everything here and need staff. There is no problem of getting a job here in anything you want to do. All industry's here are booming, there is no recession here and never has been. The wages are so unreal, women get paid the same rate as men it's all equal opportunity employment and your job is protected by laws. I'm talking high five to six figures, even minimum wage you take home around 0 a week after tax.

      You can rent a furnished room for 0 with free utility's a week, with a swimming pool in the back yard till you get cash together to get an apartment or house. Milk is a gallon and bread is a a loaf and there are heaps of free bee places to eat. Nobody here ever goes hungry or ever lives in appalling conditions. The Australian government even sends luxury liners to the Pacific Islands to get workers. If you can speak English and have school or trade certificates get yourselves here even if you have to swim. Don't fall in the homeless trap your walking into. http://yanksdownunder.net/index/
      A lot of us living and working in Australia know how financially bad it is there, with the high wages we earn here, we can send money home to help out family to pay bills or get them out.

    Is it possible to catch something from volunteering at the homeless shelter?
    I've volunteered once before at the homeless shelter and I want to go back again, but my fiance said that I could catch something. Is that true? And if so, what diseases could I catch?


    • ANSWER:
      It is possible to catch something - just as it is possible to catch something while in any public place. The best way to avoid catching illnesses is to wash your hands.

      I volunteered once a week at a street youth drop in for over a year and never got sick. I then got a part time job at a shelter, worked 15 hrs a week for a year... and then I finally got strept throat. Now, was it from the shelter or somewhere else, I don't know... people get sick from many unknown places. For all I know, I could have picked up the germs from the shopping cart at Safeway! After my 1st year I started full time work at the shelter. I do admit that I caught more colds once I started full time, and I did get the stomach flu a couple times. But really, those weren't major illnesses - everyone gets that stuff once in awhile. I continued to work at the shelter until I was 8 months pregnant too!

      Unfortunately many homeless people get sick quite often just because of their living conditions. They aren't able to lay in bed and sleep all day or eat lots of chicken noodle soup! And it is true that some homeless have HIV, AIDS, Hep C, TB etc, but those diseases can only be transferred to you by bodily fluid - pee, or blood, or lots of saliva etc. Or by a needle prick. The chances of you coming into that contact is VERY SLIM. Especially if you are only volunteering once a week or less often.

      If you decide to volunteer at the shelter (which I think is great and highly recommend!) just wash your hands a lot, they'll provide you rubber gloves if you want them, and just avoid any bodily fluids. Talk to the staff about your concerns and they'll pass you tips on how to avoid getting sick.

      Hope this helps.

    Where can I find the statistics for the euthanasia rate of homeless/feral cats in the United Kingdom?
    I am looking to see if the over population epidemic in the united states is compared to other countries such as the united kingdom, but all my searching on the internet just leads me back to the united states' issue. Is euthanasia of feral/homeless cats done in other countries? Is it higher or lower? And why?

    • ANSWER:
      Here are a couple of links that you might 'contact us' and ask them where you'd find the information you're looking for.



    What would provoke you to give a homeless person money?
    Traditional begging-- is not my style. I want to earn my handouts. Tell me what a homeless person could do off the streets to earn some change from your wallet?

    • ANSWER:
      if I had it..and you needed it..I could spare a couple of dollars 😛 Ill want it back though, with interest 😛

    What are the first couple of steps in order to start a non-profit organization internationally?
    I would like to start one..and i do know that first you have to know in which you are passionate about...homeless, scholarships, etc. I would like to know the specific steps and how to launch it from there. If you have started one, please let me know! Thanks for your help!

    • ANSWER:
      Step one is first you must start a LOCAL non-profit and go from there. It is IMPOSSIBLE to start an international one from Day 1, unless you have MILLIONS and MILLIONS of your own dollars at your disposal. Even then, you will incure HEAVY losses until you can get the donation support necessary to support your operations.

    How can I personally help the homeless?
    I want to help the homeless. But I don't have a home of my own to provide shelter for them myself (I live with my wife and in-laws).

    How can we help the homeless people, aside from actually providing physical shelter for them?

    • ANSWER:
      I worked at a convenience store when I was younger and there were always homeless people coming in and buying alcohol and candy with the donations they got from panhandling. I have never given cash to panhandlers since. All donations are given to reputable organizations.

      We did have somebody ask us for food once. We didn't have any cash with us (we never do carry cash), and we actually had a couple of sandwiches. We felt ashamed for the meager offerings we had, but the people were genuinely grateful. Yes, shelter is a problem, but food and clean water are also necessary.

      We try to keep something edible with us whenever we're in a public place or in the car. I have heard of people making up brown bag lunches and actually seeking out homeless people--the lunches are made with things that keep and are easy to eat and that keep well--prepackaged apple sauce, packages of snack crackers (the ones with cheese or peanut butter), prepackaged chips, granola bars, bottled water, possibly a piece of fresh fruit, plastic utensils, napkins, etc.
      If you choose to do something like that, purchasing in bulk from costco or sam's club makes sense...also, peanut butter is a very good form of protein that keeps well. Some people might be offended by being offered food, but if they are, they are. Most people are grateful for the generosity.

      Good luck and god speed.

    Where can a recently homeless couple find shelter?
    My girlfriend was living with me and my grandma who passed away recently. I didnt realize or ever think about how we would survive without her. I couldnt keep up with the payments so as of today, we are out on the street. With no money or family (she doesnt either) we are stuck.

    Any ideas for what we can do? The shelters are full they say. We are in the East Bay Area, California.

    • ANSWER:
      Just walk into the police department and ask. Generally they can be very helpful and non-judgmental.

    What are some fun activities at a young teen homeless shelter?
    Okay well for my school in order to graduate, you need to do a senior project.
    for mine, i'm going to work at a all-girls teenage homeless shelter.
    I have to organize some type of event there for the girls to participate in.
    But i have no idea.
    Do you have any ideas? maybe like passing out feminine hygiene kits? or passing out makeup for self esteem? I have no ideas.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm on the board of a small teen girls shelter. Feminine hygiene kits are good to give out tho our girls all seem to want different products. If you are going to do make up rather than just hand stuff out get someone from a beauty co to demonstrate a bit off skin care and how to apply the make up and choose colors of clothes and make up that look good. Usually Mary Kay and Avon people will do that type thing and not charge. Other possibilities might be creating unique Tee Shirts, making simple jewelery, or something involving music if someone who will work with you has the talent. Things that include interaction are a lot better than when stuff is just handed to them. You will have opportunity to be seen as a role model - someone they would like to be like - and they will be able to see another teen could really get something like that put together. Talk to the director or volunteer coordinator and suggest a couple of things you would possibly like to do and get some guidance from them as to what would be best for this particular group.

    Why don't homeless people in Ireland just get the dole and rent somewhere cheap?
    Do the homeless who have no assets not qualify for the dole? Surely they do and the dole in Ireland is high enough to pay for rent and food if you are careful. It makes no sense to me why a country like Ireland has homeless people living on the streets with such a high rate of dole available. Anyone know different?

    • ANSWER:
      I work in a homeless hostel in Wales and a common issue is seeking accommodation. There is no one answer to why someone is homeless but in answer to your question, I would say that it is simply very difficult to find a place to live especially if you do not have a good place to start from.

      In Wales the common housing readily available is in the private rented market. It is standard (especially if going through a letting agent) for landlords with empty properties to seek references, a month's rent up front (usually for a one bed its about 450- 500), a bond (once again 450- 500) as well as an agent's fee (usually 10% of a month's rent so about 50). Guarantors are also requested to provide assurance that the rent will be paid) so before you even get close to a property, you're looking at nearly 1000 to get the keys. Added to that, a homeless person may not have a guarantor or references from previous landlord.

      You then have the issue that any single person or childless couple under the age of 25 is only entitled to 50 a week housing benefit with the average weekly cost of a one-bed flat being 115, leaving them to pay the additional 65 rent as well as utility costs, living costs and council tax. I have heard rumours that the age limit will be increased from 25 to 35. Jobseekers Allowance is only 60 a week (approx).

      You may very well say that the answer is to get a job. Good idea but according to the Merthyr area's Jobcentre the only jobs available are all part-time and temporary, often on a commision basis and there are 1,600 looking for work. In Cardiff there are nearly 16,000 people on JSA and only 1,500 vacant jobs. Not that easy.

      There is always social housing you may say. That's cheap! Correct you are but the average waiting time on Cardiff council's list is apparently 5 years. You would be looking at around 2 years on a hosuing association list due to the levels of high demand.

      So first you have a financial blockade to housing but then there are the social aspects. Say you got the cash. A few landlords won't offer tenancies to people who are homeless. You may have a pet.

      A few homeless people may have different prioirties to you or I. Their prioirty may be to ge alcohol or substances more so than find a place to live. Its hard to cope with addiction especially if your on the street. How would you make 60 a day to feed your habit? Please note also that there are just a percentage of homeless people who have a drug or alcohol problem; not all of them have this issue.

      So, IMHO there are your answers to your question. There may also be the opinion that homeless people enjoy being homeless. I've met hundreds and I've yet to find that one. Yes there are lazy homeless people but I've met a lot more who are not homeless too. They are human the same as the rest of us and just as vulnerable, if not more so, to the same pitfalls and follies that we are.

    What is the name of the movie where a divorced couple become?
    servants in their own home while during Christmas time homeless people live in their grand home. The daughter is there with her intended and all three pretend to not be aware of the situation. Very old movie but it doesn't show the title.
    Mariana, thank you. That's it. I googled it and now know it's Gale Storm that I've been racking my brain to remember her name in it. What a lovely movie.

    • ANSWER:
      The name of the movie, "It happened on 5th Avenue". =)

    Where is a place to hangout at when your homeless?
    Hello. I was thiking of living in a homeless shelter for a while because i am low on rent money.
    If i live in a homeless shelter where is somewhere to hangout at during the day so i wouldnt be bored?
    Is there anywhere I can watch tv at or use the internet if i am homless?

    • ANSWER:
      I wasn't sure of the answer, so, being me, I did a little research. First, since I know where the homeless in my town hang out, I went there and asked a few of them what they did.

      Problem was most of them were addicts of one kind or another, and after asking me for money, they got mad and walked off. I did get some help however. One thing I was told was that homeless shelters are really hard to get into, way more demand than space. Second thing is many of them form their own little communities. Often under bridges or in empty buildings. In this way what little they have will not get stolen and they can keep an eye on each other.

      They told me they spend a lot of time just "hanging around" talking or sleeping or just watching people go past. They know where the soup kitchen, and can get a meal every now and then. When the weather turns cold, there are couple of churches that will let them sleep inside, IF they are not drunk or on drugs.

      OK that was one side of the story. Then I asked one of my cop friends about it. He was pretty helpful really. He gets tired of answering complaints about the homeless, so has a pretty good idea of what to do.

      There are some coffee shops, that if the homeless can come up a couple of bucks, they can sit for a couple of hours watching TV. The library does have internet service that you can use free for about an hour a day. Some of the churches have day time programs, where you can read or just be inside.

      One thing that both the helpful homeless and the cop told me, was it depends a lot on how clean and neat you keep yourself. The majority of times that the homeless are asked to leave a building or even a public street, is due to body oder or strange behavior. If you look at least clean and are polite, there are many more options.

      I wish you good luck, but before you make any decision, make sure there is a homeless shelter that will take you in, and learn what their rules are.

      Just my thoughts

    I got grounded for hitting a homeless bum with a hockey stick. Is that not extreme?
    I was walking home from hockey practice when I saw a homeless person across the road. I ran over and hit him with my hockey stick. Why is it wrong to hit people who are useless to society, but live off it's benefits?

    • ANSWER:
      That's terrible!!!
      Who's knows?? They might have been a great person a couple years ago, they could've fallen on hard times! How would you feel getting hit with a hockey stick!!?? Remember the GOLDEN RULE... :( :)

    Why news like Rathore molestation get more traction on news channels than cold wave deaths of homeless people?
    100 s of homeless people have died in N.India from cold wave, their deaths could have been avoided by providing them shelter. News channels make no big deal of this, they just make an unemotional statement that so many deaths have happened. But they keep on covering Rathore molestation case with so much enthu and seriousness, for a girl who was just molested not even raped.

    • ANSWER:
      Rathore : A CLASSICAL case of hypercoverage of news that bad mouth males ( and hence are anti-male in nature ), by the anti-male Indian media. Incitement to hatred is NOT a crime for the Indian media alone!

      While the woman who jumped at the 87 year old Pope was given back page coverage, the Indian media is coupling with anti-male groups, to take on the Indian JUDICIARY! As though they needed to be trained in proper delivery of Indian law.

      While the affected victim himself is no ANGEL ( OK...assuming he DID molest her ), the absence of MALE organisations, ( unlike the anti-male ones that support Ruchika and her allegations,), has affected the course of the propaganda war. Even the womans suicide 2 years later is sought to be blamed at this man!

      Why is the public NOT being educated about the several suicides due to MENTAL and PERSONALITY disorders and all being placed at the door of an individual who crossed her life - even AFTER being tortured by 19 years at the courts?

      Remember Shopian, where similar anti-males with the MEDIA, had conjured up images of a raped girl, and held the state to ransom? Where is the accountability of these anti-male forces which see no wrong in arresting and wasting the lives of males - like SECOND class criminals?


    What is the number one reason for the homeless problem in the USA?
    The USA, is the richest country in the world, why does it exists? If you were to become homeless, who would you blame?

    • ANSWER:
      If I were to become homeless, I would blame myself. As to why there are so many, liberal politicians and courts redefined the parameters of mental illness a couple decades ago and released thousands of people that were incapable of taking care of themselves for a variety of reasons. Another element of the homeless are the addicts, whether it be to alcohol or drugs or gambling, that consumes their lives and loses their jobs and families and homes. A third group are essentially expatriots, conspiracy theorists, ex-military that have a distrust of the government and don't want to become part of the system and just drop out. Lastly are the poor unfortunates that lose their jobs because of a corporate attitude of downsizing to profitability. Many don't know what services are available to help them and don't seek help before it's too late.

      What can we do about it? As much as I hate big government and prefer to keep them out of my life and pockets, I would say we need work programs. Form an agency that takes the people that want to work and put them on bridges and highways and city streets doing the repair work that the infrastructure so desperately needs. House them in trailer camps, feed them two meals a day and pay them a special wage. Secondly, those that are mentally incompetent to take care of themselves should be readmitted to the facilities that can take care of them, get them the medicines they need, the health care, shelter and food and so on. There will always be a certain part of society that simply doesn't want to conform to a mortgage and a 9 to 5 job. They've been around for centuries... travelling minstrels, vagabonds, gypsies, hobo's and so on. You'll never get rid of the problem completely, but you're right, there is much we could do to help.

    How come you rarely see Female homeless people?
    I live in the UK and I've only ever seen homeless *men obviously there must be women also, but in my own experience it seems to be never the case.

    Even in films/cartoons we always see more of the stereotypical male hobo/tramp

    Why is this

    • ANSWER:
      That probably has to do with a couple of factors. In matters of divorce, the courts are more favorable towards the woman when it comes to granting rights to property, especially if children are involved and the woman has a stable income.

      Second, where I'm from if a shelter is single sex it's a lot more likely for them to accept women and turn down men than to accept men and decline women.

    What if homeless people are really smart?
    and some of them didn't fit into the working world or couldn't get themselves to do it?

    Of course this isn't to say all homeless people but maybe some just didn't fit in for some reason.

    • ANSWER:
      Some are, I have befriended a couple and they were very smart but had very difficult circumstances. If you get to know some homeless people, they have very interesting stories and some just chose that path. Many times drugs and or alcohol played a factor as to why they can't hold a job or why their family has 'given up on them'. Some just prefer a life that, to them, is more simple.

    What's a typical day and night like for a homeless person?
    Does anyone actually know? I don't wanna talk to a homeless person to ask.

    • ANSWER:
      I would think the opinions on this question will vary with each persons view...

      Heres mine: My parents managed a homeless shelter when we lived in southern California...it was the type where the shelter doesnt open until 5pm for the evening meal..then the homeless are given clean towels and shone where their "twin bed-usually bunk beds" will be for the night..lights out at 10pm...wake up at 6am..breakfast done by 8am and the homeless must take all personal belongings with them as they leave. There was a "living room" where they could gather to watch tv or talk before lights-out but many just wanted a warm shower and clean bedding. Some were willing to work and were given semi-permanent beds, for work they did around the shelter etc...

      In talking with many who frequented the shelter, I found that the majority would sit around at the public park across the street..and a few would panhandle for extra change..all waiting for the shelter to open once again the next evening.

      In some kinda odd way..I had a deep sense of friendship for many that came back night after night and we sort of formed a familial bond.

      Though the majority were of a decent character, we did find out, usually AFTER the person had left..that we had given shelter to a wanted bank robber, a man wanted for child molesting (who happened to be "flirting" with the homeless mother of 5 children that we housed for a couple months)..and even had a 70 yr old man who had come over from Mexico that was just as sweet and gentle as any one could imagine their own "grandfather" to be...turned out, less than 24 hrs after he did not show back up at the shelter..the police came looking for him and reported that he was wanted in Mexico for killing his wife...

      So you never know who youre going to meet when associating with the homeless...more often than not, theyll just be someone whos had a bad falling out and needs a little helping hand or as someone mentioned above, chose to live that way...other times, it could be someone whos trying to hide within that society.

      I in no way...look down upon the homeless, given my experience in the past...but at the same time, I find myself being some what skeptical until I know more about that particular persons background.

      Im adding the link about a documentary called Dark Days.. (you used to be able to watch it instantly on netflix but I dont know if it is still available any more). It documents the lives of some of New Yorks homeless..that lived in abandoned railway tunnels. Its just a tiny glimpse of that life-style..and has a pretty promising ending..more so than many homeless get to experience.

    Ever thought about picking up a homeless person?
    Just out of curiosity, have you ever seen a homeless person begging on the street and wondered what it would be like to take them home and help them change their life? If so, what would you do to help them? And do you think it would work?

    • ANSWER:
      Good question. At the present time I volunteer at two food pantries, serve at a Community Meal establishment, and work in a migrant worker soup kitchen. In the past, I've done counseling in the county jail.

      Having established my association with the less fortunate. I wouldn't take a homeless person into my home. If I happen to know the person well, that's a different story. My experience is that many of those on the street and in jail are there by their own choosing. Many are drug related. I've also learned that many of those homeless people are quite content with their status. They have no responsibilities except self preservation. Four years of jail work taught me that for some, three meals and a cot is all they really want.

      Of course there are some who through no fault of their own are on the street. Even so, there are things / job they could bo if they so chose. Good example, my neighbor was in construction in Florida and lost his job. He's now out doing yard work for whoever will hire him. He just finished painting a couple of rooms for someone else. Bottom line, he is getting by.

      In years past, I've been hungry myself. I spent the last dime I had to put gas in my car to go out and spread fertilizer around a lady's roses. She payed me when I finished and I ate the best meal I have ever had. I made a promise to myself never again would I go hungry. I'm bragging, but my present net work exceeds 2 mil.

    Where can a National Guard soldier go when he becomes homeless?
    I'm a Army vet and now in the National Guard and about to become homeless. Is there a place I can go to live the military can help me with until I deploy?

    • ANSWER:
      You should be eligible for Army Emergency Relief, a program run by Army Community Services. They can provide you with an interest-free loan within hours. If you lost your home due to the recent financial troubles, they've also got a program to help you with that.

      If you are jobless/homeless and you want to go AGR, that may help you for a couple of years until you get back up to speed.

      If all else fails, contact LTG Robert Wilson, CG, IMCOM, and tell him your story and what you need for help. That's drastic, but he is a go-to general officer who can expedite getting you into the AGR or otherwise assist, especially if you've served downrange. Tell him a PAO sent you.

      I'm sorry I can't assist you personally.

    How can I help my homeless boyfriend?
    My boyfriend lived in his parents home that recently got foreclosed with a couple of friends. Since they've been kicked out of the house they have been living in sketchy motels while they're looking for a place to stay. Paying for motels every night is very expensive compared to what rent can cost, but neither of the friends my boyfriend is supporting has a job. I would love to help get him on his feet since he's pulling two dead weights but don't know how to help.

    • ANSWER:
      do you have a couch he can crash on? have networks to help him find a job?

    Has anyone regained a proper home after becoming homeless?
    We are about to lose our apartment, and have no where to go. There isn't room in our family's homes, and the government was "Out of money", the waiting list of HUD was 8 weeks, and we must leave by the end of the month.
    I just want to know, have you been homeless? how long did it take you to get back into a home and be normal again?
    I'm terrified. I have a baby who will be only one in 6 weeks, and here, we will probably celebrate his birthday in a shelter.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes. It was not fun but we survived and if I had known then what I know now we'd have been a lot better off. My husband and I had moved to his hometown with the promise of 2 good jobs. We both got laid off because the mill started cutting back on jobs after I'd been there about 4 months. That meant dealing with an interstate unemployment claim which took forever. We couldn't pay our rent. We had a yard sale and sold just about everything that wouldn't fit in our car and left for Atlanta. First night we stayed with a friend who had encouraged us to come back there. 2nd day around 10PM she announced that her "estranged" husband was coming home and would not be happy we were there. We spent that night in a highway rest area. Next day we tried driving to N. Carolina and staying in the car. That got old and we went back to GA because we decided we could straighten out my unemployment better there. When I finally got a check we got a motel for a few nights and called everyone we knew to see if anyone knew of any jobs. Finally found one and we got a nice apartment again. We were without a home about 5 months but in a motel part of the time.

      Not happily ever after though because a couple of yrs later my husband got sick and couldn't work. We were homeless again for a while, lived in a campground in a canvas top pop up then stayed with friends (that was from June till February) and then rented a trailer that was not in good shape...the neighbor's cat could walk in through the hole that came in the bathroom wall when the water heater blew. Landlord never would fix it. We were there technically with a home but not a home for a bit iver a year. Our pastor told us about someone who wanted to sell a nearly new trailer and land and we realized that it was a lot cheaper than what we were paying for the rundown trailer rent. They wanted out and wanted rid of the payments on trailer and land because they were moving to another state, couldn't pay for 2 places, and didn't' want a foreclosure or repo on their credit so there was no real down payment. We rented from them 6 months and took over payments. That was 1996 and we still own the place. It has not always been easy. There have been times I've cried, prayed, cried some more and finally prayed again and seen God answer at the last milisecond. Over the yrs I changed job fields from marketing back to working with people who need help and I have seen a number of people make it back to having a stable life again.

      I've learned a lot from them. May I share some of what I've learned with you? 1. Unless you have a rental agreement to the contrary you are not evicted till a judge says you are evicted. If you have no where to go stay till the day of an eviction hearing. You do not necessarily want to go to the hearing but rather let the court know that you have gotten out because that should prevent a judgment against you for back rent. Generally it will take at least 2 more weeks to have an actual eviction. It also costs he property owner 0-200 in court fees. Therefore if you can agree to be out in 1 more month they may agree to this. 2. In almost every state you have a right to "pay and stay" that is catch up back rent anytime up to the eviction court date. Check with legal aid in your state or call magistrate court and ask. If that is true where you are and it probably is you may be able to get help to pay back rent. (not meaning to be mean but if it is that you do not have October rent hang in there till they make you leave unless you have a strong sense that you would be doing actual harm to the property owner. If it is a management co they will just write it off their taxes. If it is a little old lady who won't eat of she doesn't get the rent that is a different story,)

      3. Places to get help with rent (no one place will usually do it all) Salvation Army, Catholic Charities (nearest large Catholic church can direct you) Other churches especially Presbyterian, Lutheran, Episcopal. Call United Way for list of helping agencies and ministries in your community, also check out community action agencies in your area. Look in your yellow pages under Social Services and call every place that seems even vaguely likely to help. If you can get HUD housing in 8 weeks do all you can to stay housed fdor as much of the 8 weeks as possible.

      4. You are probably eligible for some or all of the following: TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) money help to people with children and not enough money, Food Stamps (now called SNAP - Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) which come like a charge card that can be used only for food. Medicaid (medical assistance for the baby and maybe for yourself too) These are all through welfare often called Department of Social Services or Family and Children services. WIC (Women, Infants, Children) which is also a food assistance program through the health department. You

    Have you ever volunteered for a homeless shelter?
    I did last summer and it was awesome. Especially one time when we were giving out dental care items, such as toothbrushes, toothpast and mouth wash. These weren't the large items, just the small travel tubes you'd expect to take on vacation.

    Anyways, I took a couple tubes of toothpaste into the back room, emptied out the toothpaste and replaced it with hemorroid cream. I placed these tubes back in the box and they were eventually handed out to the vagabonds coming in. It was a real hoot watching a couple of bums running around with their mouths puckered shut.
    I'm so happy that I could piss you douchebags off, morons like you deserve it! HA HA!
    Ahhh, shut up, Jenn, you old whore!

    • ANSWER:
      You're mean! You have no meaning of life!

    Homeless people- why don't they go to a shelter instead of sleeping on the street?
    I don't want to be mean but why do homeless people sleep on the street? Why can't they go to a shelter or something like that?

    My dad always says that homeless people are there by choice, because they'd rather take drugs and give up on life than actually get a job. I don't think that's entirely true though, I mean some of them must be there due to bad circumstances. I still don't understand why they don't go to a shelter though.
    I wasn't 'bad mouthing homeless people' I asked "Why don't they go to a shelter instead of living on the street?" You didn't even answer my question. You just went on some stupid rant about how a supermarket didn't want to hire you - nothing to do with what I asked.

    • ANSWER:
      People need to stop badmouthing homeless people. It's not their fault that they are homeless, and can't afford to live. There are two reasons why people become homeless. Number 1, theres a lack of jobs, jobs are mad difficult to get. Now with our economy people are getting "laid-off." Number 2, there are too many employers that discriminate.

      I'm a college student, and it took an employers 2 years to hire me. My job is 45 minutes north of my house and my college, because no jerk employer would give me a chance.

      People say that all there is to job searching is "apply to work for a couple supermarkets and then you got a job." First off, supermarkets are horrible at hiring. They put off a help wanted sign, you walk in and see empty shelfs, they have 16 registers and no more than 5 cashiers on a single shift. They they beg costumers to apply for the job. Then when they get a job applicant thats clean, well-dressed, calm, quiet and easy-going, they reject him/her with an insult. It doesn't take long for them to train a new hire.

      I applied to work for this department store during the holiday season a couple years ago. I was cleam, well-dressed, calm, and ready to learn the job. When I asked about my application, they gave me an attitude and told me that they would never be interested in a college student. Every restaurant that I applied to work for rejected me because I'm a college student. Usually employers go after the college student.

      If we didn't have so many rude discriminating employers in America, the homeless rate would be so much lower. Then when a person faces debt then loses his/her shelter, and has no where else to apply to work at, then we wonder why. STOP BATMOUTHING HOMELESS PEOPLE AND LOOK HOW THEY ARE TREATED BY EMPLOYERS.

    Short film on youtube about to homeless heroin addicts the girl is pregnant?
    I watched it about 3 years ago. It was very good, the couple would be drinking on the streets on London and she died in a underground tube bathroom with lots of blood? He ran left I believe.

    • ANSWER:
      It is "Try" a short film directed by Jonas Akerland

      Here it is:

    Is it illegal to use a rented storage area to sleep in?
    Just be homeless for a couple of months, and sleep on your couch to get caught up on some other bills before you move again.

    • ANSWER:
      it usually violates the rental agreement

    Why do we not help the homeless and less fortunate ?
    I now a couple who are in dire need of help but keep getting turned away from agencies and individuals who just do not seem to care.

    • ANSWER:
      Many of us do help the homeless and/or less fortunate. It is getting harder and harder to do so though. Money for social services is drying up. Many places have a serious gap in services and get swamped by a population whose needs they may not be able to meet.

    what shelters and transitional housing is available for homeless people in Independence Mo?
    I am mainly looking for transitional housing that helps you find and get a job for a married couple but the only one i found is one that requires a full time job. is their any others that are available that don't require a job. I need to find one within this week or I'm out on the street.

    • ANSWER:
      Shelters are normally not mixed, the men stay in one the women in another. I have never heard of one that found employment.

      Your best resource to call is the Salvation Army, they not only can direct you to their shelters but they keep records on all of the shelters and who they are for.

      There is no housing other then the shelters for unemployed people unless they are disabled or elderly.

homeless couples

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