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    I'm looking for some really good, gory, scary Japanese movies that I can get on Netflix. Any ideas?
    I have Netflix and am currently looking for the type of movie mentioned above.

    I've seen some of The Audition on Youtube (in clips, obv) but not all of it, and I've seen Suicide Circle.

    I love horror films, and am currently in the process of learning Japanese, so if I get some Japanese horror films I might be able to get my listening fluency up.

    What movie(s) should I get?

    Thanks ahead of time! :)

    • ANSWER:
      Here are a whole bunch of good ones. Not sure of their status on netflix:

      Audition (aka Ōdishon)
      Cursed (Yoshihiro Hoshino, 2004)
      The Curse
      Dark Tales of Japan series (various directors)
      Dark Water (aka Honogurai Mizu No Soko Kara)
      Higurashi no Naku Koro ni Live Action (aka When The Cicadas Cry)
      Infection (aka Kansen)
      Jigoku (1960)
      Jisatsu saakuru (aka Suicide Club or Suicide Circle)
      Ju-on, Ju-on 2, Ju-on: The Grudge, Ju-on: The Grudge 2
      Kairo (aka Pulse)
      Pyrokinesis (2000)
      Kwaidan (1964)
      Marebito (2004)
      Naked Blood
      Onibaba (1964)
      One Missed Call (aka Chakushin Ari)
      One Missed Call 2 (aka Chakushin Ari 2)
      One Missed Call: Final (aka Chakushin Ari: Final)
      Parasite Eve
      Premonition (aka Yogen)
      Reincarnation (aka Rinne)
      Ring, Rasen, Ring 2, Ring 0: Birthday
      Sweet Home
      Tetsuo: The Iron Man (aka Tetsuo)
      Tokyo Gore Police TGP
      Tomie (film series)
      Unholy Women

    What are some good Japanese shows/movies on Instant Netflix?
    I want something to watch that's Japanese on instant netflix only, I don't do the mail-in thing. I know there are a ton of Korean shows on there but I want to switch it up.

    • ANSWER:
      Heres the Top 10 high rated Japanese films that you might enjoy. ;). Along with Brief Plot Descriptions. Dont Worry, these are all Netflix Instant. :).

      Seven Samurai
      (About a Village that is being threatened by a group of bandits. The Village hires seven masterful samurai to defend and protect. It inspired an American Remake, known as "The Magnificent Seven")

      (In Rashomon, a rape and murder takes place and there are four differing accounts from the victim, the accused, a witness and the narrator. each story is told with the final being the true story. a filming popularised by Rashomon)

      (An Akira Kurosawa Classic about a ronin that convinces the competing crime lords to all hire him as their protection.)

      Tokyo Story
      (A Film about a couple that travels to tokyo to visit their children only to find out that their are too busy to find time for them)

      (the first japanese movie that featured a giant monster. Godzilla)

      Twilight Samurai
      (Seibei Iguchi is a samurai who has lost his wife and now must balance his duties as a samurai and his duties as a father to his 2 daughters)

      Ugetsu Monogatarai
      (Winner of the Silver Lion award. Ugetsu is about 2 brother-in-law peasants. One is a potter and uses his to treat his wife as often as posible. The other desires to be a samurai, wastes his money on samurai armor and abandons his wife when he decides to follow his dream.)

      Late Spring
      (About a daughter that lives with her widowed father. The daughter is content with caring for her father and is in no rush to get married. but the father wishes his daughter to get married and conspires with his other married daughter to find her a husband.

      Branded To Kill
      (About a contract killer that falls in love, gets recruited for a job, fails the job and then is huned by a mysterious hitman by the name of Number One Killer. Unsuccessful film but became a cult classic and inspired directors such as Quentin Tarantino.

      High and Low
      (Based on the Novel called King's Ransom by Ed McBain. about an executive who wants to buy out the nation shoe company in order to keep control away from the greedy executives. his Son is kidnapped and is held for the same amount of money. which leaves him with a powerful and yet difficult choice. His Son or His Future.

    Any good Asian horror movies on Netflix instant?
    I'm a big fan of horror movies and love Asian movies - I own plenty of Korean, Japanese and Chinese films with a few from other Asian countries as well. But it occurred to me that I've never seen any Asian horror movies. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for movies on Netflix instant? It doesn't necessarily need to succeed at being scary, just at being a good movie. But scary is good too.

    • ANSWER:
      They have a fair amount of Asian horror on instant play, but even more on dvd-actually most of the really great ones I went to list are dvd only. Some of the ones I watched on Instant Play now appear to be dvd only too. But these are some on Instant Play that are worth a watch.

      Infection-this is actually an interesting psychological horror.
      Retribution-almost more of a crime thriller
      Audition- I see a lot of people recommend this one, it wasn't for me. I found it slow and boring, and the gore that was in it was too much for me. The concept was interesting though.
      Ju-On 2-this was a pretty good movie. I'm not sure where this fits into the series as there are two sets Ju-On movies. One set is "The Curse" and the other is "The Grudge" http://www.imdb.com/find?q=Ju-On&s=all All I can tell you is that it is not the movie they made the American movie, The Grudge 2 from. Storyline is something different all together.

      I Saw the Devil-somewhere between horror/thriller. Similar to Old Boy if you have seen( if not you should-not on instant though) it but more graphic.
      No Mercy-horror/thriller

      I'm just gonna put it out there that I saw Ju-On after seeing the remake The Grudge and actually found the remake to be better which is unusual for me. The Grudge is scarier and has a more linear storyline than Ju-On. I would also like to note that Ju-On is not currently available on instant play.

    Which has a greater selection and variety of Japanese films, netflix or blockbuster?
    You can browse Blockbuster (75K total movies) and see Japanese films but the most recent is 2005. At Netflix you can find some but you can't look at the whole list unless you're a member.

    • ANSWER:
      I did a search on several movies on both and found that Netflix had more of the movies that Blockbuster might assume are obscure. That includes a lot of foreign films. I would say Netflix has Blockbuster beat on selection of all kinds of movies.

    What are some good scary, freaky, weird, or creepy movies?
    Also, no Japanese movies, they're all so annoyingly bad and cliche. *and it suddenly popped out of nowhere!* Enough with the "shock" horror, it's annoying...
    Also, it could be a documentary on a serious, yet weird subject. Anything!

    • ANSWER:
      A french film called Martyr. You can't get it in the US, but if you have netflix.. I'd definitely put it on your que.
      They are calling it the new kind of horror.

    What are some good gay couple movies I can watch with my boyfriend?
    When I say gay couple I mean like gay love movies. If you have true stories this would be great. But I am not saying they have to be a true story movie. I have already seen-

    A marine story
    Prayers for Bobby

    All of which are really good but I want to see something else with him and I am not sure of very many movies. I have netflix so don't be shy to post away any movies you suggest.

    • ANSWER:
      Brokeback Mountain
      The story of a forbidden and secretive relationship between two cowboys and their lives over the years.

      Shelter (2007)
      Forced to give up his dreams of art school, Zach spends his days working a dead-end job and helping his needy sister care for her son. In his free time he surfs, draws and hangs out with his best friend, Gabe, who lives on the wealthy side of town. When Gabe's older brother, Shaun, returns home, he is drawn to Zach's selflessness and talent. Zach falls in love with Shaun while struggling to reconcile his own desires with the needs of his family.

      I love you Phillip Morris
      Film based on real-life story of con artist, impostor, and multiple prison escapee Steven Jay Russell, as played by Jim Carrey. While incarcerated, Russell falls in love with his fellow inmate, Phillip Morris. After Morris is released from prison, Russell escapes from prison four times in order to be reunited with Morris.

      Boys love
      Japanese movie about Taishin Mamiya, a magazine editor who meets and interviews a young model, Noeru Kisaragi, and becomes attracted to him. Their love, however, is forbidden.

      Patrik, age 1.5
      Swedish comedy–drama film in which a gay Swedish couple adopt what they at first believe to be a baby, Patrik, only to have him turn out to be a homophobic teenager.

      Amphetamine (2010)
      Hong Kong film about a Chinese fitness trainer, Kafka, who meets Daniel, a business executive.

      Watercolors (2008)
      Movie that deals with first love and the grief of losing it.

    Have you ever seen the movie Kamikaze girls?
    i heard it was about a girl who loves Sweet Loli fashion (i do too) so i decided to watch a short part of it on youtube and i thought it was the dumbest thing ever. are all japanese films this dumb?

    • ANSWER:
      Which part did you watch?

      I liked the movie, but I can understand if it isn't to your liking. It was a little out there.. Okay, more than a little, but I liked the plot.
      Some of outfits in the movie actually bothered me a little bit, I thought a lot of them were poorly coordinated, and some of her skirts were too short on her. (I can be really picky, though)

      If you want to see the whole thing you can rent it from Blockbuster's website, and probably Netflix or whatever else there is..

    Fill my Netflix queue with lesser known movies?
    I am a member on Netflix, and am one of those people that spend as much time trying to find "new to me" movies as I do watching them.I have a more than respectable knowledge of film titles, and am always looking for something that has even slipped through my browsing.

    I enjoy comedies,documentaries,dramas,foreign film, and independent cinema.So what are some lesser known movies that someone with a beyond respectable knowledge of film should watch?

    • ANSWER:
      The great thing about Netflix is that it has lots of documentaries, independent and foreign films. Some of these you have probably already seen and they are on instant watch.

      Foreign: Caramel, The Red Balloon, Shall We Dance (Japanese version), Flame and Citron, A Very Long Engagement, The Grocer's Son, The Bicycle Thief, Eat Drink Man Woman, Swades, Inch' Allah Dimanche, A Peck on The Cheek, Let It Rain, Children of Heaven, The Bothersome Man, Salaam Bombay, Divine Intervention, Light of My Eyes, A Wednesday, Aaja Nachle, The Edukators, Udaan, Mumbai Mere Jaan, Le Gran Voyage, Hey Babu Riba, Absurdistan, Day Break, and Spare Parts.

      Independent: Winter's Bone, Sabah, Arranged, Little Voice, Outsourced, Precious, Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog, Broken English, Broken Flowers, Amreeka, Today's Special, Donnie Darko, Being John Malkovich, Trainspotting, My Son The Fanatic, Rory O'Shea Was Here, Bread and Roses, and The War Within.

      Documentaries: Buck, 21 Up, 28 Up, 42 Up, 49 Up, God Grew Tired of Us, This Film Is Not Yet Rated, and Afghan Star.

      Comedies: Cold Comfort Farm, How to Succeed In Business Without Really Trying, Strictly Ballroom, Tortilla Soup, Russian Dolls, Wet Hot American Summer, OSS 117: Lost in Rio, OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies and Tere Bin Laden.

    Where can I watch Japanese dramas without English subtitles?
    I'm trying to learn to listen to Japanese speaking so I want to watch Japanese dramas without the english subs.

    However, I can't find a good website.

    Could someone please help me? The subs are very distracting, and because I like to read, I keep reading them T__T

    I would definitely appreciate if you leave the link with your comment.
    Thank you!★

    • ANSWER:
      I'd look into Netflix - they have an entire foreign-film section and partly Japanese. Some of the anime and dramas are unsubtitled. Also, if you type the name of the movie into Google, but in it's Japanese name (not the Anglificed name) you'll find Japanese search results that will play it sans subtitles.
      If you type into google in japanese katakana/hiragana, the name of the film, you'll get Japanese results that are less likely to have subtitles to English :)

    Why are many cartoons listed in Anime sections?
    I am just curious is all. I mean I'll look up a toon to watch and 99% of the time its listed in an Anime website. Even Netflix has cartoons in the Anime section! Like many of the DC Animated Universe films drawn here in the US and produced by Warner Bros Studios are listed in the Anime section. I find it so weird. Why don't they just have a site for toons or a toon section in Netflix instead of combining the two?

    • ANSWER:
      Well technically anime shows are Japanese cartoons. So perhaps that how they are classifying them.

    What are some movies I could watch on Netflix tonight?
    Im not very picky. Horror, Scary, Romance, anything that you thought was good! Ten points best answer.

    • ANSWER:
      If you have got a sense of humour watch

      Executive koala

      Its a very werid japanese film with subs

    Is it right for religious people to be worried about porn becoming more violent?
    I heard this briefly mentioned on the radio the other day and I’m not sure if I’ve got all the details correct. But it seems that some religious person, probably a Catholic, spent some time studying available porn and was worried about the trend of porn becoming more violent. Is this really happening? Was porn in the 70’s more peaceful than today’s porn?

    • ANSWER:
      Porn in the 1970s was in movie theaters Desiree. Often at drive-ins. If you deployed to Vietnam in the late 1960s, when you got back, there were suddenly these ratings on movies: G, PG, R, X. The last one was for porn. R movies had some sex, but not graphic penetration scenes on a 50-foot-long screen. Soldiers were amazed. Never underestimate how low Americans will stoop to make a buck.

      Society looked the other way because hedonistic love was an even higher form of love than the hippies mythologically practiced in their cultish communes. The 1970s were great, don't get me wrong. But you have to realize the context (AGAIN) before you look at the event. There were no videocassettes -- do you remember VHS and Betamax? Porn fueled that technology. No one thought it would take off. Today we have Netflix DVDs and buck rental Redbox vids. The Japanese consumer electronics business was built on rock 'n' roll, but it skyrocketed with porn. You no longer go down to the bijou to sit in a theatre and watch Marilyn Chambers dress up like a chambermaid and play find the cobra with Jack Holmes. Debbie does everything today, anytime anywhere. I remember when I learned about these free porn sites on Foxnews a couple of years ago and finally realized what the nephew was referring to when he talked about porn. It's available two clicks from your screen in ways we never dreamed of in the 1970s. Back then, having a Playboy magazine in your mattress was a big deal. Mature men kept them in the bathroom. We were big time by golly. Free of repression.

      Sadomasochism, punk rock, bondage, cocaine, Judas Priest heavy metal, gang bangees and snuff films became more widespread in the 1980s it seems. Today, it is just another market segment. Violent porn has been around, but it is more prevalent and more available because people have not heeded the message of the Catholic Church. The industry -- while suffering from the pirate DVD trend -- is still producing. There are enough people looking for personal gratification to support porn AND Bible thumping. Even religious people are hedonists, and religion is their drug, not coca leaf, a vicarious double life or deviant sex. The gay pride movement has made hedonistic sex even more acceptable. Abortion -- don't get me started. All of these things are temporary movements. AIDS was a huge scare in the early 1980s. It was bizarre. But porn flourished even while the actors died left and right of the disease that rocked the fashion and entertainment industries. Funny, you didn't have very many priests dying of AIDS, but a few did. Psychology may one day provide answers, but it is a new science that is still working itself out. Quantum physics probably holds the key, but that may be another moon in Galileo's telescope. Reason never works as well as simple faith, and we need more of that than ever.

      Religious people, that is people who sacrifice for the Church (priests sacrifice earning money, having their own family, vast amounts of private time), have an obligation to speak out against events that obvioiusly put their fellow man's faith in peril. The truest love for you fellow man is to want them to get to heaven and to do everything in your puny power to help that happen. Porn can be very disgusting if you look at it with mature, critical eyes. If you've ever known anyone in the business or seen a porno filmed or been friends with a porn star, believe me, you realize just how fake it is. Fluff girls, penis pumps, Viagra, tape editing, lube, sound engineering, asynchronous scene framing.... all of these tricks of the trade make sex a cartoonish scene that is mimicked on these amateur sites without all the props. So porn has become a sport where individuals now attempt to replicate the fantasy world sex scenes they've so vigorously enjoyed on DVD or the net. It is only appealing to the immature or those who adopt an immature mindset to achieve some temporary emotional surge. If you are a grown up, or sexually mature, you know the transitory nature of sexual pleasure. As a woman, you're in gender culture that has used sex for centuries as a bargaining chip, and that's no different even today. Sex becomes the partner or husband's reward. When all we guys want is a beer, ESPN 1 and 2 on separate HDTV screens and chips. ......lol just kidding..... Ignoring the woman in your life is often what leads them to stoop to sex reward/refusal as a tactic. Men need to follow women on many issues, and I do believe most women wish porn was nonexistent. The porn industry would not exist without women willing to demean themselves, trust me. The gay porn biz would not be a big deal; there is no volume in that. At some point, the knowledge that hedonistic sex is transitory makes it extremely unfulfilling. At that point, you're growing up young'n. Keep the faith. We need you in the Catholic Church.

    What was the name of this Japanese fantasy film?
    My friend and I have literally been looking for this movie for hours with no hope (we have no lives). Anyways, the movie's protagonist is female and she is an author or writer or something; I'm not positive, but I know that her book has some importance to the plot. This may not be helpful, but I clearly remember her typing her book (or whatever it was) on a computer using romanji that converted to hiragana.

    Now, at some point, she entered some sort of alternate universe, and this is where my memory gets a little fuzzy, and by a little, I mean a lot. From what I can remember she basically goes on this crazy, epic, fantastical journey.

    There may or may not be a room full of fetuses;
    There may or may not be a dragon;
    There may or may not be some sort of fighting giant statues;
    She may or may not have had to get some keys along her journey.

    The ending was something weird (I know that's the vaguest thing in the world, please forgive me.)

    Does anyone have an idea of what this movie is?
    *****NOTE: NOT ANIME

    At one point it was on Netflix Instant, but I can't find it now, and I also don't have my old account to view my rated films.


    • ANSWER:
      It's a Hong Kong film, Recycle (2006)

    Anyone have any suggestions for some really good movies?
    I am bored and want to watch a movie..any one have any suggestions for a really good movie?

    I do not like Sci-Fi or Fantasy movies!! Besides that I am open to any ideas!

    • ANSWER:
      Flywheel, really good Christian film about a used car salesman & what happens when he starts feeling guilty about the people he's cheated

      March of the Penguins, documentary that is as exciting as any made up story you've seen

      The Ron Clark Story, based on a true story about a great teacher

      Goodnight, Mister Tom, a Masterpiece Theatre production, about forgiveness, real tearjerker drama

      Eight Below, a tense drama in a beautiful setting, for older kids & people who love dogs

      The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill, another good documentary, great footage of birds & their interaction with the crazy guy who feeds them in San Francisco

      Empire of the Sun, teens & adults only, about coming of age in a Japanese interment camp in occupied China, 2 1/2 hours long but worth it

      See the link below for more of my reviews on Netflix.

    What is the japanese horror film imprint about?
    is it about acupuncture give me a summary please or plot etc. thanks:)

    • ANSWER:
      Check this:


    What are some good and SCARY horror movies i can watch on netflix?
    I'm 13 so nothing with sexual things....i mean I've seen stuff like that but i just find it gross and ruins scary movies for me xD so yea any good ones?? :))

    • ANSWER:
      I would say the scariest movies I've ever seen are:
      1) The Shining (1980)
      2) Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
      3) The Exorcist (1973)
      4) Rosemary's Baby (1968)
      5) Night of the Living Dead (1968)

      There's something about a lot of late 60's & 70's horror movies that I find genuinely scary. The scariest films I've seen in the last couple of years is A Tale of Two Sisters.

      Not all of these are scary, but here's my top 100 horror movies list:

      my top 5
      1) The Shining (the 1980 original)
      2) Rosemary's Baby
      3) The Haunting (the 1963 original)
      4) Psycho (the 1960 original)
      5) Night Of The Living Dead (the 1968 original)

      the rest in alphabetical order:
      Afraid Of The Dark
      American Psycho
      An American Werewolf In London
      Amityville Horror (the 1979 original)
      Antichrist (2009)
      The Bird With The Crystal Plumage
      The Black Cat (1934)
      Blair Witch Project
      The Brood
      Burn Witch Burn aka Night Of The Eagle
      Cabinet Of Dr. Caligari
      Carnival Of Souls
      The Changeling (not to be confused with Changeling, two totally different movies)
      The Cremator
      Dawn Of The Dead (the 1978 original)
      Dead Snow
      Devil's Backbone
      Diabolique (the 1955 original)
      Die, Monster, Die!
      Don't Look Now
      Dr. Phibes Rises Again
      Drag Me To Hell
      Event Horizon
      Evil Dead
      Evil Dead 2
      The Exorcist
      Eyes Without A Face
      The Fall Of The House Of Usher (1960 version)
      Fear(s) Of The Dark
      The Fly (the David Cronenberg remake)
      From Hell
      Ganja & Hess
      Hour Of The Wolf
      House Of The Devil
      House On Haunted Hill (the 1959 original)
      The Howling
      The Hunger (not to be confused with Hunger, two totally different movies)
      In The Mouth Of Madness
      The Innocents
      Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956)
      Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978)
      Kill, Baby...Kill!
      Last Man On Earth
      Legend Of Hell House
      Let The Right One In
      The Mummy (1932)
      Nosferatu (FW Murnau's original)
      Nosferatu (Werner Herzog remake)
      The Old Dark House
      The Omen (the 1976 original)
      The Others
      The Orphanage
      Peeping Tom
      Phantom Of The Opera (1925 silent version)
      Planet Terror
      Possession (1981, not to be confused with the Gwenyth Paltrow movie of the same name)
      Profondo Rosso
      The Ring (the US remake, although the Japanese original is great too)
      Scream Blacula Scream
      Scream Of Fear
      The Sentinel (1977)
      Session 9
      Shadow Of The Vampire
      Silence Of The Lambs
      Sleepy Hollow (Tim Burton version)
      Spider Baby or The Maddest Story Ever Told
      The Strangers
      A Tale Of Two Sisters
      The Tenant (1976)
      Texas Chainsaw Massacre (the 1974 original)
      The Thing (John Carpenter's remake, although the original The Thing From Another World is great too)
      Wicker Man (the 1973 original)

    Does anyone know of any good films to show children about the second world war?

    • ANSWER:
      There are numerous videos available on Netflix in the documentary genre. If you are looking for a regular movie there's Twelve O'Clock High and Auschwitz: Inside the Nazi State which would be alright for younger kids. There are a couple of R rated movies that are really good. Flags of Our Fathers and The Great Raid.

      WWII in HD
      2009 / 3 discs
      The History Channel presents this epic documentary that chronicles the deeply personal stories of soldiers, sailors, journalists, nurses and others who served in the front lines of the European and Pacific theaters of World War II. Weaving hours of rare, pristinely restored color footage with diaries, interviews and other first-hand accounts, this series recounts the global sweep of the war as experienced by those who were there.

      Great Blunders of WWII
      1998 NR / 2 discs
      Wartime forces people to make rushed decisions, but as this fascinating series explains, only the most arrogant military minds ignore common sense by making classic strategic blunders, usually with tragic consequences. The show uses historical footage and insightful narration by scholars to explain how blunders such as Adolph Hitler's siege of Stalingrad and Japanese intelligence failures at Midway changed the course of World War II.

      Hiroshima: BBC History of World War II
      2005 NR 90 minutes
      This fascinating documentary recounts the world's first nuclear attack and examines the alarming repercussions. Covering a three-week period from the New Mexico test blast to dropping the bomb on Hiroshima, the program chronicles America's political gamble and the planning for the momentous event. Archival film, dramatizations and special effects take viewers aboard the Enola Gay and inside the exploding bomb.

    Differences between American and Japanese horror?
    As in, how do the horror movies reflect what the culture fears? For instance, what are the major differences that really characterize the two, in your opinion? Thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      American films have the shock factor. Blood, gore, music, effects. They try to make you feel like you're really watching it in person. They play on fear.

      But Japanese is more psychological. Things don't jump out at you and there's not the most high quality effects. They take your mind and use it against you.

      I personally love Japanese horrors because they're scary but they don't give you a heart attack.
      Dumplings is a good one I found a Netflix 😛

    Can you name something on Netflix instant que that is worth watching?

    • ANSWER:
      If you mean instant streaming, there's a fantasy movie, 'Ink' that's really cool. Also a Japanese movie called 'Goemon' about a legendary ninja/Robin Hood-type character, and a Finnish/Chinese film called Jade Warrior

    Questions about Ju- On/ The Grudge and Japanese horror films?
    Ok so I just got done watching The Grudge 1-3. I thought all 3 of them were really good and I plan on watching the Japanese version, Ju- On. I wanted to get into Japanese horror films and I felt like The Grudge would be a good way to start. Anyway, I wanted to Know if Ju- On had sequels like the America version. Also, if you watch Japanese horrors, can you please suggest some good ones? But not One Missed Call or Ringu please, Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      There are 4 Ju-on Movies, Ju-on: The Curse, Ju-on: The Curse 2, Ju-on: The Grudge, Ju-on: The Grudge 2 http://www.imdb.com/find?s=all&q=ju-on This link has a link to info on each movie. I haven't seen all of them but, as best I gather, based on release date the Curse set comes before the Grudge set.

      There is also a set of movies written by Takashi Shimizu who wrote & directed the Ju-on series called The Grudge: The Old lady in White and The Grudge:Girl in Black You can watch these, netflix already has them on instant streaming as a double feature, although not on dvd yet. If netflix has them I'm sure you can find in somewhere else on the net.

      Other Japanese Horrors (all links are for the original Japanese title and not the remake)
      Dark Water http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0308379/
      Yogen http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0419280/
      Reincarnation http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0456630/
      Pulse http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0286751/
      Infection http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0418778/ I found this to be more of a psychological thriller
      Pray http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0493849/ this one in not particularly scary but still great

      I would also recommend
      A Tale of Two Sisters (Korean) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0365376/
      Shutter (Thai)http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0440803/
      The Eye (Thai) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0325655/
      The Eye 2 (Thai)
      I Saw the Devil (Korean)
      Old Boy (Korean)-see it before it's remade
      The Unborn (Thai 2004)
      Phone (Korean 2002)
      Re-cycle (Chinese 2006)

    What's the best online dvd renting company specialized on asian movies (HongKong, Japanese, Korean)?
    I did search on the Internet several online dvd renting for asian movies like netflix, but don't have clue which one has better collection (or most updated). Kindly share your knowledge with me if you know one. Thx.

    • ANSWER:
      I have Blockbuster online and I hardly ever have any trouble renting asian films from there. I have rented several, sometimes there is a waiting list for some titles, but overall it is pretty easy and efficient.

    does anywon know a really good horro film?
    I am looking to scared tonight the problem is im only twelve and my mom and dad set some ground rules can anywone help me it has to be on netflix

    • ANSWER:
      Ju-On, the original Japanese version of the Grudge.
      It is in Japanese so unfortunately you will have to read subtitles for the entire movie, but trust me it is so worth it! This movie was surprisingly really creepy.

    What are some good movies to watch on netflix?

    • ANSWER:
      13 Assassins is a good Japanese film.

    Good scary movie to watch on netflix?
    Whats a really good scary movie to watch? that you dont have to order that you can watch instantly on netflix?

    • ANSWER:
      I'd recommend for you to watch Asian Horror but I don't know if Netflix offer foreign films. I'm not easily scared but The Exorcist freaked me out.

      Though for a real scare, I suggest you watch:
      The Ring film series (Japanese)
      Ju-On: The Grudge (Japanese)
      Ju-On: The Grudge 2 (Japanese)
      Rattle, Rattle (Japanese)
      Acacia (Korean)
      Whispering Corridors film series (Korean)
      A Tale of Two Sisters (Korean)

      I'm 80% sure you can find all those Asian films at http://www.asian-horror-movies.com/

    What was it like to be an American soldier in the Philippine War?

    • ANSWER:
      There is a few films about that time... I remember watching a fairly recent one on Netflix. Unfortunately for the life of me I cannot remember the name of it. It accurately portayed the Marines relationship with the Filipinos and Japanese. They really didn't resemble much compared to today.

    Poll: What did you think about the movie The Runaways?
    I loved it, it had to much lesbianism in it.

    • ANSWER:
      5 Stars, the movie is simply cool.

      This is an entertaining film version of The Runaways story. I say version because there is another film on this band called "Edgeplay," which complements this movie perfectly. Essentially, "The Runaways" is Joan Jett's and Cherie Currie's version of things. In "Edgeplay," which is a documentary, the rest of the band has its say.

      But let's discuss "The Runaways."

      Kristen Stewart's portrayal of Jett is phenomenal. She's got the slouchy guitar playing, the gum chewing, the swagger and the foggy voice nailed. Jett is all girl and quite pretty, but she's always had the manner of a boy. Stewart gets it right. She is not just twitchy Bella, for sure.

      If you've ever seen the real Kim Fowley (you can on YouTube), you will see that Michael's Shannon's portrayal of him is not at all over the top. In fact, many who knew him would probably say this depiction is too forgiving to the bizarre monster Fowley really was.

      Dakota Fanning acquits herself well as Currie, the band's sexpot singer. The movie gives Currie the only family backstory, probably because the movie is based on her memoir "Neon Angel." It would have been interesting to see Jett's back story depicted. The movie might leave you thinking she's a native Californian, but she didn't move there with her family until she was a teenager. She was born in Philadelphia and spent her childhood in Maryland.

      Some may question things that happen in this movie. Did they really write "Cherry Bomb" on the spot for Currie's audition? Did Fowley really teach the girls to dodge garbage thrown at them on stage? Did the Japanese really go THAT apesh*t over the band?

      Yes to all. Watch "Edgeplay," where these and other facts about the band are discussed by the girls (now women in their forties) themselves in 2004. (The doc is available for instant viewing on Netflix.) This movie was made by Vicki Blue, one of the band's bass players (the actual band went through five bassists, which is why the bass player in "The Runaways" is a fictional creation called "Robin").

      I have my gripes with "Edgeplay," mostly about the jittery camera-work, which I guess is supposed to be edgy, but is just pretentious and annoying. But it is the truth behind the "truth." "The Runaways" makes no mention of Currie's abortion while in the band or bass player Jackie Fox's suicide attempt. In "Edgeplay," Fox, now a lawyer, even displays the scar on her wrist. "The Runaways" makes clear that these teenage girls fought. "Edgeplay" gets into why. In the doc, it is also stated openly that some of them were having sex with each other (and it wasn't just Jett and Currie). Hey, it was the Seventies.

      Joan Jett declined to participate in "Edgeplay," despite the fact she is portrayed in a mostly positive light as perhaps the most ambitious, talented and level-headed member of the band. I was a bit shocked that at the end of "The Runaways" when you get the obligatory "what happened to them" text on the screen, only Jett, Currie and Fowley are mentioned.

      The most shameful omission here is the tragic Sandy West, the band's doggedly devoted drummer and perhaps the best female drummer in the history of rock (well, maybe until the Go Go's Gina Schock arrived). She and Jett essentially started the band, as shown in "The Runaways." Her history after the band broke up is sad. She was reduced to construction work. Her post-band life was one of drug using, drug dealing, guns and jail. She died of cancer in 2006, but in "Edgeplay" you can see her two years before her death discussing the breakup of the band, which clearly broke her heart. She never recovered.

      It is also wrong to ignore Lita Ford's post-Runaways modest success as a solo rock artist. She's also the most entertaining interviewee in "Edgeplay."

      All in all, I have praise for both movies. Both are candid portrayals of the first all-girl band in rock history, paving the way for the Go Go's, L7, Bikini Kill and, perhaps the most talented of all, Sleater-Kinney, a band that has also broken up, but in a much more friendly way.

      You go, girl rockers!

    Some good foreign movies on netflix?
    can someone tell me some good foreign movies on netlix? Japanese, or Chinese or korean films plz?

    • ANSWER:
      i have 2.

      Letters from Iwo Jima (its not actually foreign. it was made in America. but its all in Japanese. its the battle of Iwo Jima shown from the Japanese point of view)

      71 into the Fire. not sure if this one is on Netflix. but its a true story about 71 South Korean student soldiers who fought the North Koreans during the Korean war. very good movie.

    Some good foreign movies on netflix?
    can someone tell me some good foreign movies on netlix? Japanese, or Chinese or korean films plz?

    • ANSWER:
      If you want info on these movies go to www.imdb.com , if no date/translation of title is listed it will come up as typed in the search browser. A few of these may be available instantly-I rented most on dvd though.

      Returner (Ritana)-action
      Azumi & Azumi2: Death or Love -action/drama
      Nana (2005) & Nana 2 (2006)-drama
      Death Note (2006), Death Note: The Last Name (2006), L:Change the World (2008)-supernatural horror
      Moon Child (2003)-drama/horror/supernatural
      Nobody Knows (Dare Mo Shiranai)-(2004) drama
      Battle Royale (Batoru rowaiaru) (2000)-horror/action
      Infection (Kansen) -psychological horror
      Pray (2005)-horror
      Dark Water(Honogurai mizu no soko kara) (2002) -horror
      Ran (1985)- Akira Kurosawa classic samurai movie
      Departures -drama
      After Life (Wandâfuru raifu) (1998) drama
      Train Man (Densho Otoko) (2005) -drama
      Sukiyaki Western Django-spoof western
      Zatoichi: The Blindswordman (2003)- Takeshi Beat Kitano version
      Hayao Miyazaki's anime movies: Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle, Princess Mononoke, Kiki's Delivery Service, and My Neighbor Totoro

      Fulltime Killer (Chuen jik sat sau) (2001)-action
      A World Without Thieves(Tian xia wu zei) (2004) -action/drama
      Initial D-Drift Racer-action drama
      Shinjuku Incident-drama/action
      Running Out of Time (1999)-drama/action
      2 Young (2005)-drama
      New Police Story-action
      Tiramisu (Luen oi hang sing) (2002)-supernatural romance
      Time and Tide (2000)-action
      Gen X Cops (1999)-action
      Gen Y Cops (2000)-action, not quite as good as Gen X Cops
      To Live (1994)-historical drama
      The Warlords-historical dram
      The Last Emperor-historical
      King of Masks (bian lian) (1997)-drama

      Old Boy (2003)-gritty revenge drama
      Janghwo, Hongryeon (A Tale of Two Sisters)-horror
      Arang (2006)-horror
      Christmas in August (1998)-drama
      My Little Bride -romantic comedy
      Mother (2009)-drama
      il Mare(2000) -drama
      Married to the Mafia (netflix title is Marrying the Mafia) (2002)-romantic comedy/action
      Voices (Du saram-yida) (2007)- horror
      If you want to watch a series watch Time Between Dog and Wolf (2007)-crime drama


    Got any good movies I should watch?
    I'm running out of movies for Netflix. I need ideas for some good movies. Just list any good movie you can think of. I don't care about the genre or anything. I am open to all types of movies.
    Alright, scratch what I said. No x rated films. I don't do porn. I have sex with my hubby, so x rated films are not necessary for someone like me =)

    Keep it R rated and under please.

    • ANSWER:
      Some of these will be obvious but you may not have seen them.

      Some 'mainstream' films, so to speak:
      The Shawshank Redemption
      Iron Man
      Super 8
      500 Days of Summer
      American Beauty
      The King's Speech
      No Country For Old Men
      The Departed
      Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

      And some more unusual stuff:
      Sweeney Todd - this is a musical starring Johnny Depp
      Hotel Rwanda - absolutely amazing film, and by all reports it seems to be a complete true story
      Cube - sort of cult sci-fi/thriller made in canada
      Senna - fantastic documentary about Ayrton Senna, but you don't need to know anything about motor racing to watch it
      Rec - Spanish horror film, english subtitles
      Battle Royale - Japanese thriller/action/splash of horror. Pretty gory. english subtitles

    Has anyone seen the Dororo Movie?
    I saw it on Comcast's On Demand the other night it was amazing! It's a Japanese film with subtitles. About a female warrior who was raised as a man joins a young samurai's quest to recover 48 of his body parts from 48 demons and to avenge her parents death.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes, I saw it a few months ago, it was so cool. I got it on netflix cause the plot sounded a lot like the video game I use to play and then it turned out they were the same and based on a 1960's manga. I hope they make a sequel.

      Have you seen the movie Chocolate? It's not supernatural or anything but I think you'll like it.

    What are some good foreign scary flicks?
    I love horror movies. I also am a fan of foreign films. Therefore, I like a combination of both. Thus far the Descent, 28 Days/Weeks Later, and Dead Snow are on my Netflix list. Does anyone know or recommend any other that I add to that list?

    • ANSWER:
      There's quite a few :Cronos and the Devil's Backbone mexico, Night of the Living Dorks, Germany, Brotherhood of The Wolf and The Descent, UK. The Grudge, Japanese, Enjoy. You might e able to download some of them from You Tube.

    Must see foreign films on Netflix?
    Can you give me a few foreign dramas to add to my queue on netflix? I prefer drama/romance that are asian. But I am open to any answers.

    • ANSWER:
      machine girl is good its japanese

    Movies: Any good Korean Horror Films like Witchboard?
    Has anyone seen a good horror film korean/japanese like Witchboard?

    • ANSWER:
      here i have a whole list of japanese horror movies:

      "Khon len khong" (Art of the Devil) 2004
      "Jisatsu Saakuru" (Suicide Club) 2002
      "Ekusute" (Hair Extensions) 2007
      "Tomie" 1999
      "Janghwa, Hongryeon" (Tale of Two Sisters) 2003
      "Cinderella" 2006
      "Bunhongsin" (The Red Shoes) 2005
      "Yeogo goedam 3: Yeowoo gyedan" (Wishing Stairs) 2003
      "Kansen" (Infection) 2004
      "Ôdishon" (Audition) 199
      "Koroshiya" (Ichi the Killer) 2001
      "Sam gang yi" (Three Extremes) 2004
      "Yeogo goedam" (Whispering Corridors) 1998
      "Rinne" (Reincarnation) 2005
      "Kairo" (Pulse) 2001
      "Ringu" (The Ring) 1998
      "Inhyeongsa" (Doll Master) 2004
      "Naina" 2005
      "Acacia" 2003
      "Uzumaki" 2000
      "Doll Graveyard" 2005
      "Gin gwai" (The Eye) 2002
      "Kuchisake-onna" (Carved) 2007
      "Yeogo gwae-dam 4: Moksori" (Voice) 2005
      "Noriko no shokutaku" (Noriko's Dinner Table) 2005
      "Chakushin ari" (One Missed Call) 2003
      "Chello hongmijoo ilga salinsagan" (Cello) 2005
      "Gawi" (The Nightmare) 2000
      "Shibuya kaidan" (The Locker) 2003
      "Purei" (Pray) 2005
      "Meatball Machine" 2005
      "Pon" (Phone) 2002
      "Za ginipiggu: Akuma no jikken" (Guinea Pig: Devil's Experiment) 1985

      yesasia.com <---- try first asiacultcinema.com jpophelp.com netflix <-- to rent

    Who has seen High and Low the Japanese movie directed by Akira Kurosawa?Did you like it?
    NETFLIX under foreign/Japanese

    • ANSWER:
      I did. It was GREAT! My favorite of his films set in the 20th Century.

    whats a good non-Disney animated film to watch?
    i get netflix for me and my nephew [2} and i've seen all the disney movies already. what's a good animated to watch?

    • ANSWER:
      Spirited Away (Its an anime--japanese film, I think it comes in english), Kiki's Delivery Service and a bunch other anime

    What does word 'wuss' mean?..?
    I saw this in Japanese film-on Netflix-high school boys calling one another "wuss"-as it was translated into English. Is this strictly a Japanese mildly derogatory term?..or is this some English slang?

    • ANSWER:
      "wuss" means a loser or weakling...not used much in English anymore but still heard around.

    What's the best horror film to watch, to scare the life out of you?
    Needing some help, I need some serious horror movie watching.. Help?!



    • ANSWER:
      It would help to know if you like suspenseful one or graphic ones but i'll give you the most scary ones I know. You may not have heard of these but they're probably more scary than popular or well known movies.

      Death Weekend
      The Burning
      Man Behind the Sun
      The Dark is Death's Friend
      Dark Waters (not Dark Water)
      Thriller-A Cruel Picture
      Dead of Night

      Send 19.95 to Phantom Video
      P.O Box 7301
      Jupiter, Florida 33468

      If you don't want to do that here are
      some you should be able to rent at the video store or netflix.

      Don't Look Now
      The Tenent-try netflix or ebay
      Premonition (japansese horror)
      One Missed Call (japanese horror)
      Ringu (if you haven't seen it)
      Nightmare on Elm Street
      Jacob's Ladder
      Prince of Darkness
      Halloween lll Season of the Witch (pretty freaky sequel without michael Myers)
      The Night Brings Charlie

    Seen any film screw ups?..?
    Just been watching an old B & W Japanese film on Netflix, which is taking place in 16 th, century, then I noticed-just for a second-a modern 20th. century train speed by, in distant background. Another one I noticed was in a Korean tv serial-which depict scenes of 6th. century-the hero guy, who is wearing old time Korean robe/skirt, falls down and reveals modern day 20th. century boots-maybe Giorgio Brutini.Has anyone else noticed some screw ups in any films they watched?
    In another old Hollywood film, one supporting character was wearing eye patch over right eye-not "having" right eye, but to my amazement after several scene changes, over 30 minutes later he was wearing eye patch on his left eye...I was laughing after I noticed that.

    • ANSWER:

    How do I tell my boyfriend something I'm scared to bring up?
    My boyfriend is very interested in Japanese culture, he says it's just an interest but he'd like to major in International Relations so that he could go work in Japan one day (hopefully) and live there. He's learning to speak Japanese and all he does is watches Japanese films on Netflix.

    Every time we watch a movie at his place.........it's a Japanese film. I simply cannot watch foreign films with him. Japanese films don't interest me unless it is animated. Anything other that that, is just plain boring to me, I can't get into it.

    I don't know how to tell him that I don't want to watch any Japanese foreign films ever, unless I feel like it....help?

    • ANSWER:
      uhh just tell him. if he is a normal guy he won't care. if he gets offended then he isn't worth dating in the first place

    japanese anime/films?
    Im learning japanese and im looking for
    any japanese anime thats not dubbed for english
    or japanese films that aren't dubbed for english

    i have a netflix and hulu account
    so anything you know thats on either of those sights would be
    especially appriectated

    • ANSWER:
      Some great classic ones
      Seven Samurai (1954)
      Rashomon (1950)
      Tokyo Story (1953)

      I saw one recent one that was good as well
      Last Life in the Universe (2003)

    Does it irritate you when a film isn't dubbed and you have to read subtitles?
    Supposedly there exists an English dub to Ghost In The Shell 2: Innocence but both times I ordered the film from Netflix I got the subtitled Japanese dub. It's especially annoying because Netflix sent me the English dub of the first film; why they won't send me the English dub of the second is beyond me. I guess I'm fine with subtitles, but I don't see why I didn't get the dubbed version.

    MQ: Does it irritate you when a film isn't dubbed and you have to read subtitles?

    • ANSWER:
      I just checked, and it looks like Netflix has the old 2004 DVD release of this film from Go Fish Pictures, which didn't include a dub. To my knowledge, it's actually the only English DVD release of Innocence with no dub option. So they're not sending you a DVD with a dub because they don't have one. They're still only offering the older non-dubbed release. As for why they haven't yet switched to one of the newer DVD releases for this film that DOES include a dub, your guess is as good as mine.

      As far as I know, all English DVD releases of the first film have included a dub, even the original DVD release from the late 90s, so that's why Netflix sent you the dub of the first film. They couldn't have a version that wasn't dubbed, since they all are, unlike the second film.

      To answer your question, no, that doesn't irritate me. I prefer to watch things in their original language, whether that's anime, live action films, or whatever. And I've been watching subbed anime daily for more than a decade, so at this point, it's like the subtitles aren't even there anymore. I just read them automatically without conscious thought.

      Of course I'm not making the claim that the original language version is always the superior version, or that all dubs are bad, or anything like that. I know that's not always true. I just want to see things in as close to their original form as possible, that's all.

    Where can I download "Lovers' Kiss" (2003 Japanese film)?
    I would like to watch the movie with English subtitles, thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Try NETFLIX

    What do you think of netflix on th ps3?
    please only answer this if you use netflix on the ps3

    • ANSWER:
      Since it's new, Netflix on the PS3 is horrible. I prefer to use my PC. I do hope that the firmware that will discard that Netflix disc and bring streaming movies on the PS3 will come true late this year. But some articles suggest that won't be the case until late this year or next year.

      Either way, if you're interested in using the PS3/Netflix, it's not that bad. The quality good on some, average on a lot and horrible for the rest. I can't even watch some old Japanese films without seeing that the screen has been cut to fit some format.

    What was the name of this chinese film on netflix?
    There was this chinese movie I watched on netflix about a year ago, and it was about some guy who was a tai chi master. He was really rich but then the Japanese invaded, and forced the chinese masters to fight for their rice. I believe it took place in shanghai. And the commanding Japanese guy was really good at fighting, and the main chinese guy and him fought at the end but the chinese guy won... Sp, any one know what movie this was?

    • ANSWER:

    Does anyone know were I can watch 'In the Realm of Senses'?
    It's an old Japanese movie [[not anime]]. My teacher told me it was a good movie, but I don't know where I can watch it.

    Can someone please give me a website link to where I can watch it. I don't want to download it or anything. I just want to watch it online for free.

    Arigato Minna! [[Thanks Everyone!]]

    • ANSWER:
      Netflix has it. Keep in mind, it has real sex in it, not the fake kind they have in US films. Don't watch it with mom.

    How does the movie Battle Royale 2 End?
    I retured it to NetFlix without finishing it..
    but it got kinda boring and I hear many other people didnt like it.

    • ANSWER:
      In the sequel, survivors of previous Battle Royales, led by Shuya Nanahara (the hero of the first film), have formed a terrorist group called "Wild Seven".
      At the end of the film, the last remaining members of the Wild Seven seek refuge in Afghanistan, which was the first target of the War on Terrorism. Without coincidence, Shuya wears the same white robe as Al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden (but wields an AK-47 instead of bin Laden's AKS-74U).

      One way to interpret the many parallels to 9/11 and scenes from American history is that the filmmakers wanted Japanese audiences to consider American history, America’s current role in the world, and Japan's role as America's ally.

      Oh boy!You can't make this 'bleep' up.

    Can you help me with the titles of these three Japanese movies?
    Ok, I used to have a netflix account and I saw some Japanese films, one of which was a documentary. However, I can't remember the titles, and I want to, obviously!
    The first movie is about a Japanese man who wants to commit suicide and he keeps imagining ways he can kill himself. One way he imagines is stacking a bunch of books, and then hanging himself. He travels to Taiwan, I think, where he meets this girl, and he stays at her place. They play DDR or something (that's a tiny detail that just made an impression on me due to the stereotype that asians love to play DDR), and I don't remember exactly what happened but the main character ends up in prison.

    The second film is really cute. It is a romance and it uses a lot of text messages and stuff. The lead guy asks for the advice of his online friends from this popular japanese site (I used to know this too, but I forgot :(...) It's a real site though! So the lead sees this girl on the train, whom he begins to call Hermes because of a scarf made by the designer. The movie is a rom-com.

    The last one is a documentary, and it is about these boys in Japan who are kind of like escorts, but not really. I think it is something unique to Japan. Anyway, they basically have a venue where women come, and they entertain them. I know the whole thing was about them getting the women to buy more and more champagne and other alcohol, because that is how they made their money. Their clientele were mostly prostitutes (I think...I do know they mentioned soap land or something).

    As I said, I watched these through netflix, so that might help you..help me!
    Mikah_smiles..thank you so much, that is exactly it. However did you find it? Have you see it?

    Derke N, yes that is it! Thank you!

    Motorhead Fan, I'll hold you up to that! 2 down, 1 to go. Maybe your girl-friend will know the first one! I hope so!

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know about the first two, but the last one is The Great Happiness Space.

      Edit: Here's the IMDB:


      Edit2: Yup, I've seen it. It's kinda heart-breaking all around, both for the men and the women involved. Very interesting movie, though. I'm going to try and see Densha Otoko next, and I'll keep coming back to see if the first one gets named, because it sounds interesting, too. :)

    Film question: bst cat for this? early 1960s interntl film fest animatn winnr where can I look this up?
    I want to resrch an erly 1960s interntl film fest animatn winnr from asia. It was shown in the US on PBS stations along with other international hand drawn animation pieces as part of an international film festival series around 1964 - 1967. It was definitely asian, pos. Chinese; haunting musical score. I would love to find it if it's avail. on VHS or digital.

    • ANSWER:
      Search Google first:

      Try looking up Chinese animation (or maybe Japanese), 1964.
      It would help if you knew what film festival. Otherwise, try movie sites like http://www.imdb.com or netflix.

    Netflix question, help me decide?
    i want to know about netflix:

    1) if the korean, japanese, and filipino films they offer at netflix have english subtitles on it...

    2)also i know that it depends on your subscription how many movies you can rent at a time via mail, but how about streaming it online? in a day how many movies can u stream?

    3) does that need downloading and if its only streaming does it occupy space in my computer? ok also last question

    4) if i watch it online with my laptop, and take it to school will i still be able to watch it? meaning i know that they need to limit either how many computers or internet connections it will let you stream online coz if it doesnt then they gonna be ripped of... will it be counting by how many computers it can play on or is it by internet connections?
    btw, can sme1 send me a link where i can find the selections for online streaming because i want to know if its worth it

    • ANSWER:
      1-That has nothing to do with netflix, rather the features on the individual DVD itself.

      2-As long as you have a membership, you have no limit on viewing time on streaming movies or amount of movies you can watch in a day.

      3- Yes, you need to download a player to view the instant watch movies on netflix.

      4- If you're logged in to your netflix account and have the player downloaded onto the computer, you can view an instant watch movie. It has nothing to do with the computer's location or the amount of computers, just if you are logged into your netflix account.

      A list of the instant watch movies is a bit of an unreasonable request. There are WAY TOO MANY movies to list!. If you go on the netflix homepage, you can click on the "watch instantly" tab, and browse the selections. as of this moment, netlix has over 12,000 "watch instantly" movies, and that number is increasing pretty rapidly.

    why do people download movies and music if its illegal?

    • ANSWER:
      Why, the main reason would be because its free... hmm but there are a lot of reasons... Some people entirely download, hell because its free and they don't think they are going to get caught (which is really unlikely and maybe imposible), other people because they like it (in p2ps websites there are hundreds of people who stay online just to provide someone the convenience of downloading something), others because hell who has the money to buy so much entertainment? others because they think basically is like sharing (your friends got a movie you borrow it from him and so on and so forth) other as I like to think:

      I love movies (classic, foreign, old, new...) I like to watch a lot of films. Sometimes if you want to watch lets say Irezumi a 1966 japanese film you would have to format your dvd to watch it when you buy it because of the region code. The movie has not and I doubt it would have a US release so you don't have a way to watch it. I could watch The Third Man movie on Hulu, Netflix or rent it on amazon but my internet is to slow most of the time. The libraries where I live don't have a good, not even a descent amount of movies, rentals in my country don't have a good collection and so on. If I would pay for every movie I would like to see I would be broke. So my alternatives are watch a movie from a friends Criterion Collection and DVD collection and borrow downloaded movies from a friend (also buy some of them). Do I know is illegal yes, but I prefer to watch the movie than not... This may be a simple reason but the only choice I have would be to are to not watch it or watch it. If it weren't for piracy I would have never heard Miles Davis Bitches Brew, which is an album i would love to buy one day. I like the Thong Song by Sisqo and I would like to have it in my iTunes library, would I pay for it HEll NO. The thing is I like to think of it as a book I borrowed and returned (since I would never get to see most of this movies on TV). I don't stay with the movie I delete it after I watch it.

      Do I know maybe I am making some harm to the industry yes. Sometimes things like this make me feel differently about that: a site called Megaupload was turn down this year because of piracy. But last year (since the company knew what was coming) they released a promotional song featuring some of the artist who have their content being pirate on the site (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0Wvn-9BXVc). Hell most people don't know how to download music, movies etc... Some of them borrow it from someone who knows (like me) but most don't know and still buy most of them. Is not that I don't buy them, but I wouldn't buy every movie, what if I don't like them. Hell a friend of mine gave me Master and Commander and I ended up buying it in Blu-Ray.

      Another thing piracy would be like, when a friend bought a CD and you burned it on your computer to have it.

      (Soory I didn't want to write that much but I got carried away)
      Still yes its illegal but oh well...

japanese films on netflix