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    Where can I purchase movies in Japanese with English subtitles as an option?
    I want to buy Hayao Miyazaki's amazing films on DVD in the Japanese form, but since I cannot speak the language I would need English subtitles as an option with the DVDs.
    Is there a store online or somewhere I can buy them in Japanese?

    • ANSWER:
      I get most of my anime movies from here:


      Spirited Away:

      Princess Mononoke:

      Most of the dvds from here include Japanese audio and English subtitles. You'll be able to find alot of other Miyazaki films on there as well ^^

    When you watch a DVD, do you prefer to have Chinese subtitles or English subtitles?
    When you watch a DVD, do you prefer to have Chinese subtitles or English subtitles?
    •Which do you think is better, to watch foreign films in the original language, with Chinese subtitles, or to watch films that have been dubbed into Chinese?

    • ANSWER:
      I prefer to watch Asian films with Chinese subtitles and European/Caucasian films with English subtitles. The reason is that because the asian languages are more similiar and interconnected (i.e chinese and japanese), the chinese translation makes gives it a more direct translation that retains more of its original meaning and makes more sense (for example, some jokes work for both chinese and japanese but makes no sense if you say it in english). Likewise, I find this also with english subs and europeans films

      I always watch the film in the original language it was made in and not some other language dub. One, because its kind of weird hearing a heavily chinese accented voice that seems to come from, say, a german, and two, because the lipsynching is always weird for me (the mouth movements would not match the sounds of chinese) and they would have to change the script a little to have the dub match the timing of the mouth movements. I guess I really like to enjoy things in its original form with its original meanings as much as possible.

    How do I add english subtitles to a japanese film with apparently only chinese subtitles?
    The film is a DvDrip XviD. Thanks for you help.

    • ANSWER:
      If the Chinese is soft subbed then you can just move it to another folder. You should first have the English subtitles written and timed and then open the video file, using VirtualDubMod and be sure to have the VobSub and K-Light Codec Pack in the same folder with the VirtualDubMod.

      When you have the video file on the screen, go to 'video' click on filters, add / chose the 'textsub' then open the file of the subtitles (should be .srt or .sub) click ok, and again ok. now go to 'video' click on 'compression' click on Divx codec (so that you won't have a file the size of your entire hard disc)

      After that you have to go to the 'file' 'save as' , and that's it.

      Good Luck!

    What Kanji would I need to learn to read a DVD/Blu-ray disk menu?
    I recently pre-ordered a Japanese Blu-ray. I've been learning Japanese for about the last year and a half so I have a basic understanding of it but I can only identify around 150 Kanji. This film is rated R I think, so the menu is likely not going to be in Kana. I'd like to know what characters I would likely need to know to be able to efficiently navigate a DVD/Blu-ray menu, as I read the film has English subtitles and I would need to know how to enable those. Thanks in advance for any help.
    The Blu-ray is region-free, so that's not an issue.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think you need to read menu to see DVD/BD. You can play it just from the beginning.

      BTW, you generally can't play Japanese DVD/BD on a player in another country because DVD/BD has region code.

    What is a good site for downloading subtitles?
    I've just downloaded a few Studio Ghibli films but they are all in Japanese. Where is a good place to find english subtitles for them? I don't want to download the movie again, I just want to download the subtitles for them. Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      look here.

    Where can I watch subtitled Hayao Miyazaki movies online?
    I can find the films fine, but they're all english dubbed.
    I would like to find a site where I can watch Japanese versions of the films with english subtitles.
    I am english, but I'm trying to learn Japanese and the Japanese audio with english subtitles really help me. :)
    I know its a bit of a funny question, and it might not make sense.
    It would be great if you could help :)

    • ANSWER:
      lifesgreatest.co.uk - they have a few links to some miyazaki movies that are subbed NOT dubbed.

      http://www.onlygoodanimes.com/listing/movies.php#movies has a bunch of links too.

    What is the best way to see "Spirited Away"?
    Spirited Away is a Japanese animated film. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirited_Away
    I was wondering if it is more fun to watch the movie using Japanese audio and English subtitles. Or using English audio dubbed? I do not understand Japanese, but if anyone else has watched a Japanese anime, you notice how much flow there is to the Japanese audio with English subtitles. I want suggestions.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm sorry but that movie, and Nausicaa and much of Miyazawa you want to watch with as much of your family as you can round up. I'm not being snide, but choose whichever way will get you the most other viewers. My niece does it more often than I do (she's forty and married, and with two kids has a basic captive audience) but that's how you do it. If they will stand subtitles, subtitles. If they want the dub, live with it.

    Is there a way to watch a ripped movie with subtitles on a PS3?
    I got this Japanese film called 'Aftershock' and have a separate subtitles file for it on my PC. But how do I make the subtitles work in the PS3?

    • ANSWER:
      u should be able to get to it by clicking triangle when the movie starts so the little menu pops up then go to the box with circles in that is subtitles just click on it till it says english subtitles
      that should work
      sorry if it doesnt

    Do you think English dubbing makes a difference in Japanese animated movies?
    I just saw Spirited away in English with the English subtitles for the Japanese one and there was not much difference. I agree the timing and all matters but not so much in animated ones.. Does it? What language should I watch Barefoot Gen and Ponyo in?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm sort of indifferent.

      On one hand, the issue is translation. In my experience, subtitles usually provide a more accurate, complete rendering of the Japanese dialogue. There IS a major difference between the dub and sub of Spirited Away: the dub adds a line at the end that indicates Chihiro remembers the events of the film, while the original Japanese version (and therefore, the sub) makes no such suggestion. There are other discrepancies between the two, and the sub is closer to the director's original intent in each case.

      On the other hand, in Japanese animated movies, ALL versions are "dubs." The animation in Japan is done first, with voices added later. Therefore, all of the performances are interpretations of the animation, and not vice-versa. So there's nothing inherently "better" about the Japanese voices. In fact, Miyazaki is on record as stating he believes his films should be watched in the viewer's native language, so that the eye is not distracted from the visuals.

      So it's up to you: the dub sacrifices the director's NARRATIVE intent by changing the script; the sub sacrifices the director's VISUAL intent by distracting the eye. It's up to you to decide which is more important.

    How do I add English subtitles to a Japanese film with apparently only Chinese subtitles?
    The film is a DvDrip XviD. Thanks for you help.

    • ANSWER:
      If the file is on your computer (if not rip it to your computer), go to www.opensubtitles.com and download the subtitles for free. Change the file name of the .sub to the exact same name as the name of the movie file (leave the file type extension alone) then place both files into the same folder. Use convertxtoDVD 3.0 to burn movie with subtitles. Hope this helps as the best answer!

    How is A Tale of Two Sisters and the Uninvited the same?
    I just recently saw the Uninvited, and I knew it was a remake of a Japanese horror film called A Tale of Two Sisters. My question is, are the plots the same? How are they different? And is it in Japanese with English subtitles or what?

    can anyone help me with this? I really need to know

    • ANSWER:
      They are the same by that the step mom is trying to kill the daughter.Anna Rydell returns home to her sister (and best friend) Alex after a stint in a mental hospital, though her recovery is jeopardized thanks to her cruel stepmother, aloof father, and the presence of a ghost in their home. This is just how a tale of two sisters is, only the sister in a tale of two sisters is dead but anna still thinks she is alive, and is still sick. A tale of two sisters is way more twisted and better. Yes, the japanese version is with subtitles and is very very good.

    What is the best way to see "Spirited Away"?
    Spirited Away is a Japanese animated film. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spirited_Aw…
    I was wondering if it is more fun to watch the movie using Japanese audio and English subtitles. Or using English audio dubbed? I do not understand Japanese, but if anyone else has watched a Japanese anime, you notice how much flow there is to the Japanese audio with English subtitles. I want suggestions.

    • ANSWER:
      i have only ever watched it in english audio and LOVED it. I can't imagine it would be too bad either way

    Can someone help me find english subtitle with chinese translation for the movie Stree Fighter?
    Can someone help me find english subtitle with chinese translation for the movie Stree Fighter The Legend of Chun li.. All i found is english subtitles without the chinese translation pls pls help i need one with the chinese translation

    • ANSWER:
      Check the sources below. Only the Hong Kong versions will have it in Chinese subtitles along with English.

      Just search for Chun Li: In Simplified Chinese, 春丽. In Traditional Chinese, 春麗.
      臧, Zang, meaning "good" or "right" in Chinese, is Chun Li's last name. She looks European / Caucasian in the video games! She has a Chinese name?! So she should look and sound Chinese: She sounds like an American when speaking Japanese. Why they even make her shout something in Japanese when she's won?! She's supposed to be CHINESE?! In the 1994 action film, they did use a Chinese actress to play the part: Beautiful Ming-na Wen.

      Kristin Kreuk? She has Dutch ancestry and is from Canada. Yet, in the anime film, Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li is an American production. Chinese people don't even watch this movie and it went straight to DVD! In this new movie, her last name is changed to Huang, 黃, meaning "Yellow" in Chinese.

      At some point, they even say her last name's Xiang! I believe it's the inability of Americans of pronouncing Zang, like in Mandarin that they changed it to "Xiang". In some websites, it says her father's NAME is XIANG. So, in that case, Xiang is Chun-Li's father's given name, not the last name!

      Give me a break! People should stick with the original to make it more believable. It's a Japanese video game, but the character is supposedly "Chinese"!

    Should I see these films these school holidays?
    Well term 3 holidays have just begun in New Zealand. There are 3 movies I want to see in the 2 weeks holiday. But I don't want to go to a movie that is bad especially when I now have to start going to the movies with my own money. If you have seen the folling movies could you please tell me if it is worth paying a cinema ticket for them. The films are.
    Ponyo (original Japanese version with english subtitles).
    (500) days of Summer.

    • ANSWER:
      ive only seen Ponyo out of those and i would recommend it. I dont know how to describe it but its kind of like a cross between the little mermaid and finding nemo but in typical anime style. If you are a fan of anime or just animation in general, i think you;'ll like it.

    What are some good LIVE ACTION anime based movies?
    * Japanese is fine as long as there are good English subtitles. Preferably ones I can find DVDs for, but online sources are alright, too.

    * Live Action means real human being actors on film, but set in an anime stories universe.

    • ANSWER:
      Azumi and Azumi Death or Love (not based on anime, but the fights reminded me of those samurai animes)
      Cutie Honey
      Death Note
      Death Note 2 - the last name
      Death Note L changes the world
      Kamen rider the next
      Shinobi (arrgh I can't remember the anime that is based on this movie or vice versa)

      you can watch them subbed on here http://www.dramaclick.com just search in the Japanese category, if you can't see them there at least you'll read the summary. You might also want to check the Chinese movies category as well.

      Then these are kind of like those samurai fantasy kick ass animes if you like this genre.
      Death trance (Jap)
      Arahan (it's Korean and found on that link I think, it's more about this goofy cop who finds out he has this super powers)
      The storm riders (Chinese)

    Can you buy the live action 'preety guardian sailor moon' series on DVD with english subtitles?
    Its filmed in Japan in Japanese, and i dont know japanese, but can they bought with english subtitles on dvd?
    thanks you

    • ANSWER:
      No,you cannot as PSGM is NOT licensed in the US,and TV-Nihon does NOT allow selling of thier FANSUBS.

      However,there is a place named Hentschel's that will make you a set for free if you send them 16 DVDs and pay for the shipping.And,TV-Nihon has agreed to let them distibute the fansubs that way.


    Best way to learn how to read and write Japanese?
    I really only want to learn how to read and write Japanese. I heard Rosetta Stone only teaches you how to speak it.
    I dont want to bother with that right now, I only interested in reading and writing.
    If anyone has any books or references, or even programs that would help with that, I would be greatly appreciative!


    • ANSWER:
      Have you checked your local library or bookshop? I would recommend that as the best place to start.

      There are also websites that might be of some help.

      guidetojapanese.org is a great site for learning grammar, which is indispensible for a language that is so radically different to European languages.

      Remembering the Kanji by Heisig. One of the hurdles of learning Japanese is memorizing the character set. This book goes uses an innovative technique that some people swear by (and others hate). There is a website kanji.koohii.com where you can register and get more help.

      Memorization is the key to learning a language fluently. Memorization comes with repetition. You can help it along by drilling yourself, e.g., with flashcards. There's software like anki that can help. In fact, make sure you understand the basics of how spaced repetition works so you can make the most of the time you spend drilling yourself.

      You need to practice with native speakers as much as possible. If you want fluency in reading, writing, listening and speaking, then you need to practice all of them as much as possible.

      - reading material: Search around on the internet for reading material at your level. Get firefox and install the rikaichan add-on, as it will help you immensely.

      - writing: Join lang-8.com. You write diary entries and native speakers will correct them for you. Of course, in return, you should correct non-English speakers' English. There may be other similar websites.

      - listening: Once you've mastered some basic grammar and vocab, you can try watching Japanese films with English subtitles from your video library or youtube. You can pause and replay lines until you think you grasp what they're saying. I know you're not focusing on listening right now, but it will help you to understand the language better if you hear it spoken. And you need to know how to pronounce it properly anyway.

    What are some good Tagalog movies with subtitles?
    where on some good places online to purchase some tagalog movies with english subtitles?? I tried to check on eBay but I couldn't find any that were in the US or Canada because buying from Manila takes a while to get here. Please let me know... and also what are some good movies to get??

    i just purchases Lovestruck and Close to You and Anak. Are these even any good??

    • ANSWER:
      like what he said Feng Shui is a good one...i'm not fond of Filipino horror movies but this one is different, it actually made me scream, (i'm a japanese horror film freak!)
      Anak(Son/child), that's another one...i cried on that film!

      You could also try Ang Cute ng ina mo(Your mom is cute), really funny, i mean all Ai-ai's films are funny!

    What are the best movies not filmed in English?
    I love movies filmed in other languages other than English (I think it's always nice to hear another language). What are your favourite subtitled/foreign movies?

    • ANSWER:
      Oh God, GREAT question!

      "Amelie" won all kinds of awards, but it was just a fantastic film, even if you don't speak French......the plot really tells the whole story.

      La Vita E Bella, in Italian, was the same. It won EVERY award there was to win, including an OSCAR, and a special prize from the VATICAN, itself. It didn't matter if you understood Italian.........the film was clear , just the same.

      Jean Reno, is my all time favorite actor, and he stars in Italian, French, Spanish, and English movies. (He was most notably the star in " Leon," (also known as "The Professional" in some markets, and then the French Inspector in The Da Vinci Code....

      But he also does comedies.......Jet Lag, (french) which was EXCELLENT-------"For Rosanna" ...in Italian, (a dark comedy about his wife dying)

      serious drama.........Le Tigre E Le Neve.....(with Roberto Benini) , about the Iraq war....(in italian) ...

      ach...too many to list. I have traveled the world.......so I have seen many films in various languages. I once saw Gozilla 2000, actually IN Tokyo.

      It was freaking AWESOME, actually being IN TOKYO, watching a Godzilla movie, in Japanese.

      it was surreal.

    How can I still learn Japanese if I'm at a college that doesn't teach it there?
    I'm going to a private art school and obviously you cannot learn Japanese there. I'm going to major in computer animation and I still want to continue my Japanese studies. Maybe I can work as a video game animator in Japan if I'm good enough.

    • ANSWER:
      By all means continue your studies in your spare time. The important thing to note is that different people learn differently, so you need to try different resources until you find something that works for you.

      Try your local library to see if they have any books/CDs that can help you.

      guidetojapanese.org is a great site for learning grammar, which is indispensible for a language that is so radically different to European languages.

      Try out japanesepod101.com. You join for free and get a free lesson each week. They're good at pointing out things that most textbooks don't. Or you can pay and get access to all their lessons, which is useful if you want to use them as your main learning method.

      Remembering the Kanji by Heisig. One of the hurdles of learning Japanese is memorizing the character set. This book goes uses an innovative technique that some people swear by (and others hate). There is a website kanji.koohii.com where you can register and get more help.

      Memorization is the key to learning a language fluently. Memorization comes with repetition. You can help it along by drilling yourself, e.g., with flashcards. There's software like anki that can help. In fact, make sure you understand the basics of how spaced repetition works so you can make the most of the time you spend drilling yourself.

      You need to practice with native speakers as much as possible. If you want fluency in reading, writing, listening and speaking, then you need to practice all of them as much as possible.

      - reading material: Search around on the internet for reading material at your level. Get firefox and install the rikaichan add-on, as it will help you immensely.

      - listening: Once you've mastered some basic grammar and vocab, you can try watching Japanese films with English subtitles. You can pause and replay lines until you think you grasp what they're saying. You might even find some movies/anime on youtube.

      - writing: Join lang-8.com. You write diary entries and native speakers will correct them for you. Of course, in return, you should correct non-English speakers' English. There may be other similar websites.

      - speaking: If you don't have any native speakers to talk with, try find people on lang-8 or similar sites who would like to skype with you.

      Hope this helps. Good luck!

    is it possible to learn japanese by watching alot of japanese films and documentaries without subtitles ?
    ive heard if your around foreign people long enough you will pick up there language, would this work by watching lots and lots of films and documentaries?

    • ANSWER:
      I've picked up quite a few japanese words just by watching a lot of anime... but I tried watching it without english subs and I'm lost- only picking up on the words I've memorized over time..
      but to LEARN japanese just from watching films... no I don't think its possible. I'd take a class or something.

    Where should i find the English subtitle for 1996 Japanese film " HARU " ??????
    Please help me to find the English subtitle for the Japanese Romantic Film " Haru " of the year 1996

    • ANSWER:

    What makes the Japanese version of "one missed call" different from the American vision?
    I saw the American remake on the tv and I want to what makes the Japanese original different from the American remake. Also I saw comments on the Internet saying that the Japanese version is better, why?

    • ANSWER:
      Japanese films tend to be scarier than american versions. For example the grudge, ive seen both versions and the Japanese version was scarier. The only down fall to Japanese films if you cannot understand the Japanese language is the subtitles. I also personally believe that the Japanese versions are much more believable which could be another reason why people would find them better. All in all though America makes the Japanese films bigger by bringing them to the U.S and creating the film in English. And in Japan the films are more believable, scarier and original

    What is the best way to improve my English?
    I can hold a conversation with someone who speaks English. But when I watch a film(movie) I don't understand what they(actor and actress) say exactly.... That's my problem. So I'd like to watch a film without subtitle.

    • ANSWER:
      Start with something simple. I would begin with childrens films or cartoons to start with as these are usually very simple and easy to understand. The main problem with movies that I find is the amount of background noise and music which makes it difficult to make out the speech. Another problem you may have is regional accents. I watch a lot of movies in Japanese but find that I only really understand childrens movies fully. As I say this is a good starting point. Maybe move to comedy sitcoms or movies after this as they don't seem to have quite so much background noise and have more gestures to help you understand. I personally avoid things such as talk shows as the lack of gestures means that I lose the topic of conversation very quickly.

      Good luck.

    What is the scariest film you have ever seen that i can buy in a shop in England?
    Its for a sleepover for 12 year olds but we are up for 18 films 😉

    • ANSWER:
      The Ring and The Grudge, but if you really want to test your nerve and are intelligent enough to appreciate them, get the Japanese originals. Will mean english subtitles, but trust me, the originals as waaaaay scarier than the USA ones (which will still freak you out)

      added I believe they will sell them in big HMV/Virgin type stores, and they are called Ringu and Ju On.

    What can I do to get into Japanese culture?
    I'm going on holiday to Japan in the summer and before I go, I would love to gain a better idea of the culture: maybe in the form of literature, movies, manga/anime comics etc.

    I don't speak Japanese, but does anyone know any good books based or translated from Japanese literature, or any movies with subtitles?


    • ANSWER:
      Random list:
      Confucius Lives Next Door by T.R. Reid
      -it's a bit of a superficial view about Japan through an American's lens. Pretty quick read. I read it years after having lived there a number of years.

      You know, who needs a specific book when you can keyword search anything about Japan....

      -Know that the Wa (harmony) is a big deal
      -You're a gaijin (foreigner)
      -don't be shocked if you see drunken Japanese businessmen (salaryman) sleeping on the street/on the subway (they're all pretty friendly....Japan's probably the safest place in the world)
      -the Japanese shopping experience is world class. They're perfectionists.
      -exchanging business cards is done like a formal ceremony
      -McDonald's? Try a shrimp burger
      -many Tokyo clubs are open till 5am
      -Vending machines = a marvel in Japan
      - Japanese cuteness is one of their unique cultural marvels.
      -Yakuza = the Japanese mafia
      -Pachinko Parlors
      -Tokyo Disney
      -Tea House = fascinating experience
      -Ryogoku = Sumo town
      -Geisha https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KrDGTUm2vBc
      -Japan is known for having unusually TINY apartments
      -conveyor belt sushi restaurants
      -the subway trains get PACKED at rush hour but its an unusually courteous venture
      -martial arts - Kendo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-jSkqQFy5AU
      -Shintoism - predominate Japanese spiritual belief system

      -its all about noodles (soba, udon, ramen.....you'll love this about Japan)

      Mr Baseball
      -old movie but I'm serious, baseball is huge in Japan

      my personal favorite....let me introduce you to this famous actor:
      Takeshi Kaneshiro <--heartmelty melt imo! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takeshi_Kaneshiro (can find plenty of his movies sub'd in English) Red Cliff Takeshi Kaneshiro Japanese Interview 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaK5nC3VRdE I love! Anna Magdalena Part 1:9 (Takeshi Kaneshiro) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcNacz1dPvE Japan has the strangest most amazing fashion culture you'll ever see in the world. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_street_fashion Manga - comic-style books that cover multiple genres Anime - Japanese animated movies Here's a documentary: Japan History https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cHv-xvaSWOU The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift -street racers (while it is illegal) do exist in areas around Tokyo. (take this movie lightly, lol!) Shall We Dance (1996) -film about a Japanese salaryman who takes up ballroom dancing Lost in Translation -shows plenty of great location shots in Tokyo BBC Japanorama (documentary series) Adrift in Tokyo (2007) Shows Tokyo from a local perspective https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Om6r_Ocfps One classic film: The Seven Samurai (1954) - one of the most impressive Japanese films ever. That should get you started.

    Where can I watch the new Eureka Seven movie in English for free?
    See, in April the movie was released into Japan, but does anyone know where I can find a English subbed version and watch it?

    • ANSWER:
      Eureka Seven Pocket Full of Rainbows came out in Japanese theaters in April, but security was pretty tight and no one has managed to find any camera recordings of the film. The DVD was just released today in Japan so it could be anywhere from today to a week before it makes it onto the internet in a RAW (Subtitle-less) form. As for a sub, the Japanese DVD was not released with english subtitles so a group on the internet has to translate it and make their own subtitles once they get a hold of the RAW. The entire process to make a subbed version could take up to a month.

    Is learning a language in high school a good way to become fluent?
    I have taken up classes in Japanese at my high school in hope of becoming fluent (or at least conversational), but I have read on several blogs and websites that if you want to be good in a language taking classes is not very effective.
    Is it effective? Is there any other study I should be doing at home apart from what I've been given at school? Any tips for learning the language? Will I be good at Japanese if I continue until I graduate?

    • ANSWER:
      It will give you a grounding but it's unlikely to provide you with a fluency.
      The best ways to learn are either to visit the country and immerse yourself in a situation where you -HAVE- to learn and use it to get by.
      Or to learn one-on-one with a native speaker who also understands English. Combine this with forcing yourself to use it at home. For example if you suddenly want a cup of coffee (or whatever you drink xD) try to think of it in Japanese.
      So instead of thinking of it as 'a cup of coffee' think of it as 'kōhī o hai' (コーヒーを杯) sorry I don't speak Japanese so I hope that's right, their sentence ordering confuses me. But you get the idea.

      I did the same thing when I was learning Spanish so instead of 'a cup of coffee' I would think of it as 'una café de taza' and I would force myself to think of the Spanish word for everything. When I brushed my teeth, when I picked up a pen, when I greeted someone. All the time I would run through the Spanish in my head to make the association or if I didn't know the word I made a note to look it up later and then I would practice writing and saying it to try and make it stick. I re-watched my favourite films in Spanish with the subtitles, I found cover versions of my favourite music in Spanish, I even picked up children's 'learning-to-read' books in Spanish.
      Through repetition and immersion you start to grow accustomed to it and the language becomes familiar to you. You start to recognize it's flow and it's style so you can hear if there's a mis-place or incorrect word in a sentence. It becomes easier to pick out certain words and pauses and then you'll hit this point where understanding suddenly hits you and the language becomes familiar and comfortable.

      Learning it in school will teach you the basic constructs of the language, simple words and phrases, spelling, ordering etc. You're unlikely to be able to hold an in-depth conversation but it will familiarize you with the language and make it easier to advance.
      There are some things you only pick up by living with the language and native speakers.

      For example if you were ordering a coffee in Spain the way you would be taught to order it would be "Puede una café de taza, sin leche, por favor." and that would be correct but it's unnecessarily formal and specific, if you actually used all that in Spain, a native speaker would probably give you a funny look or think you were a tourist. Really you'd just walk up and say "Café solo, por favor." but that's something they don't teach you and you just have to learn.
      It's like "Can I get a cup of coffee, without milk, please." vs "Black coffee, please."
      Or if you introduced yourself. Formally you're taught to say "Hola, me nombre es [-----]" but realistically you would probably say "Hola, me llamo [-----]" or simply "Soy [-----]"
      It's the same with any language. You learn the formal and 'correct' format but when you put it into practice you often find it's something else entirely and you only learn that through immersion.

    Can anyone reccomend a good Asian flick to watch?
    I really want to watch a good Japanese, Chinese, Korean or whatever film but need suggestions. I've seen the ones most people know like Crouching Tiger but I want to see one not many people have heard of unless they like, live in Japan. Also, websites to watch movies. I prefer romantic comedy.

    • ANSWER:
      This is REAL Asian media!!!
      The PERFECT romantic comedy!!!

      Not the kind made to please the white males in America and Europe, like the Tom Cruise one (last Samaurai). Or teen films like fast cars and martial arts.

      Lots of girls, especially young women like Korean dramas even though we cannt understand the laguage.

      You'll be hooked 100% if you watch just one series.

      Here is one of my favorite.
      Be ready to cry a lot!!!!! Have a box of tissue. Also funny. Its a emotional storm.


      Full House has been translated into Spanish/Japanese/Chinese, but American networks refuse to air it. A live appearance was also blocked in America, so you can imagine the fear American producers have of this guy and his SUPER popularity world wide.

      I have the youtube links. copy and paste.
      in order.

      English subtitle.








      This is episode one.

    What are some good Japanese movies with English subtitles?
    I was looking for comedy, horror, or romance genres. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      Nodame Cantabile the Movie I & II
      Paradise Kiss http://doramax264.com/drama/paradise-kiss-j-movie/
      Beck http://doramax264.com/comedy/beck-2010-movie/
      Alive http://doramax264.com/action/alive-2002-film/
      Koizora http://doramax264.com/romance/koizora-movie/
      Ranma 1/2 http://doramax264.com/action/ranma-12-j-drama-00-sub-l-01-raw/
      Gokusen http://doramax264.com/comedy/gokusen-movie/

    please list all the japanese horror movies that have english subtitles you know?
    I love japanese horror eg the grudge, the ring, the eye, dark water etc.
    but I want to know more movies that I can watch.
    please write in any japanese horror movies,
    the longest and most accurate list WILL get my vote for best answer

    • ANSWER:
      Anon, you're in luck. There's a site where you can watch Japanese movies for free with English subtitles. Not only Japanese but also Korean, Thai, Chinese and other Asian countries all with English subtitles. Just pick one from their list: http://asian-horror-movies.net

      Some recommendations:

      Rattle, Rattle
      One Missed Call film series
      Suicide Club
      Ichi the Killer
      Unholy Women
      Forbidden Siren
      Rampo Noir

    Where can I watch Japanese dramas without English subtitles?
    I'm trying to learn to listen to Japanese speaking so I want to watch Japanese dramas without the english subs.

    However, I can't find a good website.

    Could someone please help me? The subs are very distracting, and because I like to read, I keep reading them T__T

    I would definitely appreciate if you leave the link with your comment.
    Thank you!★

    • ANSWER:
      I'd look into Netflix - they have an entire foreign-film section and partly Japanese. Some of the anime and dramas are unsubtitled. Also, if you type the name of the movie into Google, but in it's Japanese name (not the Anglificed name) you'll find Japanese search results that will play it sans subtitles.
      If you type into google in japanese katakana/hiragana, the name of the film, you'll get Japanese results that are less likely to have subtitles to English :)

    what are the best contemporary japanese movies?
    i'm thinking on things within the last five or so years with english subtitles too!

    • ANSWER:
      "Blood and Bones" directed by Yoichi Sai and starring Takeshi Kitano was excellent IMO. If you like ultraviolence watch "Izo" directed by Takashi Miike. Miike is notorious for shocking films like "Audition" but he's directed everything from splatter to comedies to childrens films. For a Miike comedy check out "Zebraman". If you want to see a Miike musical watch "Happiness of the Katakuris". He didn't forget the kids either-"The Great Yokai War".

    What films do you know that are set in the Edo period of Japan...?
    A japanese film which i can get with English subtitles

    i want to try and learn as much as i can about japan during that time

    and please dont say last samurai!

    • ANSWER:
      The Barbarian and the Geisha (john wayne)

    Where can I watch Miyazaki's Ponyo in Japanese with English subtitles in the Los Angeles/Orange County area?
    I LOVE Miyazaki and would like to watch the original version in Japanese, but not sure where they are playing it.

    • ANSWER:
      i know what you mean XD
      Miyazaki makes the best films and are better in jap. but i HIGHLY doubt that they'll actually play the japanese version in theatres in LA.it's best to watch it online. or wait 'til the DVD comes out.
      here's the link to watch it online:

      you can find other versions on:

    Looking for a site that streams Japanese movies with English subtitles. Any Recommendations? ?
    Mainly looking to watch films by Takaishi Miike, such as the films Zebraman one and two, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon. I've tried movie2k.to, 1channel.ch. Direct links would be highly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      Stagevu.com maybe or if you want to download Kickasstorrents.com

    what are some good horror movies that scare the sh*t out of you?
    i do like like watching japanese films with english subtitles just english movies please.

    • ANSWER:
      "Sleepy Hollow" is a really good horror movie.
      Other movies are the:
      -Paranormal Activity
      -Paranormal Activity 2
      -The 13th alley
      -The 8th plague

      Well that's a few. Search some up Wikipedia is a good sight. Just search up horrow films and floow the links below. Have fun =D

    what is the best sailor moon dvd set?
    I love Sailor Moon and i really want to purchase it for Christmas, but i' m not sure what the best set is. I definately think I would like to start with the first season. but I would like a the set to be original as in, japanese language english subtitles. So,any help would be great. thanks so much.

    • ANSWER:
      this is my fav. of all time.
      Sailor Moon - The Movies Dream Boxed Set (2000)
      heres some reviews..

      Anyone who's a fan of Anime or any other type of animation will simply love this box set! I own all three seperately and have watched them numerous times since recieving them!
      Each disk is full of extras including background on Japanese mythology, the characters transformations and attacks and even the edited openings used for the VHS releases!

      The movies themselves are beyond compare featuring some of the most memorable scenes (and animation!) of the Sailormoon series such as the Inners trapped on a meteor plummeting to Earth and Luna's transformation into her human form! The DVDs also allow you to watch these feature films in Japanese or English which makes for great comparisons between the two cultures.

      I can't reccomend these enough!

    Any reccomendations pertaining to good Japanese films with English subtitles?
    like Voices or The Audition

    • ANSWER:
      Ip Man is Chinese...but it's still good and there's Japanese in it though it's mainly in Chinese

      Google dramacrazy and a site will come up it's like dramacrazy.net or something. Click on that, it has a bunch of Japanese movies with English subs

    Watch the Notebook online in english for free?
    I just can't seem to find it anywhere, but it has to be out there.
    I found a great version, but it had chinese or japanese subtitles :/
    any help?

    • ANSWER:
      I love the movie..

      Here are a few links where you have a direct view to the movie..




    Where can I find a Japanese Language Subtitle Track for Schindler's List?
    I would love for my girlfriend to see this film but she doesn't speak English and I cant seem to find a Japanese Language subtitle track anywhere. I would just buy the Japanese version of the film, except no one will ship it to me here in Hawaii...

    • ANSWER:
      video with HardCoded Japanese Subtitles


    how to get subtitles on a film but in another language?
    i have a film on my computer in avi and mp4 format and its japanese but i need to know how to make english subtitles appear, can anyone help please?

    • ANSWER:
      Check the menu, choose language and scroll down to English and you should be there.

    How to play this video in english?
    I downloaded a japanese film. The uploader said it was dubbed in english. but when I played it in windows media player (of windows7), it was played in japanese. i downloaded the subtitles (.srt file) also. But when I played it in kmp player, it was played in english along with the english subtitles. Is there anyway by which I can play it in english in windows media player???

    • ANSWER:
      The Website mentioned below is VLC Media Player.VLC Player is capable of playing almost any multimedia file format out there. It can play DVDs, Audio CDs, TV Cards, VCDs, BlueRay, and the list goes on. Some of the supported digital file formats are MPEG-1, MPEG-2, DivX, OGG, AAC, MP3, FLAC, AC3 H.264 and many others.Video/Audio file format out there without the need of any extra codecs.

    What is the best way to learn a language when you learn by yourself?
    Can you give me some tips, tricks, websites, anything that will help me learn Tagalog, also how many languages do you know and how did you learn them? I can't afford to buy Rosseta stone or those things as I am only 14 but I really really want to learn Tagalog over the summer... Thank you.

    • ANSWER:

      I don't know if you would find these helpful, but I've been trying to learn a foreign language myself and they work pretty well for me:

      - Listening to songs done in the target language

      I find it easier to remember song lyrics than plain words. I can easily forget words that I have picked at random, say from a dictionary, but I have a fair chance of remembering from which song I have heard a certain word and how it was used. For this, I find websites that display the song lyrics in the original language in one side and the English translation of the song lyrics on the other side quite handy since I can use them for comparison. This method works well for me since I play a song I like over and over again, so even if I don't make much effort memorizing the lyrics, I'm bound to remember a couple of words after some time, especially those that often appear in songs.

      this might not be a very good source, it's actually my blog (which I haven't updated in ages), but you can start from there if you like. ^^;

      - Watching subtitled films or TV shows done in the target language

      I'm fairly used to watching subtitled videos, so it works well for me, but trying to pick random words in a foreign language while catching up with the subtitles might prove to be a bit tricky if you're not used to watching with subs at first, but once you have gotten used to it (if you haven't tried it yet) it can actually be fun. You'll just have to find something that you enjoy watching or at the very least something you can stand to watch. Just like the case with song lyrics, you might not remember all the words you hear immediately, but over time, you're bound to pick up some words. Plus, you also get to hear how native speakers use the words in different settings and circumstances.

      - Playing games designed for language learners

      I like trivia and things like those, so I find these games fun and interesting since I get to play and learn at the same time. Also, most of these sites are user-friendly so you won't probably get bored that easily.
      Here's one of the sites I use:

      - Finding a language partner

      Personally, I think the best way to learn a language is to learn from a native speaker. You will not only get to hear how the words are pronounced, you can also learn words/phrases/sentences that you can use in casual conversations (as opposed to overly formal ones that would be awkward to use in casual situations)
      Aside from that, you can also get some feedback real time, so you can seek clarifications or ask for an evaluation before you move on to the next topic. That, plus you can exchange information about your country and culture while learning the language at the same time.

      If you haven't tried language exchange, try a site that facilitates it. There are a handful that does it for no charge at all. You'll find a lot of people who will be more than glad to exchange languages with you, especially if you are a native English speaker.

      I'm comfortable with two languages, Tagalog, which is my mother tongue, and English which is my second language. I can understand some basic Japanese, but I'm still struggling with composing whole sentences on my own right now. I learned English from reading English books when I was a kid. I loved all sorts of stories, so I would patiently read books even if I don't understand what they say. I started with asking my mom to translate them for me, but when she got busy, I had to learn the language by myself, which I managed to do by reading the books over and over again until familiar words started popping up. I learned/am learning Japanese through the methods I mentioned above.

    What is a good film that shows the beauty of Japan's geography and it's traditional/historicalculture?
    Not in black and white. Doesn't have to be a documentary.
    I mean geography, not just landscape.
    I respect the fact that you patronise while giving advice about something of interest.
    I didn't know the Last Samurai was filmed in New Zealand. So, the film would be useful for culture although I shouldn't expect to see Japan.
    I understand the difference between geography and landscape. I think a landscape is not as interesting when you don't see the people who live in it interacting with it. I think the geography of Japan is fascinating, particularly as the Japanese are so conscious of it.
    I think Shogun is fascinating because of the how the West meets the East phenomenon. You have the tantalising glimpses of Japanese culture and then...along comes Richard Chamberlain and John Rhys-Davies dealing out spades of emotive ham. I reach for the pepto-bismol whenever they're on screen. The contrast with the Japanese!

    • ANSWER:
      There's no shortage of period pieces made in Japan, which would be movies and TV shows that's all about traditional and historical culture. It's all in Japanese and few are exported with subtitles, which might as well mean it's out of your reach.

      A rare gem of a period piece made in English about historical Japan is the 1980 American miniseries Shogun. There is nothing dated about the show, so if you are serious, you should watch it.

      You might be confused between geography and landscape, since someone wanting to see the beauties of a land should be asking about Japan's landscapes. You are better off looking for a travel documentary, as historical dramas tend to be made in studios and cinema villages.

    Where can you get L Change the world in english dub?
    Where can you get L change the world in english dub? I have looked for some time but I haven't come across it :( if you are not familiar to the movie its to do with the film death note which was made in to a japanese film from the manga series. They all have english dub but i cant find L change the world with it :O pleaseeeee help <3 xoxo

    • ANSWER:
      At last! Yahoo is letting me answer.
      Hope you're in the UK. The complete box set does apparently have an English dub. I've seen some reviews on Amazon saying the film is better with subtitles rather than dub, but there you go.

      Amazon does list the film you want separately, but it isn't clear what the language options are.

    How are languages taught in Europe? I know Europeans usually speak at least two languages?
    Do they start learning a different language when they first go to school then learn a different one in the higher grades? Or do they just pick it up from being near a country that speaks that other language?

    • ANSWER:
      Hello, I`m from Croatia.
      Here you have lots and lots of kindergartens in English, German, some in Italian or some other language. So, some kids start learning at a really early age (I was 3 when I started learning English and German). But even if you don`t study it like that, you must study at least one language at school from the age of 7, when you begin the 1st grade. The languages are usually English; German in the continental part, Italian at the coast. Also, there are a lot of good-quality language schools in Croatia where you can learn everything from Japanese to Russian.
      Also, Croatians are rather good at English (especially the younger generations) because our TV has more than 50% of films and shows in English, with subtitles. Note that the Germans synchronize everything and therefore do not have the same advantage.
      The French and Italians are very protective about their languages, very few of them speak any other languages, and if they do, they have a strong accent (and rarely work hard on removing it:).
      Also, in highschool you can pick a different language, from the selection the school gives. There are many student exchanges, for 2 weeks or more, between school-partners in other towns and countries, and the kids who go usually speak the language and want to improve it.
      The kids with richer parents go to summer camps to other countries, or to language schools... It`s become very popular here.
      Our bookshops usually have a wide selection of books in English, and aldo some books in other languages (German, Italian Spanish, Russian...)
      Really good question, by the way!

    I want to learn japanese. can you suggest a manga which i could try to translate?
    i want to know how to read, write and speak japanese but i would first like to familliarize myself on how to construct a sentence in japanese. and how to read. so far, i'm able to recognize hiragana and katakana. i have no idea how to read a kanji.

    so i would really want a manga, which also has a copy translated to english, that has all characters in hiragana and/or katakana.

    • ANSWER:
      you should definitely try kids mangas. the grammar is easier, and the sentences are in kanji, but also have furigana (hiragana next to the kanji), so u can read it more easily.
      i noticed the difference, i.e. i could kind of understand "fruits basket", but i really couldnt understand "nana" in japanese.

      dont forget to get a dictionary with listing by hiragana (eg. oxford, thats pretty good)

      get a small grammar book as well to help (i like barron's "japanese grammar")

      theres also the series "kanji de manga", which uses each new kanji in a simple story to help u remember it.

      then of course you could also watch japanese films/anime with subtitles. again kids stories would be better for grammar. but anything will help you get a feel for the language, intonation etc.

      all the best!

    Looking for the name of a film?
    I'm trying to find a film I watched a few years ago, couple details on it

    ~Chinese/Japanese film (Has english subtitles)
    ~It's about a bunch of school kids who get put on an island and forced to kill each other, they have some weird collar things that explode if they're in "danger zones".. Last one alive wins

    I watched this a long time ago and want to see if I can find it again in the store but forgot the name of it!

    • ANSWER:
      Battle Royale

    Do you know any English films and any English animes?
    I need to English films and English animes for learn English and improve my skills in English, I want it contain many conversations, and the words written at the bottom of the screen if that possible.

    Thank you so much

    • ANSWER:
      I don't really know what kind of movies you want to watch,

      Mary Poppin's,
      This is a must see if you want to learn english, the songs will really help get you pronounce the words in english,

      Chitty chitty bang bang,
      Same as Marry Poppins you need to watch this,

      Harry Potter Series:
      So everyone knows of Harry Potter Series, so you might have already seen it :)

      The Boat That Rocked:
      i really loved this movie, it's all about rock and roll music :),

      Sherlock Holmes:

      The Chronicles of Narnia:

      The Kings Speech:
      it's about a king who has problems speaking,

      Nanny McPhee:

      Hears a list of All British movies made:

      If you go on google and type in the "*name of the movie name* with english subtitles" they should come up :),
      Subtitles = these are the words that are written at the bottom of the screen

      As for the Anime's, we don't have any animies (that i know off) instead we have Cartoons, but they are aimed at kids and a young audence. however if you watch Japanese animes if you go on youtube they have been "Dubed" so people have change the langue so they speak english, it's worth looking at that :)
      hear are some cartoons from my childhood :)

japanese films with english subtitles