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    Where can I find the Lifetime movie Thirteen?
    I really want to watch the lifetime movie Thirteen, but I can't seem to find it anywhere. I've checked iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, and the Lifetime website it's self. Is there anywhere I can find it, and watch it?
    Thank you in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      youtube has it

    where can i watch lifetime movies for free online or downloads?
    i want to watch that movie but i cant find it! oh, NO crap thats not comepletly free!

    • ANSWER:

    Where can you watch Lifetime Movies?
    Where can you watch all Lifetime Movies? I know you can watch a few on Lifetime but I was wondering if there was a place where you can watch all of the Lifetime movies.. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      It usually has most movies and shows on it

    Does anybody know any websites to watch free movies?
    Does anybody know any kind of websites where you can watch free movies online and not have to sign up for anything?

    • ANSWER:
      Hulu if your into old lifetime movies.

    Is there any good online movie watching site where you can watch tv movies?
    i'm looking for like blockbuster online for lifetime and hallmark movies?

    • ANSWER:

    Can anyone find this elusive movie online?
    Hey, I would like to watch the movie, "Lost Behind Bars" online. I've checked most sites but I can't seem to find it. 10 points to anyone who can find a WORKING link to the movie.


    • ANSWER:
      These will work for you

      Those will work! Good luck, have fun, and happy watching :)

    What is a good website to watch tv shows online for free?
    Particularly stuff off USA Network and Lifetime?

    • ANSWER:
      The most legit and reliable one with the greatest variety of shows and movies is It has changed my life, enjoy.

    How do you save money on everything?
    How do you save money? I need some ideas on how to save money. Please let me know.

    • ANSWER:
      This is what my bf and I do.

      1. Ditched our phone service, we now have Skype and a pay as you go cell.

      2. We use Netflix and to rent movies and games. We get online at and network websites like ABC to watch shows like Lost. We don't have cable.

      3. Cut eating out to 3 days a week (Friday-Sunday) or you can just call ahead and order take out, that way you don't have to tip them, believe me that makes a huge difference.

      4. Don't bulk buy if you don't see yourself using what you buy. Bulk buying doesn't always work for everyone and don't feel bad if it doesn't work for you.

      5. At some point you have to decide what is "enough" for your life. It doesn't matter whether you're a working class person, middle class, upper middle class, or the capitalist class, some people never reach "enough" in their lifetimes no matter who they are. That's why wealthy people go broke all the time like MC Hammer and why lottery winners become broke 5 years later.

      If you buy a car, whether its a Honda or BMW, can you afford it? Can you keep it longer 5-7-10 years before you get a new car? Are you okay with living in your house, or do you really need a 500k house?

      6. Sometimes it helps having a roommate and paying half of everything before you can move out and support yourself entirely.

      7. Do you really need 20 shoes, when you only wear 5 of them? Can you shop at Old Navy and Macy's instead of Barney's and Nordstrom?

      8. If you like going on trips, can you find cheaper flights, maybe fly coach, and stay in 3 star hotels instead of 5 star hotels? As long as they're clean and in safe neighborhoods then what does the star rating matter?

    Is there high technology beyond our dreams out there in the stars?
    Do other people have technology, that to us, is solid magic?

    • ANSWER:
      It's all very relative. What we consider work-a-day tools, would absolutely be considered magical to anyone born more than 12,000 years ago - before the advent of large settlements and advanced tools - to say nothing of our ability to write,speak and the vast amount of knowledge we have versus tribal hunter-gatherers. - A process that took our species 40,000 years has been accomplished by individuals -

      Mention to someone 500 years ago that we have put men on the moon, or have regular flights to space, and a space-station. That machines from Earth have visited several other planets in this star-system and are presently headed to deep-space -

      Most of our stuff - particularly our high-tech toys would have been absolutely amazing and unfathomable even 100 years ago. To suggest that for a thousand dollars, I can get on a conveyance and from most places on the planet be in Moscow, or New York , Melbourne or Sao Paulo, each within the space of 24 hours, and if you time it right - often less than that .

      Consider you can get - for a hundred dollars a machine - with no moving parts, that allows you to get a device that's a book, a phone and a computing device, that can communicate with anyone on the planet hooked up similarly - anytime - for almost no cost.

      You can watch movies, download books, do all of the things that would have taken the resources of entire nations, just 70 years ago, trivially - with a little typing and clicking -

      Even 10 years ago it was pretty far-fetched that "someday" you could have a car with a serious range and enough power, that you don't need to use gasoline!

      How amazing is that -

      So among the trillions of stars, among billions of galaxies, in just the observable universe, there was / is / has been civilizations advanced enough - we would consider them godlike.

      Even within our own galaxy it's more than likely that there are at least a few very advanced civilizations here and there. Perhaps the pseudo-scientists are right, and humans have been visited by some nearby star-faring alien race for millenia, or perhaps we're the cleverest sentient in our local star-cluster, we might not know in our lifetime.

      Maybe there are civilizations that uplift species locally and help them to become sentient - projects that take millions of years to come to fruition.

      So perhaps in 10,000 years, if humanity hasn't wiped itself out, or suffered any myriad other ways we could easily wipe ourselves out, we (or our machines) might have a herd of stars focusing their energy to some vast project we can scarcely imagine.

      Maybe we'll have just a few "home" colonies or maybe we'll have a vast prospect across the wild reaches of our local cluster of stars in our galaxy.

      For me, just getting off-world and setting up shop on Mars , terraforming the place and hanging loose on to two worlds is all I ask of our species for the time-being.

    Whats some good tv shows or movies to watch?
    Pretty bored, any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      TV SHOWS:
      My new favorite show is Rookie Blue on ABC at 9:00pm on Thursdays
      So You Think You Can Dance on Fox Wednesdays and Thursdays at 8:00pm and 9:00pm
      Rizzoli and Isles on Mondays
      Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family Tuesday
      Drop Dead Diva on Lifetime Sunday at 9:00pm (I think)
      NCIS reruns are on all the time
      Law and Order: Special Victims Unit reruns are on all the time
      Greys Anatomy reruns play on Lifetime
      Desperate Housewives reruns play on Lifetime


      The Hangover (my personal favorite)
      Hot Tub Time Machine... stupid funny
      Whip It
      The Hurt Locker... war movie
      27 Dresses (another favorite)
      The Ugly Truth
      Anything with Bradley Cooper!

      Hope that helps!

    what are some movies about teenage sex, drugs, and alcohol? or abusive homes?
    ive already seen kids, thirteen, and all the lifetime pregnancy movies.
    i cant watch havoc on youtube.
    preferably, please list ones i can watch on youtube or hulu

    • ANSWER:
      Some I've seen before:
      Juno (one of my all time favorites)
      Sex Drive

      I'll add more if I can think of more movies

    Can you watch full length movies on the Lifetime Movie Network website?

    • ANSWER:

    What website can I watch Odd Girl out On for free?
    i dont want to download anything or take a survey....i just need a place to watch it...ive already tried youtube and they only have one clip :( its the movie with alexa vega

    • ANSWER:
      This is a Lifetime Movie. Try the Lifetime Movie or or even

    where can I watch sin and redemption 1994 online.?
    I would like to watch this movie if anyone could help me find it i would be very thankful its a lifetime movies.

    • ANSWER: is the best place to watch old mivies or even new ones and they keep up with the best shows everytime a new show comes out!

    Who watched that movie "Cyber bully" on abc family ?
    I already watched the special presentation but i want to watch it again does anyone know where I can watch it again?
    I watched it again today but is it on youtube or something yet?

    • ANSWER:
      I watched it :) I Thought the movie was good since, I was kind of going through the same thing. I watched it the second time it came on that same night. The best place, I can think of is youtube the first one you already have. The third is, hulu. If they already have it. I don't think they will show it on lifetime. But, I Hope they will someday. Because, it do seems like a good lifetime movie.

    What are some movies about eating disorders?

    • ANSWER:
      any lifetime based movie. I just saw one on hulu i cant remember what its called though

    were can i download free movies and tv serieses on the internet in dubai?
    i tried a site that i normally use in my home country but it is banned here. i want to download these legally so please give me a website

    • ANSWER:
      If you are talking about streaming websites like hulu and so on , they are not banned but they only allow their programs to be viewed based on IPs from certain countries , mainly north america / europe etc. The only FREE ones that works good in UAE are OSN & eLife TV websites , and they are only for their own subscribers. However forget about eLife their programming sucks and they have additional monthly charges (on top of normal) to watch premium contents on web, the free content is mostly old stuff not worth watching any way. So your only FREE choice is OSN really. But as I said you have to get their set top box & that's kind of defeats the purpose of watching on internet when you can watch on TV instead. There are a couple of websites out there that claim free viewing but they ask for your credit card info & one time / lifetime charge. The thing is you never know in the future they might get banned or shutdown and no way to refund your money etc.

    where can i watch free lifetime movies at online and its free?

    • ANSWER:

    Why Don't Cable providers let customers pick which channels they want?
    Why Don't Cable providers (i.e. Comcast, Cox, etc) let customers pick which channels they want? They have packages to choose from (basic, premier, etc), but why don't they let customers just pick individual channels? For example, the only channels I want are nbc, fox, abc, cbs, espn, and history. The package that includes those channels is basic but it also includes like 50 other channels that I don't watch and don't wanna pay for. Is there any cable provider that can let customers pick exactly which channels they want and charge them only for those channels?

    • ANSWER:
      About 10 years ago, I believe that a few cable providers allowed for 'a la carte' channel packages, i.e. a customer could do want you want, pick the channels wanted. BUT, that didn't work out very well, for two reasons.

      First, it was a hassle for the cable companies because customers were always wanting to 'tweak' their channels, i.e. "I want to drop this channel, add those two channels, oh wait, can you add this other channel, too?" It became a service and billing nightmare. The companies phone representatives were swamped with such calls.

      That led to the second reason why cable companies don't offer that anymore. They had to hire and pay more customer service representatives, which of course led to higher operating costs. And those higher costs naturally got transferred to the customers.

      The end result of all this is that to provide customers with the option to choose what channels they want ends up costing the customer MORE than it would for the company to provide tiered packages, so 'a la carte' TV channels is a thing of the past (for now at least).

      Did you know that there are really only 6 major media mega-corporations that provide the vast majority of programming in the USA?

      Those mega-corporations WANT you to have all those channels so that you will see all the advertisements. Why do they want you to see those ads? Because the media corporations are shareholders (owners) of THOSE companies too !!

      Comcast owns
      E Entertainment
      14 television stations
      Universal Pictures

      Disney holdings include
      10 television stations
      277 radio stations
      the History Channel
      Discover magazine
      Touchstone Pictures
      Pixar Animation
      Miramax Film Corp.

      Viacom owns
      10 television stations
      The Movie Channel
      Comedy Central
      TV Land
      Paramount Pictures

      CBS owns
      30 TV stations
      Smithsonian Channel
      The Movie Channel
      Paramount Network Television

      News Corp. owns
      27 television stations
      the Fox Network and Fox News Channel
      National Geographic Channel
      The Wall Street Journal
      TV Guide
      the New York Post
      Twentieth Century Fox

      Time Warner owns
      the Cartoon Network
      Warner Bros.
      Time magazine
      Turner Broadcasting
      DC Comics

      Do you see? Those 6 mega-corporations are obviously controlling a HUGE percentage of what Americans see on television. There is no real competition and hence no free-market in the television and cable provider businesses anymore. That's another reason why you aren't going to find the service you are asking about.

    Where can i watch 15 and pregnant online?
    Hi :) I'm looking to watch the movie: 15 and pregnant. It has Kirsten Dunst in it. Can anyone please send me an actual link to the movie? Safe website with no downloads?
    Thankyou very much in advance! ♥

    • ANSWER:
      That is a LifeTime Movie, try it on or Yahoo movies, or even try the website for Lifetime and see if they have it on there.
      Lifetime movie

    Can i connect my computer directly to TV with HDMI cord, to get Netflick?
    I have a computer connected to the internet
    My computer has a HDMI slot
    My TV has a HDMI slot
    I have Netflick now

    Can i run a HDMI cord from computer to TV, to watch Netflck?

    {right now i watch netflick on my TV via Roku, been using it that way for a year. maybe i dont need Roku]

    • ANSWER:
      There are some advantages and some disadvantages to using the computer.

      Pros to the pc:

      1. You can watch the free & Plus Hulu, with the Roku you can only watch the plus

      2. You can watch all the sites... CBS, NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, MTV, Lifetime, Discovery and so forth. With the Roku you can not

      3. You can still watch Netflix, Amazon, Popcornflix, Crackle (as you can with the roku)

      4. You can watch all the movies on your hard drive without having to convert them or pay more for a Roku with the USB port to do the same

      The con to doing it:

      All netflix content is not the same. You will more things to watch (just look at the HD section) with the roku then you will with a computer

    WHat lifetime movie was this and where can i see it?
    it was about a woman that made some poison food and went to a school and some kids were playing tag and she started to point at them and then it showed kids in a classroom dead or dying and then she ran away to a house and the cops found her and killed her because she was in a girls bedroom playing dolls

    • ANSWER:
      Murder of Innocence (TV 1993) - Valerie Bertinelli

    Does anyone know the name of this song?
    Looking for the name of a song from the movie Lying Eyes. Some of the lyrics are "love so good burns in my mind" "who could have known it wouldn't last".

    • ANSWER:
      I checked IMDB but there's no soundtrack listing. I see that it's a Lifetime TV movie - you could check Hulu - they show a lot of their movies - hopefully they have this one and the credits will have a song list.

    Where can I watch the movie Wicked (1998)?
    Hi, I really want to watch the movie Wicked (1998) starring Julia Stiles.
    Problem is, it's not gonna be on lifetime any soon and I want to watch it on my computer
    is there any website that has the movie or at least the movie cut up into parts?

    also, if anyone has a torrent thatd be nice

    • ANSWER:
      try hulu you might find it there...or you may find it on netflix online or blockbuster online or even amazon

      i just looked on my blockbuster and it is available on there but it isnt on the "watch instantly" list...and i also found it on amazon...its as low as 4.26 to buy

    Movies on youtube?????
    Like lifetime movies

    Anyone know any ?


    • ANSWER:
      try hulu

    where can i watch "Little Girl Lost: The Delimar Vera Story" movie online free?
    i have tried the lifetime site, and i still can't find it on other sites. plz help me...i would realy appreciate if someone helps me find it
    i want websites that i dont have to do surveys from plz..

    • ANSWER:
      have you tried

    Teens: do any of you know when a movie..?
    premieres on Lifetime, when the movie will appear on the internet?
    I tried hulu, sidereel, you name it for the pregnancy pact and i found nothing but trailers. Yes, I know there will be encores but I unfortunately have a bedtime at 10PM on schoolnights, and I have school tomorrow. (the encores are at 9PM-11PM)
    i can't record on my tv fyi

    • ANSWER:
      Why don't you DVR or record it with a DVD/tape??

    Please explain to me what Roku is and how/if it can replace cable, internet etc.?

    • ANSWER:
      It all depends on your location (close to a big city) as to what it can replace. For example at 50 miles out with a cheap antenna, you will have your major networks in HD like CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX an so on (as your live TV). What you will not have is the movie channels you do with cable by using an antenna alone. That is where the Roku comes into play. For a month you can have Netflix unlimited streaming. Here you will get a lot of TV shows/series to watch (not live) and movies. The Roku will give you many channels free. Keep in mind what they call a channel is like an app on other things. So again it is not live TV but tv shows and movies to watch (reruns in essence). Things like Crackle, Popcornflix are free channels that the Roku will stream.

      Depending on what you want to pay, will determine your total options. For another a year you can have Amazon Prime. This will give you a bunch of stuff to stream free. It will also let you rent or buy any movies you like for a small fee.

      Avoid Hulu Plus, it is a scam and does not work well with the Roku anyway. For another small fee you can have Playon. This will give you Hulu (that works) MTV and other sites that stream things.

      Again it is what you want to pay a month. For under a month (plus all your local channels) you will have a lot of things to watch. For under a month, you will have more things to watch then you could in a lifetime if all you did was watch TV.

      If you are going to take the plunge, do not do it 1/2 way (with a low end roku). Get the Roku XDS with the USB port. It was replaced with the Roku 2 about 9 months ago but can still be found new or like new online for under . It is the best Roku still (tho not the newest). The reason I say this as it works with any type TV (no matter how new or old). It has composite, component and HDMI ports. It has the older and newer wireless types (g/n) along with a hard wire port. It has digital optical out so you can have surround sound with any home entertain system. It has the 12 button remote VS the 9 button that a lot of other Roku's have. An last but far from least it has the USB port. With this you can have all your photos on the big screen (with a slide show). You can have all your music in MP3 format. Then you can download all the movies you want for free, and stream them to your TV in 1080 HD Blu Ray quality, with surround sound. No more DVD's to buy or burn. The new Roku 2 LT and most others can not do 1/2 this,

    Do any of you know when a movie?
    premieres on Lifetime, when the movie will appear on the internet?
    I tried hulu, sidereel, you name it for the pregnancy pact and i found nothing but trailers. Yes, I know there will be encores but I unfortunately have a bedtime at 10PM on schoolnights, and I have school tomorrow. (the encores are at 9PM-11PM)

    • ANSWER:
      Usually puts their original movies on their website the week after it has aired on TV.

    Lifetime movie, need help?
    Does anyone know where I can buy or watch Love in Another town, a Barbara Taylor Bradford.novel turned book. YouTube only has the first ten min. Amazon doesnt have nor hulu. Ive searched everywhere!

    • ANSWER:

    Alternative to AT&T U-verse?
    I'm looking to cancel my cable provider (att u-verse) and using something like Roku with Hulu Plus and Netflix. Is there anything else that I would need to get the full cable tv experience? Or at least something close to it? Such as sports, live tv, premium channels, etc. Also, if you can recommend any internet provider, that would be great as well. I'm planning to get rid of AT&T altogether. They are charging me 0 a month for cable&internet.

    • ANSWER:
      I have the following....

      1. ATT Uverse internet only 24mbps for = a month. (of course they have much cheaper plans)

      2. A 175 mile 3 foot antenna (in the attic) with moter/remote = One time cost of bought new on ebay

      This gives me about all the TV network channels (sports, tv, movies) in HD via the TV for free

      3. HD 6450 video card (better then the roku) = One time cost of .99 shipped to the front door.

      This gives me Crackle, Popcornflix, Hulu Free and Plus (roku only gives you plus), and all the sites that you can not get with the roku. ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, Youtube, MTV, Lifetime, Discovery, and many more. It also allows me to watch the 100's of movies I have on the computer via the TV in 1080 HD with surround sound.

      4. 25 foot HDMI cable = One time cost of .99 bought online

      This allows me to use 2 of the 3 connections on the HD video card at the same time. The Big Screen Plasma TV acts as monitor #2 and all video is sent to it in full screen 1080 HD and 7.1 surround sound (built into the card) via the HDMI cable. The 24 inch LED acts as monitor 1 via the dvi or svga cable so you can still use your computer as a computer, the whole time you are watching TV.

      5. Netflix = .99 a month

      I do not miss not having cable as I have more content then I could watch in 3 lifetimes lol

      Total start up one time cost =

      Total monthly cost = a month (could be much less if I went to a lower speed package)

    Should I buy a Roku instead of cable?
    My family has a tv, but we only have the about a month cable. We get 20 channels and half of them are in Spanish and most of the other ones are the same thing on 2 or 3 channels. The only channels we get are several news channels, pbs, and that's pretty much it. I want to buy a Roku or something like that. We have WiFi. I was thinking of buying a Roku, either Hulu Plus or Netflix, and then In the end, would that be cheaper than what we're paying now or a little more a month but worth it because of the more channels?

    Roku: .99-.99, depending on the model
    Netflix: .99/month
    Hulu Plus: .99/month 4.99/year, = about /month for the months we would have it, but we would have to pay the full amount up front, not monthly.
    I think the monthly subscription fees would equal out to about the same, would it be worth it? And then there's the harder question: Netflix or Hulu Plus? I've heard Netflix is better for watching movies and Hulu Plus is better for watching TV shows because there's more of a selection, but when I searched their selections, Netflix had more of the TV shows we would potentially be watching. If we get a Roku, I would do the free trial of each before deciding. What do you think I should do? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      The roku will never replace full blown cable. But it will give you better then what you have now.

      First lets go over what the roku is (can do): It will stream netfix as you said. Netflix beats Hulu Plus hands down! Hulu does not like the roku (makes is crash a lot). There content is only 1/10th of Netflix. You have to keep in mind when you are on a computer, you are seeing everything Hulu has to offer, On the Roku you can only stream what is on hulu plus. So you are actually paying more for less (hulu plus is only about 30% of of hulu's total content. Then there are the commercials (which netflix does not have). You can have Popcornflix (which is free) and Crackle (also free). Netflix is about the only thing that is really gonna have HD things tho (hulu plus has some, but not a lot).

      Now lets go over what the roku is not: When they say roku channels, think of the channels as apps. Do not think of them as real channels. Roku does NOT do live TV, it streams reruns from things like Netflix. There are no network.coms either, So no ABC, NBC, FOX and other networks.

      To get the best bang for the buck, there are a couple things to do (to truly give cable tv a run for the money).

      1. Go on ebay and get yourself one of those 175 mile range 3 foot antennas with the rotor and remote (under ). For only 3 feet in size, they are pretty good. This will give you all the major networks in HD.

      2. Get yourself Netflix (maybe Hulu Plus, it is really up to you) The only way to know for sure is to try the free month of it. These will be your "movie channels".

      3. If you are going to get a Roku, get either the XS or the XDS model. You want that usb port. This is going to make it so you can add your own movie library from your computer.

      Now there is another option that you and most others overlook. This will increase your viewing content 100 times and is cheaper.

      Rather then the Roku.... Get the HD 5450 (or like model) video card. .99 shipped to your front door. This is going to do a couple things for you.

      1. It has 3 video type connections on it. You can use 2 at the same time with two monitors (1 being your pc monitor and the other your TV). You will still be able to use your computer as a computer (via the monitor) as you stream HD (with surround sound) full screen to your TV.

      2. You will now have Hulu for free and all of its content (along with popcornflix, crackle and the rest)

      3. You will also have all the sites. Things like ABC, NBC, FOX, Lifetime, Discovery channel, and all the other networks that have web sites (so many do) and watch all their content. The things the Roku can not do.

      4. You can still have Netflix for .99 a month

      5. You do not need the more expensive roku with the usb, You can stream any movies you have on your pc right to your TV.

      It take about 5 mins total to drop the new card in your pc, pop the CD in to install the drivers (it will automatically route the built in 5.1 surround sound to your tv when a HDMI is detected). And you are good to go.

      Total one time cost of the antenna and video card = Under
      Monthly cost = .99 for netflix
      Things available to watch = More then you can count

      This will even give full blown cable with all 500 channels a run for its money at 1/10th the price

    where to watch free movies online?

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on what you want to watch. If you want a general category of movies try or But if you want something specific try or lifetime movies.

    please help!! i needd ur freakin help?
    i really need a website were you can watch free movies online , no virus , no damn surveys , and 100% free! please i am gonna die of boredness!!! and btw the canu give me a website were like the movies are like maybe stilll in theater? if not it is ok. but please give me one ASAP

    • ANSWER:
      Hulu has a nice selection of lifetime movies from the early 90s. Everyone loves though /sarcasm

      Just sign up for Netflix. It's worth it!

    Streaming websites??!!?
    Does anyone know a streaming site that works for these channels that are from the U.S :Lifetime, Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movie Channel , ABC , BET, Cartoon Network

    • ANSWER:
      Yea, HULU does that

    Looking for a movie....?
    I watched a movie on either netflix or hulu and it was about a newlywed couple, the actress was blonde, and they go to a remote island. Later in the movie, the house they are staying at gets "robbed" and they get held hostage for a few days. It turns out later that the wife was in on the whole thing and she married the man for money I think. There was an older man as the bad guy and his "girlfriend" had brown hair, it was longer. Towards the end she actually fell in love with the husband. I am not sure what it is called but I want to watch it again. It is NOT perfect getaway, i have already had that suggested a few times and I looked it up, its not that movie. If anyone knows, please help!

    • ANSWER:
      It's a lifetime movie. It's called the Break-In
      The blonde is Kelly Carlson.
      the guy who plays her husband is Eric Winter

    Movie Downloads online?
    Okay 3 simple questions
    1. does or the new website of this have a lifetime membership if yes what can i dose it for
    2. does offer full 1080p full length HD movies
    3. do you know of any other movie downloading website that offers 1080p content and a lifetime membership and i want to be able to download them so i can watch them where i don't have an internet connection

    Thanks for your help
    I can't tell is darth v mocking me

    • ANSWER:
      No legitimate membership movie viewing internet site is going to allow you to download movies for your personal library. Hulu is a great site for instant access to movies and TV episodes from virtually all era's of visual media. They offer cheap rates and you can choose the resolution for most of their videos. They also offer a desktop application interface.

      If you want to download movies i suggest you research bit torrents and bit torrent sites. You will not find to many 1080p download movies, they are simply too large. Many of them will however be available at 720p. is a common torrent host site. If you choose to follow this path do it at your own risk.

    Is It Safe To Download TV Shows/Movies From 1Channel?
    Used to be LetMeWatchThis?
    I just wanted to know because I live in the UK and you can't get Lifetime shows on the Lifetime website from the UK, same with TLC and Hulu, it's so annoying and I really love watching Dance Moms. so 1Channel is great for me.
    My sister loves watching them when she's round, but she lives in a flat now, and doesn't have internet yet, so would it be safe to download the episodes to my laptop so we can watch them without having to use the internet?
    Only using Putlocker/Sockshare obviously, I just don't want any nasty viruses or any of that!

    Thanks for any answers! x

    • ANSWER:
      you should be able to download them, but just remember to have a good anti virus software to make 100% sure that they are ok after you download them.

      never use anti virus software like norton, macaffee or kaspersky, use something like avast and you will be ok!

    What happened in season 6 grey's anatomy?
    Ok I started watching the show when season 5 came out on lifetime and am now addicted to it =p. The season ended 2 days ago with george dying and the next day season 1 started, so i'm like "wth?! this totally Sucks!!" sooo .. i started watching season 6 on abc but im behind since it started sept.24!!! Can anyone catch me up please!
    the show just isnt the same without izzie and o'maley =(
    izzie comes back next week though Yay!!!

    • ANSWER:
      I'll try to catch you up on season 6

      episode 6/01 "Good Morning"

      Izzie has a bad wake-up call; George's death. Meredith and the other residents fear to continue with their lives as George's death is a major impact to them all. Moat of the episode is George's funeral and some flashbacks as well as Izzy in her cancer bed.
      here is a link to a full recap:

      episode 6/02""Goodbye"

      Cristina and Owen are finding it difficult to abstain from sex as instructed by Dr. Wyatt. Meredith and Derek consumate their wedding everywhere they go. Izzie mourns her best friend, George, after his death.
      here is a link to a full recap:

      episode 6/03 "I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me"

      Bailey and Alex's patient is complicated when her schizophrenic son arrives. The residents and interns of Seattle Grace compete to survive the budget cuts.
      here is a link to a full recap:

      episode 6/04 "Tainted Obligation"

      When Meredith and Lexie's father, Thatcher, returns to the hospital with a failed liver, it's up to Meredith to save his life. (She gives him a lobe of her liver).[In real life Ellen Pompeo was pregnant ans the writers wanted a creative way to hide the pregnancy so having her laying down in the hospital bed for several episodes worked]. Meanwhile, Izzie empathizes with a patient riddled with tumors, as Mark, annoyed with Cristina's competitive zeal, tricks her into assisting on an unusual surgery.
      here is a link to a full recap:

      episode 6/05 "Invasion"

      The residents of Seattle Grace and Mercy West vie for surgeries and their careers as day one of the hospital merger begins. Meanwhile, Arizona stands by an enraged Callie when her father visits with a priest to attempt to convince her to renounce her homosexuality; Izzie experiences the brunt of the new surgical competition; and an accident derails a patient's upcoming kidney donation, with Dr. Bailey promising to set things right, segueing into a crossover with Private Practice. Izzie is fired and leaves a Dear John letter for Alex and disappears. (in real life Katherine Hegel has to do a movie and will be back in 4-5 episodes).Here is a famous scene in the episode that got LOTS OF PRESS.

      here is a link to a full recap:


      episode 6/06 "I Saw What I Saw"

      After a burn victim unexpectedly dies in the midst of a chaotic ER, the Chief and board member Jennings interrogate the residents to find the culprit, as all the Mercy West and Seattle Grace residents defend their actions in an effort to save their jobs. April Kepner (Sarah Drew) is fired.
      here is a link to a full recap:

      episode 6/07 "Give Peace a Chance"

      Derek must help the unlikeliest of all; the hospital lab-tech, Isaac, when it turns out that he has an inoperable tumor surrounding his spine. Derek is juggling two things at once when he questions Richard's authority.
      here is a link to a full recap:

      episode 6/08 "Invest in Love"

      Arizona is stunned when one of her patient's parents has a much too generous donation of twenty-five million dollars to spare, but when her patient's condition worsens, all eyes are on Arizona to fix it. Cristina is tired of Owen and begins to test her boundaries with him, and Alex is losing it with the disappearance of Izzie, not to mention the left-over hospital bills that he must contend with. (0,000)
      full recap:

      That should do it.


    Best streaming service for Google TV?
    So, last Christmas I was given a Sony Google TV as a gift. I didn't realize how crappy this TV was until I'd thrown the box away and was unable to return it, so I'm pretty much stuck with it now.

    I'd like to get some sort of streaming service, and since the TV doesn't support Hulu Plus, I was thinking of getting either of these:

    1. Amazon Prime - I like that it is already integrated into Google TV, which would be convenient, but I'm unsure about the amount of content it has.

    2. Roku - I was unsure if this would be compatible with my TV, since it's a Google TV, but I believe I read somewhere that they would be compatible..? I really like this option, as I would be able to get Hulu Plus (which seems like the best service out there, so far), among other things.

    Which of these should I get? Is there a better option out there? I'm pretty sure Apple TV is out of the question, and so is Netflix (I'd really like newer content.. I may get Netflix alongside whatever other service I decide on in the future, but I don't think I'll start out with it).

    Thank you for the help!

    • ANSWER:
      Well first let me check to see if you have a fever cuz HULU PLUS SUX!!!!! How can a service that "you pay for" and has less content then the free version, still makes you watch commercials (and pay for them), and is loaded with B grade movies be a good thing?

      1. Netflix is by far the best option out there. They have the most content of any. If you like old movies, new movies, old TV or new TV they have it. Not a whole lot of new releases (they make their money by sending out DVDs not by streaming) but more then any other. The trick with netflix is to use your computer or the netflix search channel (not included with netflix) to really see the 10,000 plus things they have to stream. If you just use Netflix search, it seams like a lot of BS.

      2. Amazon Prime is about the only one that will give Netflix a run for their money. Again Prime makes its money by selling, renting movies and not streaming them. The big problem with Prime is if you buy a movie, you never really have it. It will always be in your Prime account to watch but that it is. So you always have to have it. It does have more content then most tho (other then Netflix).

      There is a better option out there. It is called a HD video card and will be shipped to your front door for under With it you get the best of all worlds. You have all the sites (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, Lifetime, Discovery, and so on). You also get all the Youtube, MTV, and like sites. You get the Hulu (free on your TV), Netflix, Prime, Popcornflix, Crackle and the like.

      Plus you get all the free movies/tv/series you can download for free to your hard drive (which is more then you could watch in 5 life times if all you did was watch TV).

      Since you wont do that tho lol get Netflix and be done with it. It makes no sense to buy a streaming device (like Roku or Apple TV) to connect to a streaming device (google tv).

    Is a roku worth buying?
    A roku is a internet based box that streams various networks to your tv....anyone have this and is it worth buying? I want to make sure I'm actually going to get some free channels not just having to pay extra for them.

    • ANSWER:
      If you are afraid to open up your computer and make a 60 second alteration then yes. First we have to address the myth that it will replace cable for free. It will not & here is why. Say you drop your cable today. You turn on your tv and there is nothing, a useless screen. The first thing you have to do is go on ebay and get a antenna with a motor. They are really small (about 3 foot across and a foot high) but they work rather well. This will get you all your local channels for free in HD. You have no movie channels tho and that is where the roku comes in.

      The pros of a roku basic model:

      1. You can stream netflix ( a month)

      2. You can stream amazon ( a month)

      3. You can stream huhlu plus, in theory but it does not work ( a month)

      4. You can stream Crackle (free with commercials limited selection)

      5. You can stream Popcornflix (free with commercials limited selection)

      6. There are some others but really not worth mentioning

      7. You can play games

      * Note: Everything you can dowatch with the roku, you can dowatch with your computer. So it is really up to you if it is worth it. Do you have a big computer screen? Is it convenient? Are more people then just you going to be watching it?

      The pros of the advanced rouku models (like the XDS or XS) These are the ones with the usb port:

      1. Everything listed above

      2. You can view all your pictures (with others as well) on the big screen in a slide show if you like

      3. You can listen to your music in mp3 format (good if you have surround sound)

      4. You can make your own home movies, download movies (free in 1080 HD if you know how) and watch them on your tv with surround sound. (some conversion required depending on the file types). This is the best feature of the roku but often overlooked.

      5. You can play more advanced games

      ** Note: Again all this can be done with your computer, so up to you if it is worth it.

      The cons of the roku (any model) or other streaming devices:

      You can not watch the networks, like CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, MTV, Lifetime, Discovery, (all that have a sites and most do) just to name a few. There are many shows on that I like that I have to miss cuz of work or school. I like some reality tv like survivor or the challenges on MTV. When I miss them, the only option I have is to go to or and watch them on the computer. The roku and other streaming devices can not do it.

      Which brings us back to my initial comment. There is a way to DO IT ALL, and truly cut cable....

      1. You buy a HD video card for .99 (for example)

      2. You drop it into your pcie slot of your pc (takes 60 seconds for a first timer)

      3. You connect your monitor to the vga port of the new card.

      4. You turn on your computer

      5. You drop in the included CD and let it install the drivers (3 mins for a 1st timer)

      6. You connect a HDMI wire to the HDMI of the new video card & the other end to your TV (you will now have 2 screens running at the same time, with different things on them) If you do not have a HDMI wire, you can get a 15 foot one online for about 5 bucks.

      Now you have no draw backs (for under ) you can do/watch it all, plus so much more. While you are browsing or doing things with your pc monitor, you are watching blu ray quality movies and tv 1080 HD on your TV with surround sound (the video card comes with surround sound and will route it to your TV for you once it detects the HDMI wire).

      *** Note: You now also get the free Hulu, All the Networks, Youtube (and everything else).

      That to me is worth buying!

    Questions about Roku and channels? Please help!?
    If I buy a Roku receiver, will I be able to get all of these channels for free?

    Or do I have to pay for each channel individually?

    • ANSWER:
      First thing you want to do is understand the concept of channels. I can say with the human face there are 1,000's of different faces you can make. In theory this is true. In reality we only make about 10 on a day to day basis. Happy, sad, mad, confused, you get the idea. All the rest are just variations of a silly face that we never do on average.

      Same goes for the Roku Channels (also known as apps). It is a good selling point to say there are 1,000's of channels. Well so does your radio & how many do you really listen to? There are only about 10 that are worth having and you will even need.

      Netflix: Monthly fee (under a month for just streaming). This is going to be the bulk of your watching since they have the most content of them all.

      Amazon On Demand: Annual fee (under a year so under a month). They have the 2nd most content. They are the only one that can give Netflix a run for their money. They have true 1080 HD (Netflix is only 720 HD). You have the ability to buy or rent movies. It is instant, you do not have to wait for a DVD to come in the mail and send it back like Netflix. Some like it better then Netflix. But for streaming alone, Netflix has a bigger selection

      Hulu Plus: Monthly fee (under a month) not worth talking about since there are so many problems with it & streaming. Once Hulu works the bugs out, it may be worth paying for. More old movies, B movies, and lots of TV reruns.

      Crackle: FREE to have/watch (there are commercials) They have a limited selection of movies and TV reruns to watch

      Popcornflix: Free to have/watch (commercials) They have a limited selection as well.

      Raterix: Free to have... this is used to watch things on Youtube since Youtube pulled their channel.

      HBO GO: Free if you have HBO. This is a joke tho in reality since the big cable companies that most people have do not support it. So if you have Verizon, Comcast or the like, you can not use it.

      USB Channel: This is free to have and the hidden gem of the Roku (on select models). You can (ahem, cough, wink) download all the block busters for free off the internet in 1080 HD with surround sound and then watch them on your tv. No DVD's to burn, None to buy, No $$$ what so ever. I know a person who has only had the Roku for a couple weeks and already has a Blu Ray quality, block buster collection of about 500 movies doing this.

      So to answer your question, some are free and some you pay for. The number is not what it seems since most is junk. But if done right, with the few worth having and the usb, you can have more movies and tv shows then you can watch in a lifetime (if all you did was watch tv).

      If you are going to get a Roku, do a search and get the XDS model. (Not the ones at sears for 0 lol they were only when they came out. You should be able to get one new or like new still for under ). It is not the newest model but is the elite model. It will run circles around any of the new Roku 2's. It has composite tv, component tv, HDMI tv connections (so will work on any age or tv type). It has HDMI and optical digital out (so true surround sound on any type system). It has the 12 button remote vs the 9 button remote the other rokus have. It has both wired and wireless connection options. And it has the USB port to watch movies, view pictures, listen to music on your tv/surround systems.

    Online video picture freezes but audio continues?
    I'm having some trouble on my computer lately for watching video online. While watching a video the picture will freeze, but the audio continues normally. I also notice the time indicator for the video jumps ahead about 30 seconds or so, which also happens to be how long the picture will freeze and then continue. Unfortunately it also freezes again within a short time after.

    I'm noticing this same thing happen on many websites including Netflix, Hulu, lifetime, pretty much any website I can watch full episodes or movies on.

    About my computer, I'm using a macbook pro with OS X Lion, and have tried different browsers including chrome and firefox. Anyone have suggestions on how to fix this? This is a problem that has been affecting my computer for a while now but has gotten to the point where I can't just ignore it anymore.

    • ANSWER:
      If this problem is only happening with videos from the internet and not from a CD/DVD then if might be your browsers cache. Try clearing it and giving it more space for streaming videos. If it is happening with a CD/DVD also, then your video card may need to replaced. No sure how to do that with a Mac though, but with a PC there are a lot of guides on the internet.
      Also, let the video completely load before you play it and see if that changes anything. Could just be your internet speed.

    Best Roku player for me?
    I have an older tv that has a/v connections. It's not HD. I don't have wi fi through my computer either. I do have high speed internet however. Would I have to have the computer next to my TV for it to work since I'm not wireless? Which (if any) Roku is right for me? What extra accessories (cords, etc.) do I need?

    • ANSWER:
      All of them will work with the composite connections you have. Now here is where it gets tricky and a little more info would have helped...

      The cheap route:

      1. Since you can not have HD, there is no reason to pay for one that has it. So get the LT model.

      2. Now here is where it gets tricky. If you do not have a wireless router, how were you intending on plugging it in? You can get one online for buck, it does not have to be fancy, just has to be. I am thinking the modem you have right now only has 1 connection. Your pc is using it so you need one either way.

      3. Do you have a bunch of movies on your computer that you want to watch?

      The more expensive route:

      1. If you have a lot of movies on the computer or you want off of DVD's, you will want one with the USB port. This will let you watch them all via the roku.

      2. They have an ethernet port as well so you do not have to be wireless (inc which case it has to be at least 25 feet from the TV). You will still need a router tho if your modem only has the one port.

      I would say to just get the HD card for .99 shipped to your front door. No router needed, no roku needed... ABC, NBC, CBS, Lifetime, Amazon, Hulu, Crackle, Popcornflix, Netflix, FOX, Youtube, Discovery and so much more. lol but those rca connections are killing you. You would need a VGA to composite adapter.

      All in all I would say for you the LT and cheap router. Something like

    girlfriend thinks our relationship is based on sex? please help. (both 20 years old)?
    My girlfriend has been talking to her mother who has said that she thinks our relationship is based on sex.
    There's no doubt that the main time we spend together is in the bed, being it cuddling, talking or... having sex. we never do anything together like i'd do with my "friends", playing video games, talking about stuff, drinking beers.

    I myself have no problem with the fact that whenever we are together we have sex and occasionally go to the movies, or one of us is coming with the other for some family dinner or something else like that. i see no problem in this fact as i love her and think she is a nice lady who'm i can imagine spending a lifetime with (judging how she's been so far). so for me it's not a problem, and besides that i don't see what couples could do together other than talking and watching some movies together.

    So my main two questions are:
    -What do couples do when they are together?
    -What does this mean. how do i tackle this situation? does it mean she feels unsure about our relationship or maybe she doesn't like me as much as in the beginning.

    please help.

    • ANSWER:
      She saying she wants to do more than just spend time with you in the bed at home. My boyfriend (or technically ex, as he broke up with me yesterday but is talking about working things out as we speak), was very similar in the beginning. The only thing we used to do is me come over to his house and watching stuff on Netflix or Hulu. Eventually I started spending the night. After a few months, I started suggesting we go to restaurants and now, we regularly go out to places like that, the park, occasionally the movies and our next thing I have planned is playing a game together. He's obsessed with games and I'm going to try to see if I can share in the interest a bit.

    Plot of 'Crazy For Christmas'?
    This film was on Tv earlier, only watched half of it as I got distracted.
    Really keen to know how it ends, but can't find that info ANYWHERE.
    Can anyone help?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Mache,

      I haven t watched the movie but you can download it in here:

      Enjoy it!:)

lifetime movies on hulu