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  1. Name of a movie when an abusive father beats his daughter with a belt buckle?
    I believe this was a lifetime movie. It was some years ago, an alcoholic?? father beats his young daughter with his belt buckle when he’s under the influence. PLEASE HELP ME FIND OUT THE TITLE OF THE MOVIE.

  2. Does anything know about Salem Falls becoming a movie?
    I recently went to one of Jodi Picoult’s book tours and she mentioned that Salem Falls is about to become a movie. I believe she said it was another Lifetime movie, although I could be wrong, but I have yet to find anything on it. I have googled it, scoured her website, and even checked YouTube for trailers. Has anyone else heard anything else about it?


    • Negative information only, I’m afraid. I didn’t find it listed as being in production or preproduction at the Internet Movie Database. I checked under title and under Jodi Picoult’s name. It may have been optioned for a movie but that happens to a lot of books. I’d suggest you check http://www.imdb.com periodically to see if there have been any developments.

  3. Can you save/record videos from youtube to watch later?
    I want to see this old lifetime movie “for the love of nancy” and I can’t find it anywhere, it is $150 on ebay!!! Youtube has it in 10 minute clips, is there any way to save them to my computer so that I can watch the whole movie at a later time? Or is there some other way to “record” this movie? Thanks for any help. Oh yeah if anyone has a copy of this movie for sale that would be great also :)

    • You can download youtube videos to see them later. Now you can use uSeesoft Free YouTube Downloader here: http://www.useesoft.com/products/useesoft-free-youtube-downloader.exe

      It can help you download YouTube videos with fast speed. This tool is easy to use. You can add direct URL of YouTube video which you want to download and then click “Ok” button to start downloading.

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  4. What are some other interesting lifetime movies to find and watch on youtube?
    movies about relationships and kids, marriage etc are good.

  5. Where can I buy the lifetime movie “For the Love of a Child”?
    I saw the 2006 lifetime movie “For the love of a child” with Matthew Knight on youtube. The movie is about the two women who founded the Childhelp USA organization (a child abuse help line)- I thought it was a great movie and was consiering buying it on DVD for a friend, but I can’t find it anywhere (not on amazon, etc)- does anyone know if it has been released on DVD anywhere and if so, where I can buy it (I live in Canada). Thanks.

    • Don’t think it’s on DVD. A search on Lifetime’s official store website yields no results for that film. If Lifetime themselves don’t have it, I doubt anyone does.

  6. What is the name of this lifetime origanal movie?
    The movie is about an actress who has cancer. She is visited by an angel, her high school sweetheart who was beat to death with a bat while attending high school. She is frequently visited also by his father. The movie ends with a man taking pictures of her, and she dies. She meets up with the angel in Heaven.

    • Now & Forever (2002)
      starring Mia Kirshner, Adam Beach, Gordon Tootoosis, Theresa Russell, Gabriel Olds, Callum Keith Rennie
      IMDb synopsis:
      Against a backdrop of clashing cultures, John Myron and Angela Wilson find each other and over the years form a powerful bond. One tragic night, John rescues Angela from a wicked act of betrayal. Faced with its aftermath, Angela flees town, unaware that she has put into motion a dramatic and intense string of events that will forever change the course of their lives. Harboring a secret, John guides Angela to a shocking realization that will uncover the past. They say sooner or later all love stories will end; “Now & Forever” is the exception.
      Here’s the movie trailer:

      I’m not sure if this is it because she and the audience don’t know he’s dead till near the end of the movie. But, she is an actress dying of an illness (I don’t recall which).

  7. What was the last good lifetime movie u saw?
    i saw one called “hit and run” on youtube that i really liked. i dont think it’s there anymore though.

    • Umm it was about an abused woman and her struggle to break free from her husband…..I think it may have had the washed up sitcom actress in it. Damn I can’t think of the name of it, but there were a lot of tampon commercials during it.

  8. What are some good Lifetime Movies I can Find on YouTube?
    I need lifetime movies I can find on Youtube….DO NOT ANSWER UNLESS I CAN FIND THE FULL MOVIES ON YOUTUBE!

    I am looking for movies with a good storyline maybe some mystery and some sex scences

  9. Where can I find the Lifetime movie Thirteen?
    I really want to watch the lifetime movie Thirteen, but I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I’ve checked iTunes, Amazon, Hulu, and the Lifetime website it’s self. Is there anywhere I can find it, and watch it?
    Thank you in advance.

  10. Is there a website that allows lifetime access to free music downloads?
    I heard about a website where they have you pay $30 or $40 and that allows you to have a lifetime access to downloads. And supposedly it’s completely legal unlike frostwire and stuff. Does anybody know what it’s called? I’ve completely forgotten the name. The url is like “mp3somethin..”

    • If your going to pay.. Dont. Millions of people download music for free. Try wesites like (depending on what music you like) datpiff.com/thisisbuckwild.com/frostwire. The pirate bay be a little confusing at first, just go on youtube for the pirate bay tutorials on how to download music games movies etc :)

  11. What are some movies that I can watch on YouTube?
    I don’t like murder or creepy things. I like lifetime movies esp. mom at 16 and girl positive. I also like good teen movies with some drama or it can be a comedy i dont care. Or a movie about anorexia or teen problems. Any suggestions? Also please include a description of the movie. Thanks!

    • Here are some movies with the link-

      1. Painful Secrets-

      “Dawn isn’t like other kids her age — full of typical teenage angst about boys, school and parents. Her pain goes far deeper, and to deal with her emotional overload she physically cuts herself. ”


      2. Fifteen and Pregnant –

      “When 15-year-old Tina becomes pregnant, it’s another blow to an already shattered family life. Her parents are coping with her dad’s infidelity, and Tina’s siblings, embarrassed by their sister’s situation, become emotionally withdrawn.”


      3. Gracie’s Choice –

      “For as long as she can remember, 16 year-old Gracie has been raising her four siblings, each of whom has a different, absent father — and their mother is on the fast track to self-destruction.”


      4. Strike! (Aka All I Wanna Do) –

      “It’s 1963, and budget constraints are forcing Miss Godard’s School for Girls to merge with a nearby boy’s boarding school. ”


      5. For The Love Of Nancy –

      “After recovering from her own eating disorder, she took on this part as anorexic Nancy Walsh, a college freshman who goes out of control with her obsession to lose weight.”


      6. Accused At 17 –

      “When 17-year-old Bianca Miller finds out her boyfriend cheated on her with a classmate, she’s furious. When her best friends Fallyn, 17, and Sarah, 17 suggest they play a prank on Dory to make her pay, Bianca agrees to go along.”


      7. Sharing The Secret –

      “Dr. Moss is a smart and successful child psychologist, but at home, she fails to notice that her own daughter has a life-threatening eating disorder”



  12. What is the name of the song in the Pregnancy Project? The lifetime movie?
    i have been looking for this song all over! i searched for it and i haven’t found its not at the very beginning and its not at the end either! so if you know where i can find a list of the songs please let me know! and ill look to see if any of those are it! or any song you think it might be cause it was in the movie please let me know! i want it! i remember it saying something like this: “i, i, want to ask you something… i want to ask you why… or something like that and a girl sang it but i have no idea! lol. thanks!

  13. Can someone tell me what Lifetime movie this is?
    I can’t remember a lot about the movie, but here’s what I’ve got:

    A woman, who is either a baker or an artist, starts dating a guy. Things get pretty serious between them, and he ends up moving in with her and her teenage daughter. The boyfriend and daughter end up sleeping together, and it turns out the boyfriend is crazy. I think they end up having to shoot him.

    The movie is kind of old, but it popped into my head for some odd reason.

    • Sweet Temptation (1996 TV movie)
      starring Beverly D’Angelo, Jenny Lewis and Rob Estes
      IMDb synopsis:
      Jade is a 16-year-old girl with all the problems a teenager faces. Moreover, her parents are divorced, and she lives with her mother, Jesse. Jesse falls in love with Billy, a much younger man who is also divorced and has two young children. When Billy comes to live with her mother, Jade feels really uncomfortable and realizes that maybe she is attracted to him.
      EDIT: Here’s Part 1 on YouTube:

  14. Movies based on true stories question?
    I am doing a paper on movies based on true stories. Does anyone know of a place where I can find different movies that are based on true stories such as the ones they show on LMN?

  15. I am looking for an old lifetime movie with Joanna Cassidy and Danielle Harris?
    The movie had Joanna Cassidy playing Danielle Harris’s mother.She was a bus driver and when she went to pick her daughter up she was kidnapped by a dirty black car. Thoughout the movie she chased this car in her bus and at the end the car went off a cliff. I can’t remember the name of the movie and I can’t find it anywhere…Can someone help me please??

    • Wheels of Terror (1990 TV movie)
      IMDb synopsis:
      This is a movie about a mother (Joanna Cassidy) and her daughter (Marcie Leeds), who move to Copper Valley, Arizona, to get away from the city life of Los Angeles. A black 1974 Dodge Charger appears out of nowhere, terrorizing young school girls in the Copper Valley community. Later on, the driver kidnaps the daughter right in front of her mother, who is driving the schoolbus. The mother makes a desperate attempt to reclaim her daughter by chasing the black sedan through the rough Arizona desert terrain.
      IMDb review:
      Cassidy is brilliant in her role as divorced bus driver Laura, trying to raise her daughter in Arizona, and eventually having to save her from the unseen child molester after she is kidnapped. Her desperation and determination to save her daughter and ensure the pervert never harms anybody again are very believable. In case you’re wondering how the schoolbus can keep up with the murderous muscle car, there’s a gratuitous info-dump scene near the start where Latino mechanic Luis points out that he put a racing engine into the bus. Why he would do that I don’t know, but it explains how the bus is able to chase the Charger.
      EDIT: Here’s the movie on YouTube:

  16. What are the best lifetime movies to watch on youtube?
    I have already watched Thirteen, Bastard out of Carolina, Cyberbully, Human Trafficking, Indecent Seduction, Sleepover, The Woodsman, so you can see what kind of movie themes I like. Give me whatever you can, but only movies where I can watch the entire thing on youtube.

  17. Trying to remember the name of a movie?
    I can’t think of the name of this movie, me and my friends were talking about it today and we seem to recall that it was a Lifetime movie. Don’t quote us on that but I think – if that helps any. Anyways, I remember there were maybe 2 or 3 young like teenage or early 20’s girls who take this other girl into a really remote area and they only mean to scare her, but then I think they hit her with a rock or something and she dies. Then they go back home and I think that they were all keeping the secret and the parents were in on it. I hope I gave enough details!

  18. What book is the movie, Girl Fight Based on?
    I just got through watching the Lifetime movie,”GirlFight’ and i know it’s based on a true story. but What is the name of the book/and who is the author? thanks

  19. Any lifetime movies that have guys tied up?
    any lifetime movies? that have guys tied up in jeans or boxer briefs or maybe in cowboy boots?

  20. Do i Have To have an ipod to watch the movies off of itunes?
    Can you save the movies on your computer or disk and watch them later?
    The Only place i could find the lifetime movie the pact by jodi picoult was on itunes and i don’t have an ipod!
    If anyone knows a place where i could find the pact(its not on youtube) let me know!

    • Yes, you can purchase movies off of iTunes and watch them on your computer without owning an iPod. Since the files purchased in the iTunes Store are protected, you will not be able to burn them onto a disc.

  21. What are the best lifetime movies to watch on youtube?
    I have already seen Thirteen, The Perfect Teacher, Bastard out of Carolina, Indecent Seduction, My First Mister, No One Would Tell, so you can kind of see what themes I’m into.

    • First Born with Elisabeth Shue ( that movie is really good), The pregnancy pact, Family of Strangers, Stranger with my face, Trapped in a purple haze, A killer among friends and Dangerous Intentions. Ive watched all of these movies on Youtube abd they are all good.

  22. What mouse movie had a mouse that got captured and a bird who takes his brother to try to save him?
    All I remember is that the brother goes crazy and he electrocutes himself a bunch while singing a song and that the bird has a song that goes like “take a chance of a lifetime find out what you could know”

  23. What is the movie where a girl gets pregant by a rockstar?
    It is a Lifetime movie, i think, and they have like a one night stand then she goes and tries to find him and tell him?

  24. what are some good lifetime movies i can watch on youtube?
    i like teen movies, but i think ive seen most of them, i also like movies about abuse, anarexia, and missing people

  25. Does anybody know the song that is played on the lifetime movie Maneater?
    Its the song they play at her moms funeral…I think the singer is Ray Lamontagne? I just dont know the name of the song..


  26. Whats the lifetime movie where the girl is a prostitute and then she gets in a relationship with her stepdad?
    So she has sex with her stepdad, then they get in a relationship, then they make her Mom think she’s going crazy, then they kill the mom. So then they go on vacation, and she gets the stepdad to go to jail, and she incriminates him.

    • Mini’s First Time (2006)
      IMDb review:
      The film is narrated by Mini (Nikki Reed) and centers mainly around her character. Mini comes from a family straight from the Springer Show. Mother Diane (Carrie-Ann Moss) is a mean, money-grubbing, alcoholic slut. Daddy is completely out of the picture, but not to worry when you’ve got a stepfather like Alec Baldwin. Mini has decided to take up hooking. She is a bit surprised when her first client turns out to be none other than Martin, her stepfather. This does not deter Ms. Mini in the least. In fact, there isn’t much that gets the better of Ms. Mini. This gal is one sharp cookie, good at thinking on her feet, and always staying one step ahead of the posse. Soon, she and stepdaddy-dearest are hot and heavy–right under unknowing mom’s nose. But this isn’t enough to satisfy Mini–she would just as soon Mom wasn’t in the picture at all. She gets Martin to go along with her schemes, and Mom soon doesn’t know what hit her.
      Here’s the movie trailer:

  27. What are some Lifetime movies about anorexia or bulimia?
    not sharing the secret, or a secret between friends…even if its not from lifetime…any titles?

  28. What full movies are on youtube in parts?
    I really want to watch movies on youtube in parts and I was wondering if you know of any good ones?
    I’ve watched many lifetime movies but you could still name one that I might not have seen. And I’ve watched 10 Things I Hate About You
    I’ve seen Paul Blart Mall Cop and it sucked haha. And I’ve tried searching full movie and I can’t find very many

  29. What is the lifetime movie about a psychiatrist who is helping a sexually abused boy, they play handball also?
    I think the boy’s name was Tony maybe, he wasn’t really a boy more of a teenager. I think he also killed someone and tried to date the daughter, I just can’t remember the name of the movie.

    • The Unsaid (2001)
      starring Andy Garcia, Vincent Kartheiser, Trevor Blumas, Chelsea Field, Linda Cardellini, Teri Polo, Brendan Fletcher, Sam Bottoms
      IMDb synopsis:
      Michael Hunter’s 17-year-old son, Kyle, committed suicide although he was in therapy for depression, and this ruins the man’s marriage. His daughter, Shelly, moves in with her mother. He stops treating patients in order to write and teach psychotherapy until, many years later, the case of Thomas “Tommy” Caffey intrigues him. He is about to be released on his 18th birthday from the institution he was placed in after his father, Joseph, was put into jail for beating his adulterous mother to death. Michael feels that Tommy, who reminds him strongly of his lost son, carries a big chip on his shoulder and manages to ignore the fact that Shelly falls for the troubled youth at first sight.
      Here are the movie trailer and Part 1 on YouTube:

  30. What are some Lifetime movies on YouTube I can watch that will make me cry?
    Movies like “Mom At Sixteen” are the ones I’m looking for. The last scene definitely made me cry.

    Help please! :]
    P.S. RIP Michael Jackson. :[

  31. What is the name of the lifetime movie with Alexa Vega in it?
    I can’t remember the name or what it was about. I know it come out a while ago. Also where can I watch scenes from it for free, without downloading anything?

  32. Does anyone know where i can watch the movie version of “the pact” based on the novel by jodi picoult?
    I’ve tried everything, netflix, amazon, youtube, but i can’t seem to find the lifetime movie based on this novel. I just finished it, and i really want to see the movie, however, because it’s seven years old, i highly doubt it will run on lifetime anytime soon. any other suggestions?

    • Well I’m not sure… but if your talking about “The Pact” from 2002 I think I saw it on: http://www.total-request.com although I’m not sure if it was not the movie from 2006. Its hard to find this old movies around when they are not cinema categories.

  33. What is the name of this lifetime movie?
    The movie was about a lady and her 3 or 4 kids moving to another town. I think the husband had just died or they divorced. I dont exactly remember. But she made blueberry muffins to feel better. She also met someone elso.

    • The Rebound ? : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGyLFdzhw-c&feature=related
      When a beautiful, smart, suburban 40-year-old mother discovers her husband is cheating, she takes her two children to New York City to start over. A demanding new job forces her to hire a nanny, and she chooses 25-year-old Aram, who is still trying to figure out what he wants in life. As Aram increasingly becomes attached to her kids, Aram and Sandy become aware of their own undeniable chemistry. THE REBOUND is a fresh, witty, and sexy comedy about an unexpected romance

  34. Has anyone used download nova to download movies and games? Or any other that are legitimate?
    Is this download site safe and is it legitimate? They offer the fee $4.87 for a lifetime if you sign up by Jan 7. I am a little sketchy.

    • I wouldn’t trust them. After doing a quick search I found three articles calling it a scam. What I did was I downloaded download helper. it’s free and with it you can download movies off of youtube and lots of other sites. Then just download a player for the files if you need one. it’s all free. =) Good luck!

  35. What is the song on Lifetime Movie Network Television that goes “Oh save the empty”?
    It is an ad for Lifetime Movie Network and the background song goes “oh save the empty” or something like that. Does anyone know what that song is? It’s sung by a girl.

  36. What is the name of this lifetime movie?
    I know it was made in the 1990s. It’s about a wealthy man who remarries and is poisoned and tried to be killed by his new wife and stepdaughter. His real daughter tries to find out the truth. That’s all I can remember. Does anyone know the name of this lifetime movie or a movie similar to it that involves a mother and stepdaughter who are killers?

    • That movie is . THE STEPSISTER (1997)


      Synopsis: It is not merely jealousy that prompts psychology major Darcy Canfield (Rena Sofer) to mistrust her widowed father Derek’s new bride Joan (Linda Evans) and Joan’s daughter Melinda (Bridgette Wilson). In fact, the audience is way ahead of Darcy: Joan is revealed early on to be a serial killer of wealthy husbands, who with the help of the equally sociopathic Melinda has bumped off a number of former mates for their money–and, of course, Dr. Derek Canfield (Alan Rachins) is loaded


      See you

  37. where can i watch the lifetime original movie America?
    i looked online and i cant find it. i looked on youtube too. is there a web site i can go to to see it?

  38. Why is the music they use for the trailer of The Blue Lagoon 2012 lifetime movie?

    The trailer has a piano song in it and the trailer is fairly brief.

  39. What is the name of this LMN movie of lifetime movie?
    What is the name of this LMN movie or lifetime movie? There was a lifetime movie where a blonde girl was like telling the other girls what to do. ANyways, there was like a dead body somewhere, and this blonde girl dumped the body down a well. it was either her or other girls that dumped a body down the well. Does anyone know the name of this movie?

  40. What movies have a character that has an eating disorder?
    I’m doing a school project on anorexia & bulimia and can’t figure out which movies (not documentaries) have characters that are anorexic/bulimic.

    • Apart from the ones the person above me posted, there is also a character in “Center Stage” that has an eating disorder. Most of the other movies are, as they mentioned, made for TV (Lifetime movies), but you can find them all on youtube:)

  41. Years ago I watched a movie about teens going to court for killing someone. Does anyone know what its called?
    It was years ago maybe early 2000’s or late 1990’s . It sounds like a Lifetime movie but I’m not sure.
    I just remember it was teens going to court to find out what happened and in the end it showed what they were sentenced. One of the leading girls looked like the girl from Step By Step Christine Lakin.

    Anyone know what movie it is?

  42. Where to watch TV MOVIES for free online?
    Is there any website dedicated solely to TV movies?? Like lifetime movies and stuff? You can never find those online on any other movie websites.

    • Youtube…just type in the movie you want + part 1. The bad thing is they usually come in parts, but that’s how I watch TV movies.

  43. Where can i watch that lifetime movie called The Tenth Circle?
    i checked on youtube and its not there. what other links?

  44. what are some good movies that have to do with anorexia or bulimia?
    i suffer from an ED and i think watching movies about it would help me get over it. two that i know of are, the best little girl in the world and the perfect body. does anyone know any other ones that are any good?

    • For the Love of Nancy can be found on the Lifetime Channel. It stars recovering anorexic, Tracy Gold, and is the story of a young college woman from an affluent family. When her family discovers she has an eating disorder, they attempt to obtain a court order to control her treatment.

      Kate’s Secret is can also be found on the Lifetime Channel. It is the story of one woman’s “perfect” life. What her friends don’t know is that she is secretly prone to binging and purging. Her reluctance to seek help, nearly leads to the death of her daughter as well as herself. This Lifetime movie originally aired a few years ago, but they replay it from time to time.

      Dying to be Perfect is an HBO original movie. It is based on the true story of Ellen Hart-Pena, a world class athlete and Olympic hopeful, who struggled for years with an eating disorder.

      I would keep an eye out on the Lifetime Movie Network. They often have movies on this topic, and many others. There was also a movie on that channel called “A Secret Between Friends” that was about anorexia and bulimia. I think you can watch that one on Youtube. I’ll keep researching, and if I find more I’ll edit my post.

  45. Name of a lifetime movie about an Amish girl?
    It’s about this teen Amish girl who sneaks out of the community and gets pregnant but keeps it secret. She has her baby and it dies, but she passes out soon after birth so she doesn’t remember what happened. Somehow the police find out and charge her with murder and this lawyer eventually get her cause overturned and at the end of the movie the girl’s mother confessed that she killed the baby because she didn’t want her husband to disown her daughter. What is this movie called?

    • I think it’s “Plain Truth”

      “Discomfort strikes an Amish farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania when a dead baby is found. When the mother is discovered and confirmed to be eighteen-year old, unmarried Katie Fitch, she is arrested and sent to trial for murder. The detectives and police all believe that she smothered the baby. City defense attorney, Ellie Harris takes on the task of defending the Amish girl. As Katie denies that she gave birth to the baby and Ellie tries to get through to her client, the plot of the story just keeps rising and spiraling with twists and shocking new discoveries. Is Katie Fitch really guilty of murdering her newborn child? Will her Amish church exclude or still accept her into the community?”

      Part 1 on YouTube:

  46. What is the song called that played in the commercials for the movie Reviving Ophelia?
    It is a new movie that premiered on the 11th. It premierd on lifetime. I really like the song in the commercial but I don’t know what its called or who it’s by so could you please help me?

  47. Does anyone know where a can watch The Pact online?
    They made that lifetime movie of it but i cant find it online and i cant find it on netflix either. Please help me!!!! and i dont have tv so does anyone know where i can watch it? i tried youtube but there is only one version and the quality is really bad and the sound is so bad i cant tell what they are saying.
    I just finished the book and really want to watch it.

  48. A movie about two Teenagers waking up ten+ years later and are getting married?
    A nerdy girl is in love with the football star She does his homework for him and something weird happens, so they wake up, and they are marrying each other. She’s falling for the school nerd who is now handsome and a reporter; he is having an affair with his secretary. They end up back in their present day and she goes to the ‘Stones good-bye concert (the first one) with the nerd.

    I have looked at almost every search engine I know and I can’t find this movie. What’s the name of it?

    • How I Married My High School Crush (2007 TV movie)
      starring Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck of “Battlestar Galactica”), Sage Brocklebank, Tommy Lioutas, Elyse Levesque
      IMDb synopsis:
      A high schooler dreams of marrying the boy she has a crush on. When she makes a wish during an eclipse, it goes awry and the unsuspecting teenagers flash forward to their wedding 20 years in the future, with neither prepared for what adulthood has in store.
      Here’s the movie trailer:

      I watched the premiere of this on Lifetime and have watched it a couple of times since then. I think it’s a cute movie!

  49. How do I get the music from a Lifetime movie?
    I saw a movie on lifetime called ” And Never Let Her Go” there is a song that plays when the couple first make love and I can’t find the song anywhere. Someone please help me, I really would love to find this song.

    • try lime wire or try going to youtube and typing in the lyrics or try soundtrack from the movie

  50. What are some good scary movies i can watch for free on YOUTUBE?
    Full scary movies. or just any good movies at all i can watch for FREE on YOUTUBE. thanks! LIFETIME movies?

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