Making Short Films Using Sony Vegas 9

Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I make my short film look HD in sony vegas 9?
    I have a canon HV30 and i set it to HDV 24p mode.
    because I am only using it for an assignment at school and only being use there and not on the internet.

    So im wondering how do I render my video into HD?
    Than i will save to to a rewritable disc and it will be presented on a windows computer.

    • ANSWER:
      There are a bunch of formats you can use, but if you want to work on most Windows computers without hassles, try Windows Media Video 9 (WMV9).. you have that CODEC, it's part of Windows. Any old PC can play a WMV9 file without the need to install new software.. well, at least anything running Windows XP or later.

      Just render to a file. You want to set the resolution for 1440x1080/24p, same as your HDV video. Make sure you have the aspect ratio set right (PCs tend to default to "square" pixels, which is the wrong answer for 1440x1080), and select a proper bitrate. You can get reasonable if not perfect HD video at 8-10Mb/s if the material isn't too demanding, but your goal is to keep your video under 4.7GB, ideally... that'll let it live on a plain old everyday DVD-R/RW. You can grab a bitrate calculator to figure out bitrate versus playing time. Don't go too high (>30Mb/s), or the PC might be in trouble on playback.

      I did WMV in HD for years on DVD. There's actually a spec for a DVD-like formatted disc called a WMV/HD disc... I authored these, hacking HTML and JavaScript by hand, for the several years between getting into HD shooting and actually getting a Blu-Ray drive (had to wait until the format war was over). HDNet and a few others actually did short film releases on WMV/HD. You don't need to go to that trouble, just pointing out that, for videos of an hour or less, more-or-less, you can get respectable results in HD on DVD.

    What should i make youtube videos on?
    I do vlogs, music videos, skits, and tags. Im running out of ideas. I have a high quality camera and use sony vegas pro. I need ideas for skits and tag?

    • ANSWER:
      20 Video Ideas:

      1.Vlog – Just talk to the camera about your day, or something funny or interesting that happened today or the other day.

      2.Skit / Short Movie – Have a funny idea in your head? Write out a rough script, and make it a short film!

      3.Artsy – Do you like to paint, draw, make crafts, or create in general? Make a video of you MAKING something! People love watching these videos, as many other artists like being inspired.

      4.Talk about art – Even if you can’t paint a nice portrait, if art interests you enough to read about it, why don’t you talk about different types of art? Other art enthusiasts, fans, and students will watch your video if it is simple, sweet, to the point, AND informative.

      5.Music – Do you sing? Maybe you play the piano or guitar? Maybe you even make beats! Anything related to music, you can either post a video of you singing or playing an instrument, or even just post your song with some album artwork as an image for the entire video.

      6.Recent Events – Did something happen in the news that you just HAVE to talk about? Do you find yourself talking to your friends and family about things that happen in the news? Well, make a video about it, and you’ll have lots of other people listening to you as well!

      7.Celebrities – This can go into recent events as well, but celebrities are always doing something crazy or stupid (or both!) – talk about what happened, what you think about it, and ask others to comment on what they think.

      8.Tutorials – Is there something that you know how to do that other people WISH they could do? Make a video on HOW to do it (make steps, like step 1 – step 2 – etc.).

      9.Parody – Are you funny? Can you make something funny? Make a parody video, music video, or skit about an event, celebrity, song, and make it funny, and people will watch it, AND share it.

      10.Music Video – Whether it is a parody, or your own music, or just something funny, make a cool music video that is creative, and post it!

      11.Shoutout Video – Don’t go overboard with this, or overBORED with this – What I mean is, don’t make too many videos like this, because people usually don’t like them too much. But hey, make a video where you “shout out” or give promotion to other video makers. You never know, they might see your video and make one about you!

      12.Dancing Video – Do you break dance? Are you good at hip hop, ballroom, or any other type of dance? Make a video showcasing your skills! However, DO NOT make a video of you just shaking your ***, especially if you are underage. The only viewers you will attract will be men between the ages of 25 – 70. It’s been proven. Just trust me, you don’t want to make a “soft-p0rn” video, you want to showcase actual SKILLS you have with dancing.

      13.Rant Videos – Something bothering you? Do you think other people will have somewhat of the same opinion? Some people actually love hearing other people rant. Just don’t HATE on people though, actually go into detail about the things that bother you.

      14.Impersonations – This can be a strict impersonation video, where you impersonate a celebrity or actor/actress. Or, you can make this into a skit or even a song, all while you do your best impersonation.

      15.Gameplay – Are you a GAMER? Do you have skills, or even just like to have fun while gaming? Make a video of some of your best gameplay for a particular game, and instead of ONLY playing for yourself, you’ll have other people watching you play as well – and they may learn a thing or two

      16.Special Effects – Are you good with editing and special effects? It doesn’t matter! There are hundreds and thousands of great tutorials on special effects. Follow along with what other people have done, and make your own special effects video!

      17.Concerts / Events – Are you going to a concert, a show, or something that other people are going to or WANT to go to? Film parts of it, and upload it with your title being the name of the event. People who went, and even people who didn’t go but wanted to will be searching for this stuff.

      18.Interviews – Do you know some cool people? Maybe a DJ, music artist, designer, artist, etc.? Do a little off-the-ball interview for people to get to know this person.

      19.Question / Answer Video – Make a video where you let your visitors ask you questions (in the comment section), and then tell them you’ll make an “answers” video in a week or so – you get 2 videos for the price of 1!

      20.Animation Video – Make an animation! Spend a couple hours on it, or spend a few weeks on it! The better it looks, the more views it will probably get. Even if you don’t know how to animate, watch some tutorials, and do what they do!

    Trying to improve quality of short films?
    I am trying to improve the quality of my short films. I am taking a film making class in high school and it is something I am very interested in. I want to get a really good film quality camera. I am using an old samsung one and I do not like it one but so I do not want a samsung. I am also looking for a better film editing software. I am currently using just microsoft moviemaker. So what suggestions do you have for a camera and software?

    • ANSWER:
      You don't state what your budget is but you can use just about any video camera to make short films. As you learn in your classes, you'll be introduced to cameras and features and how they work. Talk with your media teacher and he or she can offer some suggestions. A lot will depend on how and where you will show your work (DVD, YouTube, etc.) and what video media and format the camera records in (HD, miniDV, AVCHD, etc.)

      A big step up from Movie Maker are programs like Adobe Premiere Elements 8, Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9, and Pinnacle Studio. All cost around .00 (US). From there, you can jump to the pro versions that cost hundreds of dollars. Be sure that your computer meets or better yet exceeds the minimum system requirements.

    How can I do a night vision effect in Sony Vegas (plz read details!)?
    Ok so me and my friend are making a little zombie type short film. and I use Sony Vegas pro 9 to edit.

    I was wondering how to get an effect like this

    I want the REC, night vision and all. Where can I do this? Please explain in detail. THANKS.

    • ANSWER:
      for the liney effect, just go to Video FX, look for TV Simulator, drag it to the video. Then you edit it however you like.
      then go make another layer, go to Media Generators, Color Gradient, and drag Rectangular Transparent to Black to the layer.
      oh yeah, make sure it is on TOP of the video that you're making.
      if you would like to use the circley thing like the person did, click Gradient Type, Elliptical.
      then the picture underneath it (says Control Points) has a small one and two circle button. The one circle button controls the shape of the transparent shape. The two circle button controls the shape of the black shape.
      You could change the color of the shape from the color on the right side of the picture.
      then do whatever you like to change it to your delight, and watch it.
      hope i helped!

    Is Sony Vegas Pro 9 easy to use?
    I've had a lot of expierience editing with Adobe Premier Pro (CS4) making Music Videos, but I want to buy Sony Vegas Pro 9 for Home, so that I can make my own Short Films using my Panasonic SD700 Full HD Camcorder. Will I be able to use this software? is it a good buy?

    • ANSWER:
      I love sony vegas pro 9. Definetely a great buy.

    How to do selective focus?
    I use a Sanyo Xacti VPC-GH2 video camera. I want to do some good selective focus. It has Normal, Manual, and Super Macro focus modes. With 9 point auto focus, or spot focus. How do i get selective focus to work well on it with out being super close to an object? I dont want to be 3 inches from my camera to do this.

    I also have After Effects CS4 and Sony Vegas pro 10

    • ANSWER:
      you need to use a 100mm lens to get reasonable selective focus. a lens of that size works well with 35mm film and 4/3 digital cameras. for the xacti it would be superduper telephoto, the actual lens on the camera is 6mm to 34mm, at these short focal lengths, everything is pretty much in focus, from near to infinity, and beyond. this leaves you with 2 options. 1 is to make a fog filter out of optical plastic smeared with some vaseline. making your own is required since the factory lens does not have filter threads for using commercial filters. this gives a 'soft' dreamy focus effect. 2 is to fix in post using the editors blur filter. i use a larger camera and cokin filters that allow me to keep the center subject of the picture in sharp focus, but softens the surround, an advantage of having a camera that can use real filters.

    Canon Eos 550D Video Editing Problem!?
    I use Sony Vegas Pro 9 to edit my short films i create. But when i upload the videos onto sony vegas the preview box goes all laggy and horrible. I checked my internal ram on my computer and it is 3 GB i don't think i have enough.. Is there any other way for me to Edit my software without having to get a new computer? Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      I'd prefer using Sony Vegas, it's easy to use. Or you may try this video editor. I always use it to make and edit video for uploading to youtube. it's cool. And here is a guide regarding how to use it
      Hope it helps. Contact me if you have any other question.

    I'm going to be a part of the film editing team and I am an amateur, help!?
    Okay, so I am a college freshman. When I heard about our school's film making team, I decided to join the team's editing crew. I am just getting a bit nervous 'cause when I was interviewed by the club's adviser, I found out that the film editors' job is one of the hardest, since most of the movie's outcome lies on their hands. I don't have much experience in editing films, I just edit some clips and stuff but films? No. I guess I only have a month left for learning and I think that's kind of a short period to be good at video editing because its scope is so broad. Our adviser told me that the head editor will teach me stuff and help me become better but I don't want to be a freeloader in the team, I want to help a lot, I don't want to cause troubles or delays regarding the production and whatsoever. I am also willing to give my 100% effort for this. Could you please help me? What tips can you give? I am using Sony Vegas Pro 9 for editing.

    • ANSWER:
      I'm afraid I can't help on the techie side but remember the whole point of going to college is to learn so ask questions, find out more and research!

    Best Camcorder for my needs (see details in question)?
    I make short movies as a hobby, but I am especially interested in the editing process--I use After Effects CS3 and Sony Vegas 9. I don't want HD because it seems to be bothersome to edit HD and I wouldn't need the quality either way (mostly just videos for youtube). I want good quality (not all my videos are just for youtube) but standard definition and good sound (probably just go with external mic). I don't really know what's best as far as using an HDD camcorder or miniDV for purposes of video editing, and any specific reccomendations would be EXTREMEMLY appreciated. I am looking at camcorders probably around 0, not much more please.

    • ANSWER:
      You probably already know that video is only part of the "system". Audio plays a large role, too... you know this. That means you know that some method of getting good audio with your video is important. An external mic jack on a camcorder is important - but manual audio control is critical.

      You have two options with the manual audio control:
      1) Get a camcorder with a mic jack and manual audio control. Seems simple enough. The least expensive camcorders with both ar the Canon HV20/HV30/HV40 and the Sony HDR-HC9. Both are miniDV tape based and can capture video in standard definition DV and high definition HDV.

      2) Get whatever camcorder you want, and get a "field recorder" like those from Zoom, Edirol, Marantz, M-Audio and others. When you edit the video, replace the audio that was imported with it with the audio captured by the field recorder. Generally speaking, this is how the real film makers do it.

      I can't afford to keep buying hard drives to store all the video I've taken - so I continue to use miniDV tape. Not oly is it a cheap way to store lots of information while offloading my computer's hard drives, it is a good long tern storage/archive method, too.

      MiniDV tape storing DV or HDV has that video date stream much less compressed than consumer hard disc drive (or flash memory - they use the same file formats). You can do some quick math - using the cheap per 60 minute Sony Premium tapes, they can hold the equivalent of 14 gig of hard drive space used by 60 minutes of standard definition video. And, in case you decide to take the leap, a cheap per 60 minute Sony Premium tape can up to the equivalent of 44 gig of hard drive space when HDV is captured.

      I upload high definition video to YouTube and Vimeo. Just because they are online does not mean you have to cut corners and produce reduced quality products...

    Sony Vegas pro 9.0 or Adobe After Effects?
    What program is better for editing videos? To make them look like a good Movie/Video. And which one is easier to use.

    • ANSWER:
      That is a problematic Question. See it is essential to have both! Without sony vegas, you can't edit videos and without after effects you can't make great effects. You use them together, for instance, you are trying to edit a short film or something. Sure sony vegas has some effects which is nice, but after effects makes them so much better. So you would take the film and open it in Sony vegas. Then you render a section you want to edit in after effects and open it in after effects when your done. Then edit the bit in after effects and when ur done you render it out and put it in vegas and render it all out.

      Vegas is more of a timeline editing tool where you can put clips in order you want with transitions and ease.

      After Effects is like editing each individual frame. And you cant really edit the timeline. You can if you wanted, but it would be really time consuming.

      They both work hand in hand

    film maker programs???????
    what are some programs that i can use to make a short film?

    • ANSWER:
      best one I used is sony vegas pro 9. try it its really good

    Is this good what do you think?
    I am interested in video editing and created this video a few months ago...when I apply to film school should I submit this in a portfolio? What do you think

    Honest opinions please

    • ANSWER:
      video is about famous movie kisses moments, though it is good and has good context,
      something you might see from an intro to memories of,

      you will have to go with each colleges specified requirements,
      and often they require your own work in this format,

      when you apply to colleges, check their sites for portfolio requirements,
      if allowed you could use this, or make smaller/ shorter,

      if not then you could create your own pseudo mock up of these scenes,
      and then splice composite together, and if possible, create original sound track sounds,
      you could make several other video clips of any form.and edit the whole set as half hour show clips, commercial, shorts, animations, and have several videos to choose from,

      Adobe After Effects CS5
      Avid Media Composer 5
      Sony Vegas Pro 9
      Apple - Final Cut Studio 2 - Final Cut Pro 6
      EDIUS 6 Grass Valley
      EditStudio 6, advanced video editing
      VideoPad Video Editor Software

      Adobe Soundbooth CS4
      Sound Forge Pro 10
      Mixcraft 4

    Please help suggest the right camcorder for me (requirements included)?
    Please help suggest the right camcorder for me (requirements included)…

    I’m a film University student so I mainly want to shoot short films, music videos, and anything on-the-fly. The camcorder I currently use is the Sony DCR-SR35E which has its good point but also its bad points. Here is what I’m looking for:

    -Budget absolutely no more than £600, preferably around £400.
    -Small and lightweight, no problem to carry it around.
    -Good sensor, I know I won’t get a great one on my budget but that’s where my current camera fails and the main reason why I’m looking for a new one. So nice bright and vibrant colours are what I’m looking for. Something like this: (I filmed this with Uni’s camera and I love the colours that have come through)
    -SD card or inbuilt memory. I know tapes are better however I don’t have the equipment for recording onto my laptop. I don’t think Sony Vegas is that good at capturing footage.
    -Built-in microphone, bonus if it has a place to plug in a better one on top.
    -Shallow depth of field, again it depends on the sensor, but bonus if it has this.
    -Good night pick-up, my camera is always picking up noise not matter what the light levels are.
    -Manual mode, this is where I hate my camera, I have no control over anything and I have been taught to use camcorders on manual mode for 5 years now and I hate auto.

    So the summarize the improvements from my current camcorder I’m looking for is simply a better sensor for nicer, brighter and vibrant colours, less noise pick-up and much more manual control such as focus, white balance, iris etc.

    Thank you ^.^

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Linda:

      I originally was typing this Answer to your other Question regarding test footage with your SR35E, but you closed the Q&A while I was typing (when someone else briefly answered).

      First, about shooting test shots with your Sony Handycam, be careful shooting sunsets/sunrises! Only shoot sky shots when the sun is either below horizon or behind clouds, or you might burn your CCD sensor permanently. There are ND (neutral density) filters that can knock down a low-horizon solar disk to a safe level (your camera takes 30mm threaded filters & fisheye adapters), but you still have to be cautious. But have fun capturing all the cloud colors and streaming rays of light you can see in a good sky. (And there's a reason filmmakers refer to the time around twilight as the "magic hour".)

      Your SR35E is a standard def HDD unit, but has the hybrid-record capability to capture to Memory Stick (which is good for high-vibration action work, which a normal hard-drive camcorder would fail at). You have the option of switching to 16:9 widescreen, and the MPEG2 video format is way-easier to edit than HD-compressed MPEG4 formats.

      And having a nice Carl Zeiss 40x optical zoom is a good feature, but the lack of an external audio/mike input is a drawback, unless you use a separate audio recorder for boom mikes & lavaliers.

      Since you are at a college now, check with their Media Dept or Audio-Visual staff at the library (if there's no on-campus TV or film studio/dept.) and see if they have any "chip charts" (color, greyscale, and resolution charts to test & align cameras) that you could shoot some test footage with. (You probably won't be able to take them with you, but it shouldn't be a great imposition for you to shoot some quick tests there.)

      If you want to make some color-rendition test charts to compare with other cameras you are looking at, go to a paint store and pick up some room-color sample swatches (get the matte/flat colors, not the glossy/semi-gloss ones). Look at an NTSC (American TV color) test chart or colorbars screen (your PAL TV doesn't require that sort of line-up!) to get an idea of color ranges to choose. Or, look at a still photography/photo-lab color chart for a sample color palette. (Add some black-to-greys sample swatches for contrast & black/white fidelity.)

      Shooting these samples in various indoor & outdoor lighting conditions are a good test of a camera's sensors and color fidelity. Almost every digital camera sensor is going to exhibit some noise artifacts in low-light/night-time conditions.

      As far as your two camera choices listed in your other Q&A, the Sony HX9 would be considered a high-end "point & shoot" camera (and I'd stay away from its AVCHD movie format -- for editing reasons), whereas the Canon 60D is a pro-grade changeable-lens DSLR that will give you more system-expansion options. You'll also get that shallow "DOF" that 35mm sensors & lensing allow.

      Although the Canon does shoot in an MPEG4/H.264 HD format similar to AVCHD, its .mov files are a bit easier to transcode for editing (and with better fidelity) than what the HX9 puts out.

      Your SR35E can take "snaphot" quality stills (640x480) for Facebook, scapbooks/slideshows, or emailing to friends, if that's why you were looking at the HX9. But if serious photography is part of your media studies curriculum, then save up for the 60D or one of the other EOS series (T2i etc.).

      Depending on your college's class resources, you'll hopefully have access to other good cameras without having to purchase one for coursework. Get your shooting and editing practice with your Handycam (it's got easy USB file transfer and edit-friendly video, used with Sony's free "Picture Motion Browser" and any decent edit program), and you'll get valuable photography & filmmaking experience.

      hope this helps,
      --Dennis C.

    Sony HDR-SR11 question?
    I'm an amateur action and comedy cameraman/writer, is the Sony HDR-SR11 good for short films, 5-20 minutes long. Also if you could find add-ons like microphones for it I'd def give you best answer :)

    • ANSWER:
      1) Read the manual:

      2) This camcorder records to AVCHD files (MTS/MT2S). What are you planning to edit with? MovieMaker does not work with AVCHD files. Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere float to the top for Windows. Current versions of iMovieHD and FinalCut can deal with AVCHD files.

      3) The amount of time a camcorder can record - especially if you edit - has no bearing on how long your "short film" will be. The edit process dictates that. Edit with the computer video editing application.

      4) This camcorder does not have manual audio control. It has a menu selection (Mic Ref level) to be set at either "normal" or "low" for LOUD audio. The problems with this is if the audio is THAT LOUD, chances are good the camcorder will stop recording anyway. Hard drive camcorders have known problems recording in environments with lots of vibration (including loud audio) and high altitude (over 9,800 feet).

      5) The SR11 has a 1/8" mic jack. Audio Technica makes some decent affordable mics with 1/8" plugs... like the ATR-55. RODE Video mic is another one. NRG-Research makes some, too (SA-568, SA-800). These mics typically expect to be mounted to the camcorder. The Sony proprietary "Active Interface Shoe" is smaller than a standard accessory shoe. You can either modify the mic-mount shoe or use an angled "camera bracket" (use that to search at amazon - the Bower camera bracket is cheap and the two accessory shoes are standard size). The other thing you can do is use ONLY Sony mics that are made for the Sony AIS. Only Sony makes them. Limited selection.

      If you want to get the mic off of the camera, then you will need a longer cable run. Generally, this means using shielded (or "balanced") cables that use XLR connectors. This type of cabling helps prevent picking up interference. An XLR adapter like those from BeachTek or juicedLink is recommended. Better mics typically use XLR connections. Audio-Technica and Sennheiser are suggested.


      Given the known issues of hard drive based camcorders, I would suggest miniDV tape (best available video quality) or flash memory (same file types as HDD camcorders) - neither have the vibration or altitude issues HDD cams have.

    Making a video with limited space/actors?
    I am getting into filming, and wanted to make some experimental action videos. These kinda require a lot of space, and the problem is that I live in a somewhat small house with a somewhat small backyard, and there aren't a lot of places to go that have enough privacy to make such videos. On top of that, nobody is willing to be in these videos with me, so I'm pretty much stuck with a one man thing, which is hard to do in an action video. I also have limited editing software that can't do a bunch of fancy effects, or ones that look good for that matter (Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 9). Does anybody have some ideas on how I could still make action videos by myself with a limited amount of space?

    • ANSWER:
      Don't worry, I have an easy solution for you. Just play with the camera shots, you can make a shot of someone escaping using lots of short and kind of shaky shots to make it more exciting. Also playing with your shots will make a bigger space. Add some cool music maybe from a soundtrack of an action movie. Also look up in google some pre-keyed footage of some efects that you can add in sony vegas. I recommend watching some videos from Film Riot on youtube they have a lot of good tips for filmmaking. I hope this was helful and good luck!

    What are the best ways to start off my FILM-MAKING dream at 14?
    I really want to pursue a film-making career and I am very eager to do so. I can't wait that long. I am still in Year 9 of high school. But looking at the movies I have seen over the years only brought me closer to my dream. I know that at this age people may think that I am not mature enough but I am. I can't express my feelings towards film-making. The millions (literally) of movies I have seen brought me to wonder how much money was spent on this movie, how long was filming, where did they film, how do they do such a good piece of art with such a modest budget. I need information on cameras to try out with, what to use in later years, how to make a short film as a beginner and things like that.

    • ANSWER:
      First of all, if you're looking at cameras, you need to set a price range. Digital will in the long run probably be cheaper for you. When you find a model you are considering, type the name into youtube (I.E. "Canon GL2") and it'll pull up some people's test of that camera. You can get a general feel for the image quality. When I first started film making, I went with the Canon Vixia HG20, as it was relatively cheap, and it had pretty good image quality. You'll then want to look into external audio, as the sound on the camera likely won't be good enough. The Rode Videomic is relatively cheap, and has some pretty good audio input.

      Once you have a camera, you'll want to find an editing software beyond windows movie maker, so you can mess with sound layers. Look at the Sony Vegas line. Even if you get the cheapest version, it'll be better than WMM. Also, I would reccomend downloading Celtx. It's a free script formatting software for download, and it'll make your scripts professional, and more importantly, easy to read.

      After this step I would start re-evaluating who your friendships in order of usefullness. What I mean is, figure out what talents your friends have and start casting them shamelessly in film after film. Give them a little hint of possible fame and they're likely to jump through hoops for you. They're also likely to get a bit cocky and talk your ear off about days-to-come signing autographs, but hey, at least you have free talent for your shoots.

      Come up with some short skits to do. As long as you're doing them for yourself (not film festivals or profit) you can borrow music from movies and bands. I did a short with my friend just for us using Doctor Who music once, it was nice. However once you want to go more public with it, you'll need royalty free music which can get pricy. Beyond that, script out an episode and film it. Then drag it into editing, cut scenes, and add music. For details on how to do that with whatever editing program you have, search youtube for program-specific tutorials.

      As far as making your film look good, try a variety of shots. Low ones, high ones, eye level, far ones, and over the shoulder shots on each actor during dialogue. Avoid zooming during scenes, instead cut to a closer shot. Also try to avoid holding your camera. Put it on a tri-pod or at least a stack of boxes or something to keep it still.

      For effects, there are a lot of cheap ones you can do. Stage blood is easy enough to make for all your needs (For thick wound blood, a vaseline base, add red food color and coaco until it's the proper color. For edible thinner stage blood, same steps but switch the vaseline base with a corn syrup base.) There are a lot of other effects as well, too many to type here.

      It's good to begin building your portfolio now, so you'll have a wide range when you want to pick a college. If you have any questions about specific effects or anything else film related, message or email me and I'll be happy to answer them.

    Any video editors here? Need some advice...?
    What are the essential qualities and skills of a good video editor?

    Do you find your job exciting? If so, is there any other part of filmmaking in which you would prefer to work?

    I really love film and enjoy video editing. I took a course in video production in 2007 but I don't have adobe premiere pro to practise with. Only some other simple programs like sony vegas which I don't really like and of course, windows moviemaker. I feel rusty and the last thing I edited was 8mins short in moviemaker in 2008. I don't want to return to 8-4 desk job and really want to get into film. I am also a musician, a serious amateur photographer and a writer. So I think I have the all-round background for editing and that's why I love video editing so much because it brings together all my interests.

    What advice do you have?

    • ANSWER:
      You may try AVS Video Editor which has many great functions. The features in the official site are below:
      1. Direct Transfer to iPod, PSP, Mobiles and Other Portable Players
      2. Supports Virtually ALL Video Formats
      3. Burn Movie DVDs
      4. Capture and Edit Video from External Devices
      5. Edit Video and Enhance Your Movies
      6. Create Slide Shows
      7. Make Perfect Audio for Your Video Editing Tasks
      8. Scene Detection
      9. Convenient Video Editing Tools and Interface

      There is the free download link:
      Also, you can use Photoshop which may be difficult for us:

    How do you edit videos on the computer?
    Alright, I am creating a short film. I want to make a silent movie (for the most part-ish) that plays to music. So in other words, no one will talk and it will just be exaggerated acting to different music playing depending on what's going on. It'll be kind of like a super-hero thing, so I would like to edit in words such as "blamo" and "wham" and such. I don't know how, so if you know, please inform me!!! Also, is it possible to edit or overlay videos into each other? For example, if I'm the only one playing in the film and there's a scene between two people, is there a way to tape one person at a confrontation then another, and then overlap the two so it looks as if they are confronting each other at the same time rather than being taped at different times? Also, what program would be good use for this sort of thing? It has to be free, though. Any and all suggestions would be very, very highly appreciated!!!
    How do I get it though?

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on your knowledge level:

      Easy: Windows Movie Maker (Windows) or iMovie (Mac). These programs come packaged with each Windows or Apple computer and are extremely easy to use. Includes basic effects such as splitting video, adding music and title cards as well as transitions. No big hollywood effects here at all. Quality and Possibilities of effects are limited

      Hard: Sony Vegas 9 (Windows). This program does cost money but there is also a free trial for about a month which gives you enough time to figure it out. There are also TONS of tutorials on the internet if you need help. This is what i prefer because the effects are great and it comes out looking professional. I use this on a regular basis.

      The part where you want the two people almost split screen talking to each other requires sony vegas because windows movie maker and imovie cannot preform those kind of effects.

    How to edit my youtube videoes? What editing software? How to get cool effects like this? :D?
    okay so you know how on youtube users do vlogs and random videoes like these [with cool effects] : [STOP MOTION? WTF?] [HIGH PITCHED VOICE (LIKE FRED?)]

    okay, well these are weirddd and coool effects(:
    so im going to start a comedic channel kind of like these, but what software should i use for editing videos, such as sorting out clips, until i decide which to use and then putting them in the order i want.
    also like getting text on the screen, changing the colors [black and white], making high pitched voice [like the last video, and how fred does it], and getting music [from my itunes] onto the video! thats really important aha!

    so i have a PC, and ive made a couple videoes on it, but it was extremely hard to use the windows movie maker, which won't work for the type of video i want. before i just put a slideshow of pics of my family, but i couldnt get music from my itunes onto there! grr.

    so basically i just want to know how to start out my channel, with a simple, safe software(:

    tips and advice are loooved! hopefully you know what im talking about ahaa(:

    • ANSWER:
      Ok, so you will probably want to look into buying a software for this type of editing.

      There is NOTHING free out there that will let you do all of this. I personaly suggest Sony Vegas Movie Editor, and I would go with Platinum. It is a very good and enriched program that lets you do a lot of stuff and effects. There IS however quite a steep learning curve. It takes a week or two to get used to, but it is very customizable and you can do a lot of things with it.

      The difference between Sony Vegas Pro and SV Platinum is very advanced techniques that you won't be needing for what you want to do, but more for short movies and professional film editing like what I do. So don't even glance at spending 0 more for Pro.

      Now for your iTunes issue. NO editing program out there lets you get protected iTunes songs into the editing library. The fact is, it would be illegal. iTunes puts a virtual protection on most songs that you purchase so that they can only be used in iTunes. This is a pain, but you are required to accept it when you use itunes and accept the Terms of Service agreement. This however can be broken by burning a CD of the songs that you want to use, and then putting it back in your computer and readding it to your library. There are many guides online on how to do this.

      Any questions, email me


making short films using sony vegas 9