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    Are movies released the same day in America and Canada?
    Typically, are movies released in theaters the same day in America and Canada?
    If there are exceptions, could you please provide an example of a movie?

    • ANSWER:
      Not always. It just depends on the studio and the blockbuster value of the film.

      For example - Liam Neeson's Unknown
      This movie was released in the USA and Canada on the same date

      But then a movie like the King's Speech
      It was released on different days'

    Where can I watch the latest movie releases?
    Which site would you recommend to watch the latest movie releases or trailers online? I am looking for a way to decide which movie to go to in the cinema.

    • ANSWER:
      You can watch the trailers on youtube or apple.

      Some sites offer movies online, these are not hosted by the site in question, the site only gathers the links and present them in a orderly fashion to the visitor.

      I watch them on a site I discovered 3 days ago:

    Is there a website where i can watch full Bollywood movie releases?
    Is there a website where i can watch full bollywood movie releases? It dosent matter if its not HQ
    The person with the best answer will be chosen as best answer and will recieve 5/5 stars (rating)
    And I will keep on rating there answers 5/5!!!

    • ANSWER:
      You can Watch or Download this movie High Quality and Full Screen from here:

      Enjoy the movie!

    Who are the idiots that keep going to opening weekend movie releases?
    I keep hearing about the 15 million dollars for a box office movie release in the first week and I wonder who goes to these movies and why? I must admit I once did it but not when a movie cost what it does these days. I could see it for a great movie that was worth the wait for but most of these nowadays are junk and I can wait. Are those that go the first week getting a jump start on their lives by getting extra knowledge on life by seeing that movie? Are they shown how to avoid getting blown up in Iraq or what those in 911 should have done that day and didn't? I fail to see what the big rush is unless of course it is a status thing. Movies today are my videos of tomorrow, I can wait but can you?
    To Nana, it isn't the kids movies I am referring to at all, like you said they are aniticpated long in advance. The movies like I know what you did 3 summers ago, or Snakes on a Plane, or 911 or some other stupid junk Hollywood dreams up. Kids movies don't rank in the stupid movie categories like some of these other no brain collages.
    No Ayesha I am not a first weekend movie goer if that is what you mean.

    • ANSWER:
      I do not beleive they are idiots but their are four classifications.
      1.Those that have the money to afford the entrance fee with or without guest, and are movie goers.
      Their is a rise in drive in theatres.
      2.Their are fans of certain genres(books, comics, ideas) thus james bond, star wars, harry potter, snakes on the plane. All have legions of fans who communicate and go to conventions. So they know and prepare economically for these events. The poorer ones make a more important trip out of it.
      3.Then their are industry people. I know many film students who find a way. They want to see how this is done and how that is done. And most big budget films have technical aspects which should be researched by young film makers.
      4.Addicts- people who do not have the money, are not film lovers, do not have an interest in the genre and are not students or film industry people. These people are lonely and get high going to films the same way some crack heads, cigarette smokers, game hunters, cake eaters, and others with an addiction does.

      You must add another aspect to america. It commercializes everything. How many european americans and other americans cared to learn anything about traditional afircan americans until roots? How many non latino's cared to learn about anything latino until the milagro beanfield war? How many etc's?
      So it is a mix of the movie goers and then america's culture.

    How many were movies released in each cinema for a month in 1970s or 1980s?
    I inquire people who exprienced in 1970r and 1980s know about 1970s and 1980s well.
    How many were movies released for a month in each movie theater in 1970s or 1980s?

    • ANSWER:
      WOW! too many dates! well no idea!

    About movies releasing on the same day but in different timezones ?
    A movie releases in the US an Australia on the same day but wont people see it Australia a full 15 hours before anyone in the US ?

    • ANSWER:
      Who cares.. kidding.. Search on google and find out. I am not the right person to know this.. sorry.;_ylt=AhzChRjX_xzaxOoEBeYNF_8gBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20100716080807AAKJKLv

    What are some new good horror movies releases?
    I'm having a party this weekend & my mom offered to buy a scary movie on DVD for me & my friends to watch.
    What are the best new horror movie releases?
    They can't be rated R, PG-13 please :)

    • ANSWER:

    How often are movies released from the Disney Vault?
    I know Disney has a select time where they release certain movies from "The Vault". And once they go back in its damn near impossible to find them again. I want to know how often are the movies released? And when will The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, Peter Pan and Bambi be released?

    • ANSWER:
      Bambi was JUST released, The Lion King is coming soon, if it's not out already. You might still be able to find a copy of Peter Pan (I bought one about a year ago.) But for The Little Mermaid I'd try Amazon or eBay.

    Why do you wait in line at a midnight movie release?
    Why do you wait in line at a midnight movie release? If you have pre-ordered tickets, why the heck would you wait in line for 3 or 4 hours before the movie starts...just to get a good seat or am I missing something? It just makes no sense.

    • ANSWER:
      2 reasons:

      1) good seats. I'm going to the midnight premier of "The Dark Knight Rises" tonight. I plan on waiting in line for 1-2 hours. Why? Because when "The Dark Knight" premiered, i came in at 10:30, and was basically at the end of the line. When i got into the actual theater, there were no open seats. You try to sit in the front and hold your neck up for 3 hours! A mistake i won't make twice

      2) Very few people go to the movies alone. Tonight, i'm going with 15 friends. If we get there too late, we won't get to sit together = no fun

    do makeup artists who work for movies get paid only when the movie is released?
    im doing makeup for this little movie about janye mansield and im starting tonight. the guy who offered me the job told me that i would be getting paid when the movie releases world wide.

    im just wondering if its true! thank you!

    • ANSWER:

    When will the trailer for Catching Fire (The sequel to the Hunger Games movie) be released?
    And the movie release date is November 22nd 2013, right?

    • ANSWER:
      It will probably be released summer 2013

    Where do you think is the best site to register and get the latest movie release updates including. . . detail?
    If you [know where to] get the latest movie release updates, would you tell me the best site to get updated with the latest movie releases including x-rated, like the ones from american pie, movie release updates. THANK YOU!

    • ANSWER:

      great site.

    Alex Cross movie releases next week, should i read book first or see movie?
    I'm a huge James Patterson fan, I've read all the Women's Murder Club series but none of the Alex Cross books..
    The movie 'Alex Cross' releases in UK cinemas November 30th, thats next week! The book is already out. I'm quite a fast reader so 1 week is all i need anyway to read it before the movie releases but should read the book first or watch the movie first? i loved Morgan Freeman in Along Came A Spider and Kiss The Girls, so 'im very excited by this new film!

    • ANSWER:
      WATCH THE MOVIE FIRST. This way when you go to read the book you have an idea for what the characters look like. Also they always leave a Ton of events out in the movie.So if you read the book first, the whole time while you're watching the movie you're like "that didn't happen" or "They left that out!" Or the big one, "What the hell?" MOVIE FIRST, BOOK SECOND. Plus they always screw up endings in movies. Like Hunger Games: some people are like, what up with the berries? In the book, though, you find out the whole 'behind' the scenes events. So hope that helped!

      Ps: Can You PLEASE PLEASE, lol, answer my latest question? It'll take 5minutes of your time??!

    What is the worst Christmas movie released between 2000 and 2008?
    How the Grinch Stole Christmas
    The Santa Clause 2
    Bad Santa
    The Polar Express
    Suriving Christmas
    Christmas With the Kranks
    Deck the Halls
    The Santa Claus 3: The Escape Clause
    Fred Claus
    Four Christmases

    I have asked you for the best, now I am going to ask you what is the worst Christmas movie released between 2000 and 2008?

    • ANSWER:
      Well I really like Elf and the polar express is good for kids but ALL of the other ones you listed were sucky

    What is the name of the site where you can watch New Movie Releases same day on their site? (Like Netflix)?
    I know there is a site out there that allows you to see New Movie Releases the same day they come out in theaters but on their site. And it's legit because I have seen commmercials about it but cannot remember the name of the site it is kind of like a Netflix site but it is not Netflix.

    If you know let me know! Please and thank you 😀

    • ANSWER:
      There is no such least not in the United States or Canada. There are some sites like this in other countries...notably India.

      For years movie studios have been trying to come to some agreement with either Netflix or Hulu Plus to allow same day streaming for roughly 25 to 35 dollars per movie. but all attempts at that have fallen through.

      Basically if you actually saw a legitimate site that allowed this it would be the largest streaming website in the world. It would dwarf Netflix in terms of bandwidth. And everyone would know the name of the site but I can promise you that nobody will be able to give the doesn't exist.

    Is there a website that allows you to get a list of every movie released in theaters during a specific time?
    I'm trying to find a list of all movies released in theaters during the 90's. Its a LONG story, but a friend of mine says the world movie every made for all time was released in the 90's. He won't tell me the name and he says its name is "unspeakable" because he hated it THAT bad. However, he said if I can find the name of it he will tell me if its right or not. Any help from you movie buffs?

    • ANSWER:
      its Kazaam .. Trust Me lol

    When is the REAL trailer for the New Moon movie released?
    Hey Twilight fans [: when is the real ´trailer for the New Moon movie released? I've seen the teaser one, and i'm curious bout the real one...

    • ANSWER:
      the next full length trailer for new moon comes out in august during the previews for the movie bandslam.(august 14th 2009)

    Help with a movie, released after 2000:a man in the wild west refuses to sell his land to a railway company?
    Help with a movie, released after 2000:a man in the wild west refuses to sell his land to a railway company?
    It is not There Will Be Blood or Appaleousa, or 3:10 to Yuma, It is also not True Grit or Open Range, but is set in a similar environment.
    The farmer or land owner refuses to sell his part of the land to the company and they come after him, if I recall, they even try setting some of his property on fire.

    • ANSWER:
      Sounds a bit like American Outlaws with Colin Ferrell. He was supposed to be Jesse James.

      It was ok.

    What year was the movie Scream released?
    I saw this movie tonight and see they are in a video store looking at VHS tapes, lol..Didn't know I was so old! What year was this movie released?

    • ANSWER:
      It came out in 1996

    When are the booking of a new movie release tickets be open to public?
    i wanted to know actually when a movie releases on friday then when will the bookings be open to us??? like wednesday night 12 or sumthing??? plz tell me........

    • ANSWER:
      You can usually only buy tickets for movies on the "day of."

      However, when certain movies are considered blockbusters (usually summer releases), there will be occasions in which you can buy tickets as early as months ahead of time to the "week of."

      SO, as you can see...early purchases are made available for films that are expected to draw a large audience...and that mostly happens in the summer.

    Whats a website that tells me about all new movie releases?
    A site that tells me about the new movie releases and reviews them something to keep me informed about them similar to ign , or GameSpot for video games something like that for movies

    • ANSWER:
      I use Great source for all movies.

    What are the names of Sherlock Holmes movies?
    I know that a movie released on 2009. I'm planning to buy a dvd and I want to know the name.
    And.. I'll watch it with my parents so is it have any nude or sexual scenes?

    • ANSWER:
      The movie is just called "Sherlock Holmes". The sequel is not out yet, but it will be called "Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows"

      There are two "nude" scenes in the movie, but you don't really see anything. The first is where Sherlock is drugged by Irene and wakes up tied to a bed, naked. The second is the scene where Lord Blackwater's father is murdered while taking a bath.

      There's quite a bit of sexual innuendo/jokes in the movie, but no real sexual content.

    Was the youtube movie the only reason the Muslim states started rebelling?
    Or was there another incident that happened around the time of the movies release. I ask because its obviously an art project home movie... Barely a B grade made for TV movie.

    • ANSWER:
      No, the youtube movie was not the only reason. The anger and intent has been ongoing and has been there for a long time. They pretty much use any excuse they can. Although that was not the only reason, it was a good enough one to make them react and show the anger that has been building. This is not the first time, nor will it be the last. The Middle East is having great problems now and probably will for quite awhile to come. Anything they can use, they will.

    What is the similarity or reference between the movie The Raven and Edgar Allen Poes poem?
    The movie release April 27. I don't know how the poem leads to serial killing.

    • ANSWER:
      It's not just The Raven. It's a bunch of his stories. You should read them if you like dark and creepy stuff, they're great! Most have murders and deaths, which are then reenacted by a "fan" of his in the movie. Anyway, I think they decided to call it The Raven because that seems to be the poem of his that people know the most.

    When is the twilight movie release date for Hong Kong?
    When is the twilight movie release date for Hong Kong?

    • ANSWER:
      I cannot wait until the Twilight Movie!!!!
      I hope it as good as the book, or if not as good, at least good.
      I looked online but could not find a date. It may not be determined yet. If I were you, I would just keep checking every week and sooner or later a date should be determined.

    What movie features a quote about silences not being awkward when you are happy with someone?
    I can see the scene in my head, but cannot remember the movie. It was a conversation between a man and a woman, and I think the woman was the one that said the line I am trying to find. It was a movie released in the last five years, I believe. Thank you in advance for all help.

    • ANSWER:
      pulp fiction

    What are the names of Sherlock Holmes movies?
    I know that a movie released on 2009. I'm planning to buy a dvd and I want to know the name.
    And.. I'll watch it with my parents so is it have any nude or sexual scenes?

    • ANSWER:
      Lol... I laughed!!!!

      I believe it's called Sherlock Holmes? I'm not really sure tbh

    Which Indian Language has the best movies releasing ?
    Which is the language , the classic movies are releasing in India .
    And who is the best actor in india movie ? - Well at present ?

    • ANSWER:
      Well.There is not an exact answer 4 ur questions..Good movies r releasing in every languages.But if u study in detail about the history of Indian Cinema we can see that most of the good films r released in Bengali and Malayalam languages. Satyajit Ray's age was the golden age of Bengali cinema..The period b/w 1980and 95 produced many good films in malayalam and many of this movies were remade into other languages.A good example is that of Manichithrathazhu, which was remade to telugu, kannada, tamil and Hindi..

      There is no answer for ur second question bcoz there is no once who could be given the status of best actor in Indian cinema..Malayalam has mohanlal and Mammotty, Tamil has Suriya, Kamalhassan, Hindi has Aamir Khan, SRK nd Amithabh....

    What was the movie released that was similar to K-Pax?
    There was a movie released right around the same time as the K-Pax movie and the hospital bit was similar but I can't remember the name. The story itself is about a man whose been brought back from the past into a mental hospital that was attempting to convince him that he wasn't from the past. Some major disease had wiped out the earth and they needed something from him. I can't remember much more than that except that there were only two developed characters (Him and a nurse). Any hints will help.

    • ANSWER:
      12 monkeys

    List of every movie released after the year 2000?
    Is there a list, in alphabetical order of every movie released somewhere?

    Poll (2001)
    Keys (2002)
    / In that format for every movie.

    Also, does anyone know any good ways i can remove a movie forma list like that after its been watched?

    • ANSWER:
      Title Year of release Review
      100 Girls 2000

      101 Reykjavik 2000 46%

      102 Dalmatians 2000

      13 Days 2000

      28 Days 2000 82%

      3-2-1 Penguins! 2000

      A la Verticale de l'Été 2000

      A Time for Drunken Horses 2000

      Aberdeen 2000 44%

      About Adam 2000

      Aftertaste 2000 91%

      Air Bud: World Pup 2000

      Ali Zaoua 2000

      All the Pretty Horses 2000 81%

      Almost Famous 2000 77%

      Along Came a Spider 2000 40%

      American Pie 2 2000 21%

      American Psycho 2000 37%

      Amores Perros 2000 66%

      An American Tail III 2000

      AntiTrust 2000

      Apocalypse Now! - Redux 2000 64%

      Autumn in New York 2000

      Babar, roi des elephants 2000 70%

      Baise-Moi 2000 31%

      Bait 2000

      Ballen i øyet 2000 70%

      Battlefield Earth 2000

      BE - skitne, syndige meg 2000 85%

      Beautiful 2000

      Bedazzled 2000 90%

      Beethoven's 3rd 2000

      Before Night Falls 2000

      Best in Show 2000 6%

      Beyond the Mat 2000

      Big Mommas House 2000

      Billy Elliot 2000 58%

      Blair witch project 2 2000 85%

      Bless the Child 2000

      Blow Dry 2000 68%

      Boiler Room 2000

      Bossa Nova 2000

      Bounce 2000

      Bread and Roses 2000

      Bridget Jones's Diary 2000 52%

      Bring it on 2000 72%

      Britannic 2000

      Bryllupet 2000

      Buzz Lightyear of Star Command 2000 12%

      Bænken 2000 81%

      Captain Corelli's Mandolin 2000 81%

      Cecil B. Demented 2000

      Charlie's Angels 2000 81%

      Chocolat 2000 72%

      Code inconnu 2000 81%

      Computer Boy 2000

      Coyote Ugly 2000 60%

      Crimson Rivers / Les Riviérs Pourpres 2000

      Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles 2000 82%

      Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2000 92%

      Da jeg traff Jesus med sprettert 2000 25%

      Dancer in the Dark 2000 89%

      Dayereh 2000

      De 7 dødssyndene 2000

      Den bästa sommaren 2000 83%

      Der Krieger und die Kaiserin 2000

      Det blir aldrig som man tänkt sig 2000 7%

      Det nya landet 2000 51%

      Detektor 2000 68%

      Die stille nach dem schuss 2000

      Digimon: The Movie 2000 58%

      Dilka sauda 2000

      Dinner Rush 2000 81%

      Dinosaur 2000 81%

      Disney's The Kid 2000

      Dr. T & the Women 2000

      Dracula 2000 2000

      Dracula 2001 2000 70%

      Drama 2000 42%

      Drowning Mona 2000

      Dude, Where's My Car? 2000 37%

      Duets 2000

      Dungeons & Dragons 2000 71%

      Dungeons and Dragons 2000 27%

      Dykkerne 2000 46%

      El Bola 2000

      Elling 2000 42%

      En häxa i familjen 2000 81%

      Enemy at the Gates 2000 81%

      Englar Alheimsins 2000

      Erin Brockovich 2000 82%

      Esther 2000 98%

      Esther ... The Girl Who Became Queen 2000

      Eureka 2000

      Eva & Adam 2000 94%

      Eye of the Beholder 2000

      Fantasia/2000 2000

      Fast Food, Fast Women 2000

      Final Destination 2000

      Finding Forrester 2000 90%

      Fire høytider 2000

      Gaudi Afternoon 2000 81%

      Get Carter 2000

      Get Ready to Be Boyzvoiced 2000 68%

      Girlfight 2000 86%

      Gladiator 2000 67%

      Godzilla 2000 2000

      Gossip 2000

      Hanging Up 2000 15%

      Hannibal 2000 41%

      Harry, un ami qui vous veut du bien 2000

      Heftig og begeistret 2000 81%

      High Fidelity 2000 82%

      Highlander: Endgame 2000

      Hjælp! Jeg er en fisk 2000 81%

      Hollow Man 2000 39%

      House of Mirth 2000 92%

      How The Grinch Stole Christmas 2000 68%

      I Dreamed of Africa 2000

      Ikingut 2000

      Im Juli 2000

      In the Beginning 2000

      In the Mood for Love 2000

      Innocence 2000

      Italiensk for begyndere 2000 91%

      Jalla, Jalla 2000 48%

      Jesus 2000

      Joseph: King of Dreams 2000

      Kaptein Sabeltann og den forheksede øya 2000

      Keeping the Faith 2000

      Kevin and Perry Go Large 2000

      King George and the Ducky 2000

      La Noce 2000

      La Saison des Hommes 2000

      La Veuve de Saint Pierre 2000 95%

      Late Night Shopping 2000 45%

      Le fabuleux destin d'Amelie Poulain 2000 65%

      Le gout des autres 2000

      Le Secret 2000

      Left Behind - The Movie 2000 80%

      Les glaneurs et la glaneuse 2000

      Lime 2000 35%

      Lista de Espera 2000

      Little Nicky 2000

      Little Secrets 2000

      Live Virgin 2000

      Livet är en schlager 2000 95%

      Lockdown 2000 12%

      Loser 2000 27%

      Lost Souls 2000 89%

      Love and Basketball 2000 59%

      Lucky Numbers 2000

      Malèna 2000 13%

      Mayis Sikintisi 2000

      Me, Myself & Irene 2000 34%

      Meet the Parents 2000 81%

      Memento 2000 25%

      Men of Honor 2000 90%

      Mercy Streets 2000

      Messages From Heaven 2000

      Michael Jordan to the Max 2000

      Mirakel 2000

      Miss Congeniality 2000 62%

      Mission Impossible 2 2000 81%

      Mission to Mars 2000

      Monday 2000


    Is it possible to watch a movie on a plane while its in the theater?
    I recently flied with New Zealand Air, and I couldn't believe the choice of movies I had. Iron Man 2, Shrek 4 etc. movies that are still on theaters!
    How is this possible? Are they other places than the theaters that you can watch new movie releases? I always thought this wasn't possible.

    • ANSWER:
      OMG imagine watching Inception on a plane! If anyone has seen it they'll know what im talking about ;P..But yea. We don't have that in the US, your country recieved them after the original release date :/ we have to wait. Unless you mean the same time as our theatres...Then its probably some type of legal issue.

    In India a XX movie called LOLITA was released. What is the original movie name ?
    What is the original movie name of LOLITA, a XX movie released in India.

    • ANSWER:
      shiela ki jawani

    Does blockbuster have a better movie selection than Netflix?
    Or is it the same?

    By better I mean all new movie releases on time.

    • ANSWER:
      as far as the selection Blockbuster is better they get every thing new and as it was alredy said before they get premiere dvd's that no one else gets plus they have blu rays - BB stays progressive and also Blockbuster is better to me because you can trade movies at the store with its online program and u get an e coupon for a free extra movie every month u can see double the amount of movies in a month with Blockbuster than netflix

    What is the release date of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PART 2 TRAILER?
    not the movie release date, but the trailer! i've heard that it might be tomorrow, March 11th. also, what time of day do you think it will be released? thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I'm sorry to say the release date of the trailer is currently unknown.

      There have been speculations that it may be released March 25th (as a preview before the movie Sucker Punch), but it has been said that on April 15th, when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 is released on DVD, there will be a scene from the second part on the DVD.

      And I'm not sure at all as to what time of day the trailer would be released.

    What is the historical context of the Wizard of Oz movie?
    This is for a film project I'm doing.
    I'm supposed to talk about the Historical Context of the Wizard of Oz movie released in 1939.
    Any answers?

    • ANSWER:
      we did this in history. It is a microcosm of life in the Great Depression. The scarecrow represents farmer, tin man the factory worker, the lion a president who doesn't act, dorothy a normal american, emerald city Wall Street, Wicked Witch of the East and West being The Dust Bowl and Great Depression. When she says there's no place like home, it is trying to lift the spirits of America. First major movie in color.

    am looking for the movie released last earlier of 2005. I could not recall the title but I never forget the s?
    am looking for the movie released last earlier of 2005. I could not recall the title but I never forget the story. The story is about a virgin lady that will only a marry a man who can defeat her in fencing... the cinamtography is similar to the lord of teh rings.

    • ANSWER:
      the 4 musketeers?

    What are some good horror movies from the 80's?
    I would like to see a good horror movie released in the 80's but I don't know what to watch. I do not want to see any of the Nightmare on Elm St, Chucky, or Friday the 13th movies as I have already seen them. Any suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      There are SO many, but here are some that I remember seeing when I was (a little) younger-
      Texas Chainsaw Massacre (original)
      Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker
      The Shinning
      My Bloody Valentine
      April Fool's Day
      The Hitcher (excellent)
      The Howling
      American Gothic
      Amityville Horror

      If you like "old" horror movies you should enjoy these. I hope so.

    Do movies release earlier in New York or Cali?
    I have a 20$ bet with my mom, she believes that movies release earlier in California and New York and i disagree with her. And this bet started about Black Swan. she thinks that Black Swan released earlier in New York and Cali. and we live in boise idaho.

    • ANSWER:
      Ok here's the thing. Technically you both are right. When a movie gets made, it will typically be "premiered" somewhere big like Hollywood or New York. This primer however, is usually meant only for special guests like the actors, cast, and production crew. However, once past it's first private showing in Hollywood or NY, it then gets released to the rest of the country on the same date. Movies typically get released on a Friday, and are shown by theaters all around the country (this is the advertised date that we see during previews). However, certain theaters may not show the movie on the date that is advertised, but that has to do entirely with the individual theater (some may only show movies that have been out for a few weeks or a month).

      If we're getting very technical here, the movies first get released in California because of the time difference, but it seems like you are more generally speaking. Hope this helps.

    Are certain types of movies released at a certain time of year?
    Yet again google has failed to understand my question. I was wonderin if certain types or genres of movies are released at certain times of the year( e.g. Comedy movies are released during spring time)? Also are more box office hits( big deal movies) released in the summer time compared to the rest of the year? Anyone with knowledge on the science behind releasing movies please reply!! Thanks. BiggT

    • ANSWER:
      Absolutely. The Oscar contenders are almost always released in the fall so that they will be eligible for that year's submissions. This is why critics always call controversial or emotionally heavy films released in that time "Oscar bait".

      As you said, the big budget blockbusters are summer releases. This is because the demographic with the highest level of disposable income (preteens/teens) just got out of school and have a ton of free time on their hands that they'd just love to spend hanging out with friends (at the theater). This is also why all those big budget movies tend to be rather "immature", never over PG-13, and are heavy on the effects and action - to draw those junior highers in. Eg: Transformers, comic book movies, etc.

      Romantic comedies roll in around the holidays because that's when single women are feeling lonely and want to see them and women who have husbands/boyfriends will drag their dates to them as a "mood setter".

      Family/heart-warming films also tend to be released around the holidays, because of that holiday mood. Everyone wants to spend time with their families around then, and feel good about humanity.

      Horror movies tend to be around fall, because of Halloween, and the fact that they generally don't pull in enough of an audience to try to compete with the summer blockbusters, so they come later. They also provide the more "no thought required/fun" choice against those heavily intellectual/artsy Oscar baiters.

    What does the 10 in the recent bleach episodes and movies?
    In all of the recent bleach episodes and the newest movie released in japan there is a 10 behind the bleach title, what does it stand for?

    • ANSWER:
      10th anniversary. 10 years of bleach yay

    What do you call people that review movies?
    Anyone can sign up to do this. You go to I guess a theatre or something long before the movie released and you get to review the movies! I forgot what it is called, does anyone know?

    • ANSWER:
      There are movie critics but you must be established to be taken seriously. There are also test audiences who view it and give feedback to the producers.

    What is the release date of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PART 2 TRAILER?
    not the movie release date, but the trailer! i've heard that it might be tomorrow, March 11th. also, what time of day do you think it will be released? thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      when u find out, lemme kno! omg xD

    Was there an article about movies be transferred from one location to every theatre?
    I am trying to write a speech about how to avoid the theatres crowded with annoying movie goers.

    The question i will like to somehow answer is; Will future technology bring a revolution to the movie theatres? (Almost like paperview only new movie releases in which they will pay the regular ticket price to watch the movie at home.

    I heard about how that there will be a way to transfer movies from one location to every theatre.

    They are a lot of people who hate going to movies because of others.

    Please if anyone have any ideas of some great points i speak on or some resources on the net. I haven't been having much luck finding anything. I would appreciate it. Thanks.

    I hope i made some since. I've been researching and still haven't found the article i heard about.

    • ANSWER:
      The technology where a film is transferred electronically to multiple theaters is called "digital cinema." Theaters receive the films on satellite dishes and store the data on a hard drive. The film is then played back using the hard drive and a video projector... there is no physical film involved.

      There are lots of benefits to this, including not having to make thousands of expensive film prints and shipping heavy reels of film. The quality in a digital system is much higher, as there is no possibility of scratches, burns, mistracking or other film glitches.

      The big problem is that film studios are paranoid about the possibility of losing control of the viewer count. They can get a count of every head in a movie theater now but they won't be able to do that in your home. Would you be willing to pay to watch a first-run picture in your home? The studios may want to charge something like that to offset the fact that you could have 8-10 people watching and the studios have no way to count.

      The technology exists to do what you describe but the business model is not there yet.

    What is a really good inspirational or thriller movie?
    I feel like lately there aren;t any good movies released. My fave. inspirational movies are probably Seven pounds and Gifted hands. As for thrillers I LOVED Inception and most movies with Jack Nicholson.

    • ANSWER:
      The best all time:

      1. To Kill A Mockingbird
      2. A Man For All Seasons
      3. The Grapes of Wrath
      4. Rocky (the original, none of the sequels)
      5. The Miracle Worker

      1. Psycho
      2. Jaws
      3. North by Northwest
      4. The Talented Mr. Rippley
      5. Rear Window

    Are porn movies released in normal cinemas in US and Europe?
    Well, I live in at a place where porn is kind of banned. So, I am just wondering whether porn movies are released in cinemas or not. What about the LGBT porn?

    • ANSWER:
      Just about all porn movies are straight to video in the US. These houses were always kind of sleazy and even those that were interested in that kind of films would avoid them. That plus the neighbors would try to close them down with zoning laws. Most of the stuff is available only over the Internet. z.

    How is the Movie Frozen By Shivajee Chandrabhushan?
    There is some movie released called Frozen..wanted to know if anyone has seen it...or any idea how it a days all movies are such a bore & waste of time/money so just wanted to know if anyone can tell me how this movie Frozen is...plz reply planning to see this week...thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      say what

    Can someone suggest some nice latest melodious tamil movie albums? Any good older ones are ok as well?
    I would like to listen to some nice tamil movie albums. Can someone provide me with a good list? Preferable movies released in the past 3-4 years but if there is an exceptional album then you can suggest older ones as well.

    • ANSWER:
      hi ..... ajay

      hear this songs..... ( eve or night...... )
      "uyirae en... uyirae...." from the flim "thottijaya"then
      "uyirodu uyiraga"(ajith flim) song is "poovukellam"
      "en male vizhuintha"from "may matham"then
      "ooh ven nilla"from "kadhal daesam" and
      from hindi movie"kal ho na" song is "pal hadi" and from telgu "boomurulu"song is "nammaka thapae" then "(telgu) arya" songs is "nuvantae"

    What software was used to make early Pixar movies?
    What software was used to make early Pixar movies such as the first Toy Story movie, released in 1995, and is it available on the market? I'm figuring if it could run on whatever computers Pixar used to create this back in the early to mid 90's when Toy Story was created, surely my computer today could run it.

    • ANSWER:
      I read that they design there own software, so you can't buy or use it

    What is the title of the movie where hell is an IKEA store?
    There was a movie, released one or two years ago, made by a swedish director, where a guy dies and gets to hell, which is actually an IKEA store. Maybe it was a short film, and maybe I don't remember all the details correctly.

    • ANSWER:
      it's the reality.

    What is the name of this movie, it was possible a horror film?
    There was a movie released recently (within the last 6 years or so) that was about a family who went on a vacation, or something and then two guys enter the house pretending to be nice and civil and then all of a sudden they start attacking the couple and say like they have 24 hours to survive. Or something along those lines. I remember gold clubs being in the movie.

    • ANSWER:
      if it was in english it's definately::
      Funny Games US (2007)

      or the original German language version:
      funny games (1997)

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