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    Why are there two Snow White movies in 2012?
    I've noticed same story movies released within a short period of time of each other many times, doesn't that split the revenue a bit? Armageddon and Deep Impact both involve meteors threatening life on Earth; Avatar and Battle for Terra were quite similar to each other as well;Friends with Benefits and No Strings Attached both released a few months apart and many others. Why is this, are the studios trying to outdo each other?

    • ANSWER:
      I agree, Mirror Mirror, released in March & the second, Snow White & The Huntsman, coming out in June, are obviously two of the same basic story lines in one season. These film studios produce doppelgangers that are clearly copy-cats, giving the ga head for competitive reasons and non-original interpretations for the same exact theme they are fully aware of. Gauging present trends & demographics are also a factor since they wouldn’t move forward unless there was a foundation, but generally these people spy on each other for short-cuts and have insidious reasons which include grudges. One-upmanship is not beyond the scope of these movers & shakers who regularly ride the wave of others ideas.

    When is the Kizumonogatari movie release?
    It was suppose to be released in August last year (2012), but I have not heard anything about it. Which came first the movie or the egg? The offical website still has the trailer which is very vague and a 2012 release date, but nothing else. Does anyone know if it was postponed or even cancelled. The reason being is that Nekomonogatari: Kuro (Black) was released and that was a squeal of the movie and a prequel of the 1st show I believe. So it is just a little confusing if the movie's subsequent squeal comes before the actual movie was ever released. Just looking for any information or even thoughts on this.

    • ANSWER:
      It was postponed to this year. It should be coming out this year but there hasn't been any exact release date.

      But hopefully there should be an announcement of a release date soon, I mean its already bad enough that I'm going to have to wait 6-8 months after it actually comes out for it to be on the web and subbed.

    When will the perks of being a wallflower movie trailer be released?
    the movie stopped filming for few months now. So when will they make time to edit a trailer? Can't take this anticipation any longer.

    • ANSWER:
      My best guess is this fall because the release date is 2012 but there aren't any previews yet so I'd say Fall or Winter. Hopefully, because I'm really excited for it!

    What takes it so long for movies to make it to cable and ohter companies to view for free or rent?
    The Amazing Spiderman was released in july 2012 but did not come on cable tv until december of 2012, avengers came out in may 2012 but did not come on cable tv until oct-nov 2012. what takes so long?

    • ANSWER:
      This is actually much faster than it used to be. As little as 10-20 years ago, it took over a year for movies to be released on VHS or DVD. Movies would stay in the theater for up to six months.

    How long does it take a movie just released to reach netflix?
    Does Netflix stream recently released movies? For example if avengers is to be released in cinema's on the 19th of july 2012 how soon will netflix have it available to stream?
    Thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      In general, major motion pictures do not become available to stream for up to 10 years because of first run rights that the premium channels have. Netflix has made a number of agreements to help with this problem. The most significant of these is the deal with EPIX. This arrangement grants Netflix access to titles from Lionsgate, MGM and Paramount 90 days after they arrive at EPIX. This translates to about 8-10 months after the movie is released in theaters. The Avengers is distributed by Paramount. I would not expect Netflix to have it before January of next year. They have also made deals for first run rights with DreamWorks, The Weinstein Company and FilmDistrict. Best Picture winner "The Artist" will be on Netflix immediately after its disc exclusivity period ends.

    Why is Obama leaking classified information on the Bin Laden raid to film makers?
    So they can release a pro Obama movie a month before the 2012 election. Isn't that illegal?

    • ANSWER:
      Source? Further more, I thought just about everything has been leaked
      already. Do we even know Obama is cooperating on this film?

      WOW. Every time I ask for a source on a typical neocon question,
      lots of thumbs down. What is it that scares the poop out of you guys?

      It is the mere audacity to ask for a source because I don't believe
      everything I am told and accept it without question?

      Every time you do this you just reinforce the stereotype than neocons
      lack critical thinking. Good job, well done.

    Can someone list all the movies that Tupac Shakur played a role in?
    Can you guys list the movies where Tupac played a main role in?
    Please don't list shows in which he showed up in one episode and don't list any movies where he only makes an appearance for a couple of minutes.
    I want a list of the movies in which he played a role in.

    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      1991 Nothing But Trouble:Himself
      1992 Juice:Bishop
      1993 Poetic Justice Lucky
      1994 Above the Rim Birdie
      1995 Murder Was the Case: The Movie Sniper
      1996 Bullet Tank Released one month after Shakur's death
      1997 Gridlock'd Ezekiel 'Spoon'
      1997 Gang Related Detective Rodríguez Shakur's last performance in a film
      2003 Tupac: Resurrection Himself Official documentary film
      2012 Tupac: Himself (archive footage)

      NOTE:He had also been slated to star in the Hughes brothers' film Menace II Society but was replaced by Larenz Tate after assaulting Allen Hughes as a result of a quarrel. Director John Singleton mentioned that he wrote the script for Baby Boy with Shakur in mind for the leading role. It was eventually filmed with Tyrese Gibson in his place and released in 2001, five years after Shakur's death. The film features a mural of Shakur in the protagonist's bedroom as well as featuring the song "Hail Mary" in the film's score.

    Why do some big movies wait years before putting their movie in theaters when the movie is already complete?
    I mean really, i heard it takes between 3 months for each movie to be completed and about 6 to 9 months for big movies to be completed, yet they won't put it the movie for maybe 2 to 3 years later. Aww, what is up with that? Put it in the big movie theaters when completed. Why the long wait for big movies? Does any notice that and hate that? Why the prolong tease?

    • ANSWER:
      Every part of a movie is financed by someone. A huge amount of money goes into making the film and then editing it and promoting it. It took almost 2 years for Cameron to edit AVATAR. Big blockbuster movies take time to be made.
      In many instances the director has the final say on which cut will be released. Often times the studios want to see a different ending than the way the director cut the movie. In that case there are law suits between directors and studios which causes the studios to wait even longer-till the lawsuit is settled. With several movies the studios went out of business and no one really knew who owned or would distribute the movie. Sometimes the studios see how bad the movies are when finished and don't want to release them and waste even more money on them. Three recent movies come to mind The Beaver with Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster was made 4 years ago. The studios didn't release it because of all the bad publicity Mel Gibson was getting in his personal life. EAT PRAY LOVE sat unreleased for a long time. Right now there is a movie being released in a few weeks called 'FIREFLIES IN THE GARDEN".It stars Ryan Reynolds and Julia Roberts. It was completed in 2008 but the studios hated it so much they held it back4 years to mid-Novembe 2011.
      Studios are also very aware of scheduling. The schedule for 2012 up thru next Christmas 2012 is already figured out. No studio wants to open their big expensive blockbuster on the same weekend some other big major blockbuster is being released by a different studio. Evert studop hopes to have at least 2 weeks where their movie can be no.1. It's all very political and is driven by studio greed.
      What would happen if they released 20 movies you really really really wanted to see and they released them all on Thanksgiving day ? How many would you/could you see ? Thats why the studios slowly release their films over a long time period. They want no competition from other good movies.They love to put out the trailers EARLY so people will keep getting more and more excited to see the movie once it is finally released/ Many times a movie trailer will be released 8 months before the movie opens.

    How long does it take for movies to get from the movies to DVD?
    I just saw ParaNorman a day or two ago, and I was just wondering how long it takes for movies to get to DVD/Blu-ray. Could anyone give me an estimate, or where to go for an estimate on when this movie will be out??
    I'd love to hear what you say!! Thank you for reading my question!!

    • ANSWER:
      Movies seem to take between 4-6 months to become DVDs. This site has the dates of future DVD releases
      Also Amazon usually knows when a DVD will be released.

    What movies and songs remind you of summer?
    I was watching "Across the Universe" and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" for like the 84th time already. And I suddenly remembered the first time I watched both movies. It was sometime around mid-July of 2008. It reminded me of the warm and long summer nights.

    Now that summer is around the corner for most; what movies and songs remind you of summer?

    Do you get a feeling of excitement when summer is approaching by?
    What is it about summer that makes it so wonderful to you?

    Have a lovely day!

    • ANSWER:
      This song started to play in my mind when I read your question:

      It makes me playback happy childhood memories of running around a playground on the beach with fuchsia-stained lips from a raspberry snow cone. I misheard the lyrics for years and only realized that it's not a sunny song about love when I read them now. I also remember theatrically singing "Wannabe" with my friends on that beach, and getting wildly excited when a passerby said "watch out Spice Girls." Haha. I'll always have a little love in my heart for Britney Spears for all the fun memories her music provided us with in the early 2000s. My mom banned me from singing "Oops! I Did it Again" after I came home from listening to it at a day camp for Daisy Girls (younger Girl Scouts) and belted it out on an unintentionally annoying nonstop loop.

      I was a competitive dancer from the age of six until just recently, and every summer we'd have dance camp and compete in Vegas at nationals. A lot of my music memories are attached to the dances we performed, like "Crazy," " "Hollywood," and "Free Falling." They all make me feel like it's summertime and I don't have to be at school in the morning. Songs from the "Across the Universe" soundtrack were also incredibly popular. I listened to that soundtrack constantly on my very first iPod.

      Other songs that sound like summer to me:
      Hollaback Girl ~ Gwen Stefani (I'm now thinking of that video where the whole school dances on the last day)
      Hot in Here ~ Nelly
      A Thousand Miles ~ Vanessa Carlton (tennis day camp 03)
      Crazy in Love ~ Beyonce
      Rebellion (Lies) ~ Arcade Fire - I fell in love with them the summer of 07
      Fidelity ~ Regina Spektor - Another love from 07.
      Silver Lining ~ Rilo Kiley. It's just a jaunty melody that sounds like the breezy, carefree days of summer to me
      Relax, Take it Easy ~ Mika. This was like my theme song of 08
      I'm Yours ~ Jason Mraz, summer 09
      Dog Days Are Over ~ Florence & the Machine ~ summer of 10
      I was obsessed with Mumford & Son all last summer

      Mamma Mia
      The Parent Trap - I remember seeing this when I was so young, and loving it
      500 Days of Summer

      I do get excited when summer is approaching! I have a ways to go until summer 2012 because we haven't even started the spring quarter yet. I love the liberty of summer. Even though I've stayed busy for most of June through September in recent years, I still carry the spirit of summer with me. I remember the delight of "school nights" suddenly being transformed. It felt so freeing to be able to go out with friends during the week and stay up late. I love the longer days and the months of sunshine. I live in a Mediterranean climate, so we rarely see any rain in the summer, and the days remain pleasant. We have a lake house a couple of hours away, and we spend a lot of time there in the summer. It's where I felt most like a kid. I'd swim in the lake, run through the woods, catch and release frogs, and exercise my imagination. I miss those days!!!

      Your recollections made me reminisce about the summer of 08. This was shot then, and the song will always remind me of that time. That song was so popular then!!!

      Ha, I'm prone to rambling like crazy when it's this hour and I'm scooping out thoughts before sleeping. Sorry it's so long. I hope you have a lovely day, too!!!

      ~ skylark : )

    Why isn't all the Professor Layton games been released in the UK?
    I know three have been released in the UK. These include: The curious village, pandora's box and the lost future. I have played all of these and they are fantastic. But why isn't the spector's flute, eternal diva, or mask of miracle been released in the UK?

    • ANSWER:
      Simply because the fourth and fifth games (which will not be called Spectre's Flute, a translated name, or Mask of Miracle, a working title) have yet to be translated into English

      Additionally, the games are being released a year apart since it takes a long time to translate a game with so much story and puzzle text (and some puzzles need to be replaced since not all of the original Japanese puzzles would make sense in English) along with commercial reasons (such as not releasing a new game until sales of the previous game have dropped away)

      It's only been five months since the third game was released in the UK

      Further, the weekly puzzles for the third game haven't finished yet and the fourth game is not going to be released while these continue

      It's currently expected that the English version of the fourth game will be announced around June and released in the UK around October (give or take a month)

      As for the Eternal Diva movie (which takes place between the fourth and fifth games), this was released in the UK in 2010 (but has yet to be released in the US) and can be purchased from stores such as Amazon UK or watched on YouTube

      On a side note, there's a common misconception that the Eternal Diva movie is part of the prequel trilogy, but the prequel trilogy consists of three games (the last game of which will not be released in Japan until late 2011 or early 2012) and the movie is basically an extra

      On a related note, Level 5 has announced that there may be a second movie (that takes place between the second and third games of the prequel trilogy) and possibly a third

    What hoax/story the internet conspirators will create after 2012 if it won't happen?
    Suppose everything goes alright, nothing happens on 21 dec 2012, then what will these websites, conspirators do after that?

    Will they start another prediction like 2020 or 2034 or 2036?

    • ANSWER:
      A while ago, I thought that they would go with the next "Ancient calendar date" of September 20, 2020 (it is a different Ancient calendar).

      However, I now see that the attention span of the gullible North American is so short that they could simply pick a date 6 months later and people would still go for it, hook line and sinker.

      The same charlatans were running the Planet-X hoax (end of the world of May 13, 2003) and they created the Big 2012 Hoax during the summer of 2003, giving it a lead time of nine years. It almost died. In fact, by the time Sony Pictures were about to release Roland's movie "2012" (which is a lot closer to the 2003 version), popular interest in the Big 2012 Hoax had almost disappeared, scaring them. That is when they came up with all the fake "documentaries", later revealed as disguised ads for the movie. Some of these are still shown AS IF they were real documentaries.

      Therefore, it is obvious that if you want to catch the American public, nine years is WAY too long. Now, I tend to go completely the other way: I expect MANY ends-of-the-world for 2013 alone.
      Not all from the same charlatans, of course.


      Isaac Newton did NOT predict the end of the world for 2060.

      What he did say is that the end of the world can NOT be before 2060. I could be centuries after.

      The Mayans did NOT predict the one for 2012. They were just as surprised as we were to learn that they did... and slightly more annoyed (given they were blamed). Even their Mesoamerican Long Count calendar does not end (they know that); the lie - that it ends - was invented by some dude from Minnesota who had also claimed that he was a reincarnated Mayan god.

    When is the Hunger Games movie expected to come out?
    I am obsessed with this book and want to know when the movie is coming out. I've heard the fall of 2001 to 2012.

    • ANSWER:
      They have finished the script and the director is expected to start casting over the next month or 2. Production will start during the fall this year. So it should be ready for release in 2012.
      I've been following it all for years. Let's hope they keep schedule!!

    How long will the production of The Hunger Games be?
    Like the actual production, filming in front of camera with the actors and stuff. I've read it can take anywhere between 3-9 months. But I would think with all the different sets for the Hunger Games, it would be leaning more towards nine than three. Anyone have any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      I say about seven. The set release date for the movie is early 2012. So I guess well just have to wait and see. Great books though. Hope the movie is just as good.

    What are the odds of electrical issues from the 2012 solar flares?
    Blackouts for days/weeks/months etc?

    • ANSWER:
      Old "News"

      The Solar Flare scare has been moved to 2013.

      The last time something like this happened was in March 1989 (two solar maximums ago) when the province of Quebec (in Canada) went without power for 9 hours.

      Six million people affected, nine hours without power. Total number of deaths = 0.

      Solar Flares cannot reach Earth (except, of course, in American movies -- e.g., "Knowing").
      Solar flares are caused by strong magnetic fields at the surface of the sun. If, during a large flare, the loops of the local magnetic field are short-circuited, there is an event called "magnetic reconnection". This releases lots of energy.

      Sometimes, that much energy sends out lots of material from the Sun's "atmosphere" just above the surface. A Coronal Mass Ejection (CME)

      CME are shot out quite often. Most of them miss us, of course. Every once in a while, we are hit and, most of the time, the charged particles will get trapped in our radiation belts (by our own magnetic field) and leak down into our atmosphere, giving us beautiful Northern Lights (or Southern Lights, if you live in the other hemisphere).

      Sometimes, the CME will arrive with too much energy and push our magnetosphere a bit too far. If that happens, the magnetosphere snaps back, causing its own magnetic reconnection. It is this event that causes an electromagnetic pulse that can be picked up by power grids.

      The power lines act as antennas and pick up energy from the pulse.

      In 1989, very long power lines (1,000 miles) picked up lots of energy and this pulse of power was interpreted, by the computers controlling the power distribution, as a major problem (e.g., lines fallen into a lake), so the computer shut down the power.

      When the rest of the system tried to pick up the slack, a cascade failure occurred.

      Quebec's distribution system has since been protected against these problems. When the man-made Northeast Blackout of 2003 occurred, the domino effect caused a power failure everywhere in the Northeast corner of North America EXCEPT in Quebec which had installed the protection.

      Since then, most civilized countries have protected their power distribution system against this kind of problem.

      We could hope that the USA have done the same, but, in light of the 2003 blackout...

      In any event, the 2013 solar max is expected to be weaker than average.

    Hi when is the new Mass Effect animation movie coming out?
    Their is a new Mass Effect animation movie supposed to come out this year but don't know when. Does anyone know about this? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      The release date has not been released yet, I did a quick Google search on it and it seems as if their were minor issues with it. I'm going to assume that it will come out in the later months of 2012; likely being September.

    When is the New Moon movie coming out in theaters and is it coming out with Eclipse?
    I cant wait to see both movies but i need to know for sure when there bott coming out!

    • ANSWER:
      New Moon, November 2009.

      Eclipse 2012.

      That in the year the production company is giving for release.

      It will not be out in 2010.

      Well put Jude. Bravo!

      OMG Team Jaward! They are just gong to start filming in 3 months.

    Which 2012 movie released in then next month or two are you looking forward to watching?

    Isabelle - Just watched the Chronicle trailer,seems interesting,that was kid was freaked out by the teddy bear,interesting.

    • ANSWER:
      The Woman in Black and Hunger Games

    When does The vampire Academy the movie come out? Where can i get it?
    I have read all the books and really want to see the movie.

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry, but it is going to be a while before the movie is released, and an even longer time to when you can purchase it on dvd or blu ray.

      A couple of months ago the movie rights were purchased, and now they are getting ready for casting. If everything comes together on schedule, they movie should be released in early 2013 or late 2012

    Is it true that Breaking Dawn the movie is coming of the same months as the last harry potter movie?
    I heard that Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2 are coming out the same months as Harry Potter DH Part 1 and 2? Does anyone know if this is true? Because they will probably move the date for Harry Potter like last time :(

    • ANSWER:
      Same months, but different years.

      HP Part 1 comes out in Nov of this year. Where Breaking Dawn comes out Nov of 2011
      HP Part 2 comes out in July 2011, right now i dont see a release month for Breaking Dawn but its in 2012. They do not come out the same month of the same year.

      So for next year, you have HP Part 2 in July and Breaking Dawn part 1 in Nov.

    When do pre-sale tickets go on sale for the Dark Knight Rises?
    I want to buy pre-sale tickets for the Dark Knight Rises on July 20th 2012 (The day that it opens). If it varies by theater can you please tell me how I can figure out when they go on sale.

    • ANSWER:
      GOTHAM -- Possibly the most anticipated movie of 2012, "The Dark Knight Rises," doesn't open until July, but tickets are already selling out.

      Tickets selling months in advance for big films is nothing new, but as Cinema explains, the way "The Dark Knight Rises" tickets went on sale is very different.

      How early would you start buying tix to "The Dark Knight Rises"?
      1. Today
      2. February
      3. March
      4. April
      5. May
      6. June
      7. After it opens
      8. Never
      "Usually when tickets for a huge movie go on sale at online outlets like Fandango, we get a splashy press release from the company or the studio itself, trying to rally the troops to boost those ticket sale numbers months before the movie even opens," wrote Katey Rich of Cinema Blend. "It happened just two days ago, when we got a press release telling us the exact date "Hunger Games" tickets will go on sale in February. And yet you can now buy tickets for the year's most anticipated movie, and no one made any fanfare about it."

      / reported that Fandango quietly started selling midnight tickets in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. But why keep it so low key? The Hollywood Reporter did some digging and found out why these midnight sales were so hushed.

      "As it happened, some AMC theater managers in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco decided to poll the fanboys in attendance (of a "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" IMAX pre-screening) on who was interested in buying midnight tickets to see the Batman pic on July 19. Not surprisingly, the tickets sold out in an instant.

      More here.............

    Q for Trekkies. Are you guys starting to get antsy for them to make another Star Trek prequal?
    The movie Star Trek which was a prequal and a telling of how the original series crew was formed rocked! But it's been 2 years since that came out and I haven't heard anything about a sequal. I'm starting to get ansty about at least hearing talk about a sequal. The first one was so good that I just can't believe they won't ever make another one.

    • ANSWER:
      You can also get news about Star Trek and other movies from

      They have new info every weekday about different movies. A few in the past also been about the next Star Trek movie about them coming along with the script and what they arent doing. Its plan to come out summer of 2012. If i can find a few of the Star Trek articles, i will post the links below. It has been a month or so since i seen anything new.


      Trek 2 writers: Sequel will (sort of) be like Empire Strikes Back

      Eric Bana says no to any more Star Trek

      New Star Trek sequel has a 2012 release date!

      This MAY be the first official image from J.J. Abrams' Star Trek 2

      If Kirk won't face Khan's wrath in Trek 2, who WILL he fight?

      Damon Lindelof: Why Star Trek 2 will be like The Dark Knight

      We've got big spoilers for Star Trek 2! (12?)

    What could be the next Batman 3 plot?
    Do you guys have any ideas or suggestions of what the next Batman movie could be about? Be as creative as you like I want to hear your perspective about all this.

    • ANSWER:
      I have some inside information from Warner bros. about the upcoming third batman film which is slated for release across cinemas in 2012.

      Now this may or may not be true as of yet bearing in mind this is early days, but this is what they have been talking about. It's early days and so this is just an initial story outline/plot for the third batman movie according too people from warner bros. Now this is inside information and so this is what I have learnt.
      They just need Chris Nolan/David Goyer and jonhathan to sit down and work on the script in a few months time when they are finished with their other film projects.

      [Warner brothers are very keen for a fourth installment of the batman franchise. They have seen the success of the spiderman films and so want to repeat this with the batman franchise and if all goes according to plan and batman does well again, then there will of course be a fourth batman film with Warner bros. being VERY keen]

      This is the rough draft/outline for the third batman film. There is no title yet:

      The characters:

      Talia al ghul - she will be interlinked with bruce wayne [being a love interest] as well linked with the mob.

      Saying this, there will be a gang walfare across Gotham City stretching out into other neighbouring cities. Since the dissappearance of batman, Gotham city has been torn apart and there is a rise in the number of gangs and criminals etc... this keeps with the story of the long halloween/the dark victory comic books of gang wars.
      This will make way for batman to comeback and show the people of gotham city that he is a hero to them all and that gotham can be saved and they will change their perceptions on batman. The story has not been thought out so this is just a rough character and story outline which has been talked about by warner bros.

      The Penguin will be mentioned several times however the penguin will NOT be seen in the third movie. There is a strong connection with one of the mob and the penguin. However, the penguin will be just referred to as 'oswald' or 'oswald cobblepot' and not 'the penguin'. Like I said, he will be linked to one of the mob but will not feature as a villain in the third film.

      Talia is linked to Bruce Wayne as well as having a connection to the mob and this may be linked with getting revenge on batman who allegedly killed her father - Rhas Al Ghul.

      I'm not sure if any of you were aware of this but the Black Mask was actually written in the script of the dark knight however the black mask was later written out for some reason but now the written out scripts of his character will now feature in the third film.
      The black mask will feature - The Black Mask being related to the mob. He will be a big criminal of the underworld. A big mobster.

      Now The Black Mask will be a SIDE VILLAIN. AN ORDINARY CRIMINAL of the underworld who is in a gang war. He is in charge.

      Now comes the big part.... The Riddler will feature albeit briefly.

      There will be one major villain and a side villain to keep in line with the dark knight.

      The Riddler
      Black Mask - he will be an ordinary criminal with connections to the criminal underworld/mob

      the penguin - 'Oswald' being mentioned but will not feature.

      Talia al Ghul - interlinked with Bruce Wayne and the mob.

      According to the next film, Twoface IS dead, the joker is in arkham asylum but we do not see the joker however the joker will be mentioned several times.

      Previous themes being fear. escalation etc..
      The theme for batman 3 is 'REDEMPTION'

      Warner bros. are keen for a fourth and possibly FINAL film as I have said and they are keen for the joker to return!!! This will pleasantly round off the franchise and would be an exciting and great end for batman.
      They are also keen in including Harley Quinn and the return of The Scarecrow as there could be a break out as arkham and the scarecrow might possibly feature in the fourth.
      Other villains maybe catwoman, the penguin and mad hatter.
      but this cannot be true until the script of batman three has been written.

      Now this is early days and this is what has been going around from Warner bros.
      You can choose to believe it or chose not too, it's up to you but like I said I have inside information about the next film and this is what I have 100% learnt from within the studio. !

      If it's true it's going to be one hell of a batman film!
      The Riddler, Talia Al Ghul, Black Mask and references to the penguin and the joker all but a few.. Bear in mind we will NOT see the penguin or the joker in the third movie.

    How long do movie release posters stay on display in London?
    So, my Boyf is standing outside a movie release poster in a pic I found of him. It's in Picadilly but at a bus stop. Thing is movie was released in Feb but my Boyf says the pic was taken around July time. If it had been in feb he would've been lying to me about something so just want movie buffs opinions. How long would a movie release poster stay on display? Have you ever seen one on display more than 6 months?

    • ANSWER:
      I remember a poster for Batman & Robin (the one with George Clooney) stayed on display for over a year at a busy downtown Philadelphia bus stop.

      It was this poster:

    Where can i watch Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito. And if not, the release date?
    Ive checked everywhere and all i come up with is trailers. But if you go on to myanimelist it says that the first movie "finished airing" and it even said it was released on 16 july 2012. And ive also heard of it also being a series. I have no idea whats going on please help.

    And thanks for answering.

    • ANSWER:
      code geass gaiden: akito the exiled's 1st episode was aired in Japan last Aug 4. It is 4 ova with 50minutes runtime per each episode. the other episodes will release seasonally. i think we will have to wait a few more months before it become available on the net. But try in adult swim or crunchyroll.

    How often does netflix and lovefilm update their films?
    Lets say a film came out on the 20th of January 2013, when would it be able to be streamed on both:
    Also which one is better in your opinion and give reasons if you want. Ya know, you don't have to but it would be much appreciated!
    Thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      This cannot be answered as it is different case by case.

      Some film studios refuse to offer their films for streaming at all.
      Some films refuse to offer their films to be streamed on Netflix some refuse to allow LoveFilm to stream their movies. Some studios don't allow either platforms to stream their content and only allow other platforms such as iTunes, Amazon Instant Watch or their own content provider such as HBO.

      So to find out when a new film will make its way to Netflix or Lovefilm one would have to know what studio owns the film and if they have a deal with either provider.

      But for instance take a small film like "Jeff Who Lives at Home" it was released 16 March 2012 and showed up for streaming in Jan. 2013 so that is roughly 10 months. "One For the Money" was released Jan 2012 and showed up Jan. 2013 so that is roughly 12 months. A really small film "Sleepwalk With Me" was released August 2012 and again Jan. 2013 it was being streamed so roughly 8 months.

      So you might say a year for bigger studio films and 8 months to 10 for smaller indie films.

      As to which is better? I cannot say with any true degree of accuracy (due to the fact that Lovefilm is not available in the US) but here is an article comparing the 2. It is from November of 2012 so it should be up to date.

    When will the next trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man be released?
    I keep hearing it might be around Christmas, and I just saw they released a new poster. Since it comes out in July can you estimate when a new trailer might come out? The Dark Knight's trailer came out in December 07 when it was released in July 08, so do you think it's reasonable that they would release an actual movie trailer this month?

    • ANSWER:
      I'd estimate around Boxing Day, that period of time. They usually amp up the promotional material 6-ish months before the release.
      I couldnt find any other extra info. I just hope they don't stuff up the movie

    Do you think Batman's villain is meant to be a symbol of Romney?
    Romney was a vulture capitalist who got rich by putting families out of business. Now he won't release his tax returns. The villain in Batman is named Bain which is the same as the company Romney ran.

    Seems capitalists have no feelings and are just greedy for money after all.

    • ANSWER:
      The villain "Bane" was created in January of 1993. He became one of the most popular villains of the comic series on which the new trilogy is based. Hence, he was the villain used for the climax.

      In October of 1983, 9 months later, Romney, who co-founded "Bain" (spelled differently) in 1984, announced he would run for the US Senate. In 2008, Romney ran for President. He lost in the primary. The Batman film series was already in the works and by December of 2008, just a month after the election, the general story for the new movie was already written. Romney was just one of many possible contenders for the 2012 election at that time. Also, they had hoped the movie would come out last year, but the Director Christopher Nolan had committed to Inception, delaying the film until today.

      So when Rush Limbaugh asks "do you think it is a coincidence?" The answer is a resounding YES, you moron!

    What's up with Netfilix splitting up and losing customers?
    I was just about to join them but i hear customers are fleeing and they're splitting up.

    Is this a bad time to join?

    • ANSWER:
      The CEO is afraid of missing shifts in technology, which is fine, but many think he's gone way too far the other way.

      Netflix is splitting into two. Netflix will remain as the name of the streaming-only service. The DVD service will be split off under the name Kwikster.

      While the future may really be in streaming, here's the problems right now:

      1: The majority of Americans don't have a broadband connection capable of supporting a streamed TV show, let alone, a movie in HD. In fact, a good portion of Americans don't even have broadband at all.

      2: Netflix's streaming library is fairly small compared to their DVD library, and fairly unpredictable. They're in constant battles over rights for shows and movies. Most notably is their deal with Starz, which will expire in February of 2012. Unless this is renewed, which is looking very shaky right now, fans of Netflix's streaming service will lose access to several big studios' titles - including Disney.

      3: As a streaming-only service, Netflix was a tough sell when compared to things like Hulu (free on PCs), Hulu Plus (/mo), HBO-To-Go, and even up and coming services from Comcast/Xfinity, DirecTV, and DishNetwork.

      4: As a DVD-only service, Kwikster faces tough competition from Redbox, whose /disc/night price is awfully tough to beat.

      The old combined Netflix service made sense. It kept the old DVD customers around while the streaming library came up to speed. At some point, yes, this split makes sense, but honestly, this isn't the time - especially in light of the recent 60% price hike in the middle of a recession.

      Furthermore, the CEO's attitude about physical media in general is way off target. DVD is going to be around at least another decade, and while I doubt blu-ray will ever overtake DVD, I don't see it going away any time either.

      It remains to be seen how this 2-sites, 1-company thing is going to work. Right now it sounds like customers who want both Netflix(streaming) and Kwikster(DVDs) will now see 2 separate charges on their credit cards, and will need to manage 2 separate accounts...and 2 separate queues? So does that mean if I wanted to stream a show from Netflix, only to find out it's not available, I'll have to hop over to Kwikster and add it to my queue over there? Talk about inconvenient.

      At the same time, there was mention that Kwikster would be (FINALLY!) adding video games to its library. No information about pricing or what sorts of games are going to be available has been released yet. Honestly, the best move for Kwikster would be to just outright buy Gamefly.

      Realistically this isn't the time to join. There's way too much shakiness right now, and at least for the meantime, there are equally good, if not better, alternatives for DVD-only or Streaming-only services. I'd wait 6 months for this split to occur and for them to shake out the inevitable bugs that are going to arise when they try to split their customer database. Trust me, you don't need the extra headaches.

    When are movie tickets for premieres usually sold?
    I can't tell you how much I want to see the premiere (not the special, high-end premieres, but you know like midnight showings at a local theater) of Titanic 3D. It's coming out on April 6, 2012, so when will the tickets start being sold?

    (I use Fandango.)

    • ANSWER:
      It varies by movie, but usually not more than a month before the release date. In the case of Titanic 3D, I wouldn't expect tickets to be on sale any earlier than about 2 weeks ahead of time.

      If your local theatre has a mailing list or Facebook page, I would recommend subscribing as a way to keep up on these things.

    Where can a person buy an armoured personnel carrier for emergency situations?
    Also could an Armoured Truck be converted into a makeshift A.P.C. for civilian use?

    • ANSWER:
      Hey, you're not supposed to let on that I'm releasing the zombies until I do it next month, so that their peak activity hits in 2012.

      Seriously, if the other people's links don't work, look for the guys who keep Hollywood supplied in vehicles. They collect and restore and supply these to the movies.

    when is the movie 20120 going to end in theaters?
    Well i just want to know when the movie 2012 is just going to stop showing up in theaters?

    (In the USA?)

    • ANSWER:
      In a couple of months...theaters will keep the movie for as long as it makes money or until some newer release forces it out.

    When is Jurassic Park IV going to hit theatres?
    Is there ever going to be a fourth Jurassic Park film? Is Steven Speilberg going to direct it? I have not heard any news for this film this month, October 2010! When is this movie ever gonna come out! Are there any news this month on the film?

    • ANSWER:
      its in the preliminary stage. many scripts are being discussed. after selecting a script only they will announce it to the public.....anyway the 4th installement will release in 2012 summer

    Is eclipse going to be the last twilight movie?
    I just started watching twilight, and i really liked it XD.

    • ANSWER:
      No - Summit bought the rights to the final book installment "Breaking Dawn" two years ago and after much heated discussion about whether or not it would be possible to pull of the special effects required to film Breaking Dawn, all cast members were signed on earlier this year to complete the final chapter of the series.

      Filming has already begun and is expecting to go for 7 months - but will be broken down into two parts. It is expected that Breaking Dawn Pt 1 will be released sometime in 2012 with Pt 2 released 6 months later.

    When does the movie Pitch Perfect come on Netflix?
    I want to see pitch perfect soooo bad! Does anyone know when it comes to Netflix?

    • ANSWER:
      This is a bit complicated but generally for what are considered top earners or popular films it is 9 months to 1 year after the theatrical release date. "Perfect Pitch" was released in September of 2012 so the earliest would be next May. But these numbers are not written in stone it also depends on how well the DVD sells and how well the DVD is rented.

      To start with Universal which owns "Perfect Pitch" release the DVD.

      Then they require that Netflix wait one month before offering the DVD to be rented. This would be at the end of Jan 2013.

      Then they require that Netflix only offer renting for 4 to 6 months before they are allowed to offer it for streaming. It is that 4 to 6 months where things get tricky. If the industry shows a massive slow down in DVD sales and DVD rentals then Netflix will be allowed to offer it for streaming sooner but most likely that won't happen. So an educated guess is May of 2013 for streaming.

    What day does twilight breaking dawn stop playing in theatres?
    I wanna know what day it wont be in theatres anymore

    • ANSWER:
      Sorry I cannot give you an exact date, but I can use past knowledge to give you an estimate!

      With New Moon, it's last day was about two months after it was released. I do live in a smaller city though, so this may have something to do with it.

      It is such a big movie, some people are saying 3 months, but that would mean it is still in the Cinema when it is released on DVD.

      Breaking Dawn Part One comes out on DVD on February the 11th, 2012, so even if it does get pulled out of the theatre soon, it will be available not long after.

    when is the third season of code geass coming out?
    when is r3 coming? how many episodes will it have and who will be in it?

    • ANSWER:
      There is no 3rd season of Code Geass. I don't know why people keep calling it R3, but thats incorrect. There are three upcoming Code Geass related animes, two are OVAs and one is a film.

      The one most people are talking about is 'Boukoku no Akito', which is a side story OVA coming out sometime this year. This OVA will have new main characters. It won't be the old cast, though they may appear seeing how it still takes place in the same time frame as the original series did. An episode count has not been released so it could very well be shorter than a typical season (less than twelve episodes), but who knows.

      The next is a spin off called "Nunnally in Wonderland". There isn't too much information about this one right now except for that the first episode will air on July 27.

      And then there is a movie which was announced last month. Again, very little information so far.

    Is the Sors No Otoshimono movie subbed yet?
    I've been dying to watch it but I can't seem to find it! It was supposed to come out in June of 2011 and I believe it did, but nobody seems to know where you can watch it subbed. :((((
    Can anybody provide links or information? I really wanna see it!

    • ANSWER:
      It's unlikely to be subbed and posted online until the Japanese DVD/Blu-ray release several months from now (02/24/2012). Until the DVD/Blu-ray release, the fansubbers have no video source to work with.

    So, what's the recent hold-up on the Halo movie production?
    I checked imdb's website a few months ago, and I'm sure the scheduled release was 2012. I go to check the movie's status today, and now the scheduled year is (????). What's with all the delay? The only reason I could find is that Microsoft doesn't want the movie to give the franchise a bad rep, which is understandable. But I don't see that happening when Peter Jackson is in charge of pretty much everything.

    Has anyone heard any news as to why this movie is delayed again?

    • ANSWER:
      Microsoft shelved it. They say it will be made, but no tell when it will be made.

      Blomkamp declared the project dead in late 2007,[113] but Jackson replied that the film would still be made.[114] Blomkamp and Jackson collaborated on District 9, but the director told /Film that he was no longer considering working on a Halo film if the opportunity arose,[115] saying that after working on the film for five months before the project's collapse it would be difficult to return. The rights for the film have since reverted back to Microsoft.[116] O'Connor has stated that the movie will be made at some point.

      We're going to make a movie when the time is right," he said. "We own the IP. If we want to make a movie, the scale of all the other stuff that we do changes dramatically. We make tens and tens of millions of dollars on ancillary stuff, toys, apparel, music and publishing. If we do a movie all of that will grow exponentially. We have some numbers if we do a movie, but it changes everything. It also changes our target and age demographic."

      So there you have it. Not only is O'Connor certain that a Halo movie is going to happen at some point, but it makes absolute financial sense to do one too. What, you think Microsoft is in this for the fun of it?

      There is also this, but not sure of the date, dont see a date on it.
      Halo Movie Canceled for Now

    I heard and saw some photos of the reboot of the reboot for Superman the movie what is going on and where may?
    I get more information I think it was about 6 months ago that I saw the update on yahoo.

    • ANSWER:
      well the cast is as follows

      Kevin Costner -- Pa Kent
      Diane Lane -- Ma Kent
      Henry Cavill -- CK/Superman
      Michael Shannon -- Zod
      Laurence Fishburne -- Perry
      Amy Adama -- Lois
      Russell Crowe -- Jor-El

      I'd imagine searches of them might generate info

      last I saw the film is scheduled for late 2012 release, having been moved up from original plans for Memorial Day 2013

    Is there really going to be a Titanic 3D movie coming out in 2012?
    If so, I'm pretty excited to see it. But I looked on YouTube for a trailer, and there is none.

    • ANSWER:
      Yes! The film is going to release on the April 6, 2012 in Real D 3D, Digital 3D, and IMAX 3D.

      It is officially declared that they are re-releasing it. So, there is no doubt to it. The film is also going to mark the 100th anniversary to the sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic; which is going to happen on the 15th of April next year.

      And just for your information, the film trailers usually come like 2-3 months before the release and I am expecting the Titanic 3D trailer to come in Januaryish.

      Do not worry! Keep patience! The film is re-releasing soon and for sure!

    How many Episodes does the anime Blue Exorcist have? I also I keep hearing things about a movie...?
    Okay, I am on episode 21 and I am wondering are there only 25 episodes or are they going to make more? And I have seen trailers for the move, does anyone know when it will be released English subbed? Lastly, does any one have any good websites where I can read the manga?

    • ANSWER:
      Yea there are only 25 episodes, boo!! Maybe they will make more episodes considering its popular but there has been no definite answer... i really hope so though c: and there was a movie realesed in december 2012. It usually takes around 6-8 months for english dub to be released so check back on the mivie this summer

    When does the movie The Last Airbender come out on dvd?
    Please answer, i really want to buy it! I really liked the movie- and if you can please tell me when The Last Airbender 2: Book 2 Earth comes out to thearters! Thank you!!

    • ANSWER:
      Well... the movie didn't even come out a month ago. I would say the DVD would come out around the end of September/early October.

      And the second movie isn't 100% confirmed yet, but if it does happen, filming will take place during 2011 and be released in 2012.

    Do movies from America go to Canada before they come to England?
    Hi I'm visiting Toronto in a few months and wondered if there will be any movies in theatres that have not yet been released in England? Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Ha! Ha! That's a question I asked myself but in the opposite direction since I lived on this side of the ocean and went on your side.

      Check on the site for a few movies. Check for the "Release Date" in the "details section. For most of the movies you see a link "SEE MORE...". Click on that. Then you have a list of countries with the release date. You see it's not always the same.

      Generally, american movies are in Canada the same day.

      BEFORE, I would say in US/Canada it was a little before for here than in UK.

      NOW: If it's a movie that costed a lot to make and expect to be a bluckbusters, it's the same date or very close.

      Let's compare a few movies:

      Ocean's Eleven: Canada: 7 December 2001 vs UK: 15 February 2002
      Titanic: Canada: 19 December 1997 vs UK: 23 January 1998

      Mr. & Mrs. Smith: Canada: 10 June 2005 vs UK: 10 June 2005 (idem!)
      Transformers: Dark of the Moon: Canada: 29 June 2011 vs UK 29 June 2011 (idem!)
      Larry Crowne: Canada: 1 July 2011 vs UK: 1 July 2011 (idem!)
      Flight with Denzel Washington: Canada:2 November 2012 and UK:1 February 2013

      So see, it's the same or sometimes before.
      I suggest you to check IMDB for a few movies. :-)

    Is there any live action movie for Ouran Highschool Host Club?
    They said it will be released on March 2012, and today it is April 2012 but still i couldn't find and movie, If there is a movie, PLEASE SEND THE LINK TO WATCH IT, thankyou sososo much :) :*

    • ANSWER:
      The movie was released in Japanese theaters only last month. Nobody's going to fansub it until a DVD version is released, months from now.

    Any movies you're looking forward on to come out in 2012?
    Mine (In order of which they're occurring):
    1. Hunger Games in March (also my birthday month)
    2. Titanic in April!!! If you didn't year, they're
    releasing it back in theaters for the 100th
    anniversary of the sinking.
    3. Breaking Dawn Part 2, but
    I'm not sure what month it'll

    How about you?

    • ANSWER:
      THE HUNGER GAMES!!!! :)

    is the mahou shoujo madoka magica movie out yet?
    so i heard that there was a trilogy of movies being produced for mahou shoujo madoka magica and was wondering if the first one was out yet. if it is out, has it been english-subbed yet? and where can i watch it?

    • ANSWER:
      No, the first movie isn't out, and no release date other than "2012" has been announced yet.

      EDIT: Almost right after I answered this question, it was announced that the first Madoka Magica movie is aimed for a fall premier, so I thought I should update my answer:

      Of course, this doesn't mean that WE will get to see it in the fall. 99% of the time, theatrical anime movies don't show up subbed online until after the Japanese DVD/Blu-ray release, which is usually 6-9 months after the movie premiers in Japanese theaters. There's no video source for the fansubbers to use until then. Rarely, very rarely, a fansub group will get hold of a low-quality camrip and sub that long before the official home video release, but that's so uncommon that there's really no reason to expect that to happen.

    Which movie will be the highest grossing movie of 2012 ?
    IMO The dark knight rises will be the highest i think it will cross 1 billion mark

    What u think of these ??
    1. The amazing spiderman
    2. The avengers
    3. The hobbit
    4. The dark knight rises

    • ANSWER:
      "The Dark Knight Rises" will probably hit it big and has a very high chance of joining the billion dollar club. "The Hobbit" will come in at second, but it also has the high chance of becoming the highest grossing film of 2012 considering the film will aim the theaters in December 14, and it will easily collect the money in January 2013 due to the fact that January is the month where the weakest movies are released. "The Avengers" at third and "The Amazing Spiderman" at fourth....

      1. The Dark Knight Rises - Billion - .2 Billion
      2. the Hobbit - 0 Million - Billion
      3. The Avengers - 0 Million
      4. The Amazing Spiderman - $ 600 Million

    Is the world going to end on 21st Decemeber 2012?
    It is really scaring me this whole the world is going to end thing!

    • ANSWER:
      No, there is not a shred of evidence for any of the things people say, no truth at all. It is all just stories, and shows how easily human beings can fall for impressive sounding stories.

      The Mayans didn't make any astronomical predictions for this date, also they have dates in their calender way in our future so couldn't have thought of it as the end of the world either.

      The so-called astronomy makes no sense to an astronomer. For instance, yes there is an alignment of the sun with the centre of the galaxy - approximately - but it happens every year at this time. The sun isn't passing through the galactic plane right now - it did that 3 million years ago and is due to do it next about 30 or 40 million years from now.

      There are no planetary alignments at all. There is absolutely no evidence of a mysterious extra planet invading our solar system and any of the hundreds of thousands of amateur astronomers would have easily spotted something like that just by the way it would change the orbits of other planets.

      Amateur astronomers are out on every clear starry night around the world, with powerful telescopes - with CCD imaging they are highly sensitive some of them - as powerful as many of the professional telescopes of a couple of decades or so ago. They would immediately notice if any of the planets shifted even slightly from their predicted positions.

      If there was a new planet, the effects would be noticed years ago most likely, certainly months ago and by now it would be a huge bright light in the sky, as bright as or brighter than the other planets, and the other planetary orbits would be shifted and the planets would no longer be where the astronomers expect them to be. That is simply not happening.

      The stories only work for readers with no or minimal background understanding of astronomy and science

      For that matter - why pay any attention to their calender anyway? It is only relevant if you believe in the start date of their calender - which is the date that the Mayans believe that their gods created the world, on 11th August 3114 BC.

      Most of this scare dates back to the 2012 movie (released in 2009) which is about as believable as an Indian Jones movie. The marketing department for that film created fictional sites and started a whole viral campaign about the end of the world in 2012. Presumably they didn't really expect it to be taken seriously (at least I hope so!) - a similar campaign was used to promote Independence Day. The website they created for the campaign, where you could apply for a lottery ticket supposedly for a chance to survive the apocalypse has been taken down now and just redirects to the movie publicity site, thank goodness.

      However sadly, their viral campaign was up for long enough to create panic, and many people took it very seriously rather than just entertainment, and got really worried by this movie, with some worried children writing to Nasa saying they were contemplating suicide. That's when Nasa realised how serious it was getting and put up their debunking website about it..

      Here is a nice quote from Dara O-Brien (a UK comedian with a degree in science and an entertainingly pithy way of saying things) about the neutrino mutating part of the story in the movie, which is the key "science" explaining the catastrophe in the actual movie itself:

      The concept being that "entire cities tilt and fall into lava" while the only explanation on offer is the single line "the neutrinos have mutated". The science of this, Ó Briain points out, being equivalent to saying that "the electrons are angry" or "the light from the sun has gone off."

      There are other things that could potentially be disastrous, but the Mayans couldn't predict them any more than we can, and they are so low probability that it is highly likely that it will be several million years before they happen, though it is pretty sure that something or other civilization threatening will happen some time in the next few hundred million years or so, and let's hope that by then we are able to do something about it. Certainly a few billion years from now we would be in deep trouble if we - or rather whatever we or our relatives evolve into - are still around on the Earth as the oceans will boil as the sun gets hotter.

      So - there is something in it - astronomically - such things can happen. Just extremely unlikely to happen in the near future. There is enough of a possibility so that it is worth mapping all the NEOs (Near Earth Objects) to see if any are on course to impact Earth.

      But - this Dec 21 2012 - it is just a story, all made up stuff, not even a shred of evidence for any of it. Like the game of Telephone or Chinese Whispers, more and more details get added as it gets repeated.

      More about it in my longer answer here on quora:

    Is there an estimated time as to when the Ao no Exorcist movie will come out?
    I heard it's coming out in 2012, but is there a more specific date, like a month or something?
    Okay, so will the DVD/Blu-ray have subtitles?
    Okay, I really only need subtitles since I do not know Japanese. I hope it'll be fansubbed soon after, though. Thanks! :)

    • ANSWER:
      As far as I know, even the month of release hasn't been announced yet. There's really no info out there yet, other than the fact that a movie is being made. And of course even after it does premier in Japanese theaters, it'll be 6+ months before it's available to watch for anyone who can't see it in Japan. It won't end up online until the Japanese DVD/Blu-ray release, so it's possible that those outside of Japan might be waiting until sometime in 2013 to see it.

      ADD: That's pretty unlikely. Very few anime DVDs from Japan have English subtitles. I can't say "no, it definitely won't" since there is absolutely no information available regarding the DVD/Blu-ray release of this movie at this point, and who knows, they might surprise us and decide to subtitle it, but the chances are honestly really, really, really low. It will almost certainly be fansubbed and available online within a few weeks of the DVD/Blu-ray release, though.

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