Movie Releases On Dvd For March 2013

Frequently Asked Questions

    Do you think James Bond skyfall will be out on DVD before Christmas?
    I'm planning on asking my parents for James Bond skyfall on DVD for Christmas. I live in the USA and the movie came out in theaters on November 9th. Do you think it will be available on DVD by Christmas.

    • ANSWER:

      A date have been set for the release of Skyfall on DVD and Blu-ray and in Macrh 2013.

      Here is the link to the news on it from

      For now IF you want Bond stuff for Christmas, ask for the Blu-Ray or DVD of the James Bond 50th box set. Maybe any of these Skyfall soundtrack, James Bond 50th Anniv. soundtrack, Bond On Set: Filming Skyfall by Greg Williams, Bond On Bond: Reflections on 50 years of James Bond Movies by Roger Moore, James Bond: Omnibus Volume 001: Based on the novels that inspired the movies (James Bond Graphic Novels) by Ian Fleming, Jim Laurier, John McLucsky and Jim Lawrence, James Bond: Omnibus Volume 003 and James Bond: Omnibus Volume 004

    In Japan, how long does it take for movies to be released on DVD?
    I'm waiting for that new Dragon Ball Z film to come out on DVD. In Japan it was released on March 30, 2013. In North America, generally (even the biggest movies) take 3-4 months at most to come out. How long does it take to come out in Japan?

    • ANSWER:
      You are asking the same question many times. No matter how many times you ask, the answer is always like "it's 3-6 months or so"

    Im a fan of Caitlin Stasey, when will her work reach the UK?
    I am a big fan of Caitlin Stasey, she has recently starred in such movies such as "All Cheerleaders Die", "Lust For Love" and a ABC comedy "Please Like Me."

    I am curious if anyone is aware or if anyone has any links on any news about these features, and more importantly, when they will reach UK screens?

    Also will there be a sequel to "Tomorrow When The War Began"?

    • ANSWER:
      Hi. I'm a fan of Caitlin's from the UK, too. In answer to your questions:

      'Please Like Me' is due to air starting February on ABC2 in Australia. I can't imagine it will be shown on terrestrial channels in the UK because Josh Thomas, the star, is unknown here. However, I'm hoping I'll be able to download it from somewhere online. If I find a link, I'll let you know. If it's the case that the show is later released on DVD, I will of course buy it.

      'Lust for Love' is in the latter stages of post production. I don't know if it will see general release in the US or UK yet, because it's a indie film, though even a limited release would be great. I'm sure it will eventually be available on DVD though, because I was a backer of the Kickstarter project which funded the movie, and a 2-disc DVD is one of my rewards. I'm hoping to receive the DVD before the film's theatrical release, not after.

      The thriller 'Evidence' was shot in around August/September of 2011, if I remember rightly, and has had more than a year in post-production, so I think that's due out soon. 'Chu and Blossom', a comedy, was shot in Florida in August/September this year, so will probably be in post-production for a while yet. 'All I Need' is an indie horror/thriller and it was shot in LA around late September/October, this year. I don't know when this is due out, though I'm sure it's sometime during 2013. A second horror/thriller, 'All Cheerleaders Die', has (I think) wrapped shooting just before Christmas, though I may be wrong on that. I don't know if any of these four movies will be released theatrically in the UK, though I suspect 'All Cheerleaders Die' might be, as it sounds like a relatively bigger budget production. Either way, all four are bound to later be released on DVD.

      'I, Frankenstein' was shot in Melbourne in around March/April this year, though it won't be out until September 2013 in the US, after its release was delayed by seven months. This is a big-budget affair, so it will almost certainly be released in the UK, though I don't know if it will debut here at the same time as in the US. I'm hoping we might even get to see it before the Yanks do. Caitlin plays a gargoyle in the movie :)

      As far as a sequel to TWTWB goes, the last I heard was that a screenplay based on the second and third books in the series had been completed. Unfortunately, things don't look promising as regards getting the original cast back together. Lincoln Lewis recently Tweeted that he had met with director Stuart Beattie, and that the possibility of a sequel (with the same director and cast, at least) seems remote :/

      Hope that helps! If you're looking for more up-to-date news on Caitlin's projects, I can thoroughly recommend her Facebook page. It's not run by Caitlin herself but I know the young lady who does run it, and she is always the first to dig up new info, so if you 'like' the page, I'm sure you'll be kept abreast of any further developments :)

    When was the Simpsons first broadcasted ?
    And when was futurama ?
    And what were they about ?

    • ANSWER:
      The first actual Simpsons episode was broadcast in 1989 on the 17th of December but there were shorts on the Tracy Ullman from 1987.
      The first futurama episode was broadcast on the 28th of March in 1999. It was cancelled in 2003 but 4 straight to DVD movies were released in 2008 and 2009. Comedy central then broadcast new episodes from June the 24th 2010 and a seventh season was confirmed for 2012-2013

    can someone explain when futurama has been cancled?
    I know its happend a few times and is it renewed for a season next year?

    • ANSWER:
      they just started another season of episodes...

      Here's wikipedias info on the cancellation:

      Groening and Cohen wanted Futurama to be shown at 8:30pm on Sunday, following The Simpsons. The Fox network disagreed, opting instead to show two episodes in the Sunday night lineup before moving the show to a regular time slot on Tuesday.[33] Beginning with its second broadcast season Futurama was again placed in the 8:30 Sunday spot,[34] but by mid-season the show was moved again, this time to 7:00 p.m. on Sunday, its third position in under a year.[35]
      Even by the fourth season Futurama was still being aired erratically.[36] This was parodied in the opening sequence of the last episode of Season 4 with a picture of Fry, Leela, and Bender captioned "See You On Some Other Channel." Due to being regularly pre-empted by sporting events, it became difficult to predict when new episodes would air. This erratic schedule resulted in Fox not airing several episodes that had been produced for seasons three and four, instead holding them over for a fifth broadcast season. Fox executives were also not supporters of the show.[37] Although Futurama was never officially cancelled, midway through the production of the fourth season, Fox decided to stop buying episodes of Futurama, letting it go out of production before the fall 2003 lineup.[38][39]

      In 2005, Comedy Central acquired the syndication rights to Futurama.[40] During the negotiations, Comedy Central discussed the possibility of producing new episodes. In 2006, it was announced that four straight-to-DVD films would be produced, and later split into 16 episodes comprising a new season.[41] Since no new Futurama projects were in production at the time of release, the final movie release Into the Wild Green Yonder was designed to stand as the Futurama series finale. However, Groening had expressed a desire to continue the franchise in some form, including as a theatrical film.[42] In an interview with CNN, Groening said that "we have a great relationship with Comedy Central and we would love to do more episodes for them, but I don't know... We're having discussions and there is some enthusiasm but I can't tell if it's just me."[43]

      In June, 2009, 20th Century Fox announced that Comedy Central had picked up the show for 26 new half-hour episodes that began airing on June 24, 2010.[44][45][46] The returning writing crew was smaller than the original crew.[47] It was originally announced that main voice actors West, DiMaggio, and Sagal would return as well, but on July 17, 2009, it was announced that a casting notice was posted to replace the entire cast when 20th Century Fox Television would not meet their salary demands.[48] The situation was later resolved, and the entire original voice-cast returned for the new episodes. The dispute had stopped the original actors from appearing on the Futurama panel for Comic-Con 2009, to the disappointment of fans.[49]

      When Futurama aired June 24, 2010, on Comedy Central, it helped the network to its highest-rated night in 2010 and its highest-rated Thursday primetime in the network's history.[54] In March 2011, it was announced that Futurama has been renewed for a seventh season, consisting of at least 26 episodes, scheduled to air in 2012 and 2013.[5][6] The first episode of season 7 is set to premiere June 20, 2012 on Comedy Central.[55]

    Can someone tell me when the film "Les Miserables" will be coming out on DVD?
    I am talking about the new version that came out on Christmas day.

    • ANSWER:
      DVD Release Date estimated March 2013

    How long does it take for netflix to have newly released movies?
    I'm thinking about getting netflix, and say if i wanted to get "The Perks of Being a Wallflower", how long would it be until they have it?

    • ANSWER:
      If you mean getting the movie on DVD then it depends on the studio that produced the movie. Warner Brothers makes Netflix wait 56 days after DVD release before it can rent DVDs while the others have a 28-day wait period.

      If you mean streaming the movie via the internet, then it depends on if Netflix has an output arrangement with the studio. If they do, then you can expect to see a movie appear on the streaming service between 6 and 9 months after the DVD release date in the US, in most cases.

      If Netflix doesn't have an output deal with the studio, then you could wait up to 10 years for the movie to appear on Netflix.

      The "Perks of Being a Wallflower" is produced by Summit Entertainment, so the DVD will be available for rent 28 days after the DVD release date. The DVD release date was February 12, 2013, so Netflix should have the DVD available around March 12, 2013. However, HBO has the TV/streaming output deal with Summit and HBO typically demands exclusivity for 8 to 10 years so this movie is unlikely to be steaming on Netflix USA anytime soon.

    Is dbz battle of god 2013 coming out in theaters?
    So I heard that a new dbz movie is coming out on march 30 2013 and I was wondering and hoping if its coming out in theaters in the u.s and English translations

    • ANSWER:
      It is coming out in Japan first and will follow up with an English translation later and most likely release on DVD.

    When is the second twilight movie dvd release date?
    does anyone know the answer to this

    • ANSWER:
      HI! For The Twilight saga: Breaking Dawn part 2?

      If this is the movie your talking about then the movie itself comes out in Theaters on November 16th 2012. And then depending on how well the movie does in the theaters it would be released on DVD around March 2013!

    When will breaking dawn part 2 come out on dvd?

    • ANSWER:
      March 2013. If you want the exact date or to preorder go to *Tip: if you ever want to know the dvd release date of a movie, count 4 months after it came to theaters.

    when does this movie come out on netflix or dvd?
    when does this movie come out on netflix or dvd
    its called " sinister " and its from the makers of paranormal activity

    • ANSWER:
      It is not in theatrical U.S. release until October, so chances are it won't be out on DVD before March 2013, and Netflix would be near or after that.

    when will twilight breaking dawn part 2 be on dvd?

    • ANSWER:
      A special edition could be released as early as February next year. Breaking Dawn Part One DVD was first released in the US on Feb, 11th this year. For the rest of the world, this was March 2012.

      Because this movie is the last, they may try and drag it out quite a bit, but the DVD first edition will probably be released March 2013.

    When will the movie "Catching Fire" come out?!?!?
    I've read the first 2 hunger games books The Hunger Games and Catching Fire and I'm soon going to be reading Mocking Jay. I've seen The Hunger Games movie and I'm Getting really inpatient because they havn't released the Catching Fire movie yet. If anyone knows when it will be out, PLEASEEEE let me know asap. :))
    Thank youu 😀

    • ANSWER:
      "Lionsgate announced that a film adaption of Catching Fire will be released November 22, 2013,[18] as a sequel to the film adaption of The Hunger Games, which was released March 23, 2012."

      So, November 2013 it is!
      Catching Fire will be in theaters on November 21st, 2013 in Argentina, Hong Kong and Italy.

      Catching Fire will be in theaters on November 22nd, 2013 in Australia, Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.

      Catching Fire will be in theaters in France on November 27th, 2013 and on November 28th in Germany.

      We do not know when the movie will be available on DVD or Blu-Ray.

    When does the movie "Flight" come out on DVD? And soundtrack?
    Just saw Flight in the movie theaters and it was awesome, when does it come out on DVD? I'm guessing early 2013?? And the soundtrack?

    • ANSWER:
      DVD release estimated for March 2013

      Not sure on the soundtrack.

    What day is the One Direction movie coming out?
    I would really like to know!

    • ANSWER:
      One Direction Concert Movie 3D

      Release Date: August 30, 2013
      Studio: TriStar Pictures (Sony)
      Director: Morgan Spurlock
      Screenwriter: Not Available
      Starring: Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson
      Genre: Documentary, Music
      MPAA Rating: Not Available
      Official Website: Not Available
      Review: Not Available
      DVD Review: Not Available
      DVD: Not Available
      Movie Poster: Not Available
      Production Stills: Not Available

      Plot Summary: One Direction – Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson – were discovered by Simon Cowell on the U.K.'s "The X Factor" in 2010. The band quickly gained a following to become one of the competition's all-time most popular acts, finishing in the final three and garnering a gigantic and loyal fanbase along the way. In March 2012, One Direction's debut album, "Up All Night," made U.S. history, as it was the first time a U.K. group's debut album entered the U.S. Billboard 200 chart at No. 1. The band has sold over 13 million records worldwide. In November 2013, One Direction released their sophomore album, "Take Me Home," which includes the No. 1 single, "Live While We're Young."


    What Disney movies are you expecting t get released on bluray/DVD?
    I know they released Pinocchio on bluray/DVD on March 2009 and Snow White on bluray/DVD on Fall 2009.

    I'm looking to getting:
    Dumbo 70th Anniversary (2011)
    Peter Pan Diamond Edition (2013)
    Rescuers Platinum Edition (2013)
    Bambi 70th Anniversary (2013)
    Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad (I don't when it coming to bluray, but when ever it does, I'll get it)

    If you're a classic Disney fan, What Disney films are you expecting to get on bluray/DVD?

    • ANSWER:
      lion king all the way, i'm not sure what happened to my vhs version but i've seemed to misplace it. i miss the movie terribly and i want it to be released soon but i have nooo idea what year they plan on doing that hah.

    Should there be the Bambi 70th Anniversary in 2012/2013?
    Bambi was first released in 1942. Bambi is a great animated movie. The 1st VHS of Bambi is from 1989, which I don't have, but someone else might have. I have Bambi 55th Anniversary from 1997 and Bmabi Platinum Edition from 2005. There is going to be a Bambi Diamond Edition blu-ray and new 2-Disc DVD in Spring 2011, I don't think I'm getting the Bambi Diamond Edition, but some of you guys might get it. There should be a Bambi 70th Anniversary Edition in 2013. After Disney puts the Bambi Diamond Edition into the stupid vault in the end of January 2013. Disney will release the Bambi 70th Anniversary Edition blu-ray and another 2-Disc DVD in February 2013. I'm still happy with my copy of the Bambi Platinium Edition DVD from 2005, but I would be looking forward to getting the Bambi 70th Anniversary Edition DVD in 2013.

    Disney should release the Bambi 70th Anniversary Edition in 2013.

    I know Disney will release the Peter Pan Diamond Edition in Spring 2013 and the Rescuers Platinum Edition in March 2013. Disney should release the Bambi 70th Anniversary Edition in 2013.

    Do you agree with me?

    • ANSWER:
      yes bambi so cute ^^ he deserves a anniversary like the disney princesses do

    DVD release question?
    I saw the new movie "Hope Springs" for the 3rd time in theaters today because I'm totally in love with that movie. (; (so good, you should go see it). How long will it be until it is released on DVD? It came out August 8th, 2012. How long does it usually take for movies to go from the theaters to DVD??? Any suggestions help. Thanks!!

    • ANSWER:
      Hi! Yu chose me as best answer so I wanted to thank you by answering another one of your questions. But one didnt make sence. You wanted to know how to tell you dad that you and your husband are pregnat. But, you asked a question about how you and your ex boyfriend who turned out to be gay, and are not sure if you should hold onto the relationship. ANDDDD in one question you said you were 16, and then you asked another question 3 months later saying you are 24... Lol sryy it just doesnt make sence...

      As for your question, the Hunger Games was released March 12th. It just came out on dvd August 18th. It took about 5 months. That is the average amount of time. It will come out On Demand around the same time as DVD, so I estimate Hope Springs will be available for DVD around the middle of Feburary 2013.

    When will 3D ever end?
    As much as I love Avatar. I wanna knock out James Cameron's teeth. Thanks to him we've had to suffer through 3 years of awful 3D. James Cameron's Avatar is a great movie. Love the storyline, but I love the graphics, without a doubt the pinnacle of cinema. And his use of 3D enhanced an already beautiful movie. But since 2009, Hollywood has given us a flood of sh*tty 3D films. Not to say the films themselves were sh*tty... Well some were. Cough cough Piranha 3D. But filmmakers just haven't learned to grasp 3D the way James Cameron did. Most films are given that God awful "post-production 3D conversion" and it looks horrible. You can do the "glasses off test" and honesty watch the rest of the film with no problem. And what happens, you've just wasted a couple of extra bucks. This is because most studios are too cheap to use good 3D cameras during filming. Take G.I. Joe: Retaliation for example. It was suppose to be released on June 29th of this year. I was super excited about it. But Paramount had to f*** that up when they decided to have a "post-production 3D conversion" done to the film and now the release date has been pushed back to March 2013. I'm sorry, but I've f***ing had it with 3D films. This is why I don't go to them anymore unless it's a movie I really wanna see in 3D. Who else thinks Hollywood should just stop with 3D movies?

    • ANSWER:
      It will end when it stops being profitable.

      In other words, if and when people tire of the gimmick, and stop paying extra to see the 3D versions.

      Hollywood is a business, interested making a profit. They do that by giving the people what they want. And right now they'd be crazy (from a business standpoint) to stop 3D.

      Many people are willing to pay a lot more for a ticket to see the same movie, simply because they've added 3D to it. On average, 3D showings account for between 45 and 70 percent of their sales (where it is an option). Around half of the people are opting to pay the extra fee to see it in 3D. That has greatly increased the studios' bottom line.

      Plus, 3D offers something that TV can't match (for the moment), giving people who like it a reason to go out to the movies, instead of staying home and watching it on DVD or cable.

      Here is a list of movies, and the percentage of people who paid to see them in 3D:

    breaking dawn part 2?
    i was wondering when breaking dawn part 2 comes out on dvd

    • ANSWER:
      According to this site it may come out Feb 16th 2013.

      I would say this is correct or at least the month is. Typically a movie will be released on DVD three months after it's theatrical release so I'd say if it's not Feb it will come out no later than early March.

    Has the movie Don Jon's addiction come to the movie theatres yet or out on dvd?

    • ANSWER:
      No, it's slated for a March 2013 release at the Southwest film festival. After that, it will most likely recieve a wide release in late summer or early fall depending on how it goes at the festival. If it goes poorly, than it will probably be released on DVD around the same time, or Christmas at the latest.

    my bottom teeth hurt all the time. help?
    they randomly started hurting a few days ago, and now their kinda crooked. they hurt really bad, and i have no teeth coming in. im only 13 btw.. its saturday and they started hurting last almost a week. they were straight sunday, and now, thetwo front bottom teeth are turning in. it hurts really bad....any answers on why this is happening?!

    • ANSWER:
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      Open QuestionShow me another »
      When is the blue exorcist (ao no exorcist) movie coming to america?
      or at least online some where subbed or dubbed (i don't care) i just want to watch it so bad! i know it has already released in japan on dec. 28, at least in theaters over there. thanks informed people (couldn't really find anything on the internet)
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      Answers (1)
      by Alex
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      It is not licensed so there are no plans for it to be released in the US. It won't be available online until it comes out on DVD in Japan, and that won't be happening for a while.
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    When does Les Miserables come out on dvd?

    • ANSWER:
      Les Miserables
      DVD Release Date March 22, 2013

    Dragonball z battle of the gods...?
    When is the release, when will it be in the it going to theatres or straight to DVD

    • ANSWER:
      It will premiere in Japanese theaters on March 30, 2013

      it won't be available for dvd or in english for a long time, so we're going to have to wait

    Bad quality to HD? how the heck?
    So I was watching dragonball z, and since its really old its usually bad quality...well not bad, but not exactly HD. Thats because when was made it had less pixels and stuff.

    But the dbz i watched the other day was like pure HD, how is that even possible, it was the exact same show, voice actors and everything, they just changed a bad quality video into full HD.

    man I'm really confusedO.o

    • ANSWER:
      Hi "Shock":

      The process is called "remastering". Since most anime & other cell-drawn animation TV shows and feature films are recorded by special stop-frame film cameras, the "camera original" footage is on fine-grain color film which has higher-resolution (therefore "higher definition") than any video copies.

      All that creator Toriyama & Toei Animation (or U.S. distributor Funimation) had to do was run the original footage through an HD-capable telecine or film-scanner, and capture a new HiDef video master copy.

      The 13 "Dragon Ball Z" feature films obviously were made & released on good-quality 35mm film prints, but even an old 2" HighBand broadcast videotape copy of one of the Dragon Ball TV shows could be remastered using HD upscaling technology and make a better DVD than what was available for VHS or early DVD copies in the 80's & 90's when they aired.

      This is what distributor Funimation did between 2006 to 2009 after the success of their Cartoon Network re-airings of 1990's episodes. One of their remastered DVD sets is probably what you watched the other day. These were specially cropped & remastered for widescreen HDTV sets. Funimation has owned their own recording/voice-dub studio since the late 90's, so all the English-language actor recordings & new music tracks are theirs. They also added options to include the original Japanese soundtrack (w/ English subtitles).

      Keep an eye out for the March 2013 release of Toriyama's "Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods" movie.

      hope this helps,
      --Dennis C.

movie releases on dvd for march 2013