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    Will the 2 parts of the last Harry Potter movie be released on DVD together?
    Will the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows movie be released on DVD as a whole, or separated into the 2 parts?

    • ANSWER:
      I don't think so, Warner Brothers said Part 1 will come out on DVD around late March-April, which is before the July 15th release of Part 2.

      But, I CANT WAIT(:

    What if any, good horror movies were released on dvd today?
    Does anyone know of any good horror movies that were released on dvd today? I enjoy B movies as well so they don't have to be big budget.

    • ANSWER:
      It looks like the only one that came out this week is called "The Nesting" from 1981. I haven't seen it, probably because I was 5 when it was released.

      The following link lists everything that came out on DVD this month:

    What are some movies that are being released on DVD before Christmas?
    What are some movies that are being released on DVD before Christmas? Also, when is Pineapple Express being released?

    • ANSWER:
      The Dark Knight in December.
      Hancock Late November.
      The Mummy 3-Dec
      Tropic Thunder-Dec

      Pineapple Express is not going to be released on dvd until Jan'09

    When are movies usually released to DVD?
    So I just saw the film Contagion on Saturday Sept. 17. My question is, When are movies usually released to DVD, like what is the time period from when a film is released to theaters, to where it is on DVD shelves? Does Netflix have movies earlier, btw?

    • ANSWER:
      usually somewhere around 5-7 months

    What are some good movies released in the last year?
    What are some good movies that have been released on dvd in the last year or so? I don't pay much attention to movie news, so I may even have missed some pretty big ones. I like sci fi and fantasy the most, action is good and I hate comedies.

    • ANSWER:
      The boy in the stripped pijamas, Valkyrie

    Are there movies that were released on DVD shortly after being released in theaters?
    I'm looking for movies whose DVD release dates are less than a month after opening in theaters for a project. Let me know if you know any. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      This is happening to many films these days, it is just an attempt to beat pirates

    What is Blue Ray and how is it different from a DVD?
    There's always commercials for movie releases that say "own it on DVD and Blue Ray". What is blue ray? Is it a disc? If so what makes it so much better/different than a DVD?

    • ANSWER:
      It is the next generation optical disc format, and video disc format.

      As an optical format, it holds up to 50GB, while a DVD holds 9GB, and a CD 700MB.
      It achieves that by using a blue-violet laser.

      As a video format, it can play a full 1080p HD video, plus has Java based interactive system.

    When does the Vampires Suck movie release on DVD in Australia?
    Okaii so I know it releases in USA on November 30th, but I want to know when it will release on DVD in Australia?
    Thanks for the help!

    • ANSWER:
      It doesn't seem to say but on amazon uk you can sign up to be notified of when it it released on dvd and bluray

    What is a really good site that lists new DVD releases?
    I'm looking for a site which lists new movie and TV releases on DVD. Preferrably the site will also have user ratings/comments for the movies AND a section for upcoming (not YET released) movies and TV series. The site should be for North America. I'd prefer a site which had a clean and easy-to-read layout, which doesn't require searching to find what I'm looking for.

    10 points for the best site!

    • ANSWER:

    What is the name of the very disturbing movie that was all footage of horrible deaths/murders?
    There is a movie that was actually released on DVD/VHS (and was rentable too) that contained footage of actual deaths/murders, whether they were human on animal or human on human... It was very disturbing, however, it became somewhat popular. My friend told me about it,but now I forgot the name... Can anyone help me out?

    • ANSWER:
      Faces of Death. I heard about this when I was a teenager. It was banned in the U.S. at the time. I don't know if it is anymore. It probably is. It's supposed to be a snuff film (which is illegal).

    Why does it take Netflix so long to get new videos?
    A movie is released on DVD and you could watch it on red box for 3 months before Netflix has it. When a TV show releases seasons on DVD all you can do is save them on Netflix. They should be streaming them instantly. Why have they gotten so worthless? Is there a better option?

    • ANSWER:
      it's actually 28 days after the release of a dvd, that's when Netflix can get the dvd to it's customers, and if you didn't read up on it, it was the studio's that went to Netflix and Redbox to wait the extra time before mass renting them...also it opened up some of the vaults at the studio's for Netflix to stream older movies, i know everybody wants the newest thing in this microwave world.

    What are the names of Sherlock Holmes movies?
    I know that a movie released on 2009. I'm planning to buy a dvd and I want to know the name.
    And.. I'll watch it with my parents so is it have any nude or sexual scenes?

    • ANSWER:
      The movie is just called "Sherlock Holmes". The sequel is not out yet, but it will be called "Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows"

      There are two "nude" scenes in the movie, but you don't really see anything. The first is where Sherlock is drugged by Irene and wakes up tied to a bed, naked. The second is the scene where Lord Blackwater's father is murdered while taking a bath.

      There's quite a bit of sexual innuendo/jokes in the movie, but no real sexual content.

    What sort of issues would prevent a 23 year old movie from being released on DVD or Blu Ray?
    What sort of issues might prevent a movie that was released 20-25 years ago and was fairly successful at the box office and via home video sales from being released on DVD/Blu ray? I know of a few movies that even after all of this time have yet to come out on DVD and if you want them you have to get them on VHS.

    • ANSWER:
      Sometimes there's confusion over who actually owns the rights to the movies. The rights may have been held by a production company that filed bankruptcy and sold off some assets but not others, or that simply ceased to exist. In cases like that it takes teams of lawyers to figure out who now owns the rights. Nobody will risk putting the movie out on DVD and then being sued and losing any profits. Sometimes rights to the movies are purchased (again, often due to bankruptcy) by companies that essentially hold them hostage and offer them to new companies for outrageous fees, which would again present a financial risk.

    What are the names of Sherlock Holmes movies?
    I know that a movie released on 2009. I'm planning to buy a dvd and I want to know the name.
    And.. I'll watch it with my parents so is it have any nude or sexual scenes?

    • ANSWER:
      Lol... I laughed!!!!

      I believe it's called Sherlock Holmes? I'm not really sure tbh

    Is there a website that tells you when movies are going to be released onto DVD?
    Is there a website that tells you when movies are going to be released onto DVD, I know IMDB tell you what date movies were released in the cinema but it doesn’t tell you the expected dvd release date. I have seen many movies released in the cinema but I never know when they will be released for home viewing.

    • ANSWER: is good

    When do you think Justin bieber and Selena gomez will break up?
    No rude comments. But I have my own theory, after her new movie is released on DVD .

    • ANSWER:
      Pretty pretty soon,...they are only 16 and 18...come on now. Pleaaase. This is just a temporary fling and thrill. Pretty soon they both will get bored of each other, the sex will get boring, they will be tired of seeing each other. They have nothing in common. They only got together because she's pretty and a spicy latina and and he's cute and can dance and got swag. They will break up within the next couple of months or year lol. And will lie and say ooh we just got too busy with our schedules lol, grab ur popcorn and watch! :)

    How do I download movies (not free ones, I will gladly pay) directly to my flashdrive?
    I just got a tv with a place on the side for the flash drive, but I do not know how to download movies to the flash, or what sites are the best for doing so. I do not want pirated movies, just a site that allows me to pay to download recently released dvd movies.

    • ANSWER:
      go to and download from there.

    What violates a movie "private home use" warning?
    My son's after school care sometimes shows new release DVD's. Movies like Toy Story 3, etc. Is this a violation of the movie "private home use" warning? The after school care is something that is paid for by parents, and not financially affiliated with part of the public schools. There are also up to 50 kids watching the movies when played.

    • ANSWER:
      You are not paying them for your son to watch the movie. You're paying them to watch your son. I think it only violates the 'private home use' if the establishment or person is making money by showing the in solely showing the movie.

      I doubt that you (or anyone else) are sending your son to that particular daycare B/C they are showing newly released I don't think they can get into trouble.

      UNLESS they are charging you extra for your son to be present and watch the movie...which would be crazy.

    What is The Song played on the Ukelale and whistled in the movie Australi?
    I decided to ask this question because the movie had now been released on DVD and people have had the opertunity to watch the movie a few times, i have seen various answers to this question on other sites and wondered what people think it is. I think that it is another version of "Somewhere over the Rainbow". Help!!!

    • ANSWER:
      It is "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole

    What are some movies that are good for older teens and young adults?
    I'm looking for good movies that have been released on dvd that are sassy sarcastic and silly, stuff that teens and young adults can really enjoy.
    also anything that has a really feelgood type of mood would be great.
    LGBT movies are appreciated as well.

    • ANSWER:
      Easy A
      The Replacements
      Super Troopers
      The Other Guys
      Scott Pigrim vs The World
      The Ringer
      Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist (The only good thing about this movie is the music)
      The Runaways
      Forgetting Sarah Marshall
      Get Him to the Greek (you have to watch Forgetting Sarah Marshall before this one)
      Youth in Revolt
      Bad Santa
      Bad Teacher
      The Breakfast Club
      Little Miss Sunshine
      Whip It
      Napoeon Dynamite
      Garden State
      Jersey Girl

      and as of right now i can't think of anymore

    When will the movie Twelve be released in theaters or dvd?
    I am wondering when the movie adaption of the 2002 novel "Twelve" by Nick Mcdonell will be released on either dvd or in theaters. I know the movie will first be premiered at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. My question is when will the movies be released outside of that. Thanks in advance!

    • ANSWER:
      it may not come out on dvd because it is a festival film

    How can I record a copyrighted VCR to a DVD?
    I've got an old cartoon movie on a VCR tape. The movie was never released on DVD (I checked), so there is no way to purchase it in DVD. Its copyrighted, so the DVD/VCR combo I tried to record on wouldn't allow me to do it. Do I have any options? If I leave it on VCR its going to be useless soon.

    • ANSWER:
      as far as i know there is no copyright protection on vcr tapes, but i do have a solution for you.
      there is (made by honestech) a vcr to dvd converter , you plug it into your vcr and the other side plugs into your computer then burn it to a dvd, i have not done this as yet since i have only just purchased the unit myself . this unit will do vcr's ,record players, camcorders, and cassette tapes.

      i hope this helps you, good luck

      full name of product : honestech vhs to dvd 4.0 deluxe

      p.s. as long as you own the tape you should be able to make and keep the backup copy.

    how will i know if a telugu movie was released on a vcd or dvd?
    I went to one of the biggest dvd store in my city to get an old movie and the shop keeper said the movie is not available.I want to know if there is a way to find out if the movie was released on a vcd or dvd?

    • ANSWER:
      you should know the movie distributers of that movi like volga,aditya them directly reveals,even i saw if there is demand of movie then it comes into market.dvd store people keep track of your requests,report your request.

      For example aagraham,jhandyala movies got reborn due to demand

    What Service offers the best movie streaming experience?
    Well, basically what I'm asking is what streaming provider (or service) has the best catalog of movies and is always updated with the newest films.. Would be nice if it also included movies that were recently released on DVD.. I have Netflix currently and I mainly use it for watching shows like Family Guy, South Park, or Anime and some occasional movies since we all know Netflix's movie lineup is mediocre to say the least.. I plan on keeping them but that's the general idea. Any streaming service like netflix, hulu, crackle etc.. have the service i want?

    • ANSWER:

    How long between movies theatrical release and DVD release?
    On AVERAGE, how long is it between when a major motion picture is first released in theaters and when it is released on DVD?

    • ANSWER:
      Honestly, it all depends on how well the movie does. It can be anywhere from 3 months to 10 months depending on the demand and how much it's still making at the box office.

    What is the average "waiting period" for movies to come out on BLU-RAY and DVD?
    from the theater release to the dvd release, what is the average amount of time (months) until the movie gets released onto dvd and bluray?
    For recent films i have searched, it has been 3- 3.5 months from when the movie started in theaters until it was released. can someone provide their thoughts?

    • ANSWER:
      Seem to be more around 4 - 6 months but I will have to look at a wider selection of movies.

      8/21/2009 theater
      12/22/09 DVD
      4 months

      7/18/2008 theater
      12/09/2008 DVD
      5 months

      5/9/2008 theater
      9/16/2008 DVD
      4 months

      5/8/2009 theater
      11/17/2009 DVD
      6 months

      I think it's a smaller window for movies around this time of year because they want them to be on shelves by Christmas.

    When is the movie Avatar going to be released on DVD?
    I loved that movie, when is it going to be released on DVD?

    • ANSWER:
      I think the non 3D version is coming out sometime around November this year but i'm not completley sure. The 3D version has not been anounced yet.

    Can I legally make a home movie DVD that has other people in it without their consent?
    The people in question knew they were being filmed. I own an entertainment company and we record the show with a camcorder. Now that we have had so many shows, I want to create and release a DVD of the best stuff we have.
    If someone knows of a website that talks about the laws of this please list it!
    Also, the people in question in the DVD are not the focus of the DVD, they are merely in the background and you can hear some of their voices.

    • ANSWER:
      In short no. You will either need their written consent (a "Waiver"), or their recorded verbal consent. The major reason for this is royalties. If you recorded someone, copyrighted the work, and produces the video they could argue that their image was used without consent and they are obligated to royalties. So to be safe get all the said individuals together for a "showing" then ask them to sign a waiver before showing the video. If they do not want to sign a waiver then make it clear that the footage will need to be re-edited before release.
      Hope I answered your question.

    How long after the initial DVD release of a movie is it streamed on Netflix?
    I read that when movies are initially released on Netflix they are DVD/DVD & Blu Ray only for a period of time, without the ability to stream it from your computer or PS3/Xbox. How long is the waiting period between being able to order the DVD and being able to stream? I am looking into getting Netflix, but I think I'll be streaming from my PS3 more often than ordering the DVDs through the mail.

    • ANSWER:
      I also thought this when i started up my netflix account, and my advice is to exploit the free trial offer for the first month and see if you like it. I also have a ps3 and i use it very often to stream movies. The thing is if you aren't huge into movies then you may not be using this service as much as i do. A majority of the movies that you can select for instant streaming are either old 80's movies or a ton of indie films with limited mainstream movie selection. I have seen quite a bit of really good indie films through this service, and they also have some classics like the usual suspects and the big lebowski, but if you are more into a mainstream movie experience then you may not use it as much as you would like. That being said, they get the dvds and blu-rays to you so quickly you'd think a dvd wizard placed them in your mailbox overnight lol. So you may end up using that service more than you originally anticipated.

    Is it illegal to preorder a movie and then download it from a torrent site?
    I want to pre order a movie through amazon and then download it through a torrent site. The movie comes out in a week. Is that legal under the fair use act or is it illegal because the movie has not been released to dvd yet?
    It would be illegal if I continued to share it through the torrent site because I am supplying this file for others to use, however, if I do not allow the file to be downloaded by others and I only use it only for myself, would it be illegal because it has not been released yet?

    • ANSWER:
      Yeah, it would. In my opinion it would not be unethical, since you'd already paid for it, but unfortunately I'm not in charge of such things.

    What is the best quality a video file of commercial movies can have Is there a limit?
    The evolution has started from VHS and has proceeded through VCD , then DVD and now HD-DVDs and Blu-ray Discs Can this go on further or is there a limit?. I assume that a video cannot have a higher resolution than the resolution with which it was it was initially shot- am I correct if so what is this resolution/quality?. How does older movies get re-released in DVD quality now ?If this is possible a print of the movie must have existed in a minimum of DVD quality In what form/medium does that exist ?
    I have asked many questions together ,but I believe these are all inter-connected questions . Someone please help with the information

    • ANSWER:
      You're somewhat right in that video cannot have a higher resolution than it was initially shot at. However, programs exist to try and "fill-in-the-blanks" if you will. That's the whole point of upconverting/upscaling DVD players. They take DVDs, which are mastered with 480 lines of resolution and attempt to make them have 1080 lines of resolution by guessing on what info to put it. It makes them look better than a standard DVD player, but it will never be as good as something that was mastered in 1080 lines of resolution. Blu Rays and HD DVDs are mastered in 1080 lines of resolution.

      Now the movies themselves are shot on film, and film has way more resolution than either 480 or 1080 lines. I couldn't tell you what the maximum quality you can get from film is, but it's way above 1080 lines of resolution. That's why even older movies can look much better on HD DVD and Blu Ray. All you need to do is properly transfer the film picture to a format that can fit on a disc.

      With older films, a good transfer is more difficult, because the film stock itself will age and decompose over time. So some restoration is often needed to get a clearer picture.

      Looking to the future, you could theoretically have movies and home video in higher resolution than now. As I mentioned before, 1080 lines of resolution is the current maximum for home video (which is what Blu ray and HD DVD use). 1440 lines of resolution is the next general step after 1080. However, there are no consumer TVs that display 1440 lines of resolution right now. And here's the next catch. In order to distinguish the differences and benefit from the added resolution, you'll need a big enough screen to see it. The amount of resolution the human eye can perceive is dependent on the size of the screen, the resolution of the material, and how close you sit to the screen. For practical reasons, 1440 lines of resolution won't be useful for homes unless you have a really big screen (at least 60"). Otherwise you won't be able to see the difference. But it is theoretically possible.

      Here's a nice chart on what can be distinguished based on screen size and distance from the screen.

    How games/movies companies make sure each dvd copy will work?
    When a game, or a movies released, there is probably 1+ million copies of it, im pretty sure that the companies not checking every one of them, yet all of them ALWAYS working.
    So how can they make sure?

    I was laways intrested to know that.
    Which disk are they using?
    How they are making the copies?

    Im really curious to read about it...

    Thanks !

    • ANSWER:
      all of these are the some format and structure, the same data
      all of the DVD Disc are almost the some, so i think, if one can, the others also can except there is a accident

    Why are new movies still released on DVD and why are DVD players still being sold?
    Blu-Ray players have come down in price considerably, to the point where just about everybody can afford one. Why wouldn't the industry just push toward eliminating DVD players by only releasing new movies on Blu-Ray? I'm sure people who only have a DVD player would go out and buy at least a cheap high def player instead of refusing to rent or buy new releases. Is there simply too much money being made on the few DVD players that are left on the market despite their low price?

    • ANSWER:
      Where are all the DVD players gonna go? Someone has to buy them even if it is at a low price so it isnt a complete loss for the company...and people allways like good deals even if they dont need the stuff ...its all about thinking it through, give it a second thought.

    Is The 27 Club Movie going to be released on DVD?
    You know that film with Joe Anderson and Eve hewson? It's got loads a trailers on Youtube, but is it going to be released on DVD? Because I really want to see it, but I can't to any of the screening, so anybody know?

    • ANSWER:
      The film is currently doing the festivals circuit, which in Indie-Films world means "without a distribution deal and trying to generate a buzz to get one".

      It was still showcased in some festivals as recently as last week
      (Ojai’s Ninth Annual Film Fest (Ojai, CA)
      Saturday Nov 8, 8:00pm, Ojai Art Center Theater
      Sunday Nov 9, 10:00am, Matilija Auditorium

      14th annual Cucalorus Film Festival (Wilmington, NC)
      Friday, November 14, 9:45 PM - 11:30 PM @ Thalian Hall, Main Stage)

      Which means no DVD deal has been signed yet...Sorry.

    Will a UK released DVD play on my MacBook in the US?
    I want to purchase a movie only released in the UK. It will be legal copy, not bootleg (if that has any bearing). Before I make the purchase I want to be certain I will actually be able to watch it on my laptop, or a regular DVD player. Will the zoning keep me from being able to view the movie? Can I reconfigure my notebook to fool it into thinking it's British?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm sorry I'm not sure but I am sure that the answer before mine is incorrect. They are not universal. I would email Apple, they have excellent customer service and could give you a better answer before you spend your money on the DVD and shipping.

    Where can you rent a movie before it comes out on DVD legally?
    I am holding a "movie on the lawn" event for my apartment complex. We want to see what movies we can rent pre release on dvd. This must be a legal rental! I know it has been done before I just need a website or company that rents these. I am also aware the prices may be in the hundreds to thousands for this rental. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      the only way legal to see it is if you work at a movie rental place, they let the employees watch them before release date, for customer satisfaction.

    What is the release date of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PART 2 TRAILER?
    not the movie release date, but the trailer! i've heard that it might be tomorrow, March 11th. also, what time of day do you think it will be released? thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      I'm sorry to say the release date of the trailer is currently unknown.

      There have been speculations that it may be released March 25th (as a preview before the movie Sucker Punch), but it has been said that on April 15th, when Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 is released on DVD, there will be a scene from the second part on the DVD.

      And I'm not sure at all as to what time of day the trailer would be released.

    In Japan, how long does it generally take for a popular movie to be released on DVD/Blu Ray?
    I'm anxiously waiting for the new Dragon Ball Z Movie (Battle of Gods) to be released on DVD, so that I can download it with Fan subs. Here in North America, a movie of that magnitude would be available on Torrent within 2-3 weeks...guaranteed. However, I hear they have extremely strict anti-piracy laws in Japan.

    Thus, the DVD release is probably the only hope for fans worldwide. Any idea on how long it takes?

    • ANSWER:
      It has nothing really to do with the pirating law but rather a complex mix of production schedules, release schedules and the popularity of the movie. Its frustrating but there is no real formula for how long it takes.

    What movie should I watch with my boyfriend this weekend?
    We would like to watch a movie that has been sorta recently released to DVD. Ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      The Social Network, Black Swan, The King's Speech.

    How long would it take for harry potter deathly hallow part 2 to be released on DVD?
    Just wondering, cause it seems to take at least 6 months to around a year, but part 1 seemed to be released on DVD in like 3 months?

    • ANSWER:
      I think it's about 3 to 4 months! I remember that part 1 stayed in the movies until part 2 came out, even after the DVD was released part 1 was still in cinemas! So you can go see it until it comes out on DVD!


    Please suggest some nice tamil movies which released in the past couple of years?
    I want to watch some nice tamil movies that released in the past couple of years which are good. I heard the movie Subramaniapuram is good. Any other suggestions.

    • ANSWER:
      Here is a list of a some good tamil movie that released during the last couple of years and the links to watch its DVD Print online:

      Pasanga (from the director of subramaniyapuram)

      Ayan (Surya Movie)

      Vaaranam Aayiram(Surya Again)

      Yaaradi Ne Mohini (Dhanush)

      Saroja (Must see funny Thriller)

      Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu

      Yaavarum Nalam (Madhavan Thriller)

      Chennai 600028 (Redefined Gilly Cricket)

      Sarvam (Arya, Trisha, Billa Director)

      Naan Kadavul (Arya, Directed by Bala)

    How long does it take for a movie to come out on DvD?
    I see quite alot of previews for movies that i would rather just watch at home. So how long from the time a movie's opening weekend till they release the dvd?

    • ANSWER:
      depends if it did great at the theaters it takes a while for the DVD if it sucked at the theaters in will be out fairly quick

    what films are showing on qantas flights?
    Im travelling form London to Sydney on Friday on a qantas plane and I heard they show the "latest movie releases". Is that latest DVD releases or films that are still in the cinema?

    Also do they have games on the screens?

    • ANSWER:
      The full availability list for August can be seen in the attached.

    Has Naruto Shippuden the movie 4: the lost tower been released yet and available on torrent?
    Has the fourth naruto shippuden movie, the lost tower, been released on dvd yet and available on torrent? I have searched everywhere and havent found it.


    • ANSWER:
      no. it will be released in the beginning of may and then allow 3-6 weeks for subbing and distribution.

    How long would movies run in cinemas in the past?
    I heard that when E.T was released it remained playing in cinemas for over a year, now though , movies generally play in cinemas for a few months then are released on dvd/bluray, what im asking is....for how long would movies remain in the cinemas before even vhs was invented?

    • ANSWER:
      Before the start of vcrs, movies played for a long time. For instance Star Wars released in 1977 played for 40 weeks, almost a year. They had to play movies for as long as possible because unlike today, movie studios could not rely on revenues from dvd, bluray, digital download etc. Their only real revenue was box office receipts. Also they did not release as much movies as they do today. For example, in 1980 only 161 movies were released compared to 534 released in 2010.

    Where can I get the Cinderella Platinum Edition dvd?
    It says that the original walt disney Cinderella movie was released on dvd in 2005 as a platinum edition. So why is it so hard to get hold of now? I'm looking to buy it for my collection but not to pay over £30 for it! UK only please! Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      try ebay. I did buy one myself on ebay and was much less than 30.

    What are some movies about online sex predators?
    I know that there are some movies (mostly lesser-known ones) about online child sex predators, and the dangers of kids/teens talking to strangers online and/or meeting them in person. Can anyone give me any suggestions for movies like this?

    What if they were made for TV and shown on Lifetime or LMN? How would I see them, since they're probably not released on DVD?

    • ANSWER:
      Defending our Kids: The Julie Posey Story. Mom poses as teenager after daughter is almost lured away by a sexual predator online. Pretty decent movie, but Annie Potts doesn't make a convincing teenager lol :)

    How does a person who illegally downloads pirated movies get caught?
    I have a friend who downloads an enormous amount of pirated movies, even those that are still in theaters and not released on DVD yet. What is the chances of him being prosecuted, and to what extent?

    • ANSWER:
      The RIAA has fake torrents, when someone downloads the torrent the RIAA gets hold of your information and they contact your isp. Then your isp will contact you via mail or email. They will ask you to stop. If you don't stop they will decrease your download/upload rate and basically ruin your connection. If you continue to violate copy right laws the company can sue.

    How come older movies do not look so good on Bluray?
    How come older movies say like the ones that came out 10 years go or older don't impress as far as video quality but the newer ones look amazing? It can't be because they are old because if you think about it the movies that are now at the theater are not in bluray format untill they are released for dvd so you would think the quality would be the same for older and newer movies.

    • ANSWER:
      Picture quality is limited to the original plus some digital magic to clean it up a little bit. Theres no way to magically add a bunch of pixels to a frame that were never there in the first place.

    When talking about a VHS what does corner rubbing mean?
    I'm looking at buying a VHS on amazon. The movie was never released on dvd and the seller said it has corner rubbing...what does that mean?

    • ANSWER:
      From my experience "corner rubbing" is when the edging on the tape has bumping, usually caused by play the tape over and over.

      The downside to this is that it usualy degrades the picture quality that you get.

      If you do get the tape, I recommend that you copy it over on to DVD as soon as you can. It won't be the best picture,but atleast it wont get any worse with time.

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