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    What would you pay for movie theater popcorn?
    In a 2nd run movie theater (Movies were released 4 to 6 weeks ago) and ticket prices cost what would you find acceptable to pay for popcorn and pop? What would be too high?

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    Who are the idiots that keep going to opening weekend movie releases?
    I keep hearing about the 15 million dollars for a box office movie release in the first week and I wonder who goes to these movies and why? I must admit I once did it but not when a movie cost what it does these days. I could see it for a great movie that was worth the wait for but most of these nowadays are junk and I can wait. Are those that go the first week getting a jump start on their lives by getting extra knowledge on life by seeing that movie? Are they shown how to avoid getting blown up in Iraq or what those in 911 should have done that day and didn't? I fail to see what the big rush is unless of course it is a status thing. Movies today are my videos of tomorrow, I can wait but can you?
    To Nana, it isn't the kids movies I am referring to at all, like you said they are aniticpated long in advance. The movies like I know what you did 3 summers ago, or Snakes on a Plane, or 911 or some other stupid junk Hollywood dreams up. Kids movies don't rank in the stupid movie categories like some of these other no brain collages.
    No Ayesha I am not a first weekend movie goer if that is what you mean.

    • ANSWER:
      I do not beleive they are idiots but their are four classifications.
      1.Those that have the money to afford the entrance fee with or without guest, and are movie goers.
      Their is a rise in drive in theatres.
      2.Their are fans of certain genres(books, comics, ideas) thus james bond, star wars, harry potter, snakes on the plane. All have legions of fans who communicate and go to conventions. So they know and prepare economically for these events. The poorer ones make a more important trip out of it.
      3.Then their are industry people. I know many film students who find a way. They want to see how this is done and how that is done. And most big budget films have technical aspects which should be researched by young film makers.
      4.Addicts- people who do not have the money, are not film lovers, do not have an interest in the genre and are not students or film industry people. These people are lonely and get high going to films the same way some crack heads, cigarette smokers, game hunters, cake eaters, and others with an addiction does.

      You must add another aspect to america. It commercializes everything. How many european americans and other americans cared to learn anything about traditional afircan americans until roots? How many non latino's cared to learn about anything latino until the milagro beanfield war? How many etc's?
      So it is a mix of the movie goers and then america's culture.

    How do you open a movie theater?
    AMC is selling the movie theater in the town that I live in. I cannot express in words how interested I am in purchasing this property. I am in talks with AMC about going through with it. Anyway, assuming I get the property, how do I go about getting the movies, movie posters, and supplies to the theater? I am aware that I would need a film broker, but who? I would really appreciate answers from current theater owners/managers. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Today number of independent theatre owners is growing.

      This is because when done properly, theater business can be a lucrative source of income. Aside from the money you’ll be earning, you also get to enjoy catering to your own niche crowd that shares the same interest in the type of films you love.

      Cinema malls are grouped according to the type of movie they feature.

      Movie theaters that run mainstream films from big film companies and distributors coinciding with the release date are deemed as first-run theaters.

      Second run theaters on the other hand, as the name implies, feature movies that have already been shown in first run theaters. Ticket prices for theaters that fall under this category are much cheaper.

      Then there the Art House theater otherwise known as the repertory theater. This category typically features alternative art films, independent films, or second run classic films.

      If you are interested in opening your own movie theater, the first thing you should do is understand the nature of this type of business. There are several resources that can provide you with valuable startup information.

      Some suggested reading materials are as follows: (1) Encyclopedia of Exhibition authored by the National Association of Theater Owners (NATO). This group also maintains a website where pertinent and useful information about the industry is delineated. Examples of such are box office statistics, equipment suppliers, index of concessionaires, theater employment and more can be found. (2) The Movie Business Book by Jason Squire tackles a wide variety of topics and can be used as a reference handbook.

      Don’t worry about competing with the big players. Your selling point will come from your facility to cater to a niche crowd. Getting the rights to show first run movies can be a bit of a challenge, not to mention pricey! What sets independent theater owners apart is the specialty films they feature. You can choose to show films from a variety of genres or show art films, independent films etc. The key is to choose the type of movies that you are interested in and familiar with. But at the same time, you also need to meet the preference of your target market. These two steps should go hand in hand.

      As an independent theater owner, you can afford to be different and not conform to how the big players run their movie theaters. For example, you may replace the typical row seats found in theaters and use tables and chairs instead. This will give your patrons a cozier environment to enjoy the cinema.

      As a way to entice moviegoers, you can provide discounts to big groups of people. This is usually is the case when they gather for a corporate event or for a party. In ticket pricing, you may offer discount rates during off-peak hours and/or days. (Trivia: It is said that Tuesday is the slowest day of the week as far the movie business is concerned.) You can also offer discounts to students and senior citizens. Still another option is presenting your customers with movie passes that allows unlimited entrance.

    How many movies release to movie theater in a year?
    I'm curious... I love to watch movies. I wonder how many movies have been releasing to movie theater in a year?

    • ANSWER:
      I found the numbers and for this year there will be a total of 323 new film releases in theaters.

      Pai Kia, your number is way over. In order to reach 500 to 1000, 10 to 20 NEW films would have to be released each week. That just does not happen. Some weeks it's only 1 or 2.

    How long does it take for a movie in theaters to make it on DVD?
    On average?
    Like a movie in the theater. How long does it take for people to start having them in Hollywood Video or Blockbuster? Or just on DVD?

    • ANSWER:
      I actually work at Hollywood Video
      on average it takes 3-4 months perhaps up to 6
      Dark knight comes out in december
      but for example
      Star wars clone wars comes out in a few weeks
      it depends upon when the movie was released how much it made, if the movie was terrible or actually good
      if you have a specific movie you can email me or what ever

    How long do most movies stay playing in theatres?
    It seems like DVDs come out 1 - 3 months after the movie is released. Didn't it used to take longer a few years ago?

    How long do theatres typically give movies before they pull them?

    • ANSWER:
      Typically it depends on the movie's profitability. They can range between three to six weeks, and may even stay longer if they're quite popular. Another option is that in demand movies can also return to theaters after their original run, as the Dark Knight.

    How long are movies in theaters for?
    I'm planning on going to the movies in two weeks for my best friends birthday and we want to watch Taken 2 which came out October 5th and today is October 13. I just want to know how long the movie will stay in theaters? Will we be able to watch it?

    • ANSWER:
      You will be able to watch it for sure.

      There is no set time for how long a movie is played in a theater, there are some factors though:
      - Success (Box Office sales)
      - The amount of new movies being released in the upcoming weeks (out with the old and in with the new)
      - Capacity in the # of screens a theater has

      A movie can be in a theater for as little as 2 weeks or even up to like 6 months say like The Dark Knight Rises.

    Where can i view the alternate ending to the movie the shining?
    I have read that the movie ended very differently when in theater, but Kubrick had the ending replaced after the second week the movie was released. I have always wanted to see, it and i have the blu-ray copy of the shining and it has more special features then any other version and its still not on there.

    • ANSWER:
      There never was an alternate ending.


      Jack still dies in the maze, which was never in the book. He always dies in all the versions. I have long told the story that on the day that film was released, Stephen King wrote a letter of apology to his readers for the film. He said that he had been naive when he sold the rights, and that Kubrick was free to change King's work from a scary, scary story about a little boy and an evil entity in a haunted hotel, to a muddled tale of a drunk that goes crazy and tries to murder his family.

      edit: Magenta! Ciao, bella! Is that bacon in your hair?

    When will the movie Greenberg be widely released in theaters?
    I've been looking forward to seeing the movie Greenberg with Ben Stiller, but it is not playing anywhere near me.

    • ANSWER:
      It is only out in LA and NY this week. This Friday its released as a limited release

    Can you tell me the title of a movie released circa 1992 to 94 that featured a gorgeous female assassin?
    It showed at the U A Cine Theatre in Dallas. It was an Italian subtitled movie, as well as I recall. It was only there about two weeks. I'd like to see if it's out on DVD. It was an "indy" movie.

    • ANSWER:
      La Femme Nikita is the only one I can think of.

    What movie remained in theaters for the longest time?
    Ex. "The movie has been in theaters for four weeks now!"

    That's what I'm asking.

    What movie, and for how long?

    • ANSWER:
      Titanic was in the theaters from December 17, 1997 - September 27, 1998 (41 Weeks)

      It was also re-released not long after that for oscar time (just like The Dark Knight was this year)

      It's the all-time leading worldwide box office leader.
      Domestic: 0,788,188 32.6%
      + Foreign: ,242,091,767 67.4%
      = Worldwide: ,842,879,955 (.8 Billion)

      The next closest movie is The Lord of The Rings: Return of the King with .1 Billion worldwide

      hope this helps! :)

    How can you open your own movie theatre?
    I want to open movie theatre where people pay to watch a movie. Do the government have to know this? What do I have to do to get new release vidoe to play on it opening in theartre?
    Can I still play old videos?

    • ANSWER:
      Movie theaters use movies. 35mm Films. You rent them. Generally a flat fee against a percentage of your take at the door.

      You need two traditional 35mm Arc projectors or one with a flat bed

      You need a screen with a mask.

      Now if you want to go digital you need a digital projector those are quite expensive in the million dollar realm.

      Now you can also do 16mm with an Arc Projector but it means a smaller screen and a smaller audience.

      Terms are the same a flat fee (like 0 per week) vs 40% of what you take at the window which ever is larger.

      The 16mm ones are two years behind current theatrical.

      Second run movie houses are one year behind theatrical and get prints that are splicy, faded and scratched.

      Film distributors are becoming less and less because of home video. 3 months and it's in the home.

      It is ILLEGAL to use a home video publically for a seat fee.

      In any event you needa projection video system that is at least 10 fee tall

      What you are talking about minimum is NOON MOVIES at High school or COllege

      What you are talkinga bout maximum is second release theater.

      That's a theater playing a feature film that has been out on video for 9 months already.

      First run you go direct to the studios and pay their fees

    What are your fave 2011 or 2012 movie releases?
    Am being bed bound post surgery for 6 weeks, need to know what movies are wonderful so I can send my peeps out to find them for me..I have not been to a theater in 10 comedy, romantic comedy, musicals, thrillers, mystery, action movies, not too much on the blood and gore and not at all on dead things and vampires or the occult. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      The Avengers
      The Vow
      The Girl with the Dragoon Tattoo
      War Horse
      Crazy, Stupid Love
      Friends with Benefits
      Horrible Bosses

    How long are movies in theaters for?
    Generally, how long are movies in theaters? They'll be out for at least ten days, right?! Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Generally at least two weeks. If the movie is good and it is generating sales the movie teather would continue showing it for additional weeks. I have seen successfull movies running for 8 or more weeks.

      Another factor is if new movies are being released to teathers and if the number of teather's room to accomodate them.

      Where I live new movies allways opens on thursdays so they run the minimum for one full week.

    How early in advance are movie times released?
    I'm really anticipating a movie that comes out on the 26th. It's only being released in limited theaters, so I'm anxious to see where and when it's playing near me. How early to they release movie times on the internet?

    • ANSWER:
      anywhere between a week and 1 day depending on how popular the movie is anticipated to be go to and check and see if they are showing times for the movie you want to see yet

    How much do movie cinemas get from takings?
    If a movie makes 0,000 in a cinema, how much would that cinema keep? 10%?

    • ANSWER:
      1) Who Gets What From Your Ticket?
      Ok, so you walk up to the box office and drop down your to buy your ticket. Who gets that money? A lot of people assume (as did I at one point) that the movie theater keeps 50% of it, and the rest goes off to the studios. That’s not really true.

      Most of the money that a theatre takes in from ticket sales goes back to the movie studio. The studio leases a movie to your local theater for a set period of time. In the first couple of weeks the film shows in the theatre, the theatre itself only gets to keep about 20% – 25% of the green. That means, if you showed up to watch Bridget Jones’ Diary on opening night, then of the you put out for a ticket, the movie theatre only got to keep between .40 and .00 of it.

      That’s not a lot of money, especially when you think about how much bigger and elaborate theatres are these days. It’s not cheap running one of these places. It can get even worse. This percentage will vary from movie to movie depending on the specifics of the individual leasing deal. For instance, 2 movie theatre managers told me that for Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, the studio took 100% of the box office take for the first week of release. Can you imagine that? They had to over staff and have above normal capacity flood into their theatres… and they got to keep [FAQ-ANSWER].00 from the ticket sales. That almost seems criminal.

      Now, as you move into the second and third weeks of release, the percentage starts to swing to anywhere from 45% – 55% that the theatre gets to keep. It gets better after the fourth week when theatres generally can keep up to 80% or better of the ticket sales. There is an obvious inherent problem with this arrangement. I don’t know about you, but when I finally get around to seeing a film that’s already been in the theatres for 4 or 5 weeks, I’m usually one of the only people in the place. It doesn’t do the establishment a lot of good to keep 80% of the ticket sales when only 14 tickets are sold per show. And with more and more and more movies getting released every week, the length of time that a movie stays in theaters is shrinking. Bad news for the movie theaters.

      Movie theaters are then forced to really make their money off concessions. One theater manager said “We’re not in the movie business… we’re in the candy business”. Very true. So if you ever wondered why a [FAQ-ANSWER].15 bag of popcorn is costing you , and a [FAQ-ANSWER].08 cup of Coke is running you another … it’s because the economics of the industry system is so screwed up that the concession stand is where theaters have to make most of their money.

    How does a movie transition from theaters to stores?
    I just saw New Moon last night and LOVED it, but I am so impatient to get it on DVD. I want to see it again, but probably won't get to see it in theaters again. :( So is the transition process based on how good sales are at the box office and once sales slow they slowly move it to dvd or is there another formula?

    • ANSWER:
      Well, the theaters rent the movies from the actual movie companies for a weekly rate and as weeks go by the movie rates drop, to a point where there theater actually begins to make some profit for themselves. After the aloted time for the movie to remain in the theaters possesion is over or no longer is creating profit the movie companies gather all their rented out films which varies to movies thus different amounts of dvd release dates for different movies, then goes into the process of copying their master movie and distributes them to the markets for our viewing pleasure.

    Where can I watch the new Eureka Seven movie in English for free?
    See, in April the movie was released into Japan, but does anyone know where I can find a English subbed version and watch it?

    • ANSWER:
      Eureka Seven Pocket Full of Rainbows came out in Japanese theaters in April, but security was pretty tight and no one has managed to find any camera recordings of the film. The DVD was just released today in Japan so it could be anywhere from today to a week before it makes it onto the internet in a RAW (Subtitle-less) form. As for a sub, the Japanese DVD was not released with english subtitles so a group on the internet has to translate it and make their own subtitles once they get a hold of the RAW. The entire process to make a subbed version could take up to a month.

    What time do the lines start for midnight releases at AMC theaters?
    I'm going to the midnight release of Harry Potter and I literally want to be the first person in line so what time do you have to go to start waiting?

    • ANSWER:
      you probably don't need to be first. someones gonna go overboard and go 6 hours before or something, when most of the people come 45 minutes before it starts. i went to the midnight for the 6th movie (someone dressed up as a snitch!), and i went an hour before and there was only one other group of people there.
      also, it depends on whether you live in a big city. if you live in, say, new york city, you might want to go earlier than i did, because i live in detroit, which is still a big city, but a lot smaller than NYC.
      i'm going to the midnight show too!! i'm so excited, it's all i've been thinking about for the past two weeks...

    Why are some American movies released early in different countries?
    I never understood why a movie, with American actors, filmed in America, created in America. Are released sometimes months or weeks before it comes out in America.

    • ANSWER:
      There's two reasons.

      1. It's a marketing tactic. Americans are more critical/picky about their own films than foreigners are. Movies like the super hero movies and Disney movies are always huge in other countries even when not dubbed over because they are easy to follow and understand even for people who's native language isn't English. Even Bollywood doesn't have movies with the same quality and action scenes that Hollywood movies have. So they release it first in other countries to build up hype, so Americans will be more willing to want to see the movie by the time it reaches them. Everybody in USA heard about Avengers being a hit overseas first, so it made them want to see it as the hype was built up online and people overseas were talking about how good it was.

      2. Other countries have different schedules. Let's say they want to release Avengers on June 30 worldwide, for example. But let's say they discover that there's a religious holiday in the Middle East or a very popular sporting event in South America happening on that weekend, so they have to release on a different date in those countries but don't want to change the release date in the USA because other movies may be hitting theaters on the other weekends and they dont want their movie to compete with those movies on opening night.

    will the movie rise of the guardians get a sequel?
    I saw it in theaters last night.LOVED that movie so much!I loved the characters (jack my favorite)
    Based on how it is doing right not, do you think it will get a sequel?
    I know it has another week or more in theaters and that's not counting any dvd sales and what not.
    the executive producer said that it is up to the studio, but they are all on board and have been jugling ideas for storylines.
    based on how its doing right now, do you think it will have a sequel?

    • ANSWER:
      I think the folks and Dreamworks would love to do a sequel, but it really depends on how well the film goes with the rest of its theater performance, the commercial release, and international sales. Because of the small opening box office return, Dreamworks' stock went down a bit. The movie isn't necessarily the one to blame, but rather the timing of the release to compete against Skyfall and Breaking Dawn during Thanksgiving when theater attendances are generally low. One aspect of the movie that might hurt it is that since its holiday themed, it might be difficult to attract foreign audiences.

      Some films like Megamind and Monsters vs Aliens did exceptionally well both domestically and internationally, but didn't do well enough in the eyes of the studios, so any intention of making sequels (other than one or two shorts) was scrapped. Film franchises like Madagascar, Shrek, and How to Train Your Dragon gained huge amounts of positive critical reception and return sales both in theater and commercially which is why each title has gained sequels along with a few CGI animated series.

      With the rich story, dynamic characters, amazing graphics, and strong fanbase, Rise of the Guardians hopefully won't fall into the "almost made it" category. But in a corporate view of it, the studio will need some extra motivation to make a sequel.

      I hope they will, I really really REALLY do. I love the movie!

      Best way to get people to go to the theater is for fans to spread the word. Show naysayers the positive aspects of the film since many folks are blinded to quality because of their own misinterpreted preconceptions. Word of mouth is what will help this movie's success the most. With the holiday season coming up, it will most likely get an extra boost in the box office before it leaves theaters, so in that time the boost needs to be exceptional.

    How long is the Wolfman going to be playing in theaters in the US?
    I need to get my state id to get in a rated R movie, but i don't have it yet. It might take me a few days and I wanted to know how much longer it would be out.

    • ANSWER:
      There is no set date. It is up to the individual theaters. It will at least be in most theaters for 6 weeks.

      The dark Knight was still in some theaters when the DVD was released.

      The last Jessica Simpson film was in theaters for only a few days.

    How long should I wait after a movie is released before watching?
    I want to avoid huge lines and crowded theaters. The earliest I would arrive for a movie is 20 minutes early.

    • ANSWER:
      I wait at least a week, and then follow the good advice above - I print tickets before hand, and I go to matinees.

    How do you get tickets to go to the red carpet premiere of a movie as a fan?
    I don't want any negative comments. I want to go to the last Twilight movies which is called Breaking Dawn next year. I am a huge fan and really want to go the the premiere where they do the red carpet and all the stars show up.

    How do I come about this? I want to start planning now if I have too.

    I am a huge fan of them all so I must go! :)

    • ANSWER:
      First, you can't get tickets (to go inside the theatre), but fortunately you don't need tickets to stand outside with the fans and watch the red carpet arrivals.

      That is free. All you have to do is show up early and wait.

      However, in the case of Twilight, that's more difficult than it sounds. For most premieres, you wait an hour or two. But Twilight fans are crazy, and show up days in advance, literally camping outside the theatre in tents.

      So, if you want a good viewing spot for the final premiere, you'll have to do the same thing. Find someone else (some friends, your mother, whatever) who is willing to go through it, show up days in advance at the Nokia Theatre (near downtown L.A.) and be prepared for a very long wait with a lot of other crazy fans.

      They will hand out wristbands to those who camp out, so that when it comes time to tear down the tent city (to make way for the actual premiere), you'll be insured a decent spot to watch from.

      The exact date of the premiere isn't known yet, but it should be about a week before the movie's release date (which is Nov. 16, 2012). Keep an eye on this Calendar of Events for the actual date, when it is announced.

    Is there a specific website I can go to to see when movies will be released onto DVD?
    For example, IMDB has the release date for movies coming to the theatre or to TV. I want to know when certain movies will make it to DVD.

    • ANSWER:
      This page always works for me, has DVDs listed by the releases this week, next week, and upcoming:

      There you can also look at the top movies currently on DVD, ranked by top rentals or top sales.

    What do you do when you want to see a movie, but your friends have horrible taste?
    I've been wanting to go see J Edgar in theaters, but all my stupid friends are more interested in some Hollywood-esque, mindless action crap like The Real Steel.

    How do you convince people that an adult drama is a better way to go.

    • ANSWER:
      Sad to say most Americans want to see the Hollywood crap. America loves car chases,fires,exploding heads,vampires,werewolves,boys who fly on brooms and fart jokes. Give them something where they actually have to think and it's hard to get them in the theater.
      I frequently go alone if there is something I want to see. I saw MELANCHOLIA this week and was blown away.
      I saw J Edgar 2 weeks ago and was disappointed. It's unusual for Eastwood to give us a movie with no passion or soul. This is more like a Lifetime Movie than something directed by Clint Eastwood. But you may like it.
      The good thing about the holiday season is the studios finally release some movies that are aimed at intelligent adults.That's the only way they can get Oscar buzz going. Lots of interesting stuff coming up...Shame, We Need to Talk About Kevin , War Horse,Young Adult, Solider,Sailor,Tinker,Spy, Iron Lady,Outrage,The Land of Blood and Honey,Carnage,Extremely Close and Incredibly Loud and Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (which looks better than the original).
      Happy Adult Movie Holidays.

    How long to movies stay in theaters?
    I really want to see a movie, but it's rated R and my mom won't let me watch it. It will be released in a couple of weeks. I turn 17 in late february, so I'm hoping it will still be in theaters. How long do movies generally stay in theaters for?

    • ANSWER:
      it depends on how successful the movie is. what movie are u waiting to see? movies tend to stay for about 2 months

    How long will Jonas Brothers 3D Movie staying in theaters?
    I know when its released but when will it stop playing in theatres?
    Like 3 weeks, 1 month, or what?
    Is their an actual date for that yet?

    • ANSWER:
      About the same as any other movie, probably about the length of Twilight based on it's popularity, so about a month, give or take a few weeks

    Why did they make people demand the movie Paranormal Activity?
    Why didn't they just release the movie nationwide without having to demand it?

    • ANSWER:
      It's a small budget movie and the studio is taking a big risk on distribution. They wanted to build demand in various markets to ensure a successful theatrical run. You have to remember that for each theatre where the movie is shown, the studio is spending about 00 for a copy of the movie on the gamble it will make at least 00 at the theatre. If it fails to make at least 00, the studio is losing money.

      While 00 might seem like nothing, when you talk about theatres in small towns, there are many movies that struggle to make that much money in a two week run.

    Why do movies come out in the movie theater on Fridays?
    And sometimes on Wednesdays and sometimes on special holidays regardless of the day of the week.

    • ANSWER:
      Let us start with Blue Laws that kept people from working on Sundays and the fact that Jewish people would not work on Saturdays either back when movie theaters started out.

      Now theaters did not start out as big a draws they are today. Money was tight and everything was film and it had to be transported. This of course is after the arcades and the nickelodeons and flicker machines. Add to this that films were silent and had to be accompanied by a pianist who had to learn the score. So, the film is shipped on Monday and gets to the theaters on Tuesday or Wednesday, and the pianist learns the score by Friday and the theatre opens on Friday to show the new film.

      One of the advantages of opening on Fridays was the fact that payday was normally Thursday of Friday and as money was tight that was the best time to make money.

      As for Wednesday and Holiday releases those are specifically set up to create bigger box office weekends. Box office weekend end on Sunday but can start as early as Wednesday and can create opening week records that allow advertisers to say this is the biggest opening in history and you will notice films love to be able to say that. Expect Twilight to say it Monday.

    How long does a movie stay in the theater?
    I'm planning on taking this chick on a date and going to go see Titanic in 3D on April 20th. It came out in theaters on April 4th. Do you think the movie will still be showing on April 20th?

    • ANSWER:
      A month is usually the case. Poorly released films, or films that are limited, are only in theaters for 2 or so weeks. E.g. something like Salmon fishing in the Yemen only lasted 2 weeks because it isn't a widely released film. But, something like Chronicle or Project X, both successful in terms of tickets sold, both wide release films, lasted a month, Project X even a little longer. Really superb films that still are successful weeks later last upwards of 6-9 weeks in theaters.

    How long after a movie is in theaters is it released to Redbox?
    There are a couple movies in the theater right now that I am interested in seeing. They came out about two weeks ago and I am wondering how long until they are available to rent through Redbox?

    • ANSWER:
      5-7 months usually

    When will the movies Atonement and The Kite Runner start playing in Peterborough, Ontario?
    Is there a website that lists upcoming movie release dates for specific cities/theatres? I have checked the local theatre listings but they don't give future release dates, only movie schedules for the week. Does anyone know where I could find this information?

    • ANSWER:
      yes, try

    I want to start a cinema. Where do I purchase new release films before they reach the big screen?
    Where do cinemas in general go to find their films to show? I need a contact or website to buy these new releases as they get released from the producers or studios before they even reach the rest of the theaters. How do I go about? I am starting a small independent cinema in my home town.

    • ANSWER:
      First thing first, you need to learn how the movie theatre business works.

      Your first lesson: theatres rent movies from the studios, they do not buy them. Films are rented for a percentage of the gross which will often net out to about 55/45 for the studio.

      Your second lesson: just because you want a movie in your theatre does not mean you'll be able to get it when you want it. When you can get a movie will often depend on the kind of business your theatre does and how long your theatre can play the movie. Although it sounds counter-intuitive, the studios are often more concerned with weeks on screen than the actual gross - at least for first run theatres. If you can not guarantee at least 2-3 weeks on screen for most new releases, you will not be able to get most movies the opening weekend.

      Your third lesson: not all movie releases are created equally.
      -Some movies are wide releases which are available to virtually any theatre nationwide on the opening weekend.
      -Some movies are wide releases, but are not available to smaller theatres/markets during the first few weeks.
      -Some movies are limited releases which only play in major cities; some limiteds eventually expand to nationwide, some do not.

      Finally, you will need to find a film booker who will work as your go between with the studios. It is possible for you to do the film bookings yourself, but it will be difficult without industry contacts. You really need a booker who has the buying power of several hundred screens. This makes it much easier to get what you want than if you're just a couple screens all by yourself.

      I should also add that unless you have some really good connections within the movie industry, you have absolutely zero chance of getting sneak previews, advance screenings, or test screenings in a small town.

      If you're interested in becoming an "art house" where you specialize in smaller studio releases, independent movies, and foreign films, you should understand there is completely different set of dynamics at play.

    What is and how do you get private screenings of movies?
    One of my friends had a private screening of Harry Potter 7 the same week it was released. I've tried to google it, but I cant find what I am looking for, which is an answer to that question ^. Anybody else have some insight?

    • ANSWER:
      Usually you either have to work for the theater or be friends with someone who works at the theater because if the boss is nice they will let you in. Other wise you have to buy out the theater or know the person who did and be invited other than that they shouldn't have been able too. Private screening can be when you and other people see the movie before the general public or if someone buys that theater out

    Is there a book covering the history of the weekly movie box office charts?
    I am looking for a reference book that documents the history of the movie box office charts. Something showing the top 10 or 20 grossing films from week to week, plus other related trivia. Basically similar to the books that Joel Whitburn releases about the Billboard music charts. Anybody have a suggestion?

    • ANSWER:
      Entertainment weekly is the best public . there is a private company called entertainment data that calls every movie theater each day and gets the totals in dollars per film title

    How long will the Rise of the Guardians stay in Theaters?
    Hey guys! I wanna know how long it will be in the theaters. It was released on 21st November here, and I am planning to watch it during the Christmas holidays (22-25 December) with my friends and family.

    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      I would guess the movie will stay throughout the month of December. I haven't seen Rise of the Guardians, but I believe it has a holiday theme, so it should stay throughout December, at least.

      As for other animated movies...

      My local theater has only six screens, yet the Halloween-themed movie "Hotel Transylvania" stayed since it was released in late September, throughout October, and had a split screen time in early November. It stayed about six weeks, albeit a split screen time after Halloween.

      Wreck-It Ralph, which came out November 2, will have stayed around six weeks at my local theater... A theater employee told me its last showing day at my local theater will be December 13 or 14, I believe.

    How do people pirate movies before they come out?
    I'M NOT AT ALL INTERESTED IN DOING THIS. I'm just curious and confused. One of my neighbors always has movies before they're even in theaters and he doesn't work in the industry or anything like that. How do they get these? Does someone that works with movies leak them onto a website or something?

    • ANSWER:
      most of the movies get leaked using the dvd the studios send to movie critics... sometimes the movie get leaked from the production room like it happened with one of wolverines movie. most of the times movies are pirated right on the cinemas. when they receive the film they have to play them just to test that everything is all right, this teat are performed up to 7 days before release day, which is concistent with the pirated movies that normally appear around a week before release.

    How long do movies stay in theaters?
    Avatar was released in mid-December and it is still playing as of early March. Do movies actually stay in theaters for so long?

    • ANSWER:
      yes, the popularity of the movie which also reflects ticket sales is the determining factor of how long a movie will stay in theaters. when Home alone was released it was # 1 in the box office for 12 straight weeks and stayed in theaters for a least another month. I believe it was re-released the following Christmas to boost sales. Avatar is to date the highest grossing film of all times earning over .5 billion, surpassing Titanic which grossed over .8 billion. both films were directed by James Cameron, which in my eyes makes him a freaking genius. if you've seen and liked Avatar, go check out Cameron's 1986 Aliens. the movie came out in the 80's and if released today would shite on most recent sci-fi flicks

    When does The Boy in The Striped Pajamas come out in theaters?
    It looks like a amazing movie and i really, really, want to see it!

    • ANSWER:
      it was on at mine last week on 'independants day' which is a once-a-week screening of films that aren't necessarily massive budget blockbusters.

      it was on aweek before for the cinema a few miles away

      you'll find that film reels get passed around locally on these small releases so if u miss it in one place - you might catch it in a few weeks somewhere closeby.

    What is it like to work at a movie theatre?
    I'm 17, and I am applying for my first job at my local theater .

    • ANSWER:
      You might not have to since you're underage, but usually you'll have to work the midnight release of movies, especially big ones. So for Breaking Dawn part 2 for example you'd have to work til like 3 or 6 in the morning.

      You get free movie tickets which is cool, but you usually can't go to major movies on a Friday or Saturday, they won't let you. If you can go during the week though it's easier, and you can get your friends in for free sometimes legitimately. Of course, you can go it against the rules too, but you'll be risking your job then.

    Does anyone know when the movie Jane Eyre will come out everywhere in theaters?
    I've seen previews for it and it says that it's out in select theaters right now. Does anyone know when it will be in all theaters? I really want to see it.

    • ANSWER:
      The release date was March 11, 2011. I guess depending on how well it does opening week other places might start showing it. Check with your local movie theater to see if they are going to show it.

    When will Bleach Fade To Black OST be released on the net?
    Heard it will out on dec 10, so that mean it will be on the net the next day?
    Also when will the movie be available in english sub?

    • ANSWER:
      Released on the net? Hard to say.... not for some time I would guess. It comes out in Japanese theatres on December 13th, then it has to run its course in the theatres, which can be a week to a few months depending on how popular it is. (surprisingly, sometimes movies don't last in theatres and are more popular on DVD) After its done in the theatres, it has to come out on DVD, which can take weeks. Once it is out on DVD, it will be out on the net too (RAW and unsubtitled) it will take some time after that for a group to pick up the raw, translate and subtitle it. I would say about 9 months to a year.

    why do DVDs come out months after the movie is not in theaters anymore?
    Well... Why do they? I think it would make more sense if the DVD for a movie came out around a week after the movie stopped showing in theaters. I guess to build up anticipation for the movie to come out on DVD. But that's just a guess.

    • ANSWER:
      I dont know what happened to this idea,

      but a few years ago, there was talk of a doing it where TV, theatre, dvd was all released at the same time, since theatres were losing money.

    How long does it take for a movie to be released on dvd?
    Please let me know,because when twilight comes out i'm getting it:)
    Who's excited about new moon?being a movie?
    Poll:do you think any of the twilight saga when there movies be rated R?
    or still pg-13?

    • ANSWER:
      it depends on the popularity and the percived demand for the movie. but usually it takes about 3 months for a movie to come out on dvd. some movies like holiday or christmas movies come out the next holiday season. like fred claus is coming out on dvd now when it was in the theaters this time last year.

      a movie like twilight should already have its dvd launch date established the big studios plan it all out so the big dvd releases dont step on each other too much. just like you rarely see any big movie premeres on the same weekend, you rarely see more than 1 or 2 big dvd releases on the same week

      it will probably be released around valentines day. sure to cash in on all the 14 year old girls getting it as a v-day gift.

      they will probably have an "unrated" version to go with the pg-13 version. dvd and movie sales are a business they know pg-13 sells more tickets but R and 'unrated" sells more dvd's. even though "unrated" is just a marketing catch phrase 'unrated' does not mean they added anything really controversial to the movie it is just not the exact same as the movie that was shown to the rating board

    What was the deal with the last episode of Bleach because they are going back to the original story next week?
    My best guess is that it has something to do with the new movie coming out next year.

    • ANSWER:
      you're both right.
      To promote the movie, Tite Kubo published a special manga chapter called Imaginary number 01. the unforgivens and the anime's 299th episode, Theatre Opening Commemoration! Hell Chapter・Prologue, was a special episode to promote the movie. Additionally, an official invitation book called "Bleach: The Hell Verse" was also released.

    Is the movie Midnight In Paris still out in theaters?
    I've been looking for it everywhere in theaters because its release date was just two weeks ago? What happened? Where is it?

    • ANSWER:
      It is still in some theaters.

      You can get your area's listing by typing your zip code into Fandango.

      Hope this helps!

    How long does a movie stay in cinemas, and how long does it take until it's available on DVD?
    I'd like to know because there are so many movies I'd like to get my hands on!

    • ANSWER:
      A movie stays in the cinema for as long as a movie theater thinks they can make money off of it compared to other movies that are being released. That's why Dark Knight is still in the theaters after 87 days and Disaster movie only lasted 40 for the most part.

      Titanic was in theaters 287 days because nothing better was being released and people were still buying tickets to it.

      To answer your other question, the window between cinema release and DVD release is getting shorter every year. To give you some examples of upcoming DVDs:

      Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Cinema release 5/22 - DVD release 10/14)
      Iron Man (Cinema release 5/2 - DVD release 9/30)
      Wall-E (Cinema release 6/27 - DVD release 11/18)

      so, in each of those movies it was released on DVD 21 weeks after being released in the cinema.

      I hope this helps! These things changes over time, it's all based on marketing and agreements made between studios and cinemas.

      If you want to find the release date for an upcoming dvd I would check and do a search for the movie. They're usually the first to announce release dates for DVDs.

    Why are good hindi bollywood movies not in theaters for 25 & 50 weeks like before?
    Which were the last movies which ran for 25 & 50 weeks.

    • ANSWER:
      Its the era of instant gratification. Now business is limited to first three days - if a movie is able to attract audience first three days, it declares hit. Movies are released in thousands of screen nowadays across the country while previously films were released on limited screen in big cities only and much later released on small citis and towns. Then there were concept of repeat viewing of the same movie by the audience because there were not other mode of entertainment but that is not the case now.

    Why are good hindi bollywood movies not in theaters for 25 & 50 weeks like before?
    Which were the last movies which ran for 25 & 50 weeks.

    • ANSWER:
      Its the era of instant gratification. Now business is limited to first three days - if a movie is able to attract audience first three days, it declares hit. Movies are released in thousands of screen nowadays across the country while previously films were released on limited screen in big cities only and much later released on small citis and towns. Then there were concept of repeat viewing of the same movie by the audience because there were not other mode of entertainment but that is not the case now.

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