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    what is the best website to stream movies?
    I'm looking to stream the movie: Ted. I'd like it to be in good quality. Know any good sites?

    • ANSWER:
      Movie 2k gives you alternate sites if the quality is not good:

      Ted is this link:

    Is there a way to watch movie that are in theaters online?
    Free or not I don't care. I am willing to pay. There is no movie theaters near me.

    • ANSWER: - All you need to do is go on the site, pick the movie you want to see (make sure there is a smiley face not a frown face), under stream 2k and click the play arrow on the picture with the girl. You can watch the movie on your computer or get an RCA cable and hook it from your computer to the TV and you can watch on television.

      I watch new movies all the time and don't let those thumbs down bother you, I have a feeling that people do this just for kicks.

    Is there an engine for a flash game site similar to wordpress?
    I have a blogsite & use The wordpress engine. Its fantastic, however I think I want to start a website with flash game content. Is there anything similar to WordPress but more geared towards embedding & categorizing flash games?

    • ANSWER:
      Offhand, the only framework solution I can think of is Adobe ColdFusion. However, the site license for ColdFusion is just out-of-sight. It's in the range of k for the Standard, k for the Enterprise. The FlashMedia is for streaming the movie/video format of Flash.

      You might look at Red5 which is Open Source, free. See if you understand it. For what you want you will be moving your end of the telescope over to the Server-side of the technology to serve Flash content.

      Or, start learning PHP (which is what WordPress is made from). But, once again, you will be analyzing from the Server-Side of things, not just populating a framework.

    Can i end my netflix free trial before it begins charging me?
    I just want to watch zombieland, and you can get a free month of netflix, but i do not want to pay once it ends, can i end my netflix account before i have to pay anything?

    • ANSWER:
      If you can stream a movie, why bother going to Netflix if you have no intention of keeping it after the trial. Why go through the bother. Don't get me wrong I've had Netflix for years and love it. But if you go to movie2k you can watch Zombieland right now for no trouble at all. Just click on the stream 2k and when the screen comes up click on the starting arrow. Watch and enjoy. But you most definitely can cancel your trial of netflix as long as you do it before the trial is up or you'll have to purchase a month, since you already would have given your credit card.

    How do you choose a good blu-ray DVD player?
    Why are some 0, 0, and 00?

    Is there a pixel/resolution quality grade that I ought to be looking for?

    • ANSWER:
      Alot of the price difference has to do with build quality. Remember that in electronics you have the law of diminishing returns. You get smaller and smaller improvements for larger and larger increases in price. While resolution isn't changed you can still have a difference in image quality (especially on component video) and there does seem to be a difference in sound quality between models even with HDMI audio running. Specific features to be aware of would be Dolby TrueHD and dts HD Master Audio (streaming or even internal decoding), Bonus View (kind of like picture in picture for movies) BD Live(unlimited movie extras and automatic player updates through the internet. Only on new players being released next month). I haven't seen the 00 player except for the entertainment server BD machines (which go even higher) but Denon makes a K machine that is built like a home foundation. Like any other A/V component that approach and enter the AV enthusiast with too much money equipment rack alot of cost goes into getting rid of every little thing that takes away from the most pristine picture and sound. In these cases a chip that costs 4 times as much and gets a 5% increase in picture quality is normal. Sometimes these component have a copper chassis to shield from electromagnetic interferance. Thicker Power cords, gold plated connectors, smooth ejection transports, RS-232 connectors on the back for control systems are all common on top tier devices. Blu-Ray is no different in this regard. Whatever you can buy at Best Buy is not good enough for someone so some manufacturers are going to offer a better version.
      Incedentally the PS3 is a good machine but not without it's own issues. The remote and the look of the machine are the main things. Sony did just announce that PS3 is getting updated to support Dolby TrueHD and dts HD master audio so that gets rid of some of my objection.

    What is the best video camera under 00 for Filmmaking that can achieve the closest look to high budget film?
    I like the look of the canon t2i

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Matt:

      The Canon EOS series is popular with film-style video shooting, and the T2i is within your budget range (allowing you to spend something on a 2nd or 3rd lens).

      Just keep in mind that it is FILM STYLE shooting (short takes, planned for editing afterwards) where the dSLR's are recommended for use. Almost all of them have 2Gb-4Gb limits on each "take" (both due to file size limits AND sensor overheating issues, even the Nikons).

      If you were wanting to shoot a school play or a long wedding, in one or two continuous takes, you'd be out of luck with a digital still camera in video mode.

      Fellow Y!A Contributor "W4bark" mentioned the Panasonic AG-AC7 and the Sony NEX-VG10, which are around the price range you mentioned, but they both use AVCHD (consumer-grade compression & SD card storage at only 17-24Mbps data rate — pro cameras record at 50Mbps or better). You won't approach a "digital cinema" look with that. The same is true of Sony's 00 DCR-SD1000.

      Shop around for something like Canon's HV40 (HDV/DV tape format HiDef camcorder - under 0, like your Rebel T2i). Tape allows a fast bit-rate video data stream without a lot of compression artifacts, and will take good action scenes as well. (MPEG-4 and H.264 compressed SD card camcorders like the AG-AC7 will exhibit motion artifacts, especially in HD.) I always recommend that people look on YouTube and Vimeo for "test footage" of any camera they are considering to buy or rent.

      Sony's "prosumer" tape-based Exmor sensor camcorders have excellent Gamma and "knee" setting capability to achieve the contrast and shadow detail that regular film movie cameras can capture. The best Sony "semi-pro" models are about twice your budget (or more!) but some models like the HDR-FX7, the HVR-A1U, and the HVR-HD1000 can be found in the 00-00 range. The popular Canon XH-A1 is also in the same "over-K" range, and gives you good quality tape footage..

      hope this helps,
      --Dennis C.

    Do I need any codecs or packs of some sort to play 1080p movies on my ATI 5550 video card?
    Is there any settings I need to adjust or codec packs? 1080p seems a little choppy on youtube. My 5550 DDR3 should cut through 1080p like butter. My cpu doesn't go beyond 30% either.


    • ANSWER:

      Dual-stream 1080p playback support

      if it isn't working download and install COLE 2K (codec pack)

    can someone give me a link to download big mammas like father like son torrent?
    the torrent sites i use dont have a copy up yet and i know there is a copy because u can stream it on movies 2k.

    • ANSWER:

    Stream movies fast on my phone for free help.?
    I have a Sony Ericsson Xperia mini pro oon android version 2.3.4 and i'd like to know if theres any apps for streaming movies on my phone. I don't mind paying for the APP itself, but i don't want to pay for each and seperate movie.

    • ANSWER:
      Google movies 2k

    need help to create search bar for my website that searches movies in content or box shape?
    its online streaming movies contains online movies links from other website ,i want to create search bar that search movies from my web site in form of content ,like this web site
    , i mean when some one search a movies from my website, search result should came in div tag box shape ,Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      Google Custom Search should allow you to achieve this. You can define websites to search on and it even has styling options and layout options. If you have enough knowledge of server-side scripting languages like PHP then you could create your own search engine but I would not recommend this because Google is reliable, fast and easier.

    Where can I find speeches online?
    I need to deliver a 4 to 5 minute speech in front of my class. Please respond in the next few days or minutes if possible. I need the information by April 15.

    • ANSWER:
      Sponsored Links2000 Ready-to-go Speeches Speeches for nearly every occasion We Guarantee your Satisfaction. Instant Speech Generator Your speech in seconds
      Tip: Have a question? Ask the researchers at Google Answers.

      THE HISTORY CHANNEL - VIDEO & SPEECHESRealAudio excerpts and transcripts from a range of famous speeches categorized by topic. - 17k - Cached - Similar pages - Remove result

      American Rhetoric: Online Speech Bankfull text and audio directory and database of American speeches, sermons, lectures, and interviews. - 36k - Cached - Similar pages - Remove result

      American Rhetoric: The Power of Oratory in the United StatesFull text, audio and video database of over 120 Hollywood movie speeches, ... A new movie speech is added every 3 weeks. Included are military movie ... - 24k - Cached - Similar pages - Remove result

      Speeches OnlineSchool library and resource centre website for boys' Catholic college, with substantial worldwide curriculum related and educational links focussing on ... subjects/english/media/speeches.htm - 44k - 5 Apr 2006 - Cached - Similar pages - Remove result

      speeches -- rhetoric -- AASUMORE SPEECHES ONLINE . . . The American Communication Association · Douglass: Archives of American Public Address · Executive Speeches ... - 19k - Cached - Similar pages - Remove result

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      MLK Online - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. speeches, pictures, quotes ...Photos, biographical information, quotes, speeches, videos, sounds, and holiday suggestions for King. - 3k - Cached - Similar pages - Remove result

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      Adolf Hitler speechesAdolf Hitler speeches,hitler speech,search hitler's speeches. - 2k - Cached - Similar pages - Remove result

    will JVC Everio GZ-HD6 work directly with adobe premier pro cs3?
    im looking to buy a JVC Everio GZ-HD6 but isee you have to go thru some wierd process to get it to edit. especially for i movie will the camera Everio GZ-HD6 work straight into the adobe cs3 PP program?

    • ANSWER:
      There are 2 competing HiDef formats, HDV & AVCHD, w/ the later possibly gaining ground lately (Sony, Panasonic, Canon); HDV is an older tape-based format.

      JVC GZ-HD6 compresses video in the MPEG-2 transport stream (MPEG-2 TS) format. JVC may have had a previous commitment to MPEG-2 as used in earlier models.

      GZ-HD6 settings:
      - In its highest quality,
      FHD, records in 1920 x 1080 @ an average 26.6 Mbps
      - the next highest quality,
      SP, records 1920 x 1080 @ an average 19 Mbps
      - then,
      LP quality records 1920 x 1080 @ an average 11.1 Mbps.

      but camcorders have an alt. constant bit rate mode called '1440 CBR' w/c records @1440 x 1080 @ a fixed 27 Mbps. This last setting is HDV compatible and can be mixed & matched in an editing timeline w/ HDV footage from other camcorders.

      Premiere Pro CS3 is flexible - video System NTSC & PAL and supports the ff. video formats: HDV,DV, Digital Betacam, DVCPRO HD, HDCAM, 2K Scans

    Where can i watch old cartoon network shows?
    like dexters lab ed edd n eddy johnny bravo i have looked everywhere one of my freinds said they were on netflix (i do not like netflix) and i found them but you had to order them and he said you could stream them but my freind uses XBOX netflix and i use computer netfilx but can anyone tell me sites that have good videos of them sites i have been on have messed up videos that skip and are out of order

    • ANSWER:
      You tube???? Movie 2k????

    When is PS4 being released and what will be the price?

    • ANSWER: ... -next-gen/

      Sony is near the middle end part of their Project Orbis, their next generation PS4. It will not be called Playstation 4, teams have started to call the final name as Omni. Omni will reflect their new hardware and content delivery philosophy. Omni will be "very capable" of doing modern day graphics compared to a Direct X 11 level of technology like Unreal Engine 4 and Frostbite 2. Compared to Wii U, it is better, but not the biggest leap in the world according to developer friends of mine. The key is the Omniviewer, a thin, lite and slick head mounted autostereoptic display that can track the users head and presents a 360 image view with semi transparent AMOLED screens. This can turn any TV into a 3D TV, as well as add extra augmented reality information outside of the TV screen. One application from an entertainment perspective seeing movies in 2k, 4k or IMAX resolutions as their original size where you have to move your head to look at the full picture being displayed. Can also synch with the Vita. The new controllers weather it's the Dual-Moves or the Classic DualShock will have pulse sensors in the grips for biofeedback gameplay. Plans are a Basic Unit with 160 gigs and just the system with controller at 0-9 and one with the Omniviewer and a pack-in game for 0-9. Aims are for a September 2013 launch.

      - Omni is also part of their philosophy with the new OmniCloud, the new version of Gaikai. This service will not only cloud stream PS1, PS2 and select PS3 games to Playstation Certified devices but will also allow every digital and retail purchase to have access to a copy on the cloud. Basically, you buy one game, you can use it on any Playstation device. Direct hardware Backwards Compatibility will be available by a - dongle that is plugged into the Omni that contains a PS3 on a chip with Cell to run games.

    can you hook up a 360 to you computer to play on the computer moniter?

    • ANSWER:
      Aside from gaming, what sort of multimedia capabilities does the system offer?
      Xbox 360 offers a wide range of multimedia features, letting you instantly stream digital media stored on your portable music player, digital camera, Windows PC running Media Center, or any Microsoft Windows XP-based PC directly to your Xbox 360. Xbox 360 is the best way to:

      Enjoy music: Play all music from any of the popular CD music formats, store up to 15,000 songs on the 20GB hard drive, and stream the music stored on your PC and portable music players.
      Browse images: Plug in your digital camera, portable storage device, or PC and instantly access your latest and greatest shots.
      Experience high-definition: Stream high-def movies and TV directly from your Media Center PC.
      Mix your media: Listen to your own music while you play games. Create a slideshow to your own songs and share it with friends via the best TV and speakers in the house. Or bring down the house by experimenting with the interactive visualisers built into every Xbox 360.
      Can you tell gamers more about the wireless capabilities of the console and peripherals?
      Xbox 360 connects automatically with up to four Xbox 360 Wireless Controllers, with an impressive range of up to 30 feet. Multiple consoles and upwards of 20 controllers won't interfere with each other-gamers can organize LAN parties with ease. The Xbox 360 Wireless Networking Adaptor makes connecting to Xbox Live a snap, with support for the most popular wireless frequencies.

      What's the voice headset like? Can I use my current Xbox Communicator, too?
      We've eliminated the "puck" on the original Xbox controller, so your Xbox Live headset now plugs directly into your Xbox 360 controller. You can use your original Xbox Communicator headset, but you won't have direct volume control or mute capability.

      Do the controllers have vibration?
      Yes, each controller features vibration feedback. You can set the vibration to Full, Medium, Low, or Off to match your personal preference.

      The Games

      How will the system's game-development benefits affect the gaming public? Will this affect game capabilities and development time?
      From Call of Duty 2 to Perfect Dark Zero to Kameo: Elements of Power to Madden NFL 2006 to Gears of War to Blue Dragon to Project Gotham Racing 3, Xbox 360 will have the greatest games line-up ever in part because we've put the most powerful and programmable next-generation system into the hands of the world's greatest game designers. In designing Xbox 360, we created a complete development platform that harmonizes powerful hardware, powerful software tools, and the awesome power of the Xbox Live online games network. This complete platform lets developers focus on creating games rather than wrestling with technology.

      Aside from the high-definition graphics, what new functionality does Xbox 360 hardware bring to games?
      Beyond the jaw-dropping graphics, gamers can expect cutting-edge game play, astounding audio fidelity, a leap forward in online communications, an abundance of on-demand content to enhance their entertainment experience, and much more. Explore the links below for more information.

      What are the Xbox 360 exclusive games on the way?
      Microsoft Game Studios is bringing Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo, and Project Gotham Racing 3 to Xbox 360 this holiday. Also exclusive to Xbox 360 is Call of Duty 2 from Activision, Inc., and QUAKE 4, which they developed with id Software. You'll also see Dead or Alive 4 from Tecmo and The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion from Bethesda Softworks/2K Games, among many others.

      What is the most innovative new game (or feature) on Xbox 360?
      There are way too many new features and games to choose just one. Check out our console page and the Xbox 360 titles in our games catalogue.

      With last November's Halo 2 and upcoming QUAKE 4, Gears of War, and Perfect Dark Zero, there seems to be a big emphasis on shooters lately. What can you tell us about next-gen development in other areas, like role-playing games, fighters, platformers, sports titles, etc.?
      With more than 200 Xbox 360 games in development from a wide range of companies like Electronic Arts, Activision, and Microsoft Game Studios, there's a variety of games for every enthusiast. For example, role-playing and action fans will enjoy The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion and Kameo: Elements of Power, sports and racing fans will like Top Spin 2 and PGR 3, and fighter fans will drool over Dead or Alive 4. 2005 alone will see more than 25 games hitting Xbox 360, and, while shooter fans will find much to love, there's something for everyone. Plus, every Xbox 360 provides a portal into the world of Xbox Live Arcade, where everyone can enjoy their favourite retro titles-without the hassle of quarters or waiting in line.

      We've heard very little about the gamer party favourite: system link and LAN parties. With all the wireless talk going around, what do you see in the future of LAN parties?
      Your Xb

    does anybody know any good movie sites?
    i am looking for a site to watch movies online. anybody know any good ones???

    • ANSWER:
      I have watched almost 40 movies in the last week on As long as you find the right quality of the movie with a Smiley Face and that it is available on Stream 2K for the movie you want to see it is great. I just watched the Descendants last night.

      These are some movies I have watched on there in the past few days for free and with relatively no problems with the stream.
      Ides of March
      In Time
      Killer Elite
      Midnight in Paris
      I am Number 4
      Fast Five
      Real Steel
      Wall Street Money Never Sleeps
      Rise of the Planet of th Apes
      The Change Up

      These are just a few I have watched. I have a list of old and new movies that are available on this sight that I am checking off as I see them.
      I have my laptop ran to my 46" tv and most of the movies look just fine,( about 720p) almost DVD quality. Its free with no sign up that I have had to do. And I have ran my virus scan after to make sure its not messing my computer up and so far no problems. And I have had no indication that anything is illegal.
      Check it out it has saved me a lot of time and money on Red Box

    ok i have a downloading problem, my internet connects at 32.2kbps usually, but when downloading a file only 2k
    going from 32.3kbps to downloading at 2 to 3kbps is really aggrivating, not only to mention it makes it hard to download patches for many of my favorite games. i just recently bought WoW. and i havent even been able to play it becouse i have to download close to 450MB for a patch. is there any settings that i can use to bump up my download speed? anyone with a suggestion would be greatly appreaciated, thank you. oh yeah im on netscape if thats of any relevance.

    • ANSWER:
      It's Got To Do With You ISP (Internet Service Provider)

      Firstly, No Form Of Connection Is Constant, It All Depends On what Is Happening At Your Local Server, Your Main Server Of Your ISP And The Site You've Contacted.

      I have the Exact Same Problem And I'm On Broardband. No matter what Site I'm At When I Download Something It Starts Very Fast And Then Drops Quickly Down To from 2.8-15KBps.
      (And That's Broardband)

      You'll Notice (might Have Already) That When Your Just Navigating To A Page Or Just Streaming radio Or Video Of A Website That It Will Never Go That Slow, You'll Probably Get Your Max of 4 kBps.

      My Best Guess Is That The ISP Does This To Curb Grattuitous Downloading On No MB Limit Accounts Or Illegal Downloading Of Movies Etc.

      Say Someone was Sending You A Movie Bootleg, It Might Take You 3-5 Days To Get It And Unless You have A Good Program That Picks It Up Again Everytime your Service Drops Momentarily, It'll Be Lost, Also If The Cops or Relevent Task Force Want To Track you Down, They have A Much Better Chance Of Doing It Over 3-6 Days Then in Aporox. 2 (if You Were Constantly Downloading At 32.2 kbps = 4kBps)

      All Types Of internet Connections Are Basically False Advertising. Your's Says 32.2 kbps (= 4kBps) That's The Maximum That Can "Technically" Come Into Your Computer In One Second Through Your Modem. You'll Never Get The Max.

      Aswell, Don't think If You Switch To Broadband/DSL Your Going To Get More Than An Average of 8-15 Kbps for Downloading.
      My Status Window after I Logon On With My ISP say's I'm connected At 100 Mbps (100,000,000 bits per second - Divide that by 8 for the Bytes per second and you get 12,500kBps
      (12.5 MB Per second) I Don't Think So. That's Just The Most That Can Come Trough My LAN cable Into My LAN Port in One Second (My Bloody Modem (DSL) Isn't Even Capable Of Putting That Into The Cable) (And My Service Contract Is For 512 kBps)

      This Backs up What I Was Saying Before it's The Tecnical & Legal Setup Of The Area Your In (I'm In A Muslim Country And It's abysmal With Every ISP)

      Don't know About The Performance On Cable /Pay T.V. ISP's

      Hope This helps

    how do i transfer movie from GZ - HD7 WITH A DV CABLE?

    • ANSWER:
      There are 2 competing HiDef formats, HDV & AVCHD, w/ the later possibly gaining ground lately (Sony, Panasonic, Canon); HDV is an older tape-based format.
      JVC GZ-HD7 compresses video in the MPEG-2 transport stream (MPEG-2 TS) format. Why MPEG-2 TS, then? JVC may have had a previous commitment to MPEG-2 as used earlier in entry models. (remember .mod?)

      JVC GZ-HD7 settings:
      - In its highest quality,
      FHD, records in 1920 x 1080 at an average 26.6 Mbps
      - the next highest quality,
      SP, records 1920 x 1080 at an average 19 Mbps
      - then,
      LP quality, records 1920 x 1080 at an average 11.1 Mbps.

      However, the camcorders have an alternate constant bit rate mode called 1440 CBR that records at 1440 x 1080 at a fixed 27 Mbps. This last setting is HDV compatible and can be mixed & matched in an editing timeline with HDV footage from other camcorders.

      Premiere CS3 is flexible - video System NTSC & PAL and supports the ff. video formats: HDV, DV, Digital Betacam, DVCPRO HD, HDCAM, 2K Scans

    Can i watching full movies online?

    • ANSWER:
      Yes :)
      For free online streaming movies try letmewatchthis or movies 2k

      If you want to pay for them then your best options would be netflix or love film

    Full movies on YouTube?
    Can you give me a link to a good full movie on YouTube? Something that's Pg-13 or up and isn't in parts it's one video

    • ANSWER:
      not really any of them there considered copy right but try movie 2k just dont download! stream 2k the movies

    where can you watch free movies?

    • ANSWER:
      Check out I just got on there about a week ago and have watched a lot of movies on there for free. I hook my laptop to my TV and stream movies easily. Look for a Smiley face and a movie available in 2K stream and it will stream to your computer almost as fast as netflix.I have watched movies on there that aren't even out on Red box yet. Good movies to. A few movies on there I've watched are
      The Descendants
      Rise of the Planet of the Apes
      Ides of March

      I have saved a lot of time and money in the past week.

    Fastest Laptop Option in k budget?
    Hi, I'm getting ready to buy a laptop for college and was planning on buying the stereotypical macbook pro. I'm sick of computers that can't keep up with my clicking and typing speed. I plan to take it to class so it can't be too big. I play WoW a bit, but that's really the only game I play. I plan to stream movies through netflix. I dont edit videos though I mess around with photoshop. I tend to have a couple applications running at the same time to multitask. I wonder if my money would be better spent with investing in maxed out processors and RAM in a regular macbook or pc laptop instead. Any suggestions on specs and models?
    Oh and what size would you recommend for a college student?
    Upon further research I see that the 15" macbook pro is the only one available with quad-core processors; does that make it my best option?

    • ANSWER:
      HP EliteBook 2540p XT930UT Notebook PC
      Performance - Excellent, (Specifications in Link)
      Value - Poor, ,029.99
      Size - Compact, 12.1”
      Link -
      Toshiba Satellite Pro L670-EZ1715D PSK3BU-01H019 Notebook PC
      Performance - Amazing, (Specifications in Link)
      Value - Moderate, 9.99
      Size - Large, 17.3"
      Link -
      You may still play WoW professionally, remain portable, while paying under 1k. As far as laptops, the value to performance increases greatly at 0+, but seeing as your budget is so high-... I would suggest building a desktop PC if you weren't needing portability. Of the two laptops I show above, I would recommend the below, if you're fine with a relatively larger laptop.

    old laptop streaming vids?
    well a few month ago my mother in law got an old laptop for £5, she did do nothing with it and i saved it from my bro in law smashing it up, so took a risk and got it a charger for it installed win 2k (as it is compatibly )and it a little cracker for the wife for her ebaying emailing and forums why i use the main pc

    she also like youtube who doesn't. i installed mozilla as the browser was out dated. but every time i try to steam video it the sound fine but the pic is jumpy can any one help?

    • ANSWER:
      This greatly depends on the specification of the laptop.
      It could be memory, graphics card or network card related.
      I can only suggest:
      - ensuring that the graphics card drivers are up to date
      - try ending all programs in the system tray & taskbar and see what youtube playback is like (if performance improves, it probably memory related)
      - try playing a movie file under the same conditions (if the playback is just as choppy, then its not network related)

      If its graphics card related, then it isnt worth paying the cost to make it better.

    big brother canada season 1 episode 17 online free stream?
    where i can watch big brother canada season 1 episode 17 Full video Online?

    where goto website?
    HERE LINK FOR IT VIDEO HIGH QUALITY big brother canada season 1 episode 17 ONLINE VIDEO


    • ANSWER:
      Movie 2k or

    Diablo 2 Wont Run... Why not?
    I have two computers:

    Dell Dimension 3000 with 1 GB RAM
    2.8 GHz Intel P4
    One of the best PCI Interface graphics card [Specs - 256 Mb DDR DirectX 9 compat](PCI because that is all supported by my mobo)
    All on a Windows XP Home Ed.

    On the other side I have an older Latitude CPx Laptop running Windows 2k
    256 MB RAM
    750 MHz Intel P3
    Crappy Built in graphics (I think 16 Mb or 32 Mb)

    I Installed Diablo 2 on my laptop and everything seemed to work fine minimal lagging.

    When I tried runnning it on the desktop my screen went totally black and after a minute I had to exit D2 in task manager to see that it was not respodning.

    Obviously the desktop is a better PC to run games on but why can't it run D2.... I play COD and CS with almost no lag but I cant play Diablo.... Why not?

    And if it help to know both screen resolutions are the same size 1024 x 768

    FYI that is my card

    • ANSWER:
      Your hardware isn't a problem. (Coincidentally, I run D2X on the same laptop when I travel, but we're here today to talk about your desktop.)

      Make sure you download the latest drivers from ATI.

      Also, you may want to run the video test provided with D2 to see if it comes up with any problems. I suspect you'll be running in Direct3D rather than DirectDraw, but give that a try if nothing else works.
      Another suggestion is to try setting your display to 640x480, 256 colors before starting Diablo.
      The only other problem I can think is that the opening movie sequence is streamed from the CD. You can copy all of the movies, as well as the music (doesn't spin up your cd drive when playing - less lag) to the D2 folder so that they are read from your hard drive. This would possibly indicate a problem with your CD drive.
      I've seen some programs like Folding@Home mess with games, so you may want to try exiting every running program before starting D2.

    Digital Cameras?
    Thanks for any input......

    I cant decide on if i want a good digital still camera or a good digital video camera...
    I want to be able to take high res still pictures fast.
    I want to be able to use it to make short movies and go online with it and make video,s for youtube and such.
    Ive got to keep the price under 2K....
    Any suggestions on what to get.?
    I really cant decide i was thinking of getting a D200 but the video on it so limiting...
    I hope the smart yahoo uers out there might be able to help me...
    Thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      You have to decide which is more important, having video or good pictures. Few camcorders take good pictures and few cameras make good movies. I had a decent digital camera and was looking at buying a camcorder. After about four months of research on camcorders I decided that pictures were more important to me. I ended up buying the Canon Digital Rebel XT after reading hundreds of reviews. I love my camera and am now getting some offers for work taking pictures. If video streaming is more what you are looking for, make sure the cameras you are looking at have at least one CCD. Some camcorders have as many as three now and that helps you to shoot in low light situations. For camera purposes, most of the things you shoot in doors is low light. I don't have any suggestions for any particular model of camcorder because I stopped looking at them about a year and a half ago when I got my camera, but do your homework and look at reviews and specifications. You may also want to research how the cameras actually work to see what features are most important to you. Good luck.

    Which graphics card is better? GTX 560 or ati 6870?
    So, I am going to buy a new dell desktop soon and I would like to know which graphics card is better? I will be using this configuration for mostly gaming but also school and other multimedia purposes. The games i will play will most likely be (BF3, MW3, WoT, Guild wars 2, TF2, Skyrim, Crysis 2, etc...)
    with the GTX 560 (non Ti) the configuration is
    CPU: i7-2600 (3.4Ghz)
    GPU: Nvidia GTX 560
    RAM: 16Gb 1333Mhz
    HDD: 500GB 7.2k RPM

    With the ati 6870 the configuration is:
    CPU: i7-2600 (3.4Ghz)
    GPU: Radeon 6870
    RAM: 8GB 1333Mhz
    HDD: 500Gb
    please i would only like professional answers not just "gtx 560 is better". Also could you state why it is better?

    • ANSWER:
      The cards are so close, there's no simple answer. It depends upon which card performs better in the specific game tiles you play.

      In Crysis 2, the GTX 560 is better:,2944-6.html
      In Metro 2033, there's almost no difference at 1680x1050 and 1920x1080:,2944-8.html

      In BF3 it's hard to say because the non-Ti GTX 560 wasn't among the cards tested by Tom's Hardware or Guru3D. But it appears the Radeon HD 6870 is slightly better there, if we extrapolate down from the GTX 560 Ti. And in Bad Company 2 the 6870 was unusually strong, almost matching the GTX 560 Ti. While the GTX 560 has higher average fps, the 6870 has higher minimum fps, so it performs ina tighter range, rather than seeing big increases and decreases in fps.,3063-8.html

      It may not be a situation where splitting hairs on the cards alone provides the answer. Go with whichever configuration is better otherwise... which appears to be the first with 16gb of RAM (if you're doing movie editing or stuff that would utilize the extra RAM). Also keep in mind that Nvidia's CUDA is more widely supported in editing programs than ATI/AMD's stream. Otherwise, I'd lean towards the 6870.

    Is it worth it to buy a projector?
    I mainly watch tv and movies through the internet via sites like iPlayer, 4od or other online streaming websites, but I hate watching them on a tiny screen. I was considering getting a projector for my university room so that I can link it to my laptop and watch things on a big screen. I have a TV at home but barely use it because I mainly use my laptop for tv&movies. I only use my TV to watch DVDs for the slightly larger screen, but of course I can also use my laptop for this.
    I do not have a TV in my university room and was thinking of getting the projector so I can properly enjoy the shows&films I watch on my laptop.
    How worthwhile would it be if I bought a projector and what do people suggest would be best for a first-ever projector?

    • ANSWER:
      Honestly there are allot of cheap projectors on the market and are not worth buying. if your don't have allot of money to spend then a direct view 1080p TV is a much better option.

      A decent projection system is not cheap and requires a screen to get a decent picture. I would not buy or recommend a projector that wasn't able to display 1080p material and a decent 1080p projector is at least 2k dollars. Pus the cost of a screen, and a good screen is not cheap.

      So unless you have at least 3k to spend don't bother get yourself a 1080p TV and enjoy a sharper clearer picture.

      40 years high end audio video specialist

    im really bored, helppp?
    i'm super super bored and stuck in my room is there any suggestions on what to do? please help i'm dying!!!!!!

    • ANSWER:

      However, I will give you some stuff to look into, being the kind and generous person I am.

      For funny stuff: - This is a massively entertaining website, full of great (time consuming) articles and videos that are at the same time humorous, informative, and thought provoking. I have spent many great hours on this site. - This is an image based humor site that is full of endlessly entertaining memes, images, and .gifs. As it states at the bottom of the page, simply click the GD Image to see another GD image!

      Memebase and other meme related sites - Always good for a laugh, if you know the meme... - If you don't know it, this site is great for understanding the origins and reasons for various memes. - obviously, video sharing site. Some notable comedic users are TheRealAnnoyingOrange, egoraptor, Tubuscus, Jabo0odyDubs, EpicMealTime RhettandLink, among others.
      Also at YouTube, one can find many great stand-up comedians and their various routines. One of my personal favorites is Louis C.K., who is amazing and spectacular. - This is a great webcomic about life, and star trek - this is a great webcomic for smart people (cyanide & happiness) - this is a great webcomic for people who appreciate the humor in abortion.'s /b/ - yup...

      For Music: - Good for just listening to a specific type of music, in the background or whatever. Similar to Slacker Radio, but different. It really comes down to personal preference, I prefer Pandora. - huuurr....

      For Movies:

      Learn the phrase "Watch (movie title) online free". Google that, and the vast majority (by which I mean 99.999%) of movies can be found to stream. movies.2k or something like that is a good one to watch for, just make sure you have something like adblock for chrome enabled on whatever browser you use. The ads can get annoying. - epic...

      For TV shows:

      Many networks have episodes of their shows available on their own sites with "limited commercial interruption". However, there are commercials, and they are typically slow to buffer, and we can do better. is one of the best sites I have found for TV shows. They don't have everything, but they have most things that are good. Of course, you can always just Google, "watch (TV show name) online free" as that works too.

      For doing things: - the Do-it-Yourself board on 4Chan, full of diy related stuff - Paper-craft and Origami. Lots of fun. - Step by step instructions on a variety of projects - try looking up instructions on any given project. People make all kinds of things, and the bounds of human creativity are limited only by the constraints they put on themselves.

      Other stuff:

      There are plenty of other things I can recommend, from reading the Dark Tower series, by Stephen King (excellent series, you will not regret it unless you are a terrible person with no substance to their life), Facebook is usually entertaining, Stumbleupon is full of various things, Combat Arms is a fun, free-to-play, online FPS game, is an interesting read, and you can always just google random phrases to see what pops up. Oh, and porn.

    How do I create a video out of 2 separate videos playing side-by-side on one screen?
    For example, -This is what I'm intending to do.
    1) I want to take a video captured off a video camera.
    2) I want to take a video off my computer, recorded from Fraps/Hypercam/etc.

    I want to take these two videos, crop off half a side each so I can stick them next to each other, and have them play at the same time, side-by-side.

    How can I do this? Also, the sync is VERY IMPORTANT.
    By doing this, would it be difficult to synchronize the videos very well?

    Here is an example of what i'm looking for:

    Also, if there is another, more efficient way to do this, could you please tell me? Thank you everyone who helps!

    I have no clue if this is in the right section- sorry if it isn't.
    Sorry about that, about missing some info.

    Is it possible with just just windows movie maker? I don't have any other editing software.

    • ANSWER:

      SpeedBit Video Accelerator
      from Freeware Home -- new additions
      SpeedBit Video Accelerator makes videos, from YouTube and over 100 other sites, stream faster and play smoother by reducing "movie freezes", "buffering" problems, video "interruptions" and "hiccups". (in Internet)

      Text2Video 1.0 (Freeware) -

      Upload your video to several sites at once with Hey!Spread -

      MovieSlider 1.0 (Freeware)
      from Softpedia - Latest software
      This easy-to-use applicaiton allows you to build short previews of any video, no matter how long it is.

      VidImageSplitter Publisher's Description:
      Do you have a favorite movie? May be you wanna publish most beautiful shots from that movie on your site? Then we'd recommend VidImageSplitter. You can convert either all or only specific frames of the movie to separate image files with this utility. Many output format are supported - jpeg, png, bmp, gif - whatever you want :) This program have a nice and pretty simple user interface so even child will be able to use it!

      Stereo Movie Maker 0.93 (Freeware)

      Free Video Dub [ 5.09 MB | Freeware | Win 2K/03/XP/Vista]
      Delete parts from video files fast, easy and without re-encoding video,

      VideoCall 2.00.347 (Freeware)
      from Softpedia - Latest software
      Make videocalls using a webcamera connected to your PC.

      Free Audio Dub (Freeware)
      from Softpedia - Latest software
      this application will enable you to quickly edit your songs and all your favorite audio tracks!

      ImgBurn: Free CD/DVD image burning for Windows

      from Freeware Home -- new additions
      VideoThang is a free and easy-to-use video editing software that lets you design and create your own videos. You can mix video clips with images and background music, and make movies in the MPEG formats. With VideoThang, you can cut, trim video clips, add captions, transitions and give effects to your videos in a simple way like a pro.

      Batch Video Joiner

      Free Video Dub
      Delete parts from video files fast, easy and without re-encoding video, [License: Freeware| Requires: Win 2K/03/XP/Vista | Size: 6.84 mb]

      ProjectDivX 1.6 Beta 1 (Freeware)
      from Softpedia - Latest software
      Merge your DivX, MPEG4, AVI files (encoded in DivX-Low and DivX-Fast) very easily

      Quake Video Maker 1.4.2 (Freeware) -

      WebVideoCap 1.00 (Freeware)
      from Softpedia - Latest software
      This utility will allow you to save the Flash Video files you ecounter on webpages so that you may play them later offline

      TRAK AX..........TrakAx empowers you to create professional music and video mixes in an easy-to-use and fun environment. Whether you are creating a music track for your MySpace page or a video for YouTube, TrakAxPC is the most powerful FREE application on the web .....(free).....GO THERE!

      Video deinterlacer. Record from your tv or other input devices like vcr or consoles (windows)

      Free Video to JPG Converter (Freeware)
      from Softpedia - Latest software
      Make video snapshots and extract frames from video files to JPG

      CDBurnerXP Pro
      from Freeware Home -- new additions
      CDBurnerXP Pro is a freeware CD-Writer program that can write CD-R and CD-RW discs and erase CD-RW discs. It can also write discs directly from an ISO image file, and save image as an ISO image file (*.iso). (in Home and Hobby)

      Free Easy CD DVD Burner v2.0

      Video DVD Maker Free (Freeware)

      FFDShow MPEG-4 Video Decoder 20071004 rev1503 (Freeware)

      TrakAx PC 2.0.108 (Freeware)
      from Softpedia - Latest software
      Empowers you to create professional music and video mixes in an easy-to-use and fun environment.

      is an open source utility that doesn't skimp on features or accessibility. Once installed, you'll notice you can either launch InfraRecorder or InfraExpress. The latter version features a slimmed down interface with wizards for burning data, audio, and video discs. It's sort of InfraRecorder for dummies. The full feature gives you a ton of options that might confuse folks used to using Nero Smart Start.
      Here are a few of the things you can do with InfraRecorder:
      * Create data, audio, video, and mixed-mode discs
      * Record dual-layer DVDs
      * Four methods for erasing discs
      * Record disc images (ISO and BIN/CUE)
      * Scan SCSI/IDE bus for devices and capabilities
      * Create disc copies using temporary disc image
      * Import session data from multi-session discs and add more sessions
      It doesn't look like there's support for Blu-Ray or HD-DVD, but the product is still under development and new features are being added all the time.

      Avidemux v2.4 for Win32 (Build 3600)

      DVDFab HD Decrypter Beta [ 2.42 Mb | Freeware | Win All]
      Copies entire DVD movie to hard disk, and removes all the protections.

      Download online videos direct to PC / iPod / PSP is an online service for downloading videos from Youtube for
      PC, Mac, Ipod or PSP. This service allows you to convert youtube
      videos or Flash Videos to MPEG4 (AVI/MOV/MP4/MP3/3GP) file online.
      Enter youtube video in the URL text box and select desired conversion
      format and click start, for converting FLV files other than youtube,
      you should provide full url with .flv extension. vixy downloads the
      video for you and then converts to your selected format and then it
      gives popup to save the file to system. uses open source FLV to MPEG encoder engine. It converts FLV
      to MPEG4 faster and less lossy than a typical transcoder.

      Unique but essential
      Handbrake enables you to stick a DVD in your DVD drive and have the
      contents of that film stored to your hard drive in a form that can be
      read by pretty much any media player. I often use it to put a few
      movies on my laptop for travel purposes, so I don't have to worry
      about keeping track of DVDs while on the road.

      Use videos as screen savers
      Forget pictures in a screen saver. Use this program to have your
      favorite digital videos as your screen saver.
      Set the screen saver to play videos as-is, or have them stretched to
      fill the screen. You can also mute the sound so the screen saver won't
      spook you if you're elsewhere in your house.
      Microsoft's Video Screensaver for Windows XP allows for more
      creativity right on your desktop.
      Cost: Free

      Mix, edit and share videos online
      There's no shortage of video-sharing sites nowadays. You can upload
      or watch videos on sites like YouTube and Yahoo! Video.
      However, most video sites offer little flexibility. To edit or mix
      clips, you need your own software.
      Jumpcut is a video-sharing site that gives you more control. In fact,
      it lets you take over others' videos as well.
      As with other sites, you can upload your own clips to Jumpcut. It
      provides an online video editor, so you can cut and remix your clips.
      You also can upload still photos and arrange a slide show. Jumpcut can
      import pictures from Flickr, the popular photo-sharing site.

      You can upload videos and photos through the site or via e-mail. In
      e-mail, simply include your artwork as an attachment. Jumpcut will
      automatically add it to your account.

      Jumpcut allows you to remix other members' videos. You can reorder the
      scenes or borrow footage for your own videos. The original version
      stays intact, so you won't step on anyone's toes. You can restrict
      your clips from others if you wish.

      Jumpcut is still in beta (testing), so it may have a few kinks. It
      recently became part of Yahoo!. That means you can join Jumpcut using
      a Yahoo! ID.

      Cost: Free


      Streamlined video editing
      The video-editing basics are covered with this product.
      You can cut or move scenes around. There is also a good collection of
      filters. You can use them to adjust bright

    how quickly will foreign films and classics come out on blu ray?
    i've heard regular dvd's are phasing out and are being replaced with blu-ray discs. i remember i was initially hesitant to go to dvd's from videotape because i thought it would be a very long time before serious films got put on dvd. i assumed it would be just new hollywood mainstream stuff, which indeed happens first and is happening again with blu-ray. but i was amazed at the speed in which obscure films got on dvd. is the same thing likely to happen with blu-ray? how extensive is the blu-ray catalog now as far as non-mainstream and foreign-made films? how long before everything available on dvd today will be on blu-ray? and how long will blu-ray last until its taken over by a new technology? and what is that new technology likely to be? lastly, i avoided buying a blu-ray player recently because it required some kind of regular updating to the machine to make it function. is that normal and will that always be the case? thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      DVD isn't anywhere near being "phased out". It will be around for years, if not decades.

      More new movies are still released on DVD than on Blu-ray.

      Blu-ray is a premium HD alternative to DVD, not a replacement. It still only accounts for about 20% of disk sales (and may never be more than 50%).

      Blu-ray player -- because they can also play DVDs -- are replacing DVD players.

      Blu-ray is used for new blockbuster movies and some older classic films, but videophiles continue to complain that classic and foreign films are only being released very slowly. The reality is that many films and most TV programs will NEVER be on Blu-ray. There are many reasons, but the main one is the high cost of remastering the film in HD and the relatively low sales expected for most older classic films.

      Blu-ray players don't require updates to play the vast majority of movies and probably won't ever require one to play classic movies. The reason for firmware updates is to handle new versions of DRM security measures used to (unsuccessfully) protect new blockbuster films.

      Blu-ray is likely to be replaced by a higher definition (e.g. 140p or 2K) and/or higher bit depth (e.g. Deep Color) version. That will happen once 3D dies it's inevitable death ... in 5 years or so. However, streaming HD movies or movies on flashdrives or ? may spell the end of physical disk sales.

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