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    How do I make an online movie channel?
    I wanna make my own online movie channel (streaming old grindhouse horror films, kung-fu films, etc), and I have the means to start it up by streaming the movies live over the internet. Now:

    1) What would I do to secure rights to the movies to show them? Does it require exuberant amounts of money, or does it depend on the distributor?

    And 2) What website/server could I use to run my movies on? Can anyone recommend a good one?

    • ANSWER:
      Going to sound harsh, but if you have to ask how to do this on yahoo answers, you're not equipped for the task.

      Firstly, you'd need a team of people to operate the thing. Everything from the massive servers and bandwidth that is needed, to the lawyers who would deal with the legal side of things, to the computer science technicians who would keep the software running smoothly to the office workers who would keep the financial and customer service side of things working.

      Plus something like this doesn't just suddenly get started. The internet is massive and new sites don't get started without marketing...and marketing costs money unless you're absurdly clever (and patient) with getting things started virally. So you'd probably have to spend tons of money on advertising .

      Sure, it's not impossible...but like I said, if you have to ask on yahoo answers, you obviously don't have connections in the business. Start with something smaller and try to work your way up with project size.

    Do the download movies from Netflix have English subtitles available?
    I am not asking about the DVD rentals. I'm asking if I download movies from Netflix, will they have English subtitles/CC like they do on DVD's? I could not find the information on their website and don't want to subscribe if they don't. I don't have a DVD player with me right now, and just wanted to know. Thanks!
    Jimobasa: I mean watching it on PC from their website. I'm not referring to any illegal activity. I've already read the subscription plan.

    • ANSWER:
      You cannot download movies from Netflix. That would be illegal. What they do is rent out DVD's.

      How does Netflix work?

      Your movie rentals delivered
      Tell us what movies you want and we'll deliver them to you. Get DVDs by mail and instantly watch movies (some new releases) & TV episodes (including current season) streamed from Netflix to your TV via a Netflix ready device or online on your PC or Mac.

      Choose a monthly plan that's right for you
      We have plans that allow you to have anywhere from 1 DVD to 8 DVDs out at-a-time with most plans allowing unlimited DVD exchanges each month. Plus, all plans include the ability to watch instantly on your PC and all unlimited plans include the ability to watch instantly on your TV via a Netflix ready device. Click here to learn about other available plans.

      Over 100,000 titles on DVD
      Classics to New Releases to TV episodes and more.

      We have 100 shipping points nationwide and nearly 95 percent of our members receive their DVDs in about one-business day.

      Over 12,000 choices you can watch instantly on your PC, Mac or TV
      Instantly watch movies (some new releases) & TV episodes (including current season) from over 12,000 choices online on your PC or Mac or on your TV via an Internet connected Netflix ready device. This is a bonus to the DVDs you get by mail and is included with your membership for no additional monthly membership fee.

      There's no catch - really
      There are no due dates or late fees - ever!

      Try us for FREE
      Try us free for 2 weeks. If you enjoy Netflix, do nothing and your membership will automatically continue on the plan you have selected for as long as you choose to remain a member. See Terms of Use for complete membership and free trial details. You can also simply cancel your account before your free trial ends and you won't be charged.

      Starting your free trial
      Simply enter your email address, create a password, and click the continue button.

      Cancel anytime
      You can easily cancel anytime, online, 24 hours a day. There are no cancellation fees although there are no refunds for partial months.

      About us
      We're the world's largest online DVD rental service providing entertainment to more than 8 million members - and growing! Every day (Monday through Friday), we send over 1.8 million DVDs to our members nationwide. In fact, Netflix has been named the #1 retail website for customer satisfaction for seven consecutive surveys since 2005 by ForeSee Results.

      What is the selection like?

      Huge! We have over 100,000 DVD titles including new releases, classics as well as TV episodes. We also have over 12,000 movies (some new releases) & TV episodes (including current season) that you can watch instantly online on your PC, Mac or on your TV via a Netflix ready device. We are constantly working with the studios to increase the selection of both libraries.
      There are many ways to find great movies. You can search for great movies by actor, movie title or director. Or browse through hundreds of genres (movie categories). We also offer Recommendations based on how you rate movies. And of course, there are member and critics' reviews, top rented lists and special collections to help you find movies you'll love.

      How much do the plans cost?

      .99 a month - 1 DVD out at-a-time
      (Limit 2 per month)
      Instantly watch up to 2 hours of movies (some new releases) & TV episodes (including current season) online on your PC or Mac for no additional fee.
      Unlimited Plans
      .99 a month - 1 DVD out at-a-time
      (Exchange DVDs as often as you want) plus
      Instantly watch online on your PC or Mac or instantly on your TV via a Netflix ready device - all for no additional monthly fee. Instantly watch as often as you want, anytime you want.
      .99 a month - 2 DVDs out at-a-time
      (Exchange DVDs as often as you want) plus
      Instantly watch online on your PC or Mac or instantly on your TV via a Netflix ready device - all for no additional monthly fee. Instantly watch as often as you want, anytime you want.
      .99 a month - 3 DVDs out at-a-time
      (Exchange DVDs as often as you want) plus
      Instantly watch online on your PC or Mac or instantly on your TV via a Netflix ready device - all for no additional monthly fee. Instantly watch as often as you want, anytime you want.
      How many DVDs can I rent during my Free Trial?

      The number of DVDs you rent depends on a number of factors, including how quickly you watch and return each of your DVDs and which plan you have selected.
      On our most popular plan, the .99 a month plan, you can rent and exchange DVDs as often as you want. On that plan we send you three DVDs of your choice from your movie list (Queue). Return each one in its pre-paid envelope to get new ones from your Queue. On this plan, you can also instantly watch movies (some new releases) & TV episodes (including current season) online on your PC or Mac or instantly on your TV via a Netflix ready device.

      Click here to learn abou

    How long does it take for Netflix to get new movies?
    I just started a free trial for netflix on my Wii. I was wondering how long it takes for them to get new movies. Does anyone know how long after the release date does it take to get it on netflix?

    • ANSWER:
      Netflix is at the mercy of the entertainment companies who own the copyrights of the films. So - to answer your question, it all depends on how greedy the entertainment company is, and how potentially lucrative the film is. They make the least amount of money from streaming services and free television networks.

      Instead of changing their business model, these entertainment companies tried to get the U.S. government to establish unpopular laws like SOPA to protect them from piracy. But really, it is the entertainment companies who have business models which cause pirates to spring up. The best way to end piracy is to make nice with streaming services like Netflix.

    If Blockbuster has so many movies and games why didn't it just lower its prices so that the quantity demanded?
    would go back up and they would be profitable?

    I don't presume to know what their books look like or anything, though.

    I do know, though, that things like movie cube etc. rent them for a dollar a day. I mean, Blockbuster has a ton of good old movies they already rent for a dollar or so. If they would come down on the new releases it would be better.
    Good Guy, I have had generally pretty good service at Blockbuster. Must be the area.

    • ANSWER:
      Price is only one of the factors that led to the demise of Blockbuster.

      Like Kmart didn't pay attention to how Walmart serviced the customer, Blockbuster didn't pay attention to how NetFlix serviced the customer.

      It's a matter of convenience now. For /month you can have your movies delivered to your mailbox; as many as you can watch and return for only /month. The turn around time for Netflix is now about 4 days, so you "could" get 7 movies a month for nine bucks without ever leaving your home if you watch and return them the same day they arrive.

      On line streaming is another area in which NetFlix has won the battle. You can use almost any gaming system now (Xbox or Playstation3) to watch streaming movies if you have wireless Internet access (and who doesn't nowadays). So if you're wanting to see older movies (that filled most of Blockbuster's racks) or if you want to replay TV series, then you can do it instantly through NetFlix, as much as you want all month long for the same . Not a gamer? You can use your laptop as well! How could anyone beat that deal?

      Then there's RedBox. One buck for a movie, .50 for a Blu Ray disk. Then you can return it to any redbox in the world! I've rented and watched a movie one night, drove a couple hundred miles away the next day to an appointment and returned it to the RedBox in that area. How convenient is that? And if I forget? Well another night is just another buck. MUCH cheaper than renting only one night a Blockbuster.

      So the key to their demise is that other venues had the pulse of the market and knew where the service was headed. Blockbuster tried to join the foray too late because by the time Blockbuster woke up RedBox and NetFlix already owned those markets.

      Same way Kmart was asleep at the wheel while the new kid Walmart put them out of business.

    What is Netflix gonna offer with the Price increase ?
    I am not complaining. It is still a great service at a more than fair price. What are they gonna offer in addition to the streaming content they already have. I know they are trying to go nose to nose with hulu and vudo.

    • ANSWER:
      I think that the email said that they are only going to offer more videos on streaming. Here's the email that they sent us. You may have been sent this too.


      We want to let you know about two important changes to the Netflix service.

      1. The price of your current plan is changing from .99 a month to .99 a month. This new price will be effective with your next billing statement on or after January 2, 2011, and will be referenced in your Membership Details. With your current plan you can both instantly watch unlimited TV episodes and movies on your computer or TV and receive unlimited DVDs by mail.

      2. We now also offer a new .99 a month plan which lets you instantly watch unlimited TV episodes and movies on your computer or TV. This plan does not include any DVDs. All the titles you can watch instantly on your current plan are also available on this new plan, and as a reminder, not all titles on DVD are available to watch instantly. This new plan is available immediately – if you'd like to switch to this new plan at any time, simply visit Your Account.

      Why the changes? Our selection of TV episodes and movies available to stream has grown dramatically, and as a result most members want us to deliver unlimited movies and TV episodes two ways: streaming instantly over the internet plus DVDs by mail. The price change will allow us to continue to offer the popular plan choice of unlimited TV episodes and movies streaming instantly along with unlimited DVDs. The new plan, which does not include DVDs, is a great option for the increasing number of members who only want to watch instantly. The .99 a month price reflects no DVD shipping costs on this plan.

      We hope you're enjoying great TV shows and movies from Netflix, and that you'll continue to enjoy Netflix on whichever plan you choose. We realize you have lots of home entertainment options, and we thank you for your business. As always, if you have any questions, please call us at 1-800-715-2146.

      –The Netflix Team

    What site can I turn to to watch movies that don't skip or stop all the time here and there--?
    Drama, adventure and international like who did it.Any help out there. Old movies are good. Thanks PS I don't down load.

    • ANSWER:
      Hello Misslesslie,

      It is actually an issue with the signal strength being sent by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). The signal strength does affect 'streaming', as well as 'download' speeds. The amount of people at different times of the day that are tapping into the signal are known as 'traffic'. the greater the amount of traffic, the slower the pace (much the same as rush hour on the roads). I have up to 50 Mega-bites foe this purpose, and still experience streaming problems at busy times.

      So, increasing your Megs may not help that much depending upon the time of day. You can telephone your ISP while your computer is experiencing these problems, and ask them to check your signal strength. ALL providers have problems maintaining the strength of signal, as the more people that come on line, using their service, will naturally slow things down. Everyone and his uncle has problems with this irritation, and this is why folk are constantly changing from dial-up (the slowest of all) to cable, to Satellite etc. I use fibre optic cable service which is supposed to be the best, but at times it's rubbish! Any supply is only as good as the weakest link (the street boxes are often in need of up-dating, and that costs them money). Further to this the signal often comes through third parties which are not so modern, and this apparently is a problem area. i personally believe that 'home users' get second pickings to business users (we get what is left over of signal strength). When the provider gives the amount of Megs you will notice the small print which says 'up to'. Seldom have I ever gotten the max.

      Try going on-line at less busy times, and see if the problems cease.

      All the best


    is there a system that i can set up on my home tv that allows me to watch ANY movie at anytime?
    Ive seen it done on MTV cribs, but cant seem to find it anywhere...i want to downgrade my cable, but still have the option to watch movies without the hefty fees of paperview or on demand.

    • ANSWER:
      ANY is a strong word.
      There are movie services, but each one has it sown limitations.

      Get a ROKU BOX or a pC and then you can watch Netflix streamed movies + Movie son DVD.
      Apple TV offers movies on itunes
      Vudu (if still in business) offers another box with streaming movies.

    Is the price increase still in effect for Netflix?
    I got an apology letter from Netflix for their abrupt change of service with little explanation. Of course it was for more money. Everything is money. But do the 2 still separate (streaming/DVD's?) Is the price still more or less doubled if you keep both.

    • ANSWER:
      The price increase is 'already' in effect. i'm already being billed for two different subscriptions, download and disk.

      The email i got today states that disk and download will be come 2 different companies. download = netflix. disk = quikster.
      i forsee that their share price will be in the heavy red this afternoon. their stock price has taken a dive within a week to about half it's value.
      this is really a huge change upsetting a lot of people including myself.

      most of what i watch is download, but it took me years to build up my disk list, which will all be lost when the two split completely. if they would merge my disk list titles over to my download list in a forcasting feature, i'd be okay with the switch, but i haven't read any sort of thing like this happening.
      when i get home today, i will be researching other ways to get titles to my house. i hear that walmart is supposed to have a setup like netflix and blockbuster might still be in the online movie business. not sure.

    Where are the career acting jobs other than the "big two"?
    I currently live in Buffalo, which is a 6-8 hr dive to NYC depending on traffic. It is an active theatre town that does the occasional Indy film and is a popular spot, believe it or not, for some main stream/Hollywood studios, including Bruce Almighty and the new Ivan Reitman film Draft Day, which is about the Bills. However these movies use buffalo for 2nd unit and exterior shooting because of lack of sound stage. And unless your SAG, your most likely an extra. So just wondering, besides LA and NYC, where else can I look into living where I can hope to make acting a career? Not another Buffalo, but somewhere I can call acting my full time job. I know it will be a struggle to get that level, but the expense of NYC and LA (LA broke economy) makes it that much more difficult. I have no degree, so the frustrating customer service and retail jobs seem like all I qualify for, and as you know, they have no interest in paying you more than 8.50 per hour. And with that pay they expect you to know that you are not irreplaceable and you have to multitask, doing 3-4 jobs for one jobs pay. Anyway, I'm an extreme idealist, no realist in my blood. I've heard of Atlanta, Chicago and Toronto as other areas to work as an actor. Any truth to that? Do you know any other place? What about another country, like Australia, lol? Thanks for any advice and input.

    • ANSWER:
      Just want to point out that the huge, vast majority of professional actors don't support themselves by acting alone - regardless of where they live. Every acting job you get is temporary so you're always wondering when (and if) you'll get another job. There are always more actors than there are roles. You might work for a a few months or even a year then the job will be over and you're looking for some other way to support yourself. You think retail jobs don't's not like low-buget movies make you a lot of money.

      It sounds like you're thinking you can be "discovered" somehow. That if you just go to enough auditions someone will notice you and you'll get your big break. But you have to understand that professional acting is a business and you have to learn to treat it as such.

      You're going to run into the same challenges wherever you go (Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, Twin Cities, Dallas/Ft. Worth, Nashville, etc) that you have in Buffalo (but maybe have nicer climate). International laws apply to acting so going to another country (Toronto or Australia) means having to do all the necessary paperwork to legally work as an actor in those countries. (It's not as simple as hopping on a plane). Just running away to another city isn't going to solve your problem.

      If you want a professional career in acting you need to learn how to manage that career. It's like starting a company and you are the product you have to sell. You need to have a good product - you need talent, training and experience. You have to know your product (yourself) so you know your acting type and how best to market yourself and your skills. You have to know the business end of things - the industry and how it works. So be reading the trades (Variety, Backstage), websites ( and books about the industry and having a professional career. You need to know people in the industry so networking is extremely important. That's how you'll find out about a lot of opportunties. Acting classes/programs with well-respected instructors are a good way to start to network. Volunteer at film festivals, theaters and whatever and get to know people in the industry where you want to go. And then get known - audition for everything you can.

      Your best bet to support yourself acting is to diversify - be willing to do theater and not just movies or TV. Check for combined regional theater auditions as a possiblity. Look into doing commercials or industrial work. (See and ).

      Then look for a place where you think you have the best opportunties to practice your strengths and where you have the most connections in the industry to build upon. When you get a good reputation in a smaller market, then you can try to move to a larger market if you want. And frankly - figure out a way to support yourself while you work on your career. A good book that you might find helpful is "Self Management for Actors" by Bonnie Gillespie.

      Good luck.

    Why does Netflix get rid of some streams?
    One of my favorite shows was taken off of the Netflix streaming and I want to know why they take some shows off of Netflix streaming.

    • ANSWER:
      Netflix does not 'own' any of it's shows or movies. They have contract agreements to be able to stream some studios product for 1,2,3 years. When the contracts are up and not renewed, Netflix can no longer legally offer those shows.

      Netflix has been so successful over the years that other companies are getting involved in the streaming business. Amazon, Hulu, BlockBuster, Dish, Direct, etc. are all wanting pieces of the pie. They are getting the studios to raise prices for the next contract or paying the studios for 'exclusive' access for their service but this means cutting off access to NetFlix and other services.

      So - competition is good for consumers usually but we are in a time where the providers are trying to tear-down the NetFlix giant for their own businesses.

      Blockbuster in particular prints posters bragging about new DVD releases that they get - but Netflix wont be able to offer it for 30 or 60 days.

    Why do people continue to believe the lie that President Bush only cut taxes for the wealthy?
    President Bush's tax cuts reduced the taxes of all who pay income taxes. This includes the middle class. The lower half of income earners only pay 2.9% of income taxes, but those who do pay got a cut. So let's quit this class baiting demagoguery that says only the rich got a tax cut under Bush.
    Bostonia...The rich got the most in tax cuts because they PAY the most. Pretty obvious, and certainly fair.

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately most people in the USA don’t read, they get their political perspective from pop culture icons, TV, movies and the main stream media.
      People need to educate themselves on our Constitution and basic economics.

      As for taxation is concerned... Taxes on exchanges of goods for services are unconstitutional to begin with, not to mention the fact that taxing the rich only results in the rich passing those costs on to the commoner. Also there’s nothing in the Constitution allowing for government to gather and distribute monies as they see fit. The document itself was written after an armed rebellion against taxes and lack of representation...people tend to forget about that a lot lately.

      While I’m no fan of the idol rich most people who would fall into the category of “rich” are business owners who invest in our economy and employ millions of people.
      Wealthy people also purchase expensive “luxury” goods and services thus again contributing to our economy and employing people.

      “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy. You don't make the poor richer by making the rich poorer; it is the people who control the Government, not the Government the people. Some regard private enterprise as if it were a predatory tiger to be shot. Others look upon it as a cow that they can milk. Only a handful see it for what it really is - the strong horse that pulls the whole cart. The inherent vice of capitalism is the unequal sharing of blessings; the inherent vice of socialism is the equal sharing of miseries.”

    Question about the Netflix prices going up?
    I only stream movies. I don't rent them. So, do i have to pay 15 dollars even though I don't rent movies?

    • ANSWER:
      No, Unlimited Streaming only will be .99 + tax per month.

      Note that Netflix has not announced improving their selection on streaming content. Not really worth it by itself IMO.

      The plan splitting and price increase only hurts people that used both the mail service and streamed. The cheaper your plan, the greater the rate hike is in terms or percentage.

      Don't forget that is also the second rate increase this year. Netflix won't stay in business at this rate.

    Is the internet boring or is it just me?
    I used to watch movies on youtube and now they are boring.
    I used to use social networks now they are boring.
    I used to like blogs(video/audio and text) now they are boring.
    The only things I like about the internet now is streaming music flash games and checking my e-mail.
    Is it just me or is the internet boring?

    • ANSWER:
      Neither. You have explained how the much-hyped sites are no longer finding favour. The internet provides access to a lot of useful material along with twice as much which can variously be described as junk or fun or advertising or out to rob you. In the "useful" category I'd put legitimate online stores, online magazines/newspapers and more serious (business related) sites, along with many concerning hobbies and factual data. You can find things which would otherwise need a set of encyclopedia to describe aspects of art, history, science, culture and entertainment.

      I acknowledge YouTube is very successful, but it's not a site I visit, along with Bebo, Facebook, Myspace, or Friends Reunited, etc.

      I don't use Google as my primary search tool (only to check on whether my clients' web sites are showing up), and don't play online games. I _do_ use various web sites concerned with science, architecture, music, and listen to various radio stations as well as checking user reviews of gadgets (even if I don't have the cash this month to buy all the neat things I see).

      I think the "boredom" factor is partly an age thing because these days people seem to feel the need to stay "in" with their peers and many seem to do the same things (hence the popularity of Myspace / Facebook / etc) whereas some older people will spend more of their online time on sites which have specific appeal and might be linked to their hobbies etc.

      Sorry, rambling perhaps, but the point is that while some find the quirky video clips on YouTube 'great fun', others will consider them something of a time waste (and you have perhaps moved into that group). They're not the "be all, and end all" of life, just a snapshot of life, and of limited significance in the greater scheme of things. As someone else said, it may be worth taking some time out with a good book... it is easy to find things a little boring if one always visits the same sites and sees the same 'funny' clips or whatever.

      After 30 years in IT I am actually far from bored as I've seen the growth of computing and the internet, of course. With technology constantly changing, and my work (doing websites, databases and programming) I try to keep on the pulse and therefore spend up to 18 hours a day on the web, viewing news articles and trying new products and services out.

      I also want to thank the contributor for the list of links... I've been involved with websites for over 10 years and that CSS link looks to be one which will need some time to digest - I've "put off" using CSS for some time, but that looks to be one of the more user-friendly "how-to" pages of the lot!!

    how does watching videos from your pc to your ps3 work does it use up wifi?
    if not how does it use it and can my isp or sony see the videos im watching.

    • ANSWER:
      It uses a network connection to send it through your router, to your ps3. Everything plugged in to your router is connected together, and capable of communicating. This allows you to send files to other devices, play games on two different computers, or ps3's (which not many games support) and in this case stream movies. In a business/school this can be used in the same way to connect an entire system together. All without being connected to the internet. If you have things connecting to the router wirelessly, then yes it uses wifi. But this isn't a service your ISP provides, they provide the connection to the internet.. At the most they gave the router, since its become an expected thing now. Wifi isn't in any way connected to your isp though. Wifi is just a way to achieve a local area connection, and is more convenient than using cables all over the place. You could unplug the router from the internet, and the streaming would continue to work.

    Clear Wireless and Hulu/Netflix to replace a cable connection?
    Is Clear Wireless (with Hulu and Netflix) a viable alternative to Comcast or at some point does the bandwidth just run out.

    What is the average bandwidth required to stream a movie to a HD TV.
    In my house it is possible for 2 televisions and 3 computers to all be placing demands on on our current Comcast system. It doesn't have a problem meeting my demands. Would Clear be able to meet that?. Or would that require two Clear Wireless connection. Even with two it is still less expensive than my current set up.
    Are there any options for watching sports through the internet. Full games.

    I want to see if anyone has attempted this and what they thought of the outcome.

    • ANSWER:

      By nature, interference in wireless systems causes problems with smooth, consistent speeds. A direct cable connection is much better than satellite or cellular mobile broadband. DOCSIS 3.0 cable or fiber-optic Internet would be my first choice if it's available in your area, next choice would be DSL and finally satellite or cellular.

      Comcast uses DOCSIS 3.0 cable technology to provide fast and reliable broadband Internet service.

      While on the surface this sounds great, you will run into problems with your usage.

      Streaming video such as Netflix consumes a lot of bandwidth. Streaming HD video can consume up to 1 GB per hour

      Most cellular mobile broadband providers charge hefty overage fees when you exceed their low monthly limits.

      Even Cricket which advertises unlimited broadband will throttle your Internet speed to a crawl if you exceed 5 GB of bandwidth in a month. Read their Fair Usage Policy.

      Cellular mobile broadband is not intended to replace broadband DSL and Cable Internet services which usually have fair usage limits of 150 GB per month or more. Mobile broadband is for travelers and business people to get on the Internet when they're away from home, it was not intended for heavy download usage.

      Good Luck...

    Why do school computers have such good internet?
    And why does everyone say it's bad, because it's actually really good.

    • ANSWER:
      It would depend on the location of the school and the speed of the Internet service there.

      Internet speeds vary greatly by geographical area. The speeds are slower and the prices are higher in remote areas because there is less competition to lower prices and there are fewer subscribers to share the costs of the equipment and service.

      Many schools and businesses use a proxy server for Internet access or have their routing equipment configured for restricted access. This is why some people may refer to the service as "bad" because it won't allow them to go to certain sites or stream video like the can do on their home Internet service.

      This allows them to limit access to the Internet entirely or filter certain sites and types of content that they don't want students, employees or visitors to access. The purpose is to limit high bandwidth use such as streaming video and audio, torrent sites, etc. and to prevent access to porn sites and other undesired locations.

      When a ISP plan is purchased it has a limited speed, This Internet connection bandwidth is shared by the entire LAN via the wireless router.

      For example If they have a 10 Mbps Internet plan and one user is utilizing 5 Mbps of the bandwidth to stream a HD Netflix movie that only leaves 5 Mbps for all of the rest of the users on the LAN. If there are many users the system would slow to a crawl if everyone was allowed to access high bandwidth applications.

      Your school either has a very fast Internet service or a good network tech that manages the network well or a combination of the two.

      Super high speed Internet service is available in some areas. You can even get 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) Google Fiber if you happen to live in the Kansas city area.

      Good Luck...

    Can you watch new releases on netflix with a free trial?
    Just wondering because I'm using netflix with a free trial, on my ps3 and the selection seems a little small, plus most of the movies that came out a week ago aren't on there yet. just wondering if I need to wait until I can pay or what.

    • ANSWER:
      Blue Dese is correct. Netflix doesn't hold titles back. It's the entertainment companies that refuse to license new releases to streaming, because they would make less money if they did. It's all about greed. Because they refuse to let streaming services have blanket licensing agreements, they now have a large piracy issue.

      When you think about it, it seems illogical that Netflix has new releases on DVD, but not on streaming. But in reality, what the entertainment companies are trying to do is create scarcity, which is an economic term that means that their profits are driven up if everyone can't get ahold of their product. By only licensing X number of DVDs to Netflix, consumers have to wait, often a fairly long time, before they get the DVD mailed to them because others are ahead of them in the queue.

      If you're desperate enough to see the new release, entertainment companies are hoping you'll buy the DVD yourself. And often people do just for that reason. But piracy and the difficult economy just might force them to change their business model.

    Are there any sites where you can chat with people near you?
    The question says it all.

    I'm looking for sites where you can with people who are somewhat near you. Whether it be the same state, town, etc.

    Sort of like the 'Whats Good' app on the ipod touch.

    • ANSWER:
      Groups Near You helps people in your neighbourhood get to know each other.
      Find email lists, forums and community blogs where you live.
      Help people find a group you know about by adding it to Groups Near You in 4 simple steps.
      Get people talking about local issues that are important to them.
      Speak about local news, views, issues, events, questions etc. To get started:
      Sign Up and select your Region.
      Choose Neighbourhoods you want to track.
      Start speaking about local news, views, events, questions etc.
      Noticings are interesting things that you stumble across when out and about.
      For example: perplexing pavement markings, a discarded photo, and a ceramic space invader are all noticings.
      Players are awarded points for things like spotting the first thing in a neighbourhood, or noticing something every day for a week.
      My Neighbourhoods is the place to get to know your neighbours and find out more about your local area. Improve your local community by joining ours.
      Hoody shows you local feeds from people, news, businesses and more.
      On Hoody, you become the center of your neighborhood and everything around you is shown to you as it happens! Simply put, Hoody is a way for you to keep up to date with your immediate surroundings.
      Foursquare on your phone gives you & your friends new ways to explore where you live. Earn points & badges by doing new things.
      Location-based social networking: Discover who visits your favorite places. Join the community in real time.
      Track your friends: See where your friends are and what they’re up to, in real time.
      Meet people around you: Meet real world friends. Reveal your location, befriend, and chat with people around you. is a place for people to post location-based messages on a map. You can post to mingle, rant or rave about anything. You can post to find someone to have a drink, play golf or watch movies with. You can post to recycle or sell your old stuff or find a job.
      fatdoor is a fun and easy way to connect and communicate with your real neighbors online.
      On fatdoor you can create or join neighborhood community groups to share information, events and recommendations!
      Shout’Em is platform on which you can easily start co-branded microbloging social networking service. Something simple as Twitter or with more features like Pownce. It is up to you :)
      Shizzow is a location-based social web service that we built with the goal of helping you build quality relationships through face-to-face interaction. Shizzow provides the technology for you to notify your friends of your location, with as little effort as possible, so you can spend more time hanging out with your peeps and less time trying to coordinate bringing them together through phone, email, SMS and IM.
      lissn connects friends, locals & the world through live, real time conversations.
      At Groops you connect with likeminded people in local interest groups. The goal is to meet for shared activities.
      Social network with advanced social capabilities and true real-time data streaming in both a public and a private network all in one platform.
      Footfeed is a new mobile geo location check-in aggregator network that brings together many web services so users can checkin to many networks simultaneously.
      CribSocial is a platform that allows people with similar interests to connect and socialize offline through activities in their community. It’s simple and yet powerful tool to meet new people and make new friends.
      face2face is the discreet way to let your friends know when you’re nearby.
      Experience the fun of meeting someone – and the fun of not meeting somebody else.
      Locate your friends from social networks in map:
      Share photos and videos of your events
      Find reviews about interesting places
      See where your friends are
      Discover what’s happening in your neighborhood!

    Is anyone here actually financially free?
    I clearly understand through investments or creating your own business may take you to the road of financial freedom.

    But I'm more curious as to who of you are actually on the road of financial freedom to this very day? If so, how did you make and it what type of advice would you give to young adults trying to reach that same road?

    (I'm expecting no getting rich quick scams or marrying wealthy partner answers too lol)

    I want to hear from the people who has made it through hard work and dedication!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing your experiences in advanced 😉

    • ANSWER:
      A good lesson to start with is that money is for earning and investing not spending. It can buy security or it can buy things that bring immediate satisfaction. Another lesson that is much more valuable the sooner you learn it, except, and practice it is the power of compound interest earned on your money. Everyone could be financially secure in their later years if they practice these 2 lessons. No matter how skilled or educated you are you can be rich. We all spend our fortunes away buying stuff we don't need along the way. If the average person had not spent and saved and or invested the money they put out on cigarettes, booze, magazines, candy bars, sodas, eating out, movies etc. they would be rich. Those that bought ,000 cars instead of the ,000 cars along the way really diminished their monetary value later in life.

      Working 2 jobs for awhile will really help you get started with money for investing. Buy real estate. Start your own business even if it's a part time small operation. Strive for a second home for income purposes. This will be an additional source of income and one that makes inflation work for you not against you. It's not necessarily the appreciation you are looking for in a secondary home but rent which will continue to go up over the years.

      Have multiple streams of income. Most highly successful people do. I have my home and 2 other houses I rent out, I own and operate a small business. I started mowing yards on the weekend and when I get enough to hire others to do it I start looking for yards to mow in another area of town. I now have 3 routes. I do not make a lot but it is respectable and all extra. I also have a lady that has a house cleaning service which I get referrals for and make commissions on. I learned how to play the piano by taking lessons for a year and studying different lesson plans out of the public library. I now teach beginning piano to 2 students which takes up only a few hours a week. I have invested in inuities and with that plus my primary home with lots of equity, my 2 other homes that I collect rent on, my 2 side businesses plus my primary business I run which at retirement I will sell I am financially secure. I could invest in myself because I didn't squander the money that I did make along the way on unnecessary items of desire.

      By the way, I graduated high school as an average student. I did not have any financial help or skills or college. I was an average joe that knew he was going to have to work hard in life to make it.

    I'm going to buy tablet or ipad with wifi, which internet is cheapest in LA?
    We don't want to intall any device at my mom's place for the internet, since she doesn't know any thing about internet, if any problem, she doesn't know how to handle or reset. I am thinking if any service she can use at her place without any cable, she can use skype with me. She doesn't use it too much, maybe half hour per day only. Which service is cheapest for ipad or tablet wifi? Thank u so much.

    • ANSWER:
      What I use is a wireless mobile hotspot app on my smartphone.

      I just turn it on on the phone and can connect up to 8 wireless devices.

      You have to pay for a mobile data plan from your cellular provider.

      Be forewarned that most have low monthly data limits and buying more is expensive, so you wouldn't want to use it to stream a lot of Netflix movies or try and replace your home DSL or cable Internet service.

      I have a 6 GB shared family data plan and find that more than adequate, you'll have to monitor your mobile usage for a few months and upgrade or downgrade your data plan to match your usage.

      If you don't have a smartphone with wireless mobile hotspot capabilities you can get a separate portable mobile hotspot device such as the MiFi from your cellular provider. This will cost a little more because the device needs it's own account and number.

      Cellular mobile broadband is not intended to replace broadband DSL and Cable Internet services which usually have fair usage limits of 150 GB per month or more. Mobile broadband is designed for travelers and business people to get on the Internet when they're away from home, it was not intended for heavy download usage unless you have a big budget.

      Mobile Broadband plans are great for business or frequent travelers, but I wouldn't recommend it for home use. It is usually slower and more expensive than DSL or cable and comes with restrictive monthly bandwidth limits. For home use I'd stick with DSL or cable Internet.

      I personally use both. I use mobile broadband from Verizon using a wireless mobile hotspot app on my smartphone when I'm away from my high speed Cox cable Internet at home. If you run a business or need Internet access anywhere, this is a good option.The mobile Internet is convenient, but sucks compared to a high speed cable or DSL Internet service.

      Your best bet for a fixed location is to get a low cost DSL or cable Internet plan.

      DSL is usually the cheapest and also the slowest but still adequate for many users. Many DSL plans come with a gateway that is a combination DSL modem and wireless router in one enclosure.

      Many cable Internet systems use a separate cable modem and wireless router.

      A wireless router enables you to provide wireless (WiFi) Internet access to all of your WiFi enabled devices such as laptops, game consoles, cell phones and tablets, Streaming devices such as Roku boxes and Internet enabled TV and sound devices, etc.

      In most home network applications the router connects your local group of computers and devices known as the LAN with the Internet, commonly called the WAN or Wide Area Network.

      A lot will depend on what Internet providers are available in your specific area and what levels of service they offer in that location.

      To compare your local competitors, go to a ISP comparison site that lets you input your address, and compare the pricing and terms of the offers that are available in your area.

      The physical address is needed because some services, particularly DSL, are very distance sensitive. For example you might be able to get a specific level of service while your next door neighbor can't.

      You'll want to pick the fastest plan that fits your budget. In some areas this can be 300 Mbps+. But these high end broadband plans are expensive. You may find that something in the 3 to 30 Mbps range might satisfy your needs at a much lower cost.

      Good Luck...

    Is it possible that my ISP has blocked my sites?
    A couple of months ago I received an letter informing me that i'm using a lot of bandwidth and if I don't stop they will make me pay more for my internet usage.
    Now I do stream a lot of movies from the website, but it doesn't seem to work anymore and my friends are fine getting onto it. Is it possible that my ISP blocked it because it's shows up that i'm using a lot of bandwidth?

    • ANSWER:
      You'll have to check their ToU and EULA, I've never actually heard of an ISP blocking sites from someone. There's no law saying that they can't, but I don't see why they would want to. It wouldn't really be good for business. You can try connecting to the site through a proxy to see if that works, and if it does I'd give customer service a call. If they say they're blocking you from sites I'd find a new ISP.

    Who, besides customer service can you talk to at netflix?
    I had an account, didn't really care for their service. I canceled. My son almost a year later wanted an account. He set it up, wanted to try the free trial but needed my debit card. I put the information in and because I had an account with the card before, it would not give him the free trial, so I did not go through with it. I just paid the money and reopened my account. He got bored after two weeks of the same streaming movies (as I did). So I canceled before the month was up. They charged my account. I did not have any money in my account, so I was hit with a fee. I was upset, I was going to call to complain because my bank would not reverse the charge. Then I get another email stating that there was a problem with my payment. Bam, another fee because they tried to charge it again. Logged in right away to cancel, yet another time. Sure enough, my account was still open. I canceled again and it stated there was a problem closing my account and could not do so??? I called customer service. Come to find out, when my son tried to open the account and I hit cancel, they actually OPENED and account without my authorization. Keep in mind, why in the HECK would I want two accounts open (my son lives with me). Guess what happened, hit my account again, more dollars charged by my bank. That is a total of 1 dollars, not counting the money I actually paid Netflix, to watch movies for one month!!!! Customer service said they could only refund my .95. Are you kidding me!!!! Please help. As far as I am concerned, this is fraud, causing damage to my credit and reputation at my bank (NEVER had anything bounce or anything), stressing me out, and COSTING ME 1!!!!!!
    Raina, having trouble following your answer. I did not receive the free trial. I paid for the first month. NOTHING free. I had netflix before and used my free trial a year ago. I reactivated my account. My first month payment was charged from DAY ONE. I paid .95 for the first month, up front. Then canceled before the second month. They charged me for a second month that I canceled well before it took affect. They acknowledge that and are willing to give me that back. However; their mistake cost me 1 in fees they are unwilling to compensate me for. Not to mention they charged me for a second account that I did not authorize.

    • ANSWER:
      Your main problem is: Netflix charged your card for a 2nd month AFTER you had canceled, resulting in NSF charges to your bank account, which Netflix now refuses to pay. --YES, you have a valid complaint.

      1.Compile all the information you have on the incident and write down a complete explanation. If you have proof, great; But do the best you can.
      2.Contact the bank or credit card to dispute the charges.
      3.Report the incident to police. Get and keep a copy of the report.
      4.Report everything to relevant government and civilian agencies:

      You can also report to:
      Business scams:
      Financial scams:
      Internet scams:

      Good luck!

    was blockbuster surprised when netflix took away their market share?
    what i don't understand is how could blockbuster have not forseen this coming and attacked the internet market first to get the marketshare?

    • ANSWER:
      Actually, Blockbuster launched a very similar mailing service once Netflix launched.

      Here is the problem. Netflix allows you to stream movies unlimitedly from the Net. That is a plus.

      Also, B-buster agressivley opened many in-store kiosks that simply do not get the traffic they once did.

      Another hit to B-buster is Coinstar, Inc.'s Redbox. I am sure you have seen these self-serve kiosks at pharmacies or grocery stores.

      Lastly, once Gamefly intorduced the game rental service, Blockbuster was creamed. Unless they drum up a new business and positoning model, I foresee an acquisition or Bankruptcy.

      In my opinion, Blockbuster relied too long on people wanting to come in and rent movies. Now, people want bargains and convenience. Unfortunately, the brand loyalty that many of us had with the company is simply obsolete.

    Can you suggest any good websites Egyptians like to go to? ?
    Assalaam alaikum!

    I'm looking for some good websites that Egyptians like to go and talk about whatever is relevant and going on with them. Whatever places online any of you like to go to maybe, or just popular or not so popular places Egyptians like to congregate online.

    Do you know of any good blogs about life in Egypt? Or websites that talk about things hot and relevant to Egyptians?

    Any sites you can give me will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, and take care!

    • ANSWER:
      Very easy! Here are the top 50 website Egyptians like to go to arranged in order:


      2. Yahoo!

      3. Facebook
      A social utility that connects people, to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and videos.

      4. Windows Live (
      Search engine

      5. YouTube:
      YouTube is a way to get your videos to the people who matter to you. Upload, tag and share your videos worldwide!

      6. RapidShare:
      Users can upload up to 100 meg files for sharing. Provides downloads of 100 megs per hour on the free service. Premium service also available.

      7. Google:
      Enables users to search the Web, Usenet, and
      Site info for

      8. Microsoft Network (MSN):

      9. Inc.
      Largest Arab Online Community with the most famous email service as well as bilingual Arabic and English online community services.


      11. PerfSpot:
      Social and business networking.


      13. يللاكوره:
      موقع رياضى يغطي الشرق الأوسط رياضيا

      14. masrawy.comموقع مصراوى دوت كوم
      محتوى متنوع من الأخبار و الخدمات، من بريد و ترجمة و استضافة و ألعاب، و منتديات متنوعة.

      15. 4shared:
      A simple and easy-to-use service offering free online files storage and sharing accessible worldwide.

      16. برامج نت - أكبر موقع عربي للبرامج

      17. فى الجول:
      أخبار كرة القدم المصريةو العربية والعالمية

      18. Microsoft Corporation
      Main site for product information, support, and news.

      19. ماي ايجي
      حمل اجمل و احدث الافلام العربية و الاجنبية احلي الالعاب و البرامج و الاغاني و المزيد من الخدمات

      Free, automated weblog publishing tool that sends updates to a site via FTP.

      21. كووورة
      الموقع العربي الأول لكرة القدم يضم بطولات عربية عالمية مع متابعة و تحليل لكافة احداث كرة القدم

      22. اصحاب كول
      NewFilms_Stranges_FunPictuers_programes_islam_Jokes_news_mp3_movies_clips_islamic_and more

      23. الأهرام اليومى
      صحيفة يومية مصرية تصدر عن مؤسسة الأهرام



      26. 6rbtop
      RealAudio files of popular Arab songs , plus a streaming broadcast.

      27. The Saatchi Gallery
      Presenting work by largely unseen young artists or by established international artists whose work has been rarely exhibited in the UK. London.

      28. The largest Arabic musical community is an online Music community



      31. الجمهورية أونلاين
      إصدار إنترنت من صحيفة الجمهورية

      32. المصري اليوم
      إصدار إنترنت من الصحيفة اليومية المستقلة

      33. Hi5
      One of the world's largest social networks

      34. Jeeran
      Online community for free hosting, blogging, file storage, and instant messaging.

      35. Nogomi
      Largest Arabic Multimedia Site, With All New Album & Video Clip.

      36. MediaFire
      MediaFire is the simplest way for businesses, professionals, and individuals to host files and share them with others.

      37. Wikipedia
      An online collaborative encyclopedia.

      38. شبكة مزيكا اليوم
      اغانى افلام عربى افلام اجنبى افلام هندى العاب كمبيوتر العاب فلام برامج كمبيوتر تحميل مجانى ومباشر

      39. برامج
      موقع عربي للبرامج والدروس واخبار التقنية يقدم الكثير من البرامج في جميع المجالات وباخر التحديثات لها ولحماية اقوى للكمبيوتر

      40. Tagged is one of the top social networking sites in the world.

      41. موقع طرب
      موقع طرب , اغانى طرب

      42. EL-AHLY.COM
      النادى الأهلى المصرى

      43. اهلى ايجبت
      الموقع الرسمي لنادي الاهلي المصري لكرة القدم




      47. Metacafe
      Promises to serve the world's best videos. Offers incentives for user generated content.

      News, results, fixtures, cups, history, staff, video, contacts, radio, Live Chat and a forum.

      49. موقع أخبارك للأخبار المصرية
      الموقع يضم أخبار مصرية من جميع المصادر الموثوقة, ويوجد به منتدي لمناقشة الأخبار واخر الاحداث.


      51. Clicksor
      An advertising network offers content targeted advertising service on CPC/PPC basis.

    what do you think of netflix splitting into two companies?
    netflix and quickster. it's simpler the way it is.

    • ANSWER:
      They want to focus on streaming exclusively because they believe that's the future of their business. Actually, I think a lot of people already thought that Netflix was a streaming only company. Just look how many questions on Y!A asked things like, "How come Netflix doesn't have many new good movies?" It's only the streaming selection that is poor. The disc selection has almost every movie available.

      By splitting off the discs by mail system into a different company with a completely different name, they are basically cutting off an unwanted limb and letting it die off without (hopefully) affecting their new core business. If they still had any interest in maintaining the discs by mail system, they would have given it a name similar to Netflix, something like Mailflix. With the name Qwikster(which is an intentionally terrible name) they can easily sell the new company when discs by mail are no longer profitable enough for them and streaming takes over. It seems too quick and aggressive of a strategy to me, but if they can begin dramatically improving their streaming system when this change over occurs, this strategy just might work. Personally though, I've cancelled my streaming service for now and will just be a Qwikster user until I hear that the streaming quality and selection has improved anywhere near to that of their disc library.

    what do think about Netflix raising their prices?
    We have had them for many many years with no rewards, or any kind of long time customer deals.
    Now the price is going up 60%.
    I hate these companies that have no customer service. No one to speak your mind to.
    What do you think? and don't tell me" it's just business...I know that!

    • ANSWER:
      Don't forget this is the second time Netflix raises its prices in a short time period. I voiced my opinion by cancelling by membership. Why on earth would I pay more money to watch crappy streaming movies. We have options, try Blockbuster online or Redbox.

    How do they determine what movies go on netflix?
    Just wondering

    • ANSWER:
      It's all about the licensing agreements that companies like Netflix can make with entertainment moguls. Netflix DVDs are available about a month after DVDs are available via other channels. For the streaming service, it is a bit more difficult because Hollywood doesn't really like streaming services. They can make a lot more money if we pay for cable TV channels and purchase DVDs & such. Streaming providers like Netflix and Hulu are working hard to make blanket license agreements with entertainment companies, but unless there is more public outcry about their current business model, then you'll see silly bills like SOPA come along.

      The good news is that more and more people are educating themselves about Hollywood's model to try and squeeze every dollar out of the public. Online piracy and illegal movie sites will stop flourishing once Hollywood plays nice with Netflix.

    what impact would cloud computing have a big impact on society?
    i would just want to know about the implications shifting to this new technology would have on society as whole

    • ANSWER:
      it is another cyclical change in computing / info storage.

      back in the 1970s, everyone had "dumb terminals" and was hooked to a mainframe where data and processing was done.
      In the 80s-90s, we moved to a decentralized model, where we saw great potential for creativity and individuality by having powerful processors and storage at each of our fingertips.
      Now, shifting back to the cloud, we already use server-side web technologies to look at inventories, check data from remote equipment, and conduct commerce. Instead of a single mainframe, we are using lots of smaller computing hosts.
      By moving our data to the cloud, it swings us back to the old model - everything is on the "mainframe".. or in the "cloud" , and we just access the processing or data we need .

      There are good and bad points to this..
      Privacy.. obviously, one break-in at a large data warehouse exposes a lot more than a single home computer virus. BUT - how many people really know enough about securing the home computer anyway? Is their data actually safer on a server managed by someone else?

      Ubiquity - now, using a cell phone / tablet / laptop / desktop.. or whatever we come up with next.. we can conceivably do everything that today's high-end desktops do. We already do some.. email, chat, gaming,document publishing, movie streaming, .. we can save money by not having to upgrade our equipment every couple of years.. but we shift the market to the eventual few successful cloud services providers. We will need to have access from many more places.. and more bandwidth than an old telephone modem can supply.

      Economically - there will be fewer "chokepoints of competition". Right now, we see only a few real contenders to deliver any real internet services to us. As our need to consume scales up, who will be the real providers, and how much will they charge once they get control of the market?
      Same for software & hardware.. if we don't need cutting edge phones or desktops, then the Dell / Apple / IBM / Nvidia manufacturers will wither away while cloud providers like EMC, Amazon, Google and Microsoft wrestle for our software (SaaS - software as a service) and data storage business.

      Personally - no more lost phone books, photos, or homework-- it is all backed up on the cloud.
      Also, no excuses for lost homework, late taxes, or " I didn't see that email".. it's all in the cloud.

      In developing nations - now being targeted by the 0 laptop foundations.. this is great. Any old laptop or machine can access all the computing power and data storage ever needed. No viruses on our local machines, since we don't actually need to store any data there.

      power savings - probably in the long run. If we all shut off our computers / laptops instead of running updates and virus scans all night.. we can save a few barrels of oil.

      Waste - we're just seeing the peak of demand in the US for consumer electronics. We are throwing away just about the same tonnage of electronics as we buy. already most states have started to segregate this waste as 'hazardous' - or require some level of recycling. If we don't need all that hardware in our homes anymore, we would see a short increase in waste, and a decrease over time as we buy smaller devices less frequently.

      I could probably go on.. I think you get my feelings by now.

    How many movie theaters are in the united states?
    I was wondering this, and i could not find really any reliable answers but i saw there was about 18,000 movie theaters in the us. Btw what movie came out in the most movie theaters ever?
    For the guy below me, I only got barely 2,000 movie theaters. I think the dark knight was in the most movie theaters ever, at about 4,000 theaters, but i found a website say 18,000 which is possible.

    • ANSWER:
      You are correct about The Dark Knight being the widest release. That is partly due to more theaters being open today than 10 years ago. 18,000 is still a high figure. If The Dark Knight was in 4366 theaters at one time then it would make sense that the total number of theaters in the US would not be 18,000. That would mean less than 25% of theaters carried that film and you know that is false.

      AMC Theatres
      Loews Theaters - Acquired in 2006.
      B&B Theatres - Family owned and operated chain in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. Bow Tie Cinemas - 128 Screens in 16 locations in Connecticut, New York, Maryland and Colorado. Opening Richmond, VA theater in early 2009.
      Caribbean Cinemas - The largest movie chain located in the US insular territory of Puerto Rico.
      Carmike Cinemas - 262 theaters, 2,341 screens as of August 8, 2008 - North America's fourth-largest movie theater company.
      Celebration! Cinema - Grand Rapids, Michigan 135 screens as of March 30, 2007. Owns Studio 28, North America's first 20 screen megaplex.
      Center Cinemas Inc. - 3 theaters, 15 screens as of September 24, 2007. - Family owned and operated chain in Oklahoma and Arkansas.
      Cinemark Theatres - 289 theaters, 3,687 screens as of August 8, 2008 - North America's third-largest movie theater company.
      Cinemark Theatres
      Century Theatres - Acquired in 2006.
      CinemaStar Luxury Theaters South California and Northwestern Mexico, Oceanside, CA based.
      Cinemagic Theatres - 8 theaters in Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin.
      Cinemagic Stadium Theaters - 5 Stadium theaters throughout Saco and Westbrook, Maine; Hooksett, New Hampshire; and Merrimack and Salisbury, Mass.
      Cinemawest Theaters - 13 Theaters in Northern California, Most with Digital Projection. Classic Cinemas - 12 theaters with 88 screens in Illinois.
      Clearview Cinemas - 54 movie theatres with 266 screens in the New York metropolitan area. Clearview Cinemas operates theatres in New Jersey, Manhattan, Westchester, Rockland County, Long Island and Pennsylvania.
      Cobb Theatres - Birmingham, Alabama-based chain that re-entered the theater business in 2000. Has 11 locations with 166 screens as of September 2007. Currently operating in Alabama and Florida, one new location is under construction with 16 additional screens in Georgia.
      Coming Attractions - As of July 2005, 13 locations in California, Oregon, and Washington state.
      Dickinson Theatres - Overland Park, Kansas based chain. 337 screens spread over 36 locations in 10 central and lower midwest states, including Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and others.
      Douglas Theatre Company - 1 screen in Omaha, Nebraska. It was the 38th largest movie theater chain in the North America before they sold out to Marcus Theatres in 2008.
      Drexel Theatres Group — 2 theatres: 1 active theatre in Bexley, OH and Drexel Grandview, which closed recently. According to an article in The Other Paper, the company's owner wants to reopen this location.
      Edwards Cinemas
      Entertainment Cinemas - 9 locations in New England: 5 in Massachusetts, 2 in New Hampshire, and 1 each in Rhode Island and Connecticut
      Elvis Cinemas - 2 Locations, 14 Screens - Discount chain in Denver, Colorado area.
      Emagine Theatres - 3 Locations, 45 Screens - First chain to deploy digital projection on all screens, first theater to have mobile bar-coded tickets through Mobile Box Office.
      Fairchild Cinemas - A movie chain based in Moses Lake, Washington. Currently, there is one 10-screen theater in Moses Lake, as well as a 12-screen theater built in Pasco, Washington and opened in April of 2007. The chain features self-service concessions.
      Film Streams - A nonprofit arts organization opening a two-screen cinema in downtown Omaha in summer 2007. Devoted to the presentation and discussion of film as an art form.
      FunAsiA Theaters - Operates the largest Bollywood Theater Chain ( in USA and is part of Pyramid Saimira Group (
      Galaxy Theaters - Currently 9 theaters with 84 screens in California, Nevada, Texas and Washington. Completely converted to digital projection (DLP)
      Goodrich Quality Theaters - 31 theaters with 268 screens in the Midwest.
      Harkins Theatres - Arizona's largest movie theater chain with over 14 theaters and expansion into Oklahoma, California, Colorado and Texas.
      Hollywood Theaters - 55 theaters, 536 screens as of August 8, 2008 North America's ninth-largest movie theater company. Formerly known as Wallace Theaters.
      Keim Theatres - 2 theaters with 4 screens locally owned in Jamestown, North Dakota.
      Kerasotes Theatres - 100 theaters, 941 screens as of August 8, 2008 - North America's seventh-largest movie theater company. - Located in Midwestern and upper Midwestern regions of the United States, including Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Missouri and Minnesota.
      Krikorian Premier Theaters in the Greater Los Angeles Area
      Landmark Theatres - 58 theaters, 209 screens.
      Malco Theatres - 32 theaters, 326 screens based in Memphis, TN, with locations in Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri and Kentucky. Founded in 1915. Also operates a four screen drive-in in Memphis.
      Mann Theatres - 20 theaters, 122 screens in Southern California.
      Marcus Theatres - 57 theaters, 766 screens as of August 8, 2008. Located in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Iowa, and Ohio. - It is North America's eighth-largest movie theater company.
      Marquee Cinemas - A fairly small movie theater chain, operated out of Beckley, West Virginia.
      Maya Cinemas - Currently 1 theatre operating in Salinas, CA.
      Megaplex Theaters - 5 theaters, 70 screens along Wasatch Front in Utah, owned by local entrepreneur Lary H. Miller.
      MJR Theatres - An eight multiplex theater chain in the Detroit Metropolitan Area.
      Muvico Theaters - United States chain based in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.
      NAOS Entertainment - Start-up Alabama chain with 1 theater, 8 screens as of September 10, 2007. - Three additional multiplexes under development. Based in Greenville, Alabama.
      National Amusements - 83 theaters, 1,047 screens as of August 8, 2008. - North America's sixth-largest movie theater company.
      Cinema De Lux
      The Bridge: Cinema De Lux
      Multiplex Cinemas
      Showcase Cinemas
      Orson Welles Cinema
      Pacific Theatres - 166 screens in 13 theaters surrounding parts of Los Angeles, California.
      ArcLight Hollywood - a 14 screen multiplex that opened in 2002.
      ArcLight Sherman Oaks - formerly Galleria Stadium 16, was transformed to an ArcLight Cinema that opened in 2007.
      Phoenix Theatres - Based in Knoxville, Tennessee, is a six year old theater operating company formed by Phil Zacheretti, former executive with Regal Cinemas, Inc. They have 11 theaters nation-wide.
      Premiere Cinemas - Based in Texas where most of its theaters reside. Also located in Gadsden, Alabama, and Orlando, Florida. Locations under construction in Birmingham and Mobile, Alabama.
      Rave Motion Pictures - 28 theaters with 445 screens as of August 8, 2008 - North America's tenth-largest movie theater company. Based in Dallas, Texas, Rave operates theaters in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas.
      Reading Cinemas - 286 screens in 44 theatres in Australia, New Zealand, and United States. They are associated with Reading International INC.
      Recently purchased 15 theatres from Pacific Theatres Exhibition Corp and were apart of Reading Entertainment February 2008.
      Consolidated Theatres - Acquired through the February 2008 purchase of Pacific Theatres, operates in Hawaii with 98 screens in 9 theatres
      Angelika Film Center - Features independent films in theatres across New York and Texas.
      Reel Theatres - Chain of theaters with locations in Idaho, Oregon, and Utah.
      Regal Entertainment Group - 6,388 screens in 527 theatres in 39 states and the District of Columbia as of August 8, 2008 - North America's largest movie theater company.
      Regal Cinemas - One of the three chains part of the 2002 consolidation.
      Sawmill Theaters - Six Screen multiplex located in Payson, Arizona.
      United Artists Theatres - One of the three chains part of the 2002 consolidation.
      Edwards Theatres - One of the three chains part of the 2002 consolidation.
      Hoyts Cinemas - US locations were acquired in 2003 and rebranded as Regal Cinemas. (Hoyts still exists as an independent entity in Australia and New Zealand)
      Eastern Federal Theatres - Acquired in 2005 and rebranded as Regal Cinemas.
      Consolidated Theatres - Acquired in 2008 for 0 million in cash and rebranded as Regal Cinemas.
      Rogers Cinemas - 10 theaters, 48 screens in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.
      Santikos Theatres - Owned by entrepreneur John Santikos, it is based in San Antonio, with 8 total theaters, including two restaurant cinemas, an original drive-in theater, an arthouse theater, a unique Digital 3-D and Digital Projection theater, and a brand new 18-screen megaplex with two IMAX screens. Two new theaters will premiere in 2007, including one in Houston.
      Sawmill Theatres - An independent six screen stadium seating multiplex located in Payson, Arizona.
      Southern Theatres - 18 theaters, 241 screens. Located in Southeastern United States, created through a merger of Grand Theaters of New Orleans, Louisiana and AmStar Cinemas of Birmingham, Alabama. Based in New Orleans the chain has locations in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas.
      Speakeasy Theaters - An independent movie theater that serves beer, wine and food at their snackbar. Locations in Oakland, CA and in El Cerrito, CA..
      Star Cinema - Small premium chain with 97 screens in Wisconsin and Iowa.
      Starplex Cinemas - Currently operates 23 theaters and 216 screens across the United States.
      Trademark Cinemas - Operates 6 theaters and 43 screens that are scattered across the eastern U.S. i

    How do movie download services send movies? What's involved?
    When a customer streams a movie from a commercial movie download service, what is going on at the service? Does the service have to devote one server per download customer for entire time (2 hours)? Does is work differently with services that download movies, such as Apple? Put a more MBA way, do these businesses scale?

    • ANSWER:
      Believe it or not, these services work much the same way as the P2P ones do. First one to start downloading gets the highest bandwidth, and it slowly gets lower as more people jump that same movie. When the first guy is donw, the next one in line moves up the ladder and gets the highest bandwidth. This continues all of the time the movie is being downloaded by multiple parties.
      Each server will allow X number of continuous downloads, so each has X number of movies available per T-1 line. A typical setup is about 20 T-1 lines each running up to 50 or so movies. The more a movie is popular, the farther it gets spread out from the ones that aren't. If one movie becomes too popular, it will be shared by all server connections to allow multiple downloads. When this happens, those that are trying to download the less popular movies will get shuffled to make their wait time less. All of the T-1 lines are inter-sharable, as well as all of the servers. Any service offering more than 1000 movies is going to be extremely slow, due to the high amount of traffic that popular ovies generate. Hope this helps

    what is use of 3g and wi-fi technology in all mobile phones?
    please help me?

    • ANSWER:
      3G is the third generation of mobile phone standards and technology. 3G supersedes 2G technology and precedes 4G technology. 2.5G was a temporary bridge between 2G and 3G.

      3G technologies enabled faster data-transmission speeds, greater network capacity and more advanced network services.

      3G networks offer greater security than their 2G predecessors. By allowing the UE (User Equipment) to authenticate the network it is attaching to, the user can be sure the network is the intended one and not an impersonator. 3G networks use the KASUMI block crypto instead of the older A5/1 stream cipher. However, a number of serious weaknesses in the KASUMI cipher have been identified.[19]

      In addition to the 3G network infrastructure security, end-to-end security is offered when application frameworks such as IMS are accessed, although this is not strictly a 3G property.


      The bandwidth and location information available to 3G devices gives rise to applications not previously available to mobile phone users. Some of the applications are:

      * Mobile TV – a provider redirects a TV channel directly to the subscriber's phone where it can be watched.
      * Video on demand – a provider sends a movie to the subscriber's phone.
      * Video conferencing – subscribers can see as well as talk to each other.
      * Tele-medicine – a medical provider monitors or provides advice to the potentially isolated subscriber.
      * Location-based services – a provider sends localized weather or traffic conditions to the phone, or the phone allows the subscriber to find nearby businesses or friends.

      Wi-Fi Mobile Phones work over the popular wireless technology that is used in video games, PC, MP3 player and home networks. It makes use of the radio waves to offer high speed Internet and network without using any connection medium like wire. PDA's are also enabled with Wi-Fi mobile to get connected to the Internet anytime within the range of the wireless connection provider like WiFi Hotspots or WLAN. This helps the PDA users to check out urgent emails, if they are traveling to a remote place. They can also send pictures captured from far off places and send it to a computer at their native place.

      Most of the latest phones are Wi-Fi enabled which allow high speed data transfer from anywhere but within the range of local hotspot. One can send and receive photos and videos from Wi-Fi mobile phones to another WiFi enabled device even at a range of 300 feet away from local WLAN.

      Wi-Fi network helps in slashing down the cost of cables by setting up wireless LAN connections. LAN wireless connections are specially required in places where one cannot install or expand the network for e.g. outdoor places and historical monuments. With the phone one can check mails even while moving in a car or sitting far away from the work station.

      There is a big difference between connectivity through Bluetooth or via Wi-Fi. Bluetooth has short range and so it is restricted to a small area like a room and one cannot transfer data beyond that area whereas phones can transfer wirelessly even if the system is lying in the third floor and one tries to send data from the first floor. The Bluetooth transfer speed is very slow somewhat 800kbps whereas Wi-Fi transmission speed is about 54Mbps which is much faster. Hence Wi-Fi phones enabled devices transfer data at a much better speed than Bluetooth enabled devices over wireless mode.

      Wi-Fi mobile phones also help user with VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) which allows user to talk to his friends who are staying abroad or at remote places. For making international calls one has to pay more money if he uses his mobile network for making calls whereas if one connects through VOIP service one can save more money as the connection is established through the Internet.

      Sony Ericsson Aino, a Wi-Fi mobile, makes use of its application Media Home which takes out content from Media GO (TM) on one's PC over the Wi-Fi (TM) to one's handset automatically. All one can do is to insert the Aino over its charging stand and it automatically gets updated with the latest media content on the PC and so the phone gets updated with new content every time.

      Hence we can say that Wi-Fi mobile phones enabled devices are a boon for today's mobile technology and will surely come up with more applications in the near future.

    what is the charges for watching movie's etc online?
    hey i was just wondering what sort of legal trouble can you get in for watching movie's/tv shows online ? and what about downloading music and what are the chances of getting caught

    and before i get loads of criticisms for this i pay for most of my music i mostly download accapella versions of songs which i cant get on itunes and if a movie is good i will normally buy it on DVD after i watch it online

    • ANSWER:
      I would actually be more concerned with the trojans and viruses that can attack your computer via bad web sites and downloading and peer-to-peer file sharing.
      The UK has less enforcement of the copyright violations and my general guess is that in online watching and downloading, until the laws are changed, you are relatively safe from the legal side. You have to decide your own moral standards.
      Netflix just launched in the UK.
      The article talks about the competition also.
      Amazon-owned Lovefilm, which offers a similar service at a similar price point
      £6 a month
      As to music sites, they are all over the internet for streaming music, and individual song downloading sites and the illegal ones I won't mention here.,,1127237,00.html
      Not sure if free movie site Hulu is valid in the UK or blocks, along with its competitors of free content sponsored by ads. Older movies at and a few others.

    What device is better Apple Tv or VUDU - 1080p HD Internet Movie Player?
    What device is better Apple Tv or VUDU - 1080p HD Internet Movie Player

    • ANSWER:
      The first thing you should know is that while the Apple TV supports only 720p movies while the VUDU advertises 1080p, both achieve high resolution only through severe compression, so don't expect them to be as good as a Blu Ray disc (or much better than the SD offerings, for that matter). See here:

      As a result, while it's tempting to consider 720p vs. 1080p a selling point, I'd base the purchase decision on content and capabilities vs. unimpressive high resolution content.

      That said, the comparison can basically be boiled down to this.

      The Apple TV is 9 vs. the VUDU which is 9. Both have comparable rental prices.

      Apple TV has a much better selection of TV shows.

      Apple TV has a 160 GB hard drive, while VUDU has a 250 GB. It's a little moot though, because both can stream from sources other than the internal drive.

      Apple TV automatically syncs with your computer via iTunes, where it can store and stream your content to and from your computer's hard drive. VUDU has a free online service called "VUDU Vault" for "storing" your purchased content. I don't think VUDU Vault currently stores HD content, however.

      With Apple TV, you can take your purchased content with you on an iPod or iPhone.

      Apple TV also streams video podcasts, iTunes music, YouTube, and Flickr. VUDU handles YouTube and Flickr, but gets its music capability from Pandora.

      With Apple TV, you can use your iPhone or iPod Touch as a wireless touch-screen remote, and stream music from the Apple TV to remote speakers via an Airport Express, if you care about that sort of thing.

      Overall, I would recommend the Apple TV, mostly for its capabilities, better TV show selection, video podcast capability and integration with other Apple products like iTunes, iPods, and the AirPort Express. I also don't like the idea that if VUDU goes out of business, you could lose any content not stored on the local hard drive (where with Apple TV, it will be stored on your computer's hard drive).

      That said, I'd also through the XBox 360 or PS3 into the mix, which can buy and stream media (via a much less slick interface) while providing gameplay and, in the case of the PS3, Blu Ray capability.

    Before i own a Dvr, i need these questions below answered ok?
    have DIGITAL cable
    i hear Lott's rave about the dvr

    i need to know these answers first...
    1. does it record free movies on DIGITAL?
    2, does it record pay per view movies?
    3, can you keep a show/ movie forever on it?
    4. is it worth it?
    5, the main question, i watch free movies & movie collections, does it record them? even if you answered it already...
    hugs to ALL

    • ANSWER:
      If you have a digital decoder and it has A/V outputs, then YES, you can record what you are watching on the decoder. The DVR unless supplied BY your cable company, probably does NOT have a decoder built in, so all you can do is likely going to be the A/V output of the decoder itself. Most DVR's can use infrared signals to control the cable decoder to do things like change channels so you can record from the box at some predetermined time and channel. You will NOT be able to watch one channel and record another unless the DVR comes from your cable provider AND it has a decoder built in. Then it records from the internal decoder while you watch something else with the decoder NOT inside the DVR. In my opinion, it is NOT worth it. The cable company wants a fee eery month for their DVR as well as a fee for the decoder and they may NOT allow you to record one channel while watching another. MOST DVR's will NOT record copyrighted material such as pay per view. The reason is a thing in the video stream called macrovision, which sends out special video signals that if sensed by the DVR will prevent recording of the signal. Macrovision is simply one way the entertainment industry prevents you from violating copyright law. You DO have a right to back up anything you OWN, but you do NOT have the right to make a copy of a copyrighted broadcast. In a sense, what you are doing is paying to watch a movie, but in your home instead of a theater. You can not legally film in a theater, and you can also not legally film in your home either. With pay per view as with a theater ticket, you purchased the right to VIEW the material ONE time, NOT make a copy of it. MOST analog signal broadcasts do not care of you record with a VCR or DVR, because of the commercials and edited versions you see, but premium channels frown on such things, and with digital signals on cable requiring a decoder that THEY control, they can stop you from recording with anything but the oldest equipment from before Macrovision. A DVD that you buy has Macrovison built in, as does every DVD recorder on the market, so you can not copy a DVD that you rent with a DVD recorder. It also stops you from making a legal backup that you are entitled to make under the law for media that you purchase... A DVR like TIVO costs money and you buy the rights to make a recording with the unit with the fees you pay, but exporting a file to another device is problematic. The files on disk are encrypted so they will only play back in the device that recorded it, and there is no way to get the files off the hard disk to another unit. And the networked units will allow you to VIEW a file stored on another unit in your house but nothing else. You can not copy the file to another location. If you can record something, then you CAN in theory keep it forever and watch it an unlimited number of times. Beware... Replay TV (a TIVO competitor) went out of business recently and all of the people who had "lifetime" service are now left out in the cold with a boat anchor they paid dearly for. I have 2 lifetime Replay TV units. One is a total boat anchor, and the other can record IF I push the record button and set it up to do so. But, the recording is exactly like a VCR, recording only what is on the input connections. It DOES receive analog TV on cable however, so I still have a limited recording ability, but the clock no longer keeps time. I have to literally unplug it and time it to plug it in exactly at 10 seconds before midnight, and THEN it knows the time, but it thinks it is Friday, November 12, 1999. So, I actually CAN tell it to record from channel 5 at 10 pm tonight for an hour, which is a pain in the patootie... Know what you are buying and the features it has before spending any hard cash out of pocket. The other replay TV unit is a total boat anchor. It stalls on the getting the time screen and since it can't update the date and time, is now absolutely useless. I can't even play what it has stored on disk. So, is it worth it? All I know is that I spent a total of over 00 on these two lifetime units and now, less than 10 years later, have almost nothing to show for the money. In essence, I spent per month on top of my cable fees and have little to show for the money spent...

    What is MP3 and MP4 ? what is the difference between MP3 and MP4?
    Please explain in simple terms. And by the way what is DVDR and DVR?

    • ANSWER:
      MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3, more commonly referred to as MP3, is a digital audio encoding format using a form of lossy data compression. It is a common audio format for consumer audio storage, as well as a de facto standard encoding for the transfer and playback of music on digital audio players. MP3 is an audio-specific format that was designed by the Moving Picture Experts Group.

      The use in MP3 of a lossy compression algorithm is designed to greatly reduce the amount of data required to represent the audio recording and still sound like a faithful reproduction of the original uncompressed audio for most listeners, but is not considered high fidelity audio by audiophiles. An MP3 file that is created using the mid-range bit rate setting of 128 kbit/s will result in a file that is typically about 1/10th the size of the CD file created from the original audio source. An MP3 file can also be constructed at higher or lower bit rates, with higher or lower resulting quality. The compression works by reducing accuracy of certain parts of sound that are deemed beyond the auditory resolution ability of most people. This method is commonly referred to as perceptual coding. It internally provides a representation of sound within a short term time/frequency analysis window, by using psychoacoustic models to discard or reduce precision of components less audible to human hearing, and recording the remaining information in an efficient manner. This is relatively similar to the principles used by JPEG, an image compression format.

      MP4 is short for Moving Picture Expert Group-4. First published in 1998, MPEG-4 or MP4 was designed to encompass all the features that were part of earlier releases of MPEG files, and add a few more that would prove helpful with the advancing online technology of the day. As a standardized group of video and perceptual coding formats, MP in general quickly became a hit with the average Internet user. The introduction of MP4 made it possible for the audience to continue growing by providing quicker, faster, and higher quality broadcast media for the average user.

      There are all sorts of ways to enjoy the benefits of MP4. First, as an online consumer, you can enjoy all sorts of movie shorts, professional and amateur, thanks to the use of this format. You can also often save these shorts to your hard drive, and share them with others via email. Some sites that make use of this streaming application also make it possible for you to send a copy of the movie short through email and directly to a friend or acquaintance.

      When it comes to business applications, the use of MP4 makes it possible to hand presentations on the web site that discuss various goods and services offered by the company. The format can be used to dress up presentations for prospective clients, as well as a tool in sales and marketing campaigns. Whether for fun or as a business tool, MP4 is a versatile format.

      the MP3 and MP4 formats are compression technologies for converting standard analog audio tracks (like those on a commercial music CD) to smaller digital computer files.

      The primary reason digital music formats have become so popular is that they deliver high quality sound at roughly one tenth the size of the uncompressed original. As a point of reference, a standard Audio CD can hold roughly 20 songs while a CD encoded with MP3 files can hold as many as 200 songs.

      I hope this helps!
      Good luck!

    what are good unlimited online storage facilities?
    i started using rapidshare in 2011. back then it was unlimited storage space which suited me. i need that because i constantly download movies so i don't like to use limited storage space

    now rapidshare switched to limited space and i had to choose between 250gb and 500gb. both are not enough for me so i asked for a quotation for more space. they said:-
    1 TB = 663.97 € (365 days)
    2 TB = 1663.97 € (365 days)

    that's too much on me :-( it's like buying a new laptop every year lol

    so it seems i have to close my account in rapidshare and open a new one elsewhere

    can anyone tell me another site i can use that offers *unlimited* space and isn't expensive?

    i need it to:-
    1) be something good and trustworthy which has been offering services for quite some time
    2) have a file manager tool so i can install it on my computer and use it to upload files. the tool should preferrably be also available for other devices
    3) have low chance of shutting down and going out of business, like what happened with megaupload. it was shut down and all users lost their files
    4) not strict on copyright and delete some of my files
    5) allow to to create folders in my drive and when i upload i pick destination folder. tools like crashplan and backblaze don't work because they backup and restore and they don't give control to where i can put the files
    6) they should have good customer support

    so far i found nomaddesk, open drive and open storage solutions. has anyone tried them? which shall i go for? are there more i can use?

    • ANSWER:
      Or just build a home media server?
      You can get like 6TB for maybe like 0 permanently lol
      If you get a full tower, you can get like 10 HDD meaning 20-30TB of space, but it will be more expensive, probably closer to 00.

      1) cant get any more trustworthy then only yourself being able to see the files
      2) well you can upload/download from anything that will allow you to upload/download using the ftp protocol. i mean you can probably stream fro your device, im not sure tho
      3) will only shut down if your power/internet access does
      4) you control it 😛
      5) same as above
      6) well none there

    I was wondering is iReel a scam?
    I was online and I saw this website called iReel that supposedly lets people stream movies for free. It asks for my Credit card # and says that it wont charge me. Has anyone used this site? If so, what was your experience? It just seems too good to be true and I don't want to give my credit card # to a site that will steal from me.

    • ANSWER:
      YES it is a scam.
      Their own info states:

      There are two types of membership: Free and Premium. You can register for free and then upgrade to Premium or you can have your free membership for as long as you want.

      The following price list is applied for premium membership:

      - 5 Day Trial 0.00$***
      - 1 month 34.95$*
      - 3 months 49.95$*
      - 12 month membership 7.50 per month**

      *billed in one payment, rebilled until cancelled
      **billed in one payment of 89.99
      ***A monthly charge of 34.95$ is applied immediately following the termination of the trial period. Subject to change at iReel's discretion

      How Can I Opt Out of Receiving Direct Marketing from IReel?
      By providing us with your personal information, you consent to our collection, use and disclosure of that information as described in this Privacy Policy as amended from time to time or as described at or before the time of collection, use or disclosure, as the case may be. IReel is the owner of the personal information collected on our Web Site. If you do not want your personal information to be collected, used or disclosed in this manner, please do not submit your personal information to us.

      E-mails that are sent to you as a result of you performing a business transaction with us or requesting specific information from IReel are not subject to an Opt Out process. If you have any suggestions on how to improve these e-mails, please communicate to our Online Customer Service group using the Contact Us functionality on the Site. We appreciate your feedback but cannot commit to taking action.

    what is jet stream Internet,which cable and device must use for start it?

    • ANSWER:
      Wireless High Speed (Broadband) Internet Service in Arizona
      for Home, Business, Residential and Apartment.
      Our affordable service for Arizona residents allows you to access the internet over a high speed connection from anywhere in your home, business or apartment complex. Surf the web on the couch in front of the TV, while lying in bed, or even at the side of the swimming pool. Watch movies, listen to music, track the stock market or read the news. Whatever you want, wherever you want. That's the power of high speed internet solution for Arizonans.
      Get online quickly and efficiently with high speed wireless internet for your business. With blazing fast upload and download speeds of 512k and 1Mb per second you can take advantage of web video conferencing, immediate file transfer, and everything else the internet of the 21st century has to offer, all without wires attached. Sign up today and take your business communications to the next level.
      Wireless Broadband Internet for Arizona: Phoenix, Scottsdale, Tucson, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Glendale, Peoria, Sun City West Grand, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Ahwatukee, Carefree, Cave Creek, Paradise Valley,
      Litchfield Park, Goodyear, Surprise, Avondale, Black Canyon, El Mirage, Queen Creek, Sun Lakes,
      New River, Tolleson, Tonopah, Youngtown, Fountain Hills, Kingman, etc.

      Additional Information:
      This is not Satellite, but rather a DSS fixed point-to-point wireless connection.
      Bi-Directional (Upload speeds equal Download speeds). So you would need eighter a directional Yagi antenna or a small desktop antenna and a WiFi card. Subscription required for access

    Good places to hang out in Minneapolis, MN?
    I'm thinking of going to college there, and I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions of good places to hang out? I like dancing, music, and movies. I don't drink and I can't stand the smell of cigarettes. I don't mind large amounts of people. Hopefully that information will help.
    Many, many thanks to all in advance!

    • ANSWER:
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      Customer Advantage opportunity completely free of charge.
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      as the "Daily Deal". By offering a 50% or more discount on local products and
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      local small businesses.
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      the 'jobless recovery'.
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      lack of money is never an issue to capture this moment.
      TCA is privately held and fully capitalized.


    If I'm a Netflix subscriber will I still have to pay for qwickster?

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on if you have only streaming or both streaming and DVD rentals. If you have both than yes but it will be the same price just a different account and website. Here a video from the Netflix president and the e-mail I got today

      I messed up. I owe you an explanation.

      It is clear from the feedback over the past two months that many members felt we lacked respect and humility in the way we announced the separation of DVD and streaming and the price changes. That was certainly not our intent, and I offer my sincere apology. Let me explain what we are doing.

      For the past five years, my greatest fear at Netflix has been that we wouldn't make the leap from success in DVDs to success in streaming. Most companies that are great at something – like AOL dialup or Borders bookstores – do not become great at new things people want (streaming for us). So we moved quickly into streaming, but I should have personally given you a full explanation of why we are splitting the services and thereby increasing prices. It wouldn’t have changed the price increase, but it would have been the right thing to do.

      So here is what we are doing and why.

      Many members love our DVD service, as I do, because nearly every movie ever made is published on DVD. DVD is a great option for those who want the huge and comprehensive selection of movies.

      I also love our streaming service because it is integrated into my TV, and I can watch anytime I want. The benefits of our streaming service are really quite different from the benefits of DVD by mail. We need to focus on rapid improvement as streaming technology and the market evolves, without maintaining compatibility with our DVD by mail service.

      So we realized that streaming and DVD by mail are really becoming two different businesses, with very different cost structures, that need to be marketed differently, and we need to let each grow and operate independently.

      It’s hard to write this after over 10 years of mailing DVDs with pride, but we think it is necessary: In a few weeks, we will rename our DVD by mail service to “Qwikster”. We chose the name Qwikster because it refers to quick delivery. We will keep the name “Netflix” for streaming.

      Qwikster will be the same website and DVD service that everyone is used to. It is just a new name, and DVD members will go to to access their DVD queues and choose movies. One improvement we will make at launch is to add a video games upgrade option, similar to our upgrade option for Blu-ray, for those who want to rent Wii, PS3 and Xbox 360 games. Members have been asking for video games for many years, but now that DVD by mail has its own team, we are finally getting it done. Other improvements will follow. A negative of the renaming and separation is that the and websites will not be integrated.

      There are no pricing changes (we’re done with that!). If you subscribe to both services you will have two entries on your credit card statement, one for Qwikster and one for Netflix. The total will be the same as your current charges. We will let you know in a few weeks when the website is up and ready.

      For me the Netflix red envelope has always been a source of joy. The new envelope is still that lovely red, but now it will have a Qwikster logo. I know that logo will grow on me over time, but still, it is hard. I imagine it will be similar for many of you.

      I want to acknowledge and thank you for sticking with us, and to apologize again to those members, both current and former, who felt we treated them thoughtlessly.

      Both the Qwikster and Netflix teams will work hard to regain your trust. We know it will not be overnight. Actions speak louder than words. But words help people to understand actions.

      Respectfully yours,

      -Reed Hastings, Co-Founder and CEO, Netflix

      p.s. I have a slightly longer explanation along with a video posted on our blog, where you can also post comments.

    Where can I watch full episodes of shows like Crank Yankers?

    • ANSWER:
      There is a new online video service called There have TV and Cable series episodes, original Webisodes and even feature films.

      The service is free, and I've watched some of my favourite old show shows there. They're adding shows all the time.

      Their business model is that they will make their money back by streaming unstoppable and un-fast forwardable commercials at the start, as at the movie theatres.

      And remember its hul-U, not hul-A, dot com. -- kjw

    Start a online film rental business?
    I wanting to start my own online film business, so people sign up and choose a package and then they can start watching films online. I have a business Plan but together but do I need a License to do this and how do I get the Films?

    • ANSWER:
      LOL you have put a Business Plan together and you haven't even considered how and where to get the films??

      Sorry to burst your bubble but what you are proposing is not just difficult but I would reckon totally impossible from both a financial and practical point of view.

      Firstly you will have to find an internet service provider who will be prepared to "host" your films online. They have to have special servers which are set up to providing streaming videos like Youtube and those servers have to be powerful ones so that if 5 people all want to watch one movie around the same time, the servers don't slow down so badly that all 5 people will see choppy scenes. Finding such a host will be the first most expensive option to consider.

      Next you will have to draw up a list of the most popular films that you want to show online. Lets say you choose 200 films to start off with. Now comes the fun bit, you have to contact the copyright holder for each film and get permission from them to show their films online and register to pay them royalties for each time someone views the film from your site. So lets say you make a deal with Warner Brothers Production Ltd to show the film Contagion and each time someone views it, you have to pay them 50p. Now if your customers view it 100 times in a month, you have to pay Warner Bros £50 for the privilege.

      The License you are talking about is the copyright license to show the copyrighted films on your website.

      Finally we get to the miserable customers who are internet savvy and will probably have borrowed the film from their local library or from their local video shop on the cheap. They will not want to pay you more than say £1 to watch the film online because at the end of it all they will not be left with a DVD copy of the film.. So you will end up making a profit of £1 - 50p = 50p. Out of that you will have to pay your internet service provider, your networking guy, some person or two to handle any problems from your website etc

      You will be lucky if you get left with 1p in profit at the end of it all and most probably you will just end up with losses. Besides the film industry don't deal with small fish, so they probably will rejected your application to show their films.

      Sorry but at least you have got a realistic view of your business idea now.

    Will netflix's streaming selection ever improve?
    With the recent price hikes and what not, I'm debating switching to DVD only because of the limited movie selection on instant stream and the fact that subscribing to both services is 16 dollars a month!!! There's NOTHING to watch, I'm tired of scrolling through hundreds of crappy B movies.

    • ANSWER:
      Streaming will never improve, especially since Starz pulled out. The DVD's take forever to get, there is always a long waiting list, and by then you get the movie, it has come to cable.

      Since the business is failing, thay are trying to move to video game rentals, joking they will put Gamefly out of business. Good luck with that one netflix.

    Questions about being a USMC Infantry?
    About me: I'm a Senior in High School and I'm planning on enlisting the US Marines for 4 years and I'm thinking about choosing infantry as my MOS but not totally sure. My reasoning for it is because I'd love to serve my country and earn the title of "true" Marine. I don't really believe in killing for no reason but I do believe in self defense and protecting innocent people from enemies. However, even if I did choose to be infantry, I plan on starting my own businesses after the military BUT I heard that it's helpful in the civilian world at all. Like i said, I'd love to

    Here are my questions about this -

    1) What other things do Infantrymen do other than killing enemies?

    2) For those that were Marine Infantrymen, how were you able to live your civilian life after the military?

    3) Because Infantrymen are the ones that do most of the work in the Marines, how often do they get deployed in a 4 active years enlistment?

    4) Is it hard to get the free college tuition while being an infantry?

    5) What's the death rate of being a Marine Infantry today(Not that it ever concerned me but just wondering)?
    6) Despite that I've already asked this in my recent question, What Marine MOS would fit me if I want some combat but at the same time learn at least SOME technical skills for the civilian world?
    @Marine: First of all, at question #5, read the details CAREFULLY. I said that death never concerned me, I was just curious about it. Secondly, just because I'm still a high school senior who's not in the military yet, doens't mean I'm dumb enough to believe into Hollywood action movies.

    • ANSWER:
      EDIT: Jose- Whenever a young man asks about death, there is always concern in back of his mind about being injured or killed; otherwise the question would never be asked. I was enlisted Marine and served in combat. Your question would never be asked - reason - "self doubt". Concern about death is at bottom of list- we know it is a possibility. Basically, What will be, will be, so there is nothing to worry about - based on my own close calls. Hollywood - many young men/women influenced by the screen or video games. Makes military look easy & missions assigned even easier. None of it is easy. As a Marine Colonel, I have no interest in telling people what they want to hear, I tell them what they need to hear. If you want to be a Marine someday, pay attention and think about what I have said.

      Jose: ALL Marines are "TRUE" Marines. The Marine Corps is a team and every Marine is part of that team. Consider an infantry battalion receives orders to take a enemy defended hill. The first thing that the CO will ask for is food, ammo, munitions, water, etc - he gets that from supply Marines. Without these items, the infantry can't fight the battle. Transportation - trucks, helos, MV-22s, LAVs, AAVs, LCACs to get to his destination. Not there, may not be able to perform the mission or troops too exhausted to fight once they get there by foot. Fire support to enable attacking a well defended position - armor, artillery, close air support. Needs solid intell about the enemy situation & location to avoid ambushs. Combat engineers to put bridges across roaring streams, clear fields of fire for defensive purposes.

      Hopefully you are starting to see the connection. "Every" Marine regardless of MOS is an important cog in the Green Machine to enable the guys at the pointed end of the spear to do their jobs that involves killing or capturing the enemy. Until you experience combat, you fail to understand the interaction needed to succeed as Marine infantry. Newbies refer to non-infantry as POGs. That only lasts long enough for them to be pinned down by overwhelming enemy fire and they ask for artillery, armor, and/or close air support or ammo/food/water resupply or worse - medevac. Those "POGs" are who get it to them so that they can live and fight another day. Every Marine is a rifleman for a reason. The enemy is not stymied by wire around a compound. Rockets and mortars don't give a crap about wire. Marines are forward deployed to include support and sometimes they are shooting at enemy attackers and getting shot at. Same applies to the Army and their soldiers except they have to rely on the Air Force for close air support.

      Dont' want to kill - the Air Force and Navy are the way to go. Can't much safer than that. Now for your questions:

      1. Train to kill and/or capture enemies.
      2. Depending on the experience - they could live it like all other Americans BUT, they live it as Marines. Semper Fi is our watch word along with the Espirit De Corps that is ingrained into each Marine in bootcamp - male and female. We are the military Service that is considered too hard. That is why more young people join the Army, Navy, or AF. For some who get into the thick of a firefight and watch their buddies die or be blown to bits by enemy munitions and IEDs, it is often much harder, but the vast majority adjust and live a good, productive life. It is strength of character. For the few others, day to day living can be tough. This applies not only to infantry but to those who receive incoming enemy mortar, rockets, artillery rounds as well as direct attacks (been there many years ago).
      3. You obviously have your head up your butt with no window in front. ALL Marines do MOST of the work regardless of MOS. When war is going on, it is 24/7, 365 days a year. You have been watching too many movies. How often deployed, as often as there is an order issued by higher HQ. We always have two MEUs deployed that includes infantry, air, logistics, armor, artillery, etc. Units rotate for MEUs. Combat deployments depend on the President. Afganistan is winding down. No more fighting needed, no combat deployments. Only training deployments to hone and maintain warfighting skills.
      4. Now it is. The Army and Marine Corps has just cancelled Tuition Assistance program due to budget cuts. The Navy and AF are expected to do same.
      5. Death rate - if you are worried about this - join the Air Force or Navy! Marines and soldiers are well trained. Our job is to increase the death rate for the enemy while keeping ours low.
      6. Aviation maintenance where you can volunteer to be a helo/MV-22 gunner.

      Lieutenant Colonel, U S Marine Corps-Retired (27 years with combat time)

    Hello can anyone tell me if I could watch online movies from netflix if I live in...?
    ...mexico...please help...
    when watching a movie via stream on the internet the movie I am watching has at least 12 pauses because my signal is not strong enough...and they adjust the signal...can anyone watch movies if you live in mexico...

    • ANSWER:
      Last September I asked “Will Netflix DVDs go the way of AOL CDs?”

      Netflix is indeed moving towards a “Who needs DVDs?” movie rental and viewing future, long term.

      Last June, Netflix filed a “Regulation FD Disclosure” with the SEC confirming a to million investment in “developing its approach to on-line movie delivery.”

      Netflix now announces:

      Netflix offers subscribers the option of instantly watching movies on their PCs; New feature will be included in subscribers' monthly membership at no extra charge and will have a phased roll-out over next six months.

      To start, only about 1.5% of the Netflix 70,000 title strong catalog will be available, approximately 1000 selections.

      Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO:

      We named our company Netflix in 1998 because we believed Internet-based movie rental represented the future, first as a means of improving service and selection, and then as a means of movie delivery. While mainstream consumer adoption of online movie watching will take a number of years due to content and technology hurdles, the time is right for Netflix to take the first step.

      Over the coming years we'll expand our selection of films, and we'll work to get to every Internet-connected screen, from cell phones to PCs to plasma screens. The PC screen is the best Internet-connected screen today, so we are starting there.

      In announcing the new online “delivery” option, Netflix underscores its competitive differentiation:

      Netflix is specifically focusing on the rental segment of electronic delivery, distinct from the download-to-own market and advertising-supported electronic delivery.

      The new immediate viewing feature differs from current services in that it does not require the often lengthy downloading of a large video file. The Netflix feature uses real-time playback technology that allows video to be viewed at virtually the same time it is being delivered to a user's computer. Following a one-time, under-60-second installation of a simple browser applet, most subscribers' movie selections will begin playing in their Web browser in as little as 10 to 15 seconds. Movies can be paused and a position bar gives viewers the ability to immediately jump to any point in the movie. In all, the instant watching feature requires only Internet connectivity with a minimum of one megabit per second of bandwidth. The more bandwidth a consumer has, the higher quality the video displayed, ranging from the quality of current Netflix previews to DVD quality with a three-megabit-per-second connection.

      Netflix says the “new feature will be included in subscribers' monthly membership at no extra charge.” Netflix customers are well advised to read the fine-print when the service is made available, however:

      Subscribers on Netflix's most popular plan, .99 for unlimited DVD rental and three discs out at a time, will have 18 hours of online movie watching per month.

      In other words, unlimited DVD rental does not equate to unlimited online movie watching.

      The New York Times on the market opporuntity:

      The impending death of the company, with its online system for renting DVDs delivered by mail, was predicted late in 2002, when Wal-Mart said it would enter the business; again last year, when Apple and Amazon announced movie-downloading services; and again last week, after the introduction of a series of products and services intended to bring Internet video to television sets.

      But Wal-Mart left the online rental business in 2005 and now refers customers to Netflix. Meanwhile, none of the movie-downloading services have gained much traction with consumers, the notion of taking Internet video content to TV sets remains a work in progress, and Netflix keeps signing up new customers at a fast clip. It was expected to end 2006 with 6.3 million subscribers and nearly billion in revenue, or about 12 percent of the .4 billion annual DVD rental market.”

    Hello can anyone tell me if I could watch online movies from netflix if I live in...?
    ...mexico...please help...
    when watching a movie via stream on the internet the movie I am watching has at least 12 pauses because my signal is not strong enough...and they adjust the signal...can anyone watch movies if you live in mexico...

    • ANSWER:
      Last September I asked “Will Netflix DVDs go the way of AOL CDs?”

      Netflix is indeed moving towards a “Who needs DVDs?” movie rental and viewing future, long term.

      Last June, Netflix filed a “Regulation FD Disclosure” with the SEC confirming a to million investment in “developing its approach to on-line movie delivery.”

      Netflix now announces:

      Netflix offers subscribers the option of instantly watching movies on their PCs; New feature will be included in subscribers' monthly membership at no extra charge and will have a phased roll-out over next six months.

      To start, only about 1.5% of the Netflix 70,000 title strong catalog will be available, approximately 1000 selections.

      Reed Hastings, Netflix CEO:

      We named our company Netflix in 1998 because we believed Internet-based movie rental represented the future, first as a means of improving service and selection, and then as a means of movie delivery. While mainstream consumer adoption of online movie watching will take a number of years due to content and technology hurdles, the time is right for Netflix to take the first step.

      Over the coming years we'll expand our selection of films, and we'll work to get to every Internet-connected screen, from cell phones to PCs to plasma screens. The PC screen is the best Internet-connected screen today, so we are starting there.

      In announcing the new online “delivery” option, Netflix underscores its competitive differentiation:

      Netflix is specifically focusing on the rental segment of electronic delivery, distinct from the download-to-own market and advertising-supported electronic delivery.

      The new immediate viewing feature differs from current services in that it does not require the often lengthy downloading of a large video file. The Netflix feature uses real-time playback technology that allows video to be viewed at virtually the same time it is being delivered to a user's computer. Following a one-time, under-60-second installation of a simple browser applet, most subscribers' movie selections will begin playing in their Web browser in as little as 10 to 15 seconds. Movies can be paused and a position bar gives viewers the ability to immediately jump to any point in the movie. In all, the instant watching feature requires only Internet connectivity with a minimum of one megabit per second of bandwidth. The more bandwidth a consumer has, the higher quality the video displayed, ranging from the quality of current Netflix previews to DVD quality with a three-megabit-per-second connection.

      Netflix says the “new feature will be included in subscribers' monthly membership at no extra charge.” Netflix customers are well advised to read the fine-print when the service is made available, however:

      Subscribers on Netflix's most popular plan, .99 for unlimited DVD rental and three discs out at a time, will have 18 hours of online movie watching per month.

      In other words, unlimited DVD rental does not equate to unlimited online movie watching.

      The New York Times on the market opporuntity:

      The impending death of the company, with its online system for renting DVDs delivered by mail, was predicted late in 2002, when Wal-Mart said it would enter the business; again last year, when Apple and Amazon announced movie-downloading services; and again last week, after the introduction of a series of products and services intended to bring Internet video to television sets.

      But Wal-Mart left the online rental business in 2005 and now refers customers to Netflix. Meanwhile, none of the movie-downloading services have gained much traction with consumers, the notion of taking Internet video content to TV sets remains a work in progress, and Netflix keeps signing up new customers at a fast clip. It was expected to end 2006 with 6.3 million subscribers and nearly billion in revenue, or about 12 percent of the .4 billion annual DVD rental market.”

    If i want to operate an online store selling video like netflix, what are the restrictions? what should i do t?

    • ANSWER:
      First, you have to purchase the rights to the movie from the movie studio. This is very expensive.

      Then you have to incode the movie data so that it plays on the user's interface. Movies streamed to an Xbox do not use the same code as those streamed to a computer or a wi-fi ready TV set.

      Then you have to lease resources from a content delivery network such as

      You have to have tens of thousands of members using your service before your business starts turning a profit.

      You'll need a LOT of start up capital and you'll not only be competing against NetFlix, but Blockbuster, Amazon and even Walmart ( are hot and heavy into the streaming media business.

      I predict that we're not that far away from almost all home entertainment being delivered this way, so it could be a good business to start IF you have the resources and the people to pull it off and can afford the high start-up costs.

    is there websites (sharing files) that supporting resume(downloads)?
    is there any websites like mediafire hotfile , rapidshare,....etc, but with resume support, coz im trying to download games and movies and my internet line is slow, so it takes days, so plz tell me,

    • ANSWER:
      Powerfully simple online file storage:
      Access your files anywhere
      Share files of all sizes
      Collaborate with anyone.
      Free Online Storage
      Upload, Access, Share your music, video and photos.
      Upload and share single file or entire folder.
      eSnips is a social content-sharing site, where you can publish and share any media type. You have practically unlimited flexibility in choosing what you want to share, and with whom, in 5GB of free space.
      Fetch files from many places: We can fetch files from the bittorrent network. We also support ftp’s, direct download links, basic http authenticated links and many many paysites.
      Fetch faster: Our servers are connected to the internet through Gigabit ports. So we can fetch files way faster than a home connection.
      We can watch RSS feeds: We’ll watch your favorite sources and download the new content automatically. Works with torrents, podcasts and many music blogs
      Start streaming instantly: When your files arrive, we’ll find the appropriate player to make it instantly consumable. For example DivX files are streamed through the Divx Web Player.
      Super fast: We’re obsessed with performance every step of the way.
      Effortless sync: Changes to your files are instantly synced across your computers.
      Works like you do: No complicated interface to learn. It’s seamlessly integrated into your desktop.
      Always accessible: All of your stuff is available via the web, so you can get it no matter where you are.
      Share the love: Invite friends and family to a shared folder for easy collaboration around files.
      Don’t worry about it: Make a mistake? You can undelete files or restore old versions in a snap.
      Upload your file
      Share your personal link
      OpenDrive is a remote drive for your computer, that allows you
      to store, share or back up files from your computer on the Internet. You can store anything and share it with anyone, right from your desktop. Start storing and sharing today.
      Upload your file
      Share your private link
      Free Unlimited Downloads and Uploads! (Max. 200 MB per file!)
      Free file hosting
      Free image hosting
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      Send large files of up to 1GB
      Ideal for sending jpegs, pdfs, MP3s
      Send important large files to clients
      Fast, simple and secure to use
      No software to install
      Free file-sending with the Basic plan
      Store Files Online
      Your hard drive, online. Use it for…
      Back up all your files online
      Store important information then access it anywhere
      Share your stored files with others
      Back up your website and other projects
      Archive all your critical data
      Multi Upload up to 100 files at once. File size limit is 100MB per file! Embed your folders or any single file!
      Preview and Download Images, Audio, Video, Flash, Documents and Packed archives. Create your own File Library.
      Easy Describe, Categorize and Manage your uploaded files, make them private or disable download for audio and videos.
      Search Files and Browse through hundreds of file categories, user pages and folders.
      Become a part of our Community network. Send and receive traffic from Fliiby : your file library. Get your site noticed.
      File Savr’s goal is to simplify the process of file hosting. provides fastest and easiest file hosting service as an alternative to sites like MegaUpload and RapidShare. Unlike the other sites, does not force users to sign up for paid accounts to download files, does not show long countdown timers, pop up ads, or any other spam related activities.
      Onehub is a web application that provides everything you need to easily and securely share business information and files with partners, customers, coworkers, and suppliers.
      Unlimited Storage that Feels Local: Always have your music, photos, and documents with you on your computers, NetBook, and iPhone.
      Don’t Hassle with Sync: Unlike sync, ZumoDrive doesn’t copy your stuff everywhere. It works even when you are low on space.
      Secure and Reliable: Don’t worry about backup or losing your files again. ZumoDrive will keep data important to you safe.
      Upload and share your files, photos, videos and music.
      Strongspace is a secure place to gather, store, back-up and share any type of file with your co-workers, friends and family. You can upload, download and manage your files over SFTP (Secure FTP) or with any modern web browser.
      Megashare is a storage and sharing for ALL your content. Including photos, videos, music, documents and your favourite web links. Access your content to share, or monetize your files and links from anywhere, any time.
      Email is great for sending text and small files to contacts, but it’s almost impossible to send larger attachments through Outlook, Hotmail and so on. 2Large2Email changes all that. Now you can deliver those large files quickly, easily and reliably.
      SpiderOak provides an easy, secure and consolidated free online backup, storage, access, sharing & sync tool for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux (Ubuntu & Debian).
      Backup, Synchronization, and Sharing – Syncplicity makes sure you always have the files you need at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere.
      As the amount of unprotected data stored on multiple devices increases, it becomes harder to synchronize and easier to lose. Keeping data secure, synchronized, backed up and available can be expensive and require in-house IT expertise.
      Add all of your High Def video, photos and music to LIBOX and it is instantly available to enjoy on any device. Share your media privately with your friends, for free.
      PicsOrLinks is a website for sharing pics, links, and image hyperlinks called plicks. It’s the first website to provide both free image hosting and URL redirection services.
      GigaTribe lets your friends download directly from your hard drive any file you’ve shared:
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      ADrive is free online data storage community, offering the largest amount of free storage on the Internet. ADrive provide their users with secure solutions for storing, backing up, and accessing files from virtually anywhere, at any time. ADrive serves as an online, centralized vault for all file types including: music, videos, photos, documents, and more.(50GB storage for free)
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      Zoto is an online photo sharing company unlike any other. While most photo sharing sites provide limited online sharing features, Zoto focuses on providing powerful 'application-like' features that give you the ability to store, organize, and share ALL your digital photos online - ensuring they are safe and secure, and available to you anywhere in the world.
      A safe place to store, organize and share your photos. A feature rich social photo sharing platform built with your privacy, data portability and security in mind. With Expono your photos are stored in their original formats and sizes. Your originals are kept unmodified for backup and restore purposes. Photos uploaded are location tagged automatically if they contain GPS information. You define who can see this information in your privacy settings. And there are so many other features as well.
      ITookThisOnMyPhone is the easiest way to get photos off of your camera phone and make them usable. Once the application is installed on your phone all you need to do is take pictures. As the pictures are taken they are wirelessly transm

    What is the best home-based career ?

    • ANSWER:
      Network Marketing. It is a form of marketing, which channels goods or services from the manufacturer to the consumer through a "network" of independent distributors. It's a wonderful effective system that cuts out the "middleman" found in most industries. If you have ever recommended a restaurant or a good movie to your friends, you are in essence "network marketing".

      Most can afford to start a network marketing business.
      Ability to leverage time along with the efforts of others.
      Can be built alongside a current profession.

      Four key factors on what to look for?

      1) market demand -
      baby boomers represent 1/3 of the US population, but control 2/3 of the US spending

      2) consumable products -
      everyday use products - people are looking for pure, safe and beneficial anti-aging and skin care products, nutrition, weight management, cosmetics and aromatherapy

      3) Timing and trends -
      people are looking to create additional stream of income and network marketing can offer this

      4) Leveragability - you get paid not only for the hours YOU work, but you get paid for the efforts of others. NOTE: if the compensation plan is fair, a person can't sit back and do nothing and expect to make money.

      Look for a company that's been around at least 10 years and
      is in momentum (market not saturated and has room to experience growth).

      Look for the type of products you personally would love to use and would recommend to someone. Look for a company that has proven products, a stable management team, has web technology and training. I have information on a company that fits the above criteria if you'd like more information - please email me.

      Hope this info helps you find what you're looking for.

    What is another service like Netflix?
    What is another service like Netflix were I can stream movies right to my TV? I want something that offers more choices than Netflix has available right now. As soon as the new episodes of Arrested Development are released and I have watched them, I would like to find something else. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Any legal online streaming service's catalog of available titles is determined by the licensing agreements they sign with the studios who own the content, so in general you won't find another monthly subscription streaming business similar to Netflix with a vastly different array of viewing choices, since the studios ultimately decide what is eligible and what is not.

      Amazon Instant Video has a large selection and is free if you're an Amazon Prime member; otherwise they don't offer subscription-based billing like Netflix, rental charges are per movie/show. And of course not all titles available for rental/purchase on Amazon Instant qualify for the Prime member free viewing, just like 85% of Netflix's total catalog is still mail-order only.

movie streaming services for businesses