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    Why are people complaining about Netflix price changes?
    I personally never rent out DVDs. I just use netflix's streaming service to watch movies online and it actually became cheaper to watch movies online ever since they changed their monthly rates. That's awesome.

    So, why do so many people b*tch about it?

    • ANSWER:
      People don't like when stuff costs more.

    Why are people complaining about Netflix price changes?
    I personally never rent out DVDs. I just use netflix's streaming service to watch movies online and it actually became cheaper to watch movies online ever since they changed their monthly rates. That's awesome.

    So, why do so many people b*tch about it?

    • ANSWER:
      They don't have Betamax anymore

    How do I make an online movie channel?
    I wanna make my own online movie channel (streaming old grindhouse horror films, kung-fu films, etc), and I have the means to start it up by streaming the movies live over the internet. Now:

    1) What would I do to secure rights to the movies to show them? Does it require exuberant amounts of money, or does it depend on the distributor?

    And 2) What website/server could I use to run my movies on? Can anyone recommend a good one?

    • ANSWER:
      Going to sound harsh, but if you have to ask how to do this on yahoo answers, you're not equipped for the task.

      Firstly, you'd need a team of people to operate the thing. Everything from the massive servers and bandwidth that is needed, to the lawyers who would deal with the legal side of things, to the computer science technicians who would keep the software running smoothly to the office workers who would keep the financial and customer service side of things working.

      Plus something like this doesn't just suddenly get started. The internet is massive and new sites don't get started without marketing...and marketing costs money unless you're absurdly clever (and patient) with getting things started virally. So you'd probably have to spend tons of money on advertising .

      Sure, it's not impossible...but like I said, if you have to ask on yahoo answers, you obviously don't have connections in the business. Start with something smaller and try to work your way up with project size.

    Is it illegal to stream movies online that you didn't pay for?
    Basically my friend was watching a movie online at my house from some site. I know it is illegal to upload movies and to download them but if you just watch the videos that the people uploaded is that illegal? I don't want to get in trouble for it but it seems like the only people who should get in trouble is the owners of the site and the people who uploaded the movies. What is the deal with this?

    • ANSWER:
      Only if "didn't pay for" means "didn't pay for something that people are expected to pay for" which means "stole".

      Nothing you need to worry about, really, but if he was at your house, wasn't he using your Internet service provider that identifies your address? I wouldn't let him make it a habit.

    What internet speed should I have to watch movies online?
    I want to watch streaming movies with ease, but don't want to pay for more speed than I need. Whats the best speed for me?
    What is FIOS?

    • ANSWER:
      A 512 kbps is a good speed connection and affordable if on budget.

      Although recently the broadband tariffs have come down substantially so a 1mbs & above is recommended connection you can go with it. It would be a pleasure to watch movies and download files at these speed without having to wait till your hair turns gray in any connection lower than this.

      Verizon FiOS is a bundled home communications (Internet, telephone, and television) service, operating over a fiber-optic communications network, that is offered in some areas of the United States by Verizon Communications.

    how can i watch full movies on my htc desire?
    I normally stream movies online but how can i put these movies onto my htc desire and watch them?

    • ANSWER:
      Streaming and download have different rights, at least from legitimate services. I say that becasue it would be a copyright violation to download/capture streams from legitimate streaming services. If you want a file you will have to buy the download rights from a download service, and at that one with a codec/DRM compatible with your phone.

    What is the best online service for watching American television while overseas?
    I'm moving overseas and want to be able to log on and watch cable TV, DVR shows etc, via the internet. I've seen a few online services that use a slingbox type setup where you pay a monthly fee and they set everything up stateside and give you a logon. Has anyone ever used one of these or have any experience with these?

    • ANSWER:
      Don't pay. You can go to and type in any shows and it'll search and find. Also, Sidereel dot com is good 'cause they will even track your shows for you. Once the show is tracked you will see the "main links" (Amazon, ITunes) where you can bbuy the episodes or movies. But right under those links is a button that says "other links" or something similar.
      Click that and then you can watch on megavideo or other streaming free links. Megavideo "times out" after 72min of watch time per day, but you can get around that by either working offline after it is streamed or resetting your router box. Megavideo will try to make you pay once the timer is up, but, again, unplug your modem and reset it. All done.
      The sites are all streaming so you do not have to download, but there are other streaming sites like divxden that have all kinds of stuff but you just have to download their divx player. Your spyware will go "NOOO!" but it's really not a deal. Just adware, which you remove later.

      Good luck. Enjoy.

    I am shopping for high speed service. How fast a speed would I need to stream online movies and play games?
    Earthlink is offering a 3mbps. Is this fast enough to stream movies online (like netflix), and still play video games online or doing other things on the internet at the same time?

    • ANSWER:
      i have 100.0 mpbs and everything loads quick and i have no problems with playing games or anything else

    What is the best service to buy movies to stream / download to watch from your computer.?
    I want to actually buy them, and preferably watch offline too. Not like netflix's watch online as movies on there come and go/
    I'm looking for something other than netflix, I want to be able to buy movies so I can watch them any time I want. I do currently have netflix.

    • ANSWER:
      Here is the source which I usually use to watch movies or use to download movies for free without any surveys. you can try this:

    Is there a way to save streaming video on Windows Mobile 6?
    I have Windows Mobile 6 on my Cingular 8525. I use my home access point to connect to the internet (not Cingular's service). When I stream online videos with Media Player, is there a way to save the file to watch later without having to go back online?

    • ANSWER:
      I'm using TubeHunter Ultra. It downloads videos from 1097 youtube-like websites to popular video formats for Windows Media Player, Ipod, Mobile, Zune, PSP,Windows Movie Maker...

      It's nice, easy and fast. I really like it.

    Does Netflicks offer more titles by mail or streaming?
    I have the Netflicks streaming service and I'm very disappointed. Almost every movie that I search for is "unavailable." If I go back to the regular service in which they send you DVDs in the mail, will the selection be greater?

    • ANSWER:
      The selection is the same. Unavailable movies online may however be very available if ordered in hard copy. Only one way to find out.


    What is the best internet service provider for downtown Montreal?
    I live with two other roommates and we stream a lot of movies and tv online. Last year we went with Bell and it was ok, a bit slow and we kept going over our data allowance. Now Bell has somehow doubled the price in our plan so we want to go with a different provider, any recommendations?

    • ANSWER:
      videotron, roger, telus, fido?

    How do I transfer movies from UltraViolet to iTunes?
    just bought 21 Jump street, sherlock holmes and safehouse and they are all on ultraviolet. I download 21 jump street and its on sony pictures download manager and online on ultraviolets website, which i don't want. i want it in my iTunes. can anyone help?

    • ANSWER:
      Unfortunately you don't. Ultraviolet is a streaming service. I don't know if it's still true, but around Christmas there were enough complaints from people who bought Ultraviolet copies and expected more traditional digital copies that one of the studios sent them coupons for a free iTunes download of the movie in question. I know Sherlock Holmes is a WB film - see if you can dig up their customer support phone number or email address and complain to them. It can't hurt, and the more people complain, the more likely they are to ditch Ultraviolet.

    About how much does it cost to get an external modem and internet service for a computer?
    I have a mac laptop that is about eight years old. It does not have wireless service or a place to plug in a wireless chip. A couple of the arrow keys are also missing. I am trying to decide whether or not I should try to get internet service for this computer or if I should just buy a different inexpensive computer that can get on the internet wirelessly. Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      With that, all you can probably do is connect using the LAN cable. If you're not planning to do much, it will probably do. The thing is, the newer laptops even the one for about 300'ish, can do a lot more when you do get online. Like watch streaming movies, play some games when your board, or handle Photoshop or MS Office for your schooling or hobby needs. Plus, it's WIFI so you can connect at most public places like your school, etc.

      An external modem depends on the internet service, DSL or cable. eBay has used ones for cheap. Internet service depends on your area. I would recommend, getting the slowest speed and if it is too slow, ask the rep to upgrade the speed. Most of them will let you upgrade for free, without a penalty to the contract, but downgrading will extent most contract. Good luck.

    Do the download movies from Netflix have English subtitles available?
    I am not asking about the DVD rentals. I'm asking if I download movies from Netflix, will they have English subtitles/CC like they do on DVD's? I could not find the information on their website and don't want to subscribe if they don't. I don't have a DVD player with me right now, and just wanted to know. Thanks!
    Jimobasa: I mean watching it on PC from their website. I'm not referring to any illegal activity. I've already read the subscription plan.

    • ANSWER:
      You cannot download movies from Netflix. That would be illegal. What they do is rent out DVD's.

      How does Netflix work?

      Your movie rentals delivered
      Tell us what movies you want and we'll deliver them to you. Get DVDs by mail and instantly watch movies (some new releases) & TV episodes (including current season) streamed from Netflix to your TV via a Netflix ready device or online on your PC or Mac.

      Choose a monthly plan that's right for you
      We have plans that allow you to have anywhere from 1 DVD to 8 DVDs out at-a-time with most plans allowing unlimited DVD exchanges each month. Plus, all plans include the ability to watch instantly on your PC and all unlimited plans include the ability to watch instantly on your TV via a Netflix ready device. Click here to learn about other available plans.

      Over 100,000 titles on DVD
      Classics to New Releases to TV episodes and more.

      We have 100 shipping points nationwide and nearly 95 percent of our members receive their DVDs in about one-business day.

      Over 12,000 choices you can watch instantly on your PC, Mac or TV
      Instantly watch movies (some new releases) & TV episodes (including current season) from over 12,000 choices online on your PC or Mac or on your TV via an Internet connected Netflix ready device. This is a bonus to the DVDs you get by mail and is included with your membership for no additional monthly membership fee.

      There's no catch - really
      There are no due dates or late fees - ever!

      Try us for FREE
      Try us free for 2 weeks. If you enjoy Netflix, do nothing and your membership will automatically continue on the plan you have selected for as long as you choose to remain a member. See Terms of Use for complete membership and free trial details. You can also simply cancel your account before your free trial ends and you won't be charged.

      Starting your free trial
      Simply enter your email address, create a password, and click the continue button.

      Cancel anytime
      You can easily cancel anytime, online, 24 hours a day. There are no cancellation fees although there are no refunds for partial months.

      About us
      We're the world's largest online DVD rental service providing entertainment to more than 8 million members - and growing! Every day (Monday through Friday), we send over 1.8 million DVDs to our members nationwide. In fact, Netflix has been named the #1 retail website for customer satisfaction for seven consecutive surveys since 2005 by ForeSee Results.

      What is the selection like?

      Huge! We have over 100,000 DVD titles including new releases, classics as well as TV episodes. We also have over 12,000 movies (some new releases) & TV episodes (including current season) that you can watch instantly online on your PC, Mac or on your TV via a Netflix ready device. We are constantly working with the studios to increase the selection of both libraries.
      There are many ways to find great movies. You can search for great movies by actor, movie title or director. Or browse through hundreds of genres (movie categories). We also offer Recommendations based on how you rate movies. And of course, there are member and critics' reviews, top rented lists and special collections to help you find movies you'll love.

      How much do the plans cost?

      .99 a month - 1 DVD out at-a-time
      (Limit 2 per month)
      Instantly watch up to 2 hours of movies (some new releases) & TV episodes (including current season) online on your PC or Mac for no additional fee.
      Unlimited Plans
      .99 a month - 1 DVD out at-a-time
      (Exchange DVDs as often as you want) plus
      Instantly watch online on your PC or Mac or instantly on your TV via a Netflix ready device - all for no additional monthly fee. Instantly watch as often as you want, anytime you want.
      .99 a month - 2 DVDs out at-a-time
      (Exchange DVDs as often as you want) plus
      Instantly watch online on your PC or Mac or instantly on your TV via a Netflix ready device - all for no additional monthly fee. Instantly watch as often as you want, anytime you want.
      .99 a month - 3 DVDs out at-a-time
      (Exchange DVDs as often as you want) plus
      Instantly watch online on your PC or Mac or instantly on your TV via a Netflix ready device - all for no additional monthly fee. Instantly watch as often as you want, anytime you want.
      How many DVDs can I rent during my Free Trial?

      The number of DVDs you rent depends on a number of factors, including how quickly you watch and return each of your DVDs and which plan you have selected.
      On our most popular plan, the .99 a month plan, you can rent and exchange DVDs as often as you want. On that plan we send you three DVDs of your choice from your movie list (Queue). Return each one in its pre-paid envelope to get new ones from your Queue. On this plan, you can also instantly watch movies (some new releases) & TV episodes (including current season) online on your PC or Mac or instantly on your TV via a Netflix ready device.

      Click here to learn abou

    What's the easiest way to stream video such as Netflix from your computer to your TV?
    HP desktop computer HD flatscreen capable do this. What do I need exactly to stream video from my computer to my TV through WIFI?

    • ANSWER:
      Best way to do this is using a dedicated HTPC (home theatre PC) I am running a ZOTAC Mini connected to the 42" LG 1080P via HDMI and drive the TV with it for everything TV, Online services, and even movies off my own network and DVD's Via an external USB DVD/CD drive. I would really recommend NOT using a Wireless link (wifi) as they are not as reliable as the good ole' cat5... I have installed a number of these systems for friends and family running Ubuntu 10.04 and XBMC as the media center.

    Is there any online service that lets you download movies instead of streaming them?
    Not like Amazon which you pay per movie. More like neflix but downloading

    • ANSWER:
      If you want a serice like Nextflix or cable then you are out of luck, if they let you download a playable file then you would have to pay the full purchase price, like in Amazon or iTunes.

      Stream/ renting and purchases use different publishing licenses.

    Is there a service for online that provides online cable?
    I love cable just can not get the cable people to come to my home to far out.Is there a web site that provides online cable for a price.Thank you for you time.

    • ANSWER:
      No but NetFlix, Hulu and Amazon, among others, do stream TV & movies. You need a Roku player or a game box to do this with however.

    Did anyone else get their Argo movie stream cut off?
    I tried to find where to watch Argo 2012 full movie online stream at putlocker but when I tried the stream it kept freezing, very anonying let me tell you. Then it said on the screen that this website can't use our service anymore because they are blocking ads and the bitrate bandwidth exceeds the permitted amount!
    Does any know why this is happening to me? Is anyone else experiencing this?

    • ANSWER:
      Don't know about you but stop using putlocker, it is full of crap and not the HD quality you can find at a good site like below. / 1Ponka

      Its all in the latest in HD too, which is awesome!

    How do you access the movies you watch?
    I have a subscription to the rental service, Quickflix. It's only in Australia. It has some problems, but overall it is a great system.

    • ANSWER:
      Hey Josh :)

      I buy a lot of DVDs. I also use Lovefilm, where I have unlimited DVD rentals and online streaming.

      My boyfriend does download the odd movie too.

    is it illegal to watch streaming movies?
    I want to watch movies online like streaming, but Im a little worried it might be illegal for example I want to join the army soon so I need to know streaming movies is bad or not Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      im a navy SEAL and a USNA graduate so i should know~ even if it was illegal, and it's not, they wouldn't care. long as youve been a good citizen and doing what your supposed to as an american citizen u should be fine
      Thank-you for your future service and may be god be at your side.

    Can i get sued for downloading movies directly from websites?
    My web service provider is optimum online. Is it possible for me to get sued if i stream movies online and if i download them straight from a website?
    Please try to leave your sources

    • ANSWER:
      I don't have a source, but my understanding is you can get sued civilly for downloading movies. There have been quite a number of stories in the news about lawsuits filed against individuals who download music and movies. In terms of streaming movies, that one is likely still a question mark. There is no real way to know as streaming has become more popular in the last few years.

    Can anyone recommend an internet provider for a rural area?
    I am moving a little outside of city limits (Hollister CA) and all the main internet providers do not service there (ATT, Charter, Comcast, etc). Are there any good options? I use my xbox to stream movies through netflix and play online but It doesnt look like thats going to happen. Let me know. Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      on a cell phone??

    How can i download movies to my xbox 360?
    How can i download movies to my xbox 360 from my computer?
    I don't mean stream but physicly move the Date from my computer to my xbox so i can watch it without it being hooked to comp?
    Exactly NOT what i needed. I need to put thing ON my 360 hard drive not onto my comp.

    • ANSWER:
      You need your XBox 360 to be modified with a mod-chip before you play games or movies.
      Of course it can play any game of your own, and any movie (also DivX as you asked) as you wish after you get your XBox 360 mod-chip installed!

      It's a very mature technical now so it won't have problem if you get your XBox 360 modified.

      Also you can download any PAL or NTSC XBox 360 game as you wish online now.

      About the downloading and backup and copy games service: There are serveral sites providing such download services. They are very excellent on the contents, not only Complete big XBox 360 games like Metroid, LOR, American Idols and Guitar Heroes etc. But also many movies, XBox 360 tv shows, music and videos much more!!!

      All you need is to join one of those sites to download so many resources. So you can download all those media as you wish!

      And some sites can provide simple software help you to burn the ISO Games into DVDs, it is very easy and fast. After the instructions by them, you can go ahead to play those games you burned onto your XBox 360.

      Maybe a good review site to those download sites might help you very much on judging which is one is the best for you:

      Good luck and have fun with your XBox 360!

    How do I switch to pre-recorded video on a live webcam feed on a feed like uStream?
    I want to show a video while doing a live streaming webcast, but have no idea how to do it. I see it done all the time with just about every online service out, but I have no idea what it takes to accomplish this.

    • ANSWER:
      You can broadcast avi files created by the ‘Movie Save’ or ‘Time Lapse’ feature or even whole mpeg movies via the ‘Video Output’ feature using Skype or the Yahoo/MSN instant messenger as well. Please see the 'Video Device > Video Source > Movie’ option.

    Where can I watch the 1st season of Eli Stone online?
    The show seemed interesting, but i can't find it anywhere online. They always want you to download it and I don't trust those. Please help.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi there,

      Eli Stone is such a lovable character.

      You can watch the 1st season of Eli Stone by clicking the link in the source box.

      The application allows you to watch more than 60,000 TV shows and movies for FREE if you choose their basic version.

      They have no spywares and adwares, just good plain TV.

      They will only provide working links, in high quality, at download speeds you can only dream of when using Torrents or peer to peer services.

      And of course you can just stream and watch instead of downloading.

      Give it a shot,

    How long does it take a movie to be available on Netflix, Vudu, Hulu ?
    If a movie is In Theaters now, how long do you have to wait until you can find it in online streaming websites ?

    • ANSWER:
      VUDU is a PPV service so titles arrive the same day as their DVD/BD release. In some select situations they may arrive before the disc is released. It can take up to 10 years for titles to arrive on Netflix because of first run agreements with other distribution channels. Netflix has made some first run agreements of their own. Titles from DreamWorks, FilmDistrict & The Weinstein Company will arrive immediately after their DVD/BD exclusivity period ends. Hulu is not making any efforts to get wide release titles from major distributors. They have decided to focus on niche films via the Criterion Collection.

    Does watching videos online take up space on my computer's memory or cost extra?
    I am using Perlico broadband, and I have heard from somebody that uploading/watching lengthly videos online takes up memory on the hard disk, and also that there is a limit to how much videos you can watch until you start paying extra in your bill. I am reluctant to believe this without further proof. Does anyone have an answer to my question?

    • ANSWER:
      Watching movies online is the same as downloading them, except that instead of being permanently downloaded and stored on your hard drive ("storage"), they are downloaded temporarily, usually into RAM ("memory"). That's the definition of 'streaming' anyway, and it's important not to confuse the terms "memory" (which is your temporary storage, RAM) and "storage" (which is your permanent storage, like a CD or hard drive) as they are two completely different things.

      Even if the streamed video is saved to hard drive, it's only a temporary file and will be deleted automatically eventually. So no, streamed videos don't take up permanent storage space. Yes, they take up memory, as does everything you run/use on the PC. But memory is reused anyway, and gets cleared when it loses power, so it's no problem.

      What you're actually concerned with, however, is Bandwidth. Bandwidth is any data that is uploaded FROM your PC to some other device on the internet (called uploads or upstream data), or is downloaded TO your PC from some other internet device (called downloads or downstream data).

      Bandwidth is what your internet service provider (ISP) provides to you. Now, as to their method of charge, it varies.

      Your ISP may give you unlimited internet access. Meaning you can upload and download as much as you want over the billing period (usually a month) without any problems.

      Or, your ISP may provide you a set amount of data allowance (eg, 10 GigaBytes), and after that you get no more internet until the next billing period.

      Or, your ISP may give you a certain data allowance, but slow down your speed after that, until the next billing period where it resets to full speed.

      Or, finally, your ISP may give you a data allowance, and charge you for any data transferred after that allowance, usually at a certain number of cents (or the equivalent in your local currency) per MegaByte.

      These are just some of the plans that ISPs may provide. Some ISPs will provide one of these billing methods, some will provide any combination of them in different plans. To make matters more confusing, ISPs will have different plans for different speeds - the more the plan costs, the faster MAXIMUM speeds you get. I stress maximum, because your ISP cannot guarantee you will always get those speeds. Also, if the plan has a data allowance, you will pay more for a higher data allowance. Finally, if there is a data allowance, some ISPs count only downloads, some count uploads and downloads combined, and yet others will charge either uploads or downloads depending on which amount was higher.

      Of course, since you're the one who's actually paying for this service, don't you think it would be wise to already know all this information? Do you often pay for a service from a company without knowing fully just what it is you're paying for? It's not like anyone on Yahoo Answers is going to know what billing plan you've chosen to use with your ISP, do you think we're psychic or something?

    how can i watch videos and movies from my computer to hdtv?
    is there some sort of cord that i can buy ,like (ethernet) cord or something where i can hook it to my lg hdtv and hook the other end to my cable modem and be able to stream movies and videos from my computer to the hdtv? without buying one of those wii boxes? if so, how do i do it? thanks so much.
    i have a desktop pc with windows xp proff.

    • ANSWER:
      You can buy boxes such as Apple TV (the new one, if it is out), or Roku, to watch some compatible content from your computer or participating online sources.

      Some TVs do have network/Internet media players built it, which it will be basically as simple as connecting Ethernet to your router.

      Neither will play content your computer is receiving online though. They have to connect to the service themselves, or play content already on your computer.

    How much money will be incurred just for browsing using bsnl?

    This is the first time I'm going to use bsnl. I know i can search about different plans from their website. But I need to know from existing users about their experience of using bsnl. How fast is the service? If you use bsnl just for browsing, then how much bill do you get per month? Does the bill cost more if you use more, that is, if you browse always? What about watching movies online, will it lower the speed and cost more?

    • ANSWER:
      Let me first answer abt the Speed it May give u maximum of upto
      2.mbps - Browsing (will be bandwith you choose)
      256.kbps - Download
      now all depends what kind of bandwith you choose.
      For me it costed Rs.500 for the first 2 months and now from past 3mths it averages Upto Rs.1200 monthly it all depends upon ur usage and plan you go for.
      Serv and Maintaince is Pathetic what do u expect from a run by Govt.
      YES the bill will be more if u use it all the time at a higher bandwith. my Suggestion if u are gonna just browse and do that all the time go for an unlimited package with a lower bandwith so here u wil pay less but u will not get the speed u desire...Downloading movies or Streaming Online will be Difficult here ..
      if you have any further Question Reply me....
      But dont 4get to Rate and Vote my answer.

    Is there a way to intentionally slow my internet?
    I'm looking into getting a 3.0 mbps dsl service in exchange for my current comcast service. Have about 5.0 mbps service now & just looking for a program or something that can slow my internet speed down to 3.0 or 1.5 mbps for a bit so see the difference.

    • ANSWER:
      There's a couple ways to go at this. If your router has Quality of Service (QoS) settings, you might be able to set the maximum throughput to one of the machines (by MAC address or IP address) to 3.0 or 1.5 Mbps. Unfortunately, not a lot of home network router/firewalls give you that much control over the rule set. Some will let you set certain machines or applications (by the port they use) to "Low" or "Normal" QoS, but not a specific number. If you happen to have an old router lying around, you could try downloading and installing DD-WRT from . Check the compatibility with your router at

      There are also software-based traffic shapers (which is technically what you are looking for) that let you set specific numbers to specific machines assuming the machine the shaper is running on is the gateway (i.e., router/firewall) to the network. You would probably need to set up a machine as a test gateway. It would have to have at least a pair of network ports, but a lot of motherboards do have two. These programs exist for both Windows and Linux. For Windows, try and for examples. They may have trial versions that last long enough for what you want to see.

      Remember though that throughput isn't everything. Latency and ping times would also be a thing you'd want to test. Latency is a measure of how long it takes traffic from your PC to reach the server, for the server to process the request (if it chooses to process it at all) and for the response from the server to travel back to you.

      If you are a big online gamer, latency is usually much more critical than throughput. Games tend not to send large packets of data like streaming movies do, but instead send lots of time-critical packets to the server containing things like where you are moving, you just clicked the trigger, etc. For example, suppose your throughput is 50 Mbps and you stream an HD Netflix movie to your Xbox. If you actually get 50 Mbps, that's great. You pause the movie to go get a coke. When you come back and click play, it takes five seconds for the movie to start up again, but so long as once the flow of data starts, the throughput is maintained, your movie plays well. You think your ISP is wonderful.

      However, in gaming, if the latency on that 50 Mbps is bad, it takes a long time for the packet generated from your PC to reach the game server. If the latency is too bad, by the time your packet with the information that you moved here and pulled the trigger reaches the server, it may be too late for the server to use that information to score a hit from you. If you have the same five seconds delay between pressing the trigger and it reaching the server that you had when pressing play and the movie starting back up (as in the example above), you get killed and the zombie doesn't get a scratch. Likewise, if the data coming back from the server (that indicates what others are doing such as shooting at you) has bad latency (even though the size of the packet is small), you might see them "teleporting" from place to place and you're dead before you even know you're being shot.

      If you assume that the server processing time is fairly constant (which is somewhat incorrect since you have no accurate way of determining server load), then all that cable or DSL affects are the travel times to and from the server. I know a lot of people that moved from cable to DSL because their latency improved dramatically. They can't stream movies quite like they used to (although 3 Mbps does pretty well there, too, if there isn't a lot of contention from other people in the house), but they also don't spend the entire round of Left for Dead 2 taking a dirt nap.

      You can also use the ping command to test the round-trip time to the server, but ping messages are often given preferential routing treatment and are therefore, better times than you should expect for real traffic. Unfortunately, I know of no way you can do test that short of measuring it now with Comcast and then again later with DSL. Really, the best way to test latency for gaming is to choose a server (preferably with all "bots" except for you and on the same map[s] so that constants server load is assumed) before and after the switch and then measure the difference with a monitoring tool.

      The bottom line is 3.0 Mbps versus 5.0 Mbps might make you a happy camper if latency is the reason your are moving (or it might not if the DSL provider's latency is worse) or it might make you miserable if Limewire is your only reason for living (i.e, throughput is your primary need).

    I am thinking about getting a ps3 slim when it comes out what are good features that ps3 has?
    I all ready own a Xbox 360 i think its better but i was wondering what ps3 has to offer besides that they have internet browsing and free online what else do they have.

    Also don't waste my time saying xbox sucks just answer the question

    • ANSWER:
      Well, for one thing the PS3 is a whole lot more powerful than the 360.

      In terms of hardware, the PS3 features built in bluetooth, wifi, and blu-ray disc capability, as well as the expected CD and DVD playback. It is able to handle up to 7 controllers at a time (though I only know of one game that actually uses this. =p), and uses a standard USB accessory cable for charging. Older models of the PS3 also have built in flash card readers for SD cards, Memory sticks, and Compact Flash.

      Many of its accessories are also much cheaper. For example, the PS3 uses a universal 2.5" harddrive (same as laptops). Since this technology is common and widely used, it's much cheaper. Translation: You can get a 320GB PS3 HDD for just over half the price of a 120GB 360 HDD. And since it's a regular 2.5" drive, you can buy an enclosure and use the old drive as external storage, or pop it into a laptop.

      The PS3 also supports many accessories via bluetooth. You can pair various headsets and keyboards with it, for example. It's also possible to wirelessly stream content from a media server, if you have one set up in your home.

      On the software end, you've got the already stated internet browser and free online service, as well as excellent photo viewing support, and the ability to back up most of your content to an external drive. The PS3 also features Playstation Home, an social networking application that allows you chat it up with other PS3 owners in various themed locales (such as a desert area themed after RE5), partake in game-specific events, watch trailers or interviews, play various games and challenges, and gather parties to launch right into certain games. Many games nowadays unlock special content for your avatar in Home.

      You've also got Life with Playstation, which is a light news and weather forecasting app, as well as a client for Folding@Home, an ongoing project to help researchers better understand protein molecules.

      Furthermore, on the PS Store, you'll find original games, PS1 games, and PSP games available for download, as well as hundreds of free demos, trailers, themes, and wallpapers. On the video side of the store there's the usual TV shows, movies, and other video content available in SD or HD for download or rent. Nothing too different from the Live marketplace.

      If you have a PSP, you may find the PS3's Remote Play feature to be useful as well. Remote Play allows a PSP to connect to the PS3, which opens up all sorts of options, such as the ability to use your PSP as a PS3 controller, or output PSP games to your TV.

      Continuing on, the PS3 also has trophies, a system conceptually similar to the Achievement system, though slightly different in execution. Also, unlike Achievements, all disc-based PS3 games have a platinum trophy that is unlocked by getting every single other trophy in the game, providing an extra incentive to go that extra mile to get more trophies.

      With a strong understanding of software, it is also possible to install Linux on the PS3.

      There you have it. That's most of the features I can list off the top off my head.

    Comcast has 3 different internet speed services. Can I live with the lowest one which is economy?
    I need internet and comcast is the only provider where I live in indianapolis. They have three different levels or speeds, economy and then two above that that are more expensive. They claim that the lowest speed or economy as they call it is faster than DSL. Anybody have any comments about the economy speed at Comcast? Is it fast enough?

    • ANSWER:
      It depends on what you are doing online.

      If you mostly just browse the web, send the odd email, keep in touch with friends on Facebook or twitter, then the economy tier is probably fine.

      If you like watching streaming videos on hulu or youtube a lot, you might want to stick with their mainstream 6 Mbps service. Also, if you upload a lot of files like pictures or videos, or download a lot of software, then you'll also benefit from the faster service.

      I'd recommend their highest and fastest tier only if you are uploading and downloading lots of large files (like high resolution pictures, movies, videos, documents) or if you routinely connect to your office from home over a VPN and need to access lots of files over your corporate network.

      One last consideration is if you are sharing your internet connection between several computers in your home. If lots of people in your house log on and use the internet all at the same time, then you'll probably want to get a faster tier that will accommodate everyone all at once. If, on the other hand, it's just for you and one computer, then the slower tier is probably fine.

      Two things to note:

      1) Comcast is in the middle of upgrading their internet service to DOCSIS 3. This means that customers on the 6 Mbps and 8 Mbps service will have their speeds increased for no extra charge. Customer on the economy tier won't. So if you are currently on the 6 Mbps tier, you will start getting more for your money shortly (probably within a year or so if you haven't already)

      2) If your main concern in online gaming (like World of Warcraft or similar games), be aware that increasing your bandwidth will have very little effect on the performance of the game. Game performance is far more dependent on a completely different metric called "latency", which is unaffected by the tier you subscribe to.

    How good is the Netflix online selection?
    I just canceled my cable TV. I think that On-line steaming Netflix can be as good as my old cable TV but I'm not sure about that.So my question is ...
    What type of movies are in the Netflix on-line service?
    Where can I check all the list of those movies without applying for the Netflix?
    Can anybody give me and example of 4 or 5 great movies on Netflix online service?
    Thank you : )

    • ANSWER:
      I did the same thing a few months ago and have been using Netflix Watch Now. The selction is mostly older or 'B' movies but they do have classics and some newer ones. I watched '...Spotless Mind' a while ago. They also have History Channel Docs and other special interest videos. There is a great search by category and genre feature and the movie quality is better than any other download or streaming source I have found. I have unlimited movies for .99/month and I also get 3 DVD'd at a time. In Atlanta, I get the movies in about 2 days turn around time. I think it is worth it.

      If you find someplace better, let me know. I also rent on-line at Movielink. Great quality but takes a little while (20 mins or so) to download. I cain't wait until the networks start broadcasting on the internet.

    How to convert 1GB files for free website online video to audio convertor?
    How to convert 1GB files for free website online video to audio convertor
    1GB into other movie files. MUST BE free. MUST BE online.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know any free online services that handle files that large. You might have to use a browser plugin to allow you do download a streaming video to your drive, then use a converter app.

      I routinely use the free
      to convert multi video training courses to audios to play on an iPod.

    What satalite Internet company should I use?
    I live far enough away from the city that AT&T's Internet services don't reach us. I have direct tv, and I was wondering if their satalite Internet was any good. Is it fast, and is it easy to use? Can it be used to stream videos and movies? Is it fast enough for online gaming? I need help on the subject, and would appreciate any help.

    • ANSWER:
      Satellite internet is slower than the slowest DSL.

    Poll: How often do you use specific technologies/gadgets and what for?
    How often do you watch television live?
    How often do you record shows?
    How often do you watch television shows online? Do you use a computer, notebook, cell phone, TV, or tablet?
    How often do you watch YouTube? Do you use a computer, notebook, cell phone, TV, or tablet?
    Do you have a Netflix account? Do you have a Netflix app? Do you only live stream?
    Do you use illegal streaming sites to watch movies and shows? If so, how do you prevent viruses?
    Do you use AdBlock?
    Which browser do you use?
    Which search engine do you use?
    How many email accounts do you have? What do you use each for?
    What social networking and bookmarking sites do you use? What do you use each for?
    What question-answer sites do you use? What do you use each for?
    Do you blog?
    Do you keep calender events in your cell phone or computer? Do you sync?
    Do you have a smartphone? What kind? What service? What app store do you use? What are your favorite apps (navigation, sms, weather, etc.)?
    Do you download music, stream internet radio, or both?
    Do you connect your cell phone to your car speakers?
    How often do you video call? Do you use a computer, notebook, cell phone, TV, or tablet?
    Do you research exclusively online?
    Ever attended online school or college?
    How often do you play video games? What game console do you use?
    Do you play computer games?
    Do you print photos on your printer? Can you print from a camera or cell phone?
    Do you have a portable wifi device?
    Do you read electronically? If so, what device do you use?

    • ANSWER:
      I watch live TV daily, mostly because I don't have an HD-DVR from my provider, or other other means to record form them in HD, and only record in SD on my TiVo if I have to, or for channels/content that are SD only.

      I record with the TiVo (from my provider) almost daily, and from ATSC (using tuner in my PC) a couple times a week.

      I don't watch current shows I can get from my provider online, except as a last resource.
      I do watch older stuff, often BBC stuff, from Youtube. In any case, online TV watching is most often through a PC on my TV screen.

      I don't have Netflix or any other pay online service. I do not use illegal streaming sites. Just Youtube, and official network sites.

      No adblock or anything like that.

      I use Chrome and Google mostly. I use IE/Bing to use Bing maps and their aerial feature.

      I have two email services. One web, one ISP, the ISP used when I have to for services that do not accept web based Email.

      I use just Facebook, just to keep in touch with family and social contacts.

      I don't blog

      I don't calendar electronically.

      I have no cell phone even.

      I mostly listen to old fashioned broadcast radio, but have a collection of MP3 files ripped from CD or analog music sources.
      I do connect my MP3 player to larger sound systems, which may or may not include car audio, home radios/stereos, or PA systems.

      I don't video call, or college, or do heavy gaming, or much gaming at all really.

      I do work/hobby related research online or if I have the books, there.

      I don't do much photo printing. I can print from the camera to the photo printer.

      Portable WiFi hotspot device, no. I have a netbook computer, but due to battry issues may not be considered portable.

      I read PDFs and websites on my computers. I have no tablet or ebook reader, at this time.

    Whats the fastest internet for someone who live in the middle of no where?
    I'm moving tomorrow and realized I cant get cable internet at my new house. I need internet fast enough to stream movies and play my xbox online. Who would be the best provider?

    • ANSWER:
      Dialup - Cheap, but way too slow. Not really an option.

      Two-way satellite internet - I've heard bad things about this, but it's been available for awhile now so I'd guess it's not completely useless. The latency sucks, but there's no way to get around it and I'm not a gamer so how bad can it be? Do I go with Direcway or Starband or GroundControl or are there other companies? I've heard stories that some services throttle bandwidth or charge per GB. Also kind of expensive. Gotta sign year+-long contracts.

      Phone company says that we're out of range for DSL, but get the DSL modem anyway and see if it works.

      Get the phone company to drop a DSL-ready line from the trunk to the house. This is probably expensive and would take time to convince the phone company to do.

      T1 line. Expensive.

      Wifi antenna pointed towards a wireless access point somewhere in DSL land.

      Run cable coax from nearest cable subscriber's house several miles away.

    What is the best way to view Live Internet TV on your computer?
    I want to watch Live Sports in particular on my tv. I will pay for Internet TV service, not necessarily free. What are the best options?

    • ANSWER:

      Instantly Turn your Computer into a Super TV

      Now you can watch hundreds of LIVE worldwide channels on your PC, free of charge:

      Kids Channels
      + Radio Stations and much, much more!

      You can also watch the Big Games LIVE without any additional fee or subscription!

      Tired of missing the Big Game because your cable company doesn't carry it?

      Are you a sports fan who wants LIVE coverage daily? With this offer you are likely to be satisfied by the large range of events/games covered by our network.

      Stop paying for high-priced cable or Satellite services! Watch LIVE Games (even the games that are not shown elsewhere) - with our software!


      Watch TV in English, Spanish, German, Arabic, French, Italian, Russian, Dutch and more!

      You may also browse world TV by regions or by country name.



      +PLUS MUCH MORE!!!




      PERFECTLY LEGAL: 100% Legal - Guaranteed!

      IT WORKS ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD: U.S., U.K., Canada, Japan, India, Russia, etc. Connect To A Whole New World Of Online Entertainment.

      NO EXTRA HARDWARE OR TV CARD REQUIRED: There is no need to buy extra hardware equipment or a PC TV card because the TV channels are streamed through your internet connection. You just need an internet connection (the faster your internet speed the better picture you will get). It even works with a 56k connection. (A Broadband connection will deliver superior audio and video quality).

      VERY EASY TO USE / NO PC KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED: Just install the program and click - then instantly watch International satellite channels on your PC! It only takes a few seconds...

      NO SUBSCRIPTIONS NEEDED & NO RECURRING CHARGES... EVER! Get all the entertainment you need for a one time payment of only .99!





      Get over 3000 Stations for a small one-time fee.

      Once you have bought the software, you have nothing else to pay... EVER!

      You won't be disappointed...

    How to fix Dell Inspiron 1564 overheating problem?
    I have a Dell Inspiron 1564 laptop.I brought it before 8 mouths ago.I can't watch movies without a cooler.I want to fix that problem immediately.

    • ANSWER:

      Listed below are some of the reasons for system heating issue:

      1. Watching a DVD/Blu-ray.
      2. Streaming online video.
      3. Watching or Interacting with Flash Content.
      4. Playing high end Video Games or Online Games.
      5. Using near a heat source or in a hot environment.

      The system that you would normally experience if the system is overheating is random shutdowns, system locking up, and system freezing and random reboots.
      I would recommend you to please check the vents on the computer to see if they are covered with dust and not allowing heat and air to pass through. Using a Laptop on a hard, flat, non-cloth surface will increase airflow and reduce heat from underneath and inside the system. You may try these steps to clean the vents of your laptop:

      1. Turn off the system.
      2. Unplug the AC adapter and remove the battery. For instructions on how to remove the battery see the service manual.
      3. Use compressed air to blow the dust out of the vents. Do not use your mouth to blow the Dust out of a Laptop. If using a can of compressed air, use the can according to the directions on the side of the can as you can cause damage to the computer if used incorrectly.

      Also, an out of date BIOS can cause heat issues by having an outdated temperature table for the system. You can download the updated version of BIOS for your system from this URL

      If you need assistance in Downloading and Installing Drivers or BIOS, please click

      Hope this helps in resolving the issue and you are able to use the system without any problem.

      Thanks & Regards
      Vishal S

    Where can i watch to movie Rez Bomb online?
    I came across this movie and have been searching high and low for it online since but I can't find it anywhere. Where can I watch it online? Please help! and thanks in advance.

    • ANSWER:
      Rez Bomb is not available yet for streaming legally anywhere but shall be available around the turn of the year on some of the main services. The Special Edition DVD with almost 4 hours of extra documentaries etc is available from and a couple of other sites and retailers at the moment with more to follow. Thanks

    Which has better online viewing capabilities; Netflix or blockbuster?
    I would like to get the instant streaming of movies onto my PS3 but I don't know if I should go with blockbuster or netflix. I don't even know if blockbuster has an online database. If blockbuster does, is it as large as Netflix's? Any advice would be welcomed.

    • ANSWER:
      I have Netflix and it is a very good service and pretty cheap only a month to rent any movie i want

    What is the best online movie website,for example netflix or blockbuster?
    Does Blockbuster offer instant movies that you can watch like Neflix does

    • ANSWER:
      I say go netflix. I currently have both services. blockbuster 3 at-a-time and 5 in store exchanges / month. Netflix 4 at-a-time and unlimited live viewings /month. prices run fairly competitively however each has one perk that the other doesn't. blockbuster you can return (with the right plan) movies to the store in exchange for a free rental. netflix you can stream movies directly to your computer. unique advantages for both. however i've noticed (just my personal experience not necessarily everybody) that with blockbuster the turn around time is horrible. with netflix i can send a movie via usps monday they receive it tuesday and i have a new dvd on wednesday. with blockbuster i send a movie same day monday, they MIGHT receive it tuesday, but not normally before wednesday and i'll be lucky to have another dvd by friday. i have only one time had a turnaround with blockbuster that took 3 total days from shipping to receiving, most of the time 4-5 days. with netflix i have never had a turnaround take more than 3 days. i may not always get the new releases through either because of the demand, but my que is quite substantial so that i never have to wait to see SOMETHING that i want to. this is my opinion with both services over several months comparison.

    Is the price increase still in effect for Netflix?
    I got an apology letter from Netflix for their abrupt change of service with little explanation. Of course it was for more money. Everything is money. But do the 2 still separate (streaming/DVD's?) Is the price still more or less doubled if you keep both.

    • ANSWER:
      The price increase is 'already' in effect. i'm already being billed for two different subscriptions, download and disk.

      The email i got today states that disk and download will be come 2 different companies. download = netflix. disk = quikster.
      i forsee that their share price will be in the heavy red this afternoon. their stock price has taken a dive within a week to about half it's value.
      this is really a huge change upsetting a lot of people including myself.

      most of what i watch is download, but it took me years to build up my disk list, which will all be lost when the two split completely. if they would merge my disk list titles over to my download list in a forcasting feature, i'd be okay with the switch, but i haven't read any sort of thing like this happening.
      when i get home today, i will be researching other ways to get titles to my house. i hear that walmart is supposed to have a setup like netflix and blockbuster might still be in the online movie business. not sure.

    How to download “Batman: Gotham Knight” that came with Batman Arkham City?
    I pre-ordered Batman: Arkham City for the Xbox 360. The game came with “Batman: Gotham Knight” as a download. I tried to redeem the code but it did not work. Is there a certain place that I have redeem the code to stream “Batman: Gotham Knight”?

    • ANSWER:
      There is nothing wrong with your code. It's for an online video service called Ultraviolet, but you have to register for an account there to use it. The address is in the source.
      Just to warn you, though, the site sucks. You have to stream, which means you can only watch it with an internet connection. It has a link to download the movie, but you have to install an adobe program and a "flixster viewing app" to download them. Not even worth it, imo.

    Are you going to cancel your Netflix subscription?
    I am canceling mine due to the outrageous increase of 60% (second within a year). It is estimated that 40 to 41% will cancel and change to HULU (free) or HULU Plus, Crackle (free) and Amazon (free with their Prime Service). Their streaming is no longer going to be combined with the mail DVDs.

    Do you plan to cancel? If not, why not? Haven't we had enough gouging by corporations?

    • ANSWER:
      I have already canceled my Netflix acct. I originally had the cheaper service where you just stream the videos, and it seemed that the never had any of the movies I actually wanted to see- and the ones that they did have online to stream were from Starz on demand and were older. I checked two months ago to see if they had any of the Harry Potter movies for my sisters, and all the movies had to be ordered on discs...

      I have Direct Tv, and it was cheaper to order their movie package with HBO then keep Netflix with the price increase.

    How can you go over your internet bandwitch?
    Ok I here all the time about people going over there internet band witch and there bills is extremely high over it... how is that?! can that happen to me? I have home broadband and I always stream movies from and download programs and videos/ songs from Itunes is it possible that can happen to me? going over my band witch limit?

    • ANSWER:
      Call your ISP and ask what your download/upload limits for the month are (if you don't already know). Some services allow you to check your usage in real time so you may be able to monitor it online.

      You can also ask your ISP what your usage last month was (and for previous months) so you can guage whether or not you are getting close to going over your bandwidth limit.

      If you go over your limit ISPs will usually either:

      (a)reduce your speed (even to dialup speeds) This is called shaping.
      (b)Charge you exorbitant amounts for each mb you download after you have reached your limit.

    Is it better to go with a Blu- Ray player or a HD movie downloading service like Apple's iTunes movie store?
    I'm debating whether I should get a Blu Ray player, or just purchase HD content from iTunes or similar stores online and stream them to the TV. My Macintosh computer is nearby my HDTV, so getting a cable to it would not be a problem, so AppleTV is out of the question (it's unnecessary in my book, i could get a storage drive for much cheaper separately.) What do you think?

    • ANSWER:
      I recommend Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper for you
      Pavtube Blu-Ray Ripper is a powerful and dependent DVD and Blu-Ray DVD Buckup, Ripper and Converter which enables you directly to copy your DVDs or Blu-Ray DVDs on your hard disc for playing, to rip and convert your Blu-Ray DVD movies and general DVDs, even the protected DVDs and Blu-Ray DVDs, into other popular audio and video formats like AVI, ASF, MPEG, MP4, WMV, MKV, MOV, FLV, SWF, RM, 3GP, AAC, AC3, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA, M4A, etc to playback on your beloved portable players such as iPod, iPhone, Apple TV, Zune, Blackberry, PSP, Creative Zen, Xbox, etc. And you need not install AnyDVD any more.


    What is this thing on spotify where you can see what spotify thinks you've been listening to the most?
    Every week on his YouNow, Dan (youtuber danisnotonfire) usually gives us an update on what spotify thinks he has been listening to the most each week, then he tells us whether it is accurate (and for him it's not very accurate and that is why it's a running thing each week on his YouNow, because it's kind of funny).

    Is it an app? If yes what is it called? I want to try it.

    • ANSWER:
      spotify free,
      spotify login,
      spotify premium code,

      Ad related to spotify

      Get Spotify - Find your favorite music on Spotify.
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      Spotify - Mobile Apps
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      Get Spotify - Find your favorite music on Spotify.
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      Free Spotify Download - Listen to thousands of songs online!
      Download Spotify now for free.
      Free online music
      No downloads required. Use Rdio on any web browser.


      Free Spotify Download - Listen to thousands of songs online!
      Download Spotify now for free.
      Free online music
      No downloads required. Use Rdio on any web browser.
      See your message here...

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    How does the kindle fire work?
    I'm looking to buy a kindle fire but it is a little unclear if the books are downloaded and you can read them off-line later, do they stay as long as you dont delete them? Also, I will be useing the amazon prime service which seems to have different stipulations.

    • ANSWER:
      Books that you buy are yours. And other Kindles that you have registered on that account will be able to read any of the books that you have bought with that account.
      The reason Amazon Prime is different is because it comes with a lending library. Books that you get from that will have to go back and then you can't read them any more. The same is true of when you use your local library's online library. (That's how I get all my ebooks for free.) Amazon Prime does cost about but gets you the lending library, deals on ebooks, and all the free movie streaming to your device that you want.

movie streaming services online