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Frequently Asked Questions

    what is the best website to stream movies?
    I'm looking to stream the movie: Ted. I'd like it to be in good quality. Know any good sites?

    • ANSWER:
      Movie 2k gives you alternate sites if the quality is not good:

      Ted is this link:

    Is watching a movie for free on movie2k legal?
    I'm not asking if the site itself is legal, but I am asking if I myself can get in trouble if I watch some movies on it.

    Is it like lymewire where you can get sued big time?

    • ANSWER:
      No, it's not illegal to watch, but it is illegal to download, burn to DVD and sell for profit.

      The only thing is a lot of online streaming sites have problems with viruses and stuff like that, so you've got to be careful with that. Movie2k has a reputation for being relatively safe, but you should still have your safeguards up.

    Does anyone know were I can whatch the new hannah montana movie?
    I whatched the hannah montana movie at the cinema and realy whant to watch it again. My friend whatched it free online but I dont know the site.

    • ANSWER:
      free streaming video it should be on the front page

    Are there any free movie sites left?
    I've been looking for a site that can stream any movie that's been released for free right on your computer. All the sites I've seen claiming to provide this require surveys to enter. Is there a site that is survey-free that provides all the above?
    Oh and no downloads either, so no to Dan, sorry.

    • ANSWER:

    Why can't i watch streamed videos on my computer?
    Youtube videos do play. But once i try to watch a movies on a different sites like : movie2k, 1channe1 ,megavideo etc the movie wont play. Why is that? How can i fix this problem?
    It's been happening for a while now.
    Btw i do have the latest flash downloaded.
    If you can please help i 'd really appreciate it. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Try other browsers. If they don't work then delete cookies, temp files, cache and try again.
      To make it easier, use the free Ccleaner at
      Also, check your internet speed

    Is there a way to watch movie that are in theaters online?
    Free or not I don't care. I am willing to pay. There is no movie theaters near me.

    • ANSWER: - All you need to do is go on the site, pick the movie you want to see (make sure there is a smiley face not a frown face), under stream 2k and click the play arrow on the picture with the girl. You can watch the movie on your computer or get an RCA cable and hook it from your computer to the TV and you can watch on television.

      I watch new movies all the time and don't let those thumbs down bother you, I have a feeling that people do this just for kicks.

    Looking for a site that streams Japanese movies with English subtitles. Any Recommendations? ?
    Mainly looking to watch films by Takaishi Miike, such as the films Zebraman one and two, and Yakuza: Like a Dragon. I've tried, Direct links would be highly appreciated.

    • ANSWER: maybe or if you want to download

    What type of internet connection is necessary to watch movies real-time?...What connection is ideal?
    Why can't buffering get it right?..
    Hughesnet, satellite

    • ANSWER:
      First of all I do not know what kind of internet connection you have. If you have DSL than its too slow to stream movies really well. I have cable internet thru my cable co & I have no problems at all streaming & downloading movies. So my advice to you is change internet providers if you can. Also I have one tip for you when it comes to buffering movies. Press the play button & let it go for about 15 to 20 seconds then pause it. You will see a darker color bar growing in the bar. This just means that the longer you let it go (I recomend atleast 20 to 30 min depending on length of the movie) the better chance you have of the movie playing continious and therefore eliminating the annoying buffering. One site I recomend for movies & tv shows is. This site is totally free!
      I hope my suggestions help you!

    what are some websites that i can watch free movies online?
    I would like to watch movies online and theres alot of web sites that say its free but it ends up not to be so can anyone tell me what website is actually free to watch movies online?

    • ANSWER: (my favorite)

      hope it helps :)

    What is the best movie streaming site?

    • ANSWER:
      I like :) I often watch movies on this site. Movies tend to stream fairly quickly and there is a big selection.

    Where can I watch the boondocks online?
    Where can I watch the boondocks episodes online?

    • ANSWER:
      Not sure what the boondocks is, but you can try it is a great site for streaming online movies/videos but I'm pretty sure it's illegal

    How do I watch something on Filenuke?
    How do I watch something on Filenuke without having to download it

    • ANSWER:

      It links out to every site on earth that hosts video for every movie on earth. Basically its like a netflix that is unlimited. It also has some of the shitty cam ones for movies that are in theaters still. Point being though, filenuke is one of the places it links to. It links directly to where you can stream it.

    Any good free movie/show streaming sites?
    I wanna good website that doesnt make me sign in and i just want to watch it not download. And it would be good if it worked in other countries too. Thnx

    • ANSWER:

    i am trying to watch streaming movies on movie2k and other tube sites .?
    and either the movie wont stream or it will just go in circles for a long peroid time what to do.

    • ANSWER:
      You are probably on a mobile device that doesn't support it, you need to update flash, or you need to update your web browser.

    Do anyone no where I can watch free online movies?
    but please no websites where I have to download the movie and somewhere that has the new movies when they come out

    • ANSWER: I swear to you there are no annoying scam surveys, you don't have to sign up for the site, you don't have to download, nothing! You just click on any movie (Out on dvd or in the theater) and stream 100% free! It's the only site i know that's easy and exactly what i was looking for when i was in your position a few months ago.!!

    Is it illegal to use movie2k?
    The site does have full movies and all that, is it illegal to use it??

    • ANSWER:
      You're getting copyrighted material for free. So yes, it's illegal.

      Will anyone care if you stream a movie? 99.999999999999999999999999999999999 times out of 100, no

    A site where i can watch film?
    I'm looking for a site where i can watch film in streaming with sub. I dont wanna sign in or download the film . Can you help me?

    • ANSWER:
      Movie2k, if the movie has the putlocker link then go for that link.

    where can i find a good streaming movie website that doesn't give me problems?
    i've tried novamov, movshare, sockshare, (which sometimes works) but most cites leave me with annoying pop-ups that "take-over" the screen or things i need to download or sign-up for. anyone please?

    • ANSWER:
      Those are all spam sites you mentioned. Check your computer software for virus. Those sites are notorious for dumping bugs on your computer.

      Really the only games in town are Netflix (still the best),Amazon, and Hulu -Hulu has ads

    where can i watch free movies without downloading them?
    can anyone please tell me which sites i can just go on and watch a film without down loading thanks

    • ANSWER:
      solarmovies and movie2k both give you links to streaming sites like Putlocker, where you don't have to download anything

    Where i can download movies without waiting,torrents,ads and for free?

    • ANSWER:
      For the question you asked, yes there are lots of ways you can download movies for free without waiting, without using torrents, ads and registrations. Whether it is legal or illegal something else. But you can use free streaming sites like , to stream or download. If you have a good internet connection you don't need to download any of them just stream it. If you need to download just use a flv downlaoder software like internet download manger or real player etc. Flv files are very small compared to other files usually around 300mb so it is the quickest way to download without loosing the quality.

    Where To Download Breaking Dawn Part 1?
    I really want to watch The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 and can't wait until the DVD comes out. Does anyone know where I can download the full movie for free? I don't care if it's the shitty blurry one. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      Downloading it is kinda risky. Just stream it (kinda like YouTube. Less chance of a virus.) Here is a link for Breaking Dawn: Part 1.

      The quality is pretty good. The site has other movies, too.

    Any suggestions for action, comedy or SCI-Fiction movies?!?
    " i wont stream online, i only need names of good movies and i will download them.

    • ANSWER:
      Aight go to this website and at the top type in any movie u want then exit out of all the adds and play the movie....i would suggest THE CAMPAIGN its hilarious...but dont worry about the adds its just the only way the site can make money since theyre lettin u stream free movies.

    what a good site to stream movies on ipad?
    i want to stream movies on my ipad like ted and the art of flight anynsuggestons

    • ANSWER:

    Please I Need A New Movies Link I Used To Love Watching Streaming Movies?

    • ANSWER:
      Try movie2k. They stream brand new movies and ones that aren't out yet. They also let you know if the copy they have is a good one or not. If the smiley face is smiling its good to go

    How to download videos from and it's mirrors?
    Tried using Real Player, but there was no little tab thing on top. Right clicked on video, there was Uppod Any help is appreciated

    • ANSWER:
      Most likely they have disabled downloads of movies because it is illegal and most large free-streaming movie sites were taken down. Movie2k is still there though. You see, in a way, its technically not illegal for Movie2k to do what they do because they mostly just provide you with links to other sites who have hosted the movie. But once they offer you the ability to download the movie, not only has Movie2k became illegal in the US, but you also broken a law and subject to full legal prosecution.

      I dont know for sure because I try not to illegal things to get me in trouble, but I'm not sure how to download on movie2k. my best impression is they have it blocked because many people have asked this

    Are there any sites online that you can stream movies?

    • ANSWER: fast and without any advertising

    Is there another site like movie2k?
    So I'd like to watch movies without paying for them or downloading. Is this legal? And also I don't know if you're familiar with movie2k but you can do that there, but the loading on most movies is so terrible, they are impossible to watch.
    Is there another "type in the name and watch it" sort of site?

    • ANSWER: and you can watch them online without downloading. the reason most people download them is because they are terrible to stream.

    Where to watch ted online?
    I really want to watch the movie Ted, ive been looking all over the internet and i still cant find anywhere to watch it. I dont mind downloading anything as long as its not graboid. i dont want to download any viruses and i really hate surveys so could someone tell me a good and easy website where i could watch ted?

    • ANSWER:
      Hey if you do not want to download it and just want to stream it heres the link to the movie just click play and it should NOT give you any viruses i have used this site before and its pretty safe

    Can some on PLEASE tell me a reliable site where i can download good quality movies no signup just a quick....?
    ...easy way to download movies

    • ANSWER:
      There's no easy way that I know of without a signup or a monthly/yearly fee... just stream them instead!

      Try these (for series, movies and anime (not hentai) in that order : )


    Why wont my pc play streamed movies?
    youtube is working fine. but site like movie2k,1channel,novamov,megavideo arent loading movies

    could it be my internet connection/?
    i have the latest flash downloaded

    • ANSWER:
      What add-ons do you have installed in your browser? Some add-ons can mess with that.

    where can i download films free?
    i want to download some films ive tried bit torrent but its takes ages does anyone no any websites that are quick easy and free?

    • ANSWER:
      Well i suppose Torrents are the safest way too download movies. You can se limewire or frostwire to download software and movies etc. or, these are the only ways i can think of, but to watch movies i have loads of sites here just for you.

    what site can i use to watch streaming tv show or movies online for free like

    • ANSWER:
      ice films
      z movies

    Good links for free online movies i can watch on my kindle fire?
    I love watching movies and my kindle has quite good picture so i would love some links to sites where i can easily stream good quality videos on my kindle for free. Movie2k does not seeem to work on kindle. Shiloh x

    • ANSWER:

    does any know were i can watch free movies on the internet?

    • ANSWER:


      brand new movies in theaters are on those sites too. but you have to stream them as you watch them

    Anyone know any sites to watch free movies?
    I am looking for a good site to watch free movies with no subscription and quick streaming, anyone have any ideas please? x

    • ANSWER:

    Any good websites for movies?
    I'm not looking for a download. I'm more of a instant satisfaction type. So only streaming sites please. I usually use ,but they don't have the movie I want to watch: "The Social Network". So If you have used a site to watch that movie link me it. Much obliged, Ryne.
    Any streaming movie website would be of use.

    :) Win

    • ANSWER:

    Hi everyone :) could you help me with my "movie-problem"?
    Hi! I'm an Italian girl. I'd like to watch movies in English, in order to listen to the original language and try to understand something... XD So, could you tell me some good sites of streaming? I can't find them in English... :( I'd like something like "Guardafilm" but in English, not in Italian!!

    Oh, one more thing: I love Naruto Shippuuden, and I'd like to watch it in English too. Can you help me? Thank you so much!!

    • ANSWER:

      Non posso aiutarLa per quanto riguarda "Naruto", ma un buon sito e' Movie2K. Si deve cercare un film specifico ma la maggioranza dei film di linguaggio inglese potrebbero essere trovata la'.

      Spero di aiutarLa!


    What safe movie websites can i watch the new horror movie dark skies on ? Its not on movie2k yet , is it good?
    No spoilers please ! Looking forward to watching it , thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Rather than watch via a movie streaming website, its much easier to comfortably download the entire movie yourself and delete when finished watching.

      Download Utorrent

      The search for the movie on popular torrent sites:


      And enjoy

    what's a good streaming movie website for new and old movies?

    • ANSWER: very good site

      you will have to download DivX this is for the high quality movies it want harm you computer

    Where Can I find the movie 'Submarine' for free online?
    I'm looking to stream this online. I don't want to enter my credit card into any sites but I also don't want a virus/malware filled site (such as
    Any help will be greatly appreciated!
    Extra Info-
    Title: Submarine
    Produced by: Ben Stiller
    Directed by: Richard Ayoade
    Soundtrack by: Alex Turner (<3)

    • ANSWER: Putlocker and sockshare links are the best but if they aren't there, try gorillavid or daclips. Ads will pop up in seperate windows, but they won't leak viruses. Don't sign up for anything just click 'free user'.

    i live in the UK. is it illegal to watch movies on " ?
    i know the site is illegal. but as an individual, will i face any prosecution for streaming them here in the uk?

    • ANSWER:
      No. There are hundreds of thousands of people watching from illegal streaming sites that it would be impossible to regulate or persecute people.

    Megavideo link for Dream House?
    Hii, i wanna watch the new film, 'Dream House' starrin Daniel Craig. I started watchin it on putlocker but every few minutes or so the film stops, and i have to pause it for a while. I heard that megavideo is better at streaming, so can anyone give me the link?

    • ANSWER:
      Well megavideo and the other megas like megaupload has shut down due to copyrights when SOPA/PIPA was happening, you know like sites being censored.So the best way is to choose one of this options:

      - Type in " Watch Dream House Online " at a search engine and click search
      - Try to go to this link :
      >>TIP : Click the play button, new tab will appear, if the video doesn't work go back to the tab before and click "NEXT LINK"
      - Download the torrent file of this movie, you can search it at google
      - If you give up on searching click this link :
      >>NOTE : I usually watch movies there :)

    Okay so there was this movie website that let you watch movies, it was called 1channel or letmewatchthis. Recently it was put down due to what ever the hell happened. I really want to watch december boys but because 1channel is unavailable i tried going on to different sites such as movie2k, however this movie site isn't able to show me december boys right up front (i have to download it via some HD bullshit) so you see i can't view the movie. Do you know any other movie websites that haven't been put down or that actually have the movie? That would be great, thanks for your help.

    • ANSWER:
      It's down because the FBI is cracking down on those sites. I agree with them, it'd be nice to see less theft on the internet.

    Free streaming sites for movies and tv.....?
    google these ...

    movie2k, tvmuse, PFTV

    Have fun - any others would be much appreciated by the world!

    • ANSWER:

    Find MTV Carmen and Dave streams.?
    Hi !

    I woke up this morning really wanting to watch MTV's Til Death Do Us Part Carmen and Dave

    I'm not good with computer, so I dont know where to find the streaming sites that would allow me to watch it. Can you help me please ? Thank You 😀

    • ANSWER:
      WOW! i used to watch all have certainly brought back some memories there for me...Take a look below ;-}


      If the top 2 dont do it for you...go here>>>>>>>…



      Enjoy ;-}

    Is a virus site?
    If I stream movies will i get a virus on my computer
    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      See Pulsar's answer in this question:;_ylt=Aj40RKVYIF_rm6kWXhTFICQw5XNG;_ylv=3?qid=20121130090233AAikjNi

    Where can I watch Terminator Salvation?
    No Survey sites please, and if u don't know if the movie is on the link please don't post it.
    still no movie on any of these sites

    • ANSWER:
      you can't get arrested. try this site: it is a free streaming video

    is this website piracy?
    movie2k? my little brother goes to this site and watches movies for free. i cant find this to be legal, is it? will it give my computer a virus?

    • ANSWER:
      Movie2K just links to various websites that stream movies. It's not illegal, but the sites making the movies available are violating certain copyright laws. It is unlikely that you will get a virus from watching streaming video, but it's always a good idea to have an up-to-date anti-virus program like NOD32.

    Why is watch-movies not Working????
    And if it is not hosting link anymore where can i go to watch STREAMING movies?????????

    • ANSWER:
      go to one of these

    I need your help ( movies)?
    What are some sites I could download movies from? Please
    Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      why do u need to download to stream movies
      click on the green button though and u can also download vids there too

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