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Frequently Asked Questions

    what are the top three movie streaming services aside from NetFlix "watch instantly"?
    Are there other movie streaming sites on the web that allow movie streaming on demand? What are they and how do they match up to Netflix?

    • ANSWER:
      Note: You will need an IP address in the respective county to access these sites. You can get a foreign IP address at this website:

      Apple iTunes & Amazon are the best - but you pay 'per movie rental'. There are no subscription 'all you can watch' programs (except for Hulu Plus - but this more for TV shows , but have some Movies)

      1. iTunes -
      2. Amazon VOD (USA) -
      3. Hulu Plus (USA) -
      Fancast (USA) -
      BBC iPlayer (UK)-
      SeeSaw (UK) -
      iTV (UK) -
      4OD (UK) -
      ABC (Australia) -

    I would like to stream The Rocky Horror Picture Show to my iPhone ?
    I have searched many iphone/ipod movie streaming sites but I can't seem to find The Rocky Horror Picture Show anywhere. Can someone please give me a good site so I can stream on my iPhone?

    • ANSWER:
      netflix ...theres an app for it any you can get a 1 month free trial!

    Where to watch movies online FREE but LEGAL?
    So Im in love with Ryan Reynolds and found one of his movies called Buried that I really want to see but I cant see anywhere to rent it. Does anyone know a legal movie streaming site?

    • ANSWER:
      That's a very contradictory question, seeing as you can't watch films without having to pay for them. The only exception is a free trial with lovefilm or netflix, depending on where you live. Just remember to cancel the account for the former before the pay day!

    How can I download movies to an android tablet?
    I just got an Android tablet that's running Anroid 3.2. It comes equipped with DRM. I'd like to bring this tablet on a plane to watch movies so I need to download them, not stream them from a site like Netflix or Amazon.

    How can I store a movie on my tablet to watch when there is no internet?

    • ANSWER:
      Naa you can't find em on the android market, all you need is just to download the movies you want for your tablet's resolution why don't you request that here:

    Poll: How often do you use specific technologies/gadgets and what for?
    How often do you watch television live?
    How often do you record shows?
    How often do you watch television shows online? Do you use a computer, notebook, cell phone, TV, or tablet?
    How often do you watch YouTube? Do you use a computer, notebook, cell phone, TV, or tablet?
    Do you have a Netflix account? Do you have a Netflix app? Do you only live stream?
    Do you use illegal streaming sites to watch movies and shows? If so, how do you prevent viruses?
    Do you use AdBlock?
    Which browser do you use?
    Which search engine do you use?
    How many email accounts do you have? What do you use each for?
    What social networking and bookmarking sites do you use? What do you use each for?
    What question-answer sites do you use? What do you use each for?
    Do you blog?
    Do you keep calender events in your cell phone or computer? Do you sync?
    Do you have a smartphone? What kind? What service? What app store do you use? What are your favorite apps (navigation, sms, weather, etc.)?
    Do you download music, stream internet radio, or both?
    Do you connect your cell phone to your car speakers?
    How often do you video call? Do you use a computer, notebook, cell phone, TV, or tablet?
    Do you research exclusively online?
    Ever attended online school or college?
    How often do you play video games? What game console do you use?
    Do you play computer games?
    Do you print photos on your printer? Can you print from a camera or cell phone?
    Do you have a portable wifi device?
    Do you read electronically? If so, what device do you use?

    • ANSWER:
      I watch live TV daily, mostly because I don't have an HD-DVR from my provider, or other other means to record form them in HD, and only record in SD on my TiVo if I have to, or for channels/content that are SD only.

      I record with the TiVo (from my provider) almost daily, and from ATSC (using tuner in my PC) a couple times a week.

      I don't watch current shows I can get from my provider online, except as a last resource.
      I do watch older stuff, often BBC stuff, from Youtube. In any case, online TV watching is most often through a PC on my TV screen.

      I don't have Netflix or any other pay online service. I do not use illegal streaming sites. Just Youtube, and official network sites.

      No adblock or anything like that.

      I use Chrome and Google mostly. I use IE/Bing to use Bing maps and their aerial feature.

      I have two email services. One web, one ISP, the ISP used when I have to for services that do not accept web based Email.

      I use just Facebook, just to keep in touch with family and social contacts.

      I don't blog

      I don't calendar electronically.

      I have no cell phone even.

      I mostly listen to old fashioned broadcast radio, but have a collection of MP3 files ripped from CD or analog music sources.
      I do connect my MP3 player to larger sound systems, which may or may not include car audio, home radios/stereos, or PA systems.

      I don't video call, or college, or do heavy gaming, or much gaming at all really.

      I do work/hobby related research online or if I have the books, there.

      I don't do much photo printing. I can print from the camera to the photo printer.

      Portable WiFi hotspot device, no. I have a netbook computer, but due to battry issues may not be considered portable.

      I read PDFs and websites on my computers. I have no tablet or ebook reader, at this time.

    Can you download the streamed movies from netflix?
    I'd like to record the streamed movies from netflix to my personal dvd player so i can watch on my home tv? Can I do that with netflix streamed movies? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      With the right software (or if u know how to write your own code) ANYTHING that is streamed to your computer can be captured.

      Just like with youtube and all those other sites, u can probably find software to capture items from netflix also.

    What are some safe, free movie streaming sites on the internet?
    My Netflix account is acting up so I can't watch any of the movies from there. Are there any sites that won't harm my brand new computer?

    • ANSWER:

      most of the links you will get will be spam, just a warning. This is the only one that works for me. It links to other sites like loombo and megavideo. Very navigable site. Ive been able to find almost every movie i've thrown at it. There are some really unheard of ones that it doesn't have, but a lot that it does. I bet it has what you're looking for

    Any good movie streaming sites minus the pop ups and downloads?
    I'm quite tired of the pop ups and downloads. My netflix is currently acting up so I was wondering if anybody knew any good sites with out the above mentioned problems? Much appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      try it out
      Hope it helps

    How often do they add new movies to Netflix?
    Also what are some good funny movies on Netflix.

    • ANSWER:
      they add new movies every week, but most of the time they aren't ones you would even want to watch. I got rid of netflix a long time ago due to this. So many free sites that stream a lot more than netflix, and most have blu-ray versions weeks before netflix/redbox.

    On an iPad how can I stream Netflix movies and videos outside the US?
    As you guys know, you need to be in the US to access Netflix. So is there something I can use or install in my iPad to bypass those IP restrictions? I urgently require a fix that works on the iPad.

    • ANSWER:
      Use an iPad-compatible VPN like HidePad:

      I have been using it for the past 1 year to stream Netflix and other US-based streaming video sites in Australia.

      A VPN lets you securely unblock websites outside the US and can be used on your iPad. It's a popular option in several countries around the world including China, UAE, Switzerland, even the UK and Canada. It is also more secure than a proxy because it protects your IP address and supports anonymous browsing.

    Is watching TV and Movies online illegal?
    I want to know if watching movies or tv under copyright online is punishable by law. I know for one downloading movies directly to your hard drive is a offense, so is uploading them for people to download. But what about the video streaming sites that allow you to watch them? I'm not talking about the legal sites like Netflix etc.
    As your not paying for the film are you breaking the law? Has anyone ever been caught for copyright infringement because they watched a movie that's still showing in cinemas online?


    • ANSWER:
      Streaming or downloading is exactly the same, legally. Streaming from an unauthorized site is just as illegal as downloading from such a site. IF the site is legal (as netflix, for example), then it's not an issue. But you can assume that if there is no cost to stream, it is NOT legal.

    What are good movies netflix has on there streamlive version?
    I stream through my ps3 and I can't for the life of me find anything to watch lol. Do you know any good ones that are on the live stream part of the site?

    • ANSWER:
      Party Monster - Enter The Void - Paranormal Activity - Paranormal Entity - SLC Punk - (( Interview With A Vampire )) - (( From Dusk Till Dawn)) - The Lost Boys - Clerks - (( Reservoir Dogs )) - (( Jackie Brown )) - (( Pulp Fiction ))

      The Double Bracket ones are personal favorites of mine, and the rest are good movies I've seen on Netflix or have seen before. ( All of the Double Bracket ones are movies by Quentin Tarantino very good director, except for Interview With a Vampire, Despite the bad title is actually pretty good and has alot of recognizable actors really good :).

      If you like Martial Arts movies try Ip Man its about Bruce Lee's trainer when he was young living in China when japan was invading, really good.

    How do I get netflix movies to my laptop?
    I recently subscibed to netflix & I can't figure out how to watch them on my Toshiba laptop. The netflix site needs a code to stream to computer but i don't know where to find it. I'm running the newest ie and Windows7.

    • ANSWER:
      Go to:

      Log in under "member login" in upper right corner.

      Click on "watch instantly".

      Pick a movie, hit play.

      That is all there is to it. You do not need an activation code to enable streaming on a COMPUTER. The code is only for other Netflix-enabled devices such as Blu-Ray players.

    What is a good site for streaming free movies to my pandigital supernova tablet?
    I want to download or stream movies to my pandigital supernova tablet. I know for free I will not get the latest and greatest movies. Thats ok I just want to see somthing other than Youtube.
    I know in the Details I said "download or stream" but I realy just want to stream. I know about torrents. but I want streaming like Netflix or Hulu, both of which are not supported.

    • ANSWER:
      The Super Nove will stream movies with the Netflix app. Try looking for the Netflix app at

    How to stream HD movies on Amazon/Netflix without a compatible TV?
    I am baffled that you have to have a compatible TV to stream HD on Amazon or Netflix. I have a full blown brand new 1080p TV but it is not a "compatible" TV to stream HD movies from these sites apparently. How can this be? Is there a workaround to this?

    • ANSWER:
      The issue is certain manufacturer's do not support 1080p from Netflix. Most major brands now support 1080p. LG, Samsung, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sharp, Sony and Philips all support it on the 2012 and later smart models. If you do not have one of these brands the only workaround would be getting a device like the Roku XD or XS.

    How to unblock US movie websites on an Apple iPad from abroad?
    I don't live in the US, so certain US-only sites like Hulu and Netflix are restricted from streaming on my iPad. I know there's a workaround for this that involves changing my IP address but I don't remember what it's called. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      That workaround is called a VPN or Virtual Private Network. It's a secure, encrypted tunnel that helps you unblock US-based movie and video sites from abroad. I have used it to watch American TV shows and movies in Canada, UK and parts of Asia.

    How do I get rid of the ad box on netflix streaming?
    There is an ad box when I stream a movie on netflix and it pushes the video down so I can't use the controls...I can't even make it full screen. This is highly irritating! HELP!!!
    Thanks, I ended up installing firefox - using a different we browser was what worked.

    • ANSWER:
      Okay i have google chrome (im not sure it is the same of mozilla but try it out) and it did the same to me. and it was saying something like this ad had nothing to do with this web site. anywayz... if it happens to you again right click on the ad and click inspect element when you do that a task bar will pop up and say elements, resources, network. when it pops up just press back space once or sometimes twice. the ad will be removed immediately. I hope it works for you, and fyi you can do it on most website, just not all. oh and and other thing is you have to right click on the tiny arrow on the box or were it says ads not by this site

    What are some new movies on Netflix that you can watch instantly?
    Please don't give me movies that you have to get on dvd only movies you can watch instantly..and only newer movies not old. thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Instant Watcher is a good site for seeing what streaming movies are out on Netflix. They have a page that shows movies by release year if you just want new ones -

    When i rent movies to watch NOW from NetFlix or any other source, the movies stop and will not start again. Wh?
    Even if I am streaming a movie from a P2P site, or legitimate one, the movie only plays for about 5 minutes to 8 minutes and then stops completly. It gets stuck on 'buffering', there is no seconds clock count down while re-buffering, and it will not play again at all. Do I have a virus or other?

    • ANSWER:
      I donot know.
      But if i were you i would stop using that service

    approximatly how many movies are avalible for streaming on netflix?
    just wondering quality and around how many movies there are to stream for netflix.


    • ANSWER:
      Watch as often as you want, anytime you want
      Streamed instantly to your TV via an internet connected Netflix ready device
      Over 12,000 choices - movies (some new releases) & TV episodes (including current season)
      You still get DVDs by mail
      Plus, you can also watch movies online on your PC or Mac!

      Information directly from Netflix site

    What 'FREE' movie streaming sites work best for my ps3? or help me sort a problem with my current site?
    I've just tried 'ps3flashmovies' via the 'ps3divx' link which is pretty good. The only problem is there is a rectangle box to the right of the viewing screen that says 'upload to 200mb' and offers a browser.
    Other than that the picture is perfect.
    Does anbody know how to get rid of it, or know a better site?

    Many thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know any I just use NETFLIX to watch all my TV shows and movies on the PS3.

    How do I watch a movie online with my friends without Skype?
    So we want to watch a movie or show that's being streamed on like netflix or another site together at the SAME TIME; with us all beig able to talk/ message each other etc. Is there a way to do this without Skype?

    Also willing to use DVD's not just streaming but streaming is preferred.

    • ANSWER:

    Where is the recently viewed category on the Netflix PS3 streaming disc?
    The movies I have viewed already have showed up on the Netflix site under instant watching activity. Though the category is not there on my PS3. Is there something I'm doing wrong?

    • ANSWER:
      There has recently been problems with Netflix, i do believe its down for a temporary time, will be about a week till its back up.

    What internet speed is required to stream movies from LOVEfilm?
    Hi I have a ps3 and a computer and I was wondering what minimum speed is required to stream movies over the internet from websites like lovefilm etc..

    Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      If you get a few meg you should be fine, how are your videos on youtube? Do they buffer? With sites like Love Film and Netflix the picture quality automatically adjusts to to speed of your connection.


      Fast connection - Great picture quality
      Slow connection - Not so good picture quality

      Go to to see what speed you are getting.

      Hope that helps :-)

    Can you do simultaneous streaming on Vudu?
    On the Vudu video streaming site, can two people sign in at the same time on the same account from different locations and watch the same movie, like on Netflix? Does it charge you twice?

    • ANSWER:
      Try to google it if you can. I think I've seen a forum or two that are about this, try checking them out. Sorry I'm not much more help. I hope you found your answer. If it's possible, try getting help from a professional. JS

    What are the differences between the two Netflix options?
    i am planning on getting netflix, but there are the two options.. The one where you can watch instantley on your Mac, PC, & TV, or the "Add Unlimited DVDs" option.

    So does that mean on the standard, you cannot watch unlimited dvds? :/ Sorry this may be stupid but can someone explain? Haha.

    • ANSWER:
      Exactly. The standard option only allows you to stream movies. You will have to upgrade if you want to take part in the DVD retal aspect of the site.

    Is streaming a movie the same as downloading?
    I have Directv Satellite Internet. I can download 12 thousand MB for a rolling 30 month period. Will watching a movie on Netflix streaming use a lot of that?

    • ANSWER:
      Streaming isn't the same as downloading.
      When you download a movie, it's stored on some kind of disk;
      when streaming, it's sponsored and played from or on a site.

    Is there a site where i can watch trainspotting?
    I been wanting to watch it again for a while now. netflix dosnt have it unless you have the dvd sent to you and i dont want to do that. any good movie streaming sites out there? I dont mind if it costs a little but free would be nice too? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      Very illegal, tut.

      If that one doesn't work for you, you should be able to find one that does on here:


    What is the best website to rent movies from?
    Places to rent movies and instantly stream them on you computer... Not netflix, their selection is a bit old. A site that has new movies to rent and stream... thanks :)

    • ANSWER:
      Hulu has a lot of videos to stream

    Why most good movies in Netflix are only available in DVD?
    I have an account with Netflix for streaming movies on my PC or TV. I'm very happy with the service, but why most of the good movies I'd like to see are only available in DVD? I'd like to ask Netflix but there's no options available for questions in their web site.

    • ANSWER:
      Not every movie and TV show is available for Instant Streaming. Netflix has to buy the rights to stream the movies and TV shows they have and can't just play everything. They could be sued for copyright infringement and other things if they did.


    What is a good site to stream movies and tv shows?
    Looking for good quality, legit, site. Lots of variety and quantity. Premium account with subscription is perfectly fine. I want shows like the current season of Entorage, Weeds, Criminal Minds to the old stuff. From new release movies to the classics. Something better than Netflix's streamable selection.

    • ANSWER:

    How many gigabytes is an online movie?
    I am wondering if anyone knows how many gigabytes are transferred when you watch an online streaming movie from Netflix.

    I have Comcast and am worried about hitting their stupid limits if I say watch one movie a day or something like that.

    • ANSWER:
      Depends on if you watch HD or regular.

      Check this site out to see how big movie files are:

      If you are worried about hitting limits, download movies from them, but do not select the HD ones. When not HD, the movies is generally about 1/5 of the size. (800MB)

      I have Comcast too and watch about a movie a day from this site, but rarely HD. I also have my phone through the net, and my wife is also online with her computer. So far we have never hit any limits.

    Are there any sites like Netflix that stream HD movies or a site I can buy and download HD movies?
    I dont mean those flaky free sites, I wanna pay for the movies, but I want the to be HD. And I want to stream them, or download. Thanks friends.

    • ANSWER:
      Itunes, you have to download the itunes program first though

    Can you watch movies on a Kindle Fire when you arent connected to internet?
    Im thinking about buying a Kindle Fire. I know you have to be connected to interenet in order to download the movies. But once they are, do you have to remain connected to watch them? Example: I want to be able to let my daughter watch movies or tv shows in the back seat while Im driving.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Caitlin, be prepared that the video playback is not going to be great on Fire as it is one low-juice device and not a real media tablet. Nook Tablet is much better without a doubt, it's a class above Kindle Fire. You should do own research and read online reviews on Kindle Fire before ordering one - there's a lot of complains from people who got the device that many Kindle Fire units have faulty Wi-Fi and people have a lot of issues connecting to internet. Also, Amazon's own web site has hundreds (over 1200 so far) of reviews of Kindle Fire's new owners that gave it 1 or 2 star reviews because of choppy/laggy experience they got from this underpowered device.
      Other reported issues are that Prime movies can't be downloaded, only streamed, making them impossible to watch without Wi-Fi on Kindle Fire. Also, on Fire when the Silk internet browser is pointed at the Android market, it reverts to the Amazon market with much more limited content. Touchscreen is being reported as having a sluggish response. Slower and jerkier than expected web browsing thus no benefit from Silk browser. Power button is badly placed, leading to accidental turning off of the device (a lot of complains about this one).
      All pro reviewers on the web clearly voiced that Nook Tablet is a much better device with superior performance compared to Kindle Fire. Nook Tablet has been getting rave reviews and it is the best device in it's class. It's got Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Angry Brids, etc., the best battery life, the best non-glare laminated screen, double the RAM and space for apps/photos/movies, microSD slot and a microphone for Skype (not on kindle), physical volume controls on the side (not on Kindle), very smooth video playback with excellent screen, and very fast apps load.
      Sample review:
      Laptop Mag
      Whether it’s the bigger amount of RAM or just more mature software, the Nook Tablet feels a lot faster than the Fire. Where the Fire often seems sluggish and, on our tests, often failed to respond to our taps until we hit an icon two or three times, the Nook Tablet was always smooth and responsive.

    How do I put movies I like on my xbox netflix?
    I just got netflix for my xbox and some movies on there I don't ever want to watch, and I know some movies I want to watch that I don't have on my xbox netflix. I just want to know how to change my movie selection.

    • ANSWER:
      With the Xbox, you still need to log into Netflix's website with your computer's web browser and manage your queue. Keep in mind that not all movies on Netflix's site can be watched via streaming. Only those that offer a "Watch Now" button can be streamed. Also, Netflix will automatically mail you the first movie on your queue, so arrange your queue so that movies you can stream are lower down. This way you won't waste a DVD on those, and you'll still be able to watch them through your 360.

    what are the different of websites that i can link to my netflix to get more free videos.?
    I barely have any sites added to my netflix so that leaves me with very little videos to watch. Are there any sites i can link to my netflix?

    • ANSWER:
      It seems that you don't fully understand how Netflix works. It isn't something that you "add sites to". Netflix offers movies in two ways: streamed to your computer or other device or on DVD-by-mail. You can choose to subscribe to streamed, DVD, or both. They have thousands of movies so I can't see why you think that there are few movies available.

    What License is required to show movies online legally?
    Hi everyone. Im planning to open a private membership movies site to be shared with my fellow college mates...but im confused which license to get in order to make the website legal. Can anyone give the idea what license to get and where to get them easily?? Will be great if you could also include price quote.

    p/s: it'sa membership site where admission is charged and number of members is up to 10k.

    • ANSWER:
      Well I'd go along the lines of what Netflix does. Which is you buy a license from the company you wish to get the movies from which allows them to be shown online. To be honest I have little to no idea how you could accomplish this on a small scale, physical renting I think you can do without a license cause ordinary people can buy their own redboxes. I think that if you want to find out what kind of license you need you should try contacting a federal agency through phone or email, try also contacting Netflix and asking their customer representatives how they attain licenses to stream movies online.

      UPDATE: After a little digging I found this try and check it out, it sounds like what you may be looking for.

    Why is Netflix quality different when streamed through Roku vs. Sony Blu Ray Player?
    I have a Roku HD box and just bought a Sony Blu Ray BDP-S390 knowing that it could stream Netflix, too. I was hopeful I could return the Roku box and recoup my , which I still can, but I noted the Roku streamed movie looked a little better than the same video streamed through the Blu Ray. Why?

    Both devices are hooked up to a HDTV. The Sony is hooked up via a 13.1 gbps Insiginia HDMI. The Roku (currently) is hooked up via RCA cords to the TV interface on "video" setting.

    According to Netflix, Netflix streams at 720p to the Roku HD (even though I bought it under the assumption it streamed at 1080p -- miffed about that), while Netflix sites that it streams to the Sony BDP-S390 at 1080p.

    So, with the HDMI cord and the higher resolution, I thought the Sony streamed video would outshine the Roku, however, the Sony video was darker and the coloration was off. The movie was Thor. I ran each side by side on the Roku and the Sony and switched back and forth on the Input setting on the TV and was surprised.

    (However, I should also note, another movie I streamed -- an animated flick with an HD by its title -- looked amazing on the Sony.)

    So what gives? I will let you chew on that and see what kind or suggestions I might get. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      I would venture to say that the variances you note have more to do with bandwidth and settings on display devices than any difference in signal. I watch Netflix on 2 TV's, 2 laptops, 2 desktops, 2 tablets & my cell phone (OK, I just realized... that's enough devices to be really stupid). Accounting for size, the image quality is quite consistent & varies only with bandwidth availability.

    What is a reputable site to download movies to watch offline, I want to put on android tablet?
    I want to buy or rent movies, to download them not stream them.... also then once I have them on the pc how do I put them on the android Tablet. Can I buy them directly in an Mp4 format?

    • ANSWER:
      Netflix and Hulu offers the best movie rentage or purchase online.

    What are some good movies to watch on netflix?
    there is a big selection of movies and i can't decide on what to watch. I am into romance, comedy, and drama.
    Any suggestions of what's good on netflix instant streaming?

    • ANSWER:
      Four Lions is pretty good for a dark comedy and spoof. Super troopers, notting hill, grumpy old men and overboard for comedy. Doctor Zhivago (the old one), breakfast at tiffany's, where dreams may come, and the last of the mohicans for romance. The fighter, billy elliot, 21 grams, and cleopatra for drama.

      I hope that can start you off.

      If you want to make it easier, I would suggest going on the netflix site, and you can choose what you like the most if you get the chance by clicking on suggestions you might like and giving them a score of what you like.

    How many devices can you connect to a Netflix account?
    I wanted to connect my laptop to my family's account. And if I do that, will they be able to watch movies if I am watching a movie?

    • ANSWER:
      On their site they say you can have "up to six unique authorized Netflix ready devices" or

      They do allow up to two devices to stream concurrently (at least for now).

      So you shouldn't have any trouble streaming on two devices.
      There is a glitch with a device/stream limit message that pops
      It usually randomly appears and disappears.

      I'm guessing it usually happens when the site encounters problems.

      Below is their customer service # if you run into any problems or or

    What movies are available on Netflix that involve eating disorders?
    I am more interested in it being about anorexia, to be specific, but any eating disorder is fine. I would LOVE if it were a movie that were an Instant Play (i.e. streaming from the site, can watch it on the XBox 360/PS3/computer). Thanks!!!

    • ANSWER:
      There is a documentary called Thin, it follows four anorexic women. Don't think you can stream it though.

    what is the best way to stream movies on a ps3?
    I have Netflix but am thinking of getting rid of it and getting a different service with more selections or adding another service to watch TV shows. I know that netflix works but what some other good companies or sites that work on the PS3? Do Hulu and Amazon work? I don't have the PS3 yet and am not an experienced user so I need something relatively easy to figure out haha.

    • ANSWER:
      PS3 only supports Hulu Plus. I haven't yet found a set-top box that supports plain old Hulu unfortunately.

      However, I've been using TVersity Pro on my PC to send a stream to the PS3.

      TVersity basically takes any form of media and just streams it to your PS3, 360, or other set-top box. It will re-encode the data into a format that your device can understand. This is great since the PS3's video support is pretty small.

      To use TVersity, you will need a PC, a PS3, and a fast home network. I do not recommend using the PS3's wireless adapter. Its antenna is not very good, and has trouble getting a strong signal from the router compared to my (ancient) laptop that's in the same room. A weak signal will cause problems hiccups with streaming. I used to get problems with TVersity and the PS3 until I put the PS3 on a wired connection. Much better.

      You will install TVersity on your PC and use it as your media server. The PS3 will detect TVersity automatically and display any media TVersity knows about. For instance, I added some shows to my queue on Hulu. Then I added my Hulu account to TVersity. Bam. Now the PS3 can see my Hulu queue. I select play and after a few seconds, the show starts up.

      Not bad for . The free version of TVersity does everything but allow you to add internet sources, so you'll probably want to get the Pro version like I did.

    When I'm looking at my Netflix Watch Instantly queue, how do I tell which movies can stream in HD?
    When I use my DVD player to view my Netflix Watch Instantly queue, it tells me which movies are in HD and which are not. When I log in to Netflix on the web, I can't see this information anywhere. Does anyone know where I can see the quality of streaming movies without launching each movie?

    • ANSWER:
      We were just discussing that in the dvr/tivo section. I don't see it on the web site but when you launch Netflix and your queue comes up, it's listed on the bottom left next to the ratings. I'm assuming that nothing listed is SD.

    Any other Netflix users effected by the Playstation Network ?
    My husband and I attempted to watch an instant streaming movie over the weekend, but I had a feeling it wouldn't work because of the playstation network being down.
    Needless to say, the playstation wouldn't connect to Netflix. Does anyone know if Netflix is going to release a statement about it or anything? I know they had nothing to do with the problem, but I feel their business might suffer from the problem as well as Sony.

    Thoughts? Anyone have any info on Playstation or anyting else?

    • ANSWER:
      There is a simple solution to this, go to the "hackingnetflix" web site. Don't worry, it isn't hacking in the bad sense. They have a simple solution-- turns out you can watch streaming netflix after all.

    is there a site to stream blu ray movies to your tv besides netflix?
    We streamed a film from netflix the other day for the first time on our new tv.The film did not look like it was in hd? Im thinking netflix only mails netflix blu rays in the mail but does not also stream them is there a website that's streams blu ray?.maybe one you don't have to be a member or join i just want to watch some blu ray without having to wait 2 3 days for the mail to arrive.

    • ANSWER:
      netflix does not stream 1080p content (1080p == the resolution of blu ray). HD != bluray. it can be anything 720p or over. also, not everything netflix streams is HD. when you start the stream, it will have an "HD" icon if it is. generalli'd say the streamed, HD movies look worse than DVD quality but still reasonable.

      the selection of streamable movies on netflix is really sad. the movies are mostly old and B quality. too bad, it's a great service otherwise.

    How can I delete titles from the Recently Watched section for Netflix PS3 instat streaming?
    I would like to know if it is possible to delete titles from recently watched. I have a PS3 system, and I ensured that my children that are coming over cannot access PG-13 and R movies. However, it seems they can through Recently Watched, and I would like to know how to delete titles from there, if it is possible. Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      good question I'm trying to figure out how to do this myself, I did not find any info on netflix site:(

    Do I get charged every time a Netflix movie gets lost in the mail?
    I've had Netflix for about 2 weeks and I love it. However, I really have bad postal service and two of the movies have already gotten lost in the mail. Am I going to get charged every time this happens? I'm sure it will probably happen again.

    P.S. I know about the instant streaming, but there are a lot of movies that are not available for streaming.

    • ANSWER:
      if netflix mailed them and post office is having the bad service you need to call netflix and tell them you never got them but you have to wait 5 days before you can report any of them. but if you returned and the post office mailed them out and loses them then you probably need to put a trace on it. just remember the address that the movie was mailed to. and also call netflix and let them know if you don't see it on their site that it was returned or not, don't think you'll get charge for it either way

    How do you tell how long a show will remain on Netflix instant streaming?
    I like a bunch of the shows on Netflix. Problem is I don't have enough time to watch them all. How can I tell how long a certin show or movie will be available on instant streaming? I know there's contracts for certin ones so I'm really curious

    • ANSWER:
      Ahh there IS a site... I was just on it the other day when I went looking for a movie that wasn't on there. I didn't even realize they all had contracts.

      If you go on the Netflix facebook page and post a comment asking for it, someone will respond quickly with the link. That's what I did. :)

    Is saved by the bell the college years and the wedding on Netflix?
    Im having a hard time finding the college years and the wedding after the saved by the bell series ended. Does anyone know if they are on Netflix or anywhere else I can find them? Also the episodes where they go to Hawaii?

    • ANSWER:
      Neither are on Netflix. Short of illegally downloading them free from a p2p client (torrents, file-sharing sites, or usenet) they can be streamed from Amazon Prime for 1.99 an episode or 9.99 a season.

      EDIT: I found this site that has the entire College Years season streaming free:

      Vegas Wedding TV Movie here:

      EDIT 2: I haven't found any of the Hawaii eps.

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