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Frequently Asked Questions

    A movie streamed to my computer off the internet uses how many Mbps?
    A movie streamed to my computer over the internet use how many Mbps?

    • ANSWER:
      This is not an easy question to answer, it depends on a lot of factors.

      The film itself.
      The website that is streaming it.
      The quality of the file being streamed.
      Server load / How many other people are accessing the same file.
      You own bandwidth.
      Other downloads/uploads from you at the same time.

      Based on these factors will result in a unique download rate for you.

      One way to find out would be to disable everything on your PC that uses an Internet connection. Then download a desktop gadget that tells you your network traffic. Then open your browser and start streaming your movie. The gadget will give you your answer. You will also see that streaming other stuff will give you different results.

      You can download the network meter from here:

      I would also like to point out that this is a very easy way to find the answer but may not be the most accurate. There are other programs that allow you to activate a bandwidth monitor within the video itself. It will place a little box, usually in the top left corner that shows the current rate. I don't use such software as my bandwidth is awesome and I never have problems streaming anything. I know they exist but unfortunately your going to have to research them yourself.

      Hope this helps.

    How do I make an online movie channel?
    I wanna make my own online movie channel (streaming old grindhouse horror films, kung-fu films, etc), and I have the means to start it up by streaming the movies live over the internet. Now:

    1) What would I do to secure rights to the movies to show them? Does it require exuberant amounts of money, or does it depend on the distributor?

    And 2) What website/server could I use to run my movies on? Can anyone recommend a good one?

    • ANSWER:
      Going to sound harsh, but if you have to ask how to do this on yahoo answers, you're not equipped for the task.

      Firstly, you'd need a team of people to operate the thing. Everything from the massive servers and bandwidth that is needed, to the lawyers who would deal with the legal side of things, to the computer science technicians who would keep the software running smoothly to the office workers who would keep the financial and customer service side of things working.

      Plus something like this doesn't just suddenly get started. The internet is massive and new sites don't get started without marketing...and marketing costs money unless you're absurdly clever (and patient) with getting things started virally. So you'd probably have to spend tons of money on advertising .

      Sure, it's not impossible...but like I said, if you have to ask on yahoo answers, you obviously don't have connections in the business. Start with something smaller and try to work your way up with project size.

    How to make a shared network hard drive faster?
    Hi i have an external hard drive and i have it set up as a shared drive on my network, i watch alot of movies on another laptop in my room. The movies are on the hard drive in a different room. How do i make the drive run faster? Like in movie watching, my blurays and a few HD movies play for a minute and then freeze up and has to load for about 20 seconds. How do i make my movie streaming more smooth and faster?

    • ANSWER:
      Clean windows registry can speed up the computer.
      Over time, you install new programs, uninstalled unimportant programs, update software's, install new devices,
      download files from the web, etcetera, hence embarking all records in the registry system.
      This is normal, but it is not wise to leave it untouched.
      Once in a while, you have to check and remove files that are no longer in use to maintain the speed of your PC.
      Clean registry make pc faster.

    what isthe top best free movie editing software?
    Ok so what is the best top free movie editing software. One that is easy to use not to hard to understand. You can do everything you need to do with this free one like you would with one you would buy. Something that gives you Special effects. Where you can copy images into one scene. What is this kind of editing software that is free.

    • ANSWER:
      Microsoft Movie Maker

      Already installed on newer computers that are running Windows XP, Movie Maker has drag and drop features to make creating and editing your movie easier. Microsoft has many add-ons for this software, and upgrades are available through the website. This is one of the best free video editing software programs available.

      Apple iMovie

      Apple iMovie is comparable to Windows Movie Maker, but Apple iMovie is used on the MAC operating system. Apple iMovie has many advanced features and add-ons. Unfortunately, the software is only free if you buy a new MAC system. If you want the software without buying the system, it is available for purchase. One of the best free video editing programs available for MAC users.

      Avid FreeDV

      Avid FreeDV is available for both Windows and MAC operating systems, and includes basic video and audio editing capabilities, as well as up to two streams of real-time effects. On the whole, a solid video editing program that is slightly hard to use, but very powerful once you learn its ins and outs.


      Wax is a high performance and flexible free video editing software program. It
      started out as a college project, and has since grown. Wax is good for both
      home users and professionals. It can be used as a stand-alone application, or
      as a plug-in to other video editors. The software also features unlimited video and audio tracks with top-down compositing.


      Zwei-Stein is great free video editing software, but the user interface is
      very technical. It is full featured, offering many different effects. It can
      edit up to 256 video, audio, and still image clips. There are up to 64 effects, which can be chained serially. An interesting program that's worth looking at.

    Does anybody know any software that allows you to record whats coming out of your speakers?
    I need to download some software that records exactly what's coming out of your speakers, in really good quality. I have downloaded about 3 different ones, all of which record the sound, but the quality is awful, and when playing back, i have to turn up the speakers really loud, and even then, the sound is very quiet, and has a fuzzy sound in the background. I really need some software, by today!! Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Use Total Screen Recorder. It supports recording audio and mouse cursor movements and shapes.
      It can record onscreen activity, record live streaming movies and make slide-show training videos.
      free download and more info at:

    What software can i download to make a video screenshot thing for a tutorial on my computer?
    I need to get some software so i can like record my computer screenshot so i can make a tutorial video thing. Does anyone know what i can download to do that?

    • ANSWER:
      Wondershare Streaming Video Recorder is a powerful online video downloader which supports all popular protocol, such as HTTP, RTMP, RTSP, and MMS. Video sites like Yahoo, Google,MySpace, CNN, PBS, etc are all supported.

      This Streaming Video Recorder can download online videos, online TV shows, online movies, live sports and other streaming videos. The built-in converter let you convert downloaded videos to MP4, 3GP, WMV, AVI, MOV, MPG for your iPhone, iPod, Cell Phone, etc.

    How do I stream movies to guests via a wireless network?
    I run a mid-sized hotel (56 rooms) and I'd like to set up a system where guests can stream movies from my computer/server to theirs for a small fee. I figure this would be far easier and more efficient than renting movies. Security is probably my greatest issue, as well as the fact that my only experience is setting up a small home network. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • ANSWER:
      If you're talking about movies that are your own (home videos, personally made videos, etc.) then you would be able to share these videos. If you're talking about movies that are owned by movie studios then you can get into trouble for sharing them without the proper permissions.

      That being said.... the best way to share movies would be to set up some sort of NAS with properly protected folders. You'd be able to give users a password and folder location so that they could download the file. but there in lies the problem... without designing and creating your own software so that users can only "view" the file then you'll always have to give away your copy... which of course is where the legal matters come in to play.

    What kind of files are uploadable to zune software on your comp?
    I got zune software so I could stream movies from my comp to my 360 and I couldnt upload most of them because they were in mpeg format. But all the wmv formats went on fine. What kind of formats is the zune compatable with?

    • ANSWER:
      Zune is compatible with both WMV and MP4 formats, but it prefers WMV. Go here to conver MP4s to WMVs for free here:

    I want to record high quality webcam videos. What software and file format will use the least room?
    I am looking to do this in the car on vacation as we drive, so I am looking for software and a file format that will use the least room on my hard drive but still give me excellent video.

    • ANSWER:
      Use Total Screen Recorder. It support recording audio and mouse cursor movements and shapes.
      It can record onscreen activity, record live streaming movies and make slide-show training videos.
      free download and more info at:

    Why should Netflix movies keep freezing on my computer?
    This just started tonight. I tried restarting my computer and downloading the latest Silverlight software, but it's still happening. I use Safari as my browser (on a MacBook Pro).

    Any ideas as to what the problem might be? I realize Silverlight (which Netflix streamed movies have always run on my machine) is a Microsoft product, but there's never been a problem in the past year. Thanks if you have any ideas.

    • ANSWER:
      This may be a result of a slow internet connection. Try going to Youtube to see if those videos have the same problem. If it is a slow internet connection, there is not much to be done. Make sure that you do not have other internet-dependent programs running at the same time. Last of all, try Google Chrome; it is usually faster and more efficient with video.

      Hope this helps.

    How do i stream movies from my PC to PS3?
    I have a desktop PC running windows 7, is it possible to stream movies from my PC to my PS3, if so how is this done? I have a wireless router in my home that's plugged directly into my PS3 and have a wireless PCI card in my desktop PC. Any advice would be great.

    • ANSWER:
      here is a step by step guide

      Here is what I had to do with my set up. Some of this was necessary as my External Western Digital HDD is FAT32 at the moment, and without doing the below, the PS3 wouldn't see the content stored on my FAT32 drive. NTFS drives were fine, just not other HDD formats.
      1. Ensure my firewall is set up properly.
      2. Ensure my PS3 and Computer are within the same IP address range and subnet mask, so they can talk to one another. In other words allowing my computer and PS3, to obtain it's information from my DHCP (Firewall router).
      3. Ensure any software firewall, has the necessary changes to allow Windows Media Player to communicate out for UuNP. If you use Windows Firewall and enable sharing for WMP, WMP will make the necessary changes to Windows Firewall. If you use another 3rd party Firewall, like I do, McAfee, you will probably need to go in to that software and add the right stuff, such as Programs that can communicate out on the network or trusted IP's, etc.

      On my PS3:
      1. Disable Media Server Connection on the PS3.

      On your PC, in Windows Media Player:
      1. Install Windows Media Player (unless it's installed already).
      2. In services.msc or "Computer Management", Change the account that Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service uses. Changed it to "Local System account", but leave "Allow service to interact with desktop" UNCHECKED. Restart this service. This was neccesary to be able to add folders from my FAT32 External Western Digital HDD.
      3. Click on Options
      4. Click on Library
      5. Click on Configure Sharing and then check mark "Share my media to:
      6. Click on Settings
      7. Put in something you want for share media as, and leave the default settings.
      8. DO NOT click the "Allow new devices and computers automatically". Check marking this wil allow everything to connect without you knowing and approving.
      9. Click on OK to get back to the main properties screen.
      10. Click the "Monitor Folders" button.
      11. Once that is up, depending upon how you have your computer set up, and how many user profiles you have choose your options.
      12. For me, since all my media is in different places other than my profile in "Documents and Settings", I did an add and ADDED the folders I wanted to add to the library.
      13. Let WMP build the library up, and let it completely finish.
      14. Click OK on everything til you get back to WMP.
      15. Verify your library.

      On your PS3:
      1. Enable Media Server Connection on the PS3.

      On your PC:
      1. Once you sit down, you might have a pop up, if you left WMP running, to allow an unknown device access. You can verify your PS3 by checking the MAC address. WMP does not support the PS3 yet, so it will be seen as an unknown device.
      If NOT......
      1. Click on Options
      2. Click on Library
      3. Click on Configure Sharing and if things worked properly, you should see an "Unknown Device" Icon.
      4. Highlight the Icon and do "allow", and do what ever else you feel necessary, such as customize, or right click the Icon for additional properties.

      On your PS3:
      2. Go to each Media choice in the XMB (Pictures, Music, Video), and under each do a "Search for a Media Server."
      3. Once it has found a Media Server for each choice, you should then be able to see your PC show up with the funky "Windows ICON" and the name of the WMP share you created.

      Should be able to take it from there.

      I used the above steps, and my PS3 is now getting tons of content from my PC.
      link here for more info…

    What is the best software to import video from a camcorder?
    I have a rather slow pc, it's old so I don't want anything like Adobe Premiere. Is there a software that can run fine on an older pc and is easy to use?
    I have a mini dv camcorder

    • ANSWER:
      The video editing process: just take your pick

      1st Part: transfer video files from vcam to computer
      i.e., using a program to receive the video stream from vcam into the PC and saving it as a video file.
      - connect vcam to computer via firewire cable (4 or 6 pin) for good transfer (USB may drop frames)
      - open (free w/XP) Windows Movie Maker in computer (for starters). **see/click WMMaker help is very detailed.

      a. Set the camera mode to play recorded video.
      b. In the Movie Maker Tasks pane/Capture Video, click Capture from video device.
      c. the video files from vcam will then be put into WMM collection (usually there are several video files from vcam although you will not notice on vcam playback.
      d. drag & drop video files one by one from collection to video chart below noting proper number sequence (Note: if no editing is to be done, drag all collection files to one video chart)
      e. save the video files (WMAv) one by one
      (Note: if no editing is to be done, save WMAv file as one)
      ...Transfer of the video files is now complete

      2nd part: video editing
      for starters, XP/Windows Movie Maker would provide the easy way to learn the process. SpiceFx by Pixelan would provide enhanced effects. You may venture to other video editting softwares - Ulead, Adobe Premiere, Pinnacle, etc. with Hollywood effects after learning the editing tricks thru WMMaker.

      a. Open WMMaker (steps similar to 1st)
      b. In the task pane, import your previously saved video files into another WMM collection sub-folder
      Also import your desired audio/music files in another WMM collection sub-folder
      c. Edit 1 your video - ' Make your muvee' thru mouse drag & drop technique.. video file to to the video chart below (video/audio)- take note of proper video sequence. Also drag & drop audio/music files to aud/music chart below. The audio from video file and from music files can be adjusted the way you like (mute if you want to) thru setting audio levels icon between video & music.
      d. Edit 2 - Can also enhance the muvee thru video effects (zoom/pan - for greater degree, buy Hollywood/Spice FX), transitions, tiltles, credits like a muvee.

      3rd part: finish the Movie (thru WMMaker)
      Usually save files to computer first for review of the project. You can always go back to edit the project if you want to add or change anything. The saved MMK file is in WMAv.

      Finally …Burning to DVD
      First off, you'll need an authoring program like Windows DVD, Nero vision or Encore DVD. Import the video file, Once you click burn, it will automatically convert your .AVI files into mpeg-2 .vobs.
      Hope I've been of assistance.

    How do I record a movie or TV show I am streaming from Netflix to my PC?
    What type of hardware and/or software do I need to get good quality reproduction? I am not very hi-tech knowledgeable, so please explain in simple layman terms! I have Vista Home Premium if that helps any.

    • ANSWER:
      you need a streaming video recorder to do that.
      record nearly all the videos on the Internet, including any Web videos, online TV shows, TV episodes, and streaming movies transmitted through various network streaming protocols.

    Where can I find a good free movie maker?
    I'd like to get a better movie maker than windows movie maker, with more professional effects such as pasting clips on top of other clips. However, I really don't feel like shelling out over forty dollars for something like Sony Vegas. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      Check out this site. It recommends 5 free software (well, Windows Movie Maker is one of them, but it sucks - you're right :P)

      This seems to be a nice one:
      Avid FreeDV is available for both Windows and MAC operating systems, and includes basic video and audio editing capabilities, as well as up to two streams of real-time effects. On the whole, a solid video editing program that is slightly hard to use, but very powerful once you learn its ins and outs.

    How to create presentation videos of software applications?
    I have a software called as eyespeak which is an application of speech recognition technology. I want to create a presentation video of the eyespeak software? Any free software available? Please reply..

    • ANSWER:
      Try free scree recorders like

      AviScreen is an application for capturing screen activity in the form of AVI video or bitmap images. Beside the usual options defining the capture area, AviScreen has a unique feature called “follow the cursor”. Using this mode you can produce a video or image of relatively small dimensions while covering all mouse activity over the whole screen area.
      You may stop or pause the video capture at any moment. Allow a delay before stopping or pausing the capture by leaving the cursor in its last position, then use the shortcut key or the popup menu to stop/pause. If you use the popup menu to stop/pause the capture, the process will also be captured and may need to be trimmed later. When the computer is slow or very busy, sometimes it is necessary to hit the shortcut key several times before it works.

      CamStudio is able to record all screen and audio activity on your computer and create industry-standard AVI video files and using its built-in SWF Producer can turn those AVIs into lean, mean, bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWFs)

      Here are just a few ways you can use this software:

      * You can use it to create demonstration videos for any software program
      * Or how about creating a set of videos answering your most frequently asked questions?
      * You can create video tutorials for school or college class
      * You can use it to record a recurring problem with your computer so you can show technical support people
      * You can use it to create video-based information products you can sell
      * You can even use it to record new tricks and techniques you discover on your favourite software program, before you forget them


      Copernicus (MAC)
      A special feature allows you to save directly to RAM, increasing movie framerates significantly for shorter movies. This is great to demonstrate a simple action to a friend or colleague.Copernicus only captures pictures and video. There is no support for recording audio.


      Jing has 2 versions;Free and Pro.Works with both Windows and Mac.I tried Jing and i think it is one of the best free tool for screen recording.You just select the recording area and Jing records it for 5 minutes with your voice if you have a microphone.You can share your record immediately by a link or an embed code.(Great feature).

      It’s like an online tool which you don’t have to download anything.You just click the Create Button and a box apperars which works with Java and you adjust the screen area to start recording as you see in the below can send the recorded file directly to thr hosting.

      I also tried Webinaria and it is one of my favourites.You can easily create screen records as .avi file and turn them in to .FLV file.You can also add you voice and edit the recorded file later.It requires Windows and totally FREE.

      UltraVnc Screen Recording
      The screen recorder is build with the old Rendersoft camstudio source.UltraVNC boasts a chat window, a dialog for file transfer and an embedded Java viewer which allows you to open a UltraVNC session in a browser. Supports audio also.

      BB FlashBack Express
      It has 3 versions.FREE,Stanndart and PRO versions.You can record a custom region or full window.You can upload your recoded screen to Youtube,,Viddler and Revver.You can save them both in flash or .avi formats.An also you can record from your webcam whi,cle recording yopur screen.

      UTipU Tipcam
      UTipU Tipcam has 2 versions.FREE and PRO.It is another easy to use tool for recording both video and audio.You can also make smart zooming which is very useful for presentations.Click the Zoom button to zoom into closer. This type of zoom will follow your mouse. You can also zoom before you start recording.

    How to get movies from Computer to play on PS3?
    I have movies burned onto my computer that I would like to play on my PS3 so it's on a bigger screen. I have a large flash drive but when I transfer videos PS3 doesn't recognize them. The videos are MP4 format which from my understanding is compatible with PS3. Please help me be able to play these movies from my flash drive.

    • ANSWER:
      Download a software called Tversity, I use it all them. This is basically a streaming service so that you can send photos, videos and music etc. What you need to do is download and install Tversity, make sure that the videos are in the videos folder on your computer for instance, put videos in "Videos" if you have Windows 7. Then turn on your PS3 and make sure that your PS3 has enabled media servers which can be found in the settings on the PS3. If it is enabled already, on the videos section on the PS3, click on Tversity, All files or videos etc. until you've found your videos. Hope I helped.

    Can you download the streamed movies from netflix?
    I'd like to record the streamed movies from netflix to my personal dvd player so i can watch on my home tv? Can I do that with netflix streamed movies? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      With the right software (or if u know how to write your own code) ANYTHING that is streamed to your computer can be captured.

      Just like with youtube and all those other sites, u can probably find software to capture items from netflix also.

    What software do I need to use to convert media player to dvd?
    I downloaded several movies of all kinds from Limewire but I want to convert them from Windows Media Player to a program that will run on my home dvd player. I have tried several but it takes forever to convert them to the new programs then send it to the new player and once that done I put it in my dvd and it won't play. I have tried dvdsanta, roxio, divx, and total. Please help so my kids can watch movies in their room instead of on y computer. Thanks for all help.

    • ANSWER:
      Have you tried ConvertXtoDVD? It supports a long list of video file types and can convert them to a format that can be played on a standalone DVD player. There is one problem. It costs .99 USD. You can use the free version but it leaves a watermark on the finalized DVD. Below, I included the download link and a short description of ConvertXtoDVD provided by the publisher.

      Publisher's Description:

      ConvertXtoDVD is a software to convert and burn your videos to DVD. In only a few clicks you can backup your movies to DVD playable on any home DVD player. It supports the most popular formats such as Xvid, MOV, VOB, Mpeg, Mpeg4, MP4, AVI, WMV, DV and stream formats. It converts your files into a compliant DVD Video set of files and burns it on a DVD media. The aspect ratio can be automatically selected or forced to a specific format. The program works for NTSC and PAL video formats and creates chapters automatically. Multiple audio tracks are supported.

      You can also go to website to see what other users have to say about the program (

    Software to get rid of subtitles on a video?
    I downloaded some video's not long ago, and the subtitles are in Japanese (even though the darned video's are already in Japanese). I don't mind them exactly, but I want them gone. The subtitles came with the video I had downloaded, and I want to know if there was a software that could get rid of them without having to cut picture after picture and repaint them over.

    • ANSWER:
      When the subtitles are merged with the movie, it is near impossible to remove the subtitles, and also without causing adverse damage to the video.

      If you are fortunate enough to have the subtitles appearing below the movie image (rather than across the image itself, you can "erase" the subtitles by using VirtualDub as follows (it's not as complicated as it sounds):

      1) Load the .AVI into VirtualDub
      2) Set "Audio" to "Direct Stream Copying"
      3) Set "Video" to "Full Processing Mode"
      4) From under the "Video" dropdown menu, select "Compression" and select the same codec and settings that were used for the original .AVI
      5) From under the "Video" dropdown menu, select "Filters"
      6) Click on the "Add" radio button
      7) Doubleclick on the "Null transform" filter
      8) Click on the "Cropping" radio button
      9) Enter the proper amount in the "Y2 offset" (at lower left) to cut off the subtitles
      10) Click on "OK"
      11) Click on the "Add" radio button
      12) Doubleclick on the "Resize" filter
      13) Under "New width and height" enter the NEW dimensions of your cropped video (e.g. 720x440)
      14) Select "Precise bicubic"
      15) Put a checkmark in "Expand frame and letterbox image"
      16) Set "frame width" and "frame height" to the ORIGINAL dimensions (e.g. 720x480)
      17) Click on "OK" (brings you back to primary "Filters" screen" and then click on "OK" (to get back to main VirtualDub screen)
      18) From the "File" dropdown menu, select "Save AVI" and save with a NEW filename

      Let us know of your success ;>}

      the above situations are at the time when subtitles are merged to video

      if it is not hardsubbed u can see a srt file on that folder delete it simply
      u r done

    Is there anyway to watch satellite TV on my mac using only free software? theres gotta be a way?
    Or certain movie channels like Stars, AMC, or others like that work great as well.

    • ANSWER:
      The whole sat TV on a PC is a scam period. The ONLY way to get satellite TV on a pc is to connect it to a sat receiver. These sites prey on the unknowing public and deliver for a fee what is already free on the internet. All of the major TV networks around the world have streaming video, movies, news, series, etc on their websites. This is what these pay sites offer which is available for free to begin with. Do as I do. Create a folder in favorites called TV, movies, media, whatever you want. Start picking the sites out you want to keep.You'll end up with a ton of them in no time.

    What devices are compatible to watch movies on my xbox 360 ?
    i want to watch a movie on my xbox 360 from a file on my computer i dont have ipod or a zune to watch this file so i wanted to know if i could use a USB flash card or something else.

    • ANSWER:
      You CAN use the Zune software to stream media to your Xbox 360, ie videos & music.

    How can I stream System Audio from my mac?
    I'm trying to stream movies and games and such, but I can't figure out how to stream the system audio from the Mac.
    Any programs or anything I can use?

    Also, I usually stream on Livestream.

    • ANSWER:
      If you talking about recording just what is coming out of your speakers, you can do that by downloading this application called soundflower. This allows you to set the computer to, hear itself. Just make sure you set the audio input and output to the same value. This way you just use any audio recording software and record sound that way.

    What is the best place to watch movies online?
    What is the best place to watch streaming movies online.

    • ANSWER:
      Just try a satellite TV software,install it on your PC,and then you can watch any movie online.Here are the top 4 satellite TV software reviews on the market:
      Try it.Maybe this can help you.

    Whats a good software that I can use to record the activity in my desktop?
    Like if I'm playing a game or using some software and I want to record everything I do to make something like a tutorial, what software should I use. It doesn't matter if the software is freeware or not.

    • ANSWER:
      Here is your answers…
      Total Screen Recorder
      Free Download ,No watermark!

      Total Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use, fast, and powerful video-recording software. You can use this screen capture software to record full screen or any area of the desktop screen to video file, such as AVI/WMV/SWF/FLV, and you can record audio and mouse cursor's movement. It can be used to record web cams from AIM, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, record movies from TV card or live streaming video, record DVD, RM, VCD, MPEG, or other video medias, make slide-show training documents.


      Record activities of full screen or part of screen into AVI / WMV / SWF / FLV

      Support recording audio

      Support recording mouse cursor movements and shapes

      Support 5 capture types: random region, window, full screen, fixed size, fixed region

      Support pause and resume recording

      Support user defined hotkey to start or stop recording quickly

      Support auto save recordings

      Support stop timer to stop recording automatically

      Support blinking when recording

      Support hide when recording, window can be minimized to icon in system tray

      Support sneak mode to record screen on the sneak

      Log computer usage by automatically recording screen on Windows start up

      You can select any available video/audio codec from your computer

      Support multi-language interface

      Fast speed and Very Easy to use

      →Use for…
      Total Screen Recorder assists to demonstrate features of a web site or program, for training, demo, or any other task that requires showing screen activity.
      Download the free trial version and see how quickly and easily you will be creating your own professional tutorials and demonstrations.

      You can create:

      Screen demos.

      Training videos.

      Teaching videos.

      Animated tutorials.

      Animated presentations.

      Animated help files.


    how can i save full length shows and movies to my PC to drag them into my blackberry video file?
    i want to find my favorite shows and movies online, save them to my computer so i can drag and drop them onto my blackberry file on my PC so i can eventually watch them on my blackberry.. how do i do this?

    • ANSWER:
      Umm just my 2 cents, Watch Movies 100% free at:

      while you are watching turn on your TV Tuner Recording feature, and save an MPEG4 file format, which you can later run on your PDA..

      Or directly access from your mobile and using a 3rd party software, capture the stream.

    Could my computer get infected with any harmful software if I watch something online?
    Say, if i stream a video and watch it online will my computer get a virus? Like, I found a website where I can watch movies online and I stream the video directly (not download). Could my computer get infected with a virus...? Trojan? Worm? Anything harmful that will destroy my computer.

    • ANSWER:
      No, you will need to install a fake codec or a fake flash update in order to get malware. It is by user intervention.

      If you come across a video clip on the net and you want to watch it, and then an error message pops up saying, sorry you cannot watch it, you need to install a flash update to watch it, that fake flash update is malware. Now, this sort of attacks are prevalent on social networking such as MyFace, FaceBook, AIM, MSN and more.

      This practice of installing fake codec or flash update has been around for a while, and now, there are more and more attacks on social networking where the users are more likely to drop their guard if a video clip was sent from their "Buddy" but the video clip was never sent from their "Buddy" in the first place.

      There are also fake YouTube pages too with the same principle of asking you to install fake flash update, again, user intervention is involved. Just google Koobface, fake codecs, fake flash updates and fake youTube pages and loads of sites that can tell you more on there.

    Can you watch movies on a Kindle Fire when you arent connected to internet?
    Im thinking about buying a Kindle Fire. I know you have to be connected to interenet in order to download the movies. But once they are, do you have to remain connected to watch them? Example: I want to be able to let my daughter watch movies or tv shows in the back seat while Im driving.

    • ANSWER:
      Hi Caitlin, be prepared that the video playback is not going to be great on Fire as it is one low-juice device and not a real media tablet. Nook Tablet is much better without a doubt, it's a class above Kindle Fire. You should do own research and read online reviews on Kindle Fire before ordering one - there's a lot of complains from people who got the device that many Kindle Fire units have faulty Wi-Fi and people have a lot of issues connecting to internet. Also, Amazon's own web site has hundreds (over 1200 so far) of reviews of Kindle Fire's new owners that gave it 1 or 2 star reviews because of choppy/laggy experience they got from this underpowered device.
      Other reported issues are that Prime movies can't be downloaded, only streamed, making them impossible to watch without Wi-Fi on Kindle Fire. Also, on Fire when the Silk internet browser is pointed at the Android market, it reverts to the Amazon market with much more limited content. Touchscreen is being reported as having a sluggish response. Slower and jerkier than expected web browsing thus no benefit from Silk browser. Power button is badly placed, leading to accidental turning off of the device (a lot of complains about this one).
      All pro reviewers on the web clearly voiced that Nook Tablet is a much better device with superior performance compared to Kindle Fire. Nook Tablet has been getting rave reviews and it is the best device in it's class. It's got Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Angry Brids, etc., the best battery life, the best non-glare laminated screen, double the RAM and space for apps/photos/movies, microSD slot and a microphone for Skype (not on kindle), physical volume controls on the side (not on Kindle), very smooth video playback with excellent screen, and very fast apps load.
      Sample review:
      Laptop Mag
      Whether it’s the bigger amount of RAM or just more mature software, the Nook Tablet feels a lot faster than the Fire. Where the Fire often seems sluggish and, on our tests, often failed to respond to our taps until we hit an icon two or three times, the Nook Tablet was always smooth and responsive.

    What online movie rental provider is best?
    Just got my wifi in and am ready to stream tv shows, movies, etc. So many options (redbox, blockbuster, netflix, hulu, etc.) to choose from. Any suggestions? Would love them to be free but I dont mind paying for a good provider. I really dont know much on this topic so any help is appreciated.

    -Thanks in Advance!

    • ANSWER:
      Amason, famous in world. I bought many. You can also copy or rip from, a software website where you can rip and copy DVD to MP4 videos for iPod, iPhone, PSP, PS3, Xbox 360, etc. styles as you like.

    What is the best general use laptop for around £600?
    I would like to find a nice looking laptop for around £600. The laptop will be for streaming movies, downloading music, using word processing software, browsing the net.

    All suggestions will be appreciated, thanks in advance.
    Any laptop suggestions?

    • ANSWER:
      There are many good laptops around now, go to pc world and you for your needs you'll probably pick up a good one for about £400.

      A good starter is to buy one with a good sized harddrive and also good memory size eg.,

      500 gb harddrive
      4gb memory

    How to get someone to create/design software but protect my ideas?
    I have an idea for a type of dvd burning software (similar to nero). I dont have any skills, just money and an idea. How can I get someone to design the software without them stealing my idea and where would I go to get someone to design it? And how hard would it be to have someone create me a program similar to Nero?
    Why wouldnt they want to work for someone who only has an idea? Money is money and everybody needs it. I think my money is what makes me valuable to the programmers. I mean after all, money is the reason they went to school and learned programming.

    • ANSWER:
      You can use "total video2dvd author",it is an easy,handy program that create and burn DVD movie. you only need one video2dvd author will generate a dvd movie.
      here is main Features:

      (1) Supports most popular formats such as Youtube Flv, 3gp, h264, Xvid, MOV, VOB, Mpeg, Mpeg4, Mpeg TS, AVI, WMV, ASF, DV,Mkv, Nsv, Ogm and stream formats.

      (2) Supports lots of subtitle file formats, including .srt . sub .ssa .*** .smi .psb .tex .idx etc;

      (3) Supports photo slide show;

      (4) Merges up to 4 hours of material from several movies or episodes ;

      (5) Creates DVD chapters automatically with DVD chapter Menu edition (background, fond, color) ;

      (6) Provides high-Quality services vs fastest converting speed

      You can get "total video2dvd author" from here

    How can I stream my laptop onto the tv so i can watch movies etc?
    I want to be able to link my laptop with my tv in the living room. I would like to be able to do it wirelessly but if i need cables then i dont mind.
    So basically im asking what hardware and software i may need to do this and how i would go about doing it.
    Thanks in Advance !

    • ANSWER:
      One of my favourite free movie streaming websites is 100% Safe also, never had a virus or anything. Also they provide quick downloading movies and always working links!

      Action, Biography, comedy, crime, drama, family, horror, kids, sci-fi, teens Movies are listed .

    How do you transfer movies from DVD to ipod nano/classic?
    I am a new user to iPod. Please tell me how will you transfer movies to ipod nano/classic ? Which is better to watch movies in ipod - Nano or classic ? what's the difference between them ?

    Also, how many hours you can watch movie in ipod nano or classic without recharging again ? In terms of viewing pleasure which one is good, nano or classic ?

    • ANSWER:
      iPOD nano and classic supports h264 basic codec profile for streaming video. You need to get third party softwares like DVD to ipod convertor or IMToo Ipod convertor then rip the movie in AVI format with h264 codec. then you can transfer it to your ipod with itunes.

    How can I let movies on my site?
    I want to let some movies on my website. I don't know how I can click at a point on my site (at click here for example...), it will be automatic transferring to movie so that someone can watch it online. But they cannot download it anyway.

    • ANSWER:
      You need kind of video streaming software such as VideoLan's Media Player which is capable of broadcasting video (both TCP and UDP) on your desired address.

      Take a look at this free tools:

    How can i get the most from my laptop and use the internet to its fullest?
    Im talking about streaming movies for free, free software downloads, whatever you guys have found useful yourselves, can you please reference where to download from? much appreciated

    • ANSWER:
      While not all things free are illegal,, you must learn how to google search for items wanted.. ~

    How do you convert a movie dvd to a ipod touch 4g?
    i got a dvd and i want to put it on my ipod touch how can i do it? is there any software that will helpme with instructions?

    • ANSWER:
      Try this tool. iSkysoft video covnerter ultimate. offers a comprehensive multimedia solution for audio, video and DVD files. It converts DVD movies and video files to popular HD output formats or directly for portable devices. Download/record any online streaming videos from YouTube, Metacafe, Hulu, Netflix, etc. to the hard drive or even convert them for portable players and mobile phones.

      Converts DVD movies and videos a varity of popular HD output formats
      Burn DVD movies and videos directly into DVD discs
      Download/record any online streaming videos for offline viewing
      Remove DRM protection from iTunes M4V/M4P, BBC iPlayer WMV/MP4

    Megavideo stops in the middle of a movie and makes you wait. What can a man do?
    Watching Megavideo's website they limit an individual to a certain number of minutes. Afterwards one must wait before they are allowed back on. Very annoying if a person is watching a movie or television show. Is there a solution.

    • ANSWER:
      1) Try following methods to troubleshoot. Source is :

      Post 8 - November 22, 2008 - Written by: Lynxx Lancer - Category: fixes

      If somehow your experiencing the Megavideo Time Limit Problem, you can try the solutions listed belows..

      First of all, the megavideo viewing limit is only applicable to videos with 60 minutes of viewing time. It means that when you watch a video 59 min below, you won't be experiencing this damn policy. It also means that this is only applicable to movies...

      1. Since megavideo is detecting your viewing time via your IP, you can either change your ip address (applicable only to those who have dynamic Ips) by following this simple steps:

      Step 1. Press the start windows start button and click run, or you can do this by pressing Windows+R.
      Step 2. Type either CMD or Command.
      Step 3. A black rectangular box should pop up.. Type ipconfig /release and hit enter
      Step 4. You'll notice that your computer will not be connected to the internet. Type ipconfig /renew to connect
      Step 5. Wait for your computer to connect to the internet and exit the application.

      The steps above doesn't works on people using routers.. Instead, you can turn off the router a for a few seconds and turn it back on again..

      2. Another method is by the use of a software called HotSpot Shield.. You can download the software here

      Once you've installed the application, restart your pc and turn on the application. Click the connect button to connect through the software. Now you can browse your favorite videos unlimitedly

      If you see the problem again, just open HotSpot Shield and click disconnect. After 2 mins, click connect again and it should work

      3. Using a firefox plugin called downloadhelper, you can download the video to your harddrive and play it using VLC or FLV Player.

      4. Using IE, you can wait for the video to load, open the temporary folder of your PC and locate the file their.. It should have the .flv extension.. Download a .flv player or VLC and it should work

      5. Based on experience, you can wait for the video to load. After it loads, click file-->work offline to your browser.. It might work..

      Correct me if something is wrong with the methods posted above...

      Read / Write Comments

      2) FUCK MEGAVIDEO and download Graboid video at following link:

      It has an interface that allows user to search for videos,at premium quality, and has a rating system similar to btjunkie (for torrent files). It has conversion options so you can convert format to .flv, .vob, .avi, etc. Also, you can opt to either stream video, download video, or a choice to download video after the end of the stream. Real easy to use and intuitive.

    How many devices can you watch at the same time on Netflix?
    I am a new subscriber to Netflix. I thought they would only let you stream one movie at a time per account. However, we were streaming a show on the Wii and my son was streaming on a 3DS. I was wondering if there was a limit to how many movies you can stream at one time per account? Thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      Until last month the number of simultaneous streams was determined by your DVD plan. Now that the plans are separate, It will effectively be two. One device and one backup. Netflix assumes that there will be times when the software on one your devices does not shutdown properly and allows you to use another device to compensate.

      If you were a member before July 12th, the number of DVDs on your plan will determine the number of streams until September 1st.

    How do I set up my PC to play movies on my TV thru Amazon or Netflix?
    I have a wired cable PC. I want to get streaming videos from Netflix and be able to play them on my flat screen.
    I should mention that my desktop is in a different room than my TV. Can I go wireless? I have the Panasonic TV and blue-ray player with Viera Link.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, maybe because your browser and windows system are not compatible, you'd better change your browser or maybe you can try the software tuneup360, which can help you solve all the computer problems.

    How can i transfer movie from my minidv tape to the computer?
    i'm getting ready to record a tiny show this saturday.
    i'm wonderring if i can just record the video onto the tape and then later transfer it to the computer or not. can i just use a IFC-400PCU?
    or do i have to purchase the ieee wire? is there a memory card that is big enough to fit a 15 mminimovie in it? tmy videocamera model # is dcr-hc30 can someone please help me, i've been trying to edit the movie for so long helpppppppppppppppppppppp

    • ANSWER:
      With a bigger capacity memory stick pro duo (probably 500mb), video recording can be done on mpeg... but not quite good for editing.

      It 'might' be possible to upload DV video to a pc using IFC-400PCU, a canon usb interface cable, if the OS is XP. With Vista, firewire is required. Normally, firewire is best for DV upload.

      a miniDV vcam must be DV~Firewire400**-connected to computer to upload video thru video editing* or capture application while vcam is ON PLAYBACK. Most (digital) tape vcams have 4-pin DV ports; before cable purchase** check pc or mac for DV port {VCAM@4-pin=>firewireCABLE=>PC@4/ 6-pin?}. If none, install firewire card: pci for desktop or pcmcia / express for laptop.

      Entry-level Movie Maker* (free w/ Vista/wmm6 & XP/wmm2) is simple & easy to learn.
      ~ see tutorials:

      Upgrade to intermediate (or advanced) video editing apps accdg. to need & skill level

      video editing process- Vista/Wmm6
      >>> open wmm- start/all programs/wmm->TASK pane
      1. Import video stream**-editing app remotely controls vcam; import pics & music
      2. Edit- drag/drop video files->timeline & enhance w/effects, transition, music & titles
      3. Publish (render)- save Movie (OK for youTube), also, save Project.msmmw file

      >>>Share: use DvD authoring app (DvD Maker; Nero; DvD Flick, etc)->burn to DvD

      To Alysa B, you'll have to rip your miniDVD disc .vob (video) files thru Handbrake to common file formats...avi or .wmv if you'd wish to edit thru wmmaker.

    Is there a way to set up a video camera to stream live video to a computer?
    I hope someone can help me figure a way to set up my video camera to stream live video to my computer and/or external hard drive and to save it. I hope this makes sense. Thank you so much if you can help!

    • ANSWER:
      I dont really see why you would need to if its a digital memory (sd/acvhd) you can just connect it to a computer, if its a dv/dvd camera (tapes or minidvds) you'll need a firewire port (which can be easily purchased) and a dv importing software such as windows movie maker or pretty much any video editing software from there its pretty simple, for windows movie maker you simply press file import ect ect

    HD Videos skip when I try to play HD movies on youtube or any other site. How do I fix?
    My computer runs slow when I try to play HD movies on youtube or any other site. Even when the video is completely downloaded, it's not buffering.

    I believe I have a decent video card, what can I do to make it run smoothly? I have the latest flash plugins and all that stuff, no viruses. Help please.

    • ANSWER:
      Contrary to what many people believe, when you click on a thumbnail,
      YouTube isn't sending you 1 big file comprised of a video. YouTube is
      actually transmitting 100s of miniature data packets & Flash streams
      at a time to your cache, which then "buffers" those pieces together in
      your RAM and then transfers it to your Flash player.

      It is really a 3-step process -- so if you're trying to watch videos in HD
      and those vids are slow, choppy or stuck, there can be 3 possibilities:

      1 -- something is wrong with YouTube
      2 -- something is wrong with your cache
      3 -- something is wrong with Flash 10

      About every 6 hours or so, YouTube actually shuts down a lot of their
      servers in order to update stuff. Obviously their bandwidth and scaling
      will be very limited during those times -- so don't expect any miracles,
      because HD videos eat up a whole lot of bandwidth. Is this happening
      to you always, or only at particular times of the day?

      HD videos also use up your cache and memory quicker. It is possible
      that your "temporary internet files" are nearly full and cannot take any
      more. You should thus empty out your cache as well as your "history"
      and "cookies", in order to make your comp "fresh" in YouTube's eyes.
      You should ideally shutdown and reboot after doing this. (See below.)

      Every day here on Yahoo!Answers, YouTubers are complaining about
      their "updated", "recent" or "newest" Flash player. It's absolutely nuts
      that there is 10.0.525, 10.1.218, 10.2.26, 10.2.54, 10.12.10, 10.12.36,
      10.15.3 and 10.22.87. Most updates are usually good for only 1 thing:
      software conflicts. Myself, I've never strayed away from 9.47 and have
      never had any troubles. Think of it as Windows XP compared to Vista.
      Please have a look at this other "Best Answer" of mine, and what the
      "Asker" wrote afterwards. (Note: 9.47 doesn't have the HD button, but
      because my "Video Playback Quality" was originally set to "dynamic",
      all the HD videos which appear on YouTube automatically play in HD):
      If that "Best Answer" is interesting to you, here is the appropriate link:

      Internet Explorer 6:
      → Tools → Internet Options
      → Delete Cookies → OK
      → Delete Files → OK
      → Clear History → Yes
      → OK

      Internet Explorer 7:
      → Tools → Internet Options → Delete...
      → Delete files → Yes
      → Delete cookies → OK
      → Delete history → OK
      → Close (browsing history window)
      → OK

      Internet Explorer 8:
      → Tools → Delete Browsing History
      [. ] Preserve Favorites (leave blank)
      [x] Temporary Internet files
      [x] Cookies
      [x] History
      → Delete

      Mozilla Firefox 3:
      → Tools → Clear Private Data
      [x] Browsing History
      [x] Download History
      [x] Saved Form and Search History
      [x] Cache
      [x] Cookies
      → Clear Private Data Now

      Apple Safari 3:
      → Edit → Preferences
      → Security (tab) → Show Cookies
      → Remove All → Done
      after that:
      → Safari → Empty Cache → Empty
      after that:
      → History → Clear History

      Google Chrome:
      → Tools (wrench) → Clear browsing data...
      [x] Clear browsing history
      [x] Clear download history
      [x] Empty the cache
      [x] Delete cookies
      Clear data from this period: → Everything
      → Clear Browsing Data

    Is there a software that accelerates the buffering/streaming of online movies?
    I usually watch movies online and it is quite irritating that the buffering of the movies is so slow that it usually takes 30 minutes to fully buffer the whole movie!

    • ANSWER:
      you can use speed bit video accelerator which can be downloaded from below

    How do I view my own movies that i film on my phone on my tv?
    I think when I type in the word s. Tttrrreeeaaammm yahoo filters out this question.
    I want the moving pictures that appear on my phone to appear on my teleV. And the noises from my phone to be in surround noise on my flat screen.
    Nothing illegal. Do I need a cable or do I need software?


    • ANSWER:
      It depends on what each is.

      If the phone supports A/V, you could use its A/V cable.

      Some TVs an phones support network streaming.

      Recent Apple phones will stream to an Apple TV.

    What is the quality of a DVD movie that download from a website?
    Let say i download a movie in FLV and convert it into DVD, what is the quality of the movie display on TV and does the resolution change the quality and the size of the the movie?

    • ANSWER:
      Resolution is important always . The size of the movie should max out on the dvd to get the optimal usage ....typicaly a full 1080 p hd movie runs over 6000mb which won't fit onto a regular DVD. But you can fit 4.7 so you can probablly get 720p anyway. The best way though is to hook your computer via compatible cable(hd is the best) d either stream in 720p (no download) or download full hd 1080 p and enjoy the highest quality possible. Learn more about this , get software , and more at

    How can i download movies on my Motorola Xoom?
    For when I want to watch when I dont have wi-fi to stream movies can i watch movies on HD without it? i dont want to buy any converters and whatnot so is there any other way, like how ipads can just download movies on itunes? do we have that kind of app for android?

    • ANSWER:
      I know a free video downloader, it can free download youtube videos, yahoo video and other online video, the free software is called foxreal youtube downloader, you can try it.

    What free software can record internal sounds?
    Hi, I tried doing it the no-download way, and when I press "Show Disabled Devices" in Recording Devices, it doesn't give me the stereo mix thingy. So does anybody know how to fix this problem and/or know of a free software that can record internal sounds? Please help!

    • ANSWER:
      An Streaming Audio Recorder can help you record internal sounds.
      Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder is really an amazing streaming audio detector and recorder which can catch any audio signal pass from your PC or any audio signals across media sources,such as iTunes, Napster, Yahoo music, Pandora, etc, or the audio signals from video clips, movie, online radio, web casts,etc,a

    Is there any movie making softwares for PC just like iMovie?
    I have a PC windows 7. And on youtube everyone has iMovie which means they have a mac. And I like to make videos with cool effects. But iMovie seems like thats the only one. So is there any FREE easy to download movie making softwares just like iMovie ?Please let me no! Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      imovie is really nice, but it only work on mac.

      luckily, i have found some video editing software which can work on window
      the following is the detail, i hope it helps

      Microsoft Movie Maker
      Already installed on newer computers that are running Windows, Movie Maker has drag and drop features to make creating and editing your movie easier. Microsoft has many add-ons for this software, and upgrades are available through the website. This is one of the best free video editing software programs available.

      Avid FreeDV
      Avid FreeDV is available for both Windows and MAC operating systems, and includes basic video and audio editing capabilities, as well as up to two streams of real-time effects. On the whole, a solid video editing program that is slightly hard to use, but very powerful once you learn its ins and outs.

    How can I upload video from my camcorder Canon 630i into my computer?
    I have this Canon 630i camcorder for over 2 years, and when I bought it I thought I will be able to store and edit video into computer.
    Although the software came with it, I never understand it, as i believed the software was just for the still images made with camcorder, so I gave up.
    But I now I have a feeling since the camcorder is DV and it's digital, it should be possible to connect and save the video into PC.
    I have a USB cable to connect, but is that enough.
    Can anyone let me know, please?

    Thanks in advance to everyone.

    • ANSWER:
      Video Editing Process*

      *CAPTURE the video stream from vcam or Import from pc folder, EDIT to make the movie as a project, FINISH (render) movie as a video file, and finally SAVE or burn to CD/DVD.

      for starters, XP/Windows Movie Maker** (wmm) would provide the simple & easy way (& free) to learn the technique, where SpiceFx by Pixelan could provide enhanced effects. **click detailed WMMaker help.
      After learning the editing tricks, you may later venture into other video editing programs - Premiere, Vegas, Pinnacle, Ulead, etc., accdg to skill level.

      a.) Connect vcam to computer via firewire cable (4 or 6 pin @ 25 mbps) for good transfer (USB@ 4mbps can do but possible drop frames),
      b.) Set the vcam mode to play recorded video on tape & pause
      c.) Open wmm in computer and set to TASK PANE
      d.) In the wmm/Task pane/CAPTURE VIDEO, click CAPTURE from video device. Wmm should now be able to control vcam operations. The video files from vcam can then be copied to wmm collection (usually there are several video files from vcam although you will not notice on vcam playback)
      e.) Import other desired video files, pictures, music, narration from pc folder to wmm collection
      f.) wmm/ EDIT: drag & drop captured video files one by one from collection to TIMELINE chart below at the desired sequence
      g.) Enhance/edit your video further if you wish: add other video files, pictures, background music/ narration, subtitles, effects, transition, etc., then, test to your liking (re-edit as you wish)
      FINISH MOVIE (w/rendering)
      h.) Save the video file to pc or burn to cd
      i.) Save the project file (work-in-progress) for succeeding edits

      Hope this helps…

    How do I download movies without having to use a torrent?
    Are there any websites where I can download movies straight from the site without having to download any torrent softwares? Also what format does the movie need to be in for me to be able to watch it on my computer?


    • ANSWER:
      There are lots of sites where you can STREAM movies, but few from which you can download them. If you want movies on your computer, you need to buy them. Anything else is illegal.

    How do I download a video from a JVC GR-DVL820 (2001) to my PC. I have downloaded driver/software, but no avai
    I have purchased the USB cable and downloaded "VideoCam" software, but nothing happens when I plug in and turn on the videocamera

    • ANSWER:
      GR-DVL820, a miniDV vcam, must be FIREWIRE400**-connected to pc to upload video thru video capture or video editing* software while vcam is ON PLAYBACK. Note: DV or Firewire port of vcam is 4pin. Before cable purchase** (Vcam/4pin=>firewireCABLE=>PC (4/ 6pin?), check pc for DV or firewire port, whether 4 or 6 pin. If none, install firewire card: pci for pc or pcmcia for laptop.

      for starters, free Windows Movie Maker* (XP-wmm2 & Vista-wmm6) provides simple & easy way to learn the ropes < click help for details>. Upgrade to intermediate video editing applications accdg. to need & skill level

      video editing process- XP/wmm2
      >>> open wmm- start/all programs/wmm->TASK pane
      1. Capture video stream** - editing software remotely controls vcam operations
      2. Edit- drag/drop video files->timeline & enhance w/effects, transition, music & titles
      3. Finish (render)- save Movie file, also save Project*** .msmmw file
      4. Share-burn to CD (if DvD, use DvD authoring app, e.g.,DvD Flick, Nero, etc.)

      For Vista/wmm6, t’is similar: Import/ Edit/ Publish/ WindowsDVD or Nero for authoring

movie streaming software