9 thoughts on “Movie Theater Times

  1. What should I say when I’m the announcer at a Drive-In Movie Theater?
    my mom and dad are planning to open up a drive in movie theater some time and im going to be the announcer; like i speak thru the radio about the movie, theater, concession foods, parking etc. Does anyone know what I could say when I’m speaking?? ANy tips?

  2. Where can I purchase the large movie displays at movie theaters?
    I’m referring to the signs you see for upcoming movies while at a movie theater. Most of the time they are made out of cardboard (I think), but some of the hanging ones seem to be some sort of vinyl.

    I’m not talking about the poster-sized pictures on display outside of the theaters, I’m talking about the large, sometime room-sized, and sometimes odd-shaped displays that you would see inside of the theaters.

    Does anybody know where I can purchase those?

    Thanks in advance!

    • your talking about banners or standees go on ebay and search movie banners or movie standee just remember they might look roomed sized in the theater but once you get them home your like holy *&^# that’s big lol.

  3. Is it legal for a man to bring a messenger bag or man purse into stores and movie theaters?
    Women carry purses into stores and movie theaters all the time. I’m wondering if places either have laws/rules against men bringing bags in, or if they even frown down on it.

    • If it’s legal for women, it’s legal for men. As a man, you’re likely to get looked at with more suspicion, but there’s no law against being suspicious. If anyone gives you trouble, ask to see the store policies–especially if you see a woman with a handbag.

  4. How do you add movie theater times to a website?
    I want to create a website that will have movie theater times. Where do you go to get that? Do you have to pay for it? Help!

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