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    Where can i watch the movie Moon online ?
    im not talking about the stupid twilight saga new moon. Im talking about the movie moon (2009) w/sam rockwell and kevin spacey. anybody kno where i can watch it online ive been looking everywere !! pleaseee!

    • ANSWER:
      I'd try here, I'm not sure if they'll have that particular movie that your loking for, but they have a lot of new releases. Mostly "filmed in theatre" but good quality.
    What order do the twilight films go?
    What order the the twilight films goes when watching? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      In this order and you can watch them all on the links below.• Twilight -… - Free HQ video

      • New Moon -… - Free HQ video

      • Eclipse. -… - Free HQ video

      • Breaking Dawn 1. -… - Free HQ video

      • Breaking Dawn 2 -… - Free but the quality of the video ain't so great since its a new release.

      Enjoy!! =D

    Want to watch Eclipse Twilight and New moon?

    • ANSWER:
      em, o_OI think your on the wrong category, this is to do with astronomy, like the stars the moon and planets, i think yahoo answers has gave you this category because your question has words such as, eclipse and moon

      (that darn film >_<)

    Where can I watch 'New Moon' online?

    • ANSWER: you go Bromosexual
    Movies Online Free? Help fast!?
    Where Can I Watch The Movie "Twilight" and/or "New Moon" Online For Free
    I Don't Want To Download, Or Make An Account For The Website.
    Answer Quickly Please!
    Thanks! xx

    • ANSWER:
      try these, they are free no signup required :
    Where can I watch new moon online for free?
    Without putting my credit card number.

    • ANSWER: I suggest using steam 2k as the player. And also don't download just click play. Be careful when the player appears it will have a advertisement in front of it that says "play now" or "download" just ex this box out and click play! Enjoy!!!
    What did u think about The Hunger Games?
    Did u think its better than Twilight( the first movie that came out about the twilight saga)?
    I think New Moon, Eclipse, and Breaking Dawn Part 1 were very good but Twilight wasn't good..... Cuz of Kristen Stewart..... She wasnt perfect for the role.... And when I watched The Hunger Games. They left out some important stuff.... And The Hunger Games was REAAALLLLYYYY AWESOME and if u wanna watch it online here is the website:

    Sooo do u think The Hunger Games was better or Twilight( the first one)?

    • ANSWER:
      While I didn't think The Hunger Games was perfect, I thought it was far and away better than Twilight (the original - barely got through it, haven't bothered with any of the sequels). I still prefer the book over the movie but it was one of the better adaptations I have seen and I'm already anticipating the sequels.


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