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    When is Blood the Last Vampire being released in Canada?
    I know that its being released in the U.S July 10 2009 but I don't live there and I want to see it in theaters.

    • ANSWER:
      you could watch it online at:

    Where to watch/download Secret Saturdays Season 2 for free?
    Well, I can't find it anywhere on the internet, and CN obviously isn't planning in airing them again or releasing DVDs. So, anyone around here know where I can find episode 27 and on?

    • ANSWER:

      There you can watch every episode of season one and two (and other cartoons). The episode 27 "Kur" is the first episode of the third season, I searched anywhere for it too but I could only find this link:

      And "The Unblinking Eye" here:

    Where can I watch the movie Percy Jackson & The Olympians The Sea Of Monsters Book Two?
    I'm trying to find a way to watch the sea of monsters and I tried Movie2k and it only shows the Lightning Thief, can someone please help me quick?

    • ANSWER:
      The "Sea of Monsters" isn't released until 26th Mrch 2013

    Are there any free movie sites left?
    I've been looking for a site that can stream any movie that's been released for free right on your computer. All the sites I've seen claiming to provide this require surveys to enter. Is there a site that is survey-free that provides all the above?
    Oh and no downloads either, so no to Dan, sorry.

    • ANSWER:

    are there any sites i can watch new release films on without having to subscribe or give bank details too?
    i would like to watch films online for free new releases ,befoer they come out on dvd but i dont want to have to subscribe or give bank account details,not sure if a site actually exsists.

    • ANSWER:
      I use
      Free free free (:

    Where can I watch Searching for Sugarman online?
    I saw it in theaters and I really want to show it to my family!

    • ANSWER: usually has the newest releases but if its still in theaters it might not be top quality. Is the documentary as good as I hear?

    I would like to know why Piranha 3DD is not out in theatres Yet. the release date said 6-01?
    When will this movie hit theatres, i really want to see this movie.

    • ANSWER:
      I really wanted to see this movie too, so I checked and there was not one playing within 250 miles of where I live so, I looked on the internet and found the perfect video of this movie. Go to and an add should pop up that is sometimes about porn so be prepared but this is not a porn site I promise. Then click on piranha 3DD, but only stream2k then another add will pop up just exit off them both and the add covering the player. Don't worry the ads are a lot less of a hassle than it sounds. Just to let you know I promise you this movie is not worth watching though. Perfect High Definition pretty much DVD quality.

    Where can i watch the movie Moon online ?
    im not talking about the stupid twilight saga new moon. Im talking about the movie moon (2009) w/sam rockwell and kevin spacey. anybody kno where i can watch it online ive been looking everywere !! pleaseee!

    • ANSWER:
      I'd try here, I'm not sure if they'll have that particular movie that your loking for, but they have a lot of new releases. Mostly "filmed in theatre" but good quality.

    anyone else notice something wierd on skyfire andriod browser?
    when you type in movie2k on a computer you get the movie site.. when you do it on the app you get the porno part of the site... cant even get the movie release part of the site? just brings you back to the porn part >:I happining to anyone els?

    • ANSWER:
      And work super for me..i dont maind..never ben so happy I love it is best think hapen in my life..good movies...;)

    Where can i watch this movie?
    I want to watch Journey 2, i tried but the video is not in its best quality for picture and sound as the sound is beating the mouth movements. If you know any website where i can watch it in good quality please let me know ill vote you best answer if i loved the video or the website :) thankyou.

    • ANSWER:
      Hey most movies sites get their movies from the same source, so if you want to watch a movie that has just recently been released in theaters its hard to find good quality. The site I use a majority of the time to watch movies is They usually have the quality and rating of the video available for you on their home page. Good luck and enjoy watching :)

    Good free movie websites that work on iPod touch?
    Has anyone got any good free movie websites that play the latest movie releases and actually play on iPod touch. I know a good website called but it doesn't work on iPod touch ( the videos that is) I wanted to watch the new johny English reborn but I can't find any good websites

    • ANSWER:


    Where can I watch 'Resident Evil: Retribution' online for free?
    I found this link, but my computer doesn't work well with videobam. Any other places to watch it?

    • ANSWER:
      I use this site all the time, usually has all the movies about a couple of days after they have been released in the Cinema's, hope this helps!

    How can i download movies Using IDM.?
    I'm looking for a movie to download at (Hunger games) but i can't download it using idm? How?

    • ANSWER:
      This question is seeking advice on how to commit international copyright fraud, you are being reported to Yahoo and the studio that released "The Hunger Games".

    What order do the twilight films go?
    What order the the twilight films goes when watching? thanks

    • ANSWER:
      In this order and you can watch them all on the links below.

      • Twilight -… - Free HQ video

      • New Moon -… - Free HQ video

      • Eclipse. -… - Free HQ video

      • Breaking Dawn 1. -… - Free HQ video

      • Breaking Dawn 2 -… - Free but the quality of the video ain't so great since its a new release.

      Enjoy!! =D

    where can i watch the new twilight online with no sign ups?

    • ANSWER:
      If you really want to watch it, then go to the link below, it's absolutely free but since the moive is a new release the quality of the video ain't so great, but you can see they're faces and understand what they're on about. You can wait for someone to upload it in HQ if you want to watch in good quality, otherwise watch it here.


      Enjoy!! =D

    has the movie eclipse leaked online yet?
    oprah said that her viewers got to see it last night. anyone know if it's out online yet? thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      Are you talking about the new Twilight movie? It isn't due to be released for over a month! The only reason Oprah's viewers got to see it is because she's Oprah!

      All you'll get if you go looking for this movie online, a month before it is released, is a virus.

      This is where I watch movies online for free...
      Your movie will be on that site within a few days of being officially released, however, you'll probably want to see it in theaters anyways.

    Does anyone know where I can buy the movie ''Fatal Trust''?
    Does anyone know where I can buy the movie ''Fatal Trust'' in Canada? It was released in 2006 and Amy Jo Johnson stars in it. I've been looking for it for so long, but I can't find it anywhere :'( If anyone has an idea, please let me know. Thank you so much :)

    • ANSWER:
      you can watch any movie or tv show you want for free at or great sites:)

    Where can I watch Valentine's Day online?
    iTunes doesn't have it released yet and now megavideo and everything was taken down and theres obviously no legit ones on youtube so please help!!

    • ANSWER:

      X out the play button and you can watch the movie in great quality. I have seen many movies on that site so I know it is very trustworthy.

    where is a free movie website?
    i need a website that has everything
    ~ no downloading on to computer or software
    ~ kinda like youtube
    ~ no porn
    ~ has the new releases
    please help

    • ANSWER:

    which website may i download movies without signing up?

    • ANSWER:
      I've recently found

      Pretty decent and there is a lot of films on there, whether it's just been released at cinema or not

      I'm not sure if you can download though but some of the streams are good if you just want to watch

      Hope this helps x

    download whole movies for free?
    i want to download whole movies in decent quality for free but i also dont want to have to sign up or pay in anyway to do this any links would be great! thanks.

    • ANSWER:
      I don't know if this is the kind of site that you are looking for but on you can watch movies that are in theaters and released for free.....but the quality isn't too amazing.

    why cant i watch ponyo?
    why is that every link i go to it says its been taken down and i cant even find an anime site to watch it on? its been release for like 3 years nows

    • ANSWER:
      Exit out of box. Hit play.

    where to watch free movies online that aren't on dvd yet?
    I really want to see this movie called "In Time". It doesn't release until the end of january but i want to see it now. Anyone know of a site i can go to? That doesn't want you to do a survey or download anything? There used to be many sites like this. I know they keep shutting them down but there has to still be some out there right? If you can help i'd appreciate it! Thanks!
    Neither of those worked. I had to pay for one of the sites and the other wouldn't work bc it wanted me to download a player that i would have had to pay for. I guess ill keep looking but thanks guys.

    • ANSWER:

      your welcome, have fun watching

    Easy A online links? Preferably Megavideo?
    Also, what site did you get the link from please? Thanks for the help!

    • ANSWER:
      just released today!

    where can i watch movies online?

    • ANSWER:

      Here you can watch anything... But dont watch those that are newly release.. The quality is cam recoreded. but other movies are just awesome

    can you watch on a Wii?
    My Wii is put away beneath a lot of stuff and i wanna know if its worth is to get it out just to watch a movie

    • ANSWER:
      no, wii doesn't and never has played movies or DVDs in any way. they planned to release one in 2007 that played movies, but canned that idea.

    direct megavideo link for no strings attached?

    • ANSWER:
      Those 2 previous answers are faulty. Graboid SCAMMER SPAMMERS!

      I haven't been able to find a working link but I'd check these sites every other day to see if there is a link. and

      They have tons of movies and multiple link to newly released movies...No joke, spam or non-sense like the previous posts!!

    whare can i find star wars the clone wars episode 1?
    y cant i findit any whare???

    • ANSWER:
      Here’s my list of free online movies. You’ll be able to watch free online movies, hassle free, no waiting, depending how fast your computer is and virus free. It’s awesome. You can actually watch new releases or movies that hasn’t came out yet here in Canada or the States

      The first 2 websites listed below are in my opinion the best websites out there for watching free movies... Go ahead, take a look...
      Lots of movies… I love this one
      Go to videos, then on the left side, under categories, select Film & Animation. And when that page shows up, look on the left again, and under categories, you’ll see Browse, press Most Viewed. Most of the movies from this site are taken from… Very good quality… One more thing, If you see as the title of the movie, just right click on the title and go to properties, then you’ll see address(URL)… at the end of it, you’ll see the name of the video.
      Links available: 1,194,227…
      This site is not too bad.
      Once you’re in, I suggest browsing the Most Rated, which is on your right.
      I’ve watched a couple of movies on this site, and I was happy to see that they were in good quality shape.
      I don’t really remember watching movies on this site, but as I can see, there are quite a few movies in there.
      Worth a look.
      I’ve watched Rocky Balboa on this site (good quality)
      I watched jackass 3, good quality… Many movies to choose from…

      - If you can’t find the movie you want in one site, or if the movie you’re watching is low quality, just search it in another website. I do this and I usually find what I’m searching for.
      - Add these to your favorites for easier access.

    Best sites for streaming tv?

    • ANSWER:
      I would have to say that the best site for streaming would have to be Netflix. Even though Netflix's selection is often poor and a month, it streams well and also in HD. If you wanted a certain movie you could go to, I've always had good luck with this site. There's also a site called This has a lot of good tv episodes and often they upload them with 30 minutes of initial release. Hope that helps.

    were can i watch easy a (2010)?
    free online. no downloads. no surveys. direct link please(=

    • ANSWER:
      just released today!

    For people who's watched Easy A?
    What did the text say on Rhiannon's phone, this was nearly at the end of the movie.
    Also, what happened after Olive hopped on the lawn mower with Todd? At the end of the movie.

    • ANSWER:
      just released today!

    where can i watch....................?
    online movies for free
    that actually look good

    • ANSWER:
      Well, It depends on the release of the movies, Most new ones will have bad quality, but the ones already out of theaters and crap like that have perfect quality, even some with HD.

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