Frequently Asked Questions

    What website can you go to, to watch tv shows?
    I really want to watch some Flashpoint episodes I have not seen yet. All the ones coming on are repeats. Is there a website I can to watch TV show, especially FLASHPOINT for free without downloading anything? Thank you!

    • ANSWER:
      Theres a few that a use where you can watch movies that are still in theatre and also tv shows

    Does anybody know a website that i can watch or stream movies on? That won't give me a virus?
    I have been looking at websites for a while and i can't go to them because i don't know if they are safe, and i have netflix but they NEVER have the movies that i want to watch, does anybody know a website?

    • ANSWER:
      you can use to watch free online movies which is really safe :)

    wich website can i go to to watch full movies for free?
    without having to dowload anything or regester to watch and it has to be a good website and that does not give a virus

    • ANSWER: :DD works very well, the best really

    what is a site i can go to to watch the new 2012 movie the watch for free with no surveys?

    • ANSWER:
      I watch Movies (and also TV Shows) here:

    Is my computer still safe? PLEASE HELP!?
    Ok. So I always go to a site named to watch movies and I recently saw a label where it say ''HDVid codec plug in is missing'' so I clicked on it and downloaded it. Then a little black screen came where there was this sign _ and then it immediately closed itself. After that I searched if it was safe and then it said that it wasn't safe. IT SAID THAT IT'S FAKE AND SOMEONE WILL DO SOMETHING ON MY COMPUTER?!! The site said that if someone downloaded it then you have to delete the download file immediately. I don't know if I deleted it correctly I just deleted it from my downloads. I don't even know if it really is safe after I deleted it.. PLEASE HELP! Is my computer really safe?

    P.S: I only downloaded the file on safari

    • ANSWER:
      Not the way to handle this. Your first action should have been to do a malware scan. You should now download the free scanner from and run the full scan.

    Can you use websites like movie2k.t or on a nexus 7, nexus 10, and samsung galaxy tab 2?
    Im trying to decide what to buy, what would be the best tablet to use these websites because that would be my primary use for the tablet. And im trying to to not spend more than 400
    What about using apps like puffin, would that allow me to use pirate sites from an android tablet

    • ANSWER:

    is there a website i can go to to get free tv shows?

    • ANSWER: there you can watch movies, tv series and porn movies if your so choose :s. No signing up, no pay and catch Free :)

    where can i watch these movies?
    p.s. i love you
    time travelers wife
    dear john
    ghost of girlfriends past
    i tried youtube but got nothing it would be great if there was a website that i could just play them without downloading and i have already tried hulu and i don't like it

    • ANSWER:

      here are the links taken from that site for your movies

      just dismiss the ads by clicking the cross or continue as free user or click start video now where it applicable. enjoy the movies. Go to the to find our all the movies you needed.

    Do you know where I could watch To Kill a Mockingbird for free?
    With no downloading/sign up and it's free. And please, no viruses or scams.
    I really want to watch it since I never have and I just finished the book. I was hoping I could find it on youtube, but there are only clips, not the whole movie in parts.
    Or should I just spend 3 dollars and rent it through amazon?


    • ANSWER:
      Here's a free link to watch the movie.