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    A way to make it so some words get changed to another word on Google Chrome?
    I want it so whenever I see the word "movie" on Google Chrome, it gets changed to the word "film" (I don't like the word "movie" because it is not proper British English) sort of like when, on Microsoft Word, if you make a typo of certain words they will change to the proper spelling and you can edit it with Auto Correct.

    Is there a way to do anything like this on Google Chrome?


    • ANSWER:
      It doesn't have an auto correct feature, it just has a spell checker

    When will I be able to watch netflix movies on my Google Chrome laptop?
    I just got a Google Chrome laptop for Christmas and was so very pleased until I discovered that I can not watch netflix movies. I have done some research and have found out that Google is working on this problem but I was wondering if anyone knows when exactly Google plans on having this problem fixed just so I know if I should cancel my netflix account of not!

    • ANSWER:

    How to stop seeing my past searches in my google chrome search box?
    I have a mac and I use google chrome. Every time I go to search something in the search box it shows all of my past searches like "mapquest" and "movie times" etc. in the drop down menu. I've tried clearing the history but it doesn't do anything. Help?

    • ANSWER:
      Customize and Control... -> Options -> Under The Hood, "Clear Browsing Data..."
      Sometimes Google Chrome give you suggestions while you type, do not mistaken those with your browsing History. You can disable that feature in the same section: Customize and Control... -> Options -> Under The Hood, look in the Privacy section

    How to get netflix to work with chrome?
    Hello, Everytime I go to watch a instant movie using Google Chrome browser, It says Install the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in. I have the plug in installed and even installed it again to check. How can I get the streaming to work? Thanks.
    yep. I removed siverlight and re installed and says same thing. Maybe I will go and reinstall chrome.

    • ANSWER:
      I watch netflix on chrome every day with no problems. Try uninstalling silverlight and reinstalling it.

    How do I access downloaded movies that are no longer playing?
    How do I access downloaded movies that are no longer playing?
    I have Windows7 and I downloaded videos from the Internet. They appeared to have stopped working. I go to the "downloads" section on Google Chrome and on Mozilla Firefox and they do not respond. Some of these I have paid for. I am getting frustrated. Any help?

    • ANSWER:
      watch and free download full length movie/ mp4 format movie, you can go to here :
      you can download any other movie you'll EVER want to see. Regardless of whether

      that movie comes out next year or it came out last year or even 10 years ago. As soon as

      a movie is available for download you're able to access it.

    Is there anything like freedcorder4 for google chrome?
    I had firefox and this program called Freecorder4 where I guess it would save movies so that I could download them or something like that. Just wanted to know if there was anything like that for google chrome.

    • ANSWER:
      You can use this if you like

    How to Change the place where the downloads go from the web?
    Whenever I download a Movie or Song from google chrome it automatically goes to downloads folder in documents.i want the downloads to go in D drive. how can i change this?
    RONY Do you also know how to do this for internet explorer?

    • ANSWER:
      just go to options under google chrome browser. under options go to under the hood tab..u can find there u can change the location to d drive....

    Youtube video has choppy playback on Google Chrome?
    The video loads fine, but when I actually watch it, it looks like it's skipping frames. Very slow/choppy. Low fps. The sound also has this buffering/skipping sound.

    This only happens when I watch videos on Google Chrome, which is my preferred browser, not Firefox. It's also a recent issue that came up one day after downloading a movie.

    I already cleared my browsing data, and restarted the computer. Nothing will stop it. Help?

    • ANSWER:
      I had the same problem it was so annoying but I found this solution online it is working fine now

    My Laptop suddenly gives blue screen and automatically restarts?
    After watching a full length movie I opened Google Chrome and suddenly my laptop screen shows screen with somthing written on it and windows restarted automatically. This happened first time to me. PLEASE HELP!

    • ANSWER:
      it is called Blue Screen of Death!
      Actually it comes because of the following reasons...
      1) if new softwares installed that not compatible with your system.
      2) if new hardwares installed that not compatible with your system.
      3) insufficient memory

      It is a critical unrecoverable error.
      if it is a first time you can uninstall new software or remove newly installed hard drive and see again if any error comes.

      if continues please reinstall new version of windows.

      Note: if you use any badly pirated operating systems that also can cause Blue screen.

    How to upgrade Adobe Flash Player on your computer?
    I use google chrome, & I can't seem to watch a lot of movies, or look at pictures and things because it always tells me I need to upgrade my Adobe Flash Player. & I have gone to the website to try to upgrade it, but always tells me that I already have it and that google chrome will automatically upgrade the Flash Player if available? What can I do to fix this?

    • ANSWER:
      The Google support forum seems to have your answer.

      If you read thru this thread below in the link, you'll see the discussion about fixing it.

      Scroll down to the poster name Toni (googler). Seems he has the fix for you!topic/chrome/eGxBLqt87Z0%5B1-25%5D

    Are the Muslim countries really rioting over the video of their prophet?
    Or is it something else? I keep on hearing that the movie that depicts their god is the sole reason for the riots, but I did some research and I found out that the movie came out about a year ago (although it was translated to Arabic/other languages just recently).

    Is the movie really the reason for the riots or are the riots another Arab Spring?.

    P.S Also why is the word "movie" not considered a word in Google chrome?

    • ANSWER:
      They are rioting because there are people who orchestrated this to happen on 9-11 in a very coordinated operation. The video had been out for months, but it was only broadcast on 9-11. There were people with rocket launchers in place for the attack. Meanwhile, as all our attention is on this, the US has been downgraded again, Bank of America comes out and says gold is going to go over 00 an ounce and oil will hit near 0 by 2013. The US economy collapsed at 0 a barrel. And the Fed announces they will begin QE3 printing/digitizing billions of dollars a month with no end in sight... and with every one of these "created" dollars, our fiat currency goes down in value with resulting inflation.
      And what has Obama been doing? There was clear warning of these attacks 48 hours ahead and he SKIPS his daily briefings, just like he has skipped 2/3 of all of them. And when notified that the attack had started and the American ambassador was "missing"... Obama went to bed. Dare I ask... was he in on this....
      And the polls say Obama is ahead and may actually win the election in Nov? Are you kidding me? the worst most incompetent president in US history??? If this country actually re-elects this ... we deserve what we will get.
      But to answer your question; no. They are rioting because they hate us. We are the Great Satan. Israel is the Little Satan. They want us dead. Their holy book commands it. The White House can spin all they want to, but anybody with a whit of intelligence and common sense knows it.

    Anyone know how to hide widgets behind video screens and internet explorer?
    I was wondering how to hide the widgets (the Clock, Date, Temperature) widgets behind the windows when I open them: such as Google Chrome, or VLC Media player. No matter if I full screen a window or program, those widgets are still in the front mode. I like where they are at the desktop when nothing is opened, but I would like to be able to hide them behind important windows such as the internet, or a movie player... Does anyone know how?

    • ANSWER:
      Some apps have a "Always on top" setting. If this is checked, then, you will see the behavior you are seeing. It sounds like you want this to be unchecked or disabled.

      This setting is usually in a "View" or "Settings" menu somewhere within the widget, but it really depends on the widget. Try right-clicking the widget and see if there's an option similar to this.

    How do I fix this issue with my computer?
    So, I have this issue with my PC. I was making a movie on Windows Movie Maker. When I tried to import something, when suddenly all my applications turned into Windows Movie Maker. For example, if I click on Google Chrome, it takes me to Windows Movie Maker. How do undo this or fix it please help!

    • ANSWER:
      It looks like you accidentally changed the file association for your shortcuts. Reset it by following this:

      It's the LNK and probably the EXE file association that you need to reset.

    I have cricket broadband and cannot watch vedios due to them slowing the connection, if I down load google chr?
    google chrome, will I have a faster connection to be able to watch movies etc. like netflix?

    • ANSWER:
      No way to speed up a Internet connection, it is what it is.

      Mobile broadband is good for mobility, but sucks for speed. If you're getting poor reception or interference from electrical equipment your bandwidth can be similar to dial-up.

      Most cellular broadband plans are considerably slower and more expensive then their DSL or cable Internet counterparts.

      Another problem with mobile broadband is the low monthly bandwidth limits. Video such as Netflix consume huge amounts of bandwidth. Most cellular mobile broadband providers charge hefty overage fees when you exceed their 5GB or less monthly limits.

      Even Cricket which advertises unlimited broadband will throttle your Internet speed to a crawl if you exceed 5 GB of bandwidth in a month. Read their Fair Usage Policy.

      Cellular mobile broadband is not intended to replace broadband DSL and Cable internet services which usually have fair usage limits of 250GB per month or less. Mobile broadband is intended for travelers and business people to get on the Internet when they're away from home, it was not intended for heavy download usage.

      For a home computer DSL or high speed cable is the way to go, if it's available in your area. 1.5 Mbps DSL plans start at around per month and for a little more you can get a super fast cable Internet plan.

      I personally use both. I use 3G mobile broadband from Verizon when I'm away from my high speed Cox cable Internet at home. I f you run a business or need Internet access anywhere, this is a good option. The 3G Internet is convenient, but sucks compared to a high speed cable or DSL Internet service.

      Go to and check your Internet speed. I'd be willing to bet that it is crap. If you're interested in a faster Internet connection go to a cheap ISP comparison site and see what's available in your area.

      A DSL plan or preferably a faster cable or fiber Internet service would be my choice if they're available in your area.

      You can go to a ISP comparison site and see what's available. A lot will depend on what Internet providers are available in your specific area, and what levels of service they offer in that location.

      For instance DSL Internet might be better in one city, and cable Internet options better in another. DSL is generally cheaper than cable Internet, however the cable plans are usually faster.

      Find a site that lets you input your address, and compare the pricing and terms of the offers that are available in you area.

      You'll want to pick the fastest plan that fits your budget. In some areas this can be 100Mbps+. But these high end broadband plans are expensive. You may find that something in the 3 to 20Mbps range might satisfy your needs at a much lower cost.

      Netflix says 1.5Mbps minimum speed, but I would recommend nothing less than 3Mpps and at least 10Mbps for smooth HD video.

      Choose the best one for your Internet usage and budget.

      Good Luck...

    How can you make your computer work offline?
    I am trying to bypass the megavideo time limit, and apparently if you wait for the video to load and then make your computer work offline you can do this. How do you make your computer work offline though? I am using google chrome, by the way.

    • ANSWER:
      Here's what I do: First I start the video then pause. I wait until the video loading bar is completed then turn off the internet or work offline or what have you. Then I am able to watch without that dang 72 minutes warning. The key is to not get attached to watching the video/movie when you click the play otherwise the whole plan will fall through and you'll end up watching it and suffering the accursed warning.

      I guess you knew all that, but rather than working offline just turn of your internet or disconnect for the time being. From what I've read/heard Chrome doesn't have an offline function as of now.

    Why is it that whenever I use Internet Explorer my cpu usage skyrockets?
    Just today I attempted to watch a movie via Netflix and it stopped me every ten minutes saying my internet connection has slowed. My cpu usage is at 100% all of which is being used by Internet Explorer. Recently because of this I have been using Google Chrome but I can only watch Netflix movies using Internet Explorer so I am hoping to find a way to stop this.

    • ANSWER:
      IE is a dinosaur of an Internet browser. It tends to do that kind of thing on my computer, too. Consider using Firefox 3. You can download it for free on

    do you think soon they will remove all ways to download online?
    in these recent times ive observed they have removed- limewire, frostwire, blocked access to piratebay in the uk....removed all the youtube downloaders in google chrome browser.

    soon, will all options to download media be stopped and the only way to download anything will be a paid mainstream media corporate pay site ?

    or do you think there will always be ways to download media via other ways ? will the softwares and sites like limewire, downloaders for youtube ever comeback ? or are they gone for good ?

    will there ever be as many options to download media as there was in 2006 /07 or are all these software sites gone never to return ?

    • ANSWER:
      The governments are trying there best to eliminate all downloading sites and software's. The United States being the worst with there various acts that they are trying to impose like SOPA. I've notice this as well having lost Megavideo, Megaupload, and many of the places where I use to stream movies.

      Thing is though that unless they go Martial law on us they can't completely stop us. Take something down and someone will just make another site. The only thing is that they will take them down over and over. Quality will probably get lower, which will make paying for better stuff more worth it.

      Still though...right now they can't stop us. Keep an ear open about laws and you should be okay. You'll just have to explore for more sites and downloading software's.

    What happens if you accidentally download a torrent?
    Im 16 and own a macbook air. Im not so good when it comes to what is okay to click and stuff. But I got onto this website for streaming videos. I heard it was okay to stream but bad to download. I entered one of the videos and clicked play, only to have something downloaded on it. I use google chrome and knew immediately that something had been downloaded.

    I was wondering if we could get rid of it totally.
    Again, I use a macbook air and im not accustomed to the controls and stuff. I was trynna find the file and its just so confusing.
    Will I get tracked? Im really scared.
    What can I do????? I dont know what I just did and what I just got myself into.
    The website is movie2k.

    • ANSWER:
      Well, first, to download a torrent you have to have a torrent client installed. So unless you first installed that, or the laptop/computer came with one pre-installed (like utorrent, for example), I don't think you've actually downloaded one. Plus they're hella complicated when you're first learning how to do them, & take quite awhile (seeders, leechers, etc.), so if it "downloaded right away", then it isn't a torrent.
      If you think you downloaded a regular movie file (an avi/mp4/mkv/divx/etc), then it MIGHT have been faster, but instant is pretty far fetched.
      Also, those pages for instant downloading/streaming are FULL of adverts that say things like "download now", "premium download" "ultra fast download"- there are even ones with counters & crap that are designed to look exactly like the button you need to download the movie with. Until you're familiar with that host site, you might want to consider getting firefox, then the no script ad blocker, to take some of the confusion out for you.
      Most likely, you've downloaded some sort of adware/malware/software/binary program. They would be a fairly quick download .

      Do you recall anything saying "run" or "save"? If so, then it's a program. you can go into "control panel" on your start menu, then choose "uninstall a program". It will take you to a list of programs currently installed on your computer. From there, look for the column that shows the date the programs were installed on. Click the word "date installed (or something similar) at the top of the column, & it should organize the list by the dates, & you'll see whatever was installed today. If it isn't something you recognize downloading today, then you can choose to "uninstall". If you're not 100% sure what it is you might want to google the name, just to be sure it isn't something important that your computer updated.

      Once you uninstall it, it's basically gone.

      If it's not a program & just some sort of file, it should be in whichever folder/location you saved it in. Try your "downloads" folders. Not there? Then it's probably in one of your libraries (documents, picture, music, video). If you can't find it, & can't remember where you might have saved it, you can go online & try to save a photo (any photo), by right clicking & choosing "save photo". When you click that, it will open that window again that asks you to name it & where to save it- look at the folder it's already in, ready to save to, not one you choose- 99% of the time, that folder is the one you saved your last thing to. So for example, if you accidentally saved the file to a folder you named "monday", when you try to save another file/photo, it'll open up to save in that one automatically, unless you change it. You don't actually have to save this photo, just hit cancel- the reason you did it was to find out what the last folder you saved something in was. Now you can go to that folder yourself, & look through the files, to see if this questionable file did indeed get saved to your computer.

      Also, do you have a antiviral program installed? If so, you should run a scan. that way it can clean it for you- do a full system scan. This can take upwards of an hour, but you want to be safe.
      If you don't already have something like it, you might also want to try downloading Malware Bytes. Then run a scan with that- they'll pick up on anything your anti-virus program didn't.
      If you're still stuck, & can't find anything, head over to a website called GeekPolice. It's a volunteer based forum of people who will help walk you through removing any bad stuff or viruses- you'll have to set up an account/register. Then start a thread asking for help, & explain what you explained to us here. They will assign someone to you, & that person will help you run some scans that you'll copy & paste the results of into a forum post, which will all look like gibberish, but will actually be something the person can read & diagnose issues through.
      Now... Will you get tracked?
      Nah. First, they're not out there looking for kids who accidentally downloaded a few files. They're looking for people who are uploading, & trying to make a profit off doing so.
      if you're not sure about something, you can drop me an email & I'll try to walk you through it. You can email me through my yahoo page.
      Hope this has helped :)

    Are there any different types of internet?
    I have downloaded Google Chrome on my computer as the internet that I use, it is very fast but its letting in to many viruses even when I went to the store and bought virus protection. So are there any different internet frames I guess thats what you would call them that doesn't cause my computer viruses or doesn't let them in. Thank you.

    • ANSWER:
      First, the Internet is not your web browser. It's just a means to display and interact with the Internet. Second, virus and malware infections don't just happen.You or someone else has invited them in by installing programs or just randomly clicking the Yes button whenever something pops up.

      To combat infections avoid using file sharing programs to pirate music, movies, and programs. Make sure your OS is running the latest security patches. Turn on Automatic Updates. Run a virus scanner and keep it updated. There are many free virus scanners available such as Microsoft Security Essentials, Avira, Avast!, and AVG free edtion.

    How can I speed up my internet?
    I use Google Chrome to surf the web and firefox when watching hulu movies, since I heard its faster.

    Does anyone have any tips or ideas as to what I can do to get much more bandwith? Don't say stuff like "get better internet" I have comcast..

    • ANSWER:
      Test your bandwidth here:

      Are you getting close to what you are supposed to?

      If you are then there isn't anyway to speed up the Internet. As the above poster said, the gimmicks are just that.

    How do you use Flashgot when downloading movies from
    I was using Google Chrome with flashget and the movie would never start to download. So then I tried Firefox with flashgot and it says it's going to take 4 days to download. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. Any ideas?

    • ANSWER:
      this site should help you out:

    Logitech g930 headphones suddenly play sound louder in right ear ONLY when playing something on a web browser.?
    I can play anything through windows media player movie or song or a video game and the sound is even. It is only when I play anything on a web browser (pandora/streaming/youtube and so forth). It suddenly started doing this a few days ago. It does it on both google chrome and internet explorer. Any idea how to fix this?

    • ANSWER:
      Same thing happened to me and I did this on Win7. Not sure if the steps would be the same for XP but I know they'd be similar...

      1) Look on your system try (Lower right, by the clock)
      2) Right-click the speaker
      3) Click "Playback devices"
      4) Highlight the G930
      5) Click "Configure"
      6) Click next (for me all I could pick was 7.1)
      7) Uncheck "Side pair" & "Rear pair"
      8) Click Next
      9) Make sure that "Front left and right" is only checked
      10) Click next, click finish
      11) With the G930 still highlighted, click "Properties"
      12) Go to the "Enhancements" tab
      13) Make sure "Channel Pantomiming" is checked.
      14) If it is already checked, uncheck and recheck it, then click apply.

      Not sure if all of the steps are necessary, but this is what I did and it worked for me. Hopefully this helps you because it was frustrating the hell out of me because I like to listen to music on youtube.

    How to fix this issue with my computer?
    So, I have this issue with my PC. I was making a movie on Windows Movie Maker. When I tried to import something, when suddenly all my applications turned into Windows Movie Maker. For example, if I click on Google Chrome, it takes me to Windows Movie Maker. How do undo this or fix it please help!

    • ANSWER:
      It sounds like you have a virus which causes to open one type of program regardless of what you click. I recommend that you download "Malwarebytes" to scan for malware/spyware/adware/viruses from safe mode with networking.

    When my screen is dark during a video i notice low quality parts .what to do?
    A couple of days ago i noticed that during a video on youtube or a movie BUT NOT during a game. as the video goes dark in some moments my screen becomes low quality and i can see the pixels .even at my google chrome's theme which is dark blue i can see that it becomes low quality at the dark spots And the strange think is that all my movies and the videos i watch are HD 720p .Is there anythink i can do?

    • ANSWER:
      Very dark colors and especially Black are the very hardest for an LCD to reproduce, giving the picture the typical "artifacts" that you see that look pixelated. Game developers take this fact into concideration when they design the games so you don't notice it as much in games... but it is probably there in some part.

    How do I make sure to delete this off my computer!?
    I was trying to watch phantom of the opera on this movie sight and this thing started download. ( I saw it on the bottom of my google chrome) And I looked for it in my moms downloads folder and found it and deleted it but idk if its deleted off of all of the computer? Im not good with this kind of stuff.
    She wont care lol and thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      check the recycle bin. if it's not there, it's gone
      otherwise just delete it from there and that'll be the end of it.
      i'd be more worried about her walking in on you.

    Why can't internet explorer connect to the internet even though firefox can?
    I have tried to download movie maker and some other video editing products,but every one of them says "internet" connection error.It says that it can't connect to the download server.I can go onto Firefox and Google Chrome,just not IE...
    I am downloading the items from Firefox,not IE by the way.I'm just saying that both IE and the downloads can't connect to the internet.

    • ANSWER:

    Does it normally take 45mins for a 1080p youtube video to upload?
    I have a 5 minute long full hd video and it says 45 minutes to upload!

    I'm using Google chrome and my internet connection is fine. Is that average time?

    • ANSWER:
      No, it's too slowly, I think you should check your network first, if it's right, and can access youtube quickly and correctly, but still can't upload video on youtube or take so long time to upload video on youtube, maybe there is something wrong within your video, such as video profile problem, video codec problem, etc, just because youtube only supports few special profile and format/codec videos well, so you can use a right software to convert your video to right profile and format then upload onto youtube, you can follow me to use Youtube Movie Maker, it supports all Youtube HD profile(include 720p and 1080p), it can auto convert any wrong HD videos to right profile HD(720p or 1080p) youtube videos, then upload onto Youtube within HD, just run Youtube Movie Maker, press "Upload Video", add your 1080p videos in the file list, then press "SETTING" button to select a HD(1080p) profile, at last press "Convert&Upload" button, the software will convert your video to right profile youtube HD(1080p) video then upload onto youtube quickly. you can download it from, hope it can help you too.

    Why has my laptop screen color went all blue and red?
    About a year ago, my Dell laptop's screen color suddenly went all weird. It turned practically
    all blue with a little red. Like every time I opened Google Chrome, the background color, instead of white, was a bright blue. I re-calibrated the display color using a program that came with my laptop
    and it helped a little but then there was a red color that kept moving (kind of like static). It outlines
    my program icons and when I tried to watch a movie the faces of the people had the red static all over their faces (it was very annoying). I'm pretty sure it's not a virus because I have a very good
    anti-virus program. I have considered replacing the screen but I heard it's expensive. However, I am
    willing to buy a new screen...but what if it doesn't solve the problem?

    Why has my laptop done this? Are there any other options?
    #I have plugged my laptop into the TV and it looks perfectly normal so it's defiantly the laptop.

    • ANSWER:

      As the display is fine on the external monitor, it seems that the LCD is failing or the LCD cable is loose/faulty. You can confirm this by running the LCD Built in Self Test (BIST). If you still see the issue during BIST, the LCD might need to be replaced. Check the following link to know how to run LCD BIST:

      If the tests fail, before replacing the LCD, you may try to re-seat/ replace the LCD cable as that might help and would be lot cheaper than a complete LCD kit.

      Hope this helps.


    How do you install anime on windows 7?
    So I've tried to download two anime episodes onto my laptop, it uses Windows 7. When the download is complete, I click it. (I use google chrome) When I click it Windows Live Movie Maker appears, then there are no videos there, so I click the button that says add videos and photos. I click the file name, and it appears as a 5 second clip. Am I supposed to download a different program?

    Thanks in advance

    • ANSWER:
      Your question is so vague but im gonna give it a shot.

      When you download anime episodes, they usually come in avi or mkv format. (mkv is better btw)

      You can view these files using VLC media player (which you can download for free here: )

      Once you have VLC downloaded and installed on your computer, you can right click your anime episode and click open with > VLC, and it will play it.

      if that download link doesnt work, theres plenty of other places to download it, so just do a little searching.

      Hope this helps!

    My computer suddenly slows way down and needs to be restarted?
    This started happening a few days ago. I did not download any new software or anything like that. I have run antivirus and anti-malware programs. I have also run a PC Cleanup tool. I am not using up that much space on my computer, which is about 2 years old and is a Dell Inspiron N4010 with an i3 processor and Windows 7 Home Professional, 64 bit.

    When I start it up, everything is fine and it runs normally. However, anywhere from a half hour to several hours later, it will suddenly, without warning, slow WAY down and become practically un-usable. I don't even have to touch it. I can be running Netflix in Google Chrome with no other applications open and minimal background processes running. I've checked task manager after the slow down happens, but have found nothing unusual.

    I thought it was the Internet at first, but it is not only Internet processes that are being affected. It suddenly becomes so slow that it can't even play notification sounds -- the sound becomes broken up, choppy, and distorted. Any and all programs, even something like Wordpad, take a very long time to start up. Even clicking the start button takes about 5-7 seconds to load, whereas it is usually instantaneous.

    WHAT is going on? I have never had this happen before. I use AVG for my antivirus and Malware Bytes for anti-malware. I have the Windows Defender Firewall.

    The only thing I can think of that's changed is that Skype, which I use for work, pulled one of their automatic updates on me and revamped their program in a way that is messing with my computer. However, this seems far fetched, and I have even tried uninstalling Skype, reinstalling it (as well as uninstalling and then uninstalling a previous version), and setting it so that it doesn't open on Windows start-up to see if that helps. It doesn't really seem to make a difference. However, I did have a random IE window open on me randomly (without me touching the computer) that was trying to load some sort of Skype installation page, but it wasn't able to load and my computer slowed down not long after. So, something's up.

    I most often notice this when I am using Netflix. I can be halfway through a movie or show, which has been running fine with no other applications, etc, and then it suddenly starts to grind to a halt without me touching the machine.

    Thoughts? I'd really prefer not to have to format, if possible.

    • ANSWER:

    Where can I find a good video editing system?
    I use Google Chrome and I don't really want to download Movie Maker because it does not work on mine... Please list some good video editing system or effects...
    Thank You...

    • ANSWER:
      Aunsoft Video Converter helps you convert between various formats. It is the must-have conversion tool for video lovers, and enables you to enjoy movies on computer, to further edit video for creation, to present video on HDTV, and to publish video online in web-friendly format. You can control your video and music on popular portable devices including iPad, Nexus One, HTC Hero, Zune, iPod, PSP, Apple TV, iPhone anytime anywhere.

      With this powerful converter, you can also convert videos for video editing software like Adobe Premiere, Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, and upload video to YouTube and MySpace to share videos.

    What is a good PC for these types of applications?
    1. Good internet browsing (able to acess sites, flash processors (could use google chrome for that) and browser games
    2. Microsoft office and movie makers are a must.
    3. Somewhat cheap
    4. Moderately good graphics for video games and can be connected to a TV monitor

    • ANSWER:

    How to undo 'always use this program to open this type of file'?
    I tried to open a program with google chrome, I think, and suddenly everything like Microsoft Word and Movie maker and stuff is shown with the chrome symbol and won't open unless I manually go on file explorer (which is also shown with a chrome symbol) and set it to be opened with it's own program.
    I think they all end in .lnk or something.

    Is there a way to undo it???

    • ANSWER:
      Yes there is a way,goto coontrol panel and then default programs there will be a lot of applications,select the application you want and set the default application you want to..

    How do I install VLC plug in in Google chrome?
    Ok so im trying to watch some shows/movies on this one site. And it keeps saying that i have to install VLC plugin. Even after i download the program and install it in my comp the video still keeps saying that i have to install VLC plugin to watch. Can some1 help me?

    • ANSWER:
      Reinstall VLC and choose web player plugin option this time.
      if your using firefox, vlc doesnt support newest version of mozilla

    Which is the better browser for a slow computer?
    I know Google Chrome is good and faster than Mozilla but my problem is not the browser is my computer. Is really slow, is a old model and I know I need to get a new one. Right now I can't,if I go into my local disk I have 3.11 gb left of 19.1. I want to know what browser is better for a computer that has little memory. Thanks

    • ANSWER:
      The figures you have given have nothing to do with memory.

      THE 3.11GB you have remaining, is your hard drive space.

      Memory is RAM (random access memory) it`s this that defines more than anything the speed of you computer.

      You could speed up your computer a bit by removing unwanted files, e.g. a movie file can take up more than 1GB.

      Also go into control panel- add or remove, and remove any unwanted programs.
      If you have adobe reader for pdf files remove it and download foxit reader. (A much smaller program that does the same job.

      Also you might be able to upgrade your ram for a few pounds. Use the crucial scanner to see what it will take, copy the info then buy from somewhere cheaper. I usually get mine from Ebay.

    Why my Adobe flash player keep on crashing?
    I'm using firefox, internet explorer and even google chrome, but every time i want to watch movie or even play online games, it's keep on crashing. before it happens, it will go stuttered and suddenly crash! is it because of my laptop or something? I've updated the flash player as well, but still crashing. Can someone tell me what to do? Thanks!

    • ANSWER:
      * Run Reginout scan for active-x, file associations and other registry errors largely behind such crashes.

      * Try to uninstall the current flash player version. Read this official guide to uninstall flash plug-in:

      * Use official uninstaller tool to remove all flash elements from your computer.

      * After completing the above task download flash player 9 instead of the latest version. Sometimes there are intricate browser flash conflicts and changing the versions is often helpful.

      * Update your sound drivers if possible since the videos may simply crash because of the corrupted or missing drivers.

      1) Open Device Manager

      2) Find the sound-card device

      3) Remember the name of the device

      4) Uninstall it.

      5) After doing this restart your system.

    what do i do after i download a youtube video to get it on my ipod touch?
    im using google chrome to download youtube videos ,
    & im trying to get them on my ipod touch , it says their in the movie part ,
    but they don't show up on my ipod touch ? did i skip a step?

    • ANSWER:
      I think you can use Pavtube DVD Ripper
      Here is more information

    How do I turn off private browsing on Google Chrome?
    When i try to open a movie on Netflix it won't load and tells me private browsing is on, and to turn it off. But I looked around the internet and couldn't find out how to turn it off. Anyone know how? And no, it had nothing to do with the page being incognito.

    • ANSWER:
      Just copy the netflix link and open it in another non incognito tab

    I have approx 500 photos I want to put on a DVD+R. What program can I download to do that?
    I have a hp laptop, run Win 7, Google Chrome browser and cannot find a program that I can download into my laptop that will enable me to burn my photos onto a DVD+R disc. I can find tons of programs that will burn a video or movie to the disc but cannot find a program to burn photos. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you

    • ANSWER:
      The computer will have the software preinstalled. Insert a DVD in the drive → a popup will appear asking you what you wish to do with the blank disc; one of which will be burn files to a disc.
      Open the Windows Explorer file from the Task Bar. Drag the images to the DVD RW Drive (D:) → then right click DVD RW Drive (D:) and select Burn Disc.


    Why won't Netflix work for any of my web browsers?
    i have Firefox, Google Chrome, and IE 9.
    Every time i try to watch a movie it says to install silverlight. which i already have installed. (according to the silverlight setup) so whats the problem?

    • ANSWER:

    why does my video go black after a commercial ends?
    as i am watching anime on anime flavor, sometimes there's commercials and the screen goes black, I can still hear the sound but the video is not displayed. I am not talking about FULL screen, I usually watch it windowed so i can see back ground stuff fine and i can watch other movies or what ever, But when a commercial plays 1/2 the time it blacks out the area of the video but sound still works fine.

    Using Google chrome.

    • ANSWER:
      Refresh the page

    Why do some people still buy DVDs nowadays when you can watch films in high definition online for free?
    It's illegal to download and legal if you just watch a stream... In UK anyways.
    There are lots of websites that stream films online for free without the need to download anything and you don't get any virus plus you can use something from google chrome that blocks all the adds.
    Why do some people still buy DVDs nowadays?
    I believe they are not right in the head but I would love to hear other people's comments.
    Thank you.
    My mother is mentally retarded and she likes buying DVDs, nearly all films that is out on DVDs have the same quality as the ones online, the quality only changes when the film still on cinemas...
    Personal experience

    • ANSWER:
      myself I like watching the movie on the tv & having my phone free 2 do phone things like check my facebook.

    How to watch movies on free movies sites without them being blocked from my internet explorer?
    I have Internet Explorer. It won't let me watch the movies and says that they're blocked and I didn't download any blocker, I guess it already came with it.

    • ANSWER:
      Use firefox or google chrome. Heres a list of legal movie sites.

    Where can i find a Google Chrome boxing theme?
    I have been looking on my many websites, and cant find ANY. I would prefer a boxing theme of Muhammad Ali, or Rocky Balboa ( movie ) but any boxing theme would be nice!

    • ANSWER:
      Try googling that on google images and they should appear


    How do i fix JavaScript void error on Google Chrome?
    It' won't let me watch movies or nothing. every time i try to click play to watch a video the javascript viod comes up on the bottom.

    • ANSWER:
      If this is a specific site, report a bug to the webmaster (typically webmaster@domain). If this happens in all sites, there is a problem with your local setup. Try a different browser like Firefox or reinstall Chrome.

    Whats the difference between watching movie online or downloading it?
    When I watch movie online or when I download it then whats the difference in terms of bytes am using? Is it same? If yes, then why people watch movie online?
    Whats the size of an average movie?

    • ANSWER:
      A Downloaded movie is about 800mb whilst a streamed one is usually compressed (in size and quality) to 250-400mb.

      Well when you download a movie it is almost always higher quality and you get to keep it, until you delete it at least.. this also allows you to burn it onto disc's and watch it in your lounge room.

      Whilst watching it online is called streaming, you only get to watch it once (well until you close the browser) and it is stored in your temporary memory so when your computer is turned off it is lost for ever. This is a good way to eat up your bandwidth because usually i start buffering a streamed movie and go and get a drink, when i get back i go to click close on iTunes and accidently click close on Internet Explorer (Google Chrome) which means i have to re-enter the site and start buffering again wasting maybe 50mb of my Download cap (doesn't seem like much but it is for me lol)

      Streamed movies are usually pixelated and annoying to watch so i prefer to download - Need tips on how to download? Add me on msn -

      NOTE - DOWNLOADING AND WATCHING MOVIES IS HIGHLY ILLEGAL I DO NOT ENCOURAGE IT... Unless you know what your doing.. Or if your in France its not illegal.

    Why is this youtube video not loading?
    I went on the movies section of youtube to watch a movie and one movie i clicked on isn't loading right. The loading bar at the bottom says its completely loaded right when the movie starts, and if i watch my modem while the video is loading the modem loads then stops then loads then stops and so on so the video is only loaded like 5 seconds at a time before it stops loading again. Is this a youtube glitch? I have tried firefox and google chrome and it still does it.

    • ANSWER:
      Because Youtube has found an amazing way to suck a little bit more then every other video site in every way.

    Google chrome is not rendering my flash animation properly?
    Made a flash movie utilizing a bunch of image masks which have motion tweens to give a motion effect. For some reason, Chrome renders the file as if there is no image mask. Do you know what could be causing this problem. It also seems to be an issue in Safari but not Firefox or IE.

    • ANSWER:
      Hello, google chrome should be fine, IE instead has problem always. Try to reinstall and see.

    Are the torrent extensions on google chrome trustworthy?
    I just added a lot of extensions to my Chrome browser. A lot that supposedly allow you to rip movies directly from the IMDB websites. Is it worth trying?

    • ANSWER:

    How to download Windows Movie Maker?
    I am technologically challenged. I need help downloading this. I have windows 7 and my browsers are Internet explorer and Google Chrome, how to download it. Explain detailed, I don't understand computers a lot.
    I dont need windows LIVE movie maker. I need windows movie maker.

    • ANSWER:
      Normally Windows Computers Come With Windows Movie Maker, But if you don't Have It You Can Download It Here: | | Click The Download Button and Windows will guide you through the installation! And Your DONE! :)

      Have A Good Day!

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